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Pink Elk 5k

Apalachin, NY, April 27, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Jake Brown, Race Director. Timing by

Pink Elk 5k Race 5k Run and Walk.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 April 27.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Adrian MilisavljevichEndicott NY20623 1 Top Fin18:35.36:00/M
2Jeff FeliceEndicott NY4447 1 M 40-4919:26.76:17/M
3Randy ReynoldsBinghamton NY11351 1 M 50-5919:36.06:20/M
4Tung KimJohnson City NY7727 1 M 20-2921:52.17:04/M
5James GamratScranton PA21726 2 M 20-2922:06.67:09/M
6Marci ShofkomBinghamton NY12230 1 Top Fin22:27.17:15/M
7Tyler GibsonApalachin NY22518 1 M 1-1923:08.27:31/M
8Faith RittenbergBinghamton NY11431 1 F 30-3923:22.87:34/M
9Edward GolluscioVestal NY5743 2 M 40-4923:24.97:34/M
10Nicholas AngelineBinghamton NY727 3 M 20-2923:53.77:44/M
11Crystal GranishEndicott NY6131 2 F 30-3924:01.47:46/M
12Travis FordNewark Valley NY4816 2 M 1-1924:05.67:46/M
13Kim JohnstonLittle Meadows PA7639 3 F 30-3924:23.37:53/M
14Christopher CardarelliVestal NY2531 1 M 30-3924:12.77:54/M
15Emil BieleckiVestal NY1661 1 M 60-9924:31.07:56/M
16Danial HarlanVestal NY6518 3 M 1-1924:40.97:59/M
17Robbie HoverVestal NY7120 4 M 20-2924:43.88:00/M
18Kimberly PolettoVestal NY10941 1 F 40-4924:53.48:02/M
19Bob CrounseBinghamton NY21249 3 M 40-4925:12.88:09/M
20Karen CurrierApalachin NY3340 4 M 40-4925:13.58:11/M
21Eric PutmanEndicott NY11135 4 F 30-3925:16.28:11/M
22Tillie BattaliniEndicott NY1334 5 F 30-3925:20.18:13/M
23Gordon PhillipJohnson City NY10827 5 M 20-2925:21.78:13/M
24Nichole CummingsJohnson City NY3223 1 F 20-2925:24.18:13/M
25Brian ShofkomBinghamton NY12329 6 M 20-2924:58.18:15/M
26Patrick JoyceNY23246 5 M 40-4925:22.98:16/M
27Tina GoweVestal NY5944 2 F 40-4925:35.08:18/M
28Tyler HarrisOwego NY22620 7 M 20-2925:35.78:19/M
29Jay FiedorowitzEndicott NY20053 2 M 50-5925:57.18:24/M
30Kathy CookTioga Center NY3044 3 F 40-4926:03.48:27/M
31Theresia GolluscioVestal NY5548 4 F 40-4926:25.18:34/M
32Sidney VantuylBinghamton NY19918 1 F 1-1923:34.48:36/M
33Mike WelshEndicott NY21354 3 M 50-5926:44.78:39/M
34Kari EiklorCandor NY4225 2 F 20-2926:46.68:41/M
35Bob WintersEndicott NY14932 2 M 30-3927:02.88:45/M
36John EnnisBuffalo NY4326 8 M 20-2927:01.88:46/M
37James WilsonOwego NY14846 6 M 40-4927:06.48:49/M
38Andrew VakienerApalachin NY13437 3 M 30-3927:31.38:55/M
39Kim JellisonEndicott NY7336 6 F 30-3927:40.68:58/M
40Trent LeonardVestal NY8411 4 M 1-1927:44.58:58/M
41 Jr Donald CastellucciApalachin NY2852 4 M 50-5927:42.18:59/M
42Kelly WarrenJohnson City NY14038 7 F 30-3927:42.39:00/M
43Donna WakemanOwego NY13746 5 F 40-4927:40.39:03/M
44Sheri O'HaraJohnson City NY18037 8 F 30-3927:54.89:04/M
45Timothy SmithVestal NY1268 5 M 1-1928:09.19:05/M
46Christina FullerKirkwood NY5125 3 F 20-2928:09.09:06/M
47Stacey Axtell-WhitingDeposit NY842 6 F 40-4928:13.29:08/M
48Mike KopanskiVestal NY17455 5 M 50-5928:14.29:12/M
49Tasha WebbKirkwood NY14128 4 F 20-2928:22.29:12/M
50Brenda MatiasBinghamton NY8941 7 F 40-4928:28.19:13/M
51Mark JohnsonVestal NY7558 6 M 50-5928:34.19:15/M
52Terri DempskiApalachin NY3851 1 F 50-5928:35.89:15/M
53Jessica HarderEndicott NY19148 8 F 40-4928:54.29:21/M
54Veronica DiamondEndicott NY3935 9 F 30-3929:04.49:24/M
55David BailyVestal NY1052 7 M 50-5929:03.59:24/M
56Danielle OnofrioNewark Valley NY10226 5 F 20-2929:00.19:26/M
57Barbara Ann MorrisseyOwego NY9666 1 F 60-9929:08.89:28/M
58George LightVestal NY8752 8 M 50-5929:33.59:35/M
59Christina UlrichOwego NY18230 10 F 30-3929:36.99:37/M
60Kendra ZachariasVestal NY15219 2 F 1-1929:47.59:38/M
61Dominic BarattaEndicott NY16324 9 M 20-2929:57.49:43/M
62Erin GiannoneBrackney PA5239 11 F 30-3930:08.49:45/M
63Jill DornbosVestal NY15529 6 F 20-2930:05.19:45/M
64Jill KristekVestal NY8233 12 F 30-3930:16.49:48/M
65Colin GoweVestal NY6013 6 M 1-1930:12.19:48/M
66Jennifer KingBinghamton NY7839 13 F 30-3930:22.09:50/M
67Hengjia ChenEndicott NY21829 10 M 20-2930:38.89:55/M
68Stephanie HarlanVestal NY6220 7 F 20-2930:57.210:00/M
69Mike DuncanEndicott NY22948 7 M 40-4930:45.710:03/M
70Shane GibsonApalachin NY22120 11 M 20-2930:55.110:04/M
71Dylan BurnsEndicott NY22222 12 M 20-2930:55.910:04/M
72Heather KirchheimerVestal NY19529 8 F 20-2931:08.710:08/M
73Dan KirchheimerVestal NY19429 13 M 20-2931:13.510:11/M
74Melissh McKnightVestal NY9120 9 F 20-2931:35.710:13/M
75Paul M PriceBinghamton NY11054 9 M 50-5931:20.110:15/M
76Rosa CarliniKirkwood NY2622 10 F 20-2931:48.810:18/M
77Michelle McLarenOwego NY9340 9 F 40-4931:51.910:20/M
78Debbie ShermanBarton NY12054 2 F 50-5931:51.610:20/M
79Stacy FiaccoVestal NY21632 14 F 30-3931:59.010:23/M
80Teresa ThorneBrackney PA18146 10 F 40-4932:11.610:26/M
81Ashley DarrowApalachin NY21514 3 F 1-1932:24.110:27/M
82Brenda GoweVestal NY5839 15 F 30-3932:24.810:30/M
83Samantha Koncak-BrownCandor NY17828 11 F 20-2932:27.510:35/M
84Darith Miller.15733 16 F 30-3932:55.410:40/M
85Kelly RowboldEndwell NY11537 17 F 30-3932:42.910:41/M
86William H. CaseyApalachin NY20444 8 M 40-4933:15.610:48/M
87Denise DurcanEndicott NY4135 18 F 30-3933:40.410:53/M
88Jesse GibsonApalachin NY22418 7 M 1-1933:38.010:55/M
89Rick FordOwego NY22350 10 M 50-5933:35.510:55/M
90Gregg BrownApalachin NY2050 11 M 50-5933:29.210:56/M
91Chris PullanoApalachin NY17558 12 M 50-5933:56.611:02/M
92Willis MosesVestal NY9788 2 M 60-9934:26.711:09/M
93Dan HayesVestal NY6857 13 M 50-5935:22.711:29/M
94Adam PeltoEndwell NY10726 14 M 20-2935:45.511:33/M
95Kasey PeltoEndwell NY10626 12 F 20-2935:46.011:33/M
96Matthew HarlanVestal NY649 8 M 1-1935:49.311:35/M
97Colleen HarlanVestal NY6343 11 F 40-4935:52.711:36/M
98Melissa JoyceNY23346 12 F 40-4935:41.311:39/M
99Tim WakemanOwego NY13852 14 M 50-5936:13.311:48/M
100Nicholas GolluscioVestal NY5615 9 M 1-1936:46.311:54/M
101Nicholas FreemanVestal NY5011 10 M 1-1936:47.511:56/M
102Christian SchraderVestal NY19217 11 M 1-1936:52.011:57/M
103Liz ShermanVestal NY11916 4 F 1-1937:20.412:07/M
104Luann FordNewark Valley NY4751 3 F 50-5937:35.012:12/M
105Chris BattagliniEndicott NY16545 9 M 40-4935:44.012:15/M
106Michel CollinsBarton NY2936 19 F 30-3937:50.012:23/M
107Nathan GibsonApalachin NY20314 12 M 1-1938:27.112:28/M
108Kyamesha FordNewark Valley NY4615 5 F 1-1938:30.712:30/M
109Melisa WalkerBinghamton NY13932 20 F 30-3938:42.812:32/M
110Louise SmithApalachin NY20963 2 F 60-9939:01.512:39/M
111Katie YoungApalachin NY15161 3 F 60-9938:53.912:40/M
112Gabrielle MoshierJohnson City NY17618 6 F 1-1938:59.412:41/M
113Katalin BrownApalachin NY17756 4 F 50-5939:00.012:41/M
114Brian FordOwego NY4930 4 M 30-3939:19.212:45/M
115Brian GibsonApalachin NY20245 10 M 40-4939:50.212:56/M
116Deborah JohnsonVestal NY7464 4 F 60-9940:27.613:08/M
117Susan BailyVestal NY954 5 F 50-5940:31.513:09/M
118Jackie RiceVestal NY19822 13 F 20-2938:18.813:22/M
119Susan CampWyalusing PA2438 21 F 30-3941:34.913:31/M
120Martin JacobyEndicott NY22851 15 M 50-5942:17.713:49/M
121Margi JacobyEndwell NY16053 6 F 50-5942:16.313:50/M
122Renee NurekEndicott NY18445 13 F 40-4942:29.313:50/M
123Pam BabukaApalachin NY16258 7 F 50-5942:56.914:02/M
124Michelle BarrieVestal NY1125 14 F 20-2942:54.514:03/M
125Samantha DuncanEndicott NY23016 7 F 1-1943:25.014:12/M
126Debbie DuncanEndwell NY16147 14 F 40-4943:25.514:12/M
127Gary BurnsEndicott NY21920 15 M 20-2943:43.914:12/M
128John WelshEndicott NY22021 16 M 20-2943:44.914:13/M
129Tom AllenEndwell NY15954 16 M 50-5943:26.414:13/M
130Christi SmithVestal NY12537 22 F 30-3944:43.114:27/M
131Lori HayesVestal NY6754 8 F 50-5945:21.114:47/M
132Duane HortonApalachin NY18773 3 M 60-9947:25.815:23/M
133Christine WigginsCandor NY14451 9 F 50-5947:43.415:34/M
134Barb TaggartApalachin NY23156 10 F 50-5948:11.315:45/M
135Rhonda WeaverOwego NY17952 11 F 50-5948:12.915:45/M
136John GibsonApalachin NY16469 4 M 60-9948:08.615:45/M
137Victoria HesslerVestal NY6913 8 F 1-1948:57.815:52/M
138Michelle ZavertonBinghamton NY15438 23 F 30-3948:47.915:53/M
139Michelle ButtsBinghamton NY2333 24 F 30-3948:48.115:53/M
140Kathy SmithApalachin NY21033 25 F 30-3949:07.915:55/M
141Xavier SmithApalachin NY21110 13 M 1-1949:08.415:55/M
142Lori HolzhauerApalachin NY7051 12 F 50-5949:22.116:04/M
143Christine BreedVestal NY1847 15 F 40-4949:18.816:04/M
144Genevieve GibsonBuffalo NY5324 15 F 20-2949:26.616:05/M
145Annette GibsonApalachin NY5454 13 F 50-5949:28.516:05/M
146Amy WoughterVestal NY15025 16 F 20-2949:52.916:08/M
147Kristen DaviesVestal NY19321 17 F 20-2949:54.016:09/M
148Patti DornbosVestal NY15656 14 F 50-5950:24.916:21/M
149Lora AllenVestal NY250 15 F 50-5950:23.716:21/M
150Tanya VargasonVestal NY13549 16 F 40-4950:23.816:21/M
151Cassandra RaceFriendsville PA18323 18 F 20-2950:37.216:25/M
152Dai NewmanApalachin NY9937 26 F 30-3950:41.216:26/M
153Eric NewmanApalachin NY10033 5 M 30-3950:42.216:26/M
154Medard KorbarCandor NY22753 17 M 50-5950:30.616:29/M
155Gary PayneApalachin NY10559 18 M 50-5951:06.116:40/M
156Victoria PayneApalachin NY10317 9 F 1-1951:07.016:40/M
157Jennifer AckermanBinghamton NY150 16 F 50-5951:24.216:43/M
158Kari NicholsApalachin NY10139 27 F 30-3951:37.816:48/M
159Beverly WikeVestal NY14566 5 F 60-9951:37.916:48/M
160Lisa HealyVestal NY19745 17 F 40-4951:35.116:49/M
161Patricia McKnightVestal NY9251 17 F 50-5951:35.216:49/M
162Meghan SmithMcgraw NY12428 19 F 20-2951:47.116:49/M
163Karen AllenEndwell NY15850 18 F 50-5953:24.217:14/M
164Melanie BrosiousVestal NY20751 19 F 50-5953:32.117:22/M
165Kayla BrosiousVestal NY20821 20 F 20-2953:32.217:22/M
166David HellmannApalachin NY23473 5 M 60-9954:08.617:34/M
167Linda MacBethVestal NY8863 6 F 60-9953:58.017:34/M
168Janice HarrisonApalachin NY6662 7 F 60-9954:00.417:35/M
169Rebecca TeedApalachin NY13072 8 F 60-9954:02.717:35/M
170Joy TasseyApalachin NY12954 20 F 50-5954:03.217:35/M
171Carola KovalovskyOwego NY8149 18 F 40-4954:03.917:35/M
172Karen HustedEndicott NY7249 19 F 40-4953:57.917:35/M
173Jody SteenApalachin NY19647 20 F 40-4954:25.917:40/M
174Jen HaskinsApalachin NY20131 28 F 30-3954:26.117:40/M
175Kayley MorganApalachin NY9528 21 F 20-2955:09.417:55/M
176Stacey WickhamVestal NY14234 29 F 30-3955:10.517:55/M
177Missy WilsonOwego NY14736 30 F 30-3955:27.318:02/M
178Jessica AllisJohnson City NY332 31 F 30-3955:27.618:06/M
179Tomal TorresVestal NY13324 17 M 20-2955:26.418:07/M
180Lisa BertoniVestal NY1428 22 F 20-2955:38.118:12/M
181Tim BertoniVestal NY1531 6 M 30-3955:38.218:12/M
182Terri DarrowApalachin NY21453 21 F 50-5956:33.018:15/M
183Debbie ThrasherVestal NY13157 22 F 50-5957:34.118:46/M
184Elaine ZizziApalachin NY20554 23 F 50-5957:36.718:47/M
185Rebecca DemaseApalachin NY3757 24 F 50-5957:37.618:47/M
186George ScottVestal NY19084 6 M 60-9957:44.318:48/M
187Karen BarrieBrackney PA1257 25 F 50-5957:39.018:48/M
188Pamela KnappMontrose PA7959 26 F 50-5957:45.618:50/M
189Susan WilkinsApalachin NY14651 27 F 50-5959:13.819:12/M
190Terri BowerApalachin NY1752 28 F 50-5959:14.019:12/M
191Shirley WoughterVestal NY18979 9 F 60-991:00:50.419:47/M
192Ann NowlanErin NY18878 10 F 60-991:00:52.119:47/M
193Megan SullivanBinghamton NY18557 29 F 50-591:01:18.219:57/M
194Doug FigaryEndicott NY18650 19 M 50-591:01:50.519:57/M
195Jamie VaughtOwego NY13649 21 F 40-491:03:57.620:49/M
196Donna TiconchukApalachin NY13257 30 F 50-591:03:57.820:49/M
197Susan PayneApalachin NY10459 31 F 50-591:03:57.720:49/M
198Donna CarliniKirkwood NY2757 32 F 50-591:06:08.421:33/M
199Darlene SbikaEndicott NY11745 22 F 40-491:06:09.021:33/M

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