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Feed the Need 12th Annual 5K Walk/Runa and 1M Kids Run

Hingham, MA, April 12, 2014

[5K Overall | 1M Overall | 1M Age Group ]

5K Age Group

Female, ages 10 and under
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:42:01Natasha Engelhardt35female9
20:46:26Maria feloni184female10
30:54:28Annika Larsen38female7
Male, ages 10 and under
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:22:23Wyatt larsen114male9
20:24:00Chase Kelly256male7
30:32:13Michael Rizzo49male10
40:33:08Ashton larsen115male8
50:37:11charlie schimiey193male8
60:52:47Zachary Larsen39male7
Female, ages 10-14
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:21:50Abigail Murphy85female12
20:24:00Alyssa Sicko Mayer96female14
30:24:29Emy larsen113female12
40:24:38Brigid McDermott26female13
50:25:19Isabel Murphy86female14
60:25:58Megan Lyons179female12
70:27:01Caroline Leduc41female14
80:30:39ellie openshaw170female11
90:35:46abigal pulling177female12
100:45:43Jade Landolphi132female11
110:46:26Diya Gopal183female11
120:46:26Maria feloni184female10
130:49:58Abigail Barker71female13
140:53:32Lily Grazioso121female11
Male, ages 10-14
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:20:53Sam Oomen-Lochtefeld16male14
20:21:00Tim Duduch104male14
30:23:07Trent Hesselman42male11
40:23:41kevin fischer198male14
50:24:50Corey White83male11
60:26:18Logan larsen112male14
70:26:47jeremy openshaw168male13
80:26:59Brendan Power159male11
90:32:13Michael Rizzo49male10
100:32:25Cameron White82male11
110:34:34Michael MacDonald47male11
120:39:23Aiden Murphy87male12
130:40:53rory ahern254male13
140:40:53patrick cronin253male13
150:46:09Patrick Rizzo50male13
160:53:48Steven Reis154male14
170:55:41patrick astrue44male13
Female, ages 15-19
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:32:36Jordan Connelly93female16
20:32:37Siobhan McGrath92female16
30:34:58Molly Fleming10female19
40:49:06Rachel Treannie108female18
50:49:54Emily Barker72female15
Male, ages 15-19
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:18:20Steven Lamonde89male19
20:22:39Boyce bleach140male19
30:23:06elder lee172male19
40:26:19Nathan Malloy1male15
50:34:58Shawn Wright11male19
60:36:28Connor Hodges29male15
Female, ages 20-24
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:29:53Carolyn Saund91female21
20:31:00Lisa Hardey127female23
30:31:40Kelly Smith129female24
40:36:06Tomoko Naito207female21
50:39:16Deirdra Mahoney124female22
60:46:54Cora Ilse105female22
Male, ages 20-24
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:26:34Elder Kilgore171male20
20:28:12Elder Watson173male20
30:31:05Elder Kade Butt88male20
Female, ages 25-29
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:22:54Lauren Quinn158female25
20:23:08Elizabeth DiMattio161female29
30:24:05Jen Wejsa166female26
40:25:14Johanna Garrett201female27
50:27:45kaela conroy248female25
60:27:56Erica Ouellette79female26
70:29:00Claudia Andrade27female29
80:29:22nicole strulleny191female28
90:29:34Amanda Held109female28
100:30:16Jayna Cooney257female27
110:30:22Jessica Walls99female27
120:30:49Alyson Wuamett31female26
130:32:57Kristina Nelson137female27
140:33:17Bridget Robinson157female25
150:35:01Palestina Baronas40female29
160:46:53Christina Kroepelin106female26
Male, ages 25-29
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:27:56Eric Ouellette80male29
20:27:56Kevin Clerkin100male27
30:28:10Brian Cooney258male27
40:30:14jon crotty187male28
50:39:15Matthew Bikowski_Warner Holmes147male25
60:39:31Juan Dos Santos208male25
Female, ages 30-34
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:22:21Mari Engelhardt32female34
20:27:45Caitlin Simmons190female31
30:28:28Katie Blake25female32
40:31:36Meagan Carroll94female32
50:31:53Sheila Hartley56female33
60:31:58sallie ann miller181female31
70:38:13Rebecca Bearce8female31
Male, ages 30-34
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:20:15david richardson194male31
20:22:42Rich Omar143male31
30:24:38micheal pickett195male30
40:25:07Saadon Davis110male30
50:37:24Lyano Dos Santos209male33
Female, ages 35-39
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:25:21Kimberly Crane200female37
20:28:35Amy Kroeger7female39
30:28:37Kristin Villiotte48female38
40:28:47Mandy Keith204female35
50:30:43Amy Ostrowski24female36
60:30:52Zalika Winitzer84female35
70:30:59Laurie Gustafson141female35
80:31:02Maureen Fox46female38
90:31:24Gail Sanchez210female38
100:33:08Heather larsen111female39
110:39:44Christina Lynn142female35
120:42:04Melissa Mengel101female35
130:46:51Tamara Brogan149female39
140:53:03linda linholm186female37
150:53:31Christine Grazioso120female39
Male, ages 35-39
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:21:30Sam Allegrini123male38
20:21:49David Beisel156male38
30:25:32Marc Weier180male39
40:26:17Jason Kowalsky138male36
50:27:34Julio Pereira167male35
60:28:44asa gallegher251male36
70:30:37Joel Brissenden23male35
80:31:02Randy Fox45male37
90:37:50Erich Engelhardt34male39
100:42:04Adam Rogers102male38
110:58:35Josiah Bagley250male35
Female, ages 40-44
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:26:23Elizabeth Orozco97female40
20:26:51Stephanie Landolphi133female43
30:27:56Lauren Madden163female40
40:28:46Meg Mayer95female43
50:29:07Deborah Waughtal205female40
60:30:47Sharon Housley164female44
70:31:06Margaret Holmes145female44
80:32:16lisa pulling175female41
90:34:33Lisa Hall12female44
100:34:58Chandana Gopal185female40
110:37:22Jennifer Phillips152female43
120:44:46Patricia Souza139female44
130:49:06Trish Williams107female43
140:51:31Stacey Barker70female43
150:51:34Lori Solomon77female40
160:53:35Mary-Courtney Whamond55female44
170:57:52Red Hilton246female41
Male, ages 40-44
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:18:46David Krall131male44
20:19:18Vaughn Larsen103male41
30:20:41Michael Whamond33male44
40:21:19john fischer197male44
50:21:41Jeffrey Barker69male44
60:21:46Andrew Strehle76male44
70:24:01David Kelly255male41
80:24:29Alexi Maravel122male43
90:30:08John Buckley73male44
100:41:41Phil Berman61male43
Female, ages 45-49
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:22:17Julie Dale2female49
20:26:27Maura Gallagher136female47
30:28:49Liz feloni182female48
40:38:04Kathleen McDonald230female49
50:41:40Gail Whitcomb62female47
60:44:16Melissa Mahoney125female46
70:45:20Kim Johanson206female47
80:45:57Maureen Butler66female49
90:49:20Cathy Doherty229female46
100:49:20Greta McCarthy128female46
110:53:35JoAnn Sullivan59female48
120:53:50Susan Rizzo52female45
130:54:59Kathleen Larsen36female46
Male, ages 45-49
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:20:45Chris Housley165male47
20:23:55Dave McCreary252male46
30:24:29Chad Dale4male47
40:24:41Dave Hodges30male46
50:25:06christoper pulling174male46
60:27:13David Coppins28male49
70:28:15phillip ressa192male48
80:30:41Joseph Acero13male48
90:31:52Matthew Crane199male47
100:37:12Charles Schmieg155male48
110:46:09Al Rizzo51male45
Female, ages 50-54
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:32:52Shari Ciarlone20female50
20:34:46Nancy MacDonald14female51
30:41:20Brigid Flanagan148female54
40:49:02Terry Emens67female50
50:53:49lisa reis153female50
Male, ages 50-54
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:19:49Ted Coyle231male51
20:23:06Brian Turley215male53
30:23:22Steve neilson150male51
40:23:41Scott Love134male54
50:24:57James McSweeney169male53
60:28:37Timothy McLeod144male50
70:31:00Thomas Hardey126male52
80:32:06Bill Garvin81male50
90:32:23Kevin Butler74male54
100:34:47Peter Larsen37male53
110:53:47David Sullivan60male51
Female, ages 55-59
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:30:28Patty Bargende17female56
20:32:26Laura Larkin90female56
30:32:38Sharon Brodeur196female57
40:33:00Anne Walls98female55
50:37:41Geraldine Leahy188female55
60:57:35Judith Kirwan Kelley119female59
Male, ages 55-59
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:22:27Arthur Brady III63male56
20:27:39jim Coffey202male57
30:29:20Michael Pomarole203male58
40:29:37Peter Mulieri65male55
50:30:51David Ward68male58
60:33:26Bruce McKinnon189male57
70:39:25Douglas Holmes146male56
Female, ages 60-64
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:30:40brenda gerosa-beal9female62
20:53:31Ruth Mullen54female63
Male, ages 60-64
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:22:03sinaco ronald43male61
20:24:01Steve Baranowski53male60
30:32:07Frank Cheney162male62
40:57:34Richard Kelley118male60
Male, ages 75-79
Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:37:13Kevin Ofarrell75male75

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