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Allegro 5k

Norwich, NY, May 3, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Joyce Zummo, Race Director. Timing by

Allegro 5k 5k Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 May 03.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Shaun HoranBinghamton NY2832 1 Top Fin16:47.45:25/M
2Scott HornungBainbridge NY3030 1 M 30-3917:48.45:45/M
3Rich WilsonNorwich NY5842 1 M 40-4918:02.45:49/M
4James Mealey.104917 1 M 15-1918:40.16:01/M
5Ian BenedictSmyrna NY5918 2 M 15-1918:48.56:04/M
6Trish HoranBinghamton NY2928 1 Top Fin19:29.76:17/M
7Stephen HornungBainbridge NY3158 1 M 50-5919:56.16:26/M
8Ashley CollierNorwich NY1123 1 F 20-2920:06.06:29/M
9Ben EricksenNorwich NY106414 1 M 1-1420:19.36:33/M
10Diane DistefanoNorwich NY106143 1 F 40-4920:40.06:40/M
11Fermin AburtoNorwich NY143 2 M 40-4920:59.36:46/M
12Nichole VanhoesenStamford NY10032 1 F 30-3921:02.06:47/M
13Connor NicholsNorwich NY8515 3 M 15-1921:02.46:47/M
14Matthew WilsonNorwich NY10327 1 M 20-2921:14.06:51/M
15Rob BurtonPleasant Garden NC6243 3 M 40-4922:10.77:09/M
16Katie GawronskiNorwich NY105711 1 F 1-1422:41.17:19/M
17Jill LiberatoreNorwich NY3332 2 F 30-3922:54.67:23/M
18Maya BlaisureNorwich NY513 2 F 1-1423:06.77:27/M
19Kelly SmallEarlville NY9544 2 F 40-4923:07.17:27/M
20Mike SollowaySherburne NY5132 2 M 30-3923:12.57:29/M
21Glenn Rigernan.105039 3 M 30-3923:19.77:31/M
22Kristen BradburyNorwich NY107736 3 F 30-3923:19.97:31/M
23Micah CaseyBainbridge NY6430 4 M 30-3923:23.47:33/M
24Robert WansorNorwich NY10155 2 M 50-5923:26.17:34/M
25Robert NeulandNorwich NY4568 1 M 60-9923:30.87:35/M
26Tim DitersGilbertsville NY106856 3 M 50-5923:42.97:39/M
27Joe GonzalezS. New Berlin NY2551 4 M 50-5923:43.47:39/M
28Phil MetzgerNorwich NY4156 5 M 50-5924:12.27:48/M
29Carissa NicholsNorwich NY8612 3 F 1-1424:27.07:53/M
30Kodie TannerGuilford NY5329 2 F 20-2924:31.47:55/M
31Joan BurtonPleasant Garden NC6338 4 F 30-3924:49.98:00/M
32Andrew LoprestiNorwich NY3625 2 M 20-2924:57.78:03/M
33Chad PalmerAfton NY8730 5 M 30-3925:02.98:05/M
34Robert Gregory.105818 4 M 15-1925:09.78:07/M
35Stacey SmithWestmoreland NY4923 3 F 20-2925:11.28:07/M
36Evan RomaineNorwich NY9128 3 M 20-2925:12.08:08/M
37Kimberly MarshallNorth Pitcher NY105354 1 F 50-5925:20.18:10/M
38Jill EddyNorwich NY6936 5 F 30-3925:42.88:17/M
39Joshua BurchillSouth New Berlin NY6126 4 M 20-2925:43.38:18/M
40Joseph Coe.106359 6 M 50-5925:46.98:19/M
41Loretta StreichertNorwich NY9734 6 F 30-3926:00.08:23/M
42Dondon CurrieNorwich NY1540 4 M 40-4926:05.98:25/M
43Ann CoeNorwich NY106251 2 F 50-5926:14.28:28/M
44Richard BreslinGreene NY6064 2 M 60-9926:22.98:30/M
45Robert SnowNorwich NY9648 5 M 40-4926:25.18:31/M
46John WilliamsNorwich NY10248 6 M 40-4926:42.58:37/M
47Chris BabcockNorwich NY341 7 M 40-4926:50.48:39/M
48Damian KnappBainbridge NY7512 2 M 1-1427:23.28:50/M
49Marsha PulzVestal NY9052 3 F 50-5927:32.38:53/M
50Hannah CollierNorwich NY1220 4 F 20-2927:40.58:55/M
51kelly draper.107900 1 F 0- 027:48.98:58/M
52Pat DietrichNorwich NY2057 4 F 50-5927:50.78:59/M
53Stephanie LaneMethuen MA7749 3 F 40-4927:51.88:59/M
54Michael Layman.106048 8 M 40-4927:52.48:59/M
55Heather PiersonBainbridge NY8924 5 F 20-2927:52.48:59/M
56Sophie LiberatoreNorwich NY3463 1 F 60-9928:00.19:02/M
57Tanner NicholsNorwich NY8410 3 M 1-1428:07.89:04/M
58Joann CerasaniPlymouth NY849 4 F 40-4928:14.89:06/M
59Jamie Maerz-HillNorwich NY7836 7 F 30-3928:22.59:09/M
60Joe SchmittNew Berlin NY4730 6 M 30-3928:25.69:10/M
61Gerald FrenchNorwich NY7268 3 M 60-9929:07.89:24/M
62Stina PalmerAfton NY8828 6 F 20-2929:28.49:30/M
63Susan Layman.105947 5 F 40-4929:29.39:31/M
64Joann HallTroy NY7435 8 F 30-3929:30.19:31/M
65Ethan ShawNorwich NY927 4 M 1-1429:30.39:31/M
66Kim ShackeltonSherburne NY4821 7 F 20-2929:50.99:37/M
67Joel CoonNorwich NY1348 9 M 40-4929:52.19:38/M
68Terry ConantNorwich NY107360 4 M 60-9930:17.49:46/M
69Beth GonzalezS. New Berlin NY2452 5 F 50-5930:44.59:55/M
70Pegi LoprestiNorwich NY3851 6 F 50-5930:50.59:57/M
71Emma GoldenNew Berlin NY2326 8 F 20-2931:02.010:01/M
72Kaitlyn Blaisure.107111 4 F 1-1431:02.910:01/M
73Melissa DecordovaNorwich NY1954 7 F 50-5931:06.910:02/M
74Lora ValentineSherburne NY9928 9 F 20-2931:16.010:05/M
75Caprice EckertEdmeston NY6844 6 F 40-4931:16.210:05/M
76Monica ClarkEdmeston NY6534 9 F 30-3931:16.310:05/M
77Linda CalleaNorwich NY757 8 F 50-5931:42.910:14/M
78Annette Burns.105641 7 F 40-4932:18.510:25/M
79nolan burns.10559 5 M 1-1432:19.210:25/M
80Mauricio VazquezNorwich NY5735 7 M 30-3932:26.110:28/M
81Robert CuffneySherburne NY1464 5 M 60-9932:28.610:28/M
82Pam NicholsNorwich NY8343 8 F 40-4932:33.210:30/M
83Sarah Conant SigmanSherburne NY6634 10 F 30-3932:39.310:32/M
84Katelynn Davis.105416 1 F 15-1933:07.110:41/M
85Brian LoprestiNorwich NY3752 7 M 50-5933:16.710:44/M
86Heather FarnsworthNorwich NY2127 10 F 20-2934:24.611:06/M
87Paul BrunickNorwich NY635 8 M 30-3934:24.711:06/M
88Donna DavisNorwich NY1859 9 F 50-5934:29.611:07/M
89Steve CraigNorwich NY107560 6 M 60-9934:55.911:16/M
90Claudia JenkinsUnadilla NY3257 10 F 50-5935:09.811:20/M
91Stacey Smith.107246 9 F 40-4935:31.711:27/M
92Madison Stafford.105210 5 F 1-1435:32.411:28/M
93Patricia MatsonHamilton NY8153 11 F 50-5935:35.111:29/M
94Rebecca HargraveNorwich NY2636 11 F 30-3935:37.111:29/M
95Marsha GuzewichSherburne NY7363 2 F 60-9935:38.811:30/M
96Lexi McFeeBainbridge NY829 6 F 1-1435:55.911:35/M
97Lori DrzazgowskiBainbridge NY6736 12 F 30-3935:56.311:35/M
98Lynnea BendixenNorwich NY457 12 F 50-5936:07.011:39/M
99Courtney EmersonOxford NY7137 13 F 30-3936:17.411:42/M
100Mia CurrieNorwich NY177 7 F 1-1436:19.011:43/M
101Ayla ShawNorwich NY9310 8 F 1-1436:19.711:43/M
102Cathy HavertyNorwich NY2753 13 F 50-5937:06.011:58/M
103Durinda UnderwoodNew York NY9848 10 F 40-4937:06.111:58/M
104Xander Tavares.10669 6 M 1-1437:12.712:00/M
105Jennifer Traves.106737 14 F 30-3937:13.812:00/M
106Victoria MartinezNorwich NY4039 15 F 30-3937:38.612:08/M
107Herman Erickson.106551 8 M 50-5938:00.012:15/M
108Steven NatoliNorwich NY4438 9 M 30-3938:10.712:19/M
109Abigail NatoliNorwich NY4310 9 F 1-1438:14.912:20/M
110Cherokee BournNorwich NY107654 14 F 50-5939:09.212:38/M
111Kim Miby.105100 2 F 0- 039:09.712:38/M
112Lara TefftNorwich NY556 10 F 1-1455:29.817:54/M
113Sheila MarshmanOxford NY8044 11 F 40-4955:30.217:54/M
114Lily MarshmanOxford NY796 11 F 1-1455:32.417:55/M
115Joseph Maiurano.106968 7 M 60-9955:32.717:55/M
116Kate TefftNorwich NY5436 16 F 30-3955:33.817:55/M
117Gwenda SlatteryBurlington Flats NY9450 15 F 50-5956:28.818:13/M
118Darlene Leech.107457 16 F 50-5956:31.018:14/M
119Karyl Turner.107067 3 F 60-9956:33.418:15/M
DQLaura TenneySherburne NY5612 DQ F 1-14---6:19/M
DQIsabella NatoliNorwich NY428 DQ F 1-14---6:47/M

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