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Washingtonville Scholarship 5k

Washingtonville, NY, April 5, 2014

[Age Group Results Run | Age Group Results Walk ]

Overall Results

Neil Grencer, Race Director. Timing by

Washingtonville 5k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 April 05.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Sean WarrenWashingtonville NY27816 1 Top Fin19:05.06:09/M
2Mark PietrzakChester NY22416 2 Top Fin19:05.26:09/M
3Daniel GuzmanWashingtonville NY12916 3 Top Fin19:05.36:09/M
4Michael CarrollMonroe NY36416 1 M 16-1919:05.36:09/M
5Tommy QuinnWashingtonville NY33614 1 M 13-1519:38.56:20/M
6Thomas LawlessMonroe NY15614 2 M 13-1519:43.06:22/M
7Lee ToussaintMilford PA26648 1 M 45-4919:51.36:24/M
8Zachary CreedenCampbell Hall NY6716 2 M 16-1920:05.26:29/M
9Bryan NienstadtWashingtonville NY21114 3 M 13-1520:12.06:31/M
10Conor JennignsWashingtonville NY41616 3 M 16-1920:34.76:38/M
11John McKeePoughkeepie NY18649 2 M 45-4920:36.06:39/M
12Frank ColellaCampbell Hall NY40455 1 M 55-5920:38.56:39/M
13Jorge LoschWyckoff NJ17054 1 M 50-5420:43.46:41/M
14Zuri WilsonWashingtonville NY38628 1 Top Fin20:44.56:41/M
15Douglas LandCornwall NY40856 2 M 55-5920:58.06:46/M
16Edward AppelMilford PA356 3 M 55-5921:01.76:47/M
17Quinn DoelgerMonroe NY7612 1 M 10-1221:14.76:51/M
18Jennifer BoerkeWashingtonville NY3418 2 Top Fin21:16.06:52/M
19Debbie BoerkeWashingtonville NY3316 3 Top Fin21:16.06:52/M
20Chris LoftusChester NY37042 1 M 40-4421:18.66:52/M
21Ryan NguyenMonroe NY41318 4 M 16-1921:21.66:53/M
22Tj SantiagoWashingtonville NY24118 5 M 16-1921:23.06:54/M
23Andrew RuebenstawWashingtonville NY23616 6 M 16-1921:31.06:56/M
24Michael WilliamsWashingtonville NY28542 2 M 40-4421:36.06:58/M
25Barbara FerranteWurtsboro NYH37344 1 F 40-4421:40.26:59/M
26Jason AnsonFishkill NY31939 1 M 35-3922:04.07:07/M
27Jay NiedzielskiWappingers Falls NY39939 2 M 35-3922:09.07:09/M
28Liam GildeaWashingtonville NY12012 2 M 10-1222:11.27:09/M
29Chris Del RioWashingtonville NY34510 3 M 10-1222:19.07:12/M
30Christina GalvinWashingtonville NY11518 1 F 16-1922:21.07:13/M
31Maeve KellyMonroe NY36216 2 F 16-1922:23.77:13/M
32Michael CavaluzziWashingtonville NY30916 7 M 16-1922:26.27:14/M
33Colin McCormickWashingtonville NY18315 4 M 13-1522:27.27:15/M
34Jimmy CarrollWashingtonville NY34423 1 M 20-2422:28.07:15/M
35Kevin WallaWashingtonville NY27312 4 M 10-1222:29.07:15/M
36Bruce McNeillyCampbell Hall NY38852 2 M 50-5422:29.77:15/M
37Jerry QuigleyMiddletown NY30157 4 M 55-5922:30.57:15/M
38Fred GalbraithNew Windsor NY11340 3 M 40-4422:35.77:17/M
39Kaste JohnNY3030 1 M 0- 022:38.77:18/M
40Lorenzo CastroMonroe NY35911 5 M 10-1222:38.87:18/M
41Mike CerarChester NY5029 1 M 25-2922:40.07:19/M
42Brianna LawlessWashingtonville NY33514 1 F 13-1522:45.27:20/M
43Karen WelbyHighland Mills NY39430 1 F 30-3422:46.07:21/M
44Aaron SostreWashingtonville NY25815 5 M 13-1522:46.57:21/M
45Jon MesslerRock Tavern NY32915 6 M 13-1522:57.07:24/M
46Katie SmolarWashingtonville NY25514 2 F 13-1523:05.07:27/M
47Sara AseltaWashingtonville NY414 3 F 13-1523:06.77:27/M
48Jillian CassidyWashingtonville NY35311 1 F 10-1223:11.57:29/M
49Craig ParsonsSpring Valley NY21955 5 M 55-5923:11.87:29/M
50Greg NacerinoBeacon NY39530 1 M 30-3423:13.07:29/M
51Reginald MillerNew Windsor NY19130 2 M 30-3423:31.77:35/M
52Cory FergusonMonroe NY9726 2 M 25-2923:31.87:35/M
53Eric OssentjukWashingtonville NY21350 3 M 50-5423:40.27:38/M
54Bob WatermallMiddletown NY28247 3 M 45-4923:44.77:39/M
55Michael White JrWashingtonville NY32526 3 M 25-2923:47.57:40/M
56Michael BruscinoWashingtonville NY4458 6 M 55-5923:51.07:42/M
57Connor FrisbeeCampbell Hall NY10716 8 M 16-1923:51.27:42/M
58Brianna SkurlaChester NY39233 3 M 30-3423:52.27:42/M
59James MatslerMonroe NY18121 2 M 20-2423:55.27:43/M
60Carl ZuidemaWarwick NY37765 1 M 65-6924:00.77:45/M
61Chris SantiagoWashingtonville NY24015 7 M 13-1524:06.57:46/M
62Patrick BrownCentral Valley NY32160 1 M 60-6424:09.07:47/M
63Neil RubinMonroe NY23547 4 M 45-4924:11.57:48/M
64Marty FredericksMonroe NY32351 4 M 50-5424:18.07:50/M
65Gary WaltersSalisbury Mills NY39660 2 M 60-6424:25.37:53/M
66Giuseppe CucuzzaWashingtonville NY3540 2 M 0- 024:30.77:54/M
67Kyle Del RioWashingtonville NY34610 6 M 10-1224:34.77:55/M
68Melissa BeckSalisbury Mills NY2845 1 F 45-4924:35.77:56/M
69Shane MarcheseWashingtonville NY35211 7 M 10-1224:36.57:56/M
70Ryan KennedySalisbury Mills NY36111 8 M 10-1224:37.07:56/M
71Jack WilderWashingtonville NY28410 9 M 10-1224:41.57:58/M
72Sean QuinnWashingtonville NY33412 10 M 10-1224:42.07:58/M
73Russell LindbersWashingtonville NY16854 5 M 50-5424:43.77:58/M
74Giuliana SadlerPort Jervis NY23812 2 F 10-1224:46.27:59/M
75Mike Moran Ny 10950 NY Monroe41248 5 M 45-4924:47.78:00/M
76Emil BarbosaWallkill NY1165 2 M 65-6924:48.08:00/M
77Albert MikailWashingtonville NY19029 4 M 25-2924:48.28:00/M
78Michael BrooksWashingtonville NY3847 6 M 45-4924:54.78:02/M
79Elmer LazoWashingtonville NY40929 5 M 25-2925:01.58:04/M
80Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ17168 3 M 65-6925:02.08:05/M
81Michelle GildeaWashingtonville NY11916 3 F 16-1925:04.58:05/M
82Theresa WhitechurchWashingtonville NY34242 2 F 40-4425:06.28:06/M
83Kathleen SchindlerCampbell Hall NY32042 3 F 40-4425:08.78:06/M
84Jordan ThompsonWashingtonville NY26514 4 F 13-1525:09.58:07/M
85Kate LernerRock Tavern NY16215 5 F 13-1525:09.58:07/M
86Juan MojicaPlattekill NY33946 7 M 45-4925:12.08:08/M
87Caeley WarrenWashingtonville NY27717 4 F 16-1925:18.58:10/M
88Michael DestefanoRock Tavern NY7555 7 M 55-5925:19.08:10/M
89Sean FolklMonroe NY10325 6 M 25-2925:23.58:11/M
90Brandon SmithNew Windsor NY35714 8 M 13-1525:25.08:12/M
91Tim WilderWashingtonville NY28351 6 M 50-5425:27.08:13/M
92Patrick HuntHolbrook NY13951 7 M 50-5425:30.08:14/M
93John WardBalwille NJ27562 3 M 60-6425:38.08:16/M
94Brian PiazzaMount Kisco NY41731 4 M 30-3425:39.08:16/M
95Ben WinstanleyCornwall NY28851 8 M 50-5425:45.08:18/M
96Elissa MillerCampbell Hall NY19211 3 F 10-1225:50.58:20/M
97Michelle HennWashingtonville NY13639 1 F 35-3925:50.78:20/M
98John MonchakTafton PA19762 4 M 60-6425:52.08:21/M
99Mandi BeaverMiddletown NY2636 2 F 35-3925:55.28:22/M
100Peggy McMahonHarriman NY30051 1 F 50-5425:55.58:22/M
101Rachel LoftusChester NY37129 1 F 25-2925:58.28:23/M
102Stacy CorneliusRock Tavern NY6245 2 F 45-4925:59.28:23/M
103Kelli NienstadtWashingtonville NY21016 5 F 16-1926:01.58:24/M
104Cody EdwardsChester NY8410 11 M 10-1226:04.58:25/M
105Damian CavaluzziWashingtonville NY30812 12 M 10-1226:09.78:26/M
106Benjamin LemosSalisbury Mills NY15962 5 M 60-6426:10.08:26/M
107E J LazoWashingtonville NY4118 1 M 1- 926:11.78:27/M
108Teresa ThomasWarwick NY31037 3 F 35-3926:14.78:28/M
109Michael Anson SrRock Tavern NY39860 6 M 60-6426:15.08:28/M
110Alex KellmanWashingtonville NY14814 9 M 13-1526:15.58:28/M
111Cathaleen DonnellyCampbell Hall NY7754 2 F 50-5426:24.28:31/M
112Jack MitchellCampbell Hall NY3269 2 M 1- 926:29.28:33/M
113Laura PearceMaybrook NY22030 2 F 30-3426:32.28:34/M
114Rob MitchellCampbell Hall NY19448 8 M 45-4926:42.78:37/M
115Jim KiernanWashingtonville NY15159 8 M 55-5926:44.78:37/M
116Heather FreilichNewburgh NY37948 3 F 45-4926:46.28:38/M
117Stacie LazoWashingtonville NY41035 4 F 35-3926:48.28:39/M
118Bettyann BarnittCampbell Hall NY2056 1 F 55-5926:51.58:40/M
119Christine ShepardWashingtonville NY24824 1 F 20-2427:10.28:46/M
120Benjamin LivelyRock Tavern NY38312 13 M 10-1227:17.28:48/M
121Charles BowenChester NY3556 9 M 55-5927:18.08:48/M
122Douglas LindbergWashingtonville NY16648 9 M 45-4927:20.78:49/M
123Tara BendsakWashingtonville NY36012 4 F 10-1227:23.28:50/M
124Nancy ShepherdWashingtonville NY25054 3 F 50-5427:23.28:50/M
125Paige BacigalCampbell Hall NY913 6 F 13-1527:25.28:51/M
126Laura FarleyCampbell Hall NY9442 4 F 40-4427:25.78:51/M
127Dane GroszekMiddletown NY34360 7 M 60-6427:35.28:54/M
128Bob BarnittParadise Valley AZ1755 10 M 55-5927:42.78:56/M
129Jacob PoppeMonroe NY22610 14 M 10-1227:55.29:00/M
130Lindsay MaguireNew Windsor NY17236 5 F 35-3927:56.09:01/M
131Shelly BaumkirchnerRock Tavern NY2344 5 F 40-4427:58.79:01/M
132Courtney MazzaMaybrook NY18231 3 F 30-3427:59.79:02/M
133Kaitlyn AugienelloBlooming Grove NY811 5 F 10-1228:00.29:02/M
134Nichole BernsteinWashingtonville NY3137 6 F 35-3928:04.79:03/M
135Jacqueline MatzrisFishkill NY38118 6 F 16-1928:06.59:04/M
136Dylan FaithSalisbury Mills NY9212 15 M 10-1228:11.59:05/M
137Maureen SheehyMt. Kisco NY41828 2 F 25-2928:17.29:07/M
138Stack MatthewNY3040 3 M 0- 028:20.59:08/M
139Charles MartinRock Tavern NY33347 10 M 45-4928:20.79:08/M
140Erin FreyGreenwood Lake NY33841 6 F 40-4428:22.09:09/M
141Hiram CruzMiddletown NY34937 3 M 35-3928:22.59:09/M
142Richard WilliamsWesttown NY28644 4 M 40-4428:32.29:12/M
143Phyllis KellmanWashingtonville NY14647 4 F 45-4928:35.09:13/M
144Rayna AugienelloBlooming Grove NY79 1 F 1- 928:36.09:14/M
145Steve KielMiddletown NY15054 9 M 50-5428:37.09:14/M
146Hillary KielMiddletown NY14948 5 F 45-4928:37.09:14/M
147Katelyn MoragasWashingtonville NY20210 6 F 10-1228:38.79:14/M
148Jack FarleyCampbell Hall NY9510 16 M 10-1228:43.29:16/M
149Taylor ConningtonWashingtonville NY6112 7 F 10-1228:44.09:16/M
150Maria ZeoliWashingtonville NY29242 7 F 40-4428:45.09:16/M
151Chhaya GriffinWashingtonville NY12710 8 F 10-1228:48.29:17/M
152Myrna QuigleyMiddletown NY34855 2 F 55-5928:48.59:17/M
153Andrea ConningtonWashingtonville NY5939 7 F 35-3928:48.79:17/M
154Anastasia DepaoloWashingtonville NY7412 9 F 10-1228:49.79:18/M
155Joe CarleoRock Tavern NY4750 10 M 50-5428:51.09:18/M
156Laura HedbergOtisville NY13442 8 F 40-4428:52.09:19/M
157Michael LindbergWashingtonville NY16713 10 M 13-1528:58.59:21/M
158David ConlinSalisbury Mills NY34110 17 M 10-1229:00.09:21/M
159Eric James LangeBlooming Grove NY35126 7 M 25-2929:01.29:22/M
160Amber ChaingWashingtonville NY5110 10 F 10-1229:02.79:22/M
161Jianna ChapmanWashingtonville NY38711 11 F 10-1229:04.29:23/M
162Susan SadlerPort Jervis NY23736 4 M 35-3929:04.59:23/M
163Ally BeckSalisbury Mills NY2914 7 F 13-1529:13.29:25/M
164Hannah SheboyWashingtonville NY24716 7 F 16-1929:16.79:26/M
165Glen LarsenSalisbury Mills NY40749 11 M 45-4929:23.79:29/M
166Zoe FaithSalisbury Mills NY9315 8 F 13-1529:27.29:30/M
167Kathleen HowellWashingtonville NY29716 8 F 16-1929:27.59:30/M
168Max OssentjukWashingtonville NY21410 18 M 10-1229:28.29:30/M
169Amanda PetersonNew Windsor NY38030 4 F 30-3429:29.29:31/M
170Jennie OssentjukWashingtonville NY21249 6 F 45-4929:35.59:33/M
171Jay MagnelliWashingtonville NY32456 11 M 55-5929:38.09:34/M
172Robert SchwarzWarwick NY24566 4 M 65-6929:39.09:34/M
173Raly WebsterWarwick NY36373 1 M 70-7429:39.59:34/M
174Matt VinciniRock Tavern NY27015 11 M 13-1529:55.29:39/M
175Kelsey WinstanleyCornwall NY28913 9 F 13-1529:56.09:39/M
176Margaret DepaoloWashingtonville NY7349 7 F 45-4930:03.29:42/M
177Amanda MinnockForest Hills NY36926 3 F 25-2930:07.29:43/M
178Tim MartimerNy NY17936 5 M 35-3930:08.09:43/M
179John KosowiczWashingtonville NY15233 5 M 30-3430:08.09:43/M
180Sandra CrapanzanoWashingtonville NY6349 8 F 45-4930:09.29:44/M
181Janine TaraceCampbell Hall NY26040 9 F 40-4430:09.39:44/M
182John FinniganWashingtonville NY10053 11 M 50-5430:13.29:45/M
183Korinne FinniganWashingtonville NY9910 12 F 10-1230:14.29:45/M
184Bob MalitzCampbell Hall NY32251 12 M 50-5430:20.09:47/M
185John ShepherdWashingtonville NY24960 8 M 60-6430:32.09:51/M
186Nicole SatrianoMontgomery NY24342 10 F 40-4430:33.79:51/M
187Jack BaumkirchnerRock Tavern NY2411 19 M 10-1230:44.59:55/M
188Bill CarrollChester NY40532 6 M 30-3430:50.89:57/M
189Lily MorenoBlooming Grove NY20312 13 F 10-1230:55.59:58/M
190Michaela WarrenWashingtonville NY27913 10 F 13-1530:57.59:59/M
191Dean PurdyMonroe NY22948 12 M 45-4930:59.210:00/M
192Ashley MoskowitzCampbell Hall NY20613 11 F 13-1531:01.410:00/M
193Michaela FrisbeeCampbell Hall NY10812 14 F 10-1231:02.210:01/M
194Giula SatrianoMontgomery NY24411 15 F 10-1231:03.010:01/M
195Michael LacroixMonroe NY15513 12 M 13-1531:03.710:01/M
196Isabella ZeoliWashingtonville NY29312 16 F 10-1231:04.710:01/M
197Ashley McManusSalisbury Mills NY18822 2 F 20-2431:06.710:02/M
198Dale FavioWashingtonville NY9613 13 M 13-1531:09.710:03/M
199Eileen KeithPine Bush NY14558 3 F 55-5931:14.710:05/M
200Samantha FrisbeeCampbell Hall NY10911 17 F 10-1231:16.510:05/M
201Kevin ClardyWashingtonville NY5650 13 M 50-5431:17.010:05/M
202Emily PenzMonroe NY22315 12 F 13-1531:23.010:07/M
203Olivia BrownCampbell Hall NY4211 18 F 10-1231:25.510:08/M
204Emily BrownCampbell Hall NY4141 11 F 40-4431:26.010:08/M
205Kaitlyn BurnsCampbell Hall NY4610 19 F 10-1231:26.010:08/M
206Steve AseltaWashingtonville NY545 13 M 45-4931:34.510:11/M
207Hannah IcobelliChester NY1419 2 F 1- 931:45.710:15/M
208Mike McPheeLafrangeville NY18924 3 M 20-2431:49.010:16/M
209Karen WelbyHighland Mills NY39330 5 F 30-3431:49.010:16/M
210Jason GannenWashingtonville NY31510 20 M 10-1231:50.010:16/M
211Charise BauerMonroe NY2247 9 F 45-4931:57.710:18/M
212Rylee CellaWashingtonville NY4916 9 F 16-1931:59.210:19/M
213Mary Gould HayesChester NY12254 4 F 50-5432:00.210:19/M
214Barbara FowlerWashingtonville NY25652 5 F 50-5432:00.710:19/M
215Grace LivelyRock Tavern NY38411 20 F 10-1232:08.210:22/M
216Patti MistrettaWallkill NY19348 10 F 45-4932:13.010:24/M
217Debra GundersenWallkill NY12858 4 F 55-5932:18.210:25/M
218James KamletMountainville NY38965 5 M 65-6932:18.710:25/M
219James SutterCampbell Hall NY25946 14 M 45-4932:23.210:27/M
220Chris WicherNewburgh NY41531 7 M 30-3432:25.210:27/M
221Stack DannyNY3050 4 M 0- 032:25.710:27/M
222Danielle VinciniRock Tavern NY26811 21 F 10-1232:43.210:33/M
223Denise VinciniRock Tavern NY26946 11 F 45-4932:43.210:33/M
224Beth MitchellCampbell Hall NY32840 12 F 40-4432:44.010:34/M
225Ketty SierraWashingtonville NY73221 3 F 20-2432:44.510:34/M
226Frank SheboyWashingtonville NY31247 15 M 45-4932:45.710:34/M
227Denise ThomasWashingtonville NY26455 5 F 55-5932:46.510:34/M
228Ted BrinckaSalisbury Mills NY29646 16 M 45-4932:50.010:35/M
229Lori PaulusWashingtonville NY36748 12 F 45-4932:50.210:35/M
230Dafny SierraWashingtonville NY73342 13 F 40-4432:54.510:37/M
231Jessica BrooksNew Windsor NY33023 4 F 20-2433:01.710:39/M
232Allie CoyneMonroe NY37824 5 F 20-2433:03.010:40/M
233Hailie FelixWashingtonville NY31711 22 F 10-1233:08.710:41/M
234Kathryn DuffyMonroe NY8054 6 F 50-5433:09.510:42/M
235Frank BasileMiddletown NY35552 14 M 50-5433:11.510:42/M
236Kathryn ConlinSalisbury Mills NY34011 23 F 10-1233:12.210:43/M
237Jack MooreWashingtonville NY19961 9 M 60-6433:15.210:44/M
238Bob BarlowMonroe NY1657 12 M 55-5933:16.010:44/M
239Elinor HartCampbell Hall NY13244 14 F 40-4433:17.710:44/M
240Kate ShadrinNew Windsor NY37436 8 F 35-3933:26.710:47/M
241Tiffany FowlerChester NY10516 10 F 16-1933:33.010:49/M
242James DuganCornwall NY8180 1 M 80-9933:37.010:51/M
243Charles IacovellaMonroe NY14065 6 M 65-6933:43.210:53/M
244J J PerrignoRock Tavern NY31119 9 M 16-1933:53.710:56/M
245Rene TedaldiRock Tavern NY26341 15 F 40-4433:55.710:56/M
246Kristen SandmeierSalisbury Mills NY23917 11 F 16-1933:58.010:57/M
247Mallory StudtNew Windsor NY31318 12 F 16-1933:59.710:58/M
248Heidi BrinckaSalisbury Mills NY29445 13 F 45-4934:07.211:00/M
249Matthewe BarbookiesSalisbury Mills NY36514 14 M 13-1534:14.011:03/M
250Adam SanchezCampbell Hall NY3668 3 M 1- 934:14.211:03/M
251Jill RothNew York NY41424 6 F 20-2434:15.511:03/M
252Fallon ColaciccoNewburgh NY5831 6 F 30-3434:15.711:03/M
253Bradley ClardyWashingtonville NY5511 21 M 10-1234:21.211:05/M
254Shannon FaberSalisbury Mills NY8943 16 F 40-4434:26.211:06/M
255Madison MitchellCampbell Hall NY32712 24 F 10-1234:30.711:08/M
256Maddie LewisWashingtonville NY1639 3 F 1- 934:31.011:08/M
257Kelley UnknownWashingtonville NY39016 13 F 16-1934:36.711:10/M
258Ryan TedaldiRock Tavern NY2629 4 M 1- 934:50.711:14/M
259Laura WursterNewburgh NY31814 13 F 13-1534:59.711:17/M
260Wurster JeffNewburgh NY30255 13 M 55-5935:00.011:17/M
261Michael HeaneyNewburgh NY13364 10 M 60-6435:03.711:18/M
262Christina PitonzaSalisbury Mills NY37539 9 F 35-3935:11.211:21/M
263Jordan MitchellCampbell Hall NY19515 14 F 13-1535:21.511:24/M
264Donna SantiagoWashingtonville NY24250 7 F 50-5435:21.711:24/M
265Lucy PoppeMonroe NY22539 10 F 35-3935:26.211:26/M
266Peter DowlingWashingtonville NY7960 11 M 60-6435:27.211:26/M
267Pam PelosoRock Tavern NY22153 8 F 50-5435:29.211:27/M
268Cyril AsanteNew York NY3689 5 M 1- 935:30.511:27/M
269Tara SkinnerCambell Hall NY25136 11 F 35-3935:31.011:27/M
270Kaitlin SmithNew Windsor NY35611 25 F 10-1236:00.211:37/M
271Dane SmithNew Windsor NY35840 5 M 40-4436:00.711:37/M
272Walt GomezMonroe NY12147 17 M 45-4936:04.211:38/M
273Timothy ClardyWashingtonville NY5410 22 M 10-1236:09.011:40/M
274Kiera BurnsCampbell Hall NY459 4 F 1- 936:18.211:43/M
275Laiiah MedinaWashingtonville NY3509 5 F 1- 936:18.511:43/M
276Joe WunderlichSalisbury Mills NY29058 14 M 55-5936:20.011:43/M
277Susan LizzoFishkill NY74550 9 F 50-5436:22.511:44/M
278Andrea NeporannyWashingtonville NY20711 26 F 10-1236:28.211:46/M
279Colleen EdwardsChester NY8312 27 F 10-1236:28.511:46/M
280Raymond Leduc Sr.Marlboro NY15771 2 M 70-7436:30.211:46/M
281Phil BrennanMilford PA39182 2 M 80-9936:47.511:52/M
282Jennifer MoragasWashingtonville NY20043 17 F 40-4436:59.711:56/M
283Todd JessupGoshen NY33230 8 M 30-3437:02.711:57/M
284Art JessupWashingtonville NY14271 3 M 70-7437:04.211:57/M
285Loren MartelliCornwall NY17637 12 F 35-3937:06.511:58/M
286Cynthia BancroftMontgomery NY1046 14 F 45-4937:15.212:01/M
287Jeff PitonzaSalisbury Mills NY37639 6 M 35-3937:18.012:02/M
288Billy VinciniRock Tavern NY2729 6 M 1- 937:40.212:09/M
289Robert VinciniRock Tavern NY27147 18 M 45-4937:40.512:09/M
290Jessica EdwardsWashingtonville NY8631 7 F 30-3437:46.012:11/M
291Tammy ClineNew Windsor NY5742 18 F 40-4438:02.212:16/M
292Lois WalshNewburgh NY27446 15 F 45-4938:02.312:16/M
293Angela PungelloWashingtonville NY22748 16 F 45-4938:27.512:24/M
294Julie FoleySalisbury Mills NY10113 15 F 13-1539:33.212:45/M
295Dansby CynthiaNY3070 1 F 0- 039:35.212:46/M
296Sophia FoleySalisbury Mills NY10211 28 F 10-1239:37.712:47/M
297Tom BarisRock Tavern NY1346 19 M 45-4939:39.012:47/M
298Caitlyn BarisRock Tavern NY1512 29 F 10-1239:39.012:47/M
299Nickolas GannenWashingtonville NY31414 15 M 13-1539:53.212:52/M
300Ryann MitchellCampbell Hall NY19615 16 F 13-1539:58.012:54/M
301Shannon CurryNew Windsor NY6811 30 F 10-1239:58.712:54/M
302Lisa HuntHolbrook NY13849 17 F 45-4939:58.812:54/M
303Waykme ButlerWashingtonville NY40338 7 M 35-3940:01.212:55/M
304Kristen PurdyMonroe NY22849 18 F 45-4940:03.512:55/M
305Gabrielle GellysWashingtonville NY33111 31 F 10-1240:03.712:55/M
306Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY23461 1 F 60-6440:09.512:57/M
307Karen EdwardsChester NY8548 19 F 45-4940:10.512:57/M
308Joann CurryNew Windsor NY7053 10 F 50-5440:23.513:02/M
309Isabella Blauvelt-MercadoWashingtonville NY3211 32 F 10-1240:27.213:03/M
310Jason BhuveltWashingtonville NY42043 6 M 40-4440:27.513:03/M
311Elizabeth MojicaPlattekill NY33715 17 F 13-1540:28.213:03/M
312Brittney FelixWashingtonville NY3169 6 F 1- 940:29.513:04/M
313Nicholas JaycoxPort Jervis NY34711 23 M 10-1240:45.513:09/M
314Mark FaithSalisbury Mills NY9147 20 M 45-4940:58.813:13/M
315Lyschel FaithSalisbury Mills NY9036 13 F 35-3940:59.013:13/M
316Joanna WilliamsWesttown NY28740 19 F 40-4441:08.513:16/M
317Christina PenzMonroe NY22218 14 F 16-1941:09.013:16/M
318Julia MorenoBlooming Grove NY20410 33 F 10-1241:19.513:20/M
319Kelly CarrollChester NY40632 8 F 30-3441:20.013:20/M
320Kathleen DaviesHillburn NY7168 1 F 65-6941:39.013:26/M
321Brian BarisRock Tavern NY1410 24 M 10-1242:02.713:34/M
322Eugene SostreWashingtonville NY25752 15 M 50-5442:34.513:44/M
323Ryan BrennanWashingtonville NY379 7 M 1- 942:53.213:50/M
324Sally BehrensNew Windsor NY3052 11 F 50-5442:58.013:52/M
325Diane LongWalden NY16957 6 F 55-5942:58.213:52/M
326Robin Reis GoldsteinMonroe NY23146 20 F 45-4943:10.213:55/M
327Debra LeporetiSalisbury Mills NY16150 12 F 50-5443:33.514:03/M
328Karen Donohue-CaseyWashingtonville NY7838 14 F 35-3943:58.014:11/M
329Bridget CaseyWashingtonville NY4810 34 F 10-1243:59.014:11/M
330Dylan BonacioCampbell Hall NY3858 8 M 1- 944:01.514:12/M
331Sophia GeorgesWarwick NY11736 15 F 35-3945:09.214:34/M
332Shane FuentecillaWashingtonville NY11011 25 M 10-1247:22.815:17/M
333Cynthia FracasseWashingtonville NY10641 20 F 40-4447:23.015:17/M
334Catherine HeffernanWashingtonville NY13572 1 F 70-7447:35.515:21/M
335Jessica PackesWashingtonville NY21612 35 F 10-1248:15.215:34/M
336Jess MartimerNy NY18034 9 F 30-3448:22.215:36/M
337Cecilia KosowiczWashingtonville NY15331 10 F 30-3448:22.215:36/M
338Lazaro LeyuaWashingtonville NY16410 26 M 10-1249:38.516:01/M
339Randi PackesWashingtonville NY21543 21 F 40-4449:55.216:06/M
340Christine AseltaWashingtonville NY645 21 F 45-4950:29.516:17/M
341Ann Marie LeyvaWashingtonville NY16545 22 F 45-4951:29.516:36/M

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