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Lacing Up For Kids 5k and 10k Races

Northampton, PA, October 6, 2012

[Age Group 5k and 10k Results ]

Overall 5k and 10k Results

Doug Sheriff, Race Director. Timing by

Lacing Up For Kids 5k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 October 06.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Steve Ott.14734***** M 30-3920:16.46:32/M
2Chris FowlerBethlehem PA51637 1 M 30-3920:44.76:41/M
3James FreedEmmaus PA51841 1 M 40-4920:54.86:45/M
4Ryan GingrichMacungie PA4931 2 M 30-3923:48.37:41/M
5Robyn FrankeBath PA51712***** F 1-1924:15.27:49/M
6Rocco Cappolella.14542 2 M 40-4926:30.08:33/M
7Nicholas BodnarNorthampton PA16311 1 M 1-1926:44.48:37/M
8Jason LongleyNazareth PA53729 1 M 20-2926:54.48:41/M
9Paul HetirckWalnutport PA52617 2 M 1-1926:59.18:42/M
10Jarred ColemanWalnutport PA50617 3 M 1-1926:59.28:42/M
11Mark SchuonBath PA56215 4 M 1-1926:59.28:42/M
12Tina CollinsNazareth PA50737 1 F 30-3927:06.28:45/M
13Scott FackenthallEaston PA51248 3 M 40-4927:16.38:48/M
14Joe KrempaskySlatington PA53444 4 M 40-4928:34.39:13/M
15Tammy FeichtelBath PA51440 1 F 40-4928:50.89:18/M
16Seth LisaBethlehem PA53630 3 M 30-3928:53.89:19/M
17Keith VenanziSlatington PA57045 5 M 40-4928:54.09:19/M
18Wendy SeipEaston PA7145 2 F 40-4929:39.49:34/M
19Whitey ChlebovePA50436 4 M 30-3929:57.69:40/M
20Nicole RothrockBath PA15124 1 F 20-2930:02.29:41/M
21Megan Trinkle.15024 2 F 20-2930:10.69:44/M
22James SchnyderiteEaston PA55933 5 M 30-3930:52.99:57/M
23Sean BrandleNazareth PA50326 2 M 20-2931:26.910:08/M
24Sarah GoldmanWhitehall PA52126 3 F 20-2931:27.810:09/M
25Rachel RitterAllentown PA55425 4 F 20-2931:30.310:10/M
26Glorinda Marie Cork.15449 3 F 40-4931:31.010:10/M
27Laura NeimanBethlehem PA10437 2 F 30-3931:34.410:11/M
28Cole KleppingerNorthampton PA53113 5 M 1-1931:58.610:19/M
29Zachary RooksBath PA11514 6 M 1-1931:58.610:19/M
30Zachary ValleyBath PA56916 7 M 1-1931:58.610:19/M
31George StilgenbauerBath PA56515 8 M 1-1931:58.710:19/M
32Josh ColemanWalnutport PA50515 9 M 1-1931:58.910:19/M
33Bobby Fehr.14817 10 M 1-1931:59.010:19/M
34Michael ScheetzNorthampton PA55816 11 M 1-1931:59.110:19/M
35Todd HetirckWalnutport PA52715 12 M 1-1931:59.510:19/M
36Cade Moisey.14914 13 M 1-1931:59.510:19/M
37Andrew BartholomewBethlehem PA50115 14 M 1-1931:59.710:19/M
38Billy EatonBath PA51017 15 M 1-1932:02.010:20/M
39Jason KocherBath PA53315 16 M 1-1932:03.910:20/M
40Jeff Bauder.13430 6 M 30-3932:19.610:25/M
41Jennifer Alatzas.14234 3 F 30-3932:20.010:26/M
42Alicia KishAllentown PA53038 4 F 30-3932:20.710:26/M
43Tammy MoyerLehghton PA54332 5 F 30-3932:37.310:31/M
44Karen GrollerBath PA52234 6 F 30-3932:44.210:34/M
45Suzanne Ott.14634 7 F 30-3933:13.110:43/M
46Jack KennedyNorthampton PA52911 17 M 1-1934:01.110:58/M
47Suzanne SurovyBethlehem PA56747 4 F 40-4934:11.811:02/M
48Tom HeardEaston PA52543 6 M 40-4934:41.011:11/M
49Martin MereurioEaston PA14343 7 M 40-4936:05.311:38/M
50Rick Gregory.13713 18 M 1-1936:23.811:44/M
51Justin DanbarNorthampton PA50812 19 M 1-1936:52.911:54/M
52Chance WandlerBath PA57213 20 M 1-1937:26.912:05/M
53Matt FortonWalnutport PA51512 21 M 1-1937:27.412:05/M
54Jeffery VilkauskasNorthampton PA57144 8 M 40-4937:55.312:14/M
55Maria PulliAllentown PA55030 8 F 30-3938:05.912:17/M
56Richard FrederickWhitehall PA15567 1 M 60-9938:19.112:22/M
57Patricia GarinWhitehall PA51959 1 F 50-5938:35.312:27/M
58Jacqueline ParkerBath PA54562 1 F 60-9938:53.512:33/M
59Delaney HaggertyWalnutport PA52415 1 F 1-1938:55.912:33/M
60Amy PucklavageBethlehem PA54826 5 F 20-2939:24.612:43/M
61Rebecca GroverAllentown PA52354 2 F 50-5940:13.312:58/M
62Robin MonteleoneMacungie PA54151 3 F 50-5941:08.313:16/M
63Wendy EckertNorthampton PA51150 4 F 50-5941:27.813:22/M
64Cindy VilkauskasNorthampton PA6140 5 F 40-4941:56.813:32/M
65Korina ZambranoNorthampton PA57311 2 F 1-1945:46.414:46/M
66Lori KochanskiEaston PA53238 9 F 30-3947:46.215:25/M
67Andi McClelard.14034 7 M 30-3951:08.916:30/M
68Andrea PadronesimonAllentown PA54434 10 F 30-3951:09.016:30/M
69Cassandra HerrNorthampton PA15327 6 F 20-2956:55.918:22/M
70Bethany ValimontNorthampton PA56828 7 F 20-291:03:39.220:32/M
71Jenna SchoolerBethlehem PA56127 8 F 20-291:03:41.120:33/M
72Ashley Benner.16727 9 F 20-291:04:14.920:43/M
73Danashley Benner.166. 1 M 0- 01:04:15.720:44/M
74Jessica GoedtelHellertown PA52029 10 F 20-291:11:24.623:02/M
10k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Neiman CraigBethlehem PA10537***** M 30-3937:08.65:59/M
2Brian Crown0VERNazareth PA10331 1 M 30-3943:49.57:04/M
3Michael Messerschmidt.15245 1 M 40-4944:58.87:15/M
4Ben MoyerLehghton PA54235 2 M 30-3945:23.87:19/M
5Hayley JacksonBath PA10216***** F 1-1945:54.97:24/M
6Ray Szlzucki.14451 1 M 50-5946:30.17:30/M
7Justin Nikles.5015 1 M 1-1947:03.27:35/M
8Travis PezzutoEaston PA54736 3 M 30-3947:39.77:41/M
9Sandy LowerNorthampton PA53838 1 F 30-3947:52.17:43/M
10Kurt SaegerBath PA4746 2 M 40-4948:42.97:51/M
11Jamie DieterBath PA13834 2 F 30-3949:43.38:01/M
12John Concilio.15653 2 M 50-5950:04.58:05/M
13Christopher Orem.16045 3 M 40-4950:09.28:05/M
14Michael BauerWhitehall PA16135 4 M 30-3950:12.98:06/M
15Tyler Rindock.14131 5 M 30-3950:35.58:10/M
16Jeff Kicska.15743 4 M 40-4951:31.48:19/M
17Mary PostmaEaston PA15841 1 F 40-4952:02.88:24/M
18Jackie BauerWhitehall PA16228 1 F 20-2952:19.58:26/M
19Laura YassoCenter Valley PA16552 1 F 50-5953:15.58:35/M
20Ian Szalku.16414 2 M 1-1953:21.68:36/M
21James LitzenbergerNorthampton PA57731 6 M 30-3953:36.58:39/M
22Tara MerkleNorthampton PA53939 3 F 30-3953:39.38:39/M
23Michele RumlyWhitehall PA55537 4 F 30-3953:50.58:41/M
24Mark SurovyBethlehem PA56647 5 M 40-4954:07.38:44/M
25Jan SaegerAllentown PA4843 2 F 40-4954:29.28:47/M
26Philip MonteleoneMacungie PA54053 3 M 50-5954:38.78:49/M
27Joseph ZettlemoyerNorthampton PA57455 4 M 50-5955:00.28:52/M
28Scott GriesemerMacungie PA13653 5 M 50-5956:26.59:06/M
29Joe FeichtelBath PA51342 6 M 40-4956:51.99:10/M
30Chris PulliAllentown PA54929 1 M 20-2958:20.69:25/M
31Brittany Roberts.13920 2 F 20-2958:42.19:28/M
32Juan DavialAllentown PA50932 7 M 30-3958:53.29:30/M
33Heather Miller.13534 5 F 30-3959:48.99:39/M
34April KrempaskySlatington PA53541 3 F 40-491:02:24.410:04/M
35Noelia Baiben Lopez.15922 3 F 20-291:05:33.410:34/M
36Michele PeartreeBethlehem PA54633 6 F 30-391:09:17.611:10/M
37Shelby SmithNorthampton PA56322 4 F 20-291:12:48.111:45/M
38Lane RundleNazareth PA55643 7 M 40-491:12:48.211:45/M

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