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Powder SADD 5k

Lake Huntington, NY, May 19, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Susan Zieres, Race Director. Timing by

Powder Fun Run 5k 5k Run........
Overall Finish List........
2013 May 19........
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Branden LawLivingston Manor NY31516 1 M 0-9920:56.6.6:45/M
2Greg SenftDamascus PA26016 2 M 0-9921:09.60:13.06:49/M
3Matt QuickJeffersonville NY33830 3 M 0-9921:35.00:38.46:58/M
4Kevin HartJeffersonville NY29016 4 M 0-9922:15.91:19.37:11/M
5Dale MercadoNarrowsburg NY13915 5 M 0-9922:17.71:21.17:11/M
6Sawyer ErlweinJeffersonville NY32417 6 M 0-9922:43.41:46.87:20/M
7Rianne ErlweinJeffersonville NY32319 1 F 0-9923:18.0.7:31/M
8Meaghan Mullallt-GorrJeffersonville NY27731 2 F 0-9924:00.40:42.37:45/M
9Bill Carmack.43855 7 M 0-9925:51.44:54.88:20/M
10Tanya GushinNY14226 3 F 0-9925:54.32:36.28:21/M
11Jonah BauerCallicoon NY2717 8 M 0-9926:07.55:10.98:25/M
12Beret NearingCochecton NY34440 4 F 0-9926:24.53:06.58:31/M
13Bryce MaopolskiNarrowburg NY13010 9 M 0-9927:08.36:11.78:45/M
14Paul MaopolskiNarrowburg NY12342 10 M 0-9927:08.96:12.38:45/M
15Kelsey Dutton.2760 5 F 0-9927:38.04:20.08:55/M
16Dani MyersJeffersonville NY14417 6 F 0-9927:38.04:20.08:55/M
17Erin SumflethCallicoon NY24415 7 F 0-9928:01.34:43.29:02/M
18Taylor Hillregal.38314 8 F 0-9928:08.14:50.19:05/M
19Reece MaopolskiNarrowburg NY1339 11 M 0-9928:19.17:22.59:08/M
20Dee MaopolskiNarrowburg NY12142 9 F 0-9928:19.65:01.69:08/M
21Ryan MaceCallicoon NY12010 12 M 0-9929:28.98:32.39:30/M
22Charlotte PetersCallicoon NY16723 10 F 0-9929:38.26:20.19:34/M
23Lucas BauerCallicoon NY16920 13 M 0-9929:38.58:41.99:34/M
24Jackie EllmaveYoungsville NY25719 11 F 0-9929:39.46:21.39:34/M
25Jacob KellerJeffersonville NY44716 14 M 0-9929:43.78:47.09:35/M
26Brian CavanaghRock Hill NY37856 15 M 0-9929:47.78:51.19:36/M
27Nicole GorrParksville NY31624 12 F 0-9929:48.66:30.59:37/M
28Julie DreherRoscoe NY40851 13 F 0-9930:07.56:49.59:43/M
29Boomer MeyerCochecton NY34345 16 M 0-9930:31.19:34.59:51/M
30Aricon FrazierJeffersonville NY33211 14 F 0-9930:36.17:18.09:52/M
31Fallon MashattJeffersonville NY34023 15 F 0-9930:54.17:36.09:58/M
32Kelly MullallyCallicoon Center NY25827 16 F 0-9930:59.57:41.410:00/M
33Katherine LeddermanmMongaup Valley NY11128 17 F 0-9931:00.87:42.810:00/M
34Jared Kushner.25516 17 M 0-9931:11.610:15.010:04/M
35Dena StevensonJeffersonville NY23942 18 F 0-9931:58.98:40.810:19/M
36Kenneth BenjaminGlen Wild NY3050 18 M 0-9931:59.011:02.310:19/M
37Lori KaradontesJeffersonville NY10349 19 F 0-9932:02.88:44.810:20/M
38Sue Mirch.38647 20 F 0-9932:27.29:09.110:28/M
39Marissa SantoroCallicoon NY23844 21 F 0-9932:32.89:14.710:30/M
40Andrew StabbertCallicoon NY44516 19 M 0-9932:46.011:49.310:34/M
41Juliana Carmack.43316 22 F 0-9932:51.79:33.710:36/M
42Isabella KentLake Huntington NY11016 23 F 0-9932:57.89:39.810:38/M
43Marissa SwendsenNY24512 24 F 0-9933:18.210:00.210:45/M
44Catherine RhodesCochecton NY21317 25 F 0-9933:42.210:24.110:52/M
45Kimberly JayLake Huntington NY10028 26 F 0-9934:01.710:43.610:58/M
46Kelsey FarrellLake Huntington NY4112 27 F 0-9934:12.110:54.011:02/M
47Isabel NearingCochecton NY34511 28 F 0-9934:12.110:54.011:02/M
48Alexis FeinmanJeffersonville NY26615 29 F 0-9934:31.711:13.711:08/M
49Kelsey BrocknerCallicoon NY31816 30 F 0-9934:33.211:15.211:09/M
50Alicia Kraack.4040 31 F 0-9934:52.211:34.211:15/M
51Tanya CohenJeffersonville NY3341 32 F 0-9935:02.211:44.111:18/M
52Jamie MeyerCochecton NY14137 33 F 0-9935:59.212:41.111:36/M
53Kami WalterNarrowburg NY2500 34 F 0-9936:02.412:44.411:37/M
54Heather RoederCallicoon NY23413 35 F 0-9936:11.212:53.111:40/M
55Henry PetersCallicoon NY25611 20 M 0-9936:19.115:22.511:43/M
56Catherine Hillregal.38245 36 F 0-9936:43.513:25.411:51/M
57William NearingCochecton NY3638 21 M 0-9936:56.215:59.611:55/M
58Caden FrazierJeffersonville NY3359 22 M 0-9936:56.315:59.711:55/M
59Austin NystromJeffersonville NY1667 23 M 0-9936:57.616:01.011:55/M
60Zachary StevensonJeffersonville NY2429 24 M 0-9936:59.116:02.511:56/M
61Jake NystromJeffersonville NY1658 25 M 0-9937:10.916:14.311:59/M
62Charles NystromJeffersonville NY16241 26 M 0-9937:15.216:18.612:01/M
63Ryan SayersLake Huntington NY1879 27 M 0-9937:18.016:21.412:02/M
64Tammy FrazierJeffersonville NY32842 37 F 0-9937:19.714:01.612:02/M
65Sean NearingCochecton NY36238 28 M 0-9937:21.616:25.012:03/M
66Katrina HeinleNarrowsburg NY8631 38 F 0-9937:31.614:13.512:06/M
67Mya HeinleNarrowsburg NY936 39 F 0-9937:32.114:14.012:06/M
68Louise BenjaminGlen Wild NY2950 40 F 0-9937:46.214:28.112:11/M
69Kristen SayersNarrowburg NY17129 41 F 0-9938:03.014:45.012:16/M
70Jean SilvermanSwan Lake NY19853 42 F 0-9938:21.515:03.412:22/M
71Terri HeinleLake Huntington NY9553 43 F 0-9938:43.715:25.712:29/M
72Shannon StansfieldGoshen NY19932 44 F 0-9939:32.816:14.812:45/M
73Christine FultonCallicoon NY40126 45 F 0-9939:38.716:20.712:47/M
74Hannah FeinmanJeffersonville NY26517 46 F 0-9939:49.116:31.012:51/M
75Peter Aka Todd Cotton-TailCallicoon NY42219 29 M 0-9939:49.418:52.812:51/M
76Ann SantoroCallicoon NY23544 47 F 0-9940:56.117:38.013:12/M
77Erika CrocittoNarrowsburg NY3441 48 F 0-9941:24.718:06.613:21/M
78Jennifer Mirch.38724 49 F 0-9941:42.718:24.713:27/M
79Cassandra RhodesLake Huntington NY20432 50 F 0-9942:38.819:20.713:45/M
80Hannah SayersLake Huntington NY17911 51 F 0-9942:42.319:24.213:46/M
81Marie KusnerJeffersonville NY25453 52 F 0-9942:45.219:27.113:47/M
82Richard PriceMonticello NY20231 30 M 0-9943:18.922:22.313:58/M
83Lucy ArzilliCallicoon NY247 53 F 0-9943:43.920:25.814:06/M
84Lucas ArzilliCallicoon NY2310 31 M 0-9943:44.522:47.914:06/M
85Heather WadeGoshen NY24633 54 F 0-9944:36.821:18.814:23/M
86Marlena BenjaminMonticello NY3127 55 F 0-9944:57.621:39.614:30/M
87Elizabeth Dos SantosNarrowsburg NY44613 56 F 0-9945:46.422:28.314:46/M
88Jennifer NystromJeffersonville NY16435 57 F 0-9947:28.224:10.115:19/M
89Keith RobischCochecton NY22362 32 M 0-9947:29.026:32.415:19/M
90Jessica FosterLiberty NY5126 58 F 0-9949:46.126:28.016:03/M
91Amanda MeckleNarrowsburg NY28120 59 F 0-9949:46.526:28.416:03/M
92Jenna SayersLake Huntington NY17540 60 F 0-9949:48.826:30.716:04/M
93Jennifer BarnesGoshen NY30537 61 F 0-9949:50.926:32.816:05/M
94Kara SilvermanSwan Lake NY19621 62 F 0-9950:20.727:02.716:14/M
95Unknown Partic. 191.191. 33 M 0-9950:25.829:29.216:16/M
96Michelle LevenzFremont Center NY29943 63 F 0-9950:25.927:07.916:16/M
97David FiguraHonesdale PA4552 34 M 0-9950:33.129:36.516:18/M
98Karen ZadubaraCallicoon NY29649 64 F 0-9950:33.527:15.416:18/M
99Patrice SchwegmanHonesdale PA18850 65 F 0-9950:34.327:16.216:19/M
100Lucas ArzilliCallicoon NY2241 35 M 0-9951:48.430:51.816:43/M
101Theresa ArzilliCallicoon NY235 66 F 0-9951:48.728:30.616:43/M
102Linda PomesNarrowsburg NY40259 67 F 0-9952:48.129:30.017:02/M
103Laurie BrocknerCallicoon NY32051 68 F 0-9952:48.229:30.117:02/M
104Kristin WhiteCallicoon NY25337 69 F 0-9953:18.530:00.417:12/M
105Maribeth LisnockStarlight PA11364 70 F 0-9953:18.830:00.817:12/M
106Erin HankinsJeffersonville NY7615 71 F 0-9954:52.631:34.617:42/M
107Tammy DuffyCallicoon NY3849 72 F 0-9956:49.733:31.618:20/M
108Faith NicosiaSpring Brook PA15831 73 F 0-9956:49.733:31.618:20/M
109Jessica SantosHortonville NY17023 74 F 0-9958:06.934:48.818:45/M
110Laura SmithMonticello NY28345 75 F 0-9958:32.535:14.418:53/M
111Pat DurkinCallicoon NY4067 76 F 0-9958:32.535:14.418:53/M
112Chynna BigioKiamesha Lake NY28213 77 F 0-9958:48.635:30.618:58/M
113Samantha TordjmanMonticello NY28412 78 F 0-9958:49.235:31.218:58/M
114Sherryl RoederCallicoon NY22848 79 F 0-9959:05.235:47.119:04/M
115Dawn FeinmanJeffersonville NY26245 80 F 0-9959:06.035:48.019:04/M
116Teresa SumfiethCallicoon NY40351 81 F 0-9959:07.235:49.219:04/M
117Melissa RutledgeDamascus PA31243 82 F 0-991:03:01.239:43.220:20/M
118Cathy Diehl.2940 83 F 0-991:03:01.439:43.320:20/M
119Vicki GuthrieNarrowsburg NY6234 84 F 0-991:03:23.540:05.420:27/M
120Rebecca KentLake Huntington NY10840 85 F 0-991:03:36.940:18.920:31/M
121Melissa GluckMonticello NY5832 86 F 0-991:04:17.240:59.220:44/M
122Erin GluckMonticello NY5930 87 F 0-991:04:42.041:23.920:52/M
123Debra GluckMonticello NY5257 88 F 0-991:04:58.741:40.620:57/M
124Carl GluckMonticello NY5735 36 M 0-991:04:58.944:02.320:57/M
125Chrissie FitzulaMonticello NY4833 89 F 0-991:04:59.141:41.020:58/M

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