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Dolphin Dash 10k, 5k and 3k Races

Vero Beach, FL, November 16, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Ashby Goldstein, Race Director. Timing by

Dolphin Dash.......
Overall Finish List.......
2013 November 16.......
Results By
10k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Roger TravisFort Pierce FL34655 1 Top Fin42:54.46:55/M
2Tim Bishop.16053 2 Top Fin43:56.07:05/M
3Mike DahanFort Pierce FL36958 3 Top Fin44:14.27:08/M
4Shawn MorinVero Beach FL39942 1 M 40-4947:17.17:38/M
5David Vatland.15934 1 M 30-3948:38.27:51/M
6Johnathan PageVero Beach FL32216 1 M 16-1949:16.57:57/M
7Jim SilviaSebastian FL21547 2 M 40-4949:28.17:59/M
8Michelle SternVero Beach FL23543 1 Top Fin49:41.58:01/M
9Melinda StruwasVero Beach FL21760 2 Top Fin50:30.58:09/M
10Janice LittleFort Pierce FL39347 3 Top Fin50:51.68:12/M
11Kathleen HarrisVero Beach FL37944 1 F 40-4951:25.48:18/M
12Tammy BursickVero Beach FL36150 1 F 50-5951:57.98:23/M
13Sharron Arnold.15822 1 F 20-2953:28.98:37/M
14Nathalie SchiffeleersVero Beach FL21145 2 F 40-4953:36.98:39/M
15Tyler SigmanPalm Bay FL24425 1 M 20-2953:55.58:42/M
16Harold CiminiNorth Smithfield RI36866 1 M 60-6954:05.78:43/M
17Alex AmelioVero Beach FL35630 2 M 30-3954:28.18:47/M
18Rick BakerVero Beach FL31242 3 M 40-4954:37.98:49/M
19Pam GoldfarbVero Beach FL37852 2 F 50-5954:58.88:52/M
20Jaclyn GarrisVero Beach FL16130 1 F 30-3955:05.08:53/M
21Melanie LockhartVero Beach FL39439 2 F 30-3955:05.98:53/M
22Steve SchrellVero Beach FL21266 2 M 60-6955:23.78:56/M
23Ramon EcheverriaVero Beach FL22648 4 M 40-4955:52.59:01/M
24James ThimmerSebastian FL22035 3 M 30-3957:18.69:15/M
25Andy AversVero Beach FL34748 5 M 40-4957:44.29:19/M
26Laura KulsikVero Beach FL39253 3 F 50-5957:53.89:20/M
27Connie PitcherSebastian FL34951 4 F 50-5958:04.29:22/M
28Craig ParhamVero Beach FL20243 6 M 40-4958:17.29:24/M
29Jovita Ojeaola.16224 2 F 20-2958:19.09:24/M
30Kevin MillerVero Beach FL30637 4 M 30-3959:19.49:34/M
31Joan MeadowsMalabar FL39754 5 F 50-5959:42.69:38/M
32Megan ThimmerSebastian FL33132 3 F 30-3959:44.39:38/M
33John Feasel.15457 1 M 50-5959:47.29:39/M
34Sherri HernandezVero Beach FL38144 3 F 40-4959:49.19:39/M
35Todd RacineVero Beach FL22544 7 M 40-491:00:13.29:43/M
36Nancy BakerVero Beach FL31339 4 F 30-391:00:32.09:46/M
37Jesse Peraza.15548 8 M 40-491:01:02.79:51/M
38Kylie McCartySebastian FL39618 1 F 16-191:01:40.99:57/M
39Shelly SatranVero Beach FL44238 5 F 30-391:02:37.210:06/M
40Lori NelsonVero Beach FL33549 4 F 40-491:02:37.210:06/M
41Susie OconnellMelbourne FL40061 1 F 60-691:03:08.610:11/M
42Pamela ReevesSebastian FL33042 5 F 40-491:03:56.210:19/M
43Darla SnoweFort Pierce FL35549 6 F 40-491:05:40.510:35/M
44Laura KramerFort Pierce FL39148 7 F 40-491:05:40.610:35/M
45Tom StullVero Beach FL21842 9 M 40-491:06:06.910:40/M
46Melissa HaggardVero Beach FL34431 6 F 30-391:08:57.611:07/M
47Susan HannerVero Beach FL35158 6 F 50-591:09:09.511:09/M
48Stephanie SmeltzerVero Beach FL23240 8 F 40-491:09:55.311:17/M
49Brian MooreVero Beach FL39826 2 M 20-291:10:17.211:20/M
50Megan HesterPort Saint Lucie FL38223 3 F 20-291:10:17.311:20/M
51Meredith SchechterJupiter FL21028 4 F 20-291:11:29.411:32/M
52Rick Wrijil.15759 2 M 50-591:11:51.511:35/M
53James BrottSebastian FL22847 10 M 40-491:11:59.811:37/M
54Katie HulseSebastian FL38635 7 F 30-391:13:50.411:55/M
55Alan Hulse IISebastian FL38737 5 M 30-391:13:55.111:55/M
56Art PfefferVero Beach FL20560 3 M 60-691:14:21.112:00/M
57Sarah Velar.15636 8 F 30-391:15:06.412:07/M
58Heather Johnson BrottSebastian FL38845 9 F 40-491:15:36.312:12/M
59Tim Collins.15053 3 M 50-591:16:49.712:23/M
60Danielle Jones.24140 10 F 40-491:17:23.112:29/M
61Heather McCarnOregon City OR39528 5 F 20-291:23:26.313:27/M
62Anna GibbsVero Beach FL32131 9 F 30-391:25:45.813:50/M
63Richard FerryVero Beach FL37582 1 M 70-991:29:27.314:26/M
64Elizabeth AdamsVero Beach FL32454 7 F 50-591:29:43.514:28/M
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Jayme Cole.16417 1 Top Fin19:31.56:18/M
2Bryan Gates.16737 2 Top Fin21:35.76:58/M
3Barry Alto.24539 3 Top Fin22:28.27:15/M
4Bronco MacDonaldSebastian FL35028 1 M 20-2922:28.67:15/M
5Mike SmithVero Beach FL34548 1 M 40-4923:42.97:39/M
6Jennifer NesbitVero Beach FL31134 1 Top Fin23:54.87:43/M
7John F Binkley IIIVero Beach FL35857 1 M 50-5925:07.58:06/M
8Veryl MooreFort Pierce FL32346 2 M 40-4925:17.68:09/M
9Michael RiordanFort Pierce FL20962 1 M 60-6925:33.88:15/M
10James Whitley.15227 2 M 20-2925:48.18:19/M
11Carrie FrancoVero Beach FL34036 2 Top Fin25:51.38:20/M
12Johnson HagoodVero Beach FL24349 3 M 40-4925:57.78:22/M
13Kamden MillerVero Beach FL3078 1 M 1- 826:25.98:31/M
14Jeramy KeenVero Beach FL39033 1 M 30-3926:30.78:33/M
15Kelly FykesVero Beach FL37740 3 Top Fin26:33.48:34/M
16Allan Ennis.24963 2 M 60-6926:37.08:35/M
17Tyler PutzkeVero Beach FL31712 1 M 12-1527:20.18:49/M
18John SimsJupiter FL21659 2 M 50-5927:34.88:54/M
19Perry Cohen.16313 2 M 12-1527:43.58:56/M
20Emily DuncansonVero Beach FL37210 1 F 9-1127:47.88:58/M
21Anastasia RossinskyMiami FL30220 1 F 20-2927:49.88:58/M
22Jason NesbitVero Beach FL31041 4 M 40-4927:58.89:01/M
23Howard TeeVero Beach FL21951 3 M 50-5928:13.09:06/M
24Joanne DuncansonVero Beach FL33444 1 F 40-4928:29.29:11/M
25Loreto Murray.16534 1 F 30-3928:29.39:11/M
26Robert ConatyVero Beach FL34169 3 M 60-6928:59.09:21/M
27Kyle MillerVero Beach FL30811 1 M 9-1129:11.99:25/M
28Kathryn PfefferVero Beach FL20657 1 F 50-5929:17.09:27/M
29Nicole PerezVero Beach FL20336 2 F 30-3929:19.89:27/M
30Christine HydeVero Beach FL32955 2 F 50-5929:34.49:32/M
31Steve RenfrewVero Beach FL20825 3 M 20-2930:12.79:45/M
32Alisha RenfrewVero Beach FL20725 2 F 20-2930:36.29:52/M
33Sarah WolfVero Beach FL22110 2 F 9-1131:29.110:09/M
34Samantha Criton.15125 3 F 20-2932:29.810:29/M
35Victoria RossinskyMiami FL30117 1 F 16-1932:33.410:30/M
36Brenna DuncansonVero Beach FL37313 1 F 12-1532:48.610:35/M
37Kendra OsbornVero Beach FL24213 2 F 12-1532:56.810:37/M
38Sarah EspinosaVero Beach FL23812 3 F 12-1533:44.310:53/M
39Ann DemottSayville NY37058 3 F 50-5934:00.610:58/M
40Stacy HazellVero Beach FL22936 3 F 30-3934:59.811:17/M
41Paul HazellVero Beach FL23051 4 M 50-5935:07.511:20/M
42Henry HazellVero Beach FL2317 2 M 1- 835:08.511:20/M
43Beth MillerVero Beach FL30935 4 F 30-3935:41.111:31/M
44Laura WolfVero Beach FL22445 2 F 40-4936:14.611:41/M
45Emma WolfVero Beach FL2237 1 F 1- 836:14.611:41/M
46Steve PitcherSebastian FL34851 5 M 50-5936:19.411:43/M
47Pat PalinkasBel Air MD32564 1 F 60-6936:28.411:46/M
48Corey ElkinOrlando FL37419 1 M 16-1936:36.511:48/M
49Anna HrycynaOrlando FL38518 2 F 16-1936:37.211:49/M
50Harlie HillaryVero Beach FL38312 3 M 12-1536:57.111:55/M
51Lisa Pearson.35413 4 F 12-1536:58.311:55/M
52Victor RossinskyMiami FL30356 6 M 50-5937:03.511:57/M
53Leana Cortez.24611 3 F 9-1137:31.112:06/M
54Albert Cortez.24841 5 M 40-4937:32.212:06/M
55Lanie ChaplesVero Beach FL36512 5 F 12-1537:32.812:06/M
56Ileana Montoya.2479 4 F 9-1137:41.412:09/M
57Emma BrownsteinVero Beach FL36013 6 F 12-1538:16.412:21/M
58Susan TobarVero Beach FL23639 5 F 30-3938:47.012:31/M
59Brandon PutzkeVero Beach FL31841 6 M 40-4938:55.412:33/M
60Jim PalinkasBel Air MD32668 4 M 60-6938:58.512:34/M
61Louie CasasVero Beach FL36442 7 M 40-4939:10.012:38/M
62Don PalinkasVero Beach FL20179 1 M 70-9939:24.412:43/M
63Charles Hillary.24051 7 M 50-5939:58.012:54/M
64Carole ButlerVero Beach FL32850 4 F 50-5940:04.212:55/M
65Jade ButlerVero Beach FL32711 5 F 9-1140:04.212:55/M
66Mary CiminiNorth Smithfield RI36757 5 F 50-5944:47.014:27/M
67Theresa VivesSebastian FL22746 3 F 40-4947:48.215:25/M
68Bella Montoya.35712 7 F 12-1548:54.515:46/M
3k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Gene DemottSayville NY37166 1 M 0-9930:47.816:33/M
2Valerie PetilloVero Beach FL20466 1 F 0-9931:21.516:51/M
3Linsa HimpelmanVero Beach FL38464 2 F 0-9931:22.016:52/M
4Sherry ChaputVero Beach FL36643 3 F 0-9932:18.217:22/M
5Diane LanierVero Beach FL32055 4 F 0-9932:18.717:22/M

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