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The Fat Ass 50s
Race Preview
Ice Age 50 Km/50 Mile by Stan Jensen
Runners of the Year
100-Mile Trailblazers Monica Scholz and
Hans-Dieter Weisshaar

58UR Interviews
63The Forgotten Runners by Fred Holmes
64Vox Cursor: What do you think of the accomplishments of
Monica Scholz and Hans-Dieter Weisshaar in 2000?
2000 North American Ultra Lists
A Perspective on the 2000 Year-End Rankings by Andy Roth
UR PROFILE: Six-Time USA 100 Km Team Member Jim Garcia
Is Ultrarunning a Sport? by Gary Cantrell

AT THE RACES reports and results

18Sunmart 50 Mile and 50 Km 39Mendon Ponds 50 Km
24Palo Duro 50 Mile and 50 Km 39Mexican National Championship San Pedro 80/100 Km
26HUFF 50 Km 41Avalon 50 Mile
28Across the Years 44Knickerbocker 60 Km
30DSE 12 Hour Distance Classic 44Ocala 50 Mile
32Ultracentric 24 and 48 Hour 44Just Another Mad Dog 50 Km and 50 Miles
35Salem Lakeshore Frosty 50 Km 45Rocky Racoon Series 50 Km
36Kentucky 50 Mile 45Ancient Oaks 100 Mile
37OTHTC High Desert 50 Km 46Epiphany Ultras
38Tallahassee 50 Mile and 50 Km 46Great Brook Six Hour
39Rocky Trails 50 Km and 50 Mile 46Seward Part 50 Km

columns departments
6Global Update by Andy Milroy 2Chatter
9Body Basics: Bunions by Jason Hodde 4Letters
10Experiment of One: Knowing When (and When Not) to Quit by Kevin Setnes 86UR CALENDAR
12On the Go: New Gear for the New Year by Ed Tyanich  
15Twenty-Something: What Happened to Ben Hian and Mike Horton? by Ian Torrence  

COVER Jim Garcia at mile 35 of the Vermont 100 Mile. PHOTO Eric Duerr

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