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Smiles for Stefani 5k

Smithtown, NY, April 7, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Timing by Fast

Smiles for Stefani 5k 5k Run.........
Overall Finish List.........
2013 April 07.........
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Matthew WhalenSt James NY21115 1 Top Fin18:24.518:24.5.5:56/M
2Patrick TeeseSt James NY22615 1 M 15-1918:25.818:25.80:01.25:56/M
3Gerard ConnellyNY24415 2 M 15-1918:27.618:27.60:03.05:57/M
4Jaclyn GalleryNesconset NY24914 1 Top Fin19:05.519:05.5.6:09/M
5John BoyzokNY23814 1 M 10-1419:10.819:10.80:46.26:11/M
6Eric HerrmannSt James NY24216 3 M 15-1919:13.519:13.50:48.96:12/M
7Susann CucciaSaint James NY8845 1 F 40-4921:17.821:17.82:12.26:52/M
8Sean McSweeneyNesconset NY7016 4 M 15-1921:39.821:39.83:15.26:59/M
9Ryan Leigh.28816 5 M 15-1922:10.522:10.53:45.97:09/M
10Louie SeiditaNesconset NY22537 1 M 30-3922:13.522:13.53:48.97:10/M
11Ian PedersenCentereach NY6516 6 M 15-1922:26.122:26.14:01.57:14/M
12John MartinsNesconset NY23915 7 M 15-1922:28.822:28.84:04.27:15/M
13Chris LaceyNesconset NY22446 1 M 40-4922:40.322:40.34:15.77:19/M
14Luke Peterson.28716 8 M 15-1923:06.323:06.34:41.77:27/M
15Olivia ShenkmanNesconset NY5015 1 F 15-1923:10.023:10.04:04.47:28/M
16Julie KnappNesconset NY12945 2 F 40-4923:31.623:31.64:26.07:35/M
17William ClaxtonNY2680 1 M 0- 023:42.023:42.05:17.47:39/M
18Paul MelendezNesconset NY2140 2 M 40-4923:47.023:47.05:22.57:40/M
19Maggie O'CallaghanCommack NY1322 1 F 20-2923:49.023:49.04:43.47:41/M
20Gregg CantwellNY28625 1 M 20-2923:52.623:52.65:28.07:42/M
21Jamie RomanoNesconset NY12815 2 F 15-1924:01.324:01.34:55.77:45/M
22Jessica MartinSt James NY23315 3 F 15-1924:10.524:10.55:04.97:48/M
23Brian HoltjeNY343 3 M 40-4924:12.024:12.05:47.47:48/M
24Ben DolowichNesconset NY21214 2 M 10-1424:16.024:16.05:51.47:50/M
25Marisa CatalanottoSmithtown NY11033 1 F 30-3924:19.524:19.55:13.97:51/M
26Alex MartinSt James NY23413 3 M 10-1424:35.024:35.06:10.47:56/M
27Michael RussellNesconset NY21947 4 M 40-4924:42.024:42.06:17.47:58/M
28Cali SchmidtSt James NY25017 4 F 15-1924:44.324:44.35:38.77:59/M
29Benjamin NicholsNY2699 1 M 1- 924:44.824:44.86:20.27:59/M
30Brian WillmanStony Brook NY3712 4 M 10-1424:54.824:54.86:30.28:02/M
31Steve SchmidtSt James NY25155 1 M 50-5924:59.024:59.06:34.48:04/M
32Kate O'CallaghanCommack NY1245 3 F 40-4925:04.525:04.55:58.98:05/M
33Unknown Partic. 277.277. 2 M 0- 025:13.825:13.86:49.28:08/M
34Janet EngelEast Islip NY24331 2 F 30-3925:15.025:15.06:09.58:09/M
35Liam WillmanStony Brook NY3810 5 M 10-1425:23.325:23.36:58.78:11/M
36Brendan VolzNesconset NY21314 6 M 10-1425:23.525:23.56:59.08:11/M
37Shannon FelberCoram NY8035 3 F 30-3925:29.825:29.86:24.28:13/M
38Carleigh CaulfieldNY20116 5 F 15-1925:36.825:36.86:31.28:15/M
39Arianne RogersSt James NY21417 6 F 15-1925:37.025:37.06:31.58:16/M
40Emily CartyNesconset NY20016 7 F 15-1925:37.325:37.36:31.78:16/M
41Vanessa ScharzfonbergerBohemia NY25338 4 F 30-3925:38.325:38.36:32.78:16/M
42Brian WillmanStony Brook NY3639 2 M 30-3925:40.625:40.67:16.08:17/M
43Kristen BenceS. Setauket NY13328 2 F 20-2925:41.325:41.36:35.78:17/M
44Jay SutherlandSt James NY23217 9 M 15-1925:41.325:41.37:16.78:17/M
45Brandon DixonNesconset NY22917 10 M 15-1925:41.525:41.57:16.98:17/M
46Jessica GenglerSaint James NY8311 1 F 10-1426:08.026:08.07:02.48:26/M
47Kim RubinsteinPatchogue NY25435 5 F 30-3926:08.126:08.17:02.58:26/M
48Lisa DigennaoNY23643 4 F 40-4926:13.326:13.37:07.78:27/M
49Jessica Gallery.24815 8 F 15-1926:14.026:14.07:08.48:28/M
50Barbara HernerSt James NY2850 1 F 0- 026:18.326:18.37:12.78:29/M
51Daniel FotiSelden NY24128 2 M 20-2926:19.526:19.57:54.98:29/M
52Michael DenicolaHauppauge NY24035 3 M 30-3926:20.126:20.17:55.58:30/M
53Delaney MortonSaint James NY6210 2 F 10-1426:21.326:21.37:15.78:30/M
54Matthew MortonSt. James NY6145 5 M 40-4926:22.026:22.07:57.48:30/M
55Natalie SancilioSmithtown NY6011 3 F 10-1426:42.326:42.37:36.78:37/M
56Danielle KlesinNesconset NY20738 6 F 30-3926:47.826:47.87:42.28:38/M
57Sherry SchmidtSmithtown NY28258 1 F 50-5926:48.826:48.87:43.28:39/M
58Becky HarrisNY1856 2 F 50-5927:13.327:13.38:07.78:47/M
59Robert WertzNesconset NY20215 11 M 15-1927:24.827:24.89:00.28:50/M
60Madeline AmzlerSt James NY27814 4 F 10-1427:29.827:29.88:24.28:52/M
61Ana MawnNesconset NY27144 5 F 40-4927:30.027:30.08:24.58:52/M
62Rachel TurrurroNY20914 5 F 10-1427:44.327:44.38:38.78:57/M
63Eliza NicholsNY20815 9 F 15-1927:44.327:44.38:38.78:57/M
64Lisa NavarraNY739 7 F 30-3927:48.827:48.88:43.28:58/M
65John JaegerNY25537 4 M 30-3928:16.028:16.09:51.49:07/M
66Amy ThorntonCoram NY22738 8 F 30-3928:22.828:22.89:17.29:09/M
67Brian McSweeneyNesconset NY7154 2 M 50-5928:23.128:23.19:58.59:09/M
68Virginia RodasNY2740 2 F 0- 028:30.328:30.39:24.79:12/M
69Tom ZimoulisMedford NY9860 1 M 60-6928:59.328:59.310:34.79:21/M
70Tania WillmanStony Brook NY3538 9 F 30-3929:01.329:01.39:55.79:22/M
71Aidan WillmanStony Brook NY398 2 M 1- 929:01.829:01.810:37.29:22/M
72Jane KinsellaHauppauge NY22256 3 F 50-5929:07.329:07.310:01.79:24/M
73Craig EaganSt James NY23757 3 M 50-5929:10.629:10.610:46.09:25/M
74Elizabeth ReffiShirley NY21834 10 F 30-3929:16.829:16.810:11.29:26/M
75Laila ChadliNew Hyde Park NY26515 10 F 15-1929:20.029:20.010:14.59:28/M
76Kelly McSweeneyNesconset NY13211 6 F 10-1429:21.529:21.510:15.99:28/M
77Krissy LonettoRonkonkoma NY133 11 F 30-3929:22.829:22.810:17.29:28/M
78Stephen SancilioSmithtown NY5945 6 M 40-4929:28.029:28.011:03.49:30/M
79Stephanie AhearnE. Patchogue NY21625 3 F 20-2929:29.629:29.610:24.09:31/M
80David WaltersLake Grove NY3436 5 M 30-3929:38.829:38.811:14.29:34/M
81Michael JezewskiCentereach NY9466 2 M 60-6929:42.829:42.811:18.29:35/M
82Claudine KrishnanCommack NY7946 6 F 40-4929:43.529:43.510:37.99:35/M
83Lynn LopezMedford NY12363 1 F 60-6929:44.029:44.010:38.49:35/M
84Meghan VitaleCoram NY10137 12 F 30-3929:46.129:46.110:40.59:36/M
85Kathryn DemartinoCommack NY1021 4 F 20-2929:55.129:55.110:49.59:39/M
86Patricia DemartinoCommack NY1149 7 F 40-4929:55.129:55.110:49.59:39/M
87David WymanNesconset NY21052 4 M 50-5929:57.829:57.811:33.29:40/M
88January ReavisSt James NY5436 13 F 30-3929:57.829:57.810:52.29:40/M
89Mark KlesinNesconset NY20644 7 M 40-4929:59.029:59.011:34.49:40/M
90Laura FeeneyNissequogue NY5345 8 F 40-4929:59.829:59.810:54.29:40/M
91Ken UlrichNesconset NY1546 8 M 40-4930:02.830:02.811:38.29:41/M
92Skylar UlrichNesconset NY1611 7 F 10-1430:05.030:05.010:59.49:42/M
93Thomas Killeen.2910 3 M 0- 031:13.531:13.512:48.910:04/M
94Tiffany HoltjeNY214 8 F 10-1431:16.831:16.812:11.210:05/M
95Stephanie Ruffi.25929 5 F 20-2931:48.531:48.512:43.010:15/M
96Daniel MartinicoNY20316 12 M 15-1931:58.631:58.613:34.010:19/M
97Chris LocurtoNY840 9 M 40-4932:00.832:00.813:36.210:19/M
98Michael CatalanottoSmithtown NY10934 6 M 30-3932:51.332:51.314:26.710:36/M
99Elena FezzaSmithtown NY12032 14 F 30-3933:17.333:17.314:11.710:44/M
100Luigi SeiditaNesconset NY23137 7 M 30-3933:24.033:24.014:59.410:46/M
101Lori WaltersLake Grove NY3338 15 F 30-3933:35.833:35.814:30.210:50/M
102Barbara CatalanottoSt James NY22338 16 F 30-3933:41.833:41.814:36.210:52/M
103Christina LavornaPort Jefferson Station NY10225 6 F 20-2933:53.533:53.514:47.910:56/M
104Kristen GirardiFarmingville NY8138 17 F 30-3934:09.134:09.115:03.511:01/M
105Sandy KriegerSmithtown NY4963 3 M 60-6934:11.834:11.815:47.211:02/M
106Isabella StrajanekovaWest Hempstead NY4211 9 F 10-1434:12.534:12.515:06.911:02/M
107Peter KalamarasWest Hempstead NY4438 8 M 30-3934:12.534:12.515:48.011:02/M
108Alexis KalamarasWest Hempstead NY4334 18 F 30-3934:12.834:12.815:07.211:02/M
109Laurie HammondCommack NY7841 9 F 40-4934:18.534:18.515:13.011:04/M
110Sofia PalazzoloNesconset NY9512 10 F 10-1434:31.334:31.315:25.711:08/M
111Jennifer FerreriNY22139 19 F 30-3934:34.334:34.315:28.711:09/M
112Jennifer GregorySt James NY22042 10 F 40-4934:34.334:34.315:28.711:09/M
113Erin VandeusenNesconset NY4535 20 F 30-3934:51.334:51.315:45.711:15/M
114Karyn ShepherdStonybrook NY1936 21 F 30-3934:55.834:55.815:50.211:16/M
115Laina Rivers.29713 11 F 10-1435:01.335:01.315:55.711:18/M
116Kellylynn Santelli.26034 22 F 30-3935:03.335:03.315:57.711:18/M
117Jodi PirroSmithtown NY26142 11 F 40-4935:04.535:04.515:59.011:19/M
118Kelly PhaneufAlbertson NY29036 23 F 30-3935:21.535:21.516:15.911:24/M
119Bobby Phaneuf.29337 9 M 30-3935:21.535:21.516:57.011:24/M
120Elena PirroSmithtown NY26210 12 F 10-1435:30.035:30.016:24.411:27/M
121Garby Killeen.3000 3 F 0- 035:39.335:39.316:33.711:30/M
122Cierra NelsonSt James NY24716 11 F 15-1935:42.835:42.816:37.211:31/M
123Taylor CapoSt James NY21517 12 F 15-1935:42.835:42.816:37.211:31/M
124Michaela FeeneySmithtown NY11616 13 F 15-1935:42.835:42.816:37.211:31/M
125Joy WalkerBohemia NY8454 4 F 50-5935:52.535:52.516:46.911:34/M
126Laurene GivenHauppauge NY8536 24 F 30-3936:02.836:02.816:57.211:37/M
127Veronica CaputoSmithtown NY5842 12 F 40-4936:17.636:17.617:12.011:42/M
128Jean ZeidnerNY933 25 F 30-3936:31.836:31.817:26.211:47/M
129Laura EwallStonybrook NY1749 13 F 40-4936:42.036:42.017:36.511:50/M
130Mara HansNesconset NY26741 14 F 40-4936:43.036:43.017:37.411:51/M
131Tina ChinNY541 15 F 40-4936:43.836:43.817:38.211:51/M
132Amy ChairelloNesconset NY26643 16 F 40-4936:45.836:45.817:40.211:51/M
133Deirdra KearnsSmithtown NY8920 7 F 20-2936:47.336:47.317:41.711:52/M
134Chris C.28915 13 M 15-1936:50.036:50.018:25.511:53/M
135Daniella GallegoSt James NY27014 13 F 10-1436:55.036:55.017:49.411:55/M
136Denise VibalNesconset NY23539 26 F 30-3937:04.537:04.517:58.911:57/M
137Adrienne ZimoulisCoram NY5235 27 F 30-3937:10.037:10.018:04.511:59/M
138Terry MawbnNesconset NY27244 10 M 40-4937:16.837:16.818:52.212:01/M
139Kelly MawnNesconset NY27318 14 F 15-1937:16.837:16.818:11.212:01/M
140Barbara RonzettiEast Northpoint NY24555 5 F 50-5937:41.837:41.818:36.212:09/M
141Melissa BiorgazzoRonkonkoma NY28445 17 F 40-4938:00.338:00.318:54.712:15/M
142Kathy Debarro.28341 18 F 40-4938:01.038:01.018:55.412:16/M
143Desiree CarloRocky Point NY21730 28 F 30-3938:02.838:02.818:57.212:16/M
144Ryan PiereoSmithtown NY2758 3 M 1- 938:10.338:10.319:45.712:19/M
145Mike Valeri.27612 7 M 10-1438:10.538:10.519:45.912:19/M
146Lisa MolanoNY2460 4 F 0- 038:13.338:13.319:07.712:20/M
147Miriam DahlPatchogue NY9160 2 F 60-6938:18.538:18.519:12.912:21/M
148Ed HerzogSmithtown NY20562 4 M 60-6938:40.838:40.820:16.212:28/M
149Kim DesthersSmithtown NY25635 29 F 30-3938:42.538:42.519:36.912:29/M
150Bridget KarisMerrick NY2337 30 F 30-3938:50.038:50.019:44.412:32/M
151Bill TuthillNesconset NY25761 5 M 60-6939:21.539:21.520:56.912:42/M
152Melinda FuscoSmithtown NY7728 8 F 20-2940:36.840:36.821:31.213:06/M
153Matthew FuscoSmithtown NY7629 3 M 20-2940:37.140:37.122:12.513:06/M
154Melissa ZaleskiJamesport NY6935 31 F 30-3940:54.940:54.921:49.313:12/M
155Robert CarrSt James NY25877 1 M 70-9941:30.641:30.623:06.013:23/M
156Unknown Partic. 252.252. 4 M 0- 042:27.642:27.624:03.013:42/M
157Joanne WalkerStony Brook NY26343 19 F 40-4942:51.942:51.923:46.313:49/M
158Gaby WalkerStony Brook NY2648 1 F 1- 942:54.442:54.423:48.813:50/M
159Robert CuniNesconset NY10353 5 M 50-5943:00.143:00.124:35.513:52/M
160Chris KostialikGreenlawn NY13162 3 F 60-6943:06.643:06.624:01.013:54/M
161George Dahl JrPatchogue NY9063 6 M 60-6943:27.143:27.125:02.514:01/M
162Jennifer YochmanNesconset NY4635 32 F 30-3943:28.643:28.624:23.014:01/M
163Joey BartoneSt James NY10820 4 M 20-2944:02.144:02.125:37.514:12/M
164Kellianne LevickNesconset NY10721 9 F 20-2944:02.444:02.424:56.814:12/M
165Donna GreenSmithtown NY5555 6 F 50-5945:12.945:12.926:07.314:35/M
166Melanie ZimoulisMedford NY9960 4 F 60-6946:18.146:18.127:12.514:56/M
167Douglas GreenSmithtown NY5654 6 M 50-5947:46.147:46.129:21.515:25/M
168Linda LevickNesconset NY10649 20 F 40-4948:08.648:08.629:03.015:32/M
169Jennifer CaputoNesconset NY7232 33 F 30-3948:10.448:10.429:04.815:32/M
170Bonnie CronkNesconset NY6437 34 F 30-3948:14.948:14.929:09.315:34/M
171Erin SmithSt. James NY6334 35 F 30-3948:16.948:16.929:11.315:34/M
172Gale ClancyPort Jeff Sta NY9261 5 F 60-6949:34.449:34.430:28.815:59/M
173Gerard ClancyPort Jeff Sta NY9362 7 M 60-6949:43.649:43.631:19.016:02/M
174Michael FleeceNesconset NY11541 11 M 40-4949:46.949:46.931:22.316:03/M
175Lisa FleeceNesconset NY11438 36 F 30-3949:47.149:47.130:41.516:04/M
176Julie ChristodaulauAlbertson NY28014 14 F 10-1450:09.850:09.831:04.316:11/M
177Olivia NamendorfNew Hyde Park NY12614 15 F 10-1450:10.950:10.931:05.316:11/M
178Jonathan TroffaNY2010 8 M 10-1451:44.451:44.433:19.816:41/M
179Meagan VouloNesconset NY5720 10 F 20-2951:47.651:47.632:42.016:42/M
180Kathy CoffinNesconset NY11752 7 F 50-5952:12.452:12.433:06.816:50/M
181Laura BremenSaint James NY11953 8 F 50-5952:13.352:13.333:07.816:51/M
182Lynn EgittoSt James NY11846 21 F 40-4953:39.653:39.634:34.017:18/M
183Debra PymmSt James NY11356 9 F 50-5953:41.953:41.934:36.317:19/M
184Cheryl BrownEast Setauket NY4759 10 F 50-5954:07.654:07.635:02.017:27/M
185Steven GoroffEast Setauket NY4860 8 M 60-6954:09.354:09.335:44.817:28/M
186Megan ShurmanPort Jefferson Station NY7523 11 F 20-2954:13.154:13.135:07.517:29/M
187Kelly KirkSelden NY10023 12 F 20-2954:15.654:15.635:10.017:30/M
188Edilson DelgadoCoram NY12230 10 M 30-3954:19.454:19.435:54.817:31/M
189Nicole SantisiRonkonkoma NY9724 13 F 20-2954:35.654:35.635:30.017:36/M
190Joseph EternoWest Sayville NY9624 5 M 20-2954:35.654:35.636:11.017:36/M
191Ben LingenfelterLake Grove NY2641 12 M 40-4955:31.355:31.337:06.817:55/M
192Tracy LingenfelterLake Grove NY2539 37 F 30-3955:31.455:31.436:25.817:55/M
193Stacy HallMastic NY23040 22 F 40-4955:31.955:31.936:26.317:55/M
194Deborah MooreStony Brook NY7437 38 F 30-3955:47.955:47.936:42.318:00/M
195Rebecca EisenbergNesconset NY1416 15 F 15-1957:35.357:35.338:29.818:35/M
196Jessie Tichchees.28114 16 F 10-1458:43.858:43.839:38.318:56/M

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