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Falling Colors 8k Run and 5k Walk

Rock Hill, NY, November 2, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Tom Manza, Race Director. Timing by

Falling Colors.......
Overall Finish List.......
2013 November 02.......
Results By
8k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Kevin WippelPine Bush NY46424 1 Top Fin29:41.85:58/M
2Raymond RevellWurtsboro NY22040 2 Top Fin30:22.76:07/M
3Omar LopezGrahamsville NY47720 3 Top Fin30:38.66:10/M
4Brian GrodinWurtsboro NY44441 1 M 40-4930:45.86:11/M
5John SellstromLiberty NY46141 2 M 40-4931:12.06:17/M
6Michael BassettRock Hill NY17037 1 M 30-3931:22.86:19/M
7Mac ThurstonPine Bush NY41847 3 M 40-4931:33.06:21/M
8Erik SellstromLiberty NY45943 4 M 40-4932:09.66:28/M
9Frank ColellaCampbell Hall NY46755 1 M 50-5932:46.36:36/M
10Ken DevriesHopewell Junction NY17962 1 M 60-6933:13.56:41/M
11April AckermanCochecton NY44725 1 Top Fin33:39.06:46/M
12Matt ManziMiddletown NY44128 1 M 20-2934:12.16:53/M
13John LosardoMiddletown NY46056 2 M 50-5934:31.86:57/M
14John McCormackMahwah NJ45054 3 M 50-5934:38.26:58/M
15Patty InsignaresGoshen NY19552 2 Top Fin34:46.17:00/M
16Robert MalionekBriarcliff Manor NY44540 5 M 40-4935:04.77:03/M
17Kristopher PostPine Bush NY48836 2 M 30-3935:16.87:06/M
18Jacque SchifferOlivebridge NY22249 3 Top Fin35:26.57:08/M
19Bill SchneiderBarryville NY48655 4 M 50-5935:51.87:13/M
20Vargas Jenaro FochUnion City NJ46549 6 M 40-4936:35.27:22/M
21Elizabeth BassettRock Hill NY40837 1 F 30-3936:40.97:23/M
22Tom MaileCortlandt Manor NY20971 1 M 70-9936:58.27:26/M
23Neal WhitsettHancock NY45416 1 M 15-1937:08.87:28/M
24Dayton BjorkmanGoshen NY47324 2 M 20-2937:15.77:30/M
25Christopher ReganWappingers Falls NY21934 3 M 30-3937:16.27:30/M
26Ed O'ConnellMiddletown NY40959 5 M 50-5937:18.97:30/M
Alex BalbanovHancock NY45616 2 M 15-1937:30.77:33/M
28Jean BeattieFlorida NY45744 1 F 40-4937:34.87:34/M
29Bob HermeschCroton On Hudson NY19299 2 M 70-9937:40.47:35/M
30Unknown Partic. 334.334. 1 M 0- 037:41.87:35/M
31Jeff BrainHancock NY45548 7 M 40-4937:45.27:36/M
32John DowneyKingston NY18162 2 M 60-6937:48.87:36/M
33Carl ZuidemaWarwick NY47665 3 M 60-6937:55.77:38/M
34Dakota RaponiWurtsboro NY48118 3 M 15-1937:59.47:39/M
35Charlotte TerryChester NY22723 1 F 20-2938:03.37:39/M
36Eamonn NearyRock Hill NY21330 4 M 30-3938:10.17:41/M
37Fred KaestelWilliston Park NY19947 8 M 40-4938:10.67:41/M
38Paul WippelPine Bush NY47952 6 M 50-5938:22.17:43/M
39Martin Nowak JrMiddletown NY21451 7 M 50-5938:23.87:43/M
40Michael SavoskyWalden NY43449 9 M 40-4938:25.07:44/M
41Bob WatermanMiddletown NY23146 10 M 40-4938:45.37:48/M
42Jessica MalionekBriarcliff Manor NY44641 2 F 40-4938:46.17:48/M
43Jamie InsignaresGoshen NY19459 8 M 50-5938:46.27:48/M
44Nick DimariaMiddletown NY18030 5 M 30-3938:52.17:49/M
45John SingerSuffern NY22673 3 M 70-9938:55.57:50/M
46Craig IrvingCochecton NY42633 6 M 30-3938:56.87:50/M
47Bob McPhillipsMontgomery NY21057 9 M 50-5938:58.67:50/M
48David MoorePine Bush NY44251 10 M 50-5939:19.77:55/M
49Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ20868 4 M 60-6939:27.17:56/M
50Thomas BehrmanHugenot NY42247 11 M 40-4939:36.07:58/M
51John MonchakTafton PA47162 5 M 60-6939:48.18:00/M
52Andrew KalterSouth Fallsburg NY43143 12 M 40-4939:51.68:01/M
53Juan MendozaMiddletown NY40344 13 M 40-4939:58.88:02/M
54Geoff HablowMiddletown NY18842 14 M 40-4940:09.78:05/M
55Bob HarrisBullville NY45850 11 M 50-5940:17.68:06/M
56James HarrisonForestburgh NY47457 12 M 50-5940:32.78:09/M
57Les LafranceMonroe NY46855 13 M 50-5940:36.68:10/M
58Richard RobillardChester NY46363 6 M 60-6940:44.18:12/M
59Brian RivenburghMiddletown NY22160 7 M 60-6940:44.78:12/M
60Kelly IrvingCochecton NY42531 2 F 30-3941:04.78:16/M
61Joe LoughlinRock Hill NY48053 14 M 50-5941:38.58:23/M
62Harry OwensBeacon NY44055 15 M 50-5942:08.18:29/M
63Nicole PorcoTillson NY41424 2 F 20-2942:11.58:29/M
64Mike QuinnGoshen NY47051 16 M 50-5942:16.88:30/M
65Alan SorensenRock Hill NY41248 15 M 40-4942:24.98:32/M
66Dane GroszekMiddletown NY44959 17 M 50-5942:28.68:33/M
67George HendricksonMiddletown NY48252 18 M 50-5942:43.98:36/M
68Christine DevriesHopewell Junction NY17860 1 F 60-6942:57.68:39/M
69Candace SheererMiddletown NY41529 3 F 20-2943:16.98:42/M
70Fran PantanoWalden NY21557 1 F 50-5943:28.18:45/M
71Kevin KurthyRock Hill NY45144 16 M 40-4943:58.58:51/M
72Dillon OttioRock Hill NY45228 3 M 20-2943:58.88:51/M
73Daria PetragliaGoshen NY48746 3 F 40-4944:16.78:54/M
74Dana HermRock Hill NY41742 4 F 40-4944:21.38:55/M
75Curtis ArenaLoch Sheldrake NY16927 4 M 20-2944:53.69:02/M
76Katharine TerryChester NY22827 4 F 20-2945:34.49:10/M
77Kevin PasterchikBinghampton NY41356 19 M 50-5945:34.89:10/M
78Andrew ChuggBrooklyn NY17728 5 M 20-2946:01.79:16/M
79Fernando MelendezPort Jervis NY47851 20 M 50-5946:10.39:17/M
80Jenny BrimleyRock Hill NY17528 5 F 20-2946:26.39:21/M
81Dan HartMiddletown NY43859 21 M 50-5946:28.09:21/M
82Roger FilanninoMontgomery NY18356 22 M 50-5946:51.79:26/M
83James PostWurtsboro NY44854 23 M 50-5946:56.49:27/M
84John IhloBarryville NY42749 17 M 40-4947:18.99:31/M
85Charles BowenChester NY42856 24 M 50-5947:47.79:37/M
86Heather FassellWurtsboro NY18234 3 F 30-3947:51.09:38/M
87Katie NewmanWarren NJ47225 6 F 20-2948:26.99:45/M
88Eileen WohltjenHurleyville NY23360 2 F 60-6948:28.19:45/M
89Erica Ward-GonzalezPine Bush NY48338 4 F 30-3949:01.29:52/M
90Todd JenningsMonroe NY19851 25 M 50-5949:15.89:55/M
91Tom ToltonMidland MI40466 8 M 60-6949:58.110:03/M
92Catherine PetroskiMilltown NJ21745 5 F 40-4950:00.910:04/M
93Patti MilburnWarwick NY45350 2 F 50-5950:16.810:07/M
94Rita D HoffmanMonticello NY46670 1 F 70-9952:54.510:39/M
95Janet LeeRock Tavern NY43231 5 F 30-3953:05.610:41/M
96Lucie GrecoChester NY48540 6 F 40-4953:12.210:42/M
97Kenneth HagelmanNewburgh NY18966 9 M 60-6953:29.610:46/M
98Claire WalkerLiberty NY41913 1 F 13-1453:47.610:49/M
99Joseph MarchesanoHarriman NY48462 10 M 60-6953:52.210:50/M
100Dennis PetersonMonroe NY44363 11 M 60-6953:52.510:50/M
101Tehnyat KhanLoch Sheldrake NY41021 7 F 20-2955:25.811:09/M
102Cara ShulmanLoch Sheldrake NY41623 8 F 20-2956:13.211:19/M
103Debbie BertholfLiberty NY17351 3 F 50-5956:31.311:22/M
104Doviana SabatinoMonticello NY41121 9 F 20-2958:14.811:43/M
105Beverly GarzonParksville NY18663 3 F 60-6958:58.311:52/M
106Livia SabourinWoodridge NY48939 6 F 30-3959:08.111:54/M
107Matthew BrownWoodridge NY17646 18 M 40-491:03:42.512:49/M
108Kyle GiordanoLiberty NY42128 6 M 20-291:06:25.913:22/M
109Cathy KaestelWilliston Park NY20048 7 F 40-491:06:58.413:28/M
110Mary HeinleWhite Sulphur Springs NY19179 2 F 70-991:07:41.413:37/M
111Ann SingerSuffern NY22570 3 F 70-991:08:35.413:48/M
112Elizabeth LechnerWurtsboro NY42331 7 F 30-391:08:52.813:51/M
113Burton LedinaMonticello NY20673 4 M 70-991:15:31.115:12/M
114John LacenereMiddletown NY20410 1 M 1-101:22:19.216:34/M
115Marion SchneiderPine Bush NY43772 4 F 70-991:23:03.516:43/M
5k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Bob HarjesPine Bush NY43951 1 M 20-9931:25.210:08/M
2Barry LewisWoodbourne NY23953 2 M 20-9936:54.011:54/M
3Marian HarrisonForestburgh NY23658 1 F 20-9940:28.813:03/M
4Jill ThurstonBullville NY46270 2 F 20-9941:37.513:25/M
5Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY24560 3 F 20-9941:39.113:26/M
6Dustin LewisWoodbourne NY24125 3 M 20-9942:59.113:52/M
7Bonnie LewisWoodbourne NY43353 4 F 20-9944:54.314:29/M
8Ruth ShelleyMiddletown NY24773 5 F 20-9945:53.314:48/M
9Eileen KalterSouth Fallsburg NY49070 6 F 20-9953:04.817:07/M
10Diane SalzbergRock Hill NY24699 7 F 20-9953:05.817:07/M
11Samantha PutzerKauneonga Lake NY24223 8 F 20-9955:24.817:52/M
12Susan HolmesKauneonga Lake NY23763 9 F 20-9955:25.517:53/M
13Barbara PutzerKauneonga Lake NY24359 10 F 20-9955:25.917:53/M
14Cole LacenereMiddletown NY2035 1 M 1-1956:15.218:09/M
15Karen LacenereMiddletown NY20233 11 F 20-9957:09.018:26/M
16Adam HuntMiddletown NY40225 4 M 20-991:00:19.119:27/M
17Becky WalkerMiddletown NY40154 12 F 20-991:00:21.719:28/M

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