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Spirit of Spring 5k

Tolland, CT, April 6, 2013

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Allison Goldsnider and Frank Kenney, Race Directors. Timing by

Spirit of Spring 5k 5k Run........
Overall Finish List........
2013 April 06........
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Brett StoefflerTolland CT14646 1 Top Fin17:38.2.5:41/M
2David ClavetEllington CT15114 1 M 1-1419:20.21:42.06:14/M
3Todd LongoTolland CT12637 1 M 30-3919:23.71:45.56:15/M
4Karina JohnsonTolland CT4729 1 Top Fin19:39.0.6:20/M
5Kazuki UnayamaPomfret CT10814 2 M 1-1419:52.22:13.96:25/M
6Sam LeePomfret CT5315 1 M 15-1920:14.42:36.26:32/M
7James GeurinCT15430 2 M 30-3920:15.72:37.56:32/M
8Braden LongPomfret CT5934 3 M 30-3920:35.52:57.36:38/M
9Zoltan RigoCT14229 1 M 20-2920:40.43:02.16:40/M
10Shawn BurdetteCT14837 4 M 30-3920:42.03:03.76:41/M
11Ed GraceCoventry CT13351 1 M 50-5920:47.03:08.86:42/M
12Hayley CollinsTolland CT14514 1 F 1-1420:56.81:17.86:45/M
13John CollinsTolland CT14447 1 M 40-4920:57.93:19.76:45/M
14Jeramie PerryManchester CT8538 5 M 30-3921:12.53:34.36:50/M
15Deborah LivingstonBolton CT5838 1 F 30-3921:36.11:57.16:58/M
16Mike BobeyTolland CT14948 2 M 40-4923:44.86:06.67:39/M
17Frank KenneyTolland CT5056 2 M 50-5923:50.06:11.77:41/M
18Adam OsmondFarmington CT14145 3 M 40-4924:07.26:28.97:47/M
19Luke BowdenCT15513 3 M 1-1424:24.36:46.07:52/M
20Scott NorstromCoventry CT8049 4 M 40-4924:31.96:53.77:55/M
21Stephen SucheckiTolland CT13944 5 M 40-4924:51.37:13.18:01/M
22Christopher GalatCT15212 4 M 1-1424:57.97:19.78:03/M
23Richard ChromikTolland CT1855 3 M 50-5925:21.87:43.58:11/M
24Casey CobbMansfield CT15346 6 M 40-4925:25.87:47.68:12/M
25Laura BachiochiWindsor Locks CT12335 2 F 30-3925:52.46:13.48:21/M
26Erin ClarkEllington CT12732 3 F 30-3925:56.66:17.68:22/M
27Allen PangilinanSouth Windsor CT12225 2 M 20-2926:20.08:41.88:30/M
28Richard AshleyCoventry CT218 2 M 15-1926:24.38:46.18:31/M
29Ron JohnsonTolland CT4665 1 M 60-6926:24.58:46.38:31/M
30Claudio MiliteSouth Windsor CT6951 4 M 50-5926:24.78:46.58:31/M
31Melissa MillerWillington CT7039 4 F 30-3926:28.26:49.28:32/M
32Paul K CanavanAshford CT1448 7 M 40-4926:31.08:52.78:33/M
33Maryanne BrustolonCoventry CT1263 1 F 60-6926:38.06:59.08:35/M
34Klein JessicaVernon Rockville CT4431 5 F 30-3926:48.77:09.68:39/M
35Megan GroganTolland CT3529 1 F 20-2926:52.97:13.98:40/M
36Anna DubielRocky Hill CT14330 6 F 30-3927:10.87:31.78:46/M
37Mike HuppertCoventry CT4249 8 M 40-4927:15.09:36.88:47/M
38Jack HePomfret CT4012 5 M 1-1427:17.79:39.48:48/M
39Jacob LevinEllington CT558 6 M 1-1427:29.29:50.98:52/M
40Paul Pires JrCT13228 3 M 20-2927:48.910:10.78:58/M
41Marissa KallenbachStafford Springs CT4912 2 F 1-1427:50.48:11.48:59/M
42Joshua Tubbs.1069 7 M 1-1427:53.610:15.49:00/M
43Rebecca Tubbs.10538 7 F 30-3927:53.98:14.99:00/M
44Casey BowdenCT15711 8 M 1-1427:56.610:18.49:01/M
45William YostManchester CT11861 2 M 60-6928:00.310:22.09:02/M
46Coral PiresCT12928 2 F 20-2928:11.18:32.19:05/M
47Paul Pires SrCT12850 5 M 50-5928:13.710:35.49:06/M
48Amy HePomfret CT4115 1 F 15-1928:13.98:34.99:06/M
49Emily StanfordTolland CT15033 8 F 30-3928:27.78:48.79:11/M
50Daniel CalliganBristol CT1336 6 M 30-3928:30.910:52.69:12/M
51Jennifer IacampoTolland CT4328 3 F 20-2928:40.09:01.09:15/M
52Ian MageeMansfield Center CT6050 6 M 50-5928:55.711:17.49:20/M
53Kristen Malinowski-PainePomfret Center CT6132 9 F 30-3929:05.59:26.59:23/M
54Colleen O'NeilPomfret CT8232 10 F 30-3929:06.79:27.79:23/M
55Collin JonesTolland CT4823 4 M 20-2929:12.011:33.89:25/M
56Mike CanavanEllington CT1547 9 M 40-4929:29.211:50.99:31/M
57Kenzie BowdenTolland CT15614 3 F 1-1429:48.510:09.59:37/M
58Brendan WestVernon Rockville CT11032 7 M 30-3930:03.312:25.19:42/M
59Emma PalmacciWellington CT14736 11 F 30-3930:06.610:27.69:43/M
60Michael FeeneyAmston CT2549 10 M 40-4930:08.612:30.49:43/M
61Karen ReginiVernon Rockville CT9157 1 F 50-5930:14.310:35.39:45/M
62Sarah PoulinTolland CT8934 12 F 30-3930:17.610:38.69:46/M
63Jamie SummersTolland CT10051 2 F 50-5930:43.811:04.79:55/M
64Cheryl LiuPomfret CT5715 2 F 15-1930:49.411:10.49:56/M
65Chloe LeePomfret CT5415 3 F 15-1930:50.111:11.19:57/M
66Mindy PerryManchester CT8624 4 F 20-2930:59.811:20.810:00/M
67Valerie MunsonVernon Rockville CT7533 13 F 30-3931:00.511:21.510:00/M
68Daniel NorvalWillington CT8140 11 M 40-4931:04.613:26.410:01/M
69Teresa CavanaghEllington CT1631 14 F 30-3931:13.711:34.710:04/M
70James LastowskiHarmony RI5261 3 M 60-6931:20.713:42.510:06/M
71Mike Grogan.3629 5 M 20-2931:29.613:51.410:09/M
72Rob PivacekTolland CT8743 12 M 40-4931:30.913:52.610:10/M
73Holly SucheckiTolland CT14043 1 F 40-4931:39.212:00.110:13/M
74Vicki QuagliaroliStafford Springs CT9059 3 F 50-5931:45.312:06.310:15/M
75Matthew MurrayTolland CT7832 8 M 30-3931:49.014:10.810:16/M
76Alison PiresCT13149 2 F 40-4932:07.512:28.510:22/M
77Roy JitsakulaPomfret CT4514 9 M 1-1432:18.214:39.910:25/M
78Gia KimPomfret CT5115 4 F 15-1932:19.012:39.910:25/M
79Herb BaileyEast Hartford CT13549 13 M 40-4932:19.714:41.410:25/M
80Christine YouPomfret CT11915 5 F 15-1932:21.812:42.810:26/M
81Amy SevcikStafford Springs CT9342 3 F 40-4932:27.912:48.910:28/M
82Deidra Sevcik.9411 4 F 1-1432:33.712:54.710:30/M
83Jenny SonPomfret CT9916 6 F 15-1932:39.013:00.010:32/M
84Karen WatsonTolland CT10938 15 F 30-3933:02.813:23.810:39/M
85Viktoriya ParkerTolland CT8435 16 F 30-3933:08.713:29.710:41/M
86Keith ConroyManchester CT13426 6 M 20-2933:21.215:43.010:45/M
87Fiona MooreTolland CT7243 4 F 40-4933:23.713:44.610:46/M
88Richard ZbrozekBerlin CT12566 4 M 60-6933:33.015:54.810:49/M
89Alice AhnPomfret CT116 7 F 15-1933:38.513:59.510:51/M
90Barbara MaloneyTolland CT6266 2 F 60-6933:41.714:02.710:52/M
91Rachel MartinezEllington CT6334 17 F 30-3933:56.014:17.010:57/M
92Karolina WytrykowskaMiddletown CT11332 18 F 30-3934:50.115:11.111:14/M
93Shiloh LiuPomfret CT5614 5 F 1-1434:50.415:11.411:14/M
94Barbara BrandtStorrs Mansfield CT1034 19 F 30-3934:51.515:12.511:15/M
95Jolanta Wytrykowska.11654 4 F 50-5935:03.515:24.511:18/M
96Claudia PiresCT13026 5 F 20-2935:06.015:26.911:19/M
97Melanie ChampionCT13854 5 F 50-5935:13.815:34.811:22/M
98Kim ShackwayCT13643 5 F 40-4935:50.816:11.811:34/M
99Vinnie MartocchioVernon Rockville CT6441 14 M 40-4936:13.818:35.611:41/M
100Kristy Pezzino.7738 20 F 30-3936:16.316:37.311:42/M
101Maria FreitasPomfret CT3116 8 F 15-1936:20.016:40.911:43/M
102Teri NoferAmston CT7950 6 F 50-5936:32.116:53.111:47/M
103Marie ReynoldsCoventry CT9240 6 F 40-4936:32.916:53.911:47/M
104Diana BoucherCoventry CT940 7 F 40-4936:39.217:00.211:49/M
105Honorata Wytrykowska.11431 21 F 30-3937:23.317:44.312:04/M
106Andy Loomis.11528 7 M 20-2937:23.619:45.312:04/M
107Ignacy Wytrykowski.11759 7 M 50-5937:23.819:45.612:04/M
108Rebecca SkinnerTolland CT9736 22 F 30-3937:25.217:46.212:04/M
109Kathy O'Connell-bach.443 8 F 40-4938:20.218:41.112:22/M
110Leonard BachWest Hartford CT344 15 M 40-4938:20.520:42.312:22/M
111Donna EathorneTolland CT2142 9 F 40-4939:29.919:50.912:44/M
112Abbie Eathorne.2210 6 F 1-1439:30.119:51.112:45/M
113Edward SnyderWallingford CT13766 5 M 60-6939:35.221:57.012:46/M
114Sandy WadeDunham CT12464 3 F 60-6941:25.921:46.913:22/M
115Jose GamioPomfret CT3214 10 M 1-1444:54.127:15.914:29/M
116Michael TubbsTolland CT10444 16 M 40-4956:53.739:15.518:21/M
117Evan Tubbs.1075 11 M 1-1456:54.239:15.918:21/M
118Betty Brown SchullerSomers CT1147 10 F 40-4957:12.637:33.618:27/M

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