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Delaware River Run 5k

Port Jervis, NY, May 5, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

John Faggione, Race Director. Timing by

Delaware River Run........
Overall Finish List........
2013 May 05........
Results By
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Kobie LaneSparrowbush NY16515 1 Top Fin16:16.3.5:15/M
2Hans ZangerForestburgh NY34616 2 Top Fin16:59.30:43.05:29/M
3Austin TrainoPort Jervis NY80716 3 Top Fin17:44.61:28.25:43/M
4Alex GardnerPort Jervis NY10922 1 M 20-2918:09.11:52.75:51/M
5Collin BrandtMilford PA128016 1 M 16-1918:19.82:03.45:55/M
6Michael BellMilford PA1415 1 M 13-1518:36.32:20.06:00/M
7John SellstromLiberty NY100041 1 M 40-4918:42.62:26.26:02/M
8Erik SellstromLiberty NY28442 2 M 40-4918:44.62:28.26:03/M
9Troy ZangerForestburgh NY34514 2 M 13-1518:47.32:31.06:04/M
10Donald ThurstonPine Bush NY30546 3 M 40-4918:53.62:37.26:05/M
11Zachary PepeStaten Island NY58219 2 M 16-1919:01.62:45.26:08/M
12Mike BrownMilford PA84548 4 M 40-4919:05.62:49.26:09/M
13Ausin DembergWesttown NY70816 3 M 16-1919:07.12:50.76:10/M
14Frank ColellaCampbell Hall NY47155 1 M 50-5919:19.13:02.76:14/M
15Trevor FlynnPort Jervis NY10015 3 M 13-1519:36.13:19.76:19/M
16Denzel VilsaintHuguenot NY31913 4 M 13-1519:45.33:29.06:22/M
17Mark PapertsianGlen Spey NY48044 5 M 40-4919:59.63:43.26:27/M
18Ken DevriesHopewell Jct NY5961 1 M 60-6920:18.34:02.06:33/M
19Gary LantermanPort Jervis NY45116 4 M 16-1920:26.34:10.06:35/M
20Lance ReiserWatertown NY69936 1 M 30-3920:37.14:20.76:39/M
21Jacqueline SchifferOlivebridge NY27948 1 Top Fin20:49.1.6:43/M
22John MurranFallsburg NY62932 2 M 30-3920:50.34:34.06:43/M
23Nick SmithMontague NJ43725 2 M 20-2921:08.44:52.06:49/M
24Ian SchuppNew Hampton NY47017 5 M 16-1921:11.34:55.06:50/M
25Edward AppelMilford PA455 2 M 50-5921:13.14:56.76:51/M
26Colin SweeneyAlden NY29827 3 M 20-2921:14.14:57.76:51/M
27Kyle HyziakMontague NJ68328 4 M 20-2921:25.15:08.76:55/M
28Alec BrownMilford PA84415 5 M 13-1521:29.35:13.06:56/M
29Brian ReedPort Jervis NY95947 6 M 40-4921:30.85:14.56:56/M
30Bill SchneiderBarryville NY97855 3 M 50-5921:32.35:16.06:57/M
31Benjamin MullerSparrowbush NY21225 5 M 20-2921:34.65:18.26:57/M
32Kevin SanokPort Jervis NY27652 4 M 50-5921:36.35:20.06:58/M
33Elena NiteckiMatamoras PA22036 2 Top Fin21:36.60:47.46:58/M
34Alec WarnockHuguenot NY43013 6 M 13-1521:39.35:23.06:59/M
35Carey AllenPort Jervis NY49412 1 M 10-1221:44.65:28.27:01/M
36Unknown Partic. 1091.1091. 1 M 0- 021:49.65:33.27:02/M
37Ryan SchuppGoshen NY46227 6 M 20-2922:07.85:51.57:08/M
38Thomas MustachiaStaten Island NY67918 6 M 16-1922:11.35:55.07:09/M
39Brianna WordenPort Jervis NY33716 3 Top Fin22:13.31:24.27:10/M
40Giulio PanzutoStaten Island NY63922 7 M 20-2922:16.66:00.27:11/M
41Anthony SoodPort Jervis NY66414 7 M 13-1522:24.66:08.27:14/M
42Joshua JonesPort Jervis NY41230 3 M 30-3922:30.36:14.07:15/M
43Rachel QuinnGoshen NY40620 1 F 20-2922:32.81:43.77:16/M
44Gideon GadsonWestbrookville NY46614 8 M 13-1522:38.86:22.57:18/M
45Matthew HeussyPort Jervis NY13827 8 M 20-2922:40.16:23.77:19/M
46Patrick Aschoff Pa PA Milford552 5 M 50-5922:41.66:25.27:19/M
47Mackenzie DeckerPort Jervis NY40417 7 M 16-1922:41.86:25.57:19/M
48Mishka KaplanNew York NY63516 8 M 16-1922:44.16:27.77:20/M
49Chanel MeyerPort Jervis NY19515 1 F 13-1522:46.61:57.47:21/M
50Cora KeysPort Jervis NY13108 1 F 1- 922:48.31:59.27:21/M
51George AckermannKenoza Lake NY75954 6 M 50-5922:52.36:36.07:23/M
52Pat JamesMatamoras PA71822 9 M 20-2922:54.86:38.57:23/M
53Bob WatermanMiddletown NY33146 7 M 40-4922:56.66:40.27:24/M
54Zoe CorreaGoshen NY85726 2 F 20-2922:59.12:10.07:25/M
55Rob RuscherPort Jervis NY27056 7 M 50-5923:03.66:47.27:26/M
56Jack ShaferMilford PA89511 2 M 10-1223:09.66:53.27:28/M
57Martin NowakMiddletown NY22250 8 M 50-5923:14.86:58.57:30/M
58Asher PeltonSparrowbush NY23612 3 M 10-1223:15.86:59.57:30/M
59Christopher StellatoPort Jervis NY41530 4 M 30-3923:21.17:04.77:32/M
60Tom BongioviTafton PA94046 8 M 40-4923:24.87:08.57:33/M
61Lorne MacDonaldSussex NY16968 2 M 60-6923:35.67:19.27:36/M
62Steve BrockettMiddletown NY121753 9 M 50-5923:36.67:20.27:37/M
63Joseph MahaneySparrowbush NY47513 9 M 13-1523:44.67:28.27:39/M
64Jonathan ZangerForestburgh NY34243 9 M 40-4923:45.87:29.57:40/M
65Brandon BellMiddletown NY1613 10 M 13-1523:47.17:30.77:40/M
66Harry TomasiPort Jervis NY31511 4 M 10-1223:56.37:40.07:43/M
67John ThibodeauOtisville NY78910 5 M 10-1224:02.37:46.07:45/M
68Peter TomasiPort Jervis NY31249 10 M 40-4924:08.87:52.57:47/M
69Nick DimariaMiddletown NY6629 10 M 20-2924:09.67:53.27:47/M
70Charlie MarronWarwick NY18257 10 M 50-5924:16.68:00.27:50/M
71Rich SantiniPort Jervis NY48329 11 M 20-2924:17.68:01.27:50/M
72Stacey EvansMiddletown NY8137 1 F 30-3924:18.33:29.27:50/M
73Conner DeckerPort Jervis NY40315 11 M 13-1524:19.38:03.07:51/M
74Emil BarbosaWallkill NY89664 3 M 60-6924:29.18:12.77:54/M
75Josh MartinMiddletown NY1838 1 M 1- 924:35.38:19.07:56/M
76Harry OwensBeacon NY65955 11 M 50-5924:39.18:22.77:57/M
77Joseph TrainaStaten Island NY66623 12 M 20-2924:43.38:27.07:58/M
78John HocksonGoshen NY65651 12 M 50-5924:46.18:29.77:59/M
79Brandon MorseHuguenot NY21112 6 M 10-1224:47.18:30.78:00/M
80William BachelderMilford PA43433 5 M 30-3924:50.68:34.28:01/M
81Shaun ParkerPort Jervis NY22945 11 M 40-4924:52.48:36.08:01/M
82Meagan QuinnSparrowbush NY24814 2 F 13-1524:52.44:03.28:01/M
83Giuliana SadlerPort Jervis NY27211 1 F 10-1224:56.64:07.58:03/M
84Dennis DillinMiddletown NY79942 12 M 40-4924:57.68:41.28:03/M
85Brian CostelloMiddletown NY42846 13 M 40-4924:58.38:42.08:03/M
86John MonchakTafton PA20362 4 M 60-6925:00.18:43.78:04/M
87Michael FlynnStaten Island NY67723 13 M 20-2925:01.88:45.58:04/M
88Lori Ann ClouseBloomingburg NY44536 2 F 30-3925:02.64:13.58:05/M
89Jodi MartinMiddletown NY18438 3 F 30-3925:04.84:15.78:05/M
90Jim KennedyMatamoras PA15159 13 M 50-5925:10.18:53.78:07/M
91Carson SauschuckPort Jervis NY81412 7 M 10-1225:13.68:57.28:08/M
92Reniea JohnsonWestbrookville NY91320 3 F 20-2925:14.64:25.58:08/M
93John SingerSuffern NY29072 1 M 70-9925:15.18:58.78:09/M
94Roland ZangerForestburgh NY3449 2 M 1- 925:17.39:01.08:09/M
95Shane KeanPort Jervis NY47230 6 M 30-3925:31.39:15.08:14/M
96Jessica WhitneyHuguenot NY46517 1 F 16-1925:37.14:48.08:16/M
97Emily TiguePort Jervis NY30913 3 F 13-1525:38.84:49.78:16/M
98Raven AumickCuddebackville NY45213 12 M 13-1525:42.69:26.28:17/M
99Kyra EwilkceskiPound Ridge NY42313 4 F 13-1525:43.64:54.58:18/M
100Michael DoolittleSparrowbush NY6946 14 M 40-4925:44.19:27.78:18/M
101Beth SchneiderPort Jervis NY42423 4 F 20-2925:45.34:56.28:18/M
102Timothy RiordanPort Jervis NY25927 14 M 20-2925:52.89:36.58:21/M
103Jaime PitingaroMiddletown NY24030 4 F 30-3925:53.85:04.78:21/M
104Braeden RossGlen Spey NY2678 3 M 1- 925:58.69:42.28:23/M
105Jillian ShearerHuguenot NY28510 2 F 10-1226:03.85:14.78:24/M
106Anthony CalPort Jervis NY3450 14 M 50-5926:05.39:49.08:25/M
107Philippa McAfeeGlen Spey NY18546 1 F 40-4926:06.35:17.28:25/M
108Logan HammockPort Jervis NY12810 8 M 10-1226:09.19:52.78:26/M
109Justin ThousandWestbrookville NY86410 9 M 10-1226:09.19:52.78:26/M
110Stephen KrollPort Jervis NY15947 15 M 40-4926:09.89:53.58:26/M
111Michael SvizzeroMiddletown NY29731 7 M 30-3926:14.89:58.58:28/M
112Cheyeanne ClouseBloomingburg NY44616 2 F 16-1926:15.35:26.28:28/M
113Don CluneSparrowbush NY4966 5 M 60-6926:16.810:00.58:28/M
114Bill GaaMatamoras PA10861 6 M 60-6926:18.610:02.28:29/M
115Dane GroszehMiddletown NY80059 15 M 50-5926:21.810:05.58:30/M
116Christine DevriesHopewell Jct NY5860 1 F 60-6926:22.85:33.78:30/M
117Charles BowenChester NY1956 16 M 50-5926:23.810:07.58:31/M
118Amy JohnsonOtisville NY81738 5 F 30-3926:26.15:37.08:32/M
119Erin BeamMiddletown NY1030 6 F 30-3926:27.15:37.98:32/M
120Kaitlyn GouldSlate Hill NY11527 5 F 20-2926:27.15:38.08:32/M
121Nicole BeamSparrowbush NY928 6 F 20-2926:27.15:38.08:32/M
122Alex KinmanPort Jervis NY15211 10 M 10-1226:30.110:13.78:33/M
123Steven QuinnSparrowbush NY24712 11 M 10-1226:31.310:15.08:33/M
124Ryan KeaneSparrowbush NY14916 9 M 16-1926:32.110:15.78:34/M
125Conan DuelkJeffersonville NY7228 15 M 20-2926:34.610:18.28:34/M
126Reva NavarroMountaindale NY21632 7 F 30-3926:34.85:45.78:34/M
127Sean AddyPort Jervis NY45037 8 M 30-3926:36.110:19.78:35/M
128Katelyn BerrySparrow Bush NY98322 7 F 20-2926:37.15:48.08:35/M
129Paul UsticWestbrookville NY31713 13 M 13-1526:40.810:24.58:36/M
130Eric TiguePort Jervis NY3079 4 M 1- 926:44.310:28.08:37/M
131Robert CardPort Jervis NY4030 9 M 30-3926:46.110:29.78:38/M
132Erik KrollWesttown NY16012 12 M 10-1226:46.810:30.58:38/M
133Candice SheererMiddletown NY28629 8 F 20-2926:54.16:05.08:41/M
134John MalzahnSparrow Bush NY87448 16 M 40-4926:55.810:39.58:41/M
135Joshua ThibodeauOtisville NY7907 5 M 1- 927:04.610:48.28:44/M
136Renee ThibodeauOtisville NY66037 8 F 30-3927:06.66:17.58:45/M
137Kim MalzahnSparrow Bush NY87241 2 F 40-4927:10.16:21.08:46/M
138Abby BilliasPine Bush NY1851 1 F 50-5927:11.86:22.78:46/M
139Rebecca BachelderMilford PA43336 9 F 30-3927:18.16:29.08:48/M
140Sherman GoldenMatamoras PA11468 7 M 60-6927:23.611:07.28:50/M
141James Kennedy.85165 8 M 60-6927:39.111:22.78:55/M
142Alex CutlerHuguenot NY122313 14 M 13-1527:40.811:24.58:55/M
143Jason ButlerCuddebackville NY3213 15 M 13-1527:49.611:33.28:58/M
144James WilsonPort Jervis NY44034 10 M 30-3928:05.311:49.09:04/M
145David RonsonPort Jervis NY26658 17 M 50-5928:13.111:56.79:06/M
146Logan ZappoloPort Jervis NY3509 6 M 1- 928:13.111:56.79:06/M
147Raey WebsterWarwick NY68572 2 M 70-9928:15.111:58.79:07/M
148Scylen PhillipsPort Jervis NY45813 16 M 13-1528:16.111:59.79:07/M
149Erin CornellPort Jervis NY5314 5 F 13-1528:16.67:27.59:07/M
150Donovan BoateagPort Jervis NY48414 17 M 13-1528:18.112:01.79:08/M
151Sara FisherPort Jervis NY106233 10 F 30-3928:22.17:32.99:09/M
152Patricia CalPort Jervis NY3547 3 F 40-4928:24.37:35.29:10/M
153Brittany KrollPort Jervis NY15713 6 F 13-1528:25.17:35.99:10/M
154Megan KolvenbachMilford PA15430 11 F 30-3928:27.17:38.09:11/M
155Timothy SmithStaten Island NY43934 11 M 30-3928:27.912:11.59:11/M
156Paul ShermanMiddletown NY28755 18 M 50-5928:31.112:14.79:12/M
157Michael LissnerSparrow Bush NY106949 17 M 40-4928:32.112:15.79:12/M
158Alex NeffPort Jervis NY46114 18 M 13-1528:32.612:16.29:12/M
159Trequan WatsonPort Jervis NY40813 19 M 13-1528:33.612:17.29:13/M
160Justin LittleSparrow Bush NY43524 16 M 20-2928:36.612:20.29:14/M
161Lynzee BraceMontague NJ2023 9 F 20-2928:38.17:48.99:14/M
162Elijah AddyPort Jervis NY4489 7 M 1- 928:39.312:23.09:15/M
163Alexis PhillipsBrooklyn NY43227 10 F 20-2928:41.67:52.59:15/M
164Patricia KrupinichOtisville NY16348 4 F 40-4928:42.87:53.79:15/M
165Greg ShaferMilford PA89746 18 M 40-4928:43.112:26.79:16/M
166Andy MelendezPort Jervis NY42617 10 M 16-1928:52.312:36.09:19/M
167Roger FilanninoMontgomery NY9856 19 M 50-5928:57.112:40.79:20/M
168Alex MelnickPort Jervis NY66318 11 M 16-1928:58.612:42.29:21/M
169Robie MacKelreyPort Jervis NY66144 5 F 40-4928:58.88:09.79:21/M
170Liam TomasiPort Jervis NY31410 13 M 10-1229:00.612:44.29:21/M
171Daniel MorseGodeffroy NY2109 8 M 1- 929:09.112:52.79:24/M
172Dominic ZappoloPort Jervis NY34812 14 M 10-1229:11.312:55.09:25/M
173Sydney HendershotPort Jervis NY13315 7 F 13-1529:12.18:23.09:25/M
174Emilu GardnerHuguenot NY52316 3 F 16-1929:12.38:23.29:25/M
175Samantha EvansMiddletown NY7913 8 F 13-1529:13.38:24.29:25/M
176Renee RohrerLiberty NY50530 12 F 30-3929:15.38:26.29:26/M
177Melissa SpeakerPort Jervis NY84841 6 F 40-4929:21.38:32.29:28/M
178Jennifer OnotzPort Jervis NY84734 13 F 30-3929:21.68:32.59:28/M
179Justin MeerdindSparrowbush NY44312 15 M 10-1229:24.313:08.09:29/M
180Colby DooneyPort Jervis NY7011 16 M 10-1229:24.313:08.09:29/M
181Gary ButlerCuddebackville NY3154 20 M 50-5929:27.313:11.09:30/M
182Jimmy FlynnPort Jervis NY10218 12 M 16-1929:28.813:12.59:30/M
183Art NelsonWestbrookville NY21847 19 M 40-4929:29.313:13.09:31/M
184Kristina BellMiddletown NY1542 7 F 40-4929:31.88:42.79:31/M
185Lisa FlynnPort Jervis NY10141 8 F 40-4929:34.88:45.79:32/M
186Amy KingstonShohola PA75631 14 F 30-3929:37.18:47.99:33/M
187Cheryl GreeneCuddebackville NY71742 9 F 40-4929:41.68:52.59:35/M
188Robert FilanciaPort Jervis NY78650 21 M 50-5929:41.813:25.59:35/M
189Robert SchwartzWarwick NY28265 9 M 60-6929:45.813:29.59:36/M
190Stephanie BranhamPort Jervis NY49512 3 F 10-1229:47.18:58.09:36/M
191Michelle BeckerHuguenot NY1225 11 F 20-2929:51.89:02.79:38/M
192Megan SchmitzPort Jervis NY28025 12 F 20-2929:53.19:04.09:38/M
193Fernando MelendezPort Jervis NY41950 22 M 50-5929:54.113:37.79:39/M
194Andrea RearerSparrow Bush NY40548 10 F 40-4930:00.39:11.29:41/M
195Meghan CluneHuguenot NY49812 4 F 10-1230:01.69:12.49:41/M
196Al SwanMatamoras PA77672 3 M 70-9930:03.313:47.09:42/M
197Colin QuinnSparrowbush NY24610 17 M 10-1230:03.313:47.09:42/M
198Jessica DeckerSlate Hill NY5631 15 F 30-3930:10.69:21.59:44/M
199Susan SadlerPort Jervis NY2730 1 F 0- 030:11.19:21.99:44/M
200Diana YoungFederalsburg MD42523 13 F 20-2930:23.39:34.29:48/M
201Manna MorejonPort Jervis NY20547 11 F 40-4930:27.19:38.09:49/M
202Julia ZangerForestburgh NY34343 12 F 40-4930:28.69:39.59:50/M
203Heather JonesPort Jervis NY41338 16 F 30-3930:31.39:42.29:51/M
204Stanley SokolofskyCampbell Hall NY29264 10 M 60-6930:42.114:25.79:54/M
205Bill HendersonHuguenot NY13557 23 M 50-5930:47.814:31.59:56/M
206Emily ZulePort Jervis NY40924 14 F 20-2931:06.310:17.210:02/M
207Innocent RwalcondaMilford PA131745 20 M 40-4931:06.614:50.210:02/M
208Jodi NelsonWestbrookville NY21744 13 F 40-4931:11.610:22.510:04/M
209Randy RossGlen Spey NY26937 12 M 30-3931:17.315:01.010:05/M
210Ryan RossGlen Spey NY2686 9 M 1- 931:17.315:01.010:05/M
211Andrew MarottaMilford PA18137 13 M 30-3931:30.315:14.010:10/M
212Mike QuinnGoshen NY40751 24 M 50-5931:31.115:14.710:10/M
213Stephen LempkaCuddebackville NY45541 21 M 40-4931:33.615:17.210:11/M
214Russell PhillipsPort Jervis NY46452 25 M 50-5931:38.815:22.510:12/M
215Kristen RobinsonPort Jervis NY49612 5 F 10-1231:40.810:51.710:13/M
216Susan SpohmBloomingburg NY101738 17 F 30-3931:41.110:51.910:13/M
217Aidan KellermanSparrowbush NY15010 18 M 10-1231:43.815:27.510:14/M
218Catherine IntranuovoMatamoras PA14234 18 F 30-3931:45.310:56.210:15/M
219Dave ThousandWestbrookville NY85840 22 M 40-4931:47.615:31.210:15/M
220Natalia ValientePort Jervis NY31825 15 F 20-2931:48.810:59.710:15/M
221Antiono EstradaMiddletown NY7870 4 M 70-9931:54.115:37.710:17/M
222Mr IzzyMilford PA128141 14 F 40-4931:56.111:07.010:18/M
223Jack EllisWarwick NY7764 11 M 60-6931:59.115:42.710:19/M
224Dana ClarkePort Jervis NY48911 6 F 10-1232:01.811:12.710:20/M
225Lisa AlbornozWesttown NY138 19 F 30-3932:02.111:13.010:20/M
226Linda SzulenskiPort Jervis NY129448 15 F 40-4932:04.311:15.210:21/M
227Angelica ColladoHuguenot NY5211 7 F 10-1232:04.811:15.710:21/M
228John XanthisGoshen NY33859 26 M 50-5932:08.615:52.210:22/M
229Laguerre LindnerPort Jervis NY16710 19 M 10-1232:11.315:55.010:23/M
230Tom ReillyWarwick NY25752 27 M 50-5932:13.115:56.710:24/M
231Krystina BraidSparrow Bush NY88713 9 F 13-1532:13.611:24.410:24/M
232Ken HagelmanNewburgh NY12066 12 M 60-6932:23.116:06.710:27/M
233Jenny McElroyPort Jervis NY18935 20 F 30-3932:27.311:38.210:28/M
234Charlotte EvansMiddletown NY808 2 F 1- 932:28.611:39.510:28/M
235Shane JohnsenOtisville NY8249 10 M 1- 932:37.316:21.010:31/M
236Tara SauschuckSparrow Bush NY83443 16 F 40-4932:41.111:52.010:33/M
237Duawne RiccendelhWesttown NY83842 17 F 40-4932:41.311:52.210:33/M
238Daniel HastingsHuguenot NY89413 20 M 13-1532:42.316:26.010:33/M
239Luke GadsonWestbrookville NY46810 20 M 10-1232:42.616:26.210:33/M
240Tammy McClanahanMiddletown NY42949 18 F 40-4932:59.312:10.210:38/M
241Raymolnd MayerPort Jervis NY50412 21 M 10-1233:02.316:46.010:39/M
242Mike HanhamPort Jervis NY68844 23 M 40-4933:05.616:49.210:40/M
243Kelly BabcockCuddebackville NY99748 19 F 40-4933:12.612:23.510:43/M
244Xavier WinstonPort Jervis NY49212 22 M 10-1233:14.816:58.510:43/M
245Lauren WaligroskiPort Jervis NY32913 10 F 13-1533:16.312:27.210:44/M
246Madison SanokPort Jervis NY27515 11 F 13-1533:17.812:28.710:44/M
247Kim MannMiddletown NY69553 2 F 50-5933:18.812:29.710:45/M
248Kennedy SanokPort Jervis NY27413 12 F 13-1533:19.812:30.710:45/M
249John LacenereMiddletown NY49710 23 M 10-1233:26.817:10.510:47/M
250Owen ReillyGlen Spey NY2568 11 M 1- 933:28.317:12.010:48/M
251Ian TraverseMontague NJ3167 12 M 1- 933:30.117:13.710:48/M
252Andrew IannonePort Jervis NY1419 13 M 1- 933:30.617:14.210:48/M
253Erin ZappoloPort Jervis NY34740 20 F 40-4933:34.612:45.410:50/M
254Edith ClarkePort Jervis NY49144 21 F 40-4933:41.812:52.710:52/M
255Paul SvizzeroWarwick NY29654 28 M 50-5933:43.317:27.010:53/M
256Leigha PhillipsPort Jervis NY23915 13 F 13-1533:43.812:54.710:53/M
257Kaitlynn LanePort Jervis NY46015 14 F 13-1533:52.613:03.410:55/M
258Javin FrankPort Jervis NY1039 14 M 1- 933:53.817:37.510:56/M
259Nicole StellatoPort Jervis NY29424 16 F 20-2933:59.613:10.410:58/M
260Phil BrennanMilford PA2681 5 M 70-9934:06.317:50.011:00/M
261Melissa BarnettHowells NY97037 21 F 30-3934:23.613:34.511:05/M
262Andrew TomasiPort Jervis NY3138 15 M 1- 934:33.818:17.511:09/M
263Noleen Casey-TomasiPort Jervis NY4843 22 F 40-4934:38.313:49.211:10/M
264Ryan CostelloSparrow Bush NY103010 24 M 10-1234:39.118:22.711:11/M
265Alphonso JonesPort Jervis NY14451 3 F 50-5934:39.813:50.711:11/M
266Jada VailCuddebackville NY4599 3 F 1- 934:43.613:54.411:12/M
267Mark HendershotPort Jervis NY13148 24 M 40-4934:47.118:30.711:13/M
268Jonathan VollanoNapanoch NY32112 25 M 10-1234:54.118:37.711:15/M
269Hunter MisczukPort Jervis NY20012 26 M 10-1234:56.818:40.511:16/M
270Scott VollanoNapanoch NY32040 25 M 40-4935:02.818:46.511:18/M
271Z'Nada BridgesPort Jervis NY43610 8 F 10-1235:11.614:22.411:21/M
272Brett FullerPort Jervis NY4879 16 M 1- 935:13.118:56.711:22/M
273Ayssia CluneHuguenot NY5418 4 F 1- 935:13.614:24.511:22/M
274Dylan YoungPort Jervis NY34011 27 M 10-1235:15.818:59.511:22/M
275Trevor DegroatSparrow Bush NY4889 17 M 1- 935:17.319:01.011:23/M
276James LempkaCuddebackville NY43812 28 M 10-1235:22.319:06.011:25/M
277Keagen HalpinWestbrookville NY1259 18 M 1- 935:25.319:09.011:25/M
278Tricia IrwinHuguenot NY51144 23 F 40-4935:26.314:37.211:26/M
279Braedon HalpinWestbrookville NY12411 29 M 10-1235:26.819:10.511:26/M
280Rich MeiryPort Jervis NY46337 14 M 30-3935:29.119:12.711:27/M
281Alexandra KatrisPort Jervis NY14810 9 F 10-1235:38.314:49.211:30/M
282Edward O'DonnellMatamoras PA67072 6 M 70-9935:48.119:31.711:33/M
283Dan MorseCuddebackville NY82534 15 M 30-3935:49.619:33.211:33/M
284Rebecca LyonsWestbrookville NY16811 10 F 10-1235:50.115:01.011:34/M
285Amy ReillyGlen Spey NY129741 24 F 40-4935:51.815:02.711:34/M
286Shelli KrollPort Jervis NY15845 25 F 40-4936:03.615:14.511:38/M
287Gina FitzpatrickPort Jervis NY9941 26 F 40-4936:07.815:18.711:39/M
288Marcia CalPort Jervis NY3713 15 F 13-1536:25.615:36.511:45/M
289Aidan AddyPort Jervis NY4499 19 M 1- 936:35.820:19.511:48/M
290Mikayla IannonePort Jervis NY1407 5 F 1- 936:50.116:01.011:53/M
291Katie StrubleSlate Hill NY29540 27 F 40-4936:59.816:10.711:56/M
292Carolyn DorritiePort Jervis NY7148 28 F 40-4937:07.816:18.711:58/M
293Dylan DaviesPort Jervis NY83920 17 M 20-2937:13.120:56.712:00/M
294Jennifer GutzeitPort Jervis NY84135 22 F 30-3937:13.316:24.212:00/M
295Heather NelsonWestbrookville NY21923 17 F 20-2937:15.616:26.512:01/M
296William GrennilleMontague NJ11760 13 M 60-6937:37.621:21.212:08/M
297Matthew WentworthMilford PA33232 16 M 30-3937:52.121:35.712:13/M
298Michael KnightMatamoras PA15331 17 M 30-3937:52.321:36.012:13/M
299Caroline BellMiddletown NY179 6 F 1- 937:57.617:08.512:15/M
300Ann SingerSuffern NY28969 2 F 60-6938:05.617:16.412:17/M
301Norman ParkerMatamoris PA84942 26 M 40-4938:09.621:53.212:18/M
302Katherine DuryeaPort Jervis NY7510 11 F 10-1238:22.617:33.512:23/M
303Gianna RobertsonSparrowbush NY26310 12 F 10-1238:22.817:33.712:23/M
304Olivia MyersPort Jervis NY2158 7 F 1- 938:24.317:35.212:23/M
305Tammy MyersPort Jervis NY21343 29 F 40-4938:27.617:38.512:24/M
306Mike CalvarioShohola PA131136 18 M 30-3938:30.122:13.712:25/M
307Avery CalvarioShohola PA13127 8 F 1- 938:30.317:41.212:25/M
308Olivia StanzlPort Jervis NY29310 13 F 10-1238:52.118:03.012:32/M
309Riley SauschuckPort Jervis NY81211 14 F 10-1238:52.318:03.212:32/M
310Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY26160 3 F 60-6938:53.118:04.012:33/M
311Zachery CovertCuddebackville NY5410 30 M 10-1239:00.322:44.012:35/M
312Melissa HernandezPort Jervis NY13639 23 F 30-3939:12.618:23.512:39/M
313Zachary IrwinHuguenot NY53811 31 M 10-1239:23.323:07.012:42/M
314Kyle HaightPort Jervis NY12212 32 M 10-1239:28.623:12.212:44/M
315Patrick LempkaCuddebackville NY4539 20 M 1- 939:29.123:12.712:44/M
316Jessica PowleyPort Jervis NY24310 15 F 10-1239:51.619:02.512:51/M
317Amber CarltonWestbrookville NY4610 16 F 10-1239:51.819:02.712:51/M
318Michael ZypathPort Jervis NY41038 19 M 30-3939:53.423:37.012:52/M
319Colleen FeldnerWarwick NY8626 18 F 20-2939:53.819:04.712:52/M
320Susan ReddanMonroe NY25131 24 F 30-3939:53.819:04.712:52/M
321Lucia MoliternoWestbrookville NY20212 17 F 10-1240:13.619:24.412:58/M
322Kathleen DaviesHillburn NY5567 4 F 60-6940:22.619:33.513:01/M
323Nico CarlozziPort Jervis NY435 21 M 1- 940:29.324:13.013:04/M
324Matthew CarlozziPort Jervis NY4231 20 M 30-3940:33.124:16.713:05/M
325Amanda SextonPort Jervis NY92814 16 F 13-1540:57.120:07.913:13/M
326Sally FaganWestbrookville NY86540 30 F 40-4940:58.120:08.913:13/M
327Nancy WarthWurtsboro NY33062 5 F 60-6941:08.320:19.213:16/M
328Michelle KatrisPort Jervis NY14741 31 F 40-4941:29.820:40.713:23/M
329Brian YennieSparrowbush NY33910 18 F 10-1241:31.120:42.013:24/M
330Trentin HalpinWestbrookville NY1267 22 M 1- 941:36.325:20.013:25/M
331Ethan McElroyPort Jervis NY1889 23 M 1- 941:44.125:27.713:28/M
332Anthony TheodorePort Jervis NY3006 24 M 1- 941:44.325:28.013:28/M
333Frank TheodorePort Jervis NY30435 21 M 30-3941:49.825:33.513:29/M
334Jesse ZahwerPort Jervis NY106012 33 M 10-1241:54.625:38.213:31/M
335Sophia DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY6312 19 F 10-1242:15.621:26.513:38/M
336Brianna KrupunichPort Jervis NY16413 17 F 13-1542:15.821:26.713:38/M
337Joanne LempkaCuddebackville NY45640 32 F 40-4942:25.321:36.213:41/M
338Chandler BracePort Jervis NY239 25 M 1- 942:35.326:19.013:44/M
339Delbert OsborneMontague NJ22861 14 M 60-6943:02.326:46.013:53/M
340Mike MahaneySparrowbush NY47410 34 M 10-1243:10.126:53.713:55/M
341Rudae GadsonWestbrookville NY46712 20 F 10-1243:20.122:30.913:59/M
342Anna FigueroaPort Jervis NY945 9 F 1- 943:25.122:36.014:00/M
343Bella TheodorePort Jervis NY3026 10 F 1- 943:29.122:40.014:02/M
344Chiara TheodorePort Jervis NY3016 11 F 1- 943:32.822:43.714:03/M
345Amy TheodorePort Jervis NY30336 25 F 30-3943:37.122:48.014:04/M
346Brandy FigueroaPort Jervis NY9634 26 F 30-3943:37.322:48.214:04/M
347Anna NiedMontague NJ44417 4 F 16-1944:04.823:15.714:13/M
348Jessica ParkerPort Jervis NY23015 18 F 13-1544:04.823:15.714:13/M
349Jillian OlenickMontague NJ22611 21 F 10-1244:08.123:18.914:14/M
350Alyssa OlenickMontague NJ2259 12 F 1- 944:08.323:19.214:14/M
351Cameron BarberPort Jervis NY66 26 M 1- 944:18.128:01.714:17/M
352Jen WwentworthSparrow Bush NY109329 19 F 20-2944:23.623:34.414:19/M
353Emily PostorinoPort Jervis NY2418 13 F 1- 944:30.323:41.214:21/M
354Dawn Marie CluneHuguenot NY54238 27 F 30-3945:00.624:11.514:31/M
355Anaya WinstonPort Jervis NY33610 22 F 10-1245:05.824:16.714:33/M
356Joy WinstonPort Jervis NY48533 28 F 30-3945:07.824:18.714:33/M
357Matthew EyGlen Spey NY8232 22 M 30-3945:24.629:08.214:39/M
358Samantha ReederWestbrookville NY2529 14 F 1- 945:45.824:56.714:45/M
359George ReederWestbrookville NY25348 33 F 40-4945:45.924:56.714:45/M
360Aaliyah PaulinoPort Jervis NY23410 23 F 10-1246:07.825:18.714:53/M
361Karys AcovenoPort Jervis NY4216 15 F 1- 946:23.125:34.014:58/M
362Glenn AcovenoPort Jervis NY42034 23 M 30-3946:23.330:07.014:58/M
363Coraemily RonsonPort Jervis NY26557 4 F 50-5946:31.625:42.515:00/M
364Reagan MyersPort Jervis NY2147 16 F 1- 946:33.925:44.715:01/M
365Josie WilsonPort Jervis NY33411 24 F 10-1246:37.325:48.215:02/M
366Rachel DuryeaPort Jervis NY737 17 F 1- 946:37.325:48.215:02/M
367Austin BogertPort Jervis NY104612 35 M 10-1247:03.630:47.215:11/M
368Alexander ZappoloPort Jervis NY3496 27 M 1- 947:09.130:52.715:13/M
369Vyvyan PerezHuguenot NY45712 25 F 10-1247:09.826:20.715:13/M
370Zaire ButlerPort Jervis NY50612 36 M 10-1247:12.830:56.515:14/M
371Heather QuinnSparrowbush NY25041 34 F 40-4947:14.126:25.015:14/M
372Connor MeerdinkSparrowbush NY1919 28 M 1- 947:16.831:00.515:15/M
373Penny JonesPort Jervis NY1467 18 F 1- 947:18.626:29.415:15/M
374Lauren TiguePort Jervis NY30812 26 F 10-1247:50.327:01.215:26/M
375Abby TiguePort Jervis NY3066 19 F 1- 947:50.627:01.515:26/M
376Hector FigueroaPort Jervis NY9741 27 M 40-4947:58.331:42.015:28/M
377Ivan FigueroaPort Jervis NY957 29 M 1- 947:58.431:42.015:28/M
378Kourtney KrollPort Jervis NY16210 27 F 10-1247:58.827:09.715:28/M
379Shawn MiscukPort Jervis NY12985 30 M 1- 947:59.431:43.015:29/M
380James MisczukPort Jervis NY20150 29 M 50-5947:59.631:43.215:29/M
381Tommy HammockPort Jervis NY12736 24 M 30-3947:59.831:43.515:29/M
382Brett CancrediMontgomery NY50141 28 M 40-4948:11.031:54.715:33/M
383Sydney SauschuckPort Jervis NY81314 19 F 13-1548:15.327:26.215:34/M
384Owen CurreriPort Jervis NY8986 31 M 1- 948:33.632:17.215:40/M
385Robert CurreriPort Jervis NY89942 29 M 40-4948:34.632:18.215:40/M
386Liz PowleyPort Jervis NY24442 35 F 40-4948:45.127:55.915:44/M
387Joey OlenickMontague NJ2235 32 M 1- 948:51.832:35.515:45/M
388Brianne OlenickMontague NJ2246 20 F 1- 948:58.628:09.515:48/M
389Jennifer OlenickMontague NJ22736 29 F 30-3948:58.828:09.715:48/M
390Blanche CarltonWestbrookville NY4446 36 F 40-4949:05.328:16.215:50/M
391Yadi MieszkucPort Jervis NY19610 28 F 10-1250:22.629:33.516:15/M
392Thomas MahaneySparrowbush NY5007 33 M 1- 950:24.834:08.516:15/M
393Yearwood MirangelSparrow Bush NY79211 29 F 10-1250:28.629:39.516:17/M
394Robert FinaniaPort Jervis NY42711 37 M 10-1252:33.336:17.016:57/M
395Bryn HendershotPort Jervis NY13412 30 F 10-1252:34.631:45.516:57/M
396Taylor BracePort Jervis NY2411 31 F 10-1253:20.332:31.217:12/M
397Fabrizzio MorejonPort Jervis NY20645 30 M 40-4953:25.337:09.017:14/M
398Cameron Alyse-ScottPort Jervis NY46912 32 F 10-1253:26.332:37.217:14/M
399Marioin SchneiderPine Bush NY66772 1 F 70-9953:43.332:54.217:20/M
400Alexander PaulinoPort Jervis NY2359 34 M 1- 953:46.337:30.017:21/M
401Sara MorejonPort Jervis NY2079 21 F 1- 955:25.134:36.017:53/M
402Grace MailletPort Jervis NY1809 22 F 1- 956:13.135:24.018:08/M
403Connie HemlerMidlothian VA13052 5 F 50-5956:46.135:57.018:19/M
5k Walk........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Nicole EyGlen Spey NY8332 1 F 0-9926:00.1.8:23/M
2Rebeccah LiptschorCortlandt Manor NY68022 2 F 0-9928:25.12:25.09:10/M
3Wendy WarnockHuguenot NY43147 3 F 0-9929:39.33:39.29:34/M
4Preston MacHadoPort Jervis NY17310 1 M 0-9929:40.3.9:34/M
5Landon MacHadoPort Jervis NY1728 2 M 0-9929:42.80:02.59:35/M
6Ryder MacHadoPort Jervis NY1716 3 M 0-9929:49.80:09.59:37/M
7Jack DeckerPort Jervis NY40113 4 M 0-9930:35.10:54.79:52/M
8Karl EderWarwick NY7648 5 M 0-9932:13.62:33.210:24/M
9Michael AmatoPort Jervis NY29 6 M 0-9933:37.33:57.010:51/M
10Kerry IannonePort Jervis NY96848 4 F 0-9936:50.310:50.211:53/M
11Kimberly GilbertPort Jervis NY11213 5 F 0-9938:35.812:35.712:27/M
12Jill DeckerPort Jervis NY40243 6 F 0-9939:52.813:52.712:52/M
13Lisa ArrayoSparrow Bush NY44130 7 F 0-9940:31.614:31.513:04/M
14Mia RomerSparrow Bush NY4427 8 F 0-9940:32.314:32.213:05/M
15Shawn BogertPort Jervis NY103444 7 M 0-9940:48.611:08.213:10/M
16Dawn LaschShohola PA16660 9 F 0-9941:20.415:20.213:20/M
17Deb RuttPort Jervis NY27146 10 F 0-9941:20.415:20.213:20/M
18Lisa BuczekPort Jervis NY3043 11 F 0-9941:20.615:20.513:20/M
19Melissa MieszkucPort Jervis NY19737 12 F 0-9941:32.815:32.713:24/M
20Krisitn HalpinWestbrookville NY12336 13 F 0-9941:36.615:36.513:25/M
21Kyle FelterSparrowbush NY8712 8 M 0-9941:55.112:14.713:31/M
22Jay BrachulisHuguenot NY2554 9 M 0-9942:11.312:31.013:36/M
23Crystal GadsonWestbrookville NY48612 14 F 0-9942:13.616:13.413:37/M
24Branden SweeneyPort Jervis NY4819 10 M 0-9942:40.112:59.713:46/M
25Charlie GilbertPort Jervis NY11050 11 M 0-9942:46.313:06.013:48/M
26Mary MillspaughPort Jervis NY19953 15 F 0-9942:52.116:52.013:50/M
27Amanda SmithMatamoras PA29147 16 F 0-9942:52.816:52.713:50/M
28Cathy BogertPort Jervis NY103541 17 F 0-9943:03.617:03.513:53/M
29Jackie SanokPort Jervis NY27748 18 F 0-9943:19.317:19.213:58/M
30Lillian GilbertPort Jervis NY11145 19 F 0-9943:19.317:19.213:58/M
31Nancy CostelloSparrow Bush NY103139 20 F 0-9943:20.117:20.013:59/M
32Addison McElroyPort Jervis NY1877 21 F 0-9943:23.817:23.714:00/M
33Josephine AmatoPort Jervis NY39 22 F 0-9943:47.817:47.714:07/M
34Monica DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY6415 23 F 0-9944:04.118:04.014:13/M
35Nancy DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY6242 24 F 0-9944:06.118:06.014:14/M
36Julie ChuckranPort Jervis NY57146 25 F 0-9944:06.318:06.214:14/M
37Heather WarzelGlen Spey NY80647 26 F 0-9944:08.118:08.014:14/M
38Trish AumickSparrow Bush NY82848 27 F 0-9944:08.118:08.014:14/M
39Brenda BeatoWurtsboro NY80362 28 F 0-9944:32.318:32.214:22/M
40Patricia HeussyPort Jervis NY13961 29 F 0-9944:40.318:40.214:25/M
41Chris ClunePort Jervis NY5115 12 M 0-9944:56.815:16.514:30/M
42Stacey GouldPort Jervis NY79842 30 F 0-9944:58.818:58.714:30/M
43Hope DeckerWesttown NY5742 31 F 0-9944:59.818:59.714:31/M
44Sarah ClunePort Jervis NY508 32 F 0-9945:00.119:00.014:31/M
45Megan BarberPort Jervis NY725 33 F 0-9945:02.119:02.014:32/M
46Jennine SweeneyPort Jervis NY47336 34 F 0-9945:42.319:42.214:45/M
47Brigid BracePort Jervis NY2237 35 F 0-9945:42.419:42.214:45/M
48Maeve FerraraSparrowbush NY9013 36 F 0-9945:43.819:43.714:45/M
49Niall FerraraSparrowbush NY9210 13 M 0-9945:46.316:06.014:46/M
50Kendrick FerraraSparrowbush NY9111 14 M 0-9945:47.116:06.714:46/M
51Meghan PowellWest Point NY99621 37 F 0-9945:53.319:53.214:48/M
52Danielle FerraraSparrowbush NY9336 38 F 0-9945:53.619:53.514:48/M
53Nevaeh HegmannPort Jervis NY5028 39 F 0-9946:49.320:49.215:06/M
54Lauren FelterSparrowbush NY8916 40 F 0-9947:00.120:59.915:10/M
55Laney SchmitzSparrowbush NY2818 41 F 0-9947:00.120:59.915:10/M
56Adisen SantiniPort Jervis NY2786 42 F 0-9947:09.421:09.215:13/M
57Lindsay SantiniPort Jervis NY48227 43 F 0-9947:10.121:10.015:13/M
58Melissa KinmanPort Jervis NY81539 44 F 0-9947:14.321:14.215:14/M
59Matthew MeerdinkSparrowbush NY1925 15 M 0-9947:21.817:41.515:16/M
60Lorelei CaseCuddebackville NY4753 45 F 0-9947:25.821:25.715:18/M
61Paul KramerCuddebackville NY15659 16 M 0-9947:26.317:46.015:18/M
62Sue GillinderPort Jervis NY11357 46 F 0-9947:43.621:43.515:24/M
63Bob RitchiePort Jervis NY26057 17 M 0-9947:45.318:05.015:24/M
64Nicole McCowanPort Jervis NY41630 47 F 0-9947:47.321:47.215:25/M
65Michael BrownMatamoras PA286 18 M 0-9947:47.818:07.515:25/M
66Heather GassGlen Spey NY47926 48 F 0-9947:48.321:48.215:25/M
67Kassidy GreeneDingmans Ferry PA41418 49 F 0-9947:48.421:48.215:25/M
68Michael BrownMatamoras PA2747 19 M 0-9947:51.118:10.715:26/M
69Tanya DuryeaPort Jervis NY7439 50 F 0-9947:58.421:58.215:28/M
70Tony DigiantommasoPort Jervis NY6142 20 M 0-9947:58.618:18.215:28/M
71Ava CancrediMontgomery NY4778 51 F 0-9947:59.121:59.015:29/M
72Emily WaligroskiPort Jervis NY3279 52 F 0-9948:00.322:00.215:29/M
73Luanna SauschuckPort Jervis NY80547 53 F 0-9948:15.422:15.215:34/M
74Dawn JonesPort Jervis NY14541 54 F 0-9948:16.122:16.015:34/M
75Frankie DicarloSparrowbush NY6036 55 F 0-9948:16.122:16.015:34/M
76Maura WilsonPort Jervis NY33540 56 F 0-9948:16.322:16.215:34/M
77William MacKinPort Jervis NY1777 21 M 0-9948:17.618:37.215:35/M
78Ellora CancrediMontgomery NY4787 57 F 0-9948:17.822:17.715:35/M
79Jean MillerPort Jervis NY19844 58 F 0-9948:19.322:19.215:35/M
80Victoria CampbellPort Jervis NY3851 59 F 0-9948:19.422:19.215:35/M
81Sandy FelterSparrowbush NY8844 60 F 0-9948:20.322:20.215:35/M
82Darrin ScmitzSparrowbush NY28347 22 M 0-9948:21.418:41.015:36/M
83Dave CampbellPort Jervis NY3952 23 M 0-9948:21.618:41.215:36/M
84Laylah MacKinPort Jervis NY17811 61 F 0-9948:40.122:39.915:42/M
85Teresa MacKinPort Jervis NY17641 62 F 0-9948:43.622:43.515:43/M
86Kim RobinsonPort Jervis NY26439 63 F 0-9949:38.123:38.016:01/M
87Melissa HaightPort Jervis NY12139 64 F 0-9949:38.923:38.716:01/M
88Melanie HessPort Jervis NY13739 65 F 0-9949:39.623:39.516:01/M
89Nick ChuckranPort Jervis NY55817 24 M 0-9950:10.120:29.716:11/M
90Bill MenchPort Jervis NY19352 25 M 0-9950:13.820:33.516:12/M
91Debbie MenchPort Jervis NY19450 66 F 0-9950:14.124:14.016:12/M
92Yvonne BraceMontague NJ2154 67 F 0-9950:16.824:16.716:13/M
93Sherri PattersonPort Jervis NY23337 68 F 0-9950:22.624:22.516:15/M
94James IrwinHuguenot NY49943 26 M 0-9950:35.120:54.716:19/M
95Lynn HendershotPort Jervis NY13247 69 F 0-9950:35.324:35.216:19/M
96Philip MahaneySparrowbush NY47643 27 M 0-9951:04.121:23.716:28/M
97Megan VanordenPort Jervis NY49312 70 F 0-9951:59.125:58.916:46/M
98Kristen CarmonaPort Jervis NY49014 71 F 0-9952:00.826:00.716:46/M
99Steve BonifaceWhite Lake NY95860 28 M 0-9952:11.822:31.516:50/M
100Clarice DillonPort Jervis NY6553 72 F 0-9952:20.126:20.016:53/M
101Jessica ForsterSparrow Bush NY99529 73 F 0-9952:20.826:20.716:53/M
102Ayden PresparePort Jervis NY2455 29 M 0-9952:26.322:46.016:55/M
103Tanya PresparePort Jervis NY66830 74 F 0-9952:27.126:27.016:55/M
104Rebecca WhitneyHuguenot NY123811 75 F 0-9952:38.826:38.716:59/M
105Syeiera WoodCuddebackville NY41812 76 F 0-9952:39.826:39.716:59/M
106Robby WagnerSparrowbush NY3227 30 M 0-9952:43.823:03.517:00/M
107Jacob WagnerSparrowbush NY32310 31 M 0-9952:46.123:05.717:01/M
108Nicole WaligroskiPort Jervis NY32840 77 F 0-9953:12.427:12.217:10/M
109Jenna WaligroskiPort Jervis NY3267 78 F 0-9953:13.827:13.717:10/M
110Mia MacHadoPort Jervis NY17411 79 F 0-9953:25.927:25.717:14/M
111Kristin ReiffSparrowbush NY25513 80 F 0-9953:41.627:41.417:19/M
112Jeffery FullerPort Jervis NY10640 32 M 0-9953:43.124:02.717:20/M
113Jean-Adams FullerPort Jervis NY10545 81 F 0-9953:47.627:47.417:21/M
114Tina MacHadoPort Jervis NY17036 82 F 0-9954:19.928:19.717:31/M
115Suzanne DrapalaPort Jervis NY84630 83 F 0-9954:22.828:22.717:32/M
116Alyssa McLaughlinHuguenot NY122713 84 F 0-9954:41.328:41.217:38/M
117Kelly ReiffSparrowbush NY25451 85 F 0-9954:50.528:50.317:41/M
118Rachel HockenberryPort Jervis NY42212 86 F 0-9954:50.828:50.717:41/M
119Diane BarberSparrowbush NY852 87 F 0-9954:51.628:51.517:42/M
120Nicole YoungPort Jervis NY34130 88 F 0-9954:54.628:54.517:43/M
121Trevian SuhletteWestbrookville NY125513 33 M 0-9955:05.125:24.717:46/M
122Steve WagnerSparrowbush NY32435 34 M 0-9955:14.325:34.017:49/M
123Heather KoziolaPine Island NY15536 89 F 0-9955:22.129:22.017:52/M
124Carol Ann MedinaPort Jervis NY19044 90 F 0-9955:22.829:22.717:52/M
125Paige MontgomeryPort Jervis NY2049 91 F 0-9955:30.629:30.417:54/M
126Sherry WagnerSparrowbush NY32535 92 F 0-9955:42.129:42.017:58/M
127Jason MailletPort Jervis NY17937 35 M 0-9956:12.526:32.118:08/M
128Tatiana SchletteWestbrookville NY41113 93 F 0-9956:30.830:30.718:14/M
129Savannah HamptonWestbrookville NY41713 94 F 0-9956:31.630:31.418:14/M
130Sue McDonaldPort Jervis NY18652 95 F 0-9956:42.430:42.218:17/M
131Lorraine FizzeroSlate Hill NY83270 96 F 0-9956:42.630:42.418:17/M
132Dawn BuzzelliHuguenot NY3351 97 F 0-9956:43.330:43.218:18/M
133Ryan CarlozziPort Jervis NY4132 98 F 0-9956:45.130:45.018:18/M
134Carol BrownMatamoras PA2941 99 F 0-9956:46.130:45.918:19/M
135Harlie DobosPort Jervis NY679 100 F 0-9957:09.331:09.218:26/M
136Amy DobosPort Jervis NY6838 101 F 0-9957:18.131:18.018:29/M
137Jim MacKinPort Jervis NY17535 36 M 0-9957:35.627:55.218:35/M
138Tom SextonPort Jervis NY93848 37 M 0-9957:38.827:58.518:35/M
139Lori SextonPort Jervis NY93948 102 F 0-9957:39.131:39.018:36/M
140Elizabeth MejiaPort Jervis NY50329 103 F 0-9957:48.331:48.218:39/M
141Anthony HaasMatamoras PA11857 38 M 0-9957:50.828:10.518:39/M
142Krissy McMenemyCuddebackville NY77334 104 F 0-9957:51.631:51.518:40/M
143Henrietta AmatoPort Jervis NY881. 105 F 0-9957:56.331:56.218:41/M
144Shawn AmatoPort Jervis NY88640 106 F 0-9957:58.631:58.518:42/M
145Joellen HaasMatamoras PA11949 107 F 0-9958:13.132:13.018:47/M
146Gerald CarltonWestbrookville NY4564 39 M 0-9958:16.328:36.018:48/M
147Gina KowalPort Jervis NY76739 108 F 0-9959:23.333:23.219:09/M
148Kathy ShortellPort Jervis NY28850 109 F 0-991:00:28.134:28.019:30/M
149Russell PotterPort Jervis NY24261 40 M 0-991:00:31.330:51.019:31/M

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