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Delaware River Run 5k

Port Jervis, NY, May 4, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

John Faggione, Race Director. Timing by

Delaware River Run 5k Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 May 03.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Kobie LaneSparrowbush NY15016 1 Top Fin16:17.95:15/M
2Lucas ReillyPort Jervis NY31215 2 Top Fin17:30.45:39/M
3Austin DembergWesttown NY33417 3 Top Fin18:21.55:55/M
4Denzel VilsaintHuguenot NY31814 1 M 13-1518:54.56:06/M
5Brittany FullerPort Jervis NY32716 1 Top Fin19:17.56:13/M
6Conrad KrollWesttown NY14715 2 M 13-1519:26.86:16/M
7Donald ThurstonPine Bush NY36047 1 M 40-4919:32.36:18/M
8Trevor FlynnPort Jervis NY10116 1 M 16-1919:42.36:21/M
9Cory AllenPort Jervis NY36513 3 M 13-1519:48.06:23/M
10Kaylah QuarshiePort Jervis NY35114 2 Top Fin20:14.06:32/M
11Frank CollelaCampbell Hall NY38556 1 M 50-5920:15.56:32/M
12Anthony SoodPort Jervis NY31015 4 M 13-1520:21.56:34/M
13Michael HermanPort Jervis NY31315 5 M 13-1520:29.56:36/M
14Nick SmithMontague NJ30926 1 M 20-2920:55.66:45/M
15Mark PapertsianGlen Spey NY39645 2 M 40-4920:55.86:45/M
16Kyle HyziakMontague NJ12728 2 M 20-2920:57.06:45/M
17Edward AppelMilford PA456 2 M 50-5921:00.06:46/M
18Marcella WinogradNew York NY34920 3 Top Fin21:35.06:58/M
19Bill SchneiderBarryville NY39356 3 M 50-5922:05.57:07/M
20Jared ShoemakerBrooklyn NY36628 3 M 20-2922:09.07:09/M
21Brandon MorseHuguenot NY19813 6 M 13-1522:22.87:13/M
22Giulianna SadlerPort Jervis NY24612 1 F 10-1222:40.07:19/M
23Robert CalPort Jervis NY32417 2 M 16-1922:44.37:20/M
24Madeline GoldsmithMiddletown NY33617 1 F 16-1922:49.87:22/M
25Asher PeltonSparrowbush NY21713 7 M 13-1523:11.87:29/M
26Elena NiteckiMatamoras PA20937 1 F 30-3923:18.37:31/M
27Harry TomasiPort Jervis NY27112 1 M 10-1223:21.17:32/M
28Matthew HeussyPort Jervis NY12225 4 M 20-2923:28.57:34/M
29Innocent RwakondaMilford PA34546 3 M 40-4923:32.87:35/M
30Tim ShearerHuguenot NY25116 3 M 16-1923:35.87:36/M
31Gemma McAfeeGlen Spey NY17514 1 F 13-1523:42.37:39/M
32Rob RuscherPort Jervis NY24457 4 M 50-5923:50.07:41/M
33Jason ButlerCuddebackville NY31414 8 M 13-1523:53.57:42/M
34Brianna RordenPort Jervis NY32617 2 F 16-1923:55.37:43/M
35Liz O'SheaMilford PA30840 1 F 40-4923:59.07:44/M
36Josh JonesPort Jervis NY36131 1 M 30-3924:11.57:48/M
37Stacey EvansMiddletown NY8138 2 F 30-3924:16.07:50/M
38Craig DickmanCuddebackville NY6730 2 M 30-3924:33.87:55/M
39Beth SchneiderPort Jervis NY24824 1 F 20-2924:34.37:55/M
40Alex CutlerHuguenot NY6214 9 M 13-1524:35.07:56/M
41Josh MartinMiddletown NY3709 1 M 1- 924:35.87:56/M
42George AckermannKenola Lake NY32955 5 M 50-5924:38.87:57/M
43Jacob MalzahnSparrowbush NY16514 10 M 13-1524:41.07:58/M
44Hunter MisczukPort Jervis NY18913 11 M 13-1524:43.57:58/M
45Brandon BellMiddletown NY1414 12 M 13-1524:45.87:59/M
46Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ16169 1 M 60-6924:47.38:00/M
47Alex KinmanPort Jervis NY14112 2 M 10-1224:49.58:00/M
48Erik KrollWesttown NY14613 13 M 13-1524:49.68:00/M
49Joshua ThibodeauOtisville NY3198 2 M 1- 924:51.38:01/M
50Veronica RezaMilford PA23341 2 F 40-4924:55.38:02/M
51Charlie MarronWarwick NY17258 6 M 50-5924:55.58:02/M
52Joe MahaneySparrowbush NY39514 14 M 13-1525:02.88:05/M
53Hector FigueroaPort Jervis NY9342 4 M 40-4925:17.88:09/M
54Chanel MeyerPort Jervis NY33216 3 F 16-1925:18.38:10/M
55Philippa McAfeeGlen Spey NY17447 3 F 40-4925:20.38:10/M
56Steven QuinnSparrowbush NY22413 15 M 13-1525:21.88:11/M
57J HarrisonForestburgh NY11357 7 M 50-5925:30.38:14/M
58Matthew EyGlen Spey NY8333 3 M 30-3925:31.58:14/M
59Kevin MesnickWestbrookville NY1876 3 M 1- 925:34.38:15/M
60Kevin MesnickWestbrookville NY18536 4 M 30-3925:34.38:15/M
61Sean AddyPort Jervis NY33738 5 M 30-3925:58.38:23/M
62Dalton DoolittleSparrowbush NY7314 16 M 13-1526:03.58:24/M
63John MonchakTafton PA31163 2 M 60-6926:05.38:25/M
64Candice SheererMiddletown NY25230 3 F 30-3926:07.08:25/M
65Kofi SansculotteBrooklyn NY24732 6 M 30-3926:13.88:27/M
66Kristina BellMiddletown NY1243 4 F 40-4926:15.88:28/M
67Lori Ann ClouseBloomingburg NY39837 4 F 30-3926:17.38:29/M
68Shaun ParkerPort Jervis NY33546 5 M 40-4926:18.08:29/M
69Jillian ShearerHuguenot NY25011 2 F 10-1226:19.88:29/M
70Logan HammockPort Jervis NY11211 3 M 10-1226:39.18:36/M
71Donovan BoatengPort Jervis NY1615 17 M 13-1526:48.68:39/M
72John MalzahnSparrowbush NY16849 6 M 40-4926:50.88:39/M
73George DotyCuddebackville NY7645 7 M 40-4926:58.08:42/M
74Charles BowenChester NY32857 8 M 50-5926:58.08:42/M
75Eryn KeysPort Jervis NY90612 3 F 10-1226:58.58:42/M
76Frank IllemanMiddletown NY13135 7 M 30-3926:59.38:42/M
77Cora Emily RonsonPort Jervis NY24358 1 F 50-5927:01.08:43/M
78Liam TomasiPort Jervis NY27311 4 M 10-1227:01.88:43/M
79Peter TomasiPort Jervis NY27050 9 M 50-5927:02.58:43/M
80Karen Acker DemaioMilford PA39135 5 F 30-3927:06.58:45/M
81Jessica DickmanCuddebackvile NY6629 2 F 20-2927:07.18:45/M
82Matthew TomkoWarwick NY27416 4 M 16-1927:08.58:45/M
83Epin JungWarwick NY13715 2 F 13-1527:09.08:45/M
84Scyler PhillipsPort Jervis NY21914 18 M 13-1527:17.58:48/M
85Brittany KrollPort Jervis NY14414 3 F 13-1527:19.88:49/M
86Terrance WilsonPort Jervis NY91029 5 M 20-2927:28.58:52/M
87Tim RiordanPort Jervis NY23428 6 M 20-2927:39.08:55/M
88Cora KeysPort Jervis NY9079 1 F 1- 927:41.88:56/M
89James WilsonPort Jervis NY91135 8 M 30-3927:54.09:00/M
90Michael LissnerSparrowbush NY15950 10 M 50-5928:03.39:03/M
91Jennifer VarleyMilford PA28046 5 F 40-4928:15.89:07/M
92Thomas MuroPort Jervis NY19935 9 M 30-3928:15.89:07/M
93Renee ThibodeauOtisville NY32038 6 F 30-3928:16.59:07/M
94Curt NatalizioPort Jervis NY20727 7 M 20-2928:34.89:13/M
95Lucia MoliternoWestbrookville NY19013 4 F 13-1528:35.89:13/M
96Andrew MarottaMilford PA17038 10 M 30-3928:42.59:15/M
97Meagan QuinnSparrowbush NY22615 5 F 13-1528:55.59:20/M
98Colby DooneyPort Jervis NY7512 5 M 10-1228:57.69:20/M
99Saundra LapriozeShohola PA38627 3 F 20-2929:05.89:23/M
100Damien StriharskyShohola PA38732 11 M 30-3929:06.09:23/M
101Patricia KrupinichOtisville NY14949 6 F 40-4929:07.89:24/M
102Alexis PhillipsBrooklyn NY36728 4 F 20-2929:08.39:24/M
103Colin QuinnSparrowbush NY22511 6 M 10-1229:17.09:27/M
104Susan SadlerPort Jervis NY24549 7 F 40-4929:18.39:27/M
105Zachary CovertCuddebackville NY5111 7 M 10-1229:21.09:28/M
106Dylan YoungPort Jervis NY30312 8 M 10-1229:22.69:28/M
107Paul SvizzeroWarwick NY2600 1 M 0- 029:23.59:29/M
108Ronald Renultie.91841 8 M 40-4929:29.39:31/M
109Lynzee BraceMontague NJ2125 5 F 20-2929:30.19:31/M
110John Pettit.92032 12 M 30-3929:32.59:32/M
111Clouse CheyanneBloomingburg NY39717 4 F 16-1929:32.89:32/M
112Avery CalvarioShohola PA3738 2 F 1- 929:37.09:33/M
113Jahlil WilsonPort Jervis NY2939 4 M 1- 929:39.39:34/M
114Munya WakondaMilford PA33942 8 F 40-4929:44.59:35/M
115Robert SchwarzWarwick NY24966 3 M 60-6929:57.59:40/M
116Art NelsonWestbrookville NY33048 9 M 40-4930:07.09:43/M
117Heather JonesPort Jervis NY36239 7 F 30-3930:09.59:44/M
118Lauryn RodriguezPort Jervis NY38115 6 F 13-1530:21.89:47/M
119Lindsay CuffPine Bush NY5522 6 F 20-2930:32.09:51/M
120Karl EderWarwick NY40049 10 M 40-4930:39.39:53/M
121Tom ReillyWarwick NY23153 11 M 50-5930:39.89:53/M
122Nicole BeamSparrowbush NY1029 7 F 20-2930:40.39:54/M
123Erin NatalizioPort Jervis NY20831 8 F 30-3930:41.39:54/M
124Kim MalzahnSparrowbush NY16442 9 F 40-4930:48.09:56/M
125Stephen KrollPort Jervis NY32348 11 M 40-4931:08.810:03/M
126Joanne LempkaCuddebackville NY15441 10 F 40-4931:32.610:10/M
127Meghan CluneHuguenot NY4213 7 F 13-1531:32.810:10/M
128Diana YoungYoungsville NY30224 8 F 20-2931:35.810:11/M
129Owen ReillyMiddletown NY2309 5 M 1- 931:36.010:12/M
130Paul UsticWestbrookville NY27814 19 M 13-1531:40.510:13/M
131Anthony TheodorePort Jervis NY2667 6 M 1- 931:55.310:18/M
132Taylor BracePort Jervis NY2312 4 F 10-1231:56.310:18/M
133Russell PhillipsPort Jervis NY21853 12 M 50-5932:00.810:19/M
134Logan ZappoloPort Jervis NY30610 9 M 10-1232:01.810:20/M
135Maddox McCormickPort Jervis NY1767 7 M 1- 932:03.310:20/M
136Glenn HubertMilford PA12543 12 M 40-4932:10.010:23/M
137Cole HubertMilford PA12610 10 M 10-1232:10.310:23/M
138Frank TheodorePort Jervis NY26836 13 M 30-3932:15.010:24/M
139Samantha EvansMiddletown NY8014 8 F 13-1532:17.810:25/M
140Ryan CostelloSparrowbush NY4811 11 M 10-1232:25.510:27/M
141Antonio EstradaMiddletown NY7971 1 M 70-9932:46.510:34/M
142Ashley MartinMiddletown NY3697 3 F 1- 932:51.010:36/M
143Jodi MartinMiddletown NY36839 9 F 30-3932:54.310:37/M
144Jaelyn CsencsitsPort Jervis NY548 4 F 1- 932:56.810:37/M
145Gary ButlerCuddebackville NY31555 13 M 50-5933:05.010:40/M
146Renee BehrensGoshen NY1130 10 F 30-3933:07.310:41/M
147Kara SpearsPort Jervis NY39032 11 F 30-3933:15.510:44/M
148Eli FishmanRocky Point NY9539 14 M 30-3933:17.310:44/M
149Jade RiveraPort Jervis NY39414 9 F 13-1533:18.510:45/M
150Tatianna MontalvoMiddletown NY19217 5 F 16-1933:41.510:52/M
151Sydney HendershotPort Jervis NY11816 6 F 16-1933:41.610:52/M
152Lionel Samalot JrPort Jervis NY34423 8 M 20-2933:49.510:55/M
153Missy BarnettHowells NY938 12 F 30-3933:55.610:56/M
154Bryn HendershotPort Jervis NY11613 10 F 13-1533:56.310:57/M
155Jodi NelsonWestbrookville NY33145 11 F 40-4933:56.510:57/M
156Kyle HaightPort Jervis NY11013 20 M 13-1533:58.310:57/M
157Lindsey MontgomeryMatamoras PA19425 9 F 20-2934:03.310:59/M
158Nick WinogradSparrowbush NY34819 5 M 16-1934:03.310:59/M
159Kerry IannonePort Jervis NY12949 12 F 40-4934:10.011:01/M
160Mikayla IannonePort Jervis NY1308 5 F 1- 934:10.311:01/M
161Riley DelaneyPort Jervis NY37221 9 M 20-2934:11.011:02/M
162Haesin JungPort Jervis NY13645 13 F 40-4934:12.311:02/M
163Rachel MasellaPine Bush NY37144 14 F 40-4934:19.811:04/M
164Jenn MarottaMilford PA17139 13 F 30-3934:21.311:05/M
165Xavier WinstonPort Jervis NY29613 21 M 13-1534:32.311:08/M
166Raymond MeyerPort Jervis NY33313 22 M 13-1534:32.811:08/M
167Ricky LisenbyMilford PA15720 10 M 20-2934:33.511:09/M
168Hailey VailGodeffroy NY3768 6 F 1- 934:41.311:11/M
169Kimberlee BrabenecHuguenot NY208 7 F 1- 934:41.311:11/M
170Emily MesnickWestbrookville NY18434 14 F 30-3934:44.511:12/M
171Ian TraverseMontague NJ2768 8 M 1- 934:51.811:15/M
172David NegronPort Jervis NY36411 12 M 10-1234:55.311:16/M
173Rene ColladoHuguenot NY4512 5 F 10-1235:14.511:22/M
174Michelle KatrisPort Jervis NY13842 15 F 40-4935:16.511:23/M
175Brandon SweeneyPort Jervis NY36310 13 M 10-1235:20.311:24/M
176Matthew CostelloSparrowbush NY5038 15 M 30-3935:22.811:25/M
177Aidan KellermanSparrowbush NY14011 14 M 10-1235:40.011:30/M
178Jada V AilGodeffroy NY37710 6 F 10-1235:46.811:32/M
179Ken HagelmanNewburgh NY10867 4 M 60-6935:52.111:34/M
180Patrick LempkaCuddebackville NY15310 15 M 10-1235:53.611:35/M
181Charlotte EvansMiddletown NY829 8 F 1- 935:54.511:35/M
182Mark HendershotPort Jervis NY11749 13 M 40-4935:58.611:36/M
183Jake ConklinCuddebackville NY4612 16 M 10-1236:08.011:39/M
184Shelli KrollPort Jervis NY14546 16 F 40-4936:10.311:40/M
185Michael MalzahnSparrowbush NY16710 17 M 10-1236:17.511:42/M
186Daniel MorseGoddefroy NY19710 18 M 10-1236:23.311:44/M
187Amber CarltonWestbrookville NY3811 7 F 10-1236:38.311:49/M
188Bailey HammockPort Jervis NY1119 9 F 1- 936:48.111:52/M
189Ruth ZuclichMiddletown NY30756 2 F 50-5936:51.311:53/M
190Lorelei CaseCuddebackville NY3954 3 F 50-5936:51.611:53/M
191Andrew TomasiPort Jervis NY2729 9 M 1- 936:58.511:55/M
192William GrennilleMontague NJ10761 5 M 60-6937:21.512:03/M
193Jaden DemarcoPort Jervis NY659 10 M 1- 937:25.012:04/M
194Tyler HowardSparrowbush NY1239 11 M 1- 937:28.512:05/M
195Derek YoungPort Jervis NY3048 12 M 1- 937:35.812:07/M
196Rebecca LyonsWestbrookville NY16012 8 F 10-1237:50.512:12/M
197Sharon DoolittleSparrowbush NY7247 17 F 40-4938:04.512:17/M
198Michael DoolittleSparrowbush NY7447 14 M 40-4938:05.012:17/M
199Gianna RobertsonSparrowbush NY23811 9 F 10-1238:06.012:17/M
200Jacki DechiaraPort Jervis NY6344 18 F 40-4938:11.112:19/M
201Olivia MyersPort Jervis NY2049 10 F 1- 938:15.312:20/M
202Phil BrennanMilford PA34782 2 M 70-9938:24.012:23/M
203Tammy MyersPort Jervis NY20545 19 F 40-4938:35.312:27/M
204Rebecca WhitneyHuguenot NY32512 10 F 10-1238:36.812:27/M
205James LempkaCuddebackville NY15213 23 M 13-1538:57.012:34/M
206Cameron BarberPort Jervis NY77 13 M 1- 939:01.612:35/M
207Emily PotereSparrowbush NY22320 10 F 20-2939:01.612:35/M
208Angelica ColladoHuguenot NY4412 11 F 10-1239:22.312:42/M
209Isiah CarattiniPort Jervis NY91311 19 M 10-1239:25.312:43/M
210Alexandra KatrisPort Jervis NY13911 12 F 10-1239:30.012:45/M
211Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY23561 1 F 60-6939:33.312:45/M
212Ivan FigueroaPort Jervis NY918 14 M 1- 939:35.612:46/M
213Fiona PapandreaPort Jervis NY37812 13 F 10-1239:37.812:47/M
214Tyler MontalvoPort Jervis NY1919 15 M 1- 939:38.112:47/M
215Emma MaleySparrowbush NY1639 11 F 1- 939:40.012:48/M
216Bella TheodorePort Jervis NY2657 12 F 1- 939:40.812:48/M
217Chiara TheodorePort Jervis NY2647 13 F 1- 939:45.012:49/M
218Amy TheodorePort Jervis NY26737 15 F 30-3939:46.012:50/M
219Dillon KozloskiHuguenot NY14310 20 M 10-1239:47.112:50/M
220Jay BrachulisHuguenot NY2555 14 M 50-5939:47.312:50/M
221Nico CarlozziPort Jervis NY366 16 M 1- 939:50.312:51/M
222Matthew CarlozziPort Jervis NY3532 16 M 30-3939:53.312:52/M
223Todd VarleyMilford PA32115 24 M 13-1540:31.813:04/M
224Chandler BracePort Jervis NY2410 21 M 10-1240:52.513:11/M
225Aiden AddyPort Jervis NY110 22 M 10-1240:53.313:11/M
226Kourtney KrollPort Jervis NY14811 14 F 10-1240:54.313:12/M
227Colin RadiganPort Jervis NY91611 23 M 10-1240:54.513:12/M
228Katherine DuryeaPort Jervis NY35816 7 F 16-1940:54.813:12/M
229Lydia RobertsonSparrowbush NY2398 14 F 1- 940:58.813:13/M
230Rachel DuryeaPort Jervis NY3578 15 F 1- 940:58.813:13/M
231Hannah LonerganShohola PA32216 8 F 16-1940:59.313:13/M
232Reagan MyersPort Jervis NY2068 16 F 1- 941:00.813:14/M
233Anna FigueroaPort Jervis NY906 17 F 1- 941:29.813:23/M
234Brandy FigueroaPort Jervis NY9235 16 F 30-3941:29.813:23/M
235Nancy CostelloSparrowbush NY4940 20 F 40-4941:44.813:28/M
236Emma RobertsPort Jervis NY2379 18 F 1- 942:06.313:35/M
237Summer NocarPort Jervis NY21011 15 F 10-1242:06.313:35/M
238Ron RobertsPort Jervis NY23635 17 M 30-3942:07.013:35/M
239Alphonso JonesPort Jervis NY13352 15 M 50-5942:10.313:36/M
240Miek CalvarioShohola PA37537 18 M 30-3942:36.313:45/M
241Alexis CalvarioShohola PA3745 17 M 1- 942:36.813:45/M
242Louis IoppoloWarwick NY38080 3 M 70-9942:39.013:45/M
243Karl BrabanecSparrowbush NY199 18 M 1- 943:00.513:52/M
244Lia FoxMatamoras PA1034 19 F 1- 943:08.313:55/M
245Catherine IntranuovoMatamoras PA13235 17 F 30-3943:08.813:55/M
246Brianne YennieSparrowbush NY30111 16 F 10-1243:10.013:55/M
247Dylan FoxMatamoras PA1026 19 M 1- 943:10.513:55/M
248Marissa VanwinkleMontague NJ27912 17 F 10-1243:11.813:56/M
249Delbert OsborneMontague NJ21463 6 M 60-6943:20.513:59/M
250Joy WinstonPort Jervis NY29534 18 F 30-3943:27.014:01/M
251Anaya WinstonPort Jervis NY29711 18 F 10-1243:27.314:01/M
252Nancy DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY7143 21 F 40-4944:30.314:21/M
253Michael BrownMatamoras PA297 20 M 1- 944:37.814:24/M
254Shannon BrennanHuguenot NY279 20 F 1- 944:39.014:24/M
255Joan TrivilinoPort Jervis NY2770 1 F 0- 045:17.314:36/M
256Angela HyziakMontague NJ12830 19 F 30-3945:18.314:37/M
257Holly SnookMontague NJ25539 20 F 30-3945:20.814:37/M
258Pat HeussyPort Jervis NY12162 2 F 60-6945:33.514:42/M
259Olivia StanzlPort Jervis NY91211 19 F 10-1245:55.814:49/M
260Riley SauschuckPort Jervis NY90512 20 F 10-1245:55.814:49/M
261Megan BarberPort Jervis NY826 11 F 20-2945:57.814:49/M
262Mia LeeperPort Jervis NY1514 21 F 1- 945:58.014:50/M
263Caleb HarrisonPort Jervis NY91511 24 M 10-1246:21.514:57/M
264Carla KidneyPort Jervis NY91733 21 F 30-3946:23.614:58/M
265Connor VicchiarielloPort Jervis NY28111 25 M 10-1246:26.014:59/M
266Karen HowardSparrowbush NY12441 22 F 40-4946:31.315:00/M
267Barbara DemarcoPort Jervis NY6434 22 F 30-3946:31.615:00/M
268Tanya DuryeaPort Jervis NY35940 23 F 40-4946:50.315:06/M
269Patricia AnnickSparrowbush NY35049 24 F 40-4946:50.615:06/M
270Michael AmatoPort Jervis NY310 26 M 10-1246:51.515:07/M
271Tony DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY7043 15 M 40-4946:52.615:07/M
272Sophia DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY6813 11 F 13-1546:52.815:07/M
273Monica DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY6916 9 F 16-1946:52.815:07/M
274Grace MalzahnSparrowbush NY1668 22 F 1- 947:02.115:10/M
275Mia MesnickWestbrookville NY1867 23 F 1- 947:02.315:10/M
276Cathy Jo EwancinPort Jervis NY90158 4 F 50-5947:35.315:21/M
277Emily PostorinoPort Jervis NY2229 24 F 1- 947:45.815:24/M
278Reyes TorresPort Jervis NY27510 27 M 10-1247:50.115:26/M
279Aryssia CluneHuguenot NY439 25 F 1- 948:00.315:29/M
280Sarah ClunePort Jervis NY419 26 F 1- 948:00.515:29/M
281Michele RobertsonSparrowbush NY39236 23 F 30-3948:22.615:36/M
282Melissa HaightPort Jervis NY10940 25 F 40-4948:43.515:43/M
283Melanie HessPort Jervis NY12040 26 F 40-4948:44.615:43/M
284Kyle FelterSparrowbush NY8813 25 M 13-1548:45.815:44/M
285Jenn ConnorPort Jervis NY4716 10 F 16-1948:46.015:44/M
286Chris MurphyHuguenot NY20235 19 M 30-3948:47.515:44/M
287Stephanie MurphyHuguenot NY20134 24 F 30-3948:48.815:45/M
288Mikaela MurphyHuguenot NY2007 27 F 1- 948:59.115:48/M
289Tori TisonMilford PA26928 12 F 20-2948:59.315:48/M
290Giavanna MarcovecchioCuddebackville NY16910 21 F 10-1249:21.615:55/M
291Nicole EyGlen Spey NY8433 25 F 30-3949:28.515:57/M
292Laura FishmanRocky Point NY9434 20 M 30-3949:29.015:58/M
293Shannon VicchiarielloPort Jervis NY38937 26 F 30-3949:39.316:01/M
294Luanna SauschuckPort Jervis NY90448 27 F 40-4949:39.816:01/M
295Dawn JonesPort Jervis NY13442 28 F 40-4949:40.016:01/M
296Fabrizzio MorejonPort Jervis NY1950 2 M 0- 049:49.816:04/M
297Yvonne BraceMontague NJ2255 5 F 50-5949:57.816:07/M
298Amanda SmithMatamoras PA25448 29 F 40-4949:57.816:07/M
299Mary MillspaughPort Jervis NY18854 6 F 50-5949:58.016:07/M
300Jack BabcockHuguenot NY9228 21 M 1- 950:14.816:12/M
301Anita MuirHuguenot NY92350 7 F 50-5950:15.816:13/M
302Brian BabcockPort Jervis NY92447 16 M 40-4950:16.016:13/M
303Stacey GouldPort Jervis NY10643 30 F 40-4950:31.616:18/M
304Hope DeckerWesttown NY39943 31 F 40-4950:32.316:18/M
305Chandler CampbellPort Jervis NY38321 13 F 20-2951:00.516:27/M
306Mikayla RodriguezPort Jervis NY38412 22 F 10-1251:00.816:27/M
307Ben RodriguezPort Jervis NY38220 11 M 20-2951:00.816:27/M
308Lauren FelterSparrowbush NY8917 11 F 16-1951:09.116:30/M
309Sandy FelterSparrowbush NY8745 32 F 40-4951:10.016:30/M
310Hayden OpitzPort Jervis NY2115 22 M 1- 951:44.116:41/M
311Christine IrwinMilford PA34648 33 F 40-4952:10.316:50/M
312Vickie CampbellPort Jervis NY3353 8 F 50-5952:10.316:50/M
313Dave CampbellPort Jervis NY3253 16 M 50-5952:10.916:50/M
314Edwina WulffSparrowbush NY30069 3 F 60-6952:10.916:50/M
315Owen CurreriPort Jervis NY587 23 M 1- 952:20.516:53/M
316Matthew PattersonPort Jervis NY2157 24 M 1- 952:21.016:53/M
317Connnie HemlerMidlothian VA11553 9 F 50-5952:27.316:55/M
318Samuel CarlozziPort Jervis NY344 25 M 1- 952:27.516:55/M
319Diana MarzMiddletown NY17327 14 F 20-2952:33.316:57/M
320Ryan CarlozziPort Jervis NY3733 27 F 30-3952:34.316:57/M
321Meghan WilliamsPort Jervis NY2928 28 F 1- 952:43.817:00/M
322Jessica WilliamsPort Jervis NY29134 28 F 30-3952:44.517:01/M
323Arlene NorbergMontague NJ35666 4 F 60-6952:46.517:01/M
324Concita MayWestbrookville NY90270 1 F 70-9952:47.017:02/M
325Bill MenchPort Jervis NY18353 17 M 50-5952:51.517:03/M
326Debbie MenchPort Jervis NY18251 10 F 50-5952:51.617:03/M
327Ruth ShelleyMiddletown NY25373 2 F 70-9952:55.817:04/M
328Sherri PattersonPort Jervis NY21638 29 F 30-3953:03.317:07/M
329Diana GabelWhite Lake NY10551 11 F 50-5953:03.817:07/M
330Krista LissnerSparrowbush NY15850 12 F 50-5953:04.017:07/M
331Carol BrownMatamoras PA2842 34 F 40-4953:04.317:07/M
332Sue McDonaldPort Jervis NY17953 13 F 50-5953:04.817:07/M
333Yoshua EliNew Hampton NY7830 30 F 30-3953:10.117:09/M
334Jessica EliNew Hampton NY7732 21 M 30-3953:12.817:10/M
335Jonathan TaubPort Jervis NY26329 12 M 20-2953:24.317:14/M
336Patricia TaubPort Jervis NY26229 15 F 20-2953:24.517:14/M
337Marianne SamalotPort Jervis NY34340 35 F 40-4953:45.317:20/M
338Christina BoonyamPort Jervis NY35238 31 F 30-3953:45.517:20/M
339Kasey SamalotPort Jervis NY34212 23 F 10-1253:46.117:21/M
340Gwen BoonyamPort Jervis NY35313 12 F 13-1553:46.317:21/M
341Morgan BoonyamPort Jervis NY35415 13 F 13-1553:48.217:21/M
342Lionel SamalotPort Jervis NY34042 17 M 40-4953:50.817:22/M
343Zachary SamalotPort Jervis NY34114 26 M 13-1553:53.017:23/M
344Heather KoziolaPine Island NY14237 32 F 30-3954:27.317:34/M
345Star AvantPort Jervis NY69 29 F 1- 954:43.517:39/M
346Penny JonesPort Jervis NY1358 30 F 1- 954:45.017:40/M
347Michael MahanalSparrowbush NY16211 28 M 10-1254:54.817:43/M
348Thomas MahaneySparrowbush NY9098 26 M 1- 955:06.517:46/M
349Christine AddyPort Jervis NY35542 36 F 40-4955:29.517:54/M
350Michele LattimerWestbrookville NY90342 37 F 40-4955:31.817:55/M
351Paige MontgomeryPort Jervis NY19310 24 F 10-1255:38.017:57/M
352Sarah MorejonPort Jervis NY19610 25 F 10-1255:57.818:03/M
353Mallahnae FootsPort Jervis NY31612 26 F 10-1256:14.018:08/M
354Kristin ReiffSparrowbush NY22814 14 F 13-1556:19.318:10/M
355Sydney McCoyPort Jervis NY1777 31 F 1- 956:27.818:13/M
356Adryan OpitzPort Jervis NY2127 27 M 1- 956:39.018:16/M
357Ethan McCoyPort Jervis NY1788 28 M 1- 956:44.018:18/M
358Bobby CurreriPort Jervis NY5643 18 M 40-4956:44.818:18/M
359Jocelyn CurreriPort Jervis NY615 32 F 1- 956:45.318:18/M
360Jen CurreriPort Jervis NY5733 33 F 30-3956:45.818:18/M
361Colin CurreriPort Jervis NY595 29 M 1- 956:46.818:19/M
362Evan ReillyMiddletown NY2298 30 M 1- 957:01.018:24/M
363Amy RelyeaMiddletown NY23242 38 F 40-4957:16.518:28/M
364Angela WrightPort Jervis NY29912 27 F 10-1257:20.118:30/M
365Ava PolanisPort Jervis NY2218 33 F 1- 957:31.318:33/M
366Erika PolanisPort Jervis NY90840 39 F 40-4957:32.518:34/M
367Tara PostorinoPort Jervis NY38841 40 F 40-4957:32.818:34/M
368Kelly ReiffSparrowbush NY22752 14 F 50-5957:49.818:39/M
369Nicole YoungPort Jervis NY30531 34 F 30-3957:50.518:39/M
370Jennifer WagnerPort Jervis NY28717 12 F 16-1958:15.518:47/M
371Mariela BellidoWarwick NY1520 16 F 20-2958:17.818:48/M
372Alexandra Ortiz-ToroMiddletown NY21344 41 F 40-4958:24.118:50/M
373Kathleen WagnerPort Jervis NY28852 15 F 50-5958:24.318:50/M
374Hannah MurrayPort Jervis NY20310 28 F 10-1259:25.519:10/M
375Destina DickersonPort Jervis NY92111 29 F 10-1259:25.819:10/M
376Aalinya WaizeneggerMatamoras PA91411 30 F 10-1259:38.819:14/M
377Lyta Wood-GuardiaSparrowbush NY29812 31 F 10-1259:41.319:15/M
378Elizabeth PacosPort Jervis NY31752 16 F 50-591:00:56.319:39/M
379Carol Ann MedinaPort Jervis NY18145 42 F 40-491:00:59.119:40/M

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