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Boulders Dash 5k

Pomona, NY, June 14, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Mimi Vilford and Kristi Saporito, Race Directors. Timing by

Boulders Dash 5k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 June 14.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Michael GuglielmoWest Nyack NY130518 1 Top Fin18:12.85:52/M
2Andis VitolinsMonsey NY13044 2 Top Fin18:34.35:59/M
3Doug HauserHarriman NY14229 3 Top Fin19:06.06:10/M
4Regner PeraltaNanuet NY10934 1 M 30-3419:54.46:25/M
5Michael DuaPearl River NY3813 1 M 11-1919:58.16:26/M
6Conor BurkePearl River NY1614 2 M 11-1920:06.36:29/M
7Ed CurryCongers NY132723 1 M 20-2420:06.96:29/M
8Timothy BerwickPearl River NY132313 3 M 11-1920:36.86:39/M
9Daniel PragdatNew City NY11321 2 M 20-2420:47.66:42/M
10Marisa PetterssonBoden BD11132 1 Top Fin20:49.26:43/M
11James DowdPearl River NY130115 4 M 11-1921:11.66:50/M
12Jack DowdPearl River NY130211 5 M 11-1921:12.16:50/M
13Phil TisiScarsdale NY14932 2 M 30-3421:13.86:51/M
14Erik FentonTuxedo Park NY14741 1 M 40-4422:22.17:13/M
15Lauren LundyNanuet NY9134 2 Top Fin22:28.07:15/M
16Michael BucciSuffern NY1115 6 M 11-1923:06.17:27/M
17Matiss RitersMonsey NY11632 3 M 30-3423:12.67:29/M
18Greg VerhossOakland NJ130939 1 M 35-3923:25.27:33/M
19Brian ClavellNanuet NY130851 1 M 50-5423:44.87:39/M
20Daniel FlanaganPearl River NY4030 4 M 30-3424:37.87:56/M
21John NaughtonWest Nyack NY10245 1 M 45-4924:47.28:00/M
22Jennifer NicollNyack NY10434 3 Top Fin24:56.38:03/M
23Stacy GarciaNew City NY133440 1 F 40-4425:23.28:11/M
24Mark MaidmanSuffern NY15061 1 M 60-6425:42.28:17/M
25Amanda FlanaganPearl River NY4129 1 F 25-2925:47.58:19/M
26Ed RyanNanuet NY13744 2 M 40-4425:51.68:20/M
27Mark LennertonNyack NY8950 2 M 50-5426:09.58:26/M
28Paola GarciaSuffern NY4427 2 F 25-2926:17.28:29/M
29Christine MoultenHarrington Park NJ132917 1 F 11-1926:25.78:31/M
30Annmarie PaquetteNanuet NY131040 2 F 40-4426:28.08:32/M
31Jack HoldenNew City NY14640 3 M 40-4426:42.98:37/M
32Dennis GordonMahwah NJ5438 2 M 35-3926:45.08:38/M
33George GrahamPalisades Park NJ132138 3 M 35-3926:47.68:38/M
34William KennedyNew City NY7946 2 M 45-4927:14.58:47/M
35Gary HughesNew City NY7445 3 M 45-4927:14.98:47/M
36Josh HookGarnerville NY13068 1 M 1-1027:17.98:48/M
37Susan BrofmanWaccabuc NY1063 1 F 60-6427:21.28:49/M
38Bryan Class.133144 4 M 40-4427:30.38:52/M
39Christine TisiScarsdale NY14832 1 F 30-3427:36.98:54/M
40Chris HayesTeaneck NJ131826 1 M 25-2927:54.09:00/M
41Kathryn PurvisNanuet NY132440 3 F 40-4427:54.69:00/M
42James RyanNanuet NY13610 2 M 1-1028:08.89:05/M
43Shawn Reilly.133049 4 M 45-4928:08.99:05/M
44Jackie DoyleNanuet NY3746 1 F 45-4928:48.59:17/M
45Ava MillerCloster NJ9410 1 F 1-1029:03.59:22/M
46Stephen MillerCloster NJ9548 5 M 45-4929:15.29:26/M
47Doug JobsonStony Point NY133248 6 M 45-4929:26.99:30/M
48Ian MoultenHarrington Park NJ13289 3 M 1-1029:41.19:35/M
49Enilda IndykValley Cottage NY7569 1 F 65-9929:47.49:36/M
50Kathleen DaleyWest Nyack NY2653 1 F 50-5429:53.29:38/M
51Amy MoralesWhite Plains NY9634 2 F 30-3430:05.89:42/M
52Nicole RocanelloHoboken NJ11837 1 F 35-3930:22.99:48/M
53Lisa RocanelloPomona NY131934 3 F 30-3430:23.49:48/M
54Lillian PressleyNew City NY11453 2 F 50-5430:58.19:59/M
55Stefanie SokoloffCongers NY12631 4 F 30-3431:00.410:00/M
56Lauren WilczkowskiCongers NY13227 3 F 25-2931:16.210:05/M
57Nancy DachsSuffern NY2351 3 F 50-5431:54.510:17/M
58Fran DianuzzoSuffern NY2856 1 F 55-5931:54.910:17/M
59Paige ZannettiPearl River NY13523 1 F 20-2432:03.510:20/M
60Maria WainwrightLagrangeville NY14351 4 F 50-5432:08.310:22/M
61Theresa JoosBlauvelt NY7649 2 F 45-4932:11.410:23/M
62John HookGarnerville NY130739 4 M 35-3932:24.210:27/M
63Kathleen RyanNanuet NY14144 4 F 40-4432:32.110:30/M
64Adam SeigelNew City NY12336 5 M 35-3932:35.110:31/M
65Luigi TrediciTomkins Cove NY131347 7 M 45-4932:35.710:31/M
66Michelle O'SullivanPearl River NY10842 5 F 40-4432:43.510:33/M
67Colleen DudekNanuet NY3940 6 F 40-4432:55.210:37/M
68Gillian GarziaTappan NY4523 2 F 20-2433:21.510:45/M
69Lynette SteffyGarnerville NY12734 5 F 30-3433:26.210:47/M
70Lisa ZweihyHaverstraw NY133347 3 F 45-4933:30.410:48/M
71Patrick DowdPearl River NY130311 7 M 11-1933:34.810:50/M
72Daniel Dowd.13045 4 M 1-1033:34.910:50/M
73Jack LehaneNanuet NY8810 5 M 1-1033:39.910:51/M
74Jake O'SullivanPearl River NY1079 6 M 1-1033:43.310:53/M
75Leeanne AgazziMonsey NY730 6 F 30-3433:47.710:54/M
76Catrin LeinsThiells NY132050 5 F 50-5434:11.911:02/M
77Ken Lehner.133544 5 M 40-4434:13.811:02/M
78Roya GhazizadelMontvale NJ131729 4 F 25-2935:07.611:20/M
79Marisol Rivera-PlacidoHaverstraw NY11737 2 F 35-3935:07.911:20/M
80Lisa MelellaMahopac NY9328 5 F 25-2935:51.911:34/M
81Vera Victoria HardwickPearl River NY6639 3 F 35-3935:54.811:35/M
82Eugene SommerArden NY131144 6 M 40-4436:26.111:45/M
83Janine GetlerSuffern NY4753 6 F 50-5436:57.711:55/M
84Joppa BakerNyack NY857 2 F 55-5937:13.412:00/M
85Howard HellmanSuffern NY132561 2 M 60-6437:18.712:02/M
86Waler GoldmanPomona NY132653 3 M 50-5439:33.812:45/M
87Lucinda McNeillNew City NY9249 4 F 45-4939:58.912:54/M
88Juan CuadradoHaverstraw NY2148 8 M 45-4940:03.912:55/M
89Stephen BraigenPomona NY925 2 M 25-2940:17.813:00/M
90Andrea BurdickPomona NY1253 7 F 50-5440:17.813:00/M
91Beth AdamsMidland Park NJ651 8 F 50-5440:33.113:05/M
92Brian MarksNyack NY132236 6 M 35-3941:12.113:17/M
93Douglas AdamsMidland Park NJ318 8 M 11-1942:55.013:51/M
94Gianluca TrediciTomkins Cove NY131410 7 M 1-1044:16.414:17/M
95Steve DachsSuffern NY2457 1 M 55-5946:05.114:52/M
96Amy ColletBronx NY2029 6 F 25-2947:55.415:27/M
97Lisa Tredici.131242 7 F 40-4449:20.515:55/M
98Eileen SeibenbergMontvale NJ12259 3 F 55-5952:42.317:00/M
99Robert SeibenbergMontvale NJ12171 1 M 65-9952:42.517:00/M
100Rhoda CharlesSpring Valley NY1954 9 F 50-5455:28.017:54/M
101Debra ThomasStony Point NY12960 2 F 60-6456:10.818:07/M
102Kelli MorseNyack NY10134 7 F 30-341:03:45.920:34/M
103Olivia MorseNyack NY1009 2 F 1-101:04:20.920:45/M
104Aaron MorseNyack NY9934 5 M 30-341:04:21.020:45/M
Father and Child.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Matthew GreenlawWarwick NY5816 1 Top Fin19:54.16:25/M
2Owen RussellPearl River NY12013 2 Top Fin20:52.56:44/M
3Jim RussellPearl River NY11950 3 Top Fin22:41.87:19/M
4Merisa GilmanSuffern NY5029 1 Top Fin23:21.87:32/M
5Jerry GreenlawWarwick NY5654 1 M 50-5423:25.77:33/M
6Dave HamiltonSuffern NY6346 1 M 45-4924:31.77:55/M
7Henry HamiltonSuffern NY6113 1 M 11-1924:31.77:55/M
8Charlie MoralesNew Rochelle NY9771 1 M 65-9925:20.18:10/M
9Harrison GersonPomona NY131510 1 M 1-1027:04.28:44/M
10Andrew GersonPomona NY131653 2 M 50-5428:22.49:09/M
11William HendersonPomona NY7110 2 M 1-1029:34.39:32/M
12Paul GilmanSuffern NY4862 1 M 60-6429:44.49:35/M
13Douglas HartPomona NY6939 1 M 35-3932:26.910:28/M
14Daryl MoralesNew Rochelle NY9843 1 M 40-4435:14.711:22/M
15Craig KupermanNew City NY8441 2 M 40-4440:04.612:55/M
16Hudson KupermanNew City NY836 3 M 1-1040:06.012:56/M
17Jarid HartPomona NY709 4 M 1-1044:11.714:15/M
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Shawn FrederickNyack NY4360 1 Top Fin38:08.812:18/M
2Steve RothauptSuffern NY14458 1 M Male 99 and Under41:22.613:21/M
3Jill MurphyStony Point NY15166 1 Top Fin41:23.413:21/M
4Kiana RoysterNanuet NY15611 1 F Female 99 and Under43:11.913:56/M
5Darlene RothauptSuffern NY14551 2 F Female 99 and Under43:41.914:05/M
6Daphnee RoysterNanuet NY15540 3 F Female 99 and Under49:01.415:49/M
7Pia HartPomona NY6752 4 F Female 99 and Under49:20.715:55/M
8Jacqueline GoldsteinNanuet NY15351 5 F Female 99 and Under55:28.417:54/M
9Emily DominguezHaverstraw NY3142 6 F Female 99 and Under56:09.418:07/M
10Julie GordonMahwah NJ5536 7 F Female 99 and Under57:00.418:23/M

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