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Valley Community Outreach 5k

Huntington Valley, PA, April 21, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Denise Kuritz, Race Director. Timing by

Valley Community Outreach 5k........
Overall Finish List........
2013 April 21........
Results By
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Wesley WedellHuntingdon Valley PA4803 1 Top Fin19:08.2.6:10/M
2Howard PatentHuntingdon Valley PA44146 2 Top Fin19:49.20:41.06:24/M
3Michael HaasHuntingdon Valley PA4272 3 Top Fin21:16.72:08.46:52/M
4Greg Zesinger.45638 1 M 30-3921:42.72:34.57:00/M
5Scott HendersonJenkintown PA47447 1 M 40-4921:53.52:45.27:04/M
6Anthony SleptsovHuntingdon Valley PA4713 1 M 3- 322:15.23:07.07:11/M
7Robert De MartinisHuntingdon Valley PA48647 2 M 40-4922:26.73:18.57:14/M
8Tyler MillanHuntingdon Valley PA4683 2 M 3- 322:43.73:35.57:20/M
9Mike KeirodHuntingdon Valley PA45852 1 M 50-5922:50.53:42.27:22/M
10Jack TitusHuntingdon Valley PA4543 3 M 3- 323:24.74:16.57:33/M
11Adrian StoffregenWarminster PA45223 1 M 19-2923:43.54:35.27:39/M
12Andrew BussHuntingdon Valley PA4702 1 M 2- 223:47.04:38.77:40/M
13Nicole CastorHuntingdon Valley PA40510 1 F 4-1823:54.2.7:43/M
14Seamus MurrayHuntingdon Valley PA4842 2 M 2- 223:56.04:47.77:43/M
15Bryan MoshinskiHuntingdon Valley PA43538 2 M 30-3923:57.54:49.27:44/M
16Shannon LongHuntingdon Valley PA4812 1 F 2- 224:06.00:11.77:46/M
17Kevin RokhBryn Athyn PA48353 2 M 50-5924:13.55:05.27:49/M
18Amy KeaneHuntingdon Valley PA43155 1 F 50-5924:35.70:41.47:56/M
19Drew HyattHuntingdon Valley PA47846 3 M 40-4924:40.05:31.77:57/M
20Sean HamiltonHuntingdon Valley PA4281 1 M 1- 124:44.75:36.47:59/M
21Matthew WatanabeHuntingdon Valley PA4752 3 M 2- 224:46.55:38.27:59/M
22Jim HorrellHuntingdon Valley PA42945 4 M 40-4925:02.25:54.08:05/M
23Hyong YeoHuntingdon Valley PA48543 5 M 40-4925:28.56:20.28:13/M
24Dave WedellHuntingdon Valley PA47954 3 M 50-5925:35.06:26.78:15/M
25Archie FilshillHuntingdon Valley PA41847 6 M 40-4925:39.76:31.48:16/M
26Gwendolyn DuncanHuntingdon Valley PA4112 2 F 2- 225:55.02:00.78:22/M
27Timothy PurcellHuntingdon Valley PA4441 2 M 1- 125:58.76:50.48:23/M
28William DymowskiMeadowbrook PA41342 7 M 40-4926:04.06:55.78:25/M
29Michael JimisonHuntingdon Valley PA43047 8 M 40-4926:09.27:01.08:26/M
30Richard BeckerHuntingdon Valley PA40243 9 M 40-4926:16.57:08.28:28/M
31Denise MannHuntingdon Valley PA46546 1 F 40-4926:27.22:33.08:32/M
32Matt TitusHuntingdon Valley PA4533 4 M 3- 326:45.27:37.08:38/M
33Jenn CochraneLanghorne PA40633 1 F 30-3926:58.53:04.28:42/M
34Susan GordonHuntingdon Valley PA42445 2 F 40-4926:58.53:04.28:42/M
35Shannon GoveHuntingdon Valley PA48832 2 F 30-3927:00.73:06.58:43/M
36Michele PurcellHuntingdon Valley PA44547 3 F 40-4927:01.23:06.98:43/M
37Alexandre KrutsingerHuntingdon Valley PA4321 1 F 1- 127:51.03:56.78:59/M
38Nathan MannHuntingdon Valley PA4642 4 M 2- 228:28.29:20.09:11/M
39Richard RapsonLansdale PA44660 1 M 60-9928:36.29:28.09:14/M
40Jake HaleHuntingdon Valley PA4943 5 M 3- 328:37.59:29.29:14/M
41Gabriel KrutsingerHuntingdon Valley PA4331 3 M 1- 128:55.79:47.49:20/M
42Claire DonekerHuntingdon Valley PA4082 3 F 2- 229:02.55:08.29:22/M
43Barbara De MartinisHuntingdon Valley PA48746 4 F 40-4929:23.25:29.09:29/M
44Firas SaidiHuntingdon Valley PA44842 10 M 40-4930:45.011:36.79:55/M
45Lisa KupperHuntingdon Valley PA43439 3 F 30-3930:54.57:00.29:58/M
46Julian GinzburgHuntingdon Valley PA4232 5 M 2- 231:24.012:15.710:08/M
47Suzanne AbtHuntingdon Valley PA40143 5 F 40-4931:24.87:30.510:08/M
48Molly SmithHuntingdon Valley PA4492 4 F 2- 231:30.07:35.710:10/M
49Harrison ComptonHuntingdon Valley PA4693 6 M 3- 331:32.012:23.710:10/M
50Elliot GinzburgHuntingdon Valley PA4221 4 M 1- 131:52.312:44.010:17/M
51Luke GrossiHuntingdon Valley PA4251 5 M 1- 132:16.513:08.210:25/M
52Gopiga DassHuntingdon Valley PA4591 6 M 1- 132:17.713:09.410:25/M
53Gene GrossiHuntingdon Valley PA42646 11 M 40-4932:22.513:14.210:26/M
54Joseph O'BrienHuntingdon Valley PA4391 7 M 1- 132:24.813:16.510:27/M
55Ken O'BrienHuntingdon Valley PA44040 12 M 40-4932:25.713:17.410:27/M
56Joshua PatentHuntingdon Valley PA4762 6 M 2- 232:53.513:45.210:36/M
57Parker SmithWashington Crossing PA4511 8 M 1- 132:58.213:49.910:38/M
58Jim SmithWashington Crossing PA45039 3 M 30-3932:58.313:50.010:38/M
59John RobinsonNorth Wales PA40753 4 M 50-5932:59.213:50.910:38/M
60Johanna MuscanaBala Cynwyd PA45757 2 F 50-5934:12.710:18.411:02/M
61Ilena PaulHuntingdon Valley PA4431 2 F 1- 135:30.211:36.011:27/M
62Anna MannHuntingdon Valley PA4631 3 F 1- 135:30.511:36.211:27/M
63Carole NatterHuntingdon Valley PA43752 3 F 50-5936:18.712:24.511:43/M
64Monique PatentHuntingdon Valley PA47740 6 F 40-4936:30.012:35.711:46/M
65Yamuna DassHuntingdon Valley PA46242 7 F 40-4937:57.014:02.712:15/M
66Emma BryntessonBryn Athyn PA4911 4 F 1- 138:28.014:33.712:25/M
67Rayne Wee-AnutFeasterville Trevose PA4601 5 F 1- 138:42.214:48.012:29/M
68Maya VaismanHuntingdon Valley PA4921 6 F 1- 139:01.515:07.212:35/M
69Vlad VaismanHuntingdon Valley PA49337 4 M 30-3939:02.219:53.912:35/M
70Zina SaidiHuntingdon Valley PA44736 4 F 30-3939:16.715:22.412:40/M
71Hennah HansenHuntingdon Valley PA4823 1 F 3- 339:47.715:53.512:50/M
72Hillary BryntessonBryn Athyn PA49049 8 F 40-4939:58.316:04.012:54/M
73Vikki TrostHuntingdon Valley PA45556 4 F 50-5954:27.230:32.917:34/M
5k Walk........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Bonnie PaulHuntingdon Valley PA44239 1 M 0-9938:42.0.12:29/M
2Milia Wee-AnutFeasterville Trevose PA46140 1 F 0-9938:42.5.12:29/M
3Nancy DeibertHuntingdon Valley PA47253 2 F 0-9944:42.05:59.414:25/M
4Mary Beth De GeorgeHuntingdon Valley PA47350 3 F 0-9944:43.26:00.714:25/M
5Lisa CrandallHuntingdon Valley PA48952 4 F 0-9954:26.815:44.217:34/M

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