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Scale 360 State Street

New Haven, CT, February 8, 2014

[Age Group | Team ]


American Lung Association of The Northeast

PlaceTimeBib#Person's NameAgeGenderTeamCategory
103:02.545 William Zucconi40MBreath of Fresh Air YDRHealth Pro
203:04.32 Patrick Gallagher31M>>Individual
303:04.91 Stephen Marsalese48M>>Individual
403:12.53 Paul Curley58MThe Devils Gear Bike ShopIndividual
503:21.010 Kevin Carmody28M>>Individual
603:23.55 John Pescatore50MThe Devils Gear Bike ShopIndividual
703:25.59 Bruce Yang45M>>Health Pro
803:26.251Heroes DeNicola Carmine 33MZeros and Everything in BetweenIndividual
903:38.46 William Buick56MThe Devils Gear Bike ShopIndividual
1003:42.733 Tyler Losure23MRadio 104.1Individual
1103:49.27 Matthew Feiner50MThe Devils Gear Bike ShopIndividual
1203:55.018 Matthew Neale30MKaren's AngelsIndividual
1303:57.464 Jeff Malins28MElm City CoachIndividual
1404:02.211 Kevin Glick43M>>Individual
1504:04.94 Mark Dixon35MWFSBIndividual
1604:05.5175 Alan Hagander43MSTAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
1704:10.565 Brian Dore43MElm City CoachIndividual
1804:21.938 Amy Cheesman26FUMASS RugbyStudent
1904:27.789 Cory Piatek25Mstair stompersIndividual
2004:30.4135 Brelin Patterson17MElm City MarketStudent
2104:33.832 Michael Smith56MRadio 104.1Individual
2204:36.746 Mahan Mathur29MBreath of Fresh Air YDRHealth Pro
2304:37.330 Tim Morril46MRadio 104.1Individual
2404:41.8102 Shana Schneider35FFITWEEKHealth Pro
2504:44.758 Amanda Asuzu32FElm City CoachHealth Pro
2604:44.723 J. William Woodring39MKaren's AngelsIndividual
2704:46.257 Mary Paglialunga50F>>Individual
2804:47.141 Demetrius Dicks37MBreath of Fresh Air YDRHealth Pro
2904:47.416 Christine LaVallee32FKaren's AngelsIndividual
3004:50.550 Jatin Zaveri30MBreath of Fresh Air YDRIndividual
3104:52.6129 Wayne Chan32MPulse New HavenIndividual
3204:52.761 Mike Dore72MElm City CoachIndividual
3304:56.8105 Christie Cole23FFITWEEKIndividual
3404:58.056 Ken Alberti33M>>Individual
3504:59.098 Diane Lux41FMichael Litwinka IVs LegacyIndividual
3605:02.2176 Stuart Rieve52MSTAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
3705:03.3101 Cameron Litwinka14MMichael Litwinka IVs LegacyStudent
3805:04.894 Royce Brunson24MLauren & RoyceIndividual
3905:06.1177 Dan Meenan47MSTAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
4005:06.343 jay pahade34MBreath of Fresh Air YDRHealth Pro
4105:07.229 David Fisch36MRadio 104.1Individual
4205:07.7154 Juli Soracin45F>>Individual
4305:08.3100 Christopher Dobrynski25MMichael Litwinka IVs LegacyIndividual
4405:09.790 Liza Bocchichio36Fstair stompersIndividual
4505:10.419 Margaret Longo40FKaren's AngelsIndividual
4605:10.949 Teressa Reese40FBreath of Fresh Air YDRIndividual
4705:11.844 Lawrence Saperstein47MBreath of Fresh Air YDRHealth Pro
4805:13.2124 Dawn Bentley42FCS-HHC ClimbersIndividual
4905:14.160 Lisa DeAngelis27FElm City CoachIndividual
5005:16.342 Christine Chen30FBreath of Fresh Air YDRHealth Pro
5105:17.6133 Alexa Apotria24FElm City MarketIndividual
5205:18.614 Glenn Archer54MKaren's AngelsIndividual
5305:19.4163 Kailen Chavarria23F>>Individual
5405:21.596 John Krusinski22M>>Student
5505:23.3220 Vittorio Ciarlo21M>>Firefighter
5605:23.7221 Robert Powers221>>Firefighter
5705:24.287 Kristen Angeletti22F>>Student
5805:25.392 Faye Brownfield48F>>Individual
5905:25.754 Sara Alberti32F>>Individual
6005:27.7104 Joanna Gibson38FFITWEEKHealth Pro
6105:28.1182 Andrew Siano37MSTAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
6205:30.693 Lauren Jacko29FLauren & RoyceIndividual
6305:32.615Neale Amy 27FKaren's AngelsIndividual
6405:33.7107 Melissa Pytlak33FFITWEEKIndividual
6505:37.5164 Frankie Bradley54M>>Individual
6605:38.559 Marannie Rawls-Philippe31FElm City CoachIndividual
6705:39.917 Nicki Pereira34FKaren's AngelsIndividual
6805:42.713 Deanna Thornton42FKaren's AngelsHealth Pro
6905:43.5179 James Tarzia44MSTAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
7005:45.2117 Adam MacLeod25MCS-HHC ClimbersHealth Pro
7105:45.931 Emily Napierski22FRadio 104.1Individual
7205:47.2205 Ronald Prisco34MNorth Haven Fire Local 2987Firefighter
7305:48.868 Mubarakah Ibrahim37FSteppin' For RubyHealth Pro
7405:49.086 Hayley Herrington33F>>Individual
7505:51.6109 Melanie Elliot52FYour Steps Promote HealthHealth Pro
7605:55.3139 Christine Crouch54FMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterHealth Pro
7705:55.7148 Megin Iaccarino36FMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterHealth Pro
7805:56.5152 Heather Parrott28Fmapple42HDHealth Pro
7905:58.195 Saunder Crotty38F>>Health Pro
8005:58.7156 Chris Tangredi40MActors for AirIndividual
8105:59.5106 Annie Cole59FFITWEEKIndividual
8206:02.6184 Lee Jacobs27MEast Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
8306:05.788 Ted Chittem50M>>Individual
8406:08.863 Edlira Metalia37FElm City CoachIndividual
8506:13.9103 Christel Haberland44FFITWEEKHealth Pro
8606:18.8108 Susan Virdee40FFITWEEKIndividual
8706:22.0178 Brian Ohleth39MSTAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
8806:23.621 Brianna Girard25FKaren's AngelsIndividual
8906:24.7202 Kevin Losty38MCity of West Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
9006:25.6185 Chris Rosa42MEast Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
9106:25.9180 Matt Palmer-1MSTAMFORD FIRE LOCAL 786Firefighter
9206:27.0147 Guy Iaccarino52MMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterIndividual
9306:35.425 Marley Sessa24FKaren's AngelsIndividual
9406:40.2201 Richard Fortier47MCity of West Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
9506:41.2208 Louis Criscuolo42MNorth Haven Fire Local 2987Firefighter
9606:42.5187 Mike Vance22MEast Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
9706:43.0195 John Shepa51MNHCFFESFirefighter
9806:44.666 Maria Landers50FElm City CoachIndividual
9906:47.7136 Tanya Bell52F>>Individual
10006:49.0153 Ramona Granuci37Fmapple42HDIndividual
10106:49.8209 Benjamin Fox28MNorth Haven Fire Local 2987Firefighter
10206:50.627 Erin Carey35FKaren's AngelsIndividual
10306:51.1145 Richard Allison54MMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterIndividual
10406:51.5212 Justin Sansone23MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
10506:52.7211 Charles Laudenslager25MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
10606:54.3183 Jonathan DePino23MEast Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
10706:56.091 Lisa Garvin54F>>Health Pro
10807:03.8141 Lucia Malangone27FMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterHealth Pro
10907:04.3194 Steven Schoeck43MNHCFFESFirefighter
11007:05.9186 Chief Doug Jackson54MEast Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
11107:06.7132 Amy Christensen42FElm City MarketIndividual
11207:08.9207 Jeff Haag44MNorth Haven Fire Local 2987Firefighter
11307:10.553 Martinus Evans27M>>Individual
11407:11.1215 Andrew Beck26MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
11507:13.139 Jacquelyn Sanca22FUMASS RugbyStudent
11607:14.081 Trude Piscitelli42FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
11707:16.8210 Christopher Spoldi24MNorth Haven Fire Local 2987Firefighter
11807:17.2158 Jennifer Tramontano44FFabulous FMA DuoIndividual
11907:17.3120 Cameron Rice50MCS-HHC ClimbersHealth Pro
12007:19.3190 Brendan Noonan35MNHCFFESFirefighter
12107:19.9224 Chad Johnson27M>>Firefighter
12207:21.184 Marissa Godwin16FSteppin' For RubyStudent
12307:31.4142 Melissa Ferranti37FMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterIndividual
12407:33.8206 Tom Haggerty30MNorth Haven Fire Local 2987Firefighter
12507:37.1213 Eric Auscavitch20MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
12607:41.680 Janet Stoner57FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
12707:43.0157 Laurie Crouch41FFabulous FMA DuoIndividual
12807:46.7222 Zachary Willis18M>>Firefighter
12907:47.3130 Karl Rutter46M>>Individual
13007:51.8219 Victor Dedvukaj27MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
13107:54.3200 paul martus41MCity of West Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
13208:01.8140 Raymond Schoonmaker67MMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterHealth Pro
13308:05.675 Teresa Dunbar33FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
13408:10.2223 Colin Four26M>>Firefighter
13508:10.6125 Kimberly Foshay25FCS-HHC ClimbersIndividual
13608:10.876 LaVonta Bryant37FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
13708:10.9146 Rosemary Allison53FMiddlesex Total Lung Care CenterIndividual
13808:11.9122 Jacqui Foreman45FCS-HHC ClimbersIndividual
13908:13.5191 Michael Easter29MNHCFFESFirefighter
14008:13.5188 Gordon Stewart26MEast Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
14108:13.9196 Jason Cameron32MCity of West Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
14208:16.597 Norlean Litwinka42FMichael Litwinka IVs LegacyIndividual
14308:19.5218 Samod Rankins21MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
14408:20.6199 Christopher Reed48MCity of West Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
14508:25.7116 Jill Meyerhoff57FCS-HHC ClimbersHealth Pro
14608:47.4110 Barbara Corcoran60FYour Steps Promote HealthIndividual
14708:54.567 Erica Bradley50FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
14809:03.362 Sarah Tudesco41FElm City CoachIndividual
14909:06.6193 Cristina Schoeck38FNHCFFESFirefighter
15009:09.399 Lisa Watson40FMichael Litwinka IVs LegacyIndividual
15109:12.0192 Kori Kelly25FNHCFFESFirefighter
15209:14.0123 Jennifer Foshay29FCS-HHC ClimbersIndividual
15309:16.2216 Joe Duplinsky27MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
15409:16.970 Christine Rodolfo28FSteppin' For RubyHealth Pro
15509:17.837 Dragana LaCore45FTeam 360Individual
15609:18.0155 Kathryn Shasha44FActors for AirIndividual
15709:19.8162 Derek Nizionkiewirz24M>>Individual
15809:20.9161 Sean Denison47M>>Individual
15909:24.0225 Heather Adams38F>>Firefighter
16009:33.774 Karen DuBois Walton46FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
16109:36.9128 Lisbeth Toth53FPulse New HavenIndividual
16209:37.1118 Brianna Foshay25FCS-HHC ClimbersHealth Pro
16309:37.2197 Justin Langner26MCity of West Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
16409:45.469 Nad Kattan27FSteppin' For RubyHealth Pro
16509:45.8198 Kevin Scanlon51MCity of West Haven Fire DepartmentFirefighter
16609:53.426 Michael Sessa25MKaren's AngelsIndividual
16710:02.383 Robin Miller Godwin49FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
16810:05.8137 Michelle Morgan43FMichelle & JackIndividual
16910:07.5138 Jack Grindley6MMichelle & JackStudent
17010:24.8165 Drew Papanek52M>>Individual
17110:51.3126 Emily Swift7FCS-HHC ClimbersIndividual
17210:54.5127 Christine Solimini-Swift41FCS-HHC ClimbersHealth Pro
17311:11.5151 Marcelle Applewhaite55Fmapple42HDIndividual
17411:38.124 Kimberly Robinson28FKaren's AngelsIndividual
17512:18.977 Wanda Ferreira48FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
17612:23.3214 Michael Laudenslager38MOrange Fire DepartmentFirefighter
17712:35.5131 Bianca Desras32F>>Health Pro
17813:41.085 Jasmine Godwin14FSteppin' For RubyStudent
17914:03.572 Babz Rolls-Ivy50FSteppin' For RubyIndividual
18014:32.182 Jerome Godwin51MSteppin' For RubyIndividual
18115:15.820 Angela Rejman28FKaren's AngelsIndividual
18215:57.7159 Kathleen White44F>>Individual

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