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UR Profile
Up and Coming Midwestern Ultrarunner Gwen Heist
The Fat Ass 50s
Race Preview
Laurel Highlands 70 Mile by Steve Jensen
Norm Demonstrates How NOT to Dress for an Ultra
UR Special Feature:  Adventure Running
12 Fulfilling a Quest for Adventure in Patagonia by Ed Demony
13 Himalayan 100 Mile:  Five Days and 105 Miles on Top of the World by Karen Hamilton
15 Runner's New Destination:  Jordan Desert Cup by Alicja Barahona
16 324 Laps in Antarctica by Jeanne Christie
18 Gear for Adventure Running:  Tools of the Trade by Ed Tyanich
20 The Adventure Runner's Survival Kit by Jason Hodde
21 UR Book Review:  On the Dead Run by Don Allison
21 UR Interview with On the Dead Run Author Steve Simon
23 UR Movie Review:  Running on the Sun by Don Allison
24 UR Interview with Running on the Sun Director Mel Stuart
26 Adventurous Spirit Susan Hunter Yates by Ian Torrence and Susan Hunter Yates

AT THE RACES reports and results

30 H.U.R.T. Trail 100 Mile 46 Lost Maples Trail Run 50 Km
34 Rocky Racoon 100 Mile 48 Sustina 100 Mile
37 Kurt Steiner 50 Km and Metropolitan 50 Mile 49 Santiago Peak Trail Marathon
38 John Dick Memorial 50 Km 49 Uwharrie 40 Miler
40 Phoenix National Trail 50 Mile 49 Pemberton Trail 50 Km
41 East Texas Ultra Runner's 50 Km 50 Hagg Lake 50 Km
42 Mountain Mist 50 Km 50 Oak Mountain 50 Km
44 Holiday Lake 50 Km

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4Global Update by Andy Milroy 2Chatter
6Experiment of One: Take This to Heart by Kevin Setnes 3UR News

COVER The Jordan Desert Cup.   PHOTO Alicja Barahona.

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