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Firecracker 5k

Highland Falls, NY, July 4, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Dean Jaeger, Race Director. Timing by

Firecracker 5k 5k Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 July 04.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Joe SingletonMahwah NJ91028 1 Top Fin17:48.95:45/M
2Patrick MichonHighland Falls NY90218 1 M 18-1818:18.65:54/M
3Adrian BiggerstaffWest Point NY85031 1 M 30-3918:43.66:02/M
4Matt LawneyFort Montgomery NY90638 2 M 30-3919:38.56:20/M
5Martin TyceHighland Falls NY84047 1 M 40-4919:58.66:26/M
6Michael WillisHighland Falls NY93021 1 M 19-2420:25.86:35/M
7Zach AriasHighland Falls NY95517 1 M 1-1720:32.06:37/M
8Joe WillisHf NY94737 3 M 30-3920:42.56:41/M
9Joseph SchmidtHighland Falls NY82918 2 M 18-1820:46.66:42/M
10Ian MilsonHighland Falls NY92745 2 M 40-4920:47.66:42/M
11Aaron BrantlyHighland Falls NY85332 4 M 30-3920:54.56:45/M
12Keegan WestWest Point NY92318 3 M 18-1820:59.66:46/M
13John WillisHf NY92947 3 M 40-4921:03.96:47/M
14Josh WerkHighland Falls NY93725 1 M 25-2921:09.86:49/M
15Brendan RileyWest Point NY94118 4 M 18-1821:12.46:50/M
16Jenna McLaughlinHi Fi NY93927 1 Top Fin21:14.96:51/M
17Sydney DeckerCornwall NY92814 1 F 1-1721:27.76:55/M
18Donnie FeldmanHighland Falls NY89214 2 M 1-1721:36.06:58/M
19Joshua AkersWest Point NY93122 2 M 19-2421:36.76:58/M
20Tyler ParsellsHighland Falls NY86917 3 M 1-1721:43.77:00/M
21Juliana BiggerstaffWest Point NY85131 1 F 30-3921:56.77:05/M
22Anthony FarinaHighland Falls NY94413 4 M 1-1722:05.97:07/M
23Mark WestWest Point NY92546 4 M 40-4922:17.77:11/M
24Greg VerhoffOakland NJ81939 5 M 30-3922:57.87:24/M
25Simon GerardMontara CA86214 5 M 1-1723:12.47:29/M
26Khlif SalibHf NY95332 6 M 30-3923:19.17:31/M
27John HalpinCornwall NY93643 5 M 40-4923:54.77:43/M
28Jack RileyWest Point NY88521 3 M 19-2424:07.57:47/M
29Frank TetroCortlandt Manor NY87248 6 M 40-4924:13.17:49/M
30Natalie TyceHighland Falls NY83816 2 F 1-1724:19.47:51/M
31Kutura MoorerFort Montgomery NY86737 2 F 30-3924:19.87:51/M
32Elisabeth FeldmanHighland Falls NY89143 1 F 40-4924:41.57:58/M
33Scott DiedrichHighland Falls NY90734 7 M 30-3924:47.78:00/M
34Carl TyceHighland Falls NY83913 6 M 1-1725:18.48:10/M
35Jennifer Van ZettaMarlboro NY95029 1 F 25-2925:19.38:10/M
36Lexi WestWest Point NY92215 3 F 1-1725:20.08:10/M
37Lucas FeldmanHighland Falls NY89410 7 M 1-1725:46.88:19/M
38Holly WestWest Point NY92444 2 F 40-4925:52.78:21/M
39Christina FantinHf NY95433 3 F 30-3926:05.58:25/M
40Doralee CardaldaWp NY94835 4 F 30-3926:05.68:25/M
41Christina OxendineWp NY94941 7 M 40-4926:06.38:25/M
42Jason WojciechowskiAstoria NY83642 8 M 40-4926:07.68:25/M
43Julia McCarthyHighland Falls NY86619 1 F 19-2426:13.78:27/M
44Karina WiggerFort Montgomery NY84221 2 F 19-2426:25.58:31/M
45Joy BenfanteCortlandt Manor NY84944 3 F 40-4926:29.98:33/M
46Kyle WestWest Point NY92110 8 M 1-1726:35.58:35/M
47Jake PickensWakeforest NC88312 9 M 1-1726:39.28:36/M
48Erin LalondeHeuvelton NY87631 5 F 30-3926:47.08:38/M
49Derrick MaherFort Montgomery NY83313 10 M 1-1726:55.48:41/M
50Margaret LewisHighland Falls NY84655 1 F 50-5926:57.08:42/M
51Diana WoodworthCornwall NY87427 2 F 25-2927:04.78:44/M
52Kate FeldmanHighland Falls NY8958 4 F 1-1727:04.88:44/M
53Joanne Galgano WoodworthCornwall NY86154 2 F 50-5927:05.08:44/M
54Christopher JamesHf NY9139 11 M 1-1727:08.88:45/M
55Molly FeldmanHighland Falls NY89313 5 F 1-1727:10.08:46/M
56Heather IerardiRome IT90853 3 F 50-5927:15.38:47/M
57James BodenhamerWest Point NY85267 1 M 60-9927:19.78:49/M
58Gary WojciechowskiHighland Falls NY83571 2 M 60-9927:45.88:57/M
59Blake DonofrioHighland Falls NY85823 4 M 19-2427:46.18:57/M
60Rita DoughertyStaten Island NY86057 4 F 50-5927:48.28:58/M
61Caroline JaegerFort Montgomery NY82113 6 F 1-1728:01.49:02/M
62Jill ReedyWest Point NY89935 6 F 30-3928:12.69:06/M
63William LeeHighland Falls NY82445 9 M 40-4928:16.69:07/M
64Daisy WestWest Point NY9208 7 F 1-1728:34.49:13/M
65Anne DohertyHighland Falls NY84149 4 F 40-4928:38.19:14/M
66Otto PinelliMahwah NJ92669 3 M 60-9928:42.59:15/M
67Jessica MyersWest Point NY86821 3 F 19-2428:43.39:16/M
68David GerardDpo AE90951 1 M 50-5928:54.59:19/M
69Ann SchmidtFort Montgomery NY81645 5 F 40-4928:57.79:20/M
70Stacey Van Dam.90137 7 F 30-3929:08.69:24/M
71Patrick KellyHf NY95256 2 M 50-5929:13.89:25/M
72Jimmy HalpinCornwall NY93575 4 M 60-9929:50.79:37/M
73Dominic FarinaHighland Falls NY94512 12 M 1-1729:58.09:40/M
74Juliet CoffeyHighland Falls NY85527 3 F 25-2930:20.39:47/M
75Benjamin DyleuthFort Montgomery NY83118 5 M 18-1830:22.99:48/M
76Danielle ArmstrongFort Montgomery NY93830 8 F 30-3930:27.89:49/M
77Leslie DonofrioHighland Falls NY85948 6 F 40-4930:39.59:53/M
78Chris O'DonnellHf NY93410 13 M 1-1731:46.510:15/M
79Ben MottHf NY9007 14 M 1-1731:47.210:15/M
80Jeanne LentFort Montgomery NY88251 5 F 50-5931:53.110:17/M
81Arla JamesHf NY91234 9 F 30-3931:59.710:19/M
82Shauna FallBedford IN91614 8 F 1-1732:10.210:23/M
83Mario VanzettaHighland Falls NY88737 8 M 30-3932:20.710:26/M
84Stephanie VanzettaHighland Falls NY88636 10 F 30-3932:20.810:26/M
85Laura DingerFort Montgomery NY94023 4 F 19-2432:47.910:35/M
86Angela DownsNew York NY95619 5 F 19-2433:00.410:39/M
87Mary Kate CollinsHighland Falls NY93320 6 F 19-2433:01.610:39/M
88Cleve LentFort Montgomery NY88058 3 M 50-5933:06.010:41/M
89Kati LentFort Montgomery NY88123 7 F 19-2433:12.310:43/M
90Pat PattersonHighland Falls NY87047 10 M 40-4933:17.510:44/M
91Jessica KelleyHighland Falls NY86433 11 F 30-3933:42.810:52/M
92Gilda RomeroAlbuquerque NM87142 7 F 40-4934:29.911:07/M
93Tommy JaegerFort Montgomery NY8208 15 M 1-1734:42.711:12/M
94Vicki JaegerFort Montgomery NY82244 8 F 40-4934:50.011:14/M
95Olga AndersonHighland Falls NY84867 1 F 60-9935:36.011:29/M
96Stephen PattersonMonroe NY91430 9 M 30-3936:01.911:41/M
97Tricia WillisHf NY93248 9 F 40-4936:48.711:52/M
98Samantha LawneyFt Mont NY9467 9 F 1-1737:04.411:57/M
99Kevin PozoHighland Falls NY90527 2 M 25-2937:12.712:00/M
100Tom SingletonMahwah NJ91160 5 M 60-9937:16.912:01/M
101Gina LawneyFort Montgomery NY90428 4 F 25-2937:23.512:04/M
102Susan FortinoFort Montgomery NY91854 6 F 50-5937:34.012:07/M
103Zack MaherFort Montgomery NY83212 16 M 1-1738:00.412:15/M
104Marla RandallHighland Falls NY91969 2 F 60-9938:04.812:17/M
105Lisa MaherFort Montgomery NY83447 10 F 40-4939:10.012:38/M
106Chuck BrockhausenPeekskill NY82342 11 M 40-4939:24.612:43/M
107Justin NapolitanoHf NY89716 17 M 1-1739:54.812:52/M
108Hannah PittHighland Falls NY87816 10 F 1-1740:06.912:56/M
109Hannah BennettHighland Falls NY87916 11 F 1-1740:07.712:56/M
110Susan SlappFort Montgomery NY84557 7 F 50-5940:48.313:10/M
111Randi WidishFort Montgomery NY87533 12 F 30-3941:06.713:15/M
112Stacy FalkFort Montgomery NY84736 13 F 30-3941:08.613:16/M
113Danielle LabarreHighland Falls NY88825 5 F 25-2942:06.813:35/M
114Kelly DesrosiersHighland Falls NY88924 8 F 19-2442:07.013:35/M
115Vinnie WeyerHighland Falls NY87356 4 M 50-5942:46.813:48/M
116Karen WillisFort Montgomery NY84353 8 F 50-5944:46.614:26/M
117Jill FeldmanHighland Falls NY89053 9 F 50-5944:48.614:27/M
118Scott MottPiqua OH90319 9 F 19-2445:08.214:34/M
119Rocky FarinaHighland Falls NY94243 12 M 40-4945:55.314:49/M
120Sophia FarinaHighland Falls NY9439 12 F 1-1745:55.614:49/M
121Nancy SporbertHighland Falls NY81849 11 F 40-4947:14.315:14/M
122Kim LeeHighland Falls NY82543 12 F 40-4947:16.515:15/M
123Michael SlappFort Montgomery NY84456 5 M 50-5947:28.215:19/M
124Teresa TyceHighland Falls NY83745 13 F 40-4948:24.215:37/M
125John FallBedford IN91712 18 M 1-1748:29.915:38/M
126Veronica CoffeyHighland Falls NY85429 6 F 25-2948:48.615:45/M
127Ronnie CoffeyHighland Falls NY85666 3 F 60-9948:53.715:46/M
128John FallMitchell IN91553 6 M 50-5948:54.515:46/M
129Mary Jane PittHighland Falls NY87747 14 F 40-4949:13.415:53/M
130Vera SchoferFort Montgomery NY82749 15 F 40-4949:41.416:02/M
131Nadine SchoferFort Montgomery NY82613 13 F 1-1749:41.516:02/M
132Chris BurnsFort Montgomery NY81764 6 M 60-9952:41.917:00/M
133Tracie DespiritoFort Montgomery NY85744 16 F 40-4952:42.817:00/M
134Cristin ManningFort Montgomery NY86545 17 F 40-4952:43.317:00/M
135Alexis NapolitanoHf NY89811 14 F 1-1752:58.317:05/M

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