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CAC Moonlight 5k and 10k Races

Scranton, MA, April 27, 2014

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Lou Naro, Race Director. Timing by

CAC Moonlight 5k and 10k Races.......
Overall Finish List.......
2014 April 27.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1James RiffDunmore PA21933 1 Top Fin20:06.26:29/M
2George WatsonDickson City PA8228 2 Top Fin20:33.96:38/M
3Jason CzulaScranton PA24037 1 M 35-3920:42.26:41/M
4Lydia CareyPeckville PA23715 1 Top Fin21:40.26:59/M
5Mike RawlsMt Top PA3655 1 Top Fin22:11.97:09/M
6Carolyn JamesPittston PA32142 2 Top Fin22:12.77:10/M
7Matthew PetrieScranton PA14032 1 M 30-3422:53.97:23/M
8Elizabeth HaikesScranton PA76713 1 F 1-1423:45.27:40/M
9Craig HoenieThroop PA19830 2 M 30-3424:13.77:49/M
10Cass RupertShickshinny PA14717 1 F 15-1924:18.27:50/M
11Christopher CurryMoosic PA15112 1 M 1-1424:38.97:57/M
12Alex DiakatosDunmore PA426 1 M 25-2924:47.48:00/M
13Kathleen SnyderClarks Summit PA1436 1 F 35-3924:53.68:02/M
14Stefanie SmithDunmore PA19425 1 F 25-2924:53.98:02/M
15Tom DavisScranton PA4049 2 Top Fin24:54.48:02/M
16Marisa RyonFactoryville PA49835 2 F 35-3924:54.78:02/M
17Terri PolicareClarks Green PA44444 1 Top Fin25:15.28:09/M
18Leah RoganNorth Abington Twp PA14317 2 F 15-1925:50.78:20/M
19Lindsay DohertyScranton PA15733 1 F 30-3426:52.28:40/M
20Judith RiffDunmore PA22032 2 F 30-3426:53.28:40/M
21David SolfanelliOld Forge PA22241 1 M 40-4426:58.48:42/M
22Melissa LittleSpringbrook PA18919 3 F 15-1927:09.28:45/M
23Tim FarrellClarks Green PA76450 1 M 50-5927:11.48:46/M
24Allie VerrillSimpson PA22427 2 F 25-2927:19.78:49/M
25Courtney JunePittston PA28514 2 F 1-1427:30.98:52/M
26Jon BrucknerThroop PA9632 3 M 30-3427:55.29:00/M
27Nicole SeversClarks Summit PA42636 3 F 35-3927:55.99:00/M
28Kera DotyForty Fort PA5035 4 F 35-3927:58.79:01/M
29Jacqueline O'ConnorScranton PA21830 3 F 30-3428:05.79:04/M
30Ryan KearneyArchbald PA11329 2 M 25-2928:09.79:05/M
31Kristin KearneyPeckville PA11428 3 F 25-2928:10.29:05/M
32Adam LeonardDickson City PA77025 3 M 25-2928:12.99:06/M
33Sandy FederoPlymouth PA10049 2 Top Fin28:19.49:08/M
34Kristen ShemanskiWaymart PA44828 4 F 25-2928:45.79:16/M
35Herb SimsSwoyersville PA14931 4 M 30-3428:56.79:20/M
36Wyatt StelmakScranton PA1729 2 M 1-1429:35.99:33/M
37Katie KilmerNicholson PA11525 5 F 25-2929:55.49:39/M
38Valerie GravinoWaymart PA19539 5 F 35-3930:04.29:42/M
39Patrick McDonaldClarks Summit PA12334 5 M 30-3430:09.99:44/M
40Colby HughesDickson City PA3411 3 F 1-1431:13.410:04/M
41Jeff HughesDickson City PA10939 2 M 35-3931:13.410:04/M
42Katie MartinDupont PA12633 4 F 30-3431:16.410:05/M
43Meagan MielczarekMadison Twp PA12530 5 F 30-3432:01.210:20/M
44Sabrina SmitleyPittston PA27913 4 F 1-1432:03.910:20/M
45Craig SweeneyJessup PA22342 2 M 40-4432:05.910:21/M
46Lori SingerMoosic PA242145 1 F 45-4933:56.410:57/M
47Shannon HilbertGreentown PA19742 1 F 40-4434:10.411:01/M
48Barb RupertShickshinny PA14657 1 F 50-5934:12.711:02/M
49Connor HughesDickson City PA1100 1 F 0- 034:18.711:04/M
50Regan HughesDickson City PA10815 4 F 15-1934:20.211:05/M
51Ryan EnglishKingston PA3820 1 M 20-2434:21.711:05/M
52Marla FarrellClarks Green PA48750 2 F 50-5934:54.211:15/M
53Nicole KrapeMoscow PA11836 6 F 35-3935:06.211:19/M
54Lisa PovilitusOlyphant PA351 3 F 50-5935:47.411:33/M
55Beatrice RosengrantLake Ariel PA22752 4 F 50-5935:47.711:33/M
56Nancy NealonClarks Summit PA48250 5 F 50-5936:05.711:38/M
57Tina SkodaScranton PA22151 6 F 50-5936:28.911:46/M
58Alaina TracyRoaring Brook Twp PA1798 5 F 1-1436:42.711:50/M
59Christopher TracyEvansville IN18136 3 M 35-3936:42.711:50/M
60Michael TracyRoaring Brook Township PA18038 4 M 35-3936:43.411:51/M
61Christopher TrentlyCarbondale PA18240 3 M 40-4436:43.711:51/M
62Stephenie RussellSouth Abington PA14841 2 F 40-4437:27.912:05/M
63Christine ByrdForest City PA2553 7 F 50-5937:32.212:06/M
64Teri BricklerClarks Summit PA2331 6 F 30-3438:45.212:30/M
65Mary TurnerHonesdale PA18363 1 F 60-9939:06.712:37/M
66Unk StemlakScranton PA19244 4 M 40-4440:26.713:03/M
67Diane DonahueScranton PA20345 2 F 45-4940:55.413:12/M
68Joann MerliDalton PA21755 8 F 50-5942:21.913:40/M
69Cherry ChristianoDickson City PA19642 3 F 40-4442:30.913:43/M
70Kathy MatalonisPittston PA3551 9 F 50-5943:54.914:10/M
10k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Jeff PellisNew York NY4237 1 Top Fin37:35.76:04/M
2Jason KennedyHonesdale PA3733 2 Top Fin38:07.96:09/M
3Brian HillingMayfield PA20429 1 M 25-2938:22.46:11/M
4Jordan LindleyHunlock Creek PA3917 1 M 15-1939:17.76:20/M
5Stephen HousenickKingston PA245 1 Top Fin39:30.26:22/M
6Keith HerneScranton PA25540 2 Top Fin41:20.46:40/M
7Todd MonahanMoosic PA3339 1 M 35-3941:20.76:40/M
8Kristin PatchellScranton PA4133 1 Top Fin42:13.76:49/M
9Justin RubalOld Forge PA14529 2 M 25-2942:48.76:54/M
10James HollebrandClarks Summit PA1631 1 M 30-3443:23.47:00/M
11Grace Doherty HillebrandClarks Summit PA8430 2 Top Fin43:24.27:00/M
12Jarryd LokotaDupont PA13227 3 M 25-2943:26.77:00/M
13Don LavinDunmore PA16853 1 M 50-5943:37.47:02/M
14William CraftLake Ariel PA4843 1 M 40-4443:55.77:05/M
15Michael UherScranton PA18426 4 M 25-2944:05.47:07/M
16Jamaes AlbertPittston PA19943 2 M 40-4446:25.77:29/M
17Donna RobinoClarks Summit PA10455 1 Top Fin47:21.77:38/M
18Rebecca KinseyDunmore PA11625 1 F 25-2947:38.27:41/M
19Kay BrierDunmore5135 1 F 35-3948:16.47:47/M
20Jessica DinningScranton PA23528 2 F 25-2948:42.27:51/M
21Michael BochnovichArchbald PA43543 3 M 40-4448:56.77:54/M
22Heather McAndrewDuryea PA12226 3 F 25-2949:02.77:55/M
23Dave McSherryCamp Hill PA12459 2 M 50-5949:12.27:56/M
24Barbara SkatesWaymart PA15052 2 Top Fin49:26.27:58/M
25Ellie NasserScranton PA16029 4 F 25-2949:31.47:59/M
26Christine BrunettiJessup PA2447 1 F 45-4949:40.48:01/M
27Katie SwartzJefferson Twp PA22633 1 F 30-3449:56.28:03/M
28Yenae YoungScott Township PA22528 5 F 25-2950:11.48:06/M
29Steve HillSouth Abington PA99954 3 M 50-5950:35.78:10/M
30Scott Baines JrDupont PA3032 2 M 30-3450:48.98:12/M
31Jeff FalconeMashoppen PA6543 4 M 40-4452:50.78:31/M
32Theresa RennekampLake Ariel PA24850 1 F 50-5952:57.28:32/M
33Candice MurphyScranton PA12829 6 F 25-2953:35.78:39/M
34Bob BilbowW.wyoming PA951 4 M 50-5953:35.78:39/M
35Rebecca DevittaDunmore PA20237 2 F 35-3954:26.28:47/M
36Ralph ColoSpringbrook PA42244 5 M 40-4454:57.28:52/M
37Ken CastanzoScranton PA4550 5 M 50-5955:12.48:54/M
38Sharon BochnovichArchbald PA43443 1 F 40-4455:46.49:00/M
39Carissa RobishawHighland NY14219 1 F 15-1956:10.49:04/M
40Ryan EshelmanScranton PA2938 2 M 35-3956:23.49:06/M
41Erin CastanzoScranton PA4449 2 F 45-4956:47.49:10/M
42Mary Gene EagenDunmore PA5645 3 F 45-4956:47.79:10/M
43Denise MaleskiFactoryville PA43148 4 F 45-4957:30.99:16/M
44Michael OssontArchbald PA23229 5 M 25-2957:33.49:17/M
45Beth O'Malley.99757 2 F 50-5957:35.39:17/M
46Claudette JunePittston PA26940 2 F 40-4457:42.79:18/M
47Lara GreenbergDunmore PA47825 7 F 25-2957:57.99:21/M
48Ann CookScranton PA5234 2 F 30-3458:21.49:25/M
49Sara KearneyScranton PA48132 3 F 30-3458:24.29:25/M
50Justin LeriJessup PA46429 6 M 25-2958:29.99:26/M
51Ashley PanessaLake Ariel PA23630 4 F 30-3458:40.79:28/M
52Jennifer TylendaBlakely PA3139 3 F 35-3958:49.99:29/M
53Billy McCartyDalton PA6357 6 M 50-5959:25.29:35/M
54Patricia BourgeoisScranton PA2230 5 F 30-341:00:02.79:41/M
55Jessica BagonisScranton PA1928 8 F 25-291:00:09.59:42/M
56Roni DermoScranton PA2826 9 F 25-291:01:10.29:52/M
57Joseph GagnonKatonah NY14153 7 M 50-591:02:05.710:01/M
58Melissa BaldoniJessup PA2029 10 F 25-291:02:05.710:01/M
59Michele ConaboyScranton PA76826 11 F 25-291:02:21.210:03/M
60Tony KobeskiJessup PA11755 8 M 50-591:02:22.210:04/M
61Breannah JonesScranton PA11121 1 F 20-241:03:07.210:11/M
62Jeff MartinDupont PA12733 3 M 30-341:04:27.010:24/M
63Lee Ann PerezNicholson PA13939 4 F 35-391:04:36.010:25/M
64Pete FroehlichMountain Top PA10246 1 M 45-491:05:57.710:38/M
65Dana CiccottiScranton PA4747 5 F 45-491:06:17.010:41/M
66Tracy Nelson WescottDalton PA13740 3 F 40-441:06:35.310:44/M
67Karen RolkaDalton PA14446 6 F 45-491:06:35.710:44/M
68Vincent GrattolinoRoaring Brook Twp PA19158 9 M 50-591:06:38.210:45/M
69Diane BelisarioPeckville PA20145 7 F 45-491:06:39.010:45/M
70Chris GallacherMoscow PA10540 4 F 40-441:07:03.010:49/M
71Mike GallacherMoscow PA10641 6 M 40-441:07:30.010:53/M
72Trudy NelsonClarks Summit PA13548 8 F 45-491:07:40.710:55/M
73Kevin BaumesTunkhannock PA45257 10 M 50-591:07:46.510:56/M
74Lisa KutraRoaring Brook PA20543 5 F 40-441:10:47.511:25/M
75Marie CoyleScranton PA852 3 F 50-591:10:48.011:25/M
76Margy FixcusScranton PA19355 4 F 50-591:10:49.511:25/M
77Lauri BlasiScranton PA2151 5 F 50-591:10:49.711:25/M
78Frank SwahaScranton PA23849 2 M 45-491:10:50.511:25/M
79Cindy DeckerDalton PA4948 9 F 45-491:12:30.011:42/M
80Danielle VokesDalton PA18643 6 F 40-441:12:30.511:42/M
81Judi AndersonScranton PA1850 6 F 50-591:15:45.212:13/M

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