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2014 Allyson Whitney 5K

Kauneonga Lake, NY, May 10, 2014

5K Results

42721st M-50 to 59
Age Rank PlaceBib #NameTimeGenderAgeCity
1st Overall Male 1850Vincent Reilly17:59M28Swan Lake
1st M-40 to 49 2883Brian Grodin18:03M41Wurtsboro
2nd M-40 to 49 3882Donald Thurston19:34M48Pine Bush
1st Overall Female 4218April Ackermann19:39F26Cochecton
1st M-30 to 39 5346Robert Roach19:50M34Youngsville
1st M-50 to 59 6783Richard White19:56M54New York
1st F-20 to 29 7832Katy Schlictman20:13F29Monticello
1st M-20 to 29 8648Michael Tedaldi21:15M29Rock Hill
2nd M-50 to 59 9777George Shakelton21:25M52Hancock
2nd M-20 to 29 1013Luis Gonzalez21:40M25Monticello
3rd M-20 to 29 11788Max Chaiet21:45M25Kauneonga Lake
4th M-20 to 29 12811Gaston Avendano21:51M29Middletown
1st M-4 to 12 13772Evan Waterton21:59M10Kiamesha Lake
2nd M-30 to 39 14699Eddie Motl22:00M31New York
5th M-20 to 29 15550Adam Gold22:08M26South Fallsburg
6th M-20 to 29 16189Reed Barnofsky22:10M28Kiamesha Lake
3rd M-50 to 59 17329Mitch Cohen22:31M57Wilmington DE
2nd F-20 to 29 18263Liz McKay22:42F23Lackawaxen PA
3rd F-20 to 29 19567Joanna Goldfarb22:42F24Harris
7th M-20 to 29 20501David Luczyski22:51M25Neversink
8th M-20 to 29 2112Ari Cohen23:30M28Liberty
9th M-20 to 29 22107Trevor Tare23:35M23Liberty
3rd M-40 to 49 2338Keith Scott23:50M49Parksville
10th M-20 to 29 24809David Soderblom23:50M29Wurtsboro
3rd M-30 to 39 25283Jared Kaufman23:51M35Monticello
4th M-40 to 49 26805Ron Palson23:55M43Kiamesha Lake
27497Bob Tedaldi24:00M58Rock Hill4th M-50 to 59
5th M-50 to 59 28712George Ackermann24:20M55Kenoza Lake
4th M-30 to 39 29336Timothy Stamm24:22M35Smithtown
5th M-30 to 39 30737Nick Santini24:23M30Garden City
4th F-20 to 29 31450Jackie Terpstra24:23F27Hurleyville
5th M-40 to 49 32270Andy Kalter24:28M43South Fallsburg
1st F-30 to 39 33423Erin Matts24:31F37Barryville
6th M-30 to 39 34751William Roach24:32M32Middletown
1st M-13 to 19 35858Kyle Mora24:39M15Pine Bush
6th M-50 to 59 36331Gary St. Onge24:42M56Pleasant Valley
2nd F-30 to 39 37531Kelly Irving24:46F32Cochecton
6th M-40 to 49 38228Robert Costa Jr24:46M48Wurtsboro
5th F-20 to 29 39315Shannon Hornbeck24:51F22Neversink
7th M-50 to 59 40717James Harrison24:55M57Forestburgh
7th M-40 to 49 41701Joshua Bloom25:00M41West Palm Beach FL
7th M-30 to 39 42335Frank Perrott25:11M34Long Island City
8th M-30 to 39 43312Craig Irving25:12M34Cochecton
3rd F-30 to 39 4425Kelsi Lockhart25:14F30Neversink
6th F-20 to 29 45314Jenn Byrne25:15F29Middletown
1st F-4 to 12 46106Amanda Zeno25:18F11South Fallsburg
2nd M-13 to 19 47301Jaidon Ramirez Zeno25:19M16South Fallsburg
7th F-20 to 29 48659Meredith Wallace25:26F21Kiamesha Lake
1st F-13 to 19 49768Whitni Meece25:46F19Salt Lake City UT
1st F-40 to 49 50869Heather Grodin25:46F41Wurtsboro
3rd M-13 to 19 51261Skylar Glick25:46M19Salt Lake City UT
8th M-50 to 59 52219Curtis Browne25:57M50White Lake
4th F-30 to 39 53260Ashlea Prouty25:57F36Hortonville
54760Maura Burns8th F-20 to 29 25:58F28New York
3rd F-13 to 19 55354Camryn Glick26:05F13Glen Wild
1st F-50 to 59 56798Donna Ackermann26:07F51Cochecton
4th F-13 to 19 57258Victoria Tingley26:09F19Neversink
9th M-30 to 39 58784Gary Johnson26:14M34Hurleyville
11th M-20 to 29 59202Michael Carcamo26:15M27Liberty
12th M-20 to 29 60727Kenneth Benjamin Jr26:24M24Glen Wild
10th M-30 to 39 61397Can Aras26:30M33Nutley NJ
9th F-20 to 29 62287Melissa Stefanuk26:35F23Monticello
13th M-20 to 29 6322Jose Suarez26:38M29New York
10th F-20 to 29 64526Diana Rocklein26:38F27Walton
5th F-30 to 39 65123Christa Tyler26:42F32Bethel
2nd F-50 to 59 66714Lori Karadontes26:48F50Jeffersonville
3rd F-50 to 59 67535Maggie Sharpe26:49F51South Huntington
6th F-30 to 39 68282Candice Sheerer26:52F30Middletown
11th M-30 to 39 69268Michael Wells26:53M32Woodbourne
14th M-20 to 29 70332Joe Valentin26:55M26Swan Lake
2nd F-40 to 49 71723Jackie Rutledge27:01F43Monticello
12th M-30 to 39 7242Barry Nicholl27:05M36Somerville NJ
7th F-30 to 39 73187Sarah Planica27:05F34Sewickley PA
11th F-20 to 29 74830Christine Bunce27:05F24Bethel
8th M-40 to 49 75829Matt Helmick27:10M49Rock Hill
15th M-20 to 29 7624Mitch Helfman27:12M25Liberty
12th F-20 to 29 77339Jenna Diaco27:13F28New York
9th M-40 to 49 7850Ron Lindholm27:31M46Rock Hill
13th F-20 to 29 79344Allison Billias27:34F28Rock Hill
16th M-20 to 29 80840Christopher Ng27:37M26Monticello
81516Shaina Penso27:41F2514th F-20 to 29 West Islip
15th F-20 to 29 82278Julie Kaufman27:48F26Monticello
16th F-20 to 29 83422Ashley Mangabang27:48F24Monticello
17th F-20 to 29 84498Jennifer Rolln28:00F24Otisville
2nd M-4 to 12 85185Aidan Dietz28:00M10Monticello
17th M-20 to 29 86848John Lacey28:13M24Monticello
10th M-40 to 49 8780Chris Stamm28:23M42Mystic CT
8th F-30 to 39 88195Rachelle Ventura28:25F32Bayside
3rd F-40 to 49 89437Sherelyn Miros28:31F42Kiamesha Lake
1st M-60 to 69 90326Ed O Malley28:31M61Liberty
9th F-30 to 39 91204Stacy Seefeldt28:31F37Cochecton
10th F-30 to 39 92770Aubrie-Ann Jones28:39F34Swan Lake
13th M-30 to 39 9391Joshua Meddaugh28:40M32Rock Hill
11th F-30 to 39 94669Brandy Rizzo28:42F33Middletown
14th M-30 to 39 95688Sean Matthews28:55M33Mountaindale
9th M-50 to 59 96300Bill Pammer29:01M56Bethel
18th F-20 to 29 97851Katherine Krantz29:03F29Mongaup Valley
4th M-13 to 19 98528Justin Mednick29:04M13Rock Hill
3rd M-4 to 12 99179Austin Nystrom29:06M8Jeffersonville
18th M-20 to 29 100118David Starosciak29:12M28East Brunswick NJ
19th F-20 to 29 101666Danielle McNally29:14F28New York
20th F-20 to 29 102839Victoria Edelman29:15F27New York
21st F-20 to 29 103384Whitney Wortman29:15F28Roslyn
22nd F-20 to 29 104675Tonya LaBarbera29:18F24Rock Hill
19th M-20 to 29 105389Bill Fernandez29:47M26Monticello
11th M-40 to 49 106257Jim Price29:47M48Monticello
4th F-50 to 59 107293Julie Dreher29:48F52Roscoe
108616Sarah Tugender29:5323rd F-20 to 29 F28Melrose MA
4th F-40 to 49 109580David Drew29:54F45Woodridge
24th F-20 to 29 110418Maureen Goodman29:57F24Wurtsboro
5th F-13 to 19 111746Sophia Sakellariore29:57F15Thompson Ridge
12th F-30 to 39 112279Erin Aras30:02F33Nutley NJ
25th F-20 to 29 113831Tricia Estella30:02F26Monticello
26th F-20 to 29 11439Tara Bulaga30:04F28Wurtsboro
20th M-20 to 29 115292Jesse Bulaga30:04M27Wurtsboro
5th F-50 to 59 11632Abby Thurston30:07F53Pine Bush
27th F-20 to 29 11731Mallory Haas30:11F25Yulan
28th F-20 to 29 118345Melissa Volosin30:12F27Yulan
6th F-13 to 19 119802Claire Walker30:31F14Westtown
12th M-40 to 49 120428Brian Miros30:35M41Kiamesha Lake
5th F-40 to 49 121333Theresa Kennedy30:36F40Youngsville
13th M-40 to 49 122203Iain Kennedy30:36M46Youngsville
5th M-13 to 19 123812Ajani Desmangles30:42M16Hurleyville
29th F-20 to 29 124813Emma Tingley30:44F20Neversink
14th M-40 to 49 125651Arthur Nelson30:49M48Westbrookville
15th M-30 to 39 126200James Stamm30:50M32Long Beach
30th F-20 to 29 127596Kimberly Franklin30:56F26Jeffersonville
21st M-20 to 29 128457Ray Ciprian31:02M25Rock Hill
22nd M-20 to 29 12915Vinny Muckalli31:05M28Brooklyn
2nd F-4 to 12 130807Taylor Tyler31:12F10Bethel
6th F-40 to 49 131272Melissa Demarmels31:19F44Liberty
31st F-20 to 29 132595Amanda Bucci31:21F28Schenectady
7th F-40 to 49 133515Melissa Kinsler31:30F41Woodridge
13th F-30 to 39 134407Melany Dafniotidis31:31F32Astoria
135775Emily Edwards7th F-13 to 19 31:32F15Rock Hill
8th F-40 to 49 136271Nancy Figueroa31:42F46Grahamsville
16th M-30 to 39 137743Alexander Buck31:42M32Columbia MD
9th F-40 to 49 138822Dena Stevenson31:49F43Jeffersonville
4th M-4 to 12 139144Zachary Stevenson31:57M10Jeffersonville
14th F-30 to 39 140546Devin Alenky31:57F34Brooklyn
10th F-40 to 49 141547Tanya Cohen32:06F42Jeffersonville
6th F-50 to 59 142132Liza Glick32:07F51Glen Wild
6th M-13 to 19 143226Ronald Perilla Butrage32:09M13Monticello
15th F-30 to 39 144259Mary Beth Bastone32:21F38Forestburgh
11th F-40 to 49 145872Darlene Beiling32:22F46Woodbourne
3rd F-4 to 12 146721Sydney Franza32:27F10Ellenville
4th F-4 to 12 147274Gabrielle Cohen32:29F9Jeffersonville
5th F-4 to 12 148625Alexandra Dietz32:41F8Monticello
6th F-4 to 12 149225Drew Taylor32:41F12Monticello
16th F-30 to 39 15081Tammy Kloss32:59F36Ridgewood
17th M-30 to 39 151386Jonathan Watras33:04M30New York
18th M-30 to 39 15276Shawn Clark33:08M32Bayside
7th F-50 to 59 153524Susan Otto33:08F57Bethel
32nd F-20 to 29 154579Kirsten Scott33:11F24Parksville
33rd F-20 to 29 155779Carolyn Rojas33:13F28Monticello
12th F-40 to 49 156284Jodi Nelson33:35F45Westbrookville
34th F-20 to 29 15773Tonieann Caiafa33:39F29Nyack
7th M-13 to 19 158810Mikayla DeGraw33:41M15Monticello
17th F-30 to 39 159698Aimee Pittaluga33:46F38Woodridge
10th M-50 to 59 160749Al Sharpe33:56M56South Huntington
16119Daniel Tugender34:02M28Melrose MA23rd M-20 to 29
19th M-30 to 39 162267James Zeno34:12M38South Fallsburg
15th M-40 to 49 163417Joe Kenny34:21M43Rock Hill
7th F-4 to 12 164660Aaliyah Kinsler34:28F10Fallsburg
18th F-30 to 39 165241Maria Zeno34:30F36South Fallsburg
16th M-40 to 49 166774Dennis Rundle34:32M44Monticello
19th F-30 to 39 167661Theresa Murdock34:34F32Monticello
35th F-20 to 29 168512Alyson Haas34:46F22Bloomingburg
24th M-20 to 29 169147Nathan Goehner34:47M20Harris
36th F-20 to 29 170305Jackie Forbes34:47F28Harris
37th F-20 to 29 171612Emily Drobysh35:16F23Schenectady
25th M-20 to 29 172613Matthew Mora35:19M20Pine Bush
20th M-30 to 39 173408Adeysi Ventura35:22M33Bayside
17th M-40 to 49 174532Gerry Dietz35:25M47Monticello
21st M-30 to 39 175325Patrick Clifford35:30M36Jeffersonville
8th F-13 to 19 17683Amanda Rampe35:35F14Roscoe
9th F-13 to 19 17714Anna Brunelle35:37F17Monticello
26th M-20 to 29 178505David Berson35:38M26Monticello
10th F-13 to 19 179276Lexis Flora35:39F14Liberty
11th F-13 to 19 180275Jennifer Browne35:43F18White Lake
8th F-50 to 59 181499Louise Benjamin35:45F51Glen Wild
8th M-13 to 19 182761Brandon Mayr35:49M13White Lake
38th F-20 to 29 183696Mai Fung35:50F29Butler NJ
20th F-30 to 39 184676Nicole Muscara35:50F39Jeffersonville
27th M-20 to 29 185702Adam Herfield35:57M29Rock Hill
22nd M-30 to 39 18617Richard Stieglitz35:57M36New York
18th M-40 to 49 187367Sironis Khahlfa36:22M48Kauneonga Lake
18810James Goldfarb36:25M5611th M-50 to 59 Harris
9th M-13 to 19 189765Ross Taylor36:28M13Monticello
8th F-4 to 12 190230Abby Morse36:31F6Forestburgh
23rd M-30 to 39 191630Erik Morse36:32M35Forestburgh
1st F-60 to 69 192321Jeanne Tulp36:36F65Liberty
21st F-30 to 39 193322Gabriella Carraccia36:39F32Neversink
13th F-40 to 49 19477Maria Montesi-Lauria36:39F48Woodbourne
24th M-30 to 39 195183Joseph Calvello36:40M30Neversink
14th F-40 to 49 196585Joanna Taylor36:44F40Monticello
15th F-40 to 49 197182Anna Puleo36:49F40Harris
9th F-50 to 59 198388Debbie Bertholf36:58F52Liberty
5th M-4 to 12 199196Quentin Cruz37:05M12Rock Hill
6th M-4 to 12 200338Ryan Weiner37:06M10Rock Hill
22nd F-30 to 39 201634Agnes Piwowar-Clark37:11F31Bayside
9th F-4 to 12 202641Hayley McDermott37:21F11New Windsor
12th M-50 to 59 203578Ken Cohen37:27M50Jeffersonville
39th F-20 to 29 204193Sloane Farber37:28F28West Haverstraw
40th F-20 to 29 205453Danielle Hansen37:28F29Tompkins Cove
10th F-50 to 59 206700Jean Silverman37:41F54Swan Lake
41st F-20 to 29 207878Kara Silverman37:41F23Swan Lake
7th M-4 to 12 208494Andrew Rein Jr37:44M9Monticello
23rd F-30 to 39 209495Laura DeGraw37:48F35Loch Sheldrake
10th M-13 to 19 21049Devon Leaney-Levenson37:49M13Forestburgh
11th M-13 to 19 211663Ryan Smith37:50M13Rock Hill
28th M-20 to 29 212459John DeGroat37:50M29Monticello
25th M-30 to 39 213730Christopher Robinson37:50M30Miami FL
11th F-50 to 59 214873Mary Cohen37:55F53Wilmington DE
21530Isaiah Young8th M-4 to 12 37:56M7Hurleyville
12th F-13 to 19 216566Madison Carnell37:57F13Monticello
13th F-13 to 19 217644Kirsten Jacobsen37:58F17Woodridge
9th M-4 to 12 218748Logan Danzilo38:14M8Liberty
12th F-50 to 59 219601Phyllis Perry38:14F52Goshen
2nd F-60 to 69 220684Renee Kates38:16F64Woodridge
26th M-30 to 39 221565Brendan Franklin38:23M35Ridgewood
42nd F-20 to 29 222614Talya Shlang38:37F25White Lake
3rd F-60 to 69 223252Helen Rados38:47F63Harris
10th M-4 to 12 224158Jack Rein38:50M9Monticello
4th F-60 to 69 225231Ellen Breskey38:50F69South Fallsburg
1st F-70 to 98 226462Victoria Greffrath39:02F73Damascus PA
16th F-40 to 49 227479Susan Harte39:05F49Swan Lake
13th M-50 to 59 228496Daniel Sturm39:07M50Mongaup Valley
17th F-40 to 49 2297Denise Frangipane39:13F45Bethel
24th F-30 to 39 230521Cassandra Stamm39:13F30Long Beach
29th M-20 to 29 231527Matthew Helfman39:44M28Forest Hills
43rd F-20 to 29 232456Victoria Taggart39:49F21Livingston Manor
2nd M-60 to 69 23387Ira Simon39:49M64Monticello
27th M-30 to 39 234657Eric Goldstein39:50M34Jeffersonville
44th F-20 to 29 235599Jennifer Smith40:00F29White Sulphur Springs
45th F-20 to 29 236842Stephanie Hernandez40:00F27White Sulphur Springs
46th F-20 to 29 237143Rachel Thompson40:10F26Kauneonga Lake
10th F-4 to 12 238142Chloe Lewis40:12F9Livingston Manor
19th M-40 to 49 239771Brian Tingley40:30M48Neversink
18th F-40 to 49 240470Jane Tingley40:30F47Neversink
241199Andrew Colaianni11th M-4 to 12 40:44M6Washingtonville
12th M-4 to 12 242201Daniel Colaianni40:44M4Washingtonville
28th M-30 to 39 243454Joseph Colaianni40:44M33Washingtonville
25th F-30 to 39 244455Jennifer Nystrom40:44F36Jeffersonville
26th F-30 to 39 24534Jamie Ward40:52F34Livingston Manor
30th M-20 to 29 246667Mike Panos41:05M25Smallwood
5th F-60 to 69 247246Mary Mancuso41:07F68Glen Wild
6th F-60 to 69 248870Terri Gozza41:08F60Parksville
11th F-4 to 12 249115Emma Dworetsky41:25F10Ferndale
7th F-60 to 69 25023Paula Kaufman41:25F63Rock Hill
29th M-30 to 39 251671Pete Dworetsky41:25M35Liberty
47th F-20 to 29 2524Cheryl Shelton41:50F29Swan Lake
48th F-20 to 29 253672Maggie Harjes42:18F23Pine Bush
49th F-20 to 29 25436Melissa Harjes42:18F21Pine Bush
50th F-20 to 29 2551Sara Morro42:19F22Pine Bush
13th F-50 to 59 256307Mary Harjes42:20F51Pine Bush
14th M-50 to 59 257309Robert Harjes42:23M51Pine Bush
19th F-40 to 49 258306Livia Sabourin42:32F40Woodridge
27th F-30 to 39 259308Rose Ann Etess42:44F35Liberty
12th F-4 to 12 260725Alexandra Etess42:44F8Liberty
13th M-4 to 12 26162Ethan Mednick42:45M11Rock Hill
14th M-4 to 12 262782Adam Mednick42:46M7Rock Hill
15th M-4 to 12 263117Mason Atlas42:47M8Rock Hill
20th M-40 to 49 264116Michael Mednick42:51M46Rock Hill
16th M-4 to 12 265628Logan Brundage42:54M7Woodbourne
17th M-4 to 12 266119Athan Zeno42:54M10South Fallsburg
14th F-50 to 59 267686Martha Rojas42:59F58Forestburgh
268769Thomas Traphagen30th M-30 to 39 43:20M37Jeffersonville
31st M-30 to 39 26975David Brundage43:40M31Woodbourne
28th F-30 to 39 270385Erinn Morse43:45F36Forestburgh
13th F-4 to 12 271685Kaitlyn Morse43:45F7Forestburgh
29th F-30 to 39 272281Amanda Franck43:45F32Westbrookville
14th F-13 to 19 273323Allison Laruffa43:54F14Rock Hill
14th F-4 to 12 274319Esme Solis Maurer43:54F9West Orange NJ
30th F-30 to 39 275609Jamie Meyer43:57F38Cochecton
51st F-20 to 29 276766Kyle Wallach44:13F20Forestburgh
18th M-4 to 12 277465Mateo Scanna44:15M9Napanoch
3rd M-60 to 69 278168Cheryl Cohen44:22M60Liberty
4th M-60 to 69 279569Jeffrey Cohen44:22M60Liberty
15th F-50 to 59 2803Patty Hopkins44:23F54Liberty
31st F-30 to 39 281433Kristy Sigelakis44:38F34Jeffersonville
32nd F-30 to 39 282747Jessica Benton44:41F31Jeffersonville
52nd F-20 to 29 28329Bobbi Keesler44:41F29Callicoon
8th F-60 to 69 284127Karen Simon44:49F63Monticello
16th F-50 to 59 28585Sherri Turi45:05F51Forestburgh
20th F-40 to 49 286600Learle Kilmer45:05F48Middletown
15th F-13 to 19 287269Abigail Mace45:06F15Rock Hill
16th F-13 to 19 288186Svea Lindholm45:06F14Rock Hill
17th F-50 to 59 289215Tami Chanov45:08F56Liberty
18th F-50 to 59 290639Mary Margaret Green45:09F51White Sulphur Springs
21st F-40 to 49 29158Denise Cedeira45:10F49Monticello
53rd F-20 to 29 292744Alexa McCosco45:11F25Jeffersonville
22nd F-40 to 49 293533Christine Karadontes45:12F44Liberty
294379Boguslawa Fidler45:14F4623rd F-40 to 49 Narrowsburg
54th F-20 to 29 295380Irene Nikolados45:15F29Rego Park
55th F-20 to 29 296273Katie Rafferty45:17F28New Hyde Park
24th F-40 to 49 297817Darcy Spinelli45:21F42Fallsburg
33rd F-30 to 39 298383Nicole Rizzo45:36F33New Windsor
19th F-50 to 59 299518Marie Dietrich45:41F56Smallwood
21st M-40 to 49 300194Eugene McDermott45:52M40New Windsor
25th F-40 to 49 301834Melissa Holden46:01F46Livingston Manor
15th F-4 to 12 302815Matilde Lewis46:01F11Livingston Manor
56th F-20 to 29 303469Angeline Loomis46:08F24Rock Hill
34th F-30 to 39 304471Tara Spencer46:08F35Blossburg PA
32nd M-30 to 39 305439David Maguire46:20M32Montebello
35th F-30 to 39 306444Pamela Maguire46:22F32Montebello
15th M-50 to 59 307731Steven Amell46:24M50Sparrowbush
26th F-40 to 49 308732Diane Amell46:25F48Sparrowbush
309317Samantha Sarro46:27F3New City
22nd M-40 to 49 310316Alexander Sarro46:27M43New City
311427Sage Sarro46:27F3New City
57th F-20 to 29 312425Maxine Sheehan46:41F23Swan Lake
16th F-4 to 12 313426Karen Perilla Buitrage46:49F10Monticello
20th F-50 to 59 31427Joan Rollin46:54F52Otisville
58th F-20 to 29 315871Christina Pabon-Buck47:14F27Columbia MD
59th F-20 to 29 316849Natasha Levine47:36F27South Fallsburg
60th F-20 to 29 317145Marlena Benjamin47:43F28Monticello
21st F-50 to 59 318361Ruby Gold47:54F54South Fallsburg
27th F-40 to 49 319513Erika Crocitto48:08F42Jeffersonville
28th F-40 to 49 320852Cathy Rampe48:10F44Roscoe
32122nd F-50 to 59 432Robin Green48:15F55Parksville
9th F-60 to 69 322506Theresa Darnell48:16F65Ferndale
17th F-4 to 12 323220Molly Rampe48:23F9Roscoe
29th F-40 to 49 324691Jamie Vandervoort48:29F47Rock Hill
30th F-40 to 49 325507Robin Bedik48:30F49Mountaindale
61st F-20 to 29 32688Meagan Pasqueralli48:30F29Levittown
23rd F-50 to 59 327294Robin Bolles48:30F50Youngsville
36th F-30 to 39 328491Nicole Jurgens48:31F30Massapequa Park
18th F-4 to 12 329412Jamie Rein48:37F10Monticello
37th F-30 to 39 330514Rebecca Rielly48:38F33Liberty
17th F-13 to 19 33148Autum Bivins48:43F17Monticello
19th M-4 to 12 332823Damion Freer48:43M11Monticello
62nd F-20 to 29 3336Danielle Fox Brooks48:55F28Ellenville
18th F-13 to 19 334762Zariina Padu49:00F18Callicoon
19th F-4 to 12 335382Brooke Roth49:01F12Liberty
38th F-30 to 39 336708Samantha Shaver-Ruff49:05F34Liberty
20th F-4 to 12 337693Lorna Dewitt49:07F8Liberty
21st F-4 to 12 338500Brianna Roth49:07F12Liberty
63rd F-20 to 29 339694Krystal Perrello49:08F24Woodridge
22nd F-4 to 12 340692Halie Dunker49:09F9Monticello
39th F-30 to 39 341357Elizabeth Brown49:09F30White Lake
31st F-40 to 49 342838Janet Dunker49:10F48Monticello
5th M-60 to 69 343678Tim Colaianni49:20M65Mongaup Valley
40th F-30 to 39 344837Jennifer Colaianni49:20F35Washingtonville
23rd F-4 to 12 345816Amalia Decker49:21F9Monticello
31st M-20 to 29 34633Shane King49:28M24Wurtsboro
347633Sharon Blake49:35F56Mountaindale24th F-50 to 59
25th F-50 to 59 348864Rita Sheehan49:36F51Swan Lake
26th F-50 to 59 349414Karen Clifford49:36F54Jeffersonville
41st F-30 to 39 35028Maria Tasigiannis49:38F31Englewood Cliffs NJ
24th F-4 to 12 351673Abigail Rustic49:39F11Monticello
20th M-4 to 12 352340Andrew Weiner49:49M7Rock Hill
25th F-4 to 12 353149Mia Irlbacher49:50F7Glen Spey
21st M-4 to 12 354640Xavier Young49:57M4Hurleyville
22nd M-4 to 12 355627Owen Messenger50:00M7Monticello
23rd M-4 to 12 356645Dylan Price50:02M10Monticello
42nd F-30 to 39 357631Robbin Peterson50:05F35Woodbourne
12th M-13 to 19 358635Jonathan McGruder50:10M14Monticello
24th M-4 to 12 35954Alex Decker50:10M7Monticello
25th M-4 to 12 360786Sam Rein50:19M5Monticello
43rd F-30 to 39 361632Maria Rein50:23F39Monticello
26th F-4 to 12 362464Alexa Zuewsky50:25F10Woodbourne
44th F-30 to 39 363328Verna Greer50:31F37Hurleyville
27th F-4 to 12 364390Adira Greer-Padilla50:31F8Hurleyville
28th F-4 to 12 365649Sophie Atlas50:32F6Rock Hill
64th F-20 to 29 366650Shannon Masters50:33F28Monticello
45th F-30 to 39 367629Codie Rausch50:53F32Monticello
65th F-20 to 29 36818Derryl Gottlieb50:55F28Bloomingburg
66th F-20 to 29 369280Courtney Culligan50:56F28Sunrise FL
46th F-30 to 39 370130Channyn Culligan50:56F31Forestburgh
47th F-30 to 39 37161Melinda Meddaugh50:56F32Rock Hill
32nd F-40 to 49 37286France Margillo51:00F46Monticello
16th M-50 to 59 373689Gary Berson51:01M58Monticello
37489Carrie Sabinsky48th F-30 to 39 51:01F35Loch Sheldrake
26th M-4 to 12 375753Carson Hook51:07M7Glen Spey
29th F-4 to 12 37694Megan Bastone51:11F6Forestburgh
23rd M-40 to 49 377740David Hook51:11M45Glen Spey
33rd M-30 to 39 378722Chris Bastone51:11M35Forestburgh
27th M-4 to 12 379741Cody Hook51:13M11Glen Spey
33rd F-40 to 49 380720Diane Mace51:19F43Rock Hill
17th M-50 to 59 381742Peter Briggs51:29M53Monticello
34th F-40 to 49 382216Lori Gandulla51:29F45White Lake
18th M-50 to 59 38393Brian Cavanagh51:30M57Rock Hill
34th M-30 to 39 384827Adam Planica51:33M32Astoria
67th F-20 to 29 385680Tegan Edwards51:39F27Livingston Manor
13th M-13 to 19 386846Joshua Malman51:41M16Mountaindale
14th M-13 to 19 38765Christian Serrone51:42M15Mongaup Valley
28th M-4 to 12 388370Daniel Aguilar52:00M9Rock Hill
24th M-40 to 49 389797Nestor Aguilar52:02M45Rock Hill
15th M-13 to 19 390776Christian Pacheco52:07M16Rock Hill
19th M-50 to 59 391778William Thornton52:10M51Monticello
27th F-50 to 59 392435Shelley Sakellariou52:14F50Thompson Ridge
30th F-4 to 12 393534Kassi Zuewsky52:15F12Woodbourne
25th M-40 to 49 394709Christos Sakellariou52:16M48Thompson Ridge
20th M-50 to 59 395391Troy Green52:21M53White Sulphur Springs
35th M-30 to 39 396710Richard Jones52:22M35Swan Lake
49th F-30 to 39 397745Jamie Lippen52:27F34Woodridge
35th F-40 to 49 398808Christina Serrone52:27F44Mongaup Valley
68th F-20 to 29 399160Janine Neumann52:28F22Jeffersonville
400181Karin Hilgerson52:4128th F-50 to 59 F50Rock Hill
10th F-60 to 69 401372Maureen Velten52:41F68Monticello
36th F-40 to 49 402856Kelly Zuewsky53:10F47Woodbourne
50th F-30 to 39 403445Goranka Rogg53:25F39Kiamesha Lake
29th F-50 to 59 404392Sharon Olvera53:27F56Ferndale
37th F-40 to 49 405606Patrice Dromazos53:29F47Hurleyville
69th F-20 to 29 406205Shannon Dietrich53:42F28Smallwood
38th F-40 to 49 407156Tonya Martin53:42F43Loch Sheldrake
39th F-40 to 49 408859Christine Decker53:42F45Liberty
70th F-20 to 29 409475Alicia Phelan53:43F21Westbrookville
19th F-13 to 19 410324Alexandria Phelan53:43F15Westbrookville
29th M-4 to 12 411478Jonathan Espinoza53:47M9Woodridge
32nd M-20 to 29 412492Andrew Reno53:48M23Monticello
71st F-20 to 29 413248Emily Bishop53:51F27Hurley
30th M-4 to 12 414402Gavin Markle53:53M6Port Jervis
20th F-13 to 19 415728Grace Lorino53:54F13Forestburgh
30th F-50 to 59 41669Ellen Levine53:54F55South Fallsburg
51st F-30 to 39 417576Billie Waterton53:54F31Kiamesha Lake
52nd F-30 to 39 418359Amy Goodstein53:55F38Parksville
72nd F-20 to 29 419549Jacqueline Levine53:56F27South Fallsburg
31st F-50 to 59 420351Erin Lorino53:57F52Forestburgh
421360Aubreigh Green54:05F2Liberty
73rd F-20 to 29 422575Christy Green54:05F29Liberty
74th F-20 to 29 423780Ashley Toledo54:05F29Parksville
33rd M-20 to 29 424781Brien Reno54:12M25Monticello
32nd F-50 to 59 425221Cynthia Yaun54:15F52Liberty
75th F-20 to 29 426403Kate Giametta54:15F28Newburgh
394William Masters54:18M56Monticello
11th F-60 to 69 428411Donna Masters54:18F61Monticello
34th M-20 to 29 429452Victor Pacheco54:21M22Mountaindale
31st F-4 to 12 430451Aliyah Pacheco54:21F12Mountaindale
22nd M-50 to 59 431207Angelo Pacheco II54:22M52Mountaindale
31st M-4 to 12 432239Ryan Davis54:24M8Ferndale
53rd F-30 to 39 433208Sandra Deckelman54:25F38Ferndale
32nd F-4 to 12 434739Cameron Quinn54:26F11Warwick
54th F-30 to 39 435738Lily Barrish54:26F32New York
76th F-20 to 29 436703Kelly Hobby54:28F27Hurleyville
32nd M-4 to 12 43755Matt Rutledge54:30M7Cochecton
33rd F-50 to 59 438170Judy Konefal54:33F57Monticello
33rd F-4 to 12 439755Lucia Kennedy54:33F8Youngsville
55th F-30 to 39 440126Alana Godstein54:33F35Jeffersonville
34th F-4 to 12 441814Natalie Goldstein54:34F6Jeffersonville
34th F-50 to 59 442841Karen Billig54:41F54Glen Wild
35th F-50 to 59 443843Debi Levine54:44F56Monticello
36th F-50 to 59 4448Debbie Berman54:44F58Wdye
77th F-20 to 29 445804Meredith Levine54:45F26Manlius
78th F-20 to 29 446793Kayla Walsh54:46F21Monticello
37th F-50 to 59 447803Linda Ingber54:47F58South Fallsburg
35th M-20 to 29 448101Jeffrey Castro54:47M22Monticello
38th F-50 to 59 449174Mona Ingber54:49F58South Fallsburg
12th F-60 to 69 450108Louisa Pabon54:57F60Mountaindale
6th M-60 to 69 451376Rafael Pabon54:57M67Mountaindale
7th M-60 to 69 452581Paul Walsh54:59M63Rock Hill
453582Patricia Walsh54:59F66Rock Hill13th F-60 to 69
39th F-50 to 59 454593Leanne Mangabang55:00F56Liberty
14th F-60 to 69 455592Terry Planica55:00F62Woodridge
36th M-30 to 39 456184Mudassar Abbas55:08M30Schenectady
40th F-50 to 59 457847Lynda Levine55:11F50South Fallsburg
56th F-30 to 39 458227Melonie Cruz55:12F33Monticello
40th F-40 to 49 459598Shari Mednick55:12F46Rock Hill
57th F-30 to 39 460486Heather McGurn55:12F31Monticello
35th F-4 to 12 461120Kloie Simmons55:19F6Monticello
79th F-20 to 29 462572Vittoria Sforza55:25F21Lynbrook
58th F-30 to 39 463724Victoria Iocco55:26F31Jackson Heights
59th F-30 to 39 464662Julie Brennan55:28F32Monticello
23rd M-50 to 59 465121Mark VanEtten55:32M51Livingston Manor
41st F-50 to 59 466488Torey VanEtten55:32F54Livingston Manor
60th F-30 to 39 467415Jeanne Espinoza55:33F35Woodridge
42nd F-50 to 59 46897Joann Lisefski55:39F52South Fallsburg
43rd F-50 to 59 469247Mary Sherman55:40F55Loch Sheldrake
61st F-30 to 39 470474Lee Brown55:42F34Neversink
80th F-20 to 29 471473Amy Johnson55:49F29Hurleyville
44th F-50 to 59 472695Merriann Hobby55:50F56Hurleyville
81st F-20 to 29 473172Krysten Walsh55:50F20Monticello
62nd F-30 to 39 474171Heather Walsh55:52F38Monticello
36th F-4 to 12 475102Elizabeth Davitt55:52F4Monticello
26th M-40 to 49 476100Paul David55:58M45Mongaup Valley
82nd F-20 to 29 47799Jillian Hoag55:58F28Livingston Manor
45th F-50 to 59 478256Patricia Hoag56:00F55Livingston Manor
Hurleyville 479553Courtney Dromazos56:00F2283rd F-20 to 29
15th F-60 to 69 480554Jessica Walsh56:00F60Mongaup Valley
41st F-40 to 49 481155Susana Alvarado56:00F49Mongaup Valley
84th F-20 to 29 482736Nicole Lyons56:01F29Wurtsboro
37th F-4 to 12 483255Alexis Heins56:02F7Monticello
27th M-40 to 49 484825Seth Cohen56:02M48Ferndale
46th F-50 to 59 485824Kathi Smith56:03F55Neversink
2nd F-70 to 98 486789Rose Ann Knox56:03F72Neversink
85th F-20 to 29 487653Hope Schreiber56:19F24Sparrowbush
86th F-20 to 29 488652Tara Aquino56:19F24Granada Hills CA
38th F-4 to 12 489656Cavan Leaney-Levenson56:20F10Forestburgh
42nd F-40 to 49 490734Shannon Leaney-Levenson56:24F43Forestburgh
47th F-50 to 59 491458Anna Panzarino56:26F50Forestburgh
39th F-4 to 12 492460Cameron Hoag56:33F11Livingston Manor
37th M-30 to 39 493440Anthony Rein56:36M39Monticello
63rd F-30 to 39 494552Juanita McGruder56:41F39Rock Hill
64th F-30 to 39 495461Ashley Hoag-Irwin56:45F30Livingston Manor
48th F-50 to 59 496799Maria Rodriguez56:45F57Monticello
65th F-30 to 39 497555Anita Rein56:45F37Monticello
43rd F-40 to 49 498658Madeline Rispoli56:46F48Pine Bush
87th F-20 to 29 49953Sara Ingber56:48F29South Fallsburg
36th M-20 to 29 500819Josh Ingber56:49M26South Fallsburg
38th M-30 to 39 501352Michael Rojas56:50M32Monticello
88th F-20 to 29 502330Stefanie Benjamin56:50F23Glen Wild
49th F-50 to 59 50374Kathy Cargill56:57F51Kiamesha Lake
40th F-4 to 12 504697Kelly Smith56:58F12Rock Hill
505594Alexandria Rosenstein56:58F12Monticello41st F-4 to 12
66th F-30 to 39 506729Stacey Atlas57:04F38Rock Hill
28th M-40 to 49 507726Chris Irlbacher57:05M42Glen Spey
16th F-60 to 69 508619Patricia Halprin57:13F61Loch Sheldrake
89th F-20 to 29 509615Sarah Halprin57:13F28New York
24th M-50 to 59 510570Alan Labounty57:20M56Livingston Manor
39th M-30 to 39 511571Michael Caputo57:23M36Cuddebackville
33rd M-4 to 12 512265Thomas Caputo57:23M6Cuddebackville
40th M-30 to 39 513636Michael Wingent57:25M35Jeffersonville
37th M-20 to 29 514637Lou Formato57:26M29Liberty
67th F-30 to 39 515756Sabrina Decker57:29F38Monticello
50th F-50 to 59 516759Donna Stackhouse57:35F55White Lake
44th F-40 to 49 517541Dina Sturm57:36F47Mongaup Valley
17th F-60 to 69 518523Kathy Motl57:41F61Wurtsboro
68th F-30 to 39 519522Amanda Newberg57:41F32New York
29th M-40 to 49 520646Gregg Atlas57:46M43Rock Hill
21st F-13 to 19 521190Evie Panzarino57:47F13Forestburgh
8th M-60 to 69 522618Peter Panzarino57:48M67Forestburgh
51st F-50 to 59 523442Kathleen Ellison57:49F57Livingston Manor
52nd F-50 to 59 524443Edna Washington57:49F58Monticello
16th M-13 to 19 525764Evan Panzarino57:49M13Forestburgh
25th M-50 to 59 52645Michael Feinstein57:50M57White Lake
53rd F-50 to 59 527441Peggy Johnson57:50F56White Lake
18th F-60 to 69 528244Barbara Sush57:54F66Monticello
45th F-40 to 49 529245Jamie Noeth57:54F48Mongaup Valley
90th F-20 to 29 530342Michelle Blake58:01F27Nyack
Mongaup Valley 531821Jessica Staskoski58:05F2691st F-20 to 29
92nd F-20 to 29 532413Aimee Rein58:06F25Pine Bush
69th F-30 to 39 533861Jennyfer Berger58:08F34White Lake
19th F-60 to 69 534591Linda Hendrickson58:09F60White Lake
20th F-60 to 69 535395Josephine Formato58:09F62Roscoe
70th F-30 to 39 536398Diane Atlagu58:09F30White Lake
22nd F-13 to 19 537758Gabriella Rispoli58:10F14Pine Bush
41st M-30 to 39 538757Brad Rutledge58:12M39Cochecton
21st F-60 to 69 539820Maureen Whipple58:12F68Monticello
93rd F-20 to 29 540754Cara Davies58:18F23Jeffersonville
42nd M-30 to 39 541188Kevin Morris58:18M30Dundee
23rd F-13 to 19 54279Daphnie Dalman58:20F16Woodridge
34th M-4 to 12 543835Alex Reno58:20M12Monticello
24th F-13 to 19 54492Shoshana Conlon58:20F15Hurleyville
9th M-60 to 69 545401Jerry Cohen58:21M60Fallsburg
38th M-20 to 29 546206Dylan Reno58:23M20Monticello
22nd F-60 to 69 547862Jessica Lippen58:26F63South Fallsburg
46th F-40 to 49 548404Patricia Schmahl58:28F45South Fallsburg
54th F-50 to 59 549159Lynn Reno58:40F55Jeffersonville
55th F-50 to 59 550167Gail Rowley58:41F59Oneonta
17th M-13 to 19 551104Logan Mednick58:41M17Rock Hill
18th M-13 to 19 552286Cody Vegliante58:42M18Fallsburg
94th F-20 to 29 553517Kellee Thelman58:46F23Cochecton
95th F-20 to 29 554836Emily Morey58:47F20Smallwood
96th F-20 to 29 555371Kassie Thelman58:47F20Cochecton
47th F-40 to 49 556503Diane Stefanuk58:48F48Monticello
48th F-40 to 49 557502Karen Scuderi58:48F41Neversink
558525Katie Alvarez58:5171st F-30 to 39 F31Glen Spey
30th M-40 to 49 559642Scot Selbo58:59M40Rock Hill
39th M-20 to 29 560128John Schreiber59:05M27Sparrowbush
97th F-20 to 29 561707Aeowyn Brust59:09F28Monticello
35th M-4 to 12 562161Nicholas Selbo59:11M5Rock Hill
36th M-4 to 12 563129Leo Messenger59:13M5Monticello
56th F-50 to 59 564706Cindy Swinden59:16F53Ellenville
40th M-20 to 29 565654Devin Brust59:19M29Monticello
23rd F-60 to 69 56698Boni Barnofsky59:21F63Kiamesha Lake
98th F-20 to 29 567134Megan Watt59:24F29Hurleyville
72nd F-30 to 39 568264Brynn Allees59:25F31Hurleyville
73rd F-30 to 39 569860Jill Selbo59:27F39Rock Hill
49th F-40 to 49 570133Dina Rundle59:30F45Monticello
43rd M-30 to 39 571705Scott Persten59:30M37Swan Lake
50th F-40 to 49 572508Angela Caruso59:30F44Rock Hill
51st F-40 to 49 573105Kathy Hoyt59:31F40Jeffersonville
31st M-40 to 49 574295Jason Scott59:31M42Rock Hill
26th M-50 to 59 575733John Schreiber Sr.59:33M55Sparrowbush
99th F-20 to 29 576297Jami Welch59:34F23Monticello
57th F-50 to 59 577163Kathleen Schreiber59:35F58Sparrowbush
74th F-30 to 39 578509Mollie Messenger59:41F34Monticello
52nd F-40 to 49 579162Tami Doyle59:54F47Ferndale
58th F-50 to 59 580655Rita Lee59:55F52Liberty
59th F-50 to 59 581607Karen Garritt59:58F53Swan Lake
75th F-30 to 39 582690Howara Markao1:00:04F31Callicoon
100th F-20 to 29 583794Stacy Denison1:00:12F29New Hyde Park
37th M-4 to 12 584795Adam Frunzi1:00:16M5South Fallsburg
519 58532nd M-40 to 49 Andrew Rein1:00:23M41Monticello
53rd F-40 to 49 586536Barbara Rustic1:00:29F49Monticello
25th F-13 to 19 587327Sarah Rustic1:00:31F15Monticello
19th M-13 to 19 588150Kyle Stewart1:00:32M16Monticello
76th F-30 to 39 589151Karen Deans1:00:34F34Monticello
26th F-13 to 19 590735Lauren Capp1:00:35F16Smallwood
27th F-13 to 19 591430Megan Owens1:00:35F17Monticello
101st F-20 to 29 592785Katelyn Baxter1:00:36F23Liberty
41st M-20 to 29 593610John Giannetti1:00:37M29Saugerties
60th F-50 to 59 59484Debbie Labounty1:00:39F57Livingston Manor
44th M-30 to 39 59578Sam Rose1:00:43M32Harris
45th M-30 to 39 596266Brian Dennis1:00:43M34Harris
54th F-40 to 49 597611Tracey Caldwell1:00:45F43West Hartford CT
55th F-40 to 49 598857Laura Terpstra1:00:45F47Hurleyville
24th F-60 to 69 599538Lynn Whalan1:00:46F66Monticello
42nd M-20 to 29 600310Ben Levine1:00:47M25Baltimore MD
46th M-30 to 39 601539Peter Frunzi1:00:48M34South Fallsburg
38th M-4 to 12 602853Grant Markle1:00:51M5Port Jervis
77th F-30 to 39 603349Kellie Markle1:00:53F36Port Jervis
60470Daisy Markle1:00:54F3Port Jervis
61st F-50 to 59 60572Maria Smith1:01:02F51Liberty
102nd F-20 to 29 60668Jenn King1:01:06F28Wurtsboro
62nd F-50 to 59 607796Ronnie Pfeister1:01:07F57Monticello
56th F-40 to 49 608334Nancy King1:01:09F49Wurtsboro
10th M-60 to 69 609192Bruce Kaufman1:01:15M69Rock Hill
33rd M-40 to 49 610381Rafael Cruz1:01:19M47Rock Hill
611493Brenda Cruz1:01:19F43Rock Hill57th F-40 to 49
11th M-60 to 69 612622Gary Reno1:01:20M62Jeffersonville
12th M-60 to 69 613621David Rowley1:01:20M63Oneonta
103rd F-20 to 29 614103Rachel Kashan1:01:21F28Monticello
78th F-30 to 39 615285Cara Rieber1:01:25F33Monticello
79th F-30 to 39 616191Molly Gelsomino1:01:25F32Monticello
42nd F-4 to 12 617337Reilly St. Lawrence1:01:30F8Goshen
39th M-4 to 12 618490Jackson St. Lawrence1:01:31M5Goshen
58th F-40 to 49 619874Sarah St. Lawrence1:01:31F40Goshen
28th F-13 to 19 620875Autumn Zwicker1:01:32F15Ridge
13th M-60 to 69 621876Joel Shapiro1:01:35M64Bellport
80th F-30 to 39 622289Heather Zwicker1:01:36F35Ridge
81st F-30 to 39 623288Traci Shapiro1:01:36F38Shirley
47th M-30 to 39 624290Blake Levine1:01:39M30Hoboken NJ
48th M-30 to 39 625602Nolan Levine1:01:40M33South Fallsburg
43rd F-4 to 12 626750Isabella Frunzi1:01:41F8South Fallsburg
49th M-30 to 39 627362Mike St. Lawrence1:01:44M32Fallsburg
82nd F-30 to 39 628537Jennie Kohler1:01:45F31Jeffersonville
50th M-30 to 39 629877Michael Kohler1:01:47M31Jeffersonville
83rd F-30 to 39 630153Phil Motl1:01:48F33Wurtsboro
59th F-40 to 49 631154Nancy Ramos1:01:55F48Ellenville
104th F-20 to 29 632833Nicole Olvera1:01:56F27Parksville
84th F-30 to 39 6339Jaed Altman1:01:58F35Monticello
105th F-20 to 29 634647Hillary Hoag1:02:10F23Livingston Manor
106th F-20 to 29 635377Heather Sherman1:02:10F25Livingston Manor
63rd F-50 to 59 636420Janet Kaplan1:02:13F54Cochecton
637421Annette Rein1:02:1925th F-60 to 69 F64Liberty
14th M-60 to 69 638854Albert Rein1:02:19M69Liberty
64th F-50 to 59 639343Mona Tugender1:02:22F56Monticello
15th M-60 to 69 64011Gary Tugender1:02:22M62Monticello
40th M-4 to 12 641447Nate Kenny1:02:29M9Rock Hill
60th F-40 to 49 642446Linda Kenny1:02:31F46Rock Hill
41st M-4 to 12 643243Rory Brady1:02:33M6Glen Spey
51st M-30 to 39 644242Patrick Brady1:02:44M39Glen Spey
85th F-30 to 39 645166Harmony Brady1:02:45F34Glen Spey
86th F-30 to 39 646165Jessica Ashcraft1:02:50F30Monticello
107th F-20 to 29 647164Sadie Roosevelt1:02:50F29Mongaup Valley
87th F-30 to 39 648177Tricia Cahalan1:03:02F34Monticello
61st F-40 to 49 649240Kim Seymour1:03:03F45Monticello
20th M-13 to 19 650429Gabriel Megna1:03:35M13Monticello
29th F-13 to 19 651597Nicole Scuderi1:03:35F13Neversink
108th F-20 to 29 652787Christinamae Rispoli1:03:41F27Nanuet
26th F-60 to 69 653643Michelle Albrecht1:04:00F60Smallwood
88th F-30 to 39 654302Mary Apap1:04:05F30West Islip
109th F-20 to 29 655148Kimberly Apap1:04:06F27Islip
43rd M-20 to 29 656250Joseph Stango1:04:11M26Islip
52nd M-30 to 39 657249Michael Apap1:04:11M31West Islip
65th F-50 to 59 658253Lisa Reno1:04:13F50Monticello
66th F-50 to 59 659251Cindy Geelhoed1:04:14F53Monticello
62nd F-40 to 49 660406Elisa Francois1:04:24F47Summitville
44th F-4 to 12 661773Abrial Francois1:04:25F10Summitville
30th F-13 to 19 662180Jerianne Wagner1:04:27F19Monticello
663504Janie Culligan1:04:28F49Monticello63rd F-40 to 49
67th F-50 to 59 664800Joanne Heavey1:04:28F53Wurtsboro
110th F-20 to 29 665801Lucia Degregorio1:04:30F28Mongaup Valley
53rd M-30 to 39 66651Brian Heavey1:04:32M30Hamburg NJ
64th F-40 to 49 667175Helen Heavey1:04:33F43Hamburg NJ
68th F-50 to 59 66863Lynn Selkirk1:04:35F53Wurtsboro
54th M-30 to 39 66964John Heavey1:04:36M33Mongaup Valley
89th F-30 to 39 67052Allison Wall Carty1:04:38F33Liberty
27th F-60 to 69 671176Teresa Barrio1:04:39F61Swan Lake
90th F-30 to 39 672818Lesley Barrio1:04:40F32Astoria
45th F-4 to 12 673139Natalia Diaz1:04:43F10Monticello
46th F-4 to 12 674137Lindsey Cruz1:04:43F12Monticello
55th M-30 to 39 675826Justin Polomcean1:04:45M36Astoria
91st F-30 to 39 676485Assunta Iocco1:04:45F32Jackson Heights
56th M-30 to 39 677138David Indelicato1:04:47M33Jackson Heights
44th M-20 to 29 678400Scott Kaplan1:06:41M28New York
27th M-50 to 59 679399Stephen Mariski1:06:43M58Bethel
28th F-60 to 69 680529Barbara McGraw1:06:43F65White Lake
111st F-20 to 29 681605Michelle Kenney1:07:17F29Rock Hill
69th F-50 to 59 682711Diane Christino1:07:18F59Monticello
16th M-60 to 69 683828Mike Sherwood1:07:41M60Yulon
92nd F-30 to 39 684520Alissa` Rein1:08:23F34Mongaup Valley
685880Luke Doty1:08:27M3Wurtsboro
112nd F-20 to 29 686559Chelsea Lorino1:08:28F25Yonkers
93rd F-30 to 39 687234Jennifer Rein1:08:32F39Monticello
94th F-30 to 39 688232Denise Doty1:08:33F32Wurtsboro
689463Susan Purcell1:09:59F55Wurtsboro70th F-50 to 59
71st F-50 to 59 690233Shannon Sanford1:09:59F54Wurtsboro
57th M-30 to 39 691670Theodore Collins1:10:04M33Monsey
45th M-20 to 29 692718Kevin Miller1:10:05M29Florida
72nd F-50 to 59 693483Carole Van Nahl1:10:59F59Airmont
113rd F-20 to 29 694482Kelly Collins1:11:14F27Florida
3rd F-70 to 98 695484Arlene Hussey1:11:16F74Mountaindale
29th F-60 to 69 696481Irving Kaplan1:14:09F60South Fallsburg
31st F-13 to 19 697369Tori Kleinberger1:14:30F19Swan Lake
73rd F-50 to 59 698855Bridgette Kleinberger1:14:31F52Swan Lake
114th F-20 to 29 699763Stephanie Lynch1:15:58F28Cochecton

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