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Don Allison, Editor/Publisher
As the publisher and chief editor of UltraRunning, Don Allison has a hand in just about all aspects of the publication. In addition to editing articles for technical accuracy, he writes regular pieces on a variety of subjects, as well as managing the business aspects of the publication. Don has run several ultras, including a best of 6:13:04 for 50 miles. He also completed the famous Comrades in South Africa and the Western States 100 Mile. He is the founder and president of Boston's Back Bay Road Runners and the race director of several events in the Boston area, including the Nifty Fifty ultras in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Elizabeth Doubleday, Design
Elizabeth Doubleday is a graphic designer for a biotech conference and publishing company. She is a dedicated runner and competes in distances between 5 km and the marathon, as well as the occasional duathlon.

Jay Hodde, Body Basics Columnist
Regardless of how carefully we train and work to minimize our chances of ultrarunning-related injuries, injuries are an inevitable part of the sport for most of us. The goals of Jay's column will be: 1) To review and explain common injuries that occur in ultrarunners; and 2) To provide tips on injury prevention, acute and chronic treatment, and rehabilitation. Jay is a nationally Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) licensed to practice in Indiana. He holds a Masterís degree in Exercise Physiology from Purdue, with an emphasis on tissue repair and healing. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Physiology, where his emphasis is the repair and regeneration of soft tissues. The laboratory uses naturally-occurring materials as a means to stimulate the bodyís inherent (but often latent) regeneration mechanisms. Put simply, they use pig tissues to repair ligament, tendon, and other soft tissue injuries.

Andy Milroy, Global Update Columnist
Andy Milroy is widely recognized as the preeminent statistical and historical authority in the sport of ultrarunning. He has written several books on the sport and has witnessed some of the great performances in the sport as well. Andy reports on the goings on in ultrarunning in Europe, Asia, and around the world in each issue of UR. His Global Update column tracks the globe's leading performers as well as developments in major championship races around the world.

Kevin Setnes, Experiment of One Columnist
Kevin Setnes writes his Experiment of One column for UltraRunning on a subject very familiar to him - maximizing performance in and exploring the science of ultras. As one of the top ultrarunners in the United States during the past ten years, Kevin is eminently qualified to provide what readers ask for most: advice on training, nutrition, race strategy, and improving performance. Consistency has been Kevin's hallmark as an athlete. In major competitions, Kevin can be counted on to produce a solid performance. A member of the USA national 100 km team for the past several years, Kevin had his finest moment in 1996, as he was the top American and 17th overall, running 7:08 in the Moscow heat. In addition to his 100 km exploits, Kevin has also run 15 hours in the Vermont 100 Mile Trail Run and more than 160 miles in a 24 hour track ultra.

Ian Torrence, Twenty-Something Columnist
Ian Torrence currently writes Twenty Something: the Younger Ultrarunner. Twenty-something runners are a minority to the ultrarunning scene, but lately there has been an influx of participation from that age group. Ian writes about what makes them tick and discusses the motivations behind a group of runners that are the future of our sport. As a veteran of more than 85 ultras, Ian adds an experienced based perspective on younger ultrarunners and their efforts. Ian writes from Moab, Utah, where he is employed by the National Park Service. He works as a vegetation specialist for Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Hovenweep National Monument in southeastern Utah. When heís not killing non-native, invasive plant life, you can often find him running on the trails and through the washes in these high desert parks.

Ed Tyanich, On the Go Columnist
Ed Tyanich writes his On the Go column for UltraRunning on a subject he is passionate about - technical gear. Ed has been a buyer for several local outdoor shops; if it's techy he knows about it! Whether it's the newest trail shoe, headlamp or technical fabric, Ed has tested it on the trail. Ed and his wife run Raven Enterprises "Outdoor Adventures" from their 100-year-old log cabin outside Helena, Montana. Ed has been running ultra's for 10 years and has placed in his age group several times at his favorite ultra, The Bighorn Wild & Scenic Run.