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Healthy on the Hudson 5k

Montrose, NY, May 10, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Beth Gruber, Race Director. Timing by

HHCF Healthy on the Hudson 5k 5k Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 May 10.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Charlie FurphyCortlandt Manor NY5247 1 Top Fin20:56.86:45/M
2John ScivolettoCortlandt Manor NY14153 1 M 50-9923:10.57:28/M
3Christine Bell.16726 1 Top Fin24:11.87:48/M
4Jack Attinelly.19514 1 M 1-1424:27.57:53/M
5Matthew GlashoffMontrose NY6020 1 M 20-2924:35.07:56/M
6Joe Ledwin.18016 1 M 15-1924:42.57:58/M
7Ethan FurphyCortlandt Manor NY5312 2 M 1-1425:13.38:08/M
8John Bell.16953 2 M 50-9925:15.58:09/M
9Ryan Dwyer.17313 3 M 1-1426:00.38:23/M
10Frank Riefenhanser.17916 2 M 15-1926:08.58:26/M
11Bryce Caffrey.17112 4 M 1-1426:13.38:27/M
12Victor PodvalnyCortlandt Manor NY12713 5 M 1-1426:21.88:30/M
13Sam KemperCortlandt Manor NY8613 6 M 1-1426:22.08:30/M
14Alex PorokhinCortlandt Manor NY1280 1 M 0- 026:35.08:35/M
15Joseph FaiellaBuchanan NY4410 7 M 1-1426:48.38:39/M
16Matt FryeMontrose NY4732 1 M 30-3926:58.38:42/M
17Monika Caffrey.17243 1 F 40-4926:58.88:42/M
18Daniel Worledge.17540 1 M 40-4927:01.08:43/M
19John GiordanoCortlandt Manor NY5946 2 M 40-4927:11.68:46/M
20Christopher IrwinCortlandt Manor NY7440 3 M 40-4927:11.88:46/M
21Shawn ArmstrongCortlandt Manor NY845 4 M 40-4927:26.58:51/M
22Kyle KisslingerCold Spring NY9413 8 M 1-1427:29.58:52/M
23Stephanie SchembariVerplanck NY13739 1 F 30-3927:30.58:52/M
24Bruce JerseyMontrose NY8045 5 M 40-4927:43.88:56/M
25Paul HartiganCortlandt Manor NY6913 9 M 1-1427:48.58:58/M
26Isolde McManusCortlandt Manor NY11310 1 F 1-1427:50.58:59/M
27James McManusCortlandt Manor NY11245 6 M 40-4927:53.89:00/M
28Andrew Bell.16824 2 M 20-2928:03.09:03/M
29Santiago Cardona.18115 3 M 15-1928:13.09:06/M
30Thomas Calandro.17714 10 M 1-1428:17.59:07/M
31Theodora WorledgeCortlandt Manor NY15613 2 F 1-1428:19.09:08/M
32Dominic Costa.16515 4 M 15-1928:25.89:10/M
33Maxwell TiecheCortlandt Manor NY15413 11 M 1-1428:49.19:18/M
34Gregory FucheckMontrose NY5015 5 M 15-1928:53.89:19/M
35Tom KidCortlandt Manor NY8747 7 M 40-4928:58.59:21/M
36Andy Chasen.17649 8 M 40-4929:00.59:21/M
37Jake O'NeillCortlandt Manor NY11910 12 M 1-1429:10.89:25/M
38Kent AlbersCortlandt Manor NY713 13 M 1-1429:26.09:30/M
39David SchembariBuchanan NY13634 2 M 30-3929:34.59:32/M
40Todd Tieche.17454 3 M 50-9929:40.89:34/M
41Jack KidCortlandt Manor NY9011 14 M 1-1429:50.39:37/M
42Mari Ann CorsaBuchanan NY3243 2 F 40-4930:03.09:42/M
43Eyla GildinCortlandt Manor NY5716 1 F 15-1930:10.09:44/M
44Chris CassidyHopewell Junction NY2436 3 M 30-3930:14.09:45/M
45Nicholas MeyerPeekskill NY11440 9 M 40-4930:19.39:47/M
46Eric SpitzCortlandt Manor NY14948 10 M 40-4930:29.89:50/M
47Rowan Caffrey.17010 15 M 1-1430:33.39:51/M
48Tess Willinger.16314 3 F 1-1430:35.59:52/M
49Carlos JativaBuchanan NY7938 4 M 30-3930:37.59:53/M
50Terri JerseyMontrose NY8144 3 F 40-4931:21.810:07/M
51Peter McGowanCroton-On-hudson NY11116 6 M 15-1931:24.810:08/M
52Christann GiordanoCortlandt Manor NY5844 4 F 40-4931:26.810:08/M
53Alfred PucciMontrose NY13270 4 M 50-9931:29.110:09/M
54Margaret GruberCortlandt Manor NY6714 4 F 1-1431:42.610:14/M
55Jessica Cooklin.17814 5 F 1-1431:42.610:14/M
56Lydia SimonettiCortlandt Manor NY14539 2 F 30-3931:59.810:19/M
57Michael KemperCortlandt Manor NY8549 11 M 40-4932:08.610:22/M
58Eve Hartman.16252 1 F 50-9932:14.510:24/M
59Lucien ShellyVerplanck NY14314 16 M 1-1432:36.310:31/M
60Andrey PorokhinCortlandt Manor NY1299 17 M 1-1432:41.310:33/M
61Derek KisslingerCold Spring NY9343 12 M 40-4932:42.510:33/M
62Jennifer CardozoShrub Oak NY2126 1 F 20-2932:51.510:36/M
63Brandon SchembariVerplanck NY13812 18 M 1-1432:53.810:36/M
64Jennifer ClarkCroton On Hudson NY2743 5 F 40-4933:07.010:41/M
65Maureen PalmiettoCortlandt Manor NY12354 2 F 50-9933:26.810:47/M
66Jennifer Lupian.16439 3 F 30-3933:30.810:48/M
67Daniella BernalCroton-On-hudson NY1118 2 F 15-1933:34.310:50/M
68Jeanns Douriem.20044 6 F 40-4934:05.311:00/M
69Cheryl LaceyMontrose NY10050 3 F 50-9934:07.311:00/M
70Ellen GruberCortlandt Manor NY6815 3 F 15-1934:46.111:13/M
71Verónica YungaMontrose NY15726 2 F 20-2934:46.511:13/M
72Edward SchmittMontrose NY13949 13 M 40-4935:24.811:25/M
73Delia SchmittMontrose NY14010 6 F 1-1435:24.811:25/M
74Hoyoung GroganCortlandt Manor NY6639 4 F 30-3935:40.511:30/M
75Steven CohenCortlandt Manor NY3152 5 M 50-9935:57.011:36/M
76Susan CohenCortlandt Manor NY3052 4 F 50-9935:57.311:36/M
77Katherne Bisaccia.16012 7 F 1-1435:58.811:36/M
78Katherine DorsaCortlandt Manor3917 4 F 15-1936:32.311:47/M
79Frank DorsaCortlandt Manor3854 6 M 50-9936:33.311:47/M
80Kaylee FebresBuchanan NY4513 8 F 1-1436:50.311:53/M
81Amanda Donnely.16112 9 F 1-1437:01.011:56/M
82Denise Brown.15945 7 F 40-4937:01.611:56/M
83Joshua CortesVerplanck NY3329 3 M 20-2937:10.511:59/M
84Katherine RuhVerplanck NY13417 5 F 15-1937:28.312:05/M
85Kelly BrennanBuchanan NY1916 6 F 15-1937:30.012:06/M
86Claribel LakerBuchanan NY10139 5 F 30-3937:55.312:14/M
87Heather ClausenVerplanck NY2923 3 F 20-2938:04.312:17/M
88Marla BlitzerMontrose NY1645 8 F 40-4938:05.312:17/M
89Megan Polansky.18920 4 F 20-2938:14.112:20/M
90John Kraus.18465 7 M 50-9938:14.312:20/M
91Gretchen OstranderPeekskill NY12147 9 F 40-4939:09.812:38/M
92Matthew Pransky.18720 4 M 20-2939:14.312:39/M
93Alex JaegerCroton On Hudson NY7814 19 M 1-1439:22.312:42/M
94Jake Onkin.19616 7 M 15-1939:40.012:48/M
95Ellen BrecherCroton On Hudson NY1854 5 F 50-9939:40.812:48/M
96Maria PorokhinaCortlandt Manor NY13010 10 F 1-1439:55.812:53/M
97Madison HojnackiMontrose NY7117 7 F 15-1939:56.512:53/M
98Kristen Ellis.19318 8 F 15-1939:56.612:53/M
99Maggie KidCortlandt Manor NY8910 11 F 1-1440:40.513:07/M
100Madison GoughMontrose NY6411 12 F 1-1440:51.013:11/M
101Matthew KlimekCortlandt Manor NY9612 20 M 1-1441:00.513:14/M
102Meggie FucheckMontrose NY4917 9 F 15-1942:19.813:39/M
103Pauline DietzCroton-On-hudson NY3765 6 F 50-9942:43.513:47/M
104Debra BorchardtCortlandt Manor NY1752 7 F 50-9942:47.313:48/M
105Mariah SalamehCortlandt Manor NY13517 10 F 15-1943:01.813:53/M
106Kalliope PriceVerplanck NY13117 11 F 15-1943:02.113:53/M
107Joe Guida.18215 8 M 15-1943:07.313:55/M
108Au Pennella.19013 21 M 1-1443:08.313:55/M
109Connor Gallagler.19113 22 M 1-1443:10.813:55/M
110Jennifer OlstromCortlandt Manor NY11840 10 F 40-4943:51.014:09/M
111Maia MarkovitchCortlandt Manor NY10510 13 F 1-1443:57.314:11/M
112Camelia PecchiaMontrose NY12417 12 F 15-1944:52.314:28/M
113Katlyn PalkaCortlandt Manor NY12217 13 F 15-1944:52.314:28/M
114Michelle MattsonCrompond NY10743 11 F 40-4945:03.814:32/M
115Tracy SheridanPeekskill NY14446 12 F 40-4945:25.514:39/M
116Theresa NollCroton On Hudson NY11736 6 F 30-3945:28.014:40/M
117Hannah StoutBuchanan NY15211 14 F 1-1445:52.014:48/M
118Michele HornePeekskill NY7247 13 F 40-4945:54.314:48/M
119Jennifer MaxwellBuchanan NY10840 14 F 40-4945:56.514:49/M
120Laura MooreCroton On Hudson NY11548 15 F 40-4947:26.315:18/M
121Greg KrizanWarwick NY9854 8 M 50-9947:42.315:23/M
122Amy JaegerCroton On Hudson NY7645 16 F 40-4947:42.815:23/M
123Emily JaegerCroton On Hudson NY7711 15 F 1-1447:43.315:24/M
124Christine KielkuckiCortlandt Manor NY9163 8 F 50-9947:46.015:25/M
125Kyle GondaMontrose NY6312 23 M 1-1448:06.815:31/M
126Thomas FucheckMontrose NY5112 24 M 1-1449:00.515:48/M
127Lucas Dejesus.18814 25 M 1-1449:03.015:49/M
128Michele GoughMontrose NY6549 17 F 40-4949:31.515:58/M
129Linda JacksonBuchanan NY7561 9 F 50-9949:33.315:59/M
130Carolyn AshfordPeekskill NY946 18 F 40-4949:35.016:00/M
131Sachi SinghCortlandt Manor NY14711 16 F 1-1450:08.816:10/M
132Maria DeutschCortlandt Manor NY3519 14 F 15-1952:33.516:57/M
133Roy AlbersCortlandt Manor NY558 9 M 50-9952:33.816:57/M
134Dolores GalloCortlandt Manor NY5453 10 F 50-9952:43.017:00/M
135Sharlene MorrisMontrose NY11648 19 F 40-4952:44.317:01/M
136Jenny KolesarMontrose NY9745 20 F 40-4952:45.017:01/M
137Brian KlimekCortlandt Manor NY9544 14 M 40-4952:49.517:02/M
138Dern Klmek.1989 26 M 1-1452:51.817:03/M
139Robyn DeutschCortlandt Manor NY3651 11 F 50-9953:14.817:10/M
140Kamalini MartinCortlandt Manor NY10663 12 F 50-9954:02.017:26/M
141Glenetta PhillipsPeekskill NY12544 21 F 40-4954:05.317:27/M
142Felecia Cumming.19247 22 F 40-4954:05.517:27/M
143Jane GondaMontrose NY6154 13 F 50-9954:58.517:44/M
144George GondaMontrose NY6254 10 M 50-9954:59.017:44/M
145Maggie BernsteinCortlandt Manor NY1414 17 F 1-1455:01.817:45/M
146Jeffrey BernsteinCortlandt Manor NY1511 27 M 1-1455:02.817:45/M
147Susan ManberCortlandt Manor NY10450 14 F 50-9955:14.317:49/M
148Elizabeth PhillipsPeekskill NY12647 23 F 40-4955:20.817:51/M
149Sarah CapichioniGarrison NY2040 24 F 40-4955:49.818:00/M
150Lorraine CiprianoGarrison NY2548 25 F 40-4955:49.818:00/M
151Eric BernsteinCortlandt Manor NY1343 15 M 40-4956:13.318:08/M
152Allison BernsteinCortlandt Manor NY120 1 F 0- 056:15.018:09/M
153Adriane CarnanPeekskill NY2243 26 F 40-4957:22.018:30/M
154Janice ThompsonPeekskill NY15345 27 F 40-4957:23.018:31/M
155Sharon SternCortlandt Manor NY15151 15 F 50-9958:19.318:49/M
156Lori FeldmanCortlandt Manor NY4648 28 F 40-4958:21.018:49/M
157Hazel Wike-Gray.16646 29 F 40-4959:13.119:06/M
158Rosemond Barney-YeboahPeekskill NY1044 30 F 40-4959:13.619:06/M
159Oliva AlbersCortlandt Manor NY611 18 F 1-141:00:47.819:36/M
160Olivia SpitzCortlandt Manor NY15010 19 F 1-141:00:48.119:37/M
161Sapna KapilCortlandt Manor NY840 2 F 0- 01:00:48.319:37/M
162Valene Kraus.18522 5 M 20-291:01:56.019:59/M
163Eloise DyerCortlandt Manor NY427 20 F 1-141:02:05.520:02/M
164Andrea JustoCroton On Hudson NY8246 31 F 40-491:02:22.620:07/M
165Sophia JustoCroton On Hudson NY8310 21 F 1-141:02:23.320:07/M
166Alexander DyerCortlandt Manor NY4310 28 M 1-141:02:37.820:12/M
167Rapil SinghCortlandt Manor NY1480 2 M 0- 01:02:47.520:15/M
168Jamie DyerCortlandt Manor NY4143 16 M 40-491:02:49.320:16/M
169Kathy FucheckMontrose NY4848 32 F 40-491:02:59.320:19/M
170Diane HughesCold Springs NY7348 33 F 40-491:02:59.820:19/M
171Barbara MadiasMontrose NY10271 16 F 50-991:03:55.620:37/M
172Lauren Attinelly.19449 34 F 40-491:03:55.820:37/M
173Sharon Roberts.19739 7 F 30-391:03:58.320:38/M
174Sandra Sarson.19940 35 F 40-491:03:58.520:38/M
175Philip ShellyVerplanck NY14249 17 M 40-491:10:32.322:45/M

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