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by Adam Chase and Nancy Hobbs

Given the enormous growth in the popularity of trail running in recent years, it only stands to reason that sooner or later a book devoted to this subject would be published. That has come to pass with The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running, by Adam Chase and Nancy Hobbs.

Both Chase and Hobbs have extensive experience in the sport, and are thus well qualified to offer advice on the topic of off-road running. Chase has run dozens of ultras in Colorado and beyond, winning many of them. Hobbs also has much trail running and racing experience, and is the director of AATRA, The All American Trail Running Association.

Geared primarily towards the beginning trail runner, The Ultimate Guide still has much to offer the experienced trail runner as well. All the requisite topics pertinent to trail running are covered here: technique, equipment, nutrition, injuries, and training schedules.

The Ultimate Guide is peppered with stories, anecdotes, and quotes from top trail runners. An added bonus is the outstanding array of photos taken from many different trail locations in the U.S by photographer Phil Milinski. Although advice from a number of experts is cited throughout the book, Chase and Hobbs continually stress that trail running is not just a sport for elite runners, but one that can be enjoyed by all. Every sport should have a primer. In The Ultimate Guide to Trail Running, Hobbs and Chase have more than adequately produced such a book for this burgeoning sport.

Review by Don Allison