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by ichael Modzelewski

Michael Modzelewski’s new book, Angeles Crest: A Memoir is a winner. It took me less time to race through the book than it took him to run his 100 miles. But this book is about much more than a 100-mile foot race. It is a very personal account of how, for a true runner, running and living are inseparable. Modzelewski’s life is played out mile by mile as he and his brother Scott take accept the severe test of the Angeles Crest.

California and Arizona ultrarunners may know the Modzelewski brothers. Eastern readers “of a certain age” will remember another pair of Modzelewski brothers, two of professional football’s shining stars from the 1950s, one of them the father of Michael and Scott.

Having read his previous book, Inside Passage: Living With Killer Whales, Bald Eagles and Kwakiutl Indians, I dug into this one with vigor. I could not help remembering that after Inside Passage Mike Mod was selected as Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Bachelor of the Month, along with a centerfold spread and lavish praise for the spirituality of his writing. It got him over 5,000 fan letters and, eventually, a wife. Angeles Crest does not disappoint. What you will not find is another book on how to run 100 miles. What you will find is an enjoyable book full of insights and accounts of his personal passion and journey. I strongly recommend taking a day off from running, grabbing a beer and settling in for some good reading. Angeles Crest, A Memoir, by Michael Modzelewski, published by Adventures Unlimited, AdventureM@aol.com.

Review by Joe Oaks