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Allegro 5k

Norwich, NY, May 4, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Joyce Zumma, Race Director. Timing by

Allegro Run 5k 5k Run........
Overall Finish List........
2013 May 04........
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Shaun HoranBinghamton NY21131 1 Top Fin16:40.7.5:23/M
2Wayne Allen IIBainbridge NY2638 1 M 30-3918:01.91:21.25:49/M
3Rich WilsonNorwich NY73041 1 M 40-4918:17.61:36.95:54/M
4Scott HornungBainbridge NY23229 1 M 20-2918:33.21:52.55:59/M
5Steven AlemarNorwich NY74828 2 M 20-2918:33.41:52.75:59/M
6Kyle BreierOneonta NY51934 2 M 30-3919:09.12:28.46:11/M
7Justin SmithNew Berlin NY49130 3 M 30-3919:19.22:38.56:14/M
8Trish HoranBinghamton NY21927 1 Top Fin19:29.2.6:17/M
9Steve HornungBainbridge NY22357 1 M 50-5920:00.43:19.76:27/M
10Ashley CollierNorwich NY11822 1 F 20-2920:15.60:46.46:32/M
11Connor NicholsNorwich NY36614 1 M 1-1420:21.93:41.26:34/M
12Matthew WilsonNorwich NY68126 3 M 20-2920:23.93:43.26:35/M
13Thomas AckermanNew Berlin NY445 2 M 40-4921:03.74:23.06:47/M
14Benjamin EricksonNorwich NY16813 2 M 1-1421:04.14:23.46:48/M
15Parker DeanNorwich NY13612 3 M 1-1421:05.14:24.46:48/M
16Diane DistefanoNorwich NY13842 1 F 40-4921:12.21:43.06:50/M
17Steve PalmerBainbridge NY38256 2 M 50-5921:31.44:50.76:56/M
18Cameron VedderCincinnatus NY6731 4 M 1-1421:56.25:15.57:05/M
19Ron PlebanOneonta NY69625 4 M 20-2922:02.25:21.57:06/M
20Robert NeulandNorwich NY29667 1 M 60-9922:06.95:26.27:08/M
21John FordSouth New Berlin NY36160 2 M 60-9922:08.45:27.77:08/M
22Jay HorthWaterville NY76429 5 M 20-2922:16.65:35.97:11/M
23Steve PelosiNorwich NY69234 4 M 30-3922:18.75:38.07:12/M
24Michael DistefanoNorwich NY15847 3 M 40-4922:20.65:39.97:12/M
25Daniel TorresNorwich NY6634 5 M 30-3922:38.15:57.47:18/M
26Martha ClemensPlymouth NY10315 1 F 15-1923:11.43:42.27:29/M
27Stacy HorthWaterville NY75924 2 F 20-2923:12.63:43.47:29/M
28Anthony McDanielsGreene NY78722 6 M 20-2923:14.46:33.77:30/M
29Kelly SmallEarlville NY49043 2 F 40-4923:16.93:47.77:30/M
30Todd HoveyBainbridge NY23840 4 M 40-4923:19.96:39.27:31/M
31Darien GrippaldiNorwich NY47817 1 M 15-1923:24.96:44.27:33/M
32Kerry ZemekBinghamton NY74255 3 M 50-5923:25.16:44.47:33/M
33Timothy DitersGilbertsville NY16255 4 M 50-5923:26.76:46.07:34/M
34Katie GawronskiNorwich NY17410 1 F 1-1423:29.44:00.27:35/M
35Herb VassquezNorwich NY72527 7 M 20-2923:35.46:54.77:36/M
36Harry GardnerNorwich NY17261 3 M 60-9923:50.77:10.07:41/M
37Brandon DavisNorwich NY69319 2 M 15-1923:52.17:11.47:42/M
38Phil MetzgerNorwich NY26255 5 M 50-5923:57.97:17.27:44/M
39Robert E WansorNorwich NY67554 6 M 50-5924:04.27:23.57:46/M
40Brian TefftNorwich NY66337 6 M 30-3924:14.97:34.27:49/M
41Ian WalzerSherburne NY78824 8 M 20-2924:16.97:36.27:50/M
42Glenn RigermanGreene NY75038 7 M 30-3924:18.47:37.77:50/M
43Terri SeagerSmyrna NY44954 1 F 50-5924:18.94:49.77:50/M
44Courtney DymesNorwich NY16733 1 F 30-3924:22.44:53.27:52/M
45Hannah JacobsenOneonta NY69725 3 F 20-2924:24.74:55.57:52/M
46Ronald PikeNorwich NY77027 9 M 20-2924:44.48:03.77:59/M
47Rachelle BerryHamilton NY3326 4 F 20-2924:46.45:17.27:59/M
48Katie MonserHartwick NY28318 2 F 15-1924:52.45:23.28:01/M
49Emily BentivegnaNorwich NY3127 5 F 20-2924:56.95:27.78:03/M
50Debra HansenOneonta NY52227 6 F 20-2924:57.95:28.78:03/M
51Linda SlatePlymouth NY47642 3 F 40-4925:03.95:34.78:05/M
52Sonya HoustonNorwich NY23431 2 F 30-3925:05.95:36.78:05/M
53Marena ZaczekMount Upton NY68513 2 F 1-1425:10.15:40.98:07/M
54Maya BlaisureNorwich NY3712 3 F 1-1425:11.25:42.08:07/M
55Dominic CapaccioNorwich NY62332 8 M 30-3925:17.48:36.78:09/M
56Christine OliverOxford NY74944 4 F 40-4925:20.95:51.78:10/M
57Haley WilliamsMount Upton NY67812 4 F 1-1425:22.75:53.58:11/M
58Ann CoeNorwich NY11150 2 F 50-5925:55.96:26.78:22/M
59Erin PittsleyNew Berlin NY38330 3 F 30-3925:55.96:26.78:22/M
60Amy ThorneOxford NY66933 4 F 30-3926:24.66:55.48:31/M
61Michael LaymanNorwich NY46547 5 M 40-4926:26.69:45.98:32/M
62Jared PruskowskiGuilford NY38712 5 M 1-1426:31.19:50.48:33/M
63Carissa NicholsNorwich NY37511 5 F 1-1426:31.77:02.58:33/M
64John PruskowskiGuilford NY38640 6 M 40-4926:35.99:55.28:35/M
65Robert SnowNorwich NY50047 7 M 40-4926:47.210:06.58:38/M
66Chelsea RoachOxford NY42919 3 F 15-1926:49.97:20.78:39/M
67Liza NewmanNorwich NY57826 7 F 20-2926:50.27:21.08:39/M
68Cameron GrippaldiNorwich NY47914 6 M 1-1426:50.710:10.08:39/M
69Danielle SlatePlymouth NY48717 4 F 15-1926:50.97:21.78:39/M
70Tamara ConantNorwich NY13332 5 F 30-3926:51.27:22.08:40/M
71Jo Ann CerasaniPlymouth NY8648 5 F 40-4926:52.47:23.28:40/M
72Nicole SmithNew Berlin NY48030 6 F 30-3926:52.97:23.78:40/M
73Brian DumondBainbridge NY16529 10 M 20-2926:55.610:14.98:41/M
74Kelly LutherPittsford NY25643 6 F 40-4926:59.47:30.28:42/M
75Misty CloydGreene NY10433 7 F 30-3927:15.47:46.28:47/M
76Corinne SheaNorwich NY46116 5 F 15-1927:22.47:53.28:50/M
77Tyler ConantNorwich NY14117 3 M 15-1928:05.911:25.29:04/M
78Gerald FrenchNorwich NY17067 4 M 60-9928:07.911:27.29:04/M
79Maureen BartlettNorwich NY74147 7 F 40-4928:18.98:49.79:08/M
80Joel CummingsNorwich NY52739 9 M 30-3928:23.911:43.29:09/M
81Deanna RickardBainbridge NY40841 8 F 40-4928:29.49:00.29:11/M
82Rebecca HargraveNorwich NY20235 8 F 30-3928:57.49:28.29:20/M
83Hannah CollierNorwich NY11719 6 F 15-1929:01.49:32.29:22/M
84Stephanie LaneMethuen MA2461 6 F 1-1429:25.79:56.59:29/M
85Tenley GoldenNorwich NY18019 7 F 15-1929:33.110:03.99:32/M
86Donald BrownWaterville NY5140 8 M 40-4929:42.913:02.29:35/M
87Gina RappEarlville NY39840 9 F 40-4929:53.710:24.59:38/M
88Jennifer TavaresNorwich NY5736 9 F 30-3929:53.710:24.59:38/M
89Sarah HoveyBainbridge NY23534 10 F 30-3929:56.610:27.49:39/M
90Linda CalleaNorwich NY5356 3 F 50-5930:12.610:43.49:45/M
91Wendy JonesNorwich NY2441 7 F 1-1430:14.610:45.49:45/M
92Kevin MorganNew Berlin NY29444 9 M 40-4930:26.913:46.29:49/M
93Terry ConantNorwich NY13959 7 M 50-5930:50.614:09.99:57/M
94Shauna HyleNorwich NY72233 11 F 30-3931:01.711:32.510:00/M
95Tim HyleNorwich NY71734 10 M 30-3931:01.914:21.210:00/M
96Nancy SawyerNorwich NY44551 4 F 50-5931:15.911:46.710:05/M
97Susan LaymanNorwich NY36347 10 F 40-4931:23.911:54.710:07/M
98Heather McShaneNorwich NY25826 8 F 20-2931:47.412:18.210:15/M
99Katelyn DavisNorwich NY71315 8 F 15-1932:10.412:41.210:23/M
100Joel CoonNorwich NY14247 10 M 40-4932:13.215:32.510:24/M
101Emma GoldenNew Berlin NY17525 9 F 20-2932:21.112:51.910:26/M
102Joseph SchmittNew Berlin NY4461 7 M 1-1432:22.115:41.410:26/M
103Glenda HoffmanWest Oneonta NY40250 5 F 50-5933:19.413:50.210:45/M
104Pearce RickardBainbridge NY41913 8 M 1-1433:35.916:55.210:50/M
105Bethany StephensNorwich NY50226 10 F 20-2933:43.214:14.010:53/M
106Sarah SigmanSherburne NY47533 12 F 30-3933:49.414:20.210:55/M
107Robin FullerNorwich NY71631 13 F 30-3933:56.214:27.010:57/M
108Chelsea RamirezNorwich NY38921 11 F 20-2934:04.614:35.410:59/M
109Claudia JenkinsUnadilla NY23956 6 F 50-5934:05.714:36.511:00/M
110Ashley FouldsNorwich NY78528 12 F 20-2934:36.215:07.011:10/M
111Christina PalmerAfton NY37827 13 F 20-2934:38.415:09.211:10/M
112Pamela NicholsNorwich NY36242 11 F 40-4935:01.915:32.711:18/M
113Amanda ClarkNorwich NY9727 14 F 20-2935:17.915:48.711:23/M
114Donna DavisNorwich NY15658 7 F 50-5935:20.415:51.211:24/M
115Lynnea BendixenNorwich NY2956 8 F 50-5936:48.617:19.411:52/M
116Kari LoomisNorwich NY2531 8 F 1-1437:02.117:32.911:57/M
117Renee DuddySaint Louis MO6231 14 F 30-3937:08.117:38.911:59/M
118Laurie GoodspeedMount Vision NY19543 12 F 40-4938:23.918:54.712:23/M
119Joseph MaiuranoNorwich NY69167 5 M 60-9938:44.222:03.512:30/M
120Gretchen HoagNorwich NY20831 15 F 30-3939:03.119:33.912:36/M
121Aelisha GrippaldiNorwich NY47737 16 F 30-3939:22.119:52.912:42/M
122Alexis McFeeBainbridge NY2578 9 F 1-1439:40.420:11.212:48/M
123Lori DrzazgowskiBainbridge NY16435 17 F 30-3939:41.620:12.412:48/M
124Laura TenneySherburne NY66811 10 F 1-1440:17.420:48.213:00/M
125Diane GardnerNorwich NY9951 9 F 50-5941:08.721:39.513:16/M
126Kate TefftNorwich NY66535 18 F 30-3941:13.421:44.213:18/M
127Kayleigh CurrieNorwich NY1458 11 F 1-1441:39.622:10.413:26/M
128Dondon CurrieNorwich NY14739 11 M 30-3941:41.625:00.913:27/M
129Josh RamirezNorwich NY60119 4 M 15-1942:41.726:01.013:46/M
130Alexander RickardBainbridge NY69019 5 M 15-1942:42.726:02.013:46/M
131Urich EttrichNorwich NY46916 6 M 15-1942:43.226:02.513:47/M
132Lorri RaceNorwich NY73342 13 F 40-4943:58.924:29.714:11/M
133Jodi WesselsNorwich NY67641 14 F 40-4943:59.224:30.014:11/M
134Taylor StrohNorwich NY66216 9 F 15-1944:43.925:14.714:25/M
135Danika TworkowskyNorwich NY67213 12 F 1-1444:44.725:15.514:26/M
136Melissa TworkowskyNorwich NY67146 15 F 40-4945:33.926:04.714:42/M
137Pamela ZienoNorwich NY68951 10 F 50-5945:34.726:05.514:42/M

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