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Orange County Choppers 5k and 10k Races

Newburgh, NY, April 28, 2013

[Overall 5k Results | Age Group 10k Results | Age Group 5k Results ]

Overall 10k Results

Michele Paolella, Race Director. Timing by

OCC 10k 10k Run.........
Overall Finish List.........
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Kerry Meehan Ny Peekskill34145 1 Top Fin38:45.038:46.2.6:15/M
2Mario Mansueto.86925 2 Top Fin42:13.242:14.503:28.26:49/M
3Nicholas DamianoCircleville NY87025 3 Top Fin42:16.742:18.203:31.96:49/M
4William Hiemcke Ny Poughkeepsie13643 1 M 40-4942:37.742:37.703:51.46:52/M
5Keith Melara Ny Poughkeepsie35936 1 M 30-3943:09.443:24.704:38.47:00/M
6Fernanda FariaGoshen NY37537 1 Top Fin43:55.744:00.2.7:06/M
7Christopher Manza.88226 1 M 20-2944:05.944:07.005:20.77:07/M
8Roman Vidals Ny NY Newburgh23839 2 M 30-3944:11.244:11.205:24.97:08/M
9Geoff Baldwin Ny Carmel2046 2 M 40-4944:40.444:45.505:59.27:13/M
10Ivan MilanHopewell NY76936 3 M 30-3945:17.745:18.706:32.47:18/M
11Steve Moreau Ny New Windsor31642 3 M 40-4945:36.245:37.006:50.77:21/M
12Dave Pujdak Ny Hurley22932 4 M 30-3946:28.746:32.507:46.27:30/M
13Brian Kaplan Nj Mahwah15141 4 M 40-4946:40.446:45.207:58.97:32/M
14Michael Stern Ny Hauppauge27342 5 M 40-4946:40.246:45.207:59.07:32/M
15Sue Pujdak Ny Hurley22831 2 Top Fin46:52.746:56.502:56.27:34/M
16Matt Marcella Ct Naugatuck18532 5 M 30-3947:00.447:02.708:16.47:35/M
17Omer Alptekin.38948 6 M 40-4947:16.447:19.508:33.27:38/M
18Fred Galbraith Ny NY New Windsor10139 6 M 30-3947:35.247:37.008:50.77:41/M
19Collin Cusack Ny Newburgh7125 2 M 20-2947:54.447:57.509:11.27:44/M
20Antal HalaszNew Windsor NY68738 7 M 30-3949:09.749:11.510:25.27:56/M
21Thomas Heller Nj Mahwah12948 7 M 40-4949:05.549:13.510:27.27:56/M
22Katherine Meehan Ny Peekskill34241 3 Top Fin49:13.549:16.705:16.47:57/M
23Catherine Gaynor Ny Clintondale10639 1 F 30-3949:30.049:35.705:35.58:00/M
24Aaron Babcock Ny Middletown1733 8 M 30-3949:31.249:37.010:50.78:00/M
25Joe Jankowski.40038 9 M 30-3949:39.049:43.010:56.78:01/M
26Theresa Wells Ny St. Johnsville30931 2 F 30-3950:25.750:34.206:34.08:09/M
27Holly Niro.72326 1 F 20-2950:46.250:49.006:48.78:12/M
28Domenic Baiocco Ny NY Cornwall1942 8 M 40-4950:59.251:01.212:14.98:14/M
29Kelly Kane Ny Cornwall On Hudson14944 1 F 40-4951:04.251:11.007:10.78:15/M
30Ty BuckelewNew York4743 9 M 40-4951:15.051:21.212:34.98:17/M
31Ellie Shephard Ny New York25536 3 F 30-3951:15.251:21.507:21.28:17/M
32Matt Bilyk Nj Saddle Brook3738 10 M 30-3951:25.951:31.212:44.98:19/M
33Peggy Ryan Ny Sugarloaf24154 1 F 50-5951:30.451:36.207:36.08:19/M
34Aaron Nelson.39354 1 M 50-5952:17.052:19.713:33.48:26/M
35Jason McCullough Ny New Windsor19432 11 M 30-3952:21.552:25.213:39.08:27/M
36Jill Siruchek Ny NY Campbell Hall26037 4 F 30-3952:26.752:28.708:28.48:28/M
37Eugene Wiesbeck.37433 12 M 30-3952:43.752:55.014:08.78:32/M
38Rosemary Arnold Ny Cornwall1441 2 F 40-4952:59.753:06.709:06.58:34/M
39Derek Riggs Ny Cornwall34454 2 M 50-5953:03.753:08.514:22.28:34/M
40Annie Shepherd Ny Beacon25626 2 F 20-2953:06.753:18.009:17.78:36/M
41Brent Harrington Ny Hawthorne12636 13 M 30-3953:15.553:23.214:36.98:37/M
42Kimberly Eherts Ny NY Middletown9127 3 F 20-2953:48.553:59.009:58.78:42/M
43Michael Crisci Ny Wappingers Falls34826 3 M 20-2953:56.454:00.015:13.78:43/M
44Ashley Hebert Ny Marlboro126 4 F 20-2953:57.054:00.210:00.08:43/M
45Francesca Galli Ny Newburgh33628 5 F 20-2953:54.754:02.210:02.08:43/M
46Kacey Capen Ny Tuxedo Park32233 5 F 30-3954:01.454:05.010:04.78:43/M
47Ian Mawe Ny Wallkill19125 4 M 20-2954:18.254:21.715:35.48:46/M
48Nidia Santana Ny Newburgh24652 2 F 50-5954:23.554:27.510:27.28:47/M
49Heather FreilichNewburgh NY39947 3 F 40-4956:00.756:05.012:04.79:03/M
50Elia Berrian Ny Walden3531 6 F 30-3955:57.556:06.512:06.29:03/M
51Steve WagnerNewburgh NY39846 10 M 40-4956:03.456:07.717:21.49:03/M
52Erin Sherry Ny NY Middletown25734 7 F 30-3956:20.456:27.212:26.99:06/M
53Laura Greenberg Nj Cherry Hill11728 6 F 20-2956:18.056:28.212:28.09:06/M
54Deanne Illenberger Ny New Windsor13846 4 F 40-4956:30.256:36.512:36.29:08/M
55Dean Johnson.37148 11 M 40-4956:46.956:54.518:08.29:11/M
56Austin Berrian Ny Walden3632 14 M 30-3957:01.757:10.718:24.49:13/M
57Erica Ward Gonzalez Ny Pine Bush30438 8 F 30-3957:38.957:44.513:44.29:19/M
58Melissa Nilsen Ny Wallkill21025 7 F 20-2957:53.057:57.513:57.29:21/M
59Art Illenberger Ny New Windsor13947 12 M 40-4957:55.458:02.519:16.29:22/M
60Marcia Paz Ny Montgomery33454 3 F 50-5958:20.058:24.514:24.29:25/M
61Eileen O'Rourke Ny Bronxville21450 4 F 50-5958:58.459:04.515:04.29:32/M
62Michele Tripp Ny Rotterdam29343 5 F 40-4959:42.659:51.715:51.49:39/M
63Katharina Prota Ny Cold Spring22624 8 F 20-2959:46.759:53.215:53.09:40/M
64Lawrence Williams Ny New York35352 3 M 50-5900:19.200:31.221:44.99:46/M
65Jillian Lacoppola.37822 9 F 20-2900:39.200:44.716:44.49:48/M
66Ana Harrington Ny Hawthorne12737 9 F 30-3900:54.901:03.017:02.79:51/M
67Marjorie Bailey Ny Fishkill1833 10 F 30-3900:55.201:11.217:11.09:52/M
68Jennifer Murphy Ny NY New Windsor20632 11 F 30-3901:15.901:34.517:34.29:56/M
69Emilia Suarez-Riggs Ny Cornwall34552 5 F 50-5902:39.702:44.018:43.710:07/M
70Sydney JohnsonNewburgh.141 F 19-Under03:08.0...
70Marc Leffler Ny Pomona35456 4 M 50-5903:17.503:17.524:31.210:12/M
71Rita Santos Ny Yonkers24841 6 F 40-4903:40.303:52.519:52.310:18/M
72Jill Handzel Ny Newburgh12436 12 F 30-3904:00.804:02.320:02.010:20/M
73Cynthia Ware Ny Brooklyn30544 7 F 40-4903:36.304:33.820:33.510:25/M
74Ethan Cohen Ny Roscoe33144 13 M 40-4903:38.304:34.025:47.810:25/M
75Marie Lewis Ny Brooklyn17241 8 F 40-4903:35.504:34.120:33.810:25/M
76Kaitlin Bengyak Ny Newburgh3429 10 F 20-2906:09.706:14.822:14.510:41/M
77Jessica Baumgardner-Zuzik Ny Newburgh3027 11 F 20-2906:40.606:44.622:44.310:46/M
78Allen Baumgardner-Zuzik Ny Newburgh3132 15 M 30-3906:40.806:45.027:58.810:46/M
79Jeremy Roberts Ny Kingston23632 16 M 30-3907:03.307:10.528:24.310:50/M
80Mackenzie Collard Ny NY Cornwall34636 13 F 30-3907:39.807:45.023:44.810:56/M
81Melinda Martinez Ny Staatsburg18733 14 F 30-3907:46.507:52.023:51.810:57/M
82Angelo Herrera Ny Rock Tavern35129 5 M 20-2909:44.009:46.030:59.811:15/M
83Courtney Lynch Nj Hoboken17725 12 F 20-2909:51.710:02.826:02.511:18/M
84Frances Pickles Ny Utica22124 13 F 20-2909:51.510:02.826:02.511:18/M
85Nicole Hof Ny Kingston13728 14 F 20-2910:21.610:28.126:27.811:22/M
86Cathy Deyo Ga Valdosta33554 6 F 50-5910:49.811:01.127:00.811:27/M
87Lisa Lindenberg Ny Cornwall17353 7 F 50-5916:54.017:04.333:04.012:26/M
88Charmaine Johnson.37046 9 F 40-4923:32.923:41.539:41.213:30/M

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