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Taco Run 5k

Collegeville, PA, May 11, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Matthew Griffith, Race Director. Timing by

Taco Run 5k........
Overall Finish List........
2012 May 11........
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Jeff YoungWayne PA28521***** M 20-2417:52.017:53.45:46/M
2Erik GustafssonNewark DE9126***** M 25-2918:15.918:21.15:55/M
3Tim O'DonnellCollegeville PA18736***** M 35-3918:23.518:24.65:56/M
4Mike KeeportsNewark DE32453***** M 50-5419:35.719:38.46:20/M
5Gary WattsCollegeville PA26237 1 M 35-3919:53.219:53.46:25/M
6Ryan SellCollegeville PA22630 1 M 30-3419:53.419:56.66:26/M
7Jamie SlackCollegeville PA31136***** F 35-3920:03.920:07.16:29/M
8Paul VitolaAmbler PA26146***** M 45-4920:10.520:15.46:32/M
9Matthew LewullisCollegeville PA13536 2 M 35-3920:34.020:35.96:38/M
10David LikensSpring City PA31021 1 M 20-2420:41.620:41.66:40/M
11Donald RatchfordCollegeville PA20345***** M 45-4920:54.420:57.66:45/M
12Nick HigginsSanatoga PA10433 2 M 30-3420:55.721:12.96:50/M
13Greg WedemeyerLimerick PA26540 1 M 40-4420:58.721:04.46:48/M
14Chris BrowerMont Clare PA2326 1 M 25-2920:58.721:07.46:49/M
15Liane WedemeyerLimerick PA26640***** F 40-4421:08.221:12.46:50/M
16Todd DudasKing Of Prussia PA6139 3 M 35-3921:10.221:15.46:51/M
17Rob O'DonnellCollegeville PA18642 2 M 40-4421:26.221:30.46:56/M
18Robin TraceyCollegeville PA25437 4 M 35-3921:26.221:54.47:04/M
19Frank MoffaRoyersford PA16334 3 M 30-3421:33.221:42.47:00/M
20Kara SturgesCollegeville PA24434***** F 30-3421:51.222:02.17:06/M
21Brad SmithCollegeville PA32338 5 M 35-3922:03.422:08.97:08/M
22Kimberly LewullisCollegeville PA13437 1 F 35-3922:04.022:05.67:07/M
23Nicole WattsCollegeville PA26337 2 F 35-3922:04.522:06.47:08/M
24Heather TraceyCollegeville PA25335 3 F 35-3922:06.022:34.67:17/M
25Andrew RoySchwerksville PA32532 4 M 30-3422:07.722:11.67:09/M
26Anthony MastrangeloBirdsboro PA14831 5 M 30-3422:09.722:28.17:15/M
27Dennis GunzelmannPottstown PA8941 3 M 40-4422:13.222:16.17:11/M
28Beth HogarthDowningtown PA10739 4 F 35-3922:17.522:29.47:15/M
29David NaplesNorristown PA17636 6 M 35-3922:39.522:56.97:24/M
30Brian JohnsonPhoenixville PA11325 2 M 25-2922:45.223:00.67:25/M
31Kimberly NaplesNorristown PA17735 5 F 35-3922:46.723:04.67:26/M
32Rich SchatzState College PA21524 2 M 20-2422:49.422:53.17:23/M
33Michael PalataroO C NJ32221 3 M 20-2422:52.222:54.47:23/M
34Denise SteinCollegeville PA24042***** F 40-4422:57.222:59.17:25/M
35Tim YoungWayne PA28752 1 M 50-5423:05.223:07.67:27/M
36Shana DottererCollegeville PA5934 1 F 30-3423:06.223:37.67:37/M
37Gwen GoldbergNorristown PA8442***** F 40-4423:07.223:11.97:29/M
38Albert BaumgartnerPhoenixville PA33455 1 M 55-5923:08.023:13.47:29/M
39Joe KunzHarleysville PA32151 2 M 50-5423:08.923:13.77:29/M
40Mark FeinbergCollegeville PA7144 4 M 40-4423:13.723:16.67:30/M
41Scott LanzaCollegeville PA13043 5 M 40-4423:14.023:17.67:31/M
42Kristin ShustackPhiladelphia PA22932 2 F 30-3423:14.523:32.47:35/M
43Charles WestPottstown PA27042 6 M 40-4423:21.223:49.97:41/M
44Madie PolignaoSchwenksville PA19715 1 F 1-1923:27.023:34.67:36/M
45Beth LawlessCollegeville PA13126 1 F 25-2923:31.023:40.17:38/M
46Matt BowerPhoenixville PA1831 6 M 30-3423:35.524:07.67:47/M
47Mark SeefeldCollegeville PA22347 1 M 45-4923:40.223:48.97:41/M
48Lou MaioranoWest Chester PA14240 7 M 40-4423:41.423:46.17:40/M
49Lesley CoxePhoenixville PA4533 3 F 30-3423:48.724:17.67:50/M
50David RobertdPottstown PA21029 3 M 25-2923:50.423:56.17:43/M
51Brooke HoetzerRoyersford PA10520 1 F 20-2423:54.724:10.67:48/M
52Chet ZajacHarleysville PA28939 7 M 35-3923:55.924:02.17:45/M
53Meredith LoeperPottstown PA13725 2 F 25-2923:56.024:03.67:45/M
54Jason SchulzSchwenksville PA21937 8 M 35-3924:00.724:33.67:55/M
55Stephen StadelbergerNJ30426 4 M 25-2924:06.024:41.47:58/M
56Paul SolomonLimerick PA29540 8 M 40-4424:12.724:28.67:54/M
57Donna PearsonCollegeville PA19048***** F 45-4924:15.324:24.47:52/M
58Maryanne UkalovicCollegeville PA25836 6 F 35-3924:16.424:31.17:55/M
59Nick MaioranoWest Chester PA14312 1 M 1-1924:16.724:20.97:51/M
60Tim LiasPottstown PA13647 2 M 45-4924:20.424:27.97:53/M
61Tamara KiernanCollegeville PA11829 3 F 25-2924:20.724:26.97:53/M
62Shan EvansPhoenixville PA30042 9 M 40-4424:26.724:38.97:57/M
63Martin Criscenzo.33149 3 M 45-4924:27.524:36.97:56/M
64Ed SteinCollegeville PA24138 9 M 35-3924:34.024:35.67:56/M
65Nancy DicksonWayne PA5549 1 F 45-4924:35.524:50.48:01/M
66Leslie SanelliCollegeville PA21343 1 F 40-4424:37.424:51.48:01/M
67Jake ArcheyCollegeville PA416 2 M 1-1924:38.024:58.48:03/M
68Matthew KeeleyNorristown PA32632 7 M 30-3424:38.225:05.18:05/M
69Jeremy BeilCollegeville PA1332 8 M 30-3424:38.724:56.48:03/M
70Mark RattiRoyersford PA20435 10 M 35-3924:44.724:56.48:03/M
71Anna BroganCollegeville PA2042 2 F 40-4424:46.924:49.48:00/M
72Kirk MoyerMedford NJ17247 4 M 45-4924:56.925:50.18:20/M
73Mary MalleyCollegeville PA14550 1 F 50-5424:57.025:06.18:06/M
74Jessica MillerCollegeville PA16015 2 F 1-1924:59.725:02.98:05/M
75Lisa PavlikCollegeville PA32847 2 F 45-4925:01.225:28.28:13/M
76Meredith WoodwardCollegeville PA28334 4 F 30-3425:05.525:24.18:12/M
77Dean MilliganSchwenksville PA16144 10 M 40-4425:07.225:14.68:08/M
78Carmen CosentinoWayne PA4424 2 F 20-2425:07.425:43.68:18/M
79Maureen ColketBryn Mawr PA4030 5 F 30-3425:09.225:44.68:18/M
80Ann Marie LanzaCollegeville PA12944 3 F 40-4425:09.525:13.28:08/M
81Denise Noble-KingTrappe PA18040 4 F 40-4425:10.225:15.98:09/M
82Jason EdwardsCollegeville PA6534 9 M 30-3425:10.225:27.18:13/M
83Sam HellerPhoenixville PA10154 3 M 50-5425:11.025:18.48:10/M
84Liz HigginsSanatoga PA10332 6 F 30-3425:12.725:25.78:12/M
85Jason HaftlCollegeville PA29640 11 M 40-4425:14.025:53.68:21/M
86Marc PolignanoSchwenksville PA19650 4 M 50-5425:17.725:25.98:12/M
87Alec RidingsRoyersford PA20713 3 M 1-1925:17.725:46.98:19/M
88Matthew HautzingerSchwenksville PA9810 4 M 1-1925:17.925:34.68:15/M
89Gina RidingsRoyersford PA20841 5 F 40-4425:17.925:47.98:19/M
90Lawrence SzewczukCollegeville PA24735 11 M 35-3925:18.925:22.68:11/M
91Brett KuikenSchwenksville PA33011 5 M 1-1925:20.525:37.18:16/M
92Hunter BeauchampRoyersford PA1114 6 M 1-1925:22.425:35.68:15/M
93Michael ChancePhoenixville PA3329 5 M 25-2925:23.725:32.18:14/M
94Richard GentlemanCollegeville PA8040 12 M 40-4425:24.926:11.48:27/M
95Randi CiavarelliCollegeville PA30645 3 F 45-4925:26.426:17.18:29/M
96Christine WhippleCollegeville PA27134 7 F 30-3425:27.925:39.18:16/M
97Heidi SimonMorton PA23136 7 F 35-3925:29.725:57.68:22/M
98Marten GustafssonCollegeville PA9355 2 M 55-5925:31.525:38.18:16/M
99Lindsey WilliamsPhoenixville PA27632 8 F 30-3425:32.726:07.98:25/M
100Melissa GibbonsPhoenixville PA8133 9 F 30-3425:33.026:07.98:25/M
101Regina DorrellChesterbrook PA5855 1 F 55-5925:34.026:01.98:24/M
102Adam DavisSanatoga PA5024 4 M 20-2425:34.426:10.68:26/M
103Melinda KlunkRoyersford PA12133 10 F 30-3425:43.026:24.98:31/M
104Caitrin LallyWest Chester PA12730 11 F 30-3425:43.425:43.48:18/M
105Mike ArcheyCollegeville PA615 7 M 1-1925:44.425:51.18:20/M
106David KiernanCollegeville PA11737 12 M 35-3925:50.025:56.68:22/M
107Todd YeagerCollegeville PA28443 13 M 40-4425:52.726:03.68:24/M
108Michele DoughertySanatoga PA29841 6 F 40-4425:55.926:11.48:27/M
109Jim DempseyPhoenixville PA5251 5 M 50-5425:57.726:50.98:39/M
110Holly BeauchampRoyersford PA1046 4 F 45-4926:03.226:19.98:29/M
111Eva WitmerRoyersford PA27839 8 F 35-3926:07.226:22.18:30/M
112Adalberto TorresAllentown PA25236 13 M 35-3926:09.926:16.98:28/M
113Matthew DavidsonSchwenksville PA4934 10 M 30-3426:17.026:52.48:40/M
114Juliann DrottReading PA6032 12 F 30-3426:24.426:57.68:42/M
115Kimberly KundaPhiladelphia PA12534 13 F 30-3426:26.227:00.68:43/M
116Megan CorreiaRoyersford PA4333 14 F 30-3426:29.927:04.18:44/M
117Kristin LandisLimerick PA12830 15 F 30-3426:30.027:04.48:44/M
118Juliet BeauchampRoyersford PA1216 3 F 1-1926:30.426:42.68:37/M
119Nick ChernyenkoSpring City PA3638 14 M 35-3926:31.026:41.68:36/M
120Andrea BilicicCollegeville PA1546 5 F 45-4926:32.926:40.68:36/M
121Caroline McKennaCollegeville PA30815 4 F 1-1926:39.926:52.48:40/M
122Kayla WelshLancaster PA30525 4 F 25-2926:42.927:19.18:49/M
123Roy CraigWarminster PA33744 14 M 40-4426:46.727:45.18:57/M
124Jennifer FisherRoyersford PA7341 7 F 40-4426:48.227:23.18:50/M
125Joe KingRoyersford PA11936 15 M 35-3926:52.027:33.98:53/M
126Kimberly WeanerPottstown PA26433 16 F 30-3426:59.027:20.78:49/M
127James CasselHarleysville PA3232 11 M 30-3427:05.227:57.99:01/M
128Brian RakowskiCollegeville PA20030 12 M 30-3427:06.727:47.48:58/M
129Anne Marie CarterLimerick PA3013 5 F 1-1927:10.427:17.68:48/M
130Sarah HeilPhoenixville PA10040 8 F 40-4427:18.727:53.29:00/M
131Tim DonachieCollegeville PA5741 15 M 40-4427:24.228:19.69:08/M
132Christine NobleKing Of Prussia PA17944 9 F 40-4427:26.727:42.48:56/M
133Nancy BaumgartnerPhoenixville PA849 6 F 45-4927:28.127:28.18:52/M
134Britt MorganCollegeville PA17024 3 F 20-2427:32.427:57.49:01/M
135Cristen NimmerichterPottstown PA17829 5 F 25-2927:36.227:56.69:01/M
136Lauren ScottolineLimerick PA22230 17 F 30-3427:36.727:56.99:01/M
137Sheila YoungWayne PA28647 7 F 45-4927:43.727:50.68:59/M
138Larry WolfeCollegeville PA28252 6 M 50-5427:50.227:54.49:00/M
139John LearCollegeville PA13327 6 M 25-2927:52.528:48.29:17/M
140Kate SolomonLimerick PA29340 10 F 40-4427:52.728:06.99:04/M
141Lou DayOley PA5143 16 M 40-4427:55.528:24.19:10/M
142Monica SpataccinoCollegeville PA23737 9 F 35-3927:56.228:28.29:11/M
143Kate SchneiderConshohocken PA21827 6 F 25-2928:00.728:33.99:13/M
144Jason WhippleCollegeville PA27239 16 M 35-3928:01.528:12.99:06/M
145Meredith MartireRoyersford PA14738 10 F 35-3928:06.028:32.69:12/M
146Mary St. JohnCollegeville PA23942 11 F 40-4428:11.728:23.19:09/M
147Matt DuttonCollegeville PA6438 17 M 35-3928:14.229:02.19:22/M
148Amber DavidsonSchwenksville PA4833 18 F 30-3428:16.028:51.49:18/M
149Deb SchanbacherCollegeville PA33352 2 F 50-5428:16.728:44.49:16/M
150Dawn ErossCollegeville PA6838 11 F 35-3928:17.729:08.99:24/M
151Lisa TaroneCollegeville PA25045 8 F 45-4928:22.428:37.69:14/M
152Melissa AngelucciNorristown PA32730 19 F 30-3428:24.028:51.49:18/M
153Holly SekellickRoyersford PA22538 12 F 35-3928:24.929:11.19:25/M
154Steve GilmanSchwenksville PA8339 18 M 35-3928:31.229:03.99:22/M
155Jen O'ConnorRoyersford PA18442 12 F 40-4428:36.228:55.49:20/M
156Matt MyersCollegeville PA17531 13 M 30-3428:44.229:15.19:26/M
157Jessica GrimmCollegeville PA8613 6 F 1-1928:45.529:06.19:23/M
158Rodney GrimmCollegeville PA8748 5 M 45-4928:46.729:07.99:24/M
159Evan RichardsMalvern PA33545 6 M 45-4928:49.929:47.19:36/M
160Stephanie CarterLimerick PA3141 13 F 40-4428:50.528:58.49:21/M
161Melissa MoffaRoyersford PA16434 20 F 30-3428:50.729:27.29:30/M
162Nicole KaucherGilbertsville PA30735 13 F 35-3928:56.729:10.99:25/M
163Philip McClureCollegeville PA15251 7 M 50-5428:57.029:39.29:34/M
164April GilmanSchwenksville PA8239 14 F 35-3929:02.429:35.49:33/M
165Melissa HorstHarleysville PA10832 21 F 30-3429:11.229:41.49:35/M
166Jeff CarrollEast Norriton PA31932 14 M 30-3429:11.929:52.29:38/M
167Carmel KitchenBoyertown PA12039 15 F 35-3929:12.029:59.29:40/M
168Rhonda ZimmermanRoyersford PA29248 9 F 45-4929:12.729:54.49:39/M
169Nicole PinkertonSchwenksville PA19437 16 F 35-3929:12.729:39.49:34/M
170Sandra TanciniCollegeville PA24938 17 F 35-3929:13.229:57.29:40/M
171Erin LutzRoyersford PA13832 22 F 30-3429:17.929:33.19:32/M
172Michele GunzelmannPottstown PA9046 10 F 45-4929:18.030:15.19:45/M
173Tara BrachtCollegeville PA31328 7 F 25-2929:23.230:18.49:46/M
174Kathleen TallantAudubon PA24846 11 F 45-4929:27.029:51.29:38/M
175Avery BilicicCollegeville PA1612 7 F 1-1929:28.229:35.99:33/M
176Megan MaranCollegeville PA14633 23 F 30-3429:30.730:14.69:45/M
177Amy BucaraCollegeville PA2439 18 F 35-3929:32.229:42.69:35/M
178Joe BucaraCollegeville PA2541 17 M 40-4429:32.529:42.79:35/M
179Ellen FriendRoyersford PA7842 14 F 40-4429:34.229:53.99:38/M
180John GroffCollegeville PA8851 8 M 50-5429:38.230:19.99:47/M
181Emma BroganCollegeville PA2110 8 F 1-1929:43.229:45.79:36/M
182Michael BroganCollegeville PA2244 18 M 40-4429:43.229:45.99:36/M
183Ann KunzSchwenksville PA12642 15 F 40-4429:43.230:16.69:46/M
184Angela AcunaPhiladelphia PA122 4 F 20-2429:43.230:01.49:41/M
185Patricia CarfagnoPottstown PA2942 16 F 40-4429:44.730:05.99:42/M
186Jeanine ReitterSchwenksville PA20538 19 F 35-3929:44.729:58.29:40/M
187Matt CarrolEast Norriton PA32029 7 M 25-2929:48.730:27.69:49/M
188Anna Lynn SmithWallingford PA23341 17 F 40-4429:54.730:17.99:46/M
189Suzanna ZsoskaPhoenixville PA33832 24 F 30-3429:57.730:25.79:49/M
190Kathleen IacobucciPhoenixville PA11052 3 F 50-5429:59.730:57.79:59/M
191Kelly HautzingerSchwenksville PA9735 20 F 35-3930:06.730:23.49:48/M
192Susan BenderSkippack PA33638 21 F 35-3930:09.730:22.69:48/M
193Charlie GansCollegeville PA7941 19 M 40-4430:10.530:54.49:58/M
194Catherine McClureCollegeville PA15050 4 F 50-5430:11.030:53.69:58/M
195Jen RamboRoyersford PA20238 22 F 35-3930:23.030:44.99:55/M
196Joanne MacGregorBerwyn PA14045 12 F 45-4930:25.530:51.99:57/M
197James SturgesCollegeville PA31535 19 M 35-3930:27.931:12.910:04/M
198Matt VilleiPottstown PA26013 8 M 1-1930:31.531:09.910:03/M
199Brian ChapmanBethlehem PA3424 5 M 20-2430:33.231:05.410:02/M
200Nick (toni) SalomoneRoyersford PA21213 9 M 1-1930:33.931:12.910:04/M
201Carolyn GrashofKimberton PA8543 18 F 40-4430:34.931:08.910:03/M
202Deb McKittrickHatboro PA29724 5 F 20-2430:37.731:09.910:03/M
203Kim Harrison-HarperCollegeville PA9624 6 F 20-2430:42.931:08.110:03/M
204William Tucker IIIReading PA25736 20 M 35-3930:48.731:25.710:08/M
205Linda TuckerReading PA25631 25 F 30-3430:48.731:25.610:08/M
206Lillian FinlawWarrington PA7246 13 F 45-4930:54.731:18.910:06/M
207Kylie MonacoCollegeville PA16710 9 F 1-1931:04.431:17.910:05/M
208Corryn MonacoCollegeville PA16612 10 F 1-1931:06.731:20.210:06/M
209Traci ClawsonLimerick PA29436 23 F 35-3931:09.231:25.710:08/M
210Doug SwedeLimerick PA24534 15 M 30-3431:09.731:39.410:13/M
211Steve RufibachLimerick PA21134 16 M 30-3431:10.431:39.610:13/M
212Michele MonacoCollegeville PA16838 24 F 35-3931:15.731:29.110:09/M
213Bevin SeisloveLimerick PA22435 25 F 35-3931:17.731:50.610:16/M
214Miriam DonachieCollegeville PA5637 26 F 35-3931:17.732:13.410:24/M
215Annie DempseyPhoenixville PA30318 11 F 1-1931:20.032:12.210:23/M
216Kevin O'BrienAudubon PA18340 20 M 40-4431:21.431:41.610:13/M
217Jen CoffmanGilbertsville PA3833 26 F 30-3431:25.031:54.410:17/M
218Sharon MorganCollegeville PA17148 14 F 45-4931:27.731:52.910:17/M
219Theresa KullCollegeville PA12349 15 F 45-4931:29.532:00.710:19/M
220Victoria StjohnHarleysville PA24238 27 F 35-3931:30.431:42.110:14/M
221Anne FlahertyDowningtown PA7446 16 F 45-4931:34.231:47.110:15/M
222Unknown Partic. 6303.6303. 1 M 0- 031:45.432:46.410:34/M
223Jennifer GustafssonCollegeville PA9222 7 F 20-2431:48.032:05.910:21/M
224Jessica HalasKing Of Prussia PA9439 28 F 35-3931:51.432:32.110:30/M
225Brandi FoxThorndale PA7639 29 F 35-3931:55.432:36.610:31/M
226Jennifer FlanneryLansdale PA7540 19 F 40-4431:56.432:21.610:26/M
227Jodi MahonyHatboro PA31640 20 F 40-4431:56.732:21.410:26/M
228Sheri ZawislakCollegeville PA29134 27 F 30-3431:59.732:51.410:36/M
229Beth BreslowCollegeville PA1934 28 F 30-3432:06.232:24.610:27/M
230Sandy WhiteCollegeville PA27351 5 F 50-5432:06.732:38.410:32/M
231Zack EgolfPottstown PA6724 6 M 20-2432:09.232:32.610:30/M
232Lyn JoycePhoenixville PA11540 21 F 40-4432:18.733:06.610:41/M
233Rachel HudakCollegeville PA10935 30 F 35-3932:20.432:31.110:29/M
234Christine MaddenCollegeville PA32942 22 F 40-4432:23.733:17.410:44/M
235Tanya ClemensRoyersford PA3734 29 F 30-3432:29.432:50.910:35/M
236Kim MooneySpring City PA16951 6 F 50-5432:32.533:26.910:47/M
237Cathy CaramenicoNorristown PA2756 2 F 55-5932:32.733:20.110:45/M
238Amy SparePaoli PA23653 7 F 50-5432:38.533:17.210:44/M
239Joyce O'NeilMalvern PA31849 17 F 45-4932:38.733:16.910:44/M
240Donna FabiusPhoenixville PA6949 18 F 45-4932:38.933:17.110:44/M
241Melissa MercincavageCollegeville PA15535 31 F 35-3932:40.232:50.110:35/M
242Fallon SzarkoPhoenixville PA24630 30 F 30-3432:43.433:28.910:48/M
243Jennifer WhitenightSanatoga PA27526 8 F 25-2932:43.533:20.710:45/M
244Amy Johnston-SmithNorristown PA11436 32 F 35-3932:45.932:45.910:34/M
245Julie MerktPhiladelphia PA15626 9 F 25-2932:46.033:35.910:50/M
246Kimberly MilliganSchwenksville PA16245 19 F 45-4932:50.933:24.910:46/M
247Kristen KellyReading PA11630 31 F 30-3432:58.233:24.410:46/M
248Kelly MaioranoWest Chester PA14137 33 F 35-3932:59.933:09.610:42/M
249Tiffany SmithWest Chester PA23531 32 F 30-3433:01.533:21.910:45/M
250Karen O'BrienAudubon PA18240 23 F 40-4433:03.733:23.910:46/M
251Jennifer LawrenceLansdale PA13241 24 F 40-4433:05.233:19.710:45/M
252Dawne WentzelSouderton PA26937 34 F 35-3933:14.933:45.410:53/M
253Kristin DempseyPhoenixville PA5351 8 F 50-5433:19.434:12.111:02/M
254Christina KulpBirdsboro PA12428 10 F 25-2933:21.234:16.111:03/M
255Julie MyersMedia PA17426 11 F 25-2933:32.934:03.110:59/M
256Jennifer SchulzeSchwenksville PA22136 35 F 35-3933:32.933:52.710:55/M
257Jennifer SchlaufmanHarleysville PA21735 36 F 35-3933:41.534:12.211:02/M
258Adam MerrittReading PA15734 17 M 30-3433:49.034:26.411:06/M
259Beth StudtLimerick PA24344 25 F 40-4433:50.734:46.911:13/M
260Megan SmithRoyersford PA23430 33 F 30-3433:53.234:49.111:14/M
261Matthew SnyderCollegeville PA30149 7 M 45-4933:54.234:48.911:14/M
262Jacky RakowskiCollegeville PA20131 34 F 30-3433:54.934:35.911:09/M
263Amy AndreBoyertown PA713 12 F 1-1933:55.034:22.411:05/M
264Alicia VentoLimerick PA25933 35 F 30-3433:58.434:17.611:04/M
265Krista BeitlerLimerick PA1432 36 F 30-3433:58.434:17.911:04/M
266Meggin ChernyenkoSpring City PA3534 37 F 30-3434:05.734:15.611:03/M
267Emily NorthCollegeville PA18137 37 F 35-3934:11.034:22.211:05/M
268Mary ArcheyCollegeville PA551 9 F 50-5434:12.534:50.911:14/M
269Amy McCorkellCollegeville PA15337 38 F 35-3934:30.535:23.611:25/M
270Karen JavaruskiConshohocken PA11234 38 F 30-3434:35.435:29.611:27/M
271Catherine KolunieCollegeville PA29947 20 F 45-4935:00.435:38.411:30/M
272Pat ToltonDowningtown PA33249 21 F 45-4935:06.235:19.911:24/M
273Kathy WeissSchwenksville PA26736 39 F 35-3935:09.436:04.911:38/M
274Dene HermanPhoenixville PA10235 40 F 35-3935:17.535:57.111:36/M
275Jen SchlacterBirdsboro PA21634 39 F 30-3435:27.735:50.411:34/M
276Patty ColbertCollegeville PA3937 41 F 35-3935:34.536:00.211:37/M
277Kim PinkertonNorristown PA19338 42 F 35-3935:35.036:00.611:37/M
278Amy HoffmanFleetwood PA10629 12 F 25-2935:37.235:58.911:36/M
279Kathy SchaffnerCollegeville PA21440 26 F 40-4435:38.436:32.111:47/M
280Brian DunnCollegeville PA6245 8 M 45-4935:55.436:44.711:51/M
281Julie MeyerWest Chester PA15838 43 F 35-3936:00.236:15.411:42/M
282Shonna SchulzSchwenksville PA22032 40 F 30-3436:06.736:40.411:50/M
283Jean KrawczykWest Chester PA12236 44 F 35-3936:07.536:17.111:42/M
284Sarah PennypackerBirdsboro PA19126 13 F 25-2936:17.436:45.411:51/M
285Christy SheehanCollegeville PA22739 45 F 35-3936:28.236:53.111:54/M
286Helen DunnCollegeville PA6341 27 F 40-4436:36.037:24.712:04/M
287Mary Kay SilvermanRoyersford PA23047 22 F 45-4936:37.237:24.712:04/M
288Anne ZaccarelliDowningtown PA28834 41 F 30-3436:46.237:26.612:05/M
289Monaco McKennaCollegeville PA3027 13 F 1-1936:53.937:53.612:13/M
290Anthony MonacoCollegeville PA16539 21 M 35-3936:55.037:54.612:14/M
291Lauren DefeoCollegeville PA31728 14 F 25-2937:04.437:59.412:15/M
292Jane SpiethPottstown PA23850 10 F 50-5437:26.037:48.912:12/M
293Kelly DennisonLansdale PA5431 42 F 30-3437:46.438:43.112:29/M
294Jennifer O'DonnellCollegeville PA18541 28 F 40-4437:51.738:15.112:20/M
295Julia HarperPottstown PA9532 43 F 30-3438:08.438:52.612:32/M
296Angela ConserSchwenksville PA4233 44 F 30-3438:19.739:16.112:40/M
297Judie TrinleyLinfield PA25543 29 F 40-4438:19.938:58.912:34/M
298Amanda ShenemanNorristown PA22834 45 F 30-3439:13.239:31.112:45/M
299Ashley OnderPhoenixville PA18822 8 F 20-2439:47.240:09.612:57/M
300Alicia MajcherPhoenixville PA14436 46 F 35-3939:59.040:39.113:07/M
301Joanne MianoPhoenixville PA15938 47 F 35-3940:09.240:28.413:03/M
302Debra PaulNorristown PA18936 48 F 35-3940:17.241:03.413:15/M
303Mikd KellyMalvern PA31267 1 M 60-9940:25.540:56.913:12/M
304Marsha WirtelMalvern PA30943 30 F 40-4440:54.940:54.913:12/M
305Jenna PrendergastCollegeville PA19830 46 F 30-3441:10.242:02.113:34/M
306Lorraine PrendergastCollegeville PA19960 1 F 60-9941:29.742:21.913:40/M
307Krista AngelucciSchwenksville PA223 9 F 20-2441:36.942:05.213:35/M
308Lori AngelucciSchwenksville PA350 11 F 50-5441:38.242:06.613:35/M
309Allison McSherrySpring City PA15435 49 F 35-3941:57.542:41.113:46/M
310Donna SkiltonWoolwich Twp. NJ23242 31 F 40-4442:15.242:39.413:45/M
311Kaleena ConkeyBirdsboro PA4126 15 F 25-2942:46.943:33.114:03/M
312Jamie WhitenightMalvern PA27431 47 F 30-3444:06.744:41.414:25/M
313Beth DanielsExton PA4749 23 F 45-4944:15.444:54.414:29/M
314Meghan FreneyWest Chester PA7733 48 F 30-3444:47.745:34.414:42/M
315Derek EgolfPottstown PA6624 7 M 20-2447:37.448:00.715:29/M
316Jonathan TestaDouglassville PA25126 8 M 25-2947:38.948:01.415:29/M
317Heather BeardSpring City PA923 10 F 20-2447:44.448:07.915:31/M
318Patricia CurtaccioCollegeville PA4623 11 F 20-2447:45.048:07.915:31/M
319Mindy PetersonMalvern PA19229 16 F 25-2948:30.248:51.415:45/M
320Rian CaponeDouglassville PA2633 49 F 30-3450:40.751:30.416:37/M
321Jennifer Moyer-DamianiPottstown PA17333 50 F 30-3450:41.451:30.616:37/M
322Julia FletcherPerkiomenville PA31434 51 F 30-3450:41.751:31.116:37/M
323Janice WohlbergDowningtown PA27934 52 F 30-3452:11.252:50.917:03/M

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