Yankee Homecoming 10M/5K - August 1, 2000

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Jon Pearson about to start the 10M
Despite a steady drizzle all day, the numbers of runners were very high at the 42nd Yankee Homecoming 10M/5K Road Races in Newburyport, MA. Over 1100 were registered in the 5K and over 1700 in the 10K. There was a new start and finish line but most of the course was the same as in 1999. Most of the runners liked the new course and the finish area gave spectators a great view. Jon Pearson, the veteran race director, did not appear to be phased by either the weather or the new finish/start area, was both pleased with the numbers and the success of each event. He was especially pleased to see the high numbers of ladies in the 10M, estimated at close to 40% of the total. The 10M was a close fight between four top runners for most of the The 10M was eventually won by Mike Slinsky from Chelsea NY, just a few seconds ahead of local Dave Dunham. Mike was 18 seconds of his 1999 winning time but considering the wet slippery conditions, this was a great effort. Kelly Keane of Allston, MA was never really challenged, finished nearly 2 minutes ahead of Susan Landreth of Newburyport. This race is traditionally held in hot humid conditions. It was still humid, but the heat was definitely missing. Most of the runners thought it was good racing conditions despite the steady drizzle. With strong club presence it still had the feel of a Grand Prix event.

Start of the 5K
Start of the 10M
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Middle of the 10M pack
Mike Slinsky from Chelsea, NY wins in 51:21
Dave Dunham in 2nd, 51:34
Nelson Rocha, Danbury, CT, 51:39
Dan Verrington, 4th in 52:04
Jason Borbet (Left), 19 yr old, in 11th place in 53:24

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