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Marywood Jingle Bell 5k

Scranton, PA, December 7, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Ann O'Brien, Race Director. Timing by

Marywood Jingle Bell 5k 5k Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2013 December 07.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Carly KlimentRoebling NJ10820 1 Top Fin20:40.76:40/M
2Sean MulloyDallas PA158741 1 Top Fin21:37.06:58/M
3Abbie SheererAvoca PA106215 1 F 15-1922:53.57:23/M
4Michael LegathWhite Haven PA11521 1 M 20-2922:58.97:25/M
5Eric OstranderHancock NY155539 1 M 30-3923:02.87:26/M
6Stanley WoodJefferson Twp. PA154358 1 M 50-5923:05.47:27/M
7Tami ThomasAshley PA128734 1 F 30-3923:29.87:35/M
8Skip SensbachDallas PA20046 1 M 40-4923:33.07:36/M
9Tom DunhamBlakeslee PA5948 2 M 40-4923:40.17:38/M
10Rob LegathWhite Haven PA11457 2 M 50-5923:47.77:40/M
11Jessica McCauleyGouldsboro PA12722 1 F 20-2924:12.87:48/M
12Josee GallantChambersburg PA158019 2 F 15-1924:41.07:58/M
13Brock NoldyOlyphant PA157527 2 M 20-2924:49.28:00/M
14Heather McAndrewDuryea PA156826 2 F 20-2925:04.48:05/M
15Ryan EshelmanScranton PA6737 2 M 30-3925:16.58:09/M
16Jack AmabileClarks Summit PA159127 3 M 20-2925:22.68:11/M
17Eric BalchunWilkes Barre PA1112 1 M 1-1425:28.48:13/M
18David BalchunWilkes Barre PA1739 3 M 30-3925:28.78:13/M
19Ricard JonesKirkwood NY158226 4 M 20-2925:49.38:20/M
20Robert PresleyClarks Summit PA17138 4 M 30-3925:55.18:22/M
21Molly HitesmanPicture Rocks PA9020 3 F 20-2925:56.18:22/M
22Amanda CowenOlyphant PA158134 2 F 30-3925:57.28:22/M
23Skyler DunhamBlakeslee PA6218 3 F 15-1926:18.48:29/M
24Russell CaspeClarks Green PA154633 5 M 30-3926:23.78:31/M
25Shane DavisScranton PA155822 5 M 20-2926:25.68:31/M
26Tracie OstranderHancock NY155636 3 F 30-3926:31.58:33/M
27Ryan McKeownScranton PA13021 6 M 20-2926:43.78:37/M
28Moira LonghmanClarks Summit PA158632 4 F 30-3926:54.08:41/M
29Stephanie WhitacreScott Twp PA142628 4 F 20-2927:00.78:43/M
30Kimberly EberhartArchbald PA6419 4 F 15-1927:00.88:43/M
31Stephaniue CampoClarks Summit PA155150 1 F 50-5927:01.18:43/M
32Ruth WoodJefferson Twp. PA154454 2 F 50-5927:16.38:48/M
33Joseph GriffinDickson City PA8134 6 M 30-3927:28.68:52/M
34Jim WeaverScranton PA140632 7 M 30-3927:37.08:55/M
35Danielle DelucyCovington Twp PA5836 5 F 30-3927:44.18:57/M
36Amy KesterBethlehem PA10619 5 F 15-1928:16.09:07/M
37Riley OstranderHancock NY155312 1 F 1-1428:19.39:08/M
38Samantha KilgourWilkes Barre PA10724 5 F 20-2928:33.79:13/M
39Mary Gene EagenDunmore PA6345 1 F 40-4928:34.59:13/M
40Alissa JonesKirkwood NY157933 6 F 30-3928:39.69:15/M
41Ashley PadulaLake Ariel PA16021 6 F 20-2928:42.29:15/M
42Danielle FrancoMartinsville NJ155220 7 F 20-2928:47.99:17/M
43Valerie KwashnikShickshinny PA11138 7 F 30-3929:13.59:25/M
44Danny LinEyon PA11727 7 M 20-2929:24.69:29/M
45Alyssa WoodScranton PA153919 6 F 15-1929:30.79:31/M
46Tara EngelLarksville PA154723 8 F 20-2929:37.69:33/M
47Laura ShovlinDuryea PA111131 8 F 30-3929:54.79:39/M
48Melissa KnabelClarks Summit PA10936 9 F 30-3929:56.19:39/M
49Katrina MarshallOneonta NY12625 9 F 20-2929:56.99:39/M
50Kimberly WilsonScranton PA156632 10 F 30-3930:19.19:47/M
51Brandon WilsonScranton PA156539 8 M 30-3930:20.49:47/M
52Casey JonesCovington Twp PA1019 2 M 1-1430:45.59:55/M
53Deanna EilenbergerStroudsburg PA6518 7 F 15-1930:47.89:56/M
54Carissa RobishawHighland NY19118 8 F 15-1930:47.99:56/M
55Jamie Lee WhiteClifford Twp. PA153833 11 F 30-3931:21.510:07/M
56Molly VirbitskyClifford Twp. PA136350 3 F 50-5931:27.410:09/M
57Avery OstranderHancock NY155410 2 F 1-1431:27.910:09/M
58Brittany BurgerScranton PA5422 10 F 20-2931:27.910:09/M
59Harmony VitaloOlyphant PA157621 11 F 20-2931:42.110:14/M
60Patricia SconfienzaScranton PA158534 12 F 30-3931:42.210:14/M
61Amy BettsScranton PA3438 9 M 30-3931:42.910:14/M
62Rebecca FrancoWest Pittston PA7027 12 F 20-2931:43.610:14/M
63Jillian BorisScranton PA4236 13 F 30-3931:43.810:14/M
64Donna KorbaScranton PA11055 4 F 50-5932:23.010:27/M
65Jill SchrothMoosic PA19648 2 F 40-4932:30.710:29/M
66Lindsey SchrothMoosic PA19820 13 F 20-2932:30.810:29/M
67George SchrothMoosic PA19949 3 M 40-4932:31.510:29/M
68Thomas SimrellWilkes Barre PA114026 8 M 20-2932:41.510:33/M
69Sarah HaskellScranton PA8622 14 F 20-2933:03.910:40/M
70Rick Johnson (frederick)Conklin NY9961 1 M 60-6933:06.110:41/M
71Melissa BerishUniondale PA3245 3 F 40-4933:16.710:44/M
72Katie MartinDupont PA156732 14 F 30-3933:31.410:49/M
73Luanne WhiteClarks Summit PA143531 15 F 30-3933:52.010:55/M
74Bailey WhiteClarks Summit PA144210 3 F 1-1433:52.010:55/M
75Julie DunhamBlakeslee PA6147 4 F 40-4934:00.110:58/M
76Abby WalshScranton PA140012 4 F 1-1434:14.611:03/M
77Jack Lawless.116921 9 M 20-2934:15.211:03/M
78Ashley GarridoSaylorsburg PA7419 9 F 15-1934:15.811:03/M
79Jacqueline MartillaKings Park NY154819 10 F 15-1934:16.011:03/M
80Chris GallacherMoscow PA7340 5 F 40-4935:25.111:25/M
81Mia PantusoOlyphant PA16123 15 F 20-2935:48.811:33/M
82Lilly VirbitskyClifford Twp. PA13970 1 F 0- 035:50.411:34/M
83Alison LinEyon PA11623 16 F 20-2935:54.011:35/M
84Beth ShimkusDunmore PA109738 16 F 30-3935:56.911:35/M
85Therese ShimkusDunmore PA11049 5 F 1-1435:57.411:36/M
86Amy JohnsonConklin NY9854 5 F 50-5936:02.411:37/M
87Susan DulkaTaylor PA155933 17 F 30-3936:02.611:37/M
88Megan McDonoughDunmore PA12816 11 F 15-1936:08.611:39/M
89Michael KwashnikShickshinny PA11243 4 M 40-4936:15.011:42/M
90Teri BricklerClarks Summit PA4530 18 F 30-3936:50.811:53/M
91Austin PresleyClarks Summit PA157711 3 M 1-1437:03.411:57/M
92Caitlyn GallacherMoscow PA715 6 F 1-1437:13.012:00/M
93Mike GallacherMoscow PA7241 5 M 40-4937:14.912:01/M
94Danielle BianchiPeckville PA3844 6 F 40-4937:28.412:05/M
95Ava PresleyClarks Summit PA15789 7 F 1-1437:58.812:15/M
96Mindy TalloJessup PA158437 19 F 30-3938:14.012:20/M
97Gerard PernotDuryea PA16351 3 M 50-5938:18.812:21/M
98Katie PernotDuryea PA16722 17 F 20-2938:18.912:21/M
99Diane SupancikNew Milford PA122541 7 F 40-4938:27.012:24/M
100Jamie SupancikNew Milford PA123714 8 F 1-1438:27.612:24/M
101Ellen PayneDunmore PA16235 20 F 30-3939:17.012:40/M
102Kelly RichmondKingsley PA17340 8 F 40-4939:18.112:41/M
103Brianna BrodtScranton PA5223 18 F 20-2940:03.512:55/M
104Samantha BennetMoscow PA1822 19 F 20-2940:03.912:55/M
105Kayley O'ConnorMayfield PA15727 20 F 20-2940:04.612:55/M
106Nina BejScranton PA158821 21 F 20-2940:04.712:55/M
107Deidre JonesCovington Twp PA10035 21 F 30-3940:32.413:05/M
108Frank AndrewsThroop PA161 2 M 60-6940:53.413:11/M
109Maryann SheererAvoca PA99741 9 F 40-4941:05.713:15/M
110Patti MilettaJefferson Twp. PA13153 6 F 50-5941:49.413:29/M
111Billy McDonushDunmore PA158313 4 M 1-1444:43.914:25/M
112James D. HillDunmore PA8870 1 M 70-9946:35.115:02/M
113Harry ArmstrongTaylor PA157333 10 M 30-3952:26.316:55/M
114Chrissy ArmstrongTaylor PA157433 22 F 30-3952:26.816:55/M
115Colleen SideckScranton PA112520 22 F 20-2952:41.617:00/M
116Matthew NiceShavertown PA15324 10 M 20-2952:56.917:05/M
117Emily SpencerNanticoke PA122113 9 F 1-1452:57.517:05/M
118Chris` KellyClarks Summit PA156445 6 M 40-4953:16.017:11/M
119Mary RocheDunmore PA19252 7 F 50-5958:30.218:52/M
120Leanne HillDunmore PA8945 10 F 40-4958:32.818:53/M
121Michaelene MerrillDunmore PA154951 8 F 50-5958:36.918:54/M
122Frank WalshScranton PA139862 3 M 60-6958:38.118:55/M
123Teresa LuvenderExeter PA12233 23 F 30-3958:39.018:55/M
124Edward BodzioLake Ariel PA3939 11 M 30-3958:40.118:55/M
125Ella Mae LuvenderExeter PA1256 10 F 1-1458:40.418:55/M
126Danny LuvenderExeter PA12037 12 M 30-3958:41.418:56/M
127Jessica BodzioLake Ariel PA4038 24 F 30-3958:43.518:56/M
128Rebecca HokienScranton PA9242 11 F 40-491:03:24.420:27/M
129Deb HokienScranton PA9146 12 F 40-491:03:24.720:27/M
130Madalyn CummingsScranton PA5772 1 F 70-991:03:27.920:28/M

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