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Knights of Columbus 5k Jingle Jog

Matamoras, PA, December 7, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Bill Gaa, Race Director. Timing by

Knights of Columbus 5k Jingle Jog........
Overall Finish List........
2013 December 07........
Results By
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Gary DennisMilford PA13743 1 Top Fin17:45.217:47.75:44/M
2Michael BellMilford PA12915 2 Top Fin18:34.518:36.26:00/M
3Noah ToussaintMilford PA10416 1 M 14-1918:28.418:36.96:00/M
4Donald ThurstonPine Bush NY10247 1 M 40-4918:55.018:57.46:07/M
5Alexander GardnerPort Jervis NY43323 1 M 20-2919:15.419:18.76:14/M
6Erik SellstromLiberty NY13243 2 M 40-4919:43.419:46.26:23/M
7Al ValenteMilford PA14444 3 M 40-4919:50.119:54.26:25/M
8Ken DevriesHopewell Jct NY4662 1 M 60-6920:18.220:20.46:34/M
9Michael WilliamsWashingtonville NY11442 4 M 40-4920:34.520:37.76:39/M
10Edward AppelMilford PA555 1 M 50-5920:44.520:49.06:43/M
11Rachel QuinnGoshen NY40421 1 Top Fin20:52.220:55.26:45/M
12Kristopher PostPine Bush NY40636 1 M 30-3921:03.221:09.46:49/M
13Bill SchneiderBarryville NY41955 2 M 50-5921:18.721:22.76:54/M
14Thomas NilsenBrewster NY7614 2 M 14-1922:09.022:17.47:11/M
15Martin NowakMiddletown NY7851 3 M 50-5922:23.722:27.77:15/M
16Thomas AndryshakFlorida NY148 5 M 40-4922:27.422:31.77:16/M
17Robert LaughlinMilford PA14856 4 M 50-5922:33.222:36.47:17/M
18Emil BarbosaWallkill NY2065 2 M 60-6922:33.522:38.97:18/M
19Nick DimariaMiddletown NY4930 2 M 30-3922:31.722:41.47:19/M
20Maureen BurnsMilford PA3949 2 Top Fin22:43.922:47.97:21/M
21Tom DucatteE Stroudsburg PA5060 3 M 60-6922:47.922:51.77:22/M
22Vanessa PaolellaDingmans Ferry PA8114 1 F 14-1922:47.222:55.77:24/M
23Patrick AschoffMilford PA1152 5 M 50-5922:53.022:55.77:24/M
24Jackson ShaferMilford PA9411 1 M 1-1323:02.723:05.77:27/M
25Diana WelchMiddletown NY11217 2 F 14-1923:06.723:11.77:29/M
26William BachelderMilford PA1633 3 M 30-3923:07.223:14.27:30/M
27Evan GutmanMatamoras PA12517 3 M 14-1923:11.923:20.47:32/M
28Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ7268 4 M 60-6923:28.023:32.97:35/M
29Steve BrockettMiddletown NY19754 6 M 50-5923:28.223:34.77:36/M
30Joan KurimskyAndover NJ19951 1 F 50-5923:31.523:35.97:36/M
31Joann AndryshakFlorida NY443 1 F 40-4923:58.224:03.77:45/M
32John MonchakTafton PA7562 5 M 60-6924:06.224:10.77:48/M
33Steve HolmbrakerMiddletown NY15254 7 M 50-5924:09.524:16.27:50/M
34Marty FredericksMonroe NY15151 8 M 50-5924:20.924:25.97:53/M
35Joe LeggMontague NJ33258 9 M 50-5924:39.224:44.77:59/M
36Harry OwensBeacon NY8055 10 M 50-5924:58.225:03.28:05/M
37Audrey JosephiteMilford NJ13334 1 F 30-3924:55.525:04.78:05/M
38Eric KislakMilford PA11842 6 M 40-4924:58.425:07.78:06/M
39Tara SchabergHackettstown NJ9229 1 F 20-2925:01.925:10.78:07/M
40Eileen MillspaughPort Jervis NY18022 2 F 20-2925:12.925:19.98:10/M
41Brandon BellMiddletown NY3414 4 M 14-1925:14.725:20.28:10/M
42Christine DevriesHopewell Jct NY4760 1 F 60-6925:28.425:32.48:14/M
43Charles BowenChester NY3756 11 M 50-5925:29.725:38.78:16/M
44Carly LonghenryMatamoras PA12329 3 F 20-2926:08.426:19.48:29/M
45Dane GroszckMiddletown NY19560 6 M 60-6926:17.426:22.48:30/M
46Kristina BellMiddletown NY3243 2 F 40-4926:36.426:42.48:37/M
47Joseph FalconMiddletown NY15653 12 M 50-5926:43.726:48.78:39/M
48Glenn NilsenBrewster NY7748 7 M 40-4926:43.026:51.48:40/M
49Roger FilanninoMontgomery NY5357 13 M 50-5926:55.627:06.98:45/M
50Dan HartMiddletown NY13059 14 M 50-5927:06.927:10.28:46/M
51Harry GeyerCampbell Hall NY5455 15 M 50-5927:21.427:37.18:55/M
52Maria GraltonSugerloaf NY5612 1 F 1-1327:22.627:37.18:55/M
53Mairin MacDougall.17710 2 F 1-1327:30.027:40.28:55/M
54Suzanne MacDougallNew Hampton NY17239 2 F 30-3927:30.827:40.78:55/M
55Abby BilliasPine Bush NY3650 2 F 50-5928:09.728:19.29:08/M
56Bryan GambateseMontague NJ30030 4 M 30-3928:14.228:20.49:08/M
57Beckee BachelderMilford PA1737 3 F 30-3928:24.428:34.29:13/M
58Connor HoffmanHowells NY11612 2 M 1-1328:53.229:04.79:23/M
59Ashley PodkowkaMontague NJ17126 4 F 20-2928:55.029:07.49:24/M
60Susan SpohnBloomingburg NY10039 4 F 30-3929:09.929:20.49:28/M
61William ArnoldMilford PA12750 16 M 50-5929:25.729:37.49:33/M
62Samantha VincenzoBloomingburg NY10725 5 F 20-2929:33.229:46.79:36/M
63John LacenereMiddletown NY7110 3 M 1-1329:43.529:51.79:38/M
64Deborah RuttPort Jervis NY9047 3 F 40-4929:41.529:53.29:38/M
65John LacenereMiddletown NY12634 5 M 30-3929:43.729:57.99:40/M
66Tim BatkoMontague NJ16531 6 M 30-3930:04.530:16.99:46/M
67Lucie GrecoMiddletown NY41040 4 F 40-4930:13.730:19.79:47/M
68Yuri KichtehenkoMilford PA18328 2 M 20-2930:24.430:34.29:52/M
69Ariel GreenDingmans Ferry PA5927 6 F 20-2930:24.730:34.79:52/M
70Hannah ThompsonMatamoras PA10117 3 F 14-1930:56.231:05.410:02/M
71Lori FinelliMilford PA13147 5 F 40-4931:26.331:26.310:08/M
72Ken HagelmannNewburgh NY6067 7 M 60-6931:25.731:35.910:11/M
73Alison GrayNew Hampton NY5839 5 F 30-3931:30.731:38.410:12/M
74Laurie AriasWesttown NY636 6 F 30-3931:30.731:38.410:12/M
75Korinne FinniganWashingtonville NY27610 3 F 1-1331:30.731:39.710:13/M
76John FinniganWashingtonville NY21453 17 M 50-5931:41.431:41.410:13/M
77Jeremy Finnigan.2587 4 M 1-1331:35.731:43.410:14/M
78Billie Jokinnery.30132 7 F 30-3932:04.732:10.210:23/M
79Joanna CellaryAndover NJ37929 7 F 20-2932:11.532:22.210:26/M
80Jenny QuinnGoshen NY40250 3 F 50-5932:21.032:31.710:29/M
81Mike QuinnGoshen NY40152 18 M 50-5932:27.732:32.710:30/M
82Monica LeporeWilmington DE12857 4 F 50-5933:01.433:09.210:42/M
83Phil BrennanMilford PA3881 1 M 70-9933:46.733:57.710:57/M
84Bonnie GutmanMatamoras PA12444 6 F 40-4934:24.734:38.711:10/M
85Greg ShaferMilford PA9346 8 M 40-4934:51.234:59.411:17/M
86Kelly BabcockWestbrookville NY18148 7 F 40-4935:13.835:21.311:24/M
87Jack EllisWarwick NY5164 8 M 60-6935:30.135:41.011:31/M
88Justin FisherMiddletown NY44013 5 M 1-1336:40.536:52.211:54/M
89Bobby BellMiddletown NY3543 9 M 40-4938:16.538:23.212:23/M
90Caroline BellMiddletown NY2410 4 F 1-1338:34.038:40.412:28/M
91Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY8760 2 F 60-6938:32.738:40.712:28/M
92Danielle RizzoUnonville NY8841 8 F 40-4938:42.038:56.912:34/M
93John GraltonSuga NY5742 10 M 40-4938:45.238:59.412:35/M
94Lisa LeggMontague NJ34255 5 F 50-5939:00.739:12.212:39/M
95Abigail VogelMilford PA10910 5 F 1-1339:32.939:46.712:50/M
96Frank VogelMilford PA10845 11 M 40-4939:32.539:47.212:50/M
97Rich HillmannMilford PA11546 12 M 40-4939:32.539:47.412:50/M
98Paul WimbertWest Nyack NY19450 19 M 50-5940:03.740:16.712:59/M
99Sandra ViensPutnam Valley NY19350 6 F 50-5940:04.440:16.912:59/M
100Kathleen DaviesHillburn NY4268 3 F 60-6940:36.940:43.413:08/M
101Isaac TylerHawley PA10620 3 M 20-2941:13.541:26.213:22/M
102Becky TylerHawley PA10552 7 F 50-5941:38.441:51.713:30/M
103Lauren RaczWesttown NY8614 4 F 14-1944:12.744:19.914:18/M
104Maria RaczWesttown NY8540 9 F 40-4944:22.944:30.214:21/M
105Cole LacenereMiddletown NY705 6 M 1-1347:16.047:29.715:19/M
106Karen LacenereMiddletown NY6933 8 F 30-3948:11.948:25.915:37/M
107Nancy WarthWurtsboro NY11063 4 F 60-6948:16.748:29.915:38/M
108Melissa HernandezPort Jervis NY6239 9 F 30-3948:17.448:30.215:39/M
109Marion SchneiderPine Bush NY30472 1 F 70-9953:50.853:58.817:25/M
5k Walk........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Robert DevorePort Jervis NY440 1 Top Fin37:35.737:39.212:09/M
2Mary MillspaughPort Jervis NY7453 1 Top Fin38:39.238:41.212:29/M
3Melissa DemarmelsLiberty NY4343 1 F 0-9938:45.238:49.712:31/M
4Nicole DevorePort Jervis NY450 2 F 0-9938:45.738:50.412:32/M
5Tina HughesonMilford PA12243 3 F 0-9938:50.938:55.212:33/M
6Amanda SmithMatamoras PA9948 4 F 0-9943:26.243:28.914:01/M
7Rick WelchMiddletown NY11156 1 M 0-9943:49.943:52.414:09/M
8Sonya TorkildsenShohola PA35650 5 F 0-9946:19.746:23.414:58/M
9Susan FickenShohola PA35748 6 F 0-9946:19.446:23.414:58/M
10Taryn FickenShohola PA5217 7 F 0-9945:23.246:44.915:05/M
11Kyla DeweyShohola PA4817 8 F 0-9945:23.246:44.915:05/M
12Jay BrachulisHuguenot NY37054 2 M 0-9946:48.046:52.415:07/M
13Daniel HastingsHuguenot NY41343 3 M 0-9946:50.046:54.415:08/M
14 Jr. Daniel HastingsHuguenot NY41414 4 M 0-9946:49.546:54.415:08/M
15Ruth ShelleyMiddletown NY12073 9 F 0-9947:31.747:34.915:21/M
16Carol ProulxMilford PA8271 10 F 0-9948:00.748:03.915:30/M
17Raymond ProulxM PA8371 5 M 0-9948:02.448:04.215:30/M
18Tom ZolnaskiMiddletown NY121. 6 M 0-9948:03.748:06.415:31/M
19Nadeen ManzoniShohola PA7349 11 F 0-9957:10.759:06.419:04/M
20Terry CasellaMilford4171 12 F 0-9957:11.759:07.419:04/M
21Evelyn DilorenzoMilford PA43853 13 F 0-9957:13.459:09.719:05/M

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