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Run It Out 5k

Morris Plains, NJ, May 19, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Patrick Fischer, Race Director. Timing by

Run It Out 5k........
Overall Finish List........
2013 May 19........
Results By
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Billy KingsberyShort Hills NJ7017 1 Top Fin18:37.2.6:00/M
2Jordan EarlywineMorristown NJ15416 1 M 16-1918:58.30:21.16:07/M
3Matt MehringBoonton NJ8517 2 M 16-1919:13.70:36.56:12/M
4Stephen ConnellMorristown NJ14548 1 M 40-4919:23.80:46.66:15/M
5Ryan McLaughlinBasking Ridge NJ7916 3 M 16-1919:24.70:47.56:15/M
6Jeff EmgeMorris Plains NJ3537 1 M 30-3919:35.10:57.96:19/M
7Patrick FischerMorristown NJ116 4 M 16-1919:41.31:04.16:21/M
8Michael KarrsLincoln Park NJ6717 5 M 16-1919:53.41:16.26:25/M
9Ian FeeleyBernardsville NJ4115 1 M 1-1520:11.21:34.06:31/M
10Parker PersonNew Vernon NJ13916 6 M 16-1920:25.51:48.36:35/M
11Matthew WhiteLittle Falls NJ12527 1 M 20-2920:43.32:06.16:41/M
12Michael BaroneMendham NJ15616 7 M 16-1921:06.02:28.86:48/M
13Natalie ObssuthChester NJ8918 1 Top Fin21:16.2.6:52/M
14Rik DuganMendham NJ17137 2 M 30-3921:27.42:50.26:55/M
15Malt SignigRandolph NJ18436 3 M 30-3921:29.42:52.26:56/M
16Douglas GoodaleMorristown NJ5534 4 M 30-3921:31.52:54.36:56/M
17Paul ShulerDover NJ11516 8 M 16-1921:46.93:09.77:01/M
18Ian LodgeMorristown NJ15312 2 M 1-1521:53.73:16.57:04/M
19Kyle BrennanRandolph NJ1420 2 M 20-2922:03.93:26.77:07/M
20Nanayow Appiah-KubiNewark NJ14216 9 M 16-1922:11.93:34.77:09/M
21Cameron LetchumFar Hills NJ13814 3 M 1-1522:36.63:59.47:17/M
22Joseph O'ReillyMorristown NJ9114 4 M 1-1522:38.84:01.67:18/M
23Derek RueblingMorristown NJ14121 3 M 20-2922:45.64:08.47:20/M
24Dane GlynnMorristown NJ5018 10 M 16-1922:47.54:10.37:21/M
25Adrian JonesRidgewood NJ6548 2 M 40-4923:07.04:29.87:27/M
26Lauren LongoMorristown NJ14416 1 F 16-1923:11.51:55.27:29/M
27Chip CareyMaplewood NJ16750 1 M 50-5923:12.94:35.77:29/M
28Anthony RosarioNewark NJ13616 11 M 16-1923:14.44:37.27:30/M
29Trevor PearsonNew Vernon NJ13716 12 M 16-1923:15.04:37.87:30/M
30Dominic PalumboMorris NJ9413 5 M 1-1523:26.04:48.87:34/M
31Liam GannonMadison NJ15815 6 M 1-1523:27.14:49.97:34/M
32Ryan ConnorsLebanon NJ16315 7 M 1-1524:23.25:46.07:52/M
33Danny JonesRidgewood NJ6415 8 M 1-1524:23.85:46.67:52/M
34Bill ShulerDover NJ11653 2 M 50-5924:45.66:08.47:59/M
35James FaliveneWarren NJ3711 9 M 1-1524:57.26:20.08:03/M
36Kevin BrownMorristown NJ14023 4 M 20-2925:07.66:30.48:06/M
37Alyssa OlimpioBoonton NJ14316 2 F 16-1925:21.84:05.58:11/M
38John McLaughlinBasking Ridge NJ8149 3 M 40-4925:25.16:47.98:12/M
39Joe CorcoranChester NJ2615 10 M 1-1525:54.57:17.38:21/M
40Tim ConnorsLebanon NJ16416 13 M 16-1925:56.67:19.48:22/M
41Chris CocozelloLong Valley NJ2045 4 M 40-4926:01.17:23.98:24/M
42Joe SantoroMartinsville NJ10417 14 M 16-1926:17.07:39.88:29/M
43John MasellaRandolph NJ7317 15 M 16-1926:18.07:40.88:29/M
44Robbie PriceMorristown NJ9616 16 M 16-1926:18.57:41.38:29/M
45Michael MasellaRandolph NJ7417 17 M 16-1926:24.67:47.48:31/M
46Scott MassengillSummit NJ7750 3 M 50-5926:26.47:49.28:32/M
47Rich GogliaMorris Plains NJ5441 5 M 40-4926:29.87:52.68:33/M
48Carter MassengillSummit NJ7814 11 M 1-1526:52.58:15.38:40/M
49Jack CorcoranChester NJ2515 12 M 1-1526:54.68:17.48:41/M
50Tom MorrisMendham NJ8652 4 M 50-5926:57.98:20.78:42/M
51Sean HagerBerkeley Heights NJ5915 13 M 1-1527:15.68:38.48:47/M
52Guiseppe BevacquaParsippany NJ1117 18 M 16-1927:15.78:38.58:47/M
53John McLaughlinBasking Ridge NJ8317 19 M 16-1927:16.98:39.78:48/M
54Nick McLaughlinBasking Ridge NJ8411 14 M 1-1527:37.49:00.28:55/M
55Annie HagerBerkeley Heights NJ5624 1 F 20-2927:49.26:32.98:58/M
56Elizabeth LenzSummit NJ15149 1 F 40-4928:01.86:45.59:02/M
57Lisa CareyMaplewood NJ16852 1 F 50-5928:03.56:47.29:03/M
58Lindsay GannonMadison NJ15746 2 F 40-4928:17.47:01.19:07/M
59Jonathan CataniaWarren NJ1615 15 M 1-1528:20.09:42.89:08/M
60Kevin HertleyBernardsville NJ15915 16 M 1-1528:21.39:44.19:09/M
61Ann ZonvelkkisRockaway NJ17051 2 F 50-5928:25.47:09.19:10/M
62Grant OttoWhitehouse Station NJ9314 17 M 1-1528:27.09:49.89:11/M
63Claude SmithMendham NJ11847 6 M 40-4928:27.19:49.99:11/M
64Matthew ZebrowskiVerona NJ12814 18 M 1-1528:31.59:54.39:12/M
65Chris ConnorsLebanon NJ16249 7 M 40-4928:33.59:56.39:13/M
66Scott LenzSummit NJ15251 5 M 50-5928:33.69:56.49:13/M
67Philip FaliveneWarren NJ3646 8 M 40-4928:40.710:03.59:15/M
68Todd SmithMendham NJ11747 9 M 40-4928:55.610:18.49:20/M
69Eric CocozelloLong Valley NJ2117 20 M 16-1929:27.010:49.89:30/M
70Danny McMasterBasking Ridge NJ16615 19 M 1-1529:29.110:51.99:31/M
71Michael EarlywineMorristown NJ1550 1 M 0- 029:42.711:05.59:35/M
72Christopher SchaferFlorham Park NJ10917 21 M 16-1929:45.811:08.69:36/M
73Adam SchreckDenville NJ11218 22 M 16-1929:50.911:13.79:37/M
74Eileen HonickyMorris Plains NJ14745 3 F 40-4930:00.48:44.19:41/M
75Erin FischerMorristown NJ214 1 F 1-1530:30.89:14.59:50/M
76Luis RosarioNewark NJ16016 23 M 16-1930:37.212:00.09:53/M
77Nick Duana.17315 20 M 1-1531:00.812:23.610:00/M
78Christina JonesRidgewood NJ6650 3 F 50-5931:03.19:46.810:01/M
79Tim FleuryMorris NJ4512 21 M 1-1531:08.312:31.110:03/M
80Chris Joe ConnorsLebanon NJ16516 24 M 16-1931:08.812:31.610:03/M
81Kevin HagerBerkeley Heights NJ588 22 M 1-1531:15.412:38.210:05/M
82Frank HagerBerkeley Heights NJ5732 5 M 30-3931:15.912:38.710:05/M
83Paula SchaferFlorham Park NJ10747 4 F 40-4931:17.510:01.210:05/M
84Jill CecalaMorristown NJ1747 5 F 40-4931:25.010:08.710:08/M
85Matt SwopeMorris Plains NJ11942 10 M 40-4931:29.812:52.610:09/M
86Pj SwopeMorris Plains NJ12111 23 M 1-1531:30.812:53.610:10/M
87Michael ParentMorristown NJ9563 1 M 60-9931:33.812:56.610:11/M
88Michael RitardiMendham NJ10013 24 M 1-1531:51.413:14.210:16/M
89Sean MorrisMendham NJ8717 25 M 16-1932:04.313:27.110:21/M
90Peter WelchBernardsville NJ12416 26 M 16-1932:06.213:29.010:21/M
91Jordan DowiakHackettstown NJ3317 27 M 16-1932:09.613:32.410:22/M
92Dan WhalenStanhope NJ14952 6 M 50-5932:46.814:09.610:34/M
93Bonnie BeneszewskiWashington NJ837 1 F 30-3933:11.011:54.710:42/M
94Bruce HonickyMorris Plains NJ14844 11 M 40-4933:16.914:39.710:44/M
95Jen FleuryMorris NJ4343 6 F 40-4933:59.412:43.110:58/M
96Daniel WhalenRockaway NJ15017 28 M 16-1934:27.115:49.911:07/M
97Christina RosamondMorris Plains NJ10310 2 F 1-1536:35.415:19.111:48/M
98Lexi BowersMorris Plains NJ1211 3 F 1-1536:35.515:19.211:48/M
99Abigail HoranMorris NJ6116 3 F 16-1937:23.216:06.912:04/M
100Rachel SantoroMartinsville NJ10520 2 F 20-2937:26.516:10.212:05/M
101Wendy SantoroMartinsville NJ10653 4 F 50-5937:26.616:10.312:05/M
102Bradley HoranMorris NJ629 25 M 1-1539:34.120:56.912:46/M
103Mia CecalaMorristown NJ1911 4 F 1-1539:34.718:18.412:46/M
104Kelly GleasonMorris Plains NJ16151 5 F 50-5944:21.023:04.714:18/M
105Dale DegrawMorristown NJ2851 6 F 50-5944:21.023:04.714:18/M
106Mary EhmannMendham NJ3451 7 F 50-5944:21.023:04.814:18/M
107Becca SwopeMorris Plains NJ12041 7 F 40-4945:12.223:55.914:35/M
108Emily SwopeMorris Plains NJ1229 5 F 1-1545:12.623:56.314:35/M
109Dorian CorcoranChester NJ2750 8 F 50-5947:11.625:55.315:13/M
110Alexis ZebrowskiVerona NJ12645 8 F 40-4948:05.826:49.515:31/M

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