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Marlboro Fit Day 5k

Marlboro, NY, June 7, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Dr. Joe Wiles, Race Director. Timing by

Marlboro Fit Day 5k 5k Run and Walk.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 June 07.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Yazeed HaidaouiMarlboro NY32814 1 Top Fin20:31.26:37/M
2Cliff RoodMilton NY58415 2 Top Fin20:37.56:39/M
3Lori AdamsMarlboro NY20841 1 Top Fin23:15.57:30/M
4Michael HaeserHighland NY4739 3 Top Fin24:17.27:50/M
5Belinda CallahanMarlboro NY7638 2 Top Fin24:24.97:52/M
6Jeffrey LacroixMarlboro NY36049 1 M 40-4924:35.27:56/M
7Gary St. OngePleasant Valley NY59256 1 M 50-5925:18.58:10/M
8Christos HatziyannakisNewburgh NY34214 1 M 1-1425:26.78:12/M
9Patrick RyderNewburgh NY58647 2 M 40-4925:44.48:18/M
10George CaseyMarlboro NY1925 1 M 20-2926:02.78:24/M
11Danny AlfonsoMilton NY21828 2 M 20-2926:24.08:31/M
12Mark SnowbergerHighland NY59124 3 M 20-2926:26.78:32/M
13Doug WeissMarlboro NY5347 3 M 40-4926:32.08:34/M
14Ian MorrowCornwall NY3261 1 M 60-6926:32.08:34/M
15Jen SalvatiNewburgh NY58826 3 Top Fin26:40.78:36/M
16Lillian TompkinsNewburgh NY3940 1 F 40-4926:47.28:38/M
17Debra DomackKingston NY28246 2 F 40-4926:50.48:39/M
18Edward ParraMilton NY42642 4 M 40-4926:50.78:39/M
19Jennifer VanzettaMarlboro NY60329 1 F 20-2926:54.78:41/M
20Patricia KornfeldNewburgh NY7741 3 F 40-4927:05.28:44/M
21Rich CoppingrWarwick NY4861 2 M 60-6927:11.08:46/M
22Robert ParraMilton NY8015 1 M 15-1927:49.68:58/M
23Daniel ObrienMilton NY5820 4 M 20-2928:23.79:09/M
24Danny GarciaMarlboro NY7513 2 M 1-1428:36.29:14/M
25Braxxdon DawsonMarlboro NY26813 3 M 1-1428:36.59:14/M
26Diana WoodworthCornwall NY60826 2 F 20-2928:41.79:15/M
27Corliss MullenWalkill NY39526 3 F 20-2928:47.49:17/M
28Alli RennaCortlandt Manor NY3826 4 F 20-2929:16.79:26/M
29Bryan JacksonMarlboro NY35223 5 M 20-2929:17.79:27/M
30Kiley HogancampMilton NY35115 1 F 15-1929:21.79:28/M
31Patrick CodyMilton NY25926 6 M 20-2929:23.29:29/M
32Claude StephensCopake Falls NY2315 2 M 15-1929:23.29:29/M
33Cristina CaseyMarlboro NY24927 5 F 20-2929:24.79:29/M
34Carlton MattisonMarlboro NY5748 5 M 40-4929:29.99:31/M
35Rachel WeidkamNewburgh NY60434 1 F 30-3929:30.29:31/M
36Kristin PitkinMarlboro NY6635 1 M 30-3929:34.29:32/M
37Ryan AschNewburgh NY3413 4 M 1-1429:42.49:35/M
38Claudine CordaHyde Park NY26142 4 F 40-4929:55.59:39/M
39Davin DawsonMarlboro NY26616 3 M 15-1930:39.99:53/M
40Rebecca DudarMarlboro NY28326 6 F 20-2931:18.910:06/M
41Paige DawsonMarlboro NY26712 1 F 1-1431:23.510:07/M
42Julie TruncaliMarlboro NY7014 2 F 1-1431:27.210:09/M
43Taylor TruncaliMarlboro NY60121 7 F 20-2931:28.910:09/M
44Matthew EckertHighland NY28730 2 M 30-3931:34.210:11/M
45Morgan RuskMarlboro NY58523 8 F 20-2931:50.410:16/M
46Caroline MattisonMarlboro NY5443 5 F 40-4931:50.510:16/M
47Stephen OsbornMarlboro NY40851 2 M 50-5931:59.910:19/M
48Kerrie CrawfordAccomac VA6733 2 F 30-3932:50.710:35/M
49Tiffany FolsterMilton NY29429 9 F 20-2932:54.910:37/M
50Melissa CurtisWallkill NY26336 3 F 30-3932:56.910:37/M
51Rebecca PerezNewburgh NY42844 6 F 40-4933:15.210:44/M
52Karen HansenModena NY33543 7 F 40-4933:21.010:45/M
53Stephen LazarMarlboro NY6861 3 M 60-6933:22.910:46/M
54Jennifer CorbettNewburgh NY26028 10 F 20-2933:39.310:51/M
55Nicole TarrNew Windsor NY4426 11 F 20-2933:48.710:54/M
56Emily WilliamsThompson Ridge NY60728 12 F 20-2933:50.910:55/M
57Kayla FabrizioNewburgh NY29022 13 F 20-2934:04.710:59/M
58Kristen EckertHighland NY28627 14 F 20-2934:04.910:59/M
59Crystal GoborNewburgh NY3732 4 F 30-3934:11.711:02/M
60Julius GonzalezPlattekill NY32155 3 M 50-5934:14.211:03/M
61Erika PollmannNewburgh NY45023 15 F 20-2934:53.411:15/M
62Hensley FeeleyNew Paltz NY29126 7 M 20-2935:06.711:19/M
63Kristine HittPlattekill NY34641 8 F 40-4935:21.511:24/M
64Gina GiffordWoodstock NY30146 9 F 40-4935:26.511:26/M
65Joanne CutlerNorth Granby CT26443 10 F 40-4935:28.011:26/M
66Meeghan AlessandroMonroe NY21635 5 F 30-3935:31.211:27/M
67Katelyn MontemorraPortewen NY1610 3 F 1-1435:59.911:36/M
68Katrina SaltalamachiaMilton NY58737 6 F 30-3936:01.411:37/M
69Houcine HaidaouiMarlboro NY32950 4 M 50-5936:32.411:47/M
70Timothy BrownWappingers Falls NY24536 3 M 30-3937:24.712:04/M
71Carie GonzalesRosendale NY31737 7 F 30-3937:35.212:07/M
72Harrry HatzlyannakisNewburgh NY5647 6 M 40-4937:38.712:08/M
73Margaret DevivoFishkill NY27545 11 F 40-4937:41.912:09/M
74Allison SmithOlivebridge NY59043 12 F 40-4937:54.512:14/M
75Jessica YoungNewburgh NY60926 16 F 20-2938:15.212:20/M
76Nikkole DayaNewburgh NY27126 17 F 20-2938:20.212:22/M
77Ed BozydajMilton NY24455 5 M 50-5938:26.912:24/M
78Jessica TrivisaniWashingtonville NY60037 8 F 30-3938:32.012:26/M
79Liz WeisseMarlboro NY5046 13 F 40-4938:43.712:29/M
80Sonia BostickNewburgh NY24025 18 F 20-2938:44.912:30/M
81Gregory DixonNewburgh NY28149 7 M 40-4938:45.912:30/M
82Alaina DoddoMarlboro NY28039 9 F 30-3938:46.412:30/M
83Kathy CharmelloMilton NY25753 1 F 50-5939:31.712:45/M
84Cherish DeckerNewburgh NY27228 19 F 20-2939:42.512:48/M
85Elizabeth GilliPleasant Valley NY30329 20 F 20-2939:45.912:49/M
86Jane CanosaMilton NY24855 2 F 50-5940:21.713:01/M
87Lindsay StellingNewburgh NY5969 4 F 1-1440:22.213:01/M
88Heather StellingNewburgh NY5959 5 F 1-1440:22.413:01/M
89Kathy FabrizioNewburgh NY28852 3 F 50-5940:33.713:05/M
90Susan CanfieldNewburgh NY24746 14 F 40-4940:36.213:06/M
91Marilyn CaseyMarlboro NY25652 4 F 50-5940:48.213:10/M
92Joanne D AdamoMilton NY26551 5 F 50-5941:21.013:20/M
93Kathleen RinschlerHyde Park NY58331 10 F 30-3941:53.013:31/M
94Kaitlyn Parra.8217 2 F 15-1942:08.413:35/M
95Michele MakowickiStaatsburg NY6053 6 F 50-5942:38.713:45/M
96Elaine HarneyMilton NY33954 7 F 50-5942:58.413:52/M
97Raffy AlvarezHighland NY22052 6 M 50-5943:17.213:58/M
98Maria KuhaMilton NY35337 11 F 30-3943:21.713:59/M
99Maryellen GlorieMarlboro NY31257 8 F 50-5943:29.714:02/M
100Trace NapoliNewburgh NY3979 5 M 1-1445:02.014:32/M
101Erin SwinkunasMarlboro NY59731 12 F 30-3945:04.514:32/M
102Naseem HaidaouiMarlboro NY219 6 M 1-1445:05.514:33/M
103Kristine NapoliNewburgh NY39644 15 F 40-4945:05.714:33/M
104Tara NotoMarlboro NY39834 13 F 30-3945:21.514:38/M
105Jack AdamsMarlboro NY21411 7 M 1-1445:41.514:44/M
106Nicholas MacKeyMarlboro NY2414 8 M 1-1446:27.714:59/M
107Alisa JennisonMilton NY2714 6 F 1-1446:28.214:59/M
108Clifford FordhamMilton NY7911 9 M 1-1446:45.715:05/M
109Patricia FischerHighland NY29350 9 F 50-5946:58.415:09/M
110Mayda CaballeroHyde Park NY24650 10 F 50-5947:05.415:11/M
111Sophie Ernest.7810 7 F 1-1447:09.415:13/M
112Anita EnnestTillson NY28940 16 F 40-4947:10.715:13/M
113Matthew Mazzone.40031 4 M 30-3947:21.915:16/M
114Laura Mazzone.39931 14 F 30-3947:22.515:17/M
115Myles StellingNewburgh NY59411 10 M 1-1448:33.215:40/M
116Lisa MagrinKingston NY7142 17 F 40-4948:34.715:40/M
117Jennipher LooneyNewburgh NY38730 15 F 30-3948:49.015:45/M
118Jessica SerratorePleasant Valley NY58930 16 F 30-3948:49.215:45/M
119Alyssa SzadyMarlboro NY59814 8 F 1-1449:15.715:53/M
120Frederick StellingNewburgh NY59355 7 M 50-5949:20.915:55/M
121Nancy MillerNewburgh NY39450 11 F 50-5949:21.215:55/M
122Diane FeilenBeacon NY29251 8 M 50-5950:30.016:17/M
123Jennifer HiteMilton NY34536 17 F 30-3951:35.916:38/M
124Rosemary GreinerMarlboro NY32640 18 F 40-4953:42.417:19/M
125Emma GreinerMarlboro NY32711 9 F 1-1453:42.617:19/M
126Jason PriceMarlboro NY5809 11 M 1-1453:46.917:21/M
127Kevin PriceMarlboro NY55843 8 M 40-4953:49.117:22/M
128Jackie PriceMarlboro NY57947 19 F 40-4953:50.317:22/M
129Barry HawkinsMiddletown NY34470 1 M 70-9956:05.118:05/M
130Mike KellyMarlboro NY1443 9 M 40-4956:05.218:05/M
131Kenny LuisNewburgh NY39123 8 M 20-2956:43.818:18/M
132Rich GreeneHighland NY32555 9 M 50-5958:15.918:47/M

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