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Wellness 3k Run and Walk

Cold Springs Harbor, NY, June 1, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Denise Campbell, Race Director. Timing by

Wellness Day 3k Run and Walk.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 June 01.......
Results By
3k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Zachary BaronHuntington NY819 1 Top Fin12:10.87:20/M
2Phil GiambertoneCold Spring Harbor NY7418 1 M 16-1912:11.07:20/M
3James CorcoranHuntington NY2469 1 M 40-9912:13.57:22/M
4Adam WellsBrooklyn NY40833 1 M 30-3912:29.57:31/M
5George Carmi.47317 2 M 16-1912:56.37:47/M
6Drew Alessi.50917 3 M 16-1913:14.37:58/M
7Matt Connelly.52219 4 M 16-1913:22.28:03/M
8Robert IncorvaiaHuntington NY9918 5 M 16-1913:29.78:07/M
9Christian McGrough.8518 6 M 16-1913:48.08:19/M
10Jeremy ShapiroSyosset NY33919 7 M 16-1914:06.88:30/M
11Javon Dixon.50817 8 M 16-1914:25.88:41/M
12Connor StarkinsHuntington NY35215 1 M 11-1514:57.59:00/M
13Susan TaddonioqCold Spring Harbor NY26948 1 Top Fin14:59.79:02/M
14Natalia Simmons.47515 1 F 11-1515:59.49:38/M
15Alex Connelly.52621 1 F 20-2916:03.19:40/M
16Robert Simmons.47455 2 M 40-9916:06.09:42/M
17Nitesh Gupta.5319 9 M 16-1916:09.19:44/M
18Michael FerrugiariWest Islip NY6932 2 M 30-3916:09.19:44/M
19Samantha Bryne.50623 2 F 20-2916:21.29:51/M
20Natasha Gupta.5221 3 F 20-2916:30.69:56/M
21Alexandra Buonpiglio.46817 1 F 16-1916:48.610:07/M
22Jaclyn AlbersCold Spring Harbor NY417 2 F 16-1916:49.110:08/M
23Maria Fuschetto.51439 1 F 30-3917:13.610:22/M
24Louis AcconiHuntington Station NY242 3 M 40-9917:13.810:22/M
25Henry FarahaniHuntington NY4994 4 M 40-9917:17.910:25/M
26Jacqueline Buonfigiro.46916 3 F 16-1917:25.210:30/M
27Victoria Pillari.51819 4 F 16-1917:36.810:36/M
28Alexus TaddonioHuntington NY40222 4 F 20-2917:37.610:37/M
29Claire Costa.50450 1 F 40-9917:48.910:43/M
30Victoria TerenziCold Spring Harbor NY40450 2 F 40-9918:36.811:12/M
31Melissa Pudek.5742 3 F 40-9919:54.011:59/M
32Rob IncorvaiaHuntington NY9655 5 M 40-9919:59.012:02/M
33Robin AcconiHuntington Station NY342 4 F 40-9920:06.912:07/M
34Loretta FormesCopiague NY7046 5 F 40-9920:19.012:14/M
35Erin Goldohioaite.46334 2 F 30-3920:21.812:16/M
36Cindy McCormackCold Spring Harbor NY23453 6 F 40-9920:39.312:26/M
37Grace Costa.50315 2 F 11-1521:46.713:07/M
38Christian HansenHuntington NY8811 2 M 11-1521:51.013:10/M
39Valerie Pillari.51721 5 F 20-2921:52.713:10/M
40Sarah Sachs.47017 5 F 16-1922:00.613:15/M
41Christina SchelinGreenlawn NY30346 7 F 40-9923:27.014:08/M
42Faith KatzmanHuntington NY10737 3 F 30-3923:27.214:08/M
43Tyisha Torres.51534 4 F 30-3925:20.215:16/M
44Abby Packert.5612 3 F 11-1525:28.515:20/M
45Samantha Healey.5513 4 F 11-1525:28.515:20/M
46Dawn Poliviou.1348 8 F 40-9927:36.516:38/M
47Nicholas MarinoSyosset NY16918 10 M 16-1928:29.017:10/M
48Caroline FarahaniHuntington NY4094 9 F 40-9928:29.117:10/M
49Daniel MarinoSyosset NY16816 11 M 16-1931:46.619:08/M
50Christopher MaggioreCold Spring Harbor NY12615 3 M 11-1531:48.919:09/M
51Alex Kaley.51016 12 M 16-1931:51.819:11/M
52Joseph MarasciulloSyosset NY12716 13 M 16-1931:55.519:14/M
53Emily JohnstonHuntington NY10117 6 F 16-1932:00.119:17/M
54Tyler Will.1120 1 M 20-2933:46.320:20/M
55Wesley SzajnaHuntington NY40017 14 M 16-1933:48.420:22/M
56Cole SzajnaHuntington NY40115 4 M 11-1533:48.620:22/M
57Malcolm PaternosterHuntington NY46014 5 M 11-1533:48.620:22/M
58Brian AuerspergSyosset NY617 15 M 16-1933:51.820:23/M
59Eric HansenHuntington NY9216 16 M 16-1933:53.220:25/M
60Anna PaternosterHuntington NY46249 10 F 40-9933:56.120:27/M
61Tommy PaternosterHuntington NY46117 17 M 16-1933:57.020:27/M
62Jack ReillyCold Spring Harbor NY24915 6 M 11-1533:58.120:28/M
63Laura FarahaniHuntington NY4394 11 F 40-9934:02.420:30/M
64Stacy McBrideSyosset NY19746 12 F 40-9934:13.420:37/M
65Kristen Klose.1416 7 F 16-1934:16.220:39/M
66Kaitlyn Musillo.1517 8 F 16-1934:16.320:39/M
67Carol TimmonsWest Islip NY40552 13 F 40-9935:44.221:32/M
68Tiffany TroiseWest Islip NY40731 5 F 30-3935:44.321:32/M
69Rob FarahaniHuntington NY4794 6 M 40-9935:45.721:32/M
70Arianna Grimaldi.1716 9 F 16-1936:11.421:48/M
71Emma Colban.1617 10 F 16-1936:11.421:48/M
72Mary Averspeg.4699 14 F 40-9936:32.622:00/M
73Pam Eysler.3955 15 F 40-9937:11.422:24/M
74Gerry BroganHuntington NY41117 18 M 16-1937:46.622:45/M
75Judi Nelson-FerrugiariWest Islip NY24157 16 F 40-9937:46.722:45/M
3k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Kenneth HanlonCold Spring Harbor NY810 1 Top Fin14:13.77:39/M
2Christopher HamiltonSyosset NY7818 2 Top Fin14:24.87:45/M
3Thomas LarounisHuntington NY44517 3 Top Fin14:45.37:56/M
4Matthew TaglichCold Spring Harbor NY40315 4 Top Fin15:01.38:04/M
5Lawerence Connelly.159 5 Top Fin16:03.18:38/M
6Chris Reed.1217 1 M 0-9918:17.69:50/M
7Randi Schuler.3652 1 Top Fin19:54.010:42/M
8Kayleigh CorcoranHuntington NY2510 2 Top Fin25:16.313:35/M
9Carolyn CorcoranHuntington NY2648 2 M 0-9925:28.513:42/M
10Philip StigerSyosset NY36217 3 M 0-9926:20.114:09/M
11William StigerSyosset NY35423 4 M 0-9926:22.414:11/M
12Conor Daver.50219 5 M 0-9927:06.714:34/M
13Tiffany PoliviouLindenhurst NY24720 3 Top Fin27:09.414:36/M
14Alyna Tysk.48721 4 Top Fin27:29.514:47/M
15Sandra AshleyLindenhurst NY548 5 Top Fin27:36.514:50/M
16Justin RelfHuntington NY25015 6 M 0-9928:15.215:11/M
17Victoria CampbellHuntington NY2118 1 F 0-9928:25.615:17/M
18Amanda Colgero.52118 2 F 0-9928:34.415:22/M
19Olivia CurleyHuntington Station NY2851 3 F 0-9929:25.215:49/M
20Margaret JohnstonHuntington NY10316 4 F 0-9930:35.016:27/M
21Jillian ButtaHuntington NY1018 5 F 0-9930:35.316:27/M
22Kate Hackeling.5119 6 F 0-9930:59.716:39/M
23Carlye9 Tysk.50119 7 F 0-9930:59.716:39/M
24Kristen IncorvaiaHuntington NY9716 8 F 0-9931:09.516:45/M
25Nicole SchafferCold Spring Harbor NY25715 9 F 0-9931:09.616:45/M
26Angela Connelly.52458 10 F 0-9931:43.017:03/M
27Francesca Marchese.6113 11 F 0-9931:51.817:07/M
28India Hamilton.6013 12 F 0-9931:51.817:07/M
29Mmichael Mannino.46616 7 M 0-9931:52.317:08/M
30Peyton McGowanHuntington NY45815 8 M 0-9931:53.717:08/M
31Jena HanlonCold Spring Harbor NY800 13 F 0-9931:55.717:10/M
32John Munn.51116 9 M 0-9931:57.017:11/M
33Raj Singh.50716 10 M 0-9931:57.617:11/M
34Judyann PazienzaHuntington NY24456 14 F 0-9931:59.617:12/M
35Cower Crossah.51617 11 M 0-9932:44.917:36/M
36Gavin McGowanHuntington NY45717 12 M 0-9932:45.017:36/M
37Alison CroasdaleSyosset NY41617 15 F 0-9932:45.917:36/M
38Lizzie WilcoxHuntington NY40918 16 F 0-9932:46.317:37/M
39Kierzh McGowgn.3547 13 M 0-9933:10.417:50/M
40Mclean CarlinCold Spring Harbor NY41216 14 M 0-9933:28.418:00/M
41Joseph BallHuntington NY721 15 M 0-9933:28.518:00/M
42Christine OswaldHuntington NY24338 17 F 0-9933:40.318:06/M
43Laura CirinoCenterport NY2256 18 F 0-9933:43.118:08/M
44Anthony Servido.47228 16 M 0-9933:46.318:09/M
45Katherine DowlingHuntington NY3117 19 F 0-9933:47.218:10/M
46Amy BroganHuntington NY41052 20 F 0-9933:47.518:10/M
47Caitlin Latini.47128 21 F 0-9933:47.918:10/M
48Dylan ColeCold Spring Harbor NY2320 17 M 0-9933:50.718:11/M
49Kyle GutmanHuntington NY42318 18 M 0-9933:50.718:11/M
50Nick DerosaHuntington NY3024 19 M 0-9933:51.918:12/M
51Jane Blumin.46416 22 F 0-9933:57.118:15/M
52Patrick ErichsenCold Spring Harbor NY3714 20 M 0-9933:57.718:15/M
53Elizabeth Mulderrig.46517 23 F 0-9933:57.718:15/M
54Megan RussoCold Spring Harbor NY25217 24 F 0-9933:59.118:16/M
55Alexa CozzoliHuntington NY41518 25 F 0-9934:00.118:17/M
56Jessica SchafferCold Spring Harbor NY25613 26 F 0-9934:00.918:17/M
57Kerry O'BrienHuntington NY24235 27 F 0-9934:04.418:19/M
58Kenny HanlonCold Spring Harbor NY790 21 M 0-9934:16.218:25/M
59Albrecht Devney.1917 22 M 0-9934:16.318:25/M
60Marie HanlonCold Spring Harbor NY830 28 F 0-9934:16.318:25/M
61Peter RyanSyosset NY2539 23 M 0-9934:34.318:35/M
62Elizabeth Ericksen.51311 29 F 0-9934:41.918:39/M
63Tyler MarinSyosset NY45017 24 M 0-9934:44.518:40/M
64Chelsea MarinSyosset NY16122 30 F 0-9934:45.418:41/M
65Susan Erichsen.51245 31 F 0-9934:54.718:46/M
66Daniel HansenHuntington NY8647 25 M 0-9935:42.319:12/M
67Pamela HansenHuntington NY9346 32 F 0-9935:44.319:13/M
68Rhonda MarinSyosset NY16358 33 F 0-9935:55.319:19/M
69Carol LocascioLindenhurst NY12167 34 F 0-9935:55.719:19/M
70Michelle PescaRonkonkoma NY24534 35 F 0-9935:59.919:21/M
71Ruth LoveCold Spring Harbor NY13850 36 F 0-9936:04.719:23/M
72Linda PusakLindenhurst NY24867 37 F 0-9936:06.319:25/M
73Diana McCarthyWest Islip NY20053 38 F 0-9936:13.419:28/M
74Dana Krauss.47615 39 F 0-9936:32.119:38/M
75Katrina GiambertoneCold Spring Harbor NY7214 40 F 0-9936:32.619:38/M
76Luca MagarielloHuntington NY15013 26 M 0-9936:54.119:50/M
77Gavin CalabrettaHuntington NY1812 27 M 0-9936:54.119:50/M
78Andrew Koster.52319 28 M 0-9937:11.419:59/M
79Julia SchafferCold Spring Harbor NY2547 41 F 0-9937:20.520:04/M
80Melissa SchafferCold Spring Harbor NY25512 42 F 0-9937:20.820:04/M
81Maria SchafferCold Spring Harbor NY27342 43 F 0-9937:21.420:05/M
82Suzanne IncorvaiaHuntington NY9855 44 F 0-9937:46.720:18/M

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