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Shiver by the River Race #4

Scranton, PA, February 18, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Matt Byrne, Race Director. Timing by

Shiver by the River Race #4........
Overall Finish List........
2012 February 18........
Results By
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Eric LipumaMidland Park NJ14518***** M 15-1916:59.116:59.25:29/M
2Eric SprenkleScranton PA17521***** M 20-2917:49.617:51.45:45/M
3Jacob RossClarks Summit PA16115***** M 15-1918:00.318:02.75:49/M
4Jeremiah TingleKingston PA63229 1 M 20-2919:19.819:22.96:15/M
5John KirbyScranton PA15548 1 M 40-4919:24.719:24.76:15/M
6Tommy HayneScranton PA6249 2 M 40-4919:41.719:44.46:22/M
7Greg BasshamMountain Top PA13753 1 M 50-5920:26.020:28.76:36/M
8Jimmy FinanDulles VA11336 1 M 30-3920:41.520:52.16:44/M
9Kate ReillyMoosic PA17614***** F 1-1420:52.820:55.26:45/M
10Jen StecMocanaqua PA18436***** F 30-3921:21.721:24.96:54/M
11Mike RawlsMt Top PA17053 2 M 50-5921:41.221:44.17:01/M
12Joel WolftElmhurst Twn PA18240 3 M 40-4922:00.522:04.97:07/M
13Jason ReevesScranton PA14726 2 M 20-2922:15.522:17.97:11/M
14Robert DamianoNicholson PA19234 2 M 30-3922:30.022:34.77:17/M
15John Ruckl. .1430 1 M 0- 022:45.022:48.97:21/M
16Gretchen MeyersScranton PA11526***** F 20-2922:53.223:02.97:26/M
17Bridget KotchickDalton PA16432 1 F 30-3923:44.323:53.77:42/M
18Alicia KellyDunmore PA10434 2 F 30-3923:53.023:57.27:44/M
19Ron RawlsMt Top PA10663 1 M 60-6924:05.324:15.97:49/M
20Mike VarzalyWb PA9339 3 M 30-3924:20.724:20.77:51/M
21John NicodermTaylor PA90247 4 M 40-4924:39.424:44.77:59/M
22Ben MillerHolden MA11213 1 M 1-1424:41.724:45.67:59/M
23Sean ByrneMoosic PA12241 5 M 40-4916:33.224:45.77:59/M
24Kristy RockefellerPlymouth PA12129 1 F 20-2924:44.824:50.98:01/M
25Kathleen SnyderClarks Summit PA16034 3 F 30-3924:46.424:55.28:02/M
26Noah DonahueScranton PA12313 2 M 1-1421:36.225:00.78:04/M
27Rich OwensWb PA71956 3 M 50-5925:17.425:25.18:12/M
28Bob RaineyDunmore PA6857 4 M 50-5925:49.225:56.98:22/M
29Chad SebringClarks Summit PA18040 6 M 40-4926:26.726:34.48:34/M
30Rebekah UnangstBelvidere NJ13821 2 F 20-2926:44.726:50.28:39/M
31Donna DohertyScranton PA18553 1 F 50-5923:33.226:57.68:42/M
32Michael SingerTaylor PA10527 3 M 20-2926:51.227:01.98:43/M
33Suma ChandrasekaranScranton PA19625 3 F 20-2927:29.727:38.48:55/M
34Peter McCorkellKingston PA76926 4 M 20-2927:30.527:38.48:55/M
35Lisa BristerOlyphant PA7629 4 F 20-2927:38.927:42.98:56/M
36Unknown Partic. 34.34. 2 M 0- 027:51.027:57.99:01/M
37Bill WaeldnerWaverly PA17962 2 M 60-6928:17.228:25.29:10/M
38Elizabeth RichardsonScranton PA64027 5 F 20-2928:33.228:40.79:15/M
39Jim RichardsonScranton PA63950 5 M 50-5928:34.228:41.29:15/M
40Karen GardoskiKingsley PA17152 2 F 50-5928:41.728:50.49:18/M
41Lynn MillerMifflinville PA10741 1 F 40-4929:00.529:04.29:23/M
42Vince FedorScranton PA2966 3 M 60-6930:58.031:03.910:01/M
43Bob DrazbaScranton PA18150 6 M 50-5931:51.232:02.610:20/M
44Kelli CuddeyScranton PA10044 2 F 40-4931:51.232:02.710:20/M
45Leslie StefaloJermyn PA11936 4 F 30-3932:40.232:50.410:35/M
46Melissa CottoneScranton PA14645 3 F 40-4931:34.233:06.110:41/M
47Mike BlassBloomsburg PA10955 7 M 50-5933:03.733:09.710:42/M
48Sarah HigginsScranton PA6036 5 F 30-3933:28.733:41.210:52/M
49Lynne OpsasnickScranton PA18348 4 F 40-4934:14.034:21.911:05/M
50Sandy McCarthyDalton PA1910 1 F 0- 034:29.034:36.911:10/M
51Sara KearneyDunmore PA10830 6 F 30-3935:47.235:57.911:36/M
52Amey JohnsonUlster PA11737 7 F 30-3936:16.236:24.211:45/M
53Mary EdlindS Abington Twp PA3739 8 F 30-3947:26.247:32.915:20/M
54Mike LabasScranton PA12047 7 M 40-4951:15.051:20.416:34/M
10k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1John JohnsonUlster PA61239***** M 30-3934:44.434:55.75:38/M
2Paul LabelleClarks Summit PA60416***** M 15-1937:04.837:06.75:59/M
3Jason SanskyOlyphant PA65218***** M 15-1937:32.837:33.96:03/M
4Tony KorchNanticoke PA64352 1 M 50-5937:42.237:42.26:05/M
5Kenny QuigleyDunmore PA62440 1 M 40-4937:53.037:55.76:07/M
6Corey LomanDalton PA65118 1 M 15-1938:56.238:58.46:17/M
7Michael BatykoScranton PA64525 1 M 20-2939:33.539:38.26:24/M
8Stephen HierskiScott Township PA63719 2 M 15-1939:38.139:40.46:24/M
9Matt SanskyOlyphant PA66218 3 M 15-1941:35.741:37.96:43/M
10Joe KellyCarbondale PA61929 2 M 20-2938:18.441:42.96:44/M
11Mike GreenDalton PA6150 2 M 50-5941:48.041:52.26:45/M
12Mike ByrneScranton PA3639 1 M 30-3942:13.342:15.46:49/M
13Caitlin GaughanScranton PA65025***** F 20-2942:18.842:23.46:50/M
14Leslie MoranScranton PA68641***** F 40-4942:52.042:55.76:55/M
15Andrew MorganClarks Summit PA73039 2 M 30-3942:56.743:01.96:56/M
16Mark BurtonScranton PA61841 2 M 40-4942:59.243:04.46:57/M
17Michael SnyderDunmore PA6329 3 M 20-2943:29.243:35.97:02/M
18Justin OndreyThroop PA60133 3 M 30-3945:04.545:09.97:17/M
19Dan WellsFactoryville PA61351 3 M 50-5945:15.245:19.47:19/M
20Stephanie HatfieldDalton PA5831***** F 30-3945:21.045:24.47:19/M
21Dave BinnerDickson City PA3246 3 M 40-4945:21.545:24.77:19/M
22Tony CerminaroJermyn PA61475 1 M 70-9942:19.245:44.27:23/M
23Tom PiaseckiScranton PA60225 4 M 20-2945:44.445:49.67:23/M
24Ted RivielloPittston Twp PA60054 4 M 50-5946:55.247:00.77:35/M
25Kevin NicolettoScranton PA64240 4 M 40-4947:51.047:58.47:44/M
26Melissa DelfinoDunmore PA68043 1 F 40-4947:58.248:02.47:45/M
27Andrea KopaJermyn PA62233 1 F 30-3947:59.048:03.97:45/M
28Chris DohertyScranton PA67753 5 M 50-5949:09.049:15.77:57/M
29Mark O'MalleyScranton PA67646 5 M 40-4949:05.749:15.77:57/M
30Nick BenzelskiDickson City PA90616 4 M 15-1950:18.750:21.78:07/M
31Brian DonahueScranton PA62043 6 M 40-4950:20.550:26.28:08/M
32John FuthBangor PA67136 4 M 30-3950:41.750:45.28:11/M
33Adam KasperDickson City PA67212 1 M 1-1453:01.553:03.98:33/M
34Tony DegiosioJefferson Twp PA62543 7 M 40-4953:26.253:35.48:39/M
35Brian KaufmanThroop PA66439 5 M 30-3953:36.453:43.18:40/M
36Ellie NasserScranton PA6427 1 F 20-2953:50.253:56.48:42/M
37Melissa KaufmanThroop PA66038 2 F 30-3957:02.257:08.29:13/M
38Cathy DegiosioJefferson Twp PA5544 2 F 40-4957:36.257:46.29:19/M
39Kathy MocegunasTaylor PA68841 3 F 40-4959:01.459:09.19:32/M
40Billy McCarthy JrDalton PA90555 6 M 50-5959:21.559:28.79:35/M
41Melissa YanchakScott Twp PA74033 3 F 30-3959:30.959:39.79:37/M
42Dr Chip TaylorScranton PA68152 7 M 50-5957:47.21:01:11.79:52/M
43Melodie MadusFalls PA9229 2 F 20-291:02:02.91:02:11.910:02/M
44Lisa MorleyTunkhannock PA8032 4 F 30-391:02:04.71:02:13.910:02/M
45Nicholas WilliamsDunmore PA75633 6 M 30-391:05:55.41:06:06.410:40/M
46Alene BratcoClarks Summit PA68328 3 F 20-291:18:04.91:18:18.412:38/M
47Justine DickinsonFactoryville PA68525 4 F 20-291:18:06.11:18:18.612:38/M
48Vincent MunleyScranton PA90730 7 M 30-391:27:19.61:27:19.614:05/M
1 Mile Walk........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Mary KruegerHamlin PA4469 1 F 0-990:07.714:29.914:29/M
2Debbie GeneroseOld Forger PA1146 2 F 0-9943:27.243:36.743:36/M
3Ross TaylorScott Twp PA9144 1 M 0-9951:20.251:31.651:31/M

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