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Totten Trot 5k

Bayside, NY, October 27, 2013

[Age Group ]

Overall Results

Carol Marian, Race Director. Timing by

Totten Trot 12th Annual 5k Foot Race 5k Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2013 October 27.......
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Riley BarnesManhasset NY10515 1 Top Fin18:20.95:55/M
2Ronald JosephRockaway Park NY11530 2 Top Fin18:33.55:59/M
3Manuel Plascenc MartinezBrooklyn NY17950 3 Top Fin19:07.26:10/M
4Xavier CerdaWhitestone NY2433 1 M 30-3920:00.06:27/M
5Matt NardiFloral Park NY16715 1 M 15-1920:14.26:32/M
6Sergio GironValley Stream NY4252 1 M 50-5920:15.46:32/M
7Spencer BarnesManhasset NY10613 1 M 1-1420:24.96:35/M
8Geoffrey BogerMiddle Village NY1147 1 M 40-4920:36.66:39/M
9Dannys MarveroBayside NY11715 2 M 15-1920:52.76:44/M
10Michael Budabin McQuownBayside NY1532 2 M 30-3920:58.76:46/M
11Paul SalerniDouglaston NY8757 2 M 50-5921:03.36:47/M
12Edward O'BoylePort Washington NY7349 2 M 40-4921:10.56:50/M
13Bryan LewBayside NY5925 1 M 20-2921:11.76:50/M
14Carmen AndersonGreat Neck NY17548 1 Top Fin21:19.46:53/M
15Sang Hyub KimBayside NY5223 2 M 20-2921:24.96:54/M
16Robert RossenGreat Neck NY11948 3 M 40-4921:25.76:55/M
17Steven JacobyBriarwood NY5037 3 M 30-3921:32.36:57/M
18Douglas CaputoFresh Meadows NY14744 4 M 40-4921:46.27:01/M
19John BacileBayside NY17715 3 M 15-1921:47.77:02/M
20Gary RingleNew Hyde Park NY8354 3 M 50-5921:52.37:03/M
21Arthur HudmanBayside NY12339 4 M 30-3921:59.47:05/M
22Gabriel CatalinaGalloway NJ2143 5 M 40-4921:59.87:05/M
23Luis MunozQueens Village NY7148 6 M 40-4922:25.27:14/M
24Nick McnickleQueens NY12060 1 M 60-6922:27.07:15/M
25William WenzelCollege Point NY10319 4 M 15-1922:39.37:18/M
26Todd OConnellHauppauge NY15445 7 M 40-4922:47.17:21/M
27Michael FoxDouglaston NY14454 4 M 50-5922:49.17:22/M
28Rong ShenLittle Neck NY9239 5 M 30-3923:31.47:35/M
29Aaron RowenAstoria NY8529 3 M 20-2923:34.57:36/M
30Calvin LinFlushing NY6019 5 M 15-1923:43.87:39/M
31Richard HubertFlushing NY4752 5 M 50-5924:01.87:45/M
32Nathan GolbergBronxville NY4355 6 M 50-5924:21.17:51/M
33Lawrence AlfanoOakland Gardens NY439 6 M 30-3924:22.27:52/M
34Gaspare J LiottaFlushing NY6154 7 M 50-5924:29.67:54/M
35Raymond FetkyRonkonkoma NY3954 8 M 50-5924:30.07:54/M
36Alex FerraraWhitestone NY3812 2 M 1-1424:36.17:56/M
37Mohammad Al-SahlaniJamaica NY512 3 M 1-1424:48.68:00/M
38Dan DulliganBayside NY16950 9 M 50-5924:50.58:01/M
39Joseph McKillopBayside NY6538 7 M 30-3924:56.08:03/M
40Fannie SzetoWhitestone NY9418 2 Top Fin24:56.08:03/M
41Aleen TsoukiasBayside NY17836 3 Top Fin24:57.18:03/M
42Gary HowardWhitestone NY16266 2 M 60-6925:02.68:05/M
43Matthew RayBayside NY7729 4 M 20-2925:07.08:06/M
44Samson HoBellrose NY4633 8 M 30-3925:20.08:10/M
45Hannah Drennen-DillonBayside NY3131 1 F 30-3925:20.68:10/M
46Justin HernandezFlushing NY17417 6 M 15-1925:24.38:12/M
47Raymond DarrNew Hyde Park NY3040 8 M 40-4925:24.78:12/M
48Dominique PavlatosBayside NY10446 1 F 40-4925:35.38:15/M
49Theresa KepertisFloral Park NY5144 2 F 40-4925:40.68:17/M
50Ted tNew York NY16656 10 M 50-5925:52.88:21/M
51Roberto BardalesWhitestone NY911 4 M 1-1425:58.78:23/M
52May PaingLittle Neck NY14523 1 F 20-2925:59.58:23/M
53Kimberly WechbacherWhitestone NY10134 2 F 30-3926:06.48:25/M
54Theresa Juva-BrownOakland Gardens NY15129 2 F 20-2926:18.28:29/M
55David HonigWilliston Park NY15858 11 M 50-5927:02.88:43/M
56Kelly KovachBrooklyn NY16142 3 F 40-4927:15.38:47/M
57Carmen AyalaBrooklyn NY17252 1 F 50-5927:29.98:52/M
58Hamza BokhariFresh Meadows NY11616 7 M 15-1927:36.68:54/M
59Albert GelatunBayside NY16448 9 M 40-4927:57.39:01/M
60Haadi BokhariFresh Meadows NY1210 5 M 1-1427:59.39:02/M
61Inna GiacominoBayside NY4128 3 F 20-2928:19.19:08/M
62Joan JenningsBayside NY15047 4 F 40-4928:20.49:08/M
63Eva PittleBayside NY7545 5 F 40-4928:34.09:13/M
64Eileen PrymaczekWhitestone NY7636 3 F 30-3928:43.69:16/M
65William MonteroOakland Garden NY15655 12 M 50-5928:49.39:18/M
66Mark DurasLittle Neck NY3311 6 M 1-1429:18.79:27/M
67Elvin CastroWhitestone NY2046 10 M 40-4929:25.39:29/M
68Duk Hee CatalinaGalloway NJ2240 6 F 40-4929:36.69:33/M
69Andrea BarraganBayside NY12625 4 F 20-2929:38.29:34/M
70Simon ChuFlushing NY2549 11 M 40-4929:52.69:38/M
71Christine GregoryBayside NY16340 7 F 40-4929:53.09:38/M
72Princeton ChuFlushing NY2611 7 M 1-1430:02.49:41/M
73Michelle KimBayside NY5325 5 F 20-2930:08.99:43/M
74Frantz AlexandreBrooklyn NY350 13 M 50-5930:37.89:53/M
75Mason BardalesWhitestone NY88 8 M 1-1430:38.29:53/M
76Alaine CaccavalloBellarose NY14932 4 F 30-3930:45.69:55/M
77George MouraiBayside NY16545 12 M 40-4930:48.99:56/M
78James McPartlandNew York NY6946 13 M 40-4930:51.59:57/M
79Irma DurasLittle Neck NY3245 8 F 40-4930:57.19:59/M
80Christopher RussoWhitestone NY8611 9 M 1-1430:58.49:59/M
81Adis KolenovicBayside NY5611 10 M 1-1430:59.210:00/M
82Marco OliveriWhitestone NY7412 11 M 1-1431:01.010:00/M
83Laurie SpinelliBayside NY13347 9 F 40-4931:02.910:01/M
84Hashim Al-SahlaniJamaica NY610 12 M 1-1431:02.910:01/M
85Michael PollackPort Washington NY15571 1 M 70-7931:21.810:07/M
86Janet BundeBayside NY1633 5 F 30-3931:22.510:07/M
87Mia FerraraWhitestone NY379 1 F 1-1431:32.410:10/M
88Yelica KolenovicOakland Gardens NY5741 10 F 40-4932:04.210:21/M
89Amanda AbelBayside NY232 6 F 30-3932:14.510:24/M
90Lori RosenquestDouglaston NY14652 2 F 50-5932:32.010:30/M
91Gregg MacysBrookville NY15747 14 M 40-4932:39.410:32/M
92Keri ReganBayside NY7844 11 F 40-4932:49.710:35/M
93Rebecca DaynelloWhitestone NY1219 2 F 1-1432:55.910:37/M
94Joe RamaWhitestone NY12845 15 M 40-4933:13.210:43/M
95Angelina RomaWhitestone NY1299 3 F 1-1433:13.510:43/M
96Mary HubertFlushing NY4849 12 F 40-4933:41.210:52/M
97Barry WeintraubBayside NY10262 3 M 60-6933:54.510:56/M
98Kathy SheridanE. Northport NY15258 3 F 50-5933:54.610:56/M
99Olivia EspositoFlushing NY3515 1 F 15-1933:58.210:57/M
100Paul CruzBayside NY2818 8 M 15-1933:58.810:57/M
101Shilpa KotharyChappaqua NY5840 13 F 40-4934:43.311:12/M
102Jeffrey GrossWhitestone NY12544 16 M 40-4934:45.111:13/M
103JinHee HudmanBayside NY12241 14 F 40-4934:47.311:13/M
104Olivia CatalinaGalloway NJ230 1 F 0- 035:24.111:25/M
105Juliana HudmanBayside NY1279 4 F 1-1435:24.311:25/M
106Leo NicholasCollege Point NY7274 2 M 70-7935:38.911:30/M
107Max MenestrierWhitestone NY7011 13 M 1-1435:49.911:33/M
108Roberto BardalesWhitestone NY1036 9 M 30-3935:52.911:34/M
109Unknown Partic. 118.118. 1 M 0- 036:12.411:41/M
110Wendy RieseBayside NY8235 7 F 30-3936:18.411:43/M
111Alex ReyesEast Elmherst NY8058 14 M 50-5936:34.611:48/M
112Gerry SpinelliBayside NY9351 15 M 50-5936:40.411:50/M
113Nicholas AbelBayside NY133 10 M 30-3936:41.611:50/M
114Adele GoldbergFlushing NY14834 8 F 30-3936:50.011:53/M
115Bill SheridanE. Northport NY15357 16 M 50-5936:54.411:54/M
116Jennifer BoucherWhitestone NY1341 15 F 40-4937:02.011:57/M
117Frank BrunoWhitestone NY1469 4 M 60-6937:39.912:09/M
118Alan RodmanBayside NY114. 2 M 0- 037:44.412:10/M
119Christine CapandonisOakland Gardens NY1855 4 F 50-5937:47.912:11/M
120Stella RitsosBayside NY8462 1 F 60-6937:53.512:13/M
121Celeste EspositoFlushing NY3413 5 F 1-1438:12.212:19/M
122Unknown Partic. 109.109. 3 M 0- 038:23.712:23/M
123Michael FinerBayside Hills NY4066 5 M 60-6938:32.612:26/M
124Michael SchrieberNew York NY9031 11 M 30-3938:39.112:28/M
125Sally EspositoFlushing NY17347 16 F 40-4938:45.112:30/M
126Alissa SchrieberNew York NY9130 9 F 30-3938:49.112:31/M
127Paula EvansNew York NY3655 5 F 50-5941:14.213:18/M
128Diane CapezzaAstoria NY1953 6 F 50-5941:15.613:18/M
129Diane HillBayside NY13542 17 F 40-4941:17.713:19/M
130Jane BarrowBayside NY1110 2 F 0- 042:23.513:40/M
131Rita AmigdalosBayside NY113. 3 F 0- 042:30.213:43/M
132Daniel YoonBayside NY12413 14 M 1-1443:07.813:55/M
133Jean McLoughlinBayside NY6636 10 F 30-3943:56.514:10/M
134Richard CahnBrooklyn NY1765 6 M 60-6944:51.914:28/M
135Deeparilli AduikeriBayside NY13936 11 F 30-3945:12.614:35/M
136Beth PennerBayside NY13746 18 F 40-4945:13.514:35/M
137Myles McPartlandNew York NY6871 3 M 70-7945:30.614:41/M
138James McInerneyKen Gardens NY17039 12 M 30-3946:28.814:59/M
139Kevin LeonardBellerose NY17137 13 M 30-3946:29.515:00/M
140Gerry LynchBayside NY11056 17 M 50-5946:49.315:06/M
141Gia VitalliBayside NY13846 19 F 40-4946:52.215:07/M
142Rich KonigBayside NY17651 18 M 50-5947:30.615:19/M
143Jerome TigerBayside NY9686 1 M 80-9947:59.715:29/M
144Diane CohenBayside NY13671 1 F 70-7950:04.916:09/M
145Mike HillBayside NY13451 19 M 50-5950:45.916:22/M
146Michail TriunfoLittle Neck NY9962 7 M 60-6952:58.017:05/M
147Bruce KneppleWhitestone NY5464 8 M 60-6952:59.117:05/M
148Diane TriunfoLittle Neck NY9858 7 F 50-5952:59.717:05/M
149Eileen KneppleWhitestone NY5558 8 F 50-5953:00.817:06/M
150Unknown Partic. 181.181. 4 M 0- 053:12.717:10/M
151Unknown Partic. 180.180. 5 M 0- 053:16.617:11/M
152Dale MandelmanNew York NY6466 2 F 60-6953:35.217:17/M
153Russ LompirsBayside NY13256 20 M 50-5954:34.617:36/M
154Joe RandazzoBayside NY13156 21 M 50-5959:52.119:19/M
155Anne AvalosBayside NY731 12 F 30-391:05:29.421:07/M
156Janet CiminelliFlushing NY2728 6 F 20-291:05:36.921:10/M
157Gary McLoughlinBayside NY6736 14 M 30-391:05:40.921:11/M

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