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21st Annual Warwick Lions Club 5k and 5 Mile Races

Warwick, NY, September 3, 2012

[Age Group 5k and 5 Mile Results | 5k Walk Results ]

Overall 5k and 5 Mile Results

George McManus, Race Director. Timing by

Warwick Lions 21st Annual Labor Day Race........
Overall Finish List........
2012 September 03........
Results By
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Brad AckermanWarwick NY222***** M 20-2915:47.915:49.05:06/M
2Grant Pirelli.99917***** M 17-1915:55.215:55.25:08/M
3Aaron PetersonWarwick NY20918***** M 17-1916:24.416:25.25:18/M
4Daniel PetersonWarwick NY20816 1 M 15-1616:38.916:40.25:23/M
5Jared OlsonWarwick NY19617 1 M 17-1916:49.016:50.05:26/M
6Brendan WrightWarwick NY35634 1 M 30-3417:03.917:04.75:30/M
7Jordan BurtonWarwick NY3816 2 M 15-1617:12.117:13.55:33/M
8Tanner SeniusWarwick NY24615 3 M 15-1617:15.917:17.55:35/M
9Derek DiWarwick NY8015 4 M 15-1617:39.217:40.25:42/M
10Michael FoxPine Island NY9417 2 M 17-1917:42.117:44.05:43/M
11Sean HalliganWarwick NY10716 5 M 15-1617:48.917:51.25:45/M
12Todd UckermarkWarwick NY27016 6 M 15-1617:56.417:58.05:48/M
13Danny LillyWarwick NY13615 7 M 15-1618:16.118:19.05:55/M
14Joseph NafashWarwick NY18915 8 M 15-1618:18.118:19.75:55/M
15Chris Biondi.38814 1 M 13-1418:19.418:21.25:55/M
16Alyssa Douma.41225***** F 20-2918:22.818:23.75:56/M
17Colin MaguilolNY31315 9 M 15-1618:26.218:28.05:57/M
18Katie Fitzgerald.34117***** F 17-1918:32.218:34.55:59/M
19Megan ReillyWarwick NY22614***** F 13-1418:32.918:34.55:59/M
20Kevin RudyGoshen NY23416 10 M 15-1618:33.018:34.55:59/M
21Katie FitzgeraldWarwick NY9217 1 F 17-1918:33.218:33.25:59/M
22Nick PacelliWarwick NY20014 2 M 13-1418:36.118:37.56:00/M
23Skip RonneWarwick NY23115 11 M 15-1618:41.418:44.26:03/M
24Cameron O'ConnorWarwick NY19414 3 M 13-1418:51.118:53.06:05/M
25Thomas ReillyWarwick NY22716 12 M 15-1618:54.418:56.26:06/M
26Daniel KellyWarwick NY11716 13 M 15-1618:59.218:59.26:07/M
27Ryan Stirt.33817 3 M 17-1919:00.419:03.26:09/M
28Evan MooreWarwick NY37417 4 M 17-1919:04.119:06.26:10/M
29Aric SethreWarwick NY24816 14 M 15-1619:07.119:09.26:11/M
30Ryan Miele.33014 4 M 13-1419:17.419:19.76:14/M
31Christian YorksWarwick NY29715 15 M 15-1619:18.619:21.26:15/M
32Thomas Mayes.38449 1 M 45-4919:30.419:34.56:19/M
33Richard WhiteNew York NY54752 1 M 50-5419:36.219:39.76:20/M
34Thomas NafashWarwick NY18713 5 M 13-1419:41.119:44.06:22/M
35Jason NafashWarwick NY18813 6 M 13-1419:41.719:45.56:22/M
36Agnes EigoWarwick NY8614 1 F 13-1419:42.319:43.76:22/M
37Erik SellstromLiberty NY24341 1 M 40-4419:44.219:48.26:23/M
38Connor DavisWarwick NY7416 16 M 15-1619:44.619:47.76:23/M
39Jeff Stark.48854 2 M 50-5419:50.219:50.26:24/M
40Morgan MendrzyckiWarwick NY16615 1 F 15-1619:52.419:53.56:25/M
41Don WeiseWest Milford NJ28749 2 M 45-4920:00.220:03.06:28/M
42Kevin Fleming.39915 17 M 15-1620:01.620:07.76:29/M
43Mark PietrzakChester NY21214 7 M 13-1420:01.720:06.36:29/M
44Federico MorettoWarwick NY17950 3 M 50-5420:01.920:05.06:29/M
45Josh Field.40915 18 M 15-1620:04.420:07.56:29/M
46Alec MillerWarwick NY17017 5 M 17-1920:04.620:07.56:29/M
47Michael SkafidasWarwick NY35044 2 M 40-4420:05.220:06.86:29/M
48Darby GinleyWarwick NY10016 2 F 15-1620:05.720:06.76:29/M
49David BeggelWarwick NY40115 19 M 15-1620:07.620:10.76:30/M
50Tom ManzaMonticello NY47256 1 M 55-5920:11.120:16.06:32/M
51Lauren RothsteinWarwick NY23315 3 F 15-1620:11.420:13.56:31/M
52Hanna CavanaghWarwick NY5416 4 F 15-1620:11.620:13.36:31/M
53John KunzweilerMonroe NY33115 20 M 15-1620:16.120:19.26:33/M
54Austen MarroquinWarwick NY15015 5 F 15-1620:23.920:26.06:35/M
55Sean McEvoy.45818 6 M 17-1920:24.720:26.06:35/M
56John LindstromWarwick NY33456 2 M 55-5920:27.420:30.76:37/M
57Jonas KimWarwick NY31715 21 M 15-1620:30.920:34.26:38/M
58Matt GreenlawWarwick NY10515 22 M 15-1620:33.120:35.56:38/M
59Gabrielle TrimlettWarwick NY26916 6 F 15-1620:37.620:39.76:40/M
60Charlie MarroquinWarwick NY15152 4 M 50-5420:44.420:48.26:43/M
61John Marion.5980 1 M 0- 020:46.120:58.26:46/M
62Conor RileyWarwick NY22916 23 M 15-1620:53.620:57.26:45/M
63Jack VignolaWarwick NY27712 1 M 10-1220:55.020:56.76:45/M
64Matthew ConnorsWarwick NY6226 1 M 20-2920:58.321:02.76:47/M
65Richard WenmanWarwick NY29352 5 M 50-5421:00.221:05.06:48/M
66Christopher RuizHighland Lakes NJ23610 2 M 10-1221:01.821:08.26:49/M
67David SotoWarwick NY40614 8 M 13-1421:05.621:07.76:49/M
68Malley Desanto.30317 2 F 17-1921:07.721:09.86:49/M
69Kristine VogtFlorida NY28139 1 F 35-3921:08.521:10.06:50/M
70Rory Grady.43013 9 M 13-1421:12.821:16.56:52/M
71Benjamin DickinsonBrooklyn NY51330 2 M 30-3421:13.521:19.26:53/M
72Emily JadosPine Island NY11317 3 F 17-1921:15.721:15.76:51/M
73Marc PfingstWarwick NY21047 3 M 45-4921:22.621:33.86:57/M
74Shannon BauerMiddletown NY31217 4 F 17-1921:23.821:26.56:55/M
75Aisling DineenWarwick NY8115 7 F 15-1621:24.121:26.76:55/M
76Ian Start.33713 10 M 13-1421:32.621:37.56:58/M
77Dempsey MendrzyckiWarwick NY16714 11 M 13-1421:34.321:36.56:58/M
78Ira FleischenMonroe NY41651 6 M 50-5421:38.621:44.57:01/M
79Dean DiltzNY40250 7 M 50-5421:39.721:39.76:59/M
80Barbara SessaSlate Hill NY24748 1 F 45-4921:49.221:52.57:03/M
81Sarah FelterPine ISLAND3190 1 F 0- 021:49.621:51.77:03/M
82Michael MoltzenWarwick NY17543 3 M 40-4421:50.822:09.77:09/M
83Kailey ZachgoWarwick NY29912 3 M 10-1221:55.622:01.07:06/M
84Rachel LoftusChester NY49027 1 F 20-2921:56.922:00.77:06/M
85Christopher LaccettiRockaway NJ13211 4 M 10-1221:57.222:03.07:07/M
86Andrew DeChester NY7617 7 M 17-1921:58.122:01.57:06/M
87Byrne.58614 12 M 13-1421:59.722:02.07:06/M
88Jean BeattieFlorida NY38642 1 F 40-4422:00.122:05.07:07/M
89Madeline HoeyWarwick NY11215 8 F 15-1622:00.922:04.07:07/M
90George Rhein.46356 3 M 55-5922:01.122:06.07:08/M
91Eadon Ryan.62114 13 M 13-1422:03.422:04.87:07/M
92Jack LillianWarwick NY32014 14 M 13-1422:09.922:12.07:10/M
93Daniel LindstromWarwick NY13813 15 M 13-1422:12.022:16.77:11/M
94Emily EderWarwick NY8413 2 F 13-1422:13.722:13.77:10/M
95Cameron MeadeWarwick NY1639 1 M 1- 922:23.822:28.77:15/M
96Chris NahstollHighland Lakes NJ19033 3 M 30-3422:24.422:33.57:16/M
97Connor Meade.41117 8 M 17-1922:28.722:28.77:15/M
98Katherine OrlowskiWarwick NY19815 9 F 15-1622:29.022:29.07:15/M
99John ShaughnessyFlorida NY25112 5 M 10-1222:36.222:39.77:18/M
100Mike Brockway-Senior.54043 4 M 40-4422:37.723:03.27:26/M
101Glenn BotbylChester NY33656 4 M 55-5922:41.622:46.27:21/M
102Cole Garabed.37213 16 M 13-1422:45.222:50.57:22/M
103Julie BalsamoNY30716 10 F 15-1622:45.922:48.27:21/M
104Sean QuinnWarwick NY22513 17 M 13-1422:47.122:50.57:22/M
105Jack Schenkman.33512 6 M 10-1222:49.222:51.27:22/M
106Thomas GardinerGreenwood Lake NY9611 7 M 10-1222:55.222:56.07:24/M
107Chris PriebkeMiddletown NY21943 5 M 40-4422:56.823:07.07:27/M
108Mike MoranMonroe NY17747 4 M 45-4923:00.423:09.27:28/M
109Kevin GloverWarwick NY10344 6 M 40-4423:01.223:30.07:35/M
110Michael TennantWarwick NY26740 7 M 40-4423:03.123:22.07:32/M
111Michael BogedalWarwick NY2714 18 M 13-1423:03.823:06.27:27/M
112Cassie MyersWallkill NY44221 2 F 20-2923:07.323:14.57:30/M
113Melanie BeattieWarwick NY1738 2 F 35-3923:08.323:13.57:29/M
114Tim Gamory.37039 1 M 35-3923:09.623:18.27:31/M
115Max VignolaWarwick NY27813 19 M 13-1423:10.623:14.77:30/M
116Colin Crossley.45922 2 M 20-2923:11.423:20.57:32/M
117Charlie MarronWarwick NY14956 5 M 55-5923:13.123:21.37:32/M
118Siobh?n HigginsSugar Loaf NY11015 11 F 15-1623:14.223:14.27:30/M
119Paul RickardOtisville NY50544 8 M 40-4423:16.023:27.27:34/M
120Patrick RoganWarwick NY32954 8 M 50-5423:17.023:28.57:34/M
121Brendan Fleming.4009 2 M 1- 923:20.123:25.77:33/M
122Julia RyanChester NY47013 3 F 13-1423:23.023:24.07:33/M
123Michael RandazzoWarwick NY40316 24 M 15-1623:26.323:41.07:38/M
124Matthew LaccettiRockaway NJ13114 20 M 13-1423:30.223:36.07:37/M
125Craig ParsonsWesley Hills NY41053 9 M 50-5423:32.923:39.07:38/M
126Jennifer LindstromWarwick NY13716 12 F 15-1623:34.223:37.07:37/M
127Linda Lax.32752 1 F 50-5423:34.623:44.87:39/M
128Karen ShaughnessyFlorida NY25214 4 F 13-1423:35.223:38.57:37/M
129Liz RheinWarwick NY46255 1 F 55-5923:37.423:42.57:39/M
130Jesse Chain.41715 25 M 15-1623:41.023:43.27:39/M
131Ronald RyanChester NY47144 9 M 40-4423:42.223:42.27:39/M
132Karen PorzeltMiddletown NY21652 2 F 50-5423:43.823:51.77:42/M
133James RuizHighland Lakes NJ23545 5 M 45-4923:44.623:56.77:43/M
134Fiona MulvihillChester NY1849 1 F 1- 923:47.023:54.57:43/M
135Kayleigh Maher.39123 3 F 20-2923:49.123:53.27:42/M
136Lisa CavanaghWarwick NY5248 2 F 45-4923:52.023:58.57:44/M
137Jac GnirrepWest Haverstraw NY51753 10 M 50-5423:53.924:06.07:46/M
138Amanda Bengel.30217 5 F 17-1923:58.224:02.07:45/M
139Mattheww Byrne.58743 10 M 40-4424:04.024:18.57:50/M
140Joe CoffeyWarwick NY5764 1 M 60-6424:05.424:16.47:50/M
141Kelly GregusWarwick NY10630 1 F 30-3424:07.024:13.07:49/M
142Kerri WelchCornwall On Hudson NY28812 1 F 10-1224:07.624:09.07:47/M
143Grace RotarChester NY23215 13 F 15-1624:08.624:12.07:48/M
144Kevin Reilly.61844 11 M 40-4424:09.524:22.77:52/M
145Hank Priestner-WerteWarwick NY22053 11 M 50-5424:10.224:17.77:50/M
146Caleigh Loughran.48415 14 F 15-1624:11.824:22.07:52/M
147Amy ConnorsWarwick NY6322 4 F 20-2924:12.624:17.07:50/M
148Mike Chain.41845 6 M 45-4924:12.724:23.07:52/M
149Eric PaezWarwick NY49713 21 M 13-1424:12.824:16.47:50/M
150Michael MulvihillChester NY18647 7 M 45-4924:16.124:58.58:03/M
151Cora Kelly.61515 15 F 15-1624:17.824:36.57:56/M
152Tom Kelly Pa NJ Hawley61645 8 M 45-4924:18.624:37.77:56/M
153Kyle LewisCornwall NY13532 4 M 30-3424:19.224:21.77:51/M
154Gary St.ongePleasant Valley NY25754 12 M 50-5424:23.324:28.77:54/M
155Alex Zeepvat.55114 22 M 13-1424:26.424:40.07:57/M
156Matt CummingsOak RIDGE3150 2 M 0- 024:27.324:34.77:55/M
157Lauren BrandtNY30517 6 F 17-1924:28.224:30.07:54/M
158Matthew RandazzoWarwick NY40414 23 M 13-1424:29.124:43.07:58/M
159Emily CavanaghWarwick NY5314 5 F 13-1424:30.224:33.77:55/M
160Gardiner BaroneMiddletown NY30849 9 M 45-4924:30.424:35.07:56/M
161Kim BradyWarwick NY61931 2 F 30-3424:33.324:43.37:58/M
162James Ainsworth.56621 3 M 20-2924:34.924:52.58:01/M
163Kristin Thompson.3399 2 F 1- 924:36.524:43.77:58/M
164Ryan AppelquistWarwick NY915 26 M 15-1624:40.924:45.57:59/M
165Eric SwansonWarwick NY26511 8 M 10-1224:41.424:49.78:00/M
166Devon MendrzyckiWarwick NY16812 9 M 10-1224:42.924:44.77:59/M
167Bruce SwansonWarwick NY26649 10 M 45-4924:44.924:53.08:02/M
168Kylie WelchCornwall On Hudson NY28912 2 F 10-1224:45.024:46.07:59/M
169Brigid PrialWarwick NY21815 16 F 15-1624:48.024:51.28:01/M
170Jeff LevineRed Hook NY13446 11 M 45-4924:51.524:51.58:01/M
171Alex SmithMiddletown NY25660 2 M 60-6424:51.724:57.08:03/M
172Michael WagenseilWarwick NY28242 12 M 40-4424:52.125:00.78:04/M
173Ricky PeddleWarwick NY20311 10 M 10-1224:53.024:54.28:02/M
174Laura BairdJohnson NY1154 3 F 50-5424:54.025:02.08:05/M
175Jeremy Platt-StrackWarwick NY21511 11 M 10-1224:54.224:55.58:02/M
176Cynthia ConnollyWarwick NY6155 2 F 55-5924:56.325:01.78:04/M
177Cj ZiabakhshVernon NJ3009 3 M 1- 924:56.325:16.08:09/M
178Jane BriefWarwick NY55448 3 F 45-4924:59.325:11.58:07/M
179Deidre Gaspari.51839 3 F 35-3925:02.225:16.58:09/M
180Beth CaraballoVernon NJ4841 2 F 40-4425:07.725:27.88:13/M
181Dan CorbalisWarwick NY6638 2 M 35-3925:08.625:18.28:10/M
182Valentino RolleVernon NJ2309 4 M 1- 925:08.925:28.08:13/M
183Liam MitchellWarwick NY17115 27 M 15-1625:11.625:14.08:08/M
184Riley LindholmRock Hill NY43914 6 F 13-1425:12.225:18.78:10/M
185Chris WarwickExton PA28333 5 M 30-3425:14.625:30.08:14/M
186Scott Brady.62033 6 M 30-3425:26.525:36.58:15/M
187Ryan PfingstWarwick NY21112 12 M 10-1225:32.625:44.28:18/M
188Keelian KraetschmerWarwick NY12414 24 M 13-1425:36.125:40.28:17/M
189Micah O'ConnorWarwick NY43442 13 M 40-4425:40.826:01.78:24/M
190Philip MelilloWarwick NY39464 3 M 60-6425:41.925:48.58:19/M
191John ShaughnessyFlorida NY25352 13 M 50-5425:44.025:51.78:20/M
192Dennis RutherfordWarwick NY23828 4 M 20-2925:44.126:14.58:28/M
193Herb UckermarkWarwick NY27154 14 M 50-5425:46.425:50.78:20/M
194Luke VignolaWarwick NY27610 13 M 10-1225:48.025:49.78:20/M
195Jared SeniusWarwick NY24412 14 M 10-1225:49.625:57.78:22/M
196Alex Amatelli.40514 25 M 13-1425:55.926:00.28:23/M
197Greg ByrneWarwick NY4145 12 M 45-4925:57.026:11.58:27/M
198Matt LaccettiRockaway NJ13347 13 M 45-4926:01.226:07.78:25/M
199Anthony O'Brien.42329 5 M 20-2926:02.626:30.08:33/M
200Keith ParsonsSugar Loaf NY44436 3 M 35-3926:02.826:17.58:29/M
201Amy SeniusWarwick NY24544 3 F 40-4426:05.126:13.78:27/M
202Emma SotoWarwick NY40816 17 F 15-1626:08.826:12.28:27/M
203Nancy AppelquistWarwick NY845 4 F 45-4926:10.526:26.08:32/M
204Sean O'BrienTeaneck NJ19356 6 M 55-5926:11.826:38.78:35/M
205Alyssa GarciaGoshen NY9516 18 F 15-1626:13.426:23.58:31/M
206Samantha MignecoGoshen NY16915 19 F 15-1626:14.426:24.88:31/M
207Jane HillWarwick NY36956 3 F 55-5926:15.126:27.78:32/M
208Daniel KleeschulteUnadilla NY12250 15 M 50-5426:15.726:24.58:31/M
209James McLaughlin.59644 14 M 40-4426:20.026:20.08:30/M
210Patrick Ryan.48712 15 M 10-1226:20.526:27.58:32/M
211Guiliana SadlerGreenville NY23910 3 F 10-1226:22.726:38.78:35/M
212Peggy Ryan.48653 4 F 50-5426:25.726:32.88:34/M
213Sean ViminiStratford CT28026 6 M 20-2926:26.626:33.58:34/M
214Natalie BaaccoWarwick NY30415 20 F 15-1626:27.526:27.58:32/M
215Kevin Schaeffer.43810 16 M 10-1226:28.026:34.28:34/M
216Dr James Shawahan.50253 16 M 50-5426:28.526:41.28:36/M
217Stan LintonWesttown NY13955 7 M 55-5926:33.526:46.58:38/M
218Ricky WarnekeWarwick NY59025 7 M 20-2926:36.226:36.28:35/M
219Tricia BrierleyPine Island NY3516 21 F 15-1626:43.726:43.78:37/M
220Molly ByrneWarwick NY3913 7 F 13-1426:48.526:52.38:40/M
221Anastasia KurdzielMonroe NY12712 4 F 10-1226:52.727:01.08:43/M
222Cailan CassidySugarloaf NY5124 5 F 20-2926:54.627:07.58:45/M
223Austin CrossleyGoshen NY46016 28 M 15-1626:54.627:03.78:44/M
224Emily Ziegler.55711 5 F 10-1227:01.127:07.08:45/M
225K Leahny.56219 7 F 17-1927:01.127:07.38:45/M
226Brian McNamara.44643 15 M 40-4427:02.027:20.28:49/M
227Patrick Hughes.45044 16 M 40-4427:04.127:46.78:57/M
228Kacey CapenTuxedo Park NY4732 3 F 30-3427:08.627:18.58:48/M
229Frank DelaurentisChester NY7755 8 M 55-5927:10.727:21.78:49/M
230Vincent StracquatanioHighland Lakes NJ26362 4 M 60-6427:11.427:25.08:51/M
231John VanMonroe NY27249 14 M 45-4927:15.527:19.88:49/M
232Unknown Partic. 376.376. 3 M 0- 027:16.627:30.78:52/M
233Emma SchrohWarwick NY24114 8 F 13-1427:21.427:24.28:50/M
234Marcia MonacoMartinsville NJ17658 4 F 55-5927:21.727:28.08:52/M
235Barry CheneyWarwick NY5663 5 M 60-6427:22.627:37.78:55/M
236Laurie KurdzielMonroe NY12844 4 F 40-4427:24.527:33.78:53/M
237Tom FiniGoshen NY44841 17 M 40-4427:25.727:25.78:51/M
238Will King.62241 18 M 40-4427:30.528:07.39:04/M
239Sarah SchwarzHighland Lakes NJ24229 6 F 20-2927:31.127:46.08:57/M
240Cindy SmithChester NY25558 5 F 55-5927:31.427:36.78:54/M
241Christopher RussellWarwick NY23714 26 M 13-1427:33.827:37.28:55/M
242Cheryl TercasioMonroe NY44747 5 F 45-4927:37.027:54.59:00/M
243Lauren WeinsteinGoshen NY28643 5 F 40-4427:37.527:45.08:57/M
244Ryan McNamaraKing Of Prussia PA44510 17 M 10-1227:38.727:56.79:01/M
245Colin MitchellWarwick NY17215 29 M 15-1627:39.127:42.08:56/M
246Julianne WorgulVernon NJ29616 22 F 15-1627:39.227:40.28:55/M
247James ByrneWarwick NY4011 18 M 10-1227:39.527:53.59:00/M
248Teresa StarkMiddletown NY56349 6 F 45-4927:40.227:40.28:55/M
249Mark YoungWarwick NY29848 15 M 45-4927:41.327:48.28:58/M
250Bridget HigginsSugar Loaf NY11112 6 F 10-1227:44.727:46.88:57/M
251Victoria Jackson.31014 9 F 13-1427:46.227:49.58:58/M
252Jeanette KovacksChester NY32844 6 F 40-4427:50.028:02.29:03/M
253Mairead MulvihillChester NY18211 7 F 10-1227:51.028:28.79:11/M
254Charles BowenChester NY3255 9 M 55-5927:51.328:10.79:05/M
255Kegan KleeschulteUnadilla NY12014 27 M 13-1427:53.328:02.59:03/M
256Carl LongfellowNewark DE14352 17 M 50-5427:53.428:15.79:07/M
257Raul BerinaWarwick NY1946 16 M 45-4927:53.628:11.59:05/M
258Kaeli Thompson.34011 8 F 10-1227:55.328:01.29:02/M
259Jack LoughranGoshen NY4829 5 M 1- 927:56.628:05.39:04/M
260Alex PotritskiMonroe NY21757 10 M 55-5927:57.328:10.09:05/M
261George WeinerFlorida NY28568 1 M 65-6927:59.828:10.09:05/M
262Kaitlyn McHughNJ56520 7 F 20-2928:00.128:16.79:07/M
263Raey WebsterWarwick NY28471 1 M 70-9928:02.128:41.29:15/M
264Stephen ConnorsWarwick NY6459 11 M 55-5928:03.428:08.39:05/M
265Lynn McKelveyThompson Ridge NY16058 6 F 55-5928:05.028:22.09:09/M
266Patrick DunklebergerWayne NJ8232 7 M 30-3428:07.628:32.39:12/M
267Samantha AllenMiddletown NY48922 8 F 20-2928:09.628:26.59:10/M
268Susan SadlerGreenville NY24047 7 F 45-4928:12.728:29.29:11/M
269Audrey LongfellowNewark DE14221 9 F 20-2928:13.728:35.79:13/M
270Leanne MoltzenWarwick NY17441 7 F 40-4428:19.128:37.29:14/M
271Bill StrackWarwick NY26243 19 M 40-4428:19.328:43.59:16/M
272Mary Anne Martin.49251 5 F 50-5428:20.228:32.29:12/M
273Christine McSweeneyWarwick NY16214 10 F 13-1428:27.328:33.59:13/M
274Brook MegnaWarwick NY16514 11 F 13-1428:27.528:33.59:13/M
275Kate VignolaWarwick NY27444 8 F 40-4428:36.329:00.89:21/M
276Michael Medeiros.55342 20 M 40-4428:37.328:50.59:18/M
277Tiffany BuenoWarwick NY3714 12 F 13-1428:39.228:42.09:15/M
278Catie Smith.39712 9 F 10-1228:41.129:04.09:23/M
279Jennifer BuckleyMontgomery NY51433 4 F 30-3428:42.729:08.09:24/M
280Paul BiondiPine Bush NY39046 17 M 45-4928:44.128:52.59:19/M
281Lukd Zeepuat.55011 19 M 10-1228:45.628:59.89:21/M
282Shannon Longhran.48541 9 F 40-4428:48.628:58.09:21/M
283Carlette ZettolaNY59539 4 F 35-3928:51.328:57.79:20/M
284Joanne BoudreauRidgewood NJ3133 5 F 30-3428:51.928:57.59:20/M
285Kathleen NahstollHighland Lakes NJ19134 6 F 30-3428:52.929:17.59:27/M
286Doreen KirfchkeGoshen NY44333 7 F 30-3428:54.629:02.89:22/M
287Nicholas Andryshak.44014 28 M 13-1428:59.229:02.39:22/M
288Giulietta FiniNY56834 8 F 30-3429:01.529:08.79:24/M
289Nancy RickerdWest Milford NJ22843 10 F 40-4429:05.629:16.39:26/M
290Adeeb MohniddinCampbell Hall NY58937 5 F 35-3929:05.729:11.29:25/M
291Jack PeddleWarwick NY2057 6 M 1- 929:06.029:07.59:24/M
292Paul Manza.51235 4 M 35-3929:06.529:12.09:25/M
293Kayden Zachgo.5857 7 M 1- 929:07.929:15.59:26/M
294Lalch KhorramWarwick NY58838 6 F 35-3929:10.729:16.09:26/M
295Erik ZachgoWarwick NY58434 8 M 30-3429:10.929:18.59:27/M
296Dean StambeluHarriman NY31847 18 M 45-4929:17.929:35.79:33/M
297Matthew MeadeWarwick NY16411 20 M 10-1229:19.129:25.79:29/M
298Cherie Shortway.54251 6 F 50-5429:19.929:43.59:35/M
299Chris DanconaStaten Island NY7229 8 M 20-2929:20.629:50.79:37/M
300Christopher ZottolaWarwick NY30136 5 M 35-3929:22.629:46.59:36/M
301Janeen MitchellWarwick NY58048 8 F 45-4929:25.629:37.59:33/M
302Hannah WeissmanGreenwood Lake NY32615 23 F 15-1629:26.729:29.59:31/M
303Helen PotterNY30615 24 F 15-1629:26.929:30.09:31/M
304Alyssa BiondiPine Bush NY3897 3 F 1- 929:27.729:36.09:33/M
305Nicole ZimmermannWarwick NY57019 8 F 17-1929:28.229:40.59:34/M
306Shannon AppelquistWarwick NY713 13 F 13-1429:30.429:45.59:36/M
307John MarionWarwick NY14752 18 M 50-5429:34.529:55.39:39/M
308Lauren Desrats.34512 10 F 10-1229:35.329:57.79:40/M
309Molly LittleWarwick NY14012 11 F 10-1229:37.929:47.89:36/M
310Emmanuel Montalvo-Rosas.34321 9 M 20-2929:39.230:06.29:43/M
311Michael FinneganChester NY9155 12 M 55-5929:39.629:46.59:36/M
312Mary CassidySugarloaf NY4952 7 F 50-5429:40.629:54.09:39/M
313Emily OladipoFlorida NY45333 9 F 30-3429:40.629:49.09:37/M
314Jennifer Stella.39540 11 F 40-4429:44.130:00.59:41/M
315Brendan EderWarwick NY8511 21 M 10-1229:44.229:52.59:38/M
316Jessica Haye.49330 10 F 30-3429:45.430:00.09:41/M
317Melissa HarawitzMonroe NY10834 11 F 30-3429:45.830:16.79:46/M
318Susan MollerWarwick NY17344 12 F 40-4429:51.630:09.79:44/M
319Natalie ZimmermannWarwick NY58116 25 F 15-1629:54.930:08.09:43/M
320Jacob Branch.42911 22 M 10-1229:59.630:06.29:43/M
321Debra Van SickleMiddletown NY27346 9 F 45-4930:03.330:11.09:44/M
322Joseph Catalano.46841 21 M 40-4430:03.630:28.79:50/M
323Sandra BysterbuschGreenwood Lake NY4233 12 F 30-3430:05.430:23.59:48/M
324Unknown Partic. 578.578. 4 M 0- 030:06.230:23.89:48/M
325Donovan AitchisonGoshen NY558 13 M 55-5930:07.430:34.09:52/M
326Eric KromholzChester NY12614 29 M 13-1430:08.230:19.29:47/M
327Ewa BresslerSussex NJ3335 7 F 35-3930:13.530:37.29:53/M
328Michael AginskyNorth Haledon NJ438 6 M 35-3930:30.931:03.310:01/M
329Julie LorussoChester NY45444 13 F 40-4430:34.131:07.310:02/M
330Lisa PacelliWarwick NY19948 10 F 45-4930:34.330:49.59:56/M
331Dylan LancerWarwick NY41510 23 M 10-1230:34.730:49.09:56/M
332Owen LancerWarwick NY41443 22 M 40-4430:35.230:49.09:56/M
333Debra Torpey.54656 7 F 55-5930:36.331:09.710:03/M
334Sean SmithBozeman MT4767 8 M 1- 930:40.830:51.09:57/M
335Susan DeChester NY7545 11 F 45-4930:40.830:59.510:00/M
336Joanna SteinWarwick NY26024 10 F 20-2930:42.831:04.210:01/M
337Lisa GarveyWarwick NY9743 14 F 40-4430:43.331:10.510:03/M
338Raymond GarveyWarwick NY9843 23 M 40-4430:43.731:10.510:03/M
339Will KingHewitt NJ32541 24 M 40-4430:45.730:59.010:00/M
340Ezra CollinsGreenwood Lake NY587 9 M 1- 930:47.631:19.810:06/M
341Robert SethreWarwick NY25052 19 M 50-5430:48.831:00.510:00/M
342James CassidySugarloaf NY5023 10 M 20-2930:49.831:03.010:01/M
343Karen SmithWarwick NY50938 8 F 35-3930:54.131:04.010:01/M
344Karen SavitchFlorida NY48043 15 F 40-4430:56.631:05.510:02/M
345Molly LoughranGoshen NY48312 12 F 10-1230:59.731:08.810:03/M
346Steven PackWarwick NY20141 25 M 40-4431:02.531:20.210:06/M
347James FiniCampbell Hall NY56939 7 M 35-3931:02.531:11.310:04/M
348Robert SteinWarwick NY25860 6 M 60-6431:02.831:02.810:01/M
349Cara PeddleWarwick NY2049 4 F 1- 931:03.031:03.010:01/M
350Daniel Gerard.4249 10 M 1- 931:06.331:49.010:16/M
351Elizabeth Andalera.50455 8 F 55-5931:12.531:37.310:12/M
352Lindee PetersenMonroe NY20736 9 F 35-3931:15.531:46.710:15/M
353Lori WiltGlenwood NJ29550 8 F 50-5431:15.931:40.710:13/M
354Alison Potter.42752 9 F 50-5431:19.832:03.010:20/M
355Chad CollinsGreenwood Lake NY5938 8 M 35-3931:20.531:20.510:06/M
356Carrie Czumak.42230 13 F 30-3431:20.631:48.710:15/M
357Wendy BallestrosDenville NJ1037 10 F 35-3931:20.931:49.010:16/M
358Megan Rota.57916 26 F 15-1631:21.131:34.210:11/M
359Keith SullivanMonroe NY26425 11 M 20-2931:23.131:53.710:17/M
360Connor HoffmanHowells NY47311 24 M 10-1231:31.131:52.510:17/M
361Colleen Leahey.55513 14 F 13-1431:31.431:44.510:14/M
362Rochelle MarshallMonroe NY15371 1 F 70-9931:31.631:40.210:13/M
363Eve McCianahanPine Island NY4690 2 F 0- 031:33.531:44.210:14/M
364Kathryn WellingWarwick NY29141 16 F 40-4431:37.231:47.210:15/M
365William Paul FoxWarwick NY9310 25 M 10-1231:44.631:45.510:15/M
366Emily WellingWarwick NY29011 13 F 10-1231:53.632:16.010:25/M
367Michelle GleesonWarwick NY32249 12 F 45-4931:54.732:30.210:29/M
368Jamie CrofootWallkill NY6921 11 F 20-2931:58.632:29.010:29/M
369Danielle LeakeyWarwick NY33243 17 F 40-4432:13.232:36.210:31/M
370Rick ZeedykBellvale NY33354 20 M 50-5432:13.832:36.810:31/M
371Jeannine BogedalWarwick NY2845 13 F 45-4932:15.832:27.010:28/M
372Charlie McNamaraCedar Grove NJ16169 2 M 65-6932:18.132:39.810:32/M
373Raymond Czumak.42153 21 M 50-5432:25.132:53.710:36/M
374Janine DethmersWarwick NY7851 10 F 50-5432:26.232:44.010:34/M
375Sophie BaroneMiddletown NY1412 14 F 10-1232:30.633:03.010:40/M
376Douglas DethmersWarwick NY7952 22 M 50-5432:31.732:49.210:35/M
377Joe Devito.39348 19 M 45-4932:36.733:00.310:39/M
378Mary MulvihillChester NY18142 18 F 40-4432:39.233:16.010:44/M
379Emily PutnamMiddletown NY22410 15 F 10-1232:44.132:59.510:38/M
380Rory O'Connor.4327 11 M 1- 932:46.433:12.010:43/M
381Aidan Garabed.37110 26 M 10-1232:48.532:50.310:35/M
382Doreen Hurley.50749 14 F 45-4932:49.233:07.510:41/M
383Michael MulvihillChester NY1839 12 M 1- 932:52.533:29.210:48/M
384Laura PutnamMiddletown NY22241 19 F 40-4432:53.533:10.210:42/M
385Brenna BirkenstockGlen Spey NY2013 15 F 13-1432:55.033:27.510:47/M
386Marcelline FelterPine Island NY8846 15 F 45-4932:57.333:29.510:48/M
387Druscilla O'MalleyWarwick NY19758 9 F 55-5933:00.533:41.210:52/M
388Liam CallaghanMiddletown NY4514 30 M 13-1433:00.833:30.010:48/M
389Deanne ConollyWarwick NY6544 20 F 40-4433:11.633:32.510:49/M
390Joseph DicaraStony Point NY59726 12 M 20-2933:12.233:31.510:49/M
391Connor McDonaldWarwick NY15715 30 M 15-1633:19.533:19.510:45/M
392Dan KraussGoshen NY53442 26 M 40-4433:20.333:42.010:52/M
393Dawn Bolanger-Giambrone.57641 21 F 40-4433:25.433:55.010:56/M
394Jennifer O'Connor.43543 22 F 40-4433:26.933:52.810:55/M
395Charlotte O'Connor.4319 5 F 1- 933:27.933:52.510:55/M
396Nadine Desideno.59242 23 F 40-4433:31.134:03.810:59/M
397Frank Desideno.52540 27 M 40-4433:32.034:03.710:59/M
398Andrea CrofootWallkill NY7051 11 F 50-5433:51.134:22.511:05/M
399Richard SethreMinneapolis MN24957 14 M 55-5933:52.134:03.710:59/M
400Briana Neusch.55814 16 F 13-1433:54.134:23.511:05/M
401Brian Neusch.55911 27 M 10-1234:06.634:34.211:09/M
402Jessica BridgeGreenwood Lake NY3428 12 F 20-2934:10.834:26.711:06/M
403Caitlin FinneganChester NY9014 17 F 13-1434:19.334:30.211:08/M
404Jennifer PestaWarwick NY20633 14 F 30-3434:22.434:41.811:11/M
405Kate Smith.4758 6 F 1- 934:24.634:35.811:09/M
406Neil McGillWarwick NY15928 13 M 20-2934:25.434:45.511:13/M
407Brian SmithWarwick NY51038 9 M 35-3934:27.334:38.511:10/M
408Ryan Hansen.49528 14 M 20-2934:27.334:47.211:13/M
409Kathryn Hansen.49430 15 F 30-3434:28.134:47.311:13/M
410Anthony CentorrinoWarwick NY5546 20 M 45-4934:29.634:40.511:11/M
411Sydney EschWarwick NY40715 31 M 15-1634:51.434:58.011:17/M
412Cindy AckermanWarwick NY148 16 F 45-4935:13.635:21.011:24/M
413Valerie LongfellowNewark DE14152 12 F 50-5435:20.035:49.011:33/M
414Carol BondHighland Lakes NJ3056 10 F 55-5935:29.635:44.811:32/M
415Meghan PutnamMiddletown NY22311 16 F 10-1235:38.135:53.711:35/M
416Dana PutnamMiddletown NY22142 28 M 40-4435:38.435:54.011:35/M
417Kristen Connolly.46131 16 F 30-3435:41.735:56.511:35/M
418Melissa BarnettHowells NY1336 11 F 35-3935:45.736:01.711:37/M
419Patricia Asprea-Wright.50355 11 F 55-5935:55.636:19.511:43/M
420Kristen DesratsNY3429 7 F 1- 935:58.936:22.211:44/M
421Emma Smith.3989 8 F 1- 935:59.336:22.311:44/M
422Theresa KochWarwick NY12361 1 F 60-6436:02.736:39.811:49/M
423Elaine RileyNY56751 13 F 50-5436:03.936:21.211:44/M
424Eileen McCulloughChester NY15643 24 F 40-4436:16.036:53.211:54/M
425Joy Fuca.48158 12 F 55-5936:24.437:00.211:56/M
426Carmine BattistaGlenwood NJ1618 9 M 17-1936:25.236:48.511:52/M
427Gregory SiricoWarwick NY45711 28 M 10-1236:29.237:04.511:57/M
428Michael Brockway-Junior.53910 29 M 10-1236:31.537:06.011:58/M
429Stephanie Kurdziel.6089 9 F 1- 936:32.336:50.611:53/M
430Kim Levinson.51533 17 F 30-3436:32.937:09.511:59/M
431Anthony KurdzielMonroe NY12944 29 M 40-4436:42.537:01.011:56/M
432Jillian Ziegler.5568 10 F 1- 936:50.037:20.012:03/M
433Billy Ziegler.54842 30 M 40-4436:50.037:20.212:03/M
434Sayeeda SiddiquiWarwick NY25433 18 F 30-3436:53.437:00.011:56/M
435Madison BlumOtisville NY2311 17 F 10-1236:55.737:23.212:04/M
436Jane BlumOtisville NY2442 25 F 40-4437:01.537:29.012:05/M
437Richard KingmanCornwall On Hudson NY11869 3 M 65-6937:04.337:29.512:05/M
438Marianne BronsteinWarwick NY3656 13 F 55-5937:05.537:47.512:11/M
439Amanda BirkenstockGlen Spey NY2110 18 F 10-1237:05.737:35.212:07/M
440Mckenna Neusch.5619 11 F 1- 937:06.037:36.312:08/M
441Jennifer Elder.4190 3 F 0- 037:17.737:46.012:11/M
442Heather WadeGoshen NY42832 19 F 30-3437:18.237:43.512:10/M
443Tammy GoedkenWarwick NY10443 26 F 40-4437:22.637:46.512:11/M
444Heather BirchFlorida NY49145 17 F 45-4937:22.937:39.812:09/M
445Aidan O'ConnorChester NY43311 30 M 10-1237:23.737:49.512:12/M
446Carol BoyleSalisbury Mills NY42042 27 F 40-4437:27.237:55.312:14/M
447Carolyn Brockway.54140 28 F 40-4437:30.538:06.012:17/M
448Mary Sirico.51639 12 F 35-3937:36.538:12.512:19/M
449Ann DescovichChester NY30913 18 F 13-1437:50.037:50.012:12/M
450David BechtleMiddletown NY1874 2 M 70-9937:51.138:17.012:21/M
451George PattonShohola PA38766 4 M 65-6937:55.638:15.712:20/M
452Bill ConklinMontgomery NY6066 5 M 65-6938:05.338:18.512:21/M
453Logan Graney.46616 32 M 15-1638:06.638:32.512:26/M
454Guy Graney.46421 15 M 20-2938:08.338:34.012:26/M
455Unknown Partic. 465.465. 5 M 0- 038:09.138:34.312:26/M
456James CallaghanMiddletown NY4613 31 M 13-1438:24.138:52.712:32/M
457Sue Moore.39651 14 F 50-5438:25.739:08.012:37/M
458Kari CallWarwick NY4445 18 F 45-4938:33.038:58.712:34/M
459Clare FinneganChester NY8915 27 F 15-1638:41.138:46.712:30/M
460Victoria BlumOtisville NY229 12 F 1- 938:48.039:15.012:40/M
461Tammy McHughNJ56435 13 F 35-3938:48.339:07.012:37/M
462Keith BlumOtisville NY2542 31 M 40-4438:48.539:15.512:40/M
463Kelley Gerhardt.45243 29 F 40-4438:58.539:25.012:43/M
464Kerry BairdWarwick NY1237 14 F 35-3939:15.239:39.312:47/M
465Stacey ClarkMiddletown NY43729 13 F 20-2939:26.039:52.012:52/M
466Liza PhillipsNJ61749 19 F 45-4939:27.139:47.712:50/M
467Frank GleesonWarwick NY10156 15 M 55-5939:27.140:01.712:55/M
468Karen ClarkMiddletown NY43661 2 F 60-6439:28.839:55.012:53/M
469Frankie GleesonWarwick NY10211 31 M 10-1239:29.240:03.712:55/M
470Kim Walckenhauer.51158 14 F 55-5939:39.439:58.012:54/M
471Kathleen DaviesHillburn NY7366 1 F 65-6940:38.640:55.813:12/M
472Felicia EllisWarwick NY8763 3 F 60-6441:17.841:37.013:25/M
473Brad Tag.44952 23 M 50-5441:48.142:29.013:42/M
474Katherine Valentine.59356 15 F 55-5941:52.642:11.013:36/M
475Justina MoserFlorida NY18050 15 F 50-5442:24.043:05.513:54/M
476John UvaGlenwood NJ37863 7 M 60-6442:24.442:34.013:44/M
477Ellen KirchnerHighland Lakes NJ11958 16 F 55-5942:40.543:16.313:57/M
478Ken StewartWarwick NY26178 3 M 70-9942:58.043:27.514:01/M
479Robert NordmanNew Hyde Park NY19265 6 M 65-6942:58.443:27.014:01/M
480Eugene Maher.39255 16 M 55-5943:19.743:40.014:05/M
481Francesco Desideno.5248 13 M 1- 943:29.844:02.814:12/M
482John Lacenere.4779 14 M 1- 943:43.043:58.214:11/M
483Beatrice Gerard.4257 13 F 1- 944:09.644:52.514:28/M
484Olivia Gerard.42649 20 F 45-4944:09.844:53.014:29/M
485Ania Neil.49938 15 F 35-3944:18.144:34.014:23/M
486Eileen Gagliano.49642 30 F 40-4444:34.244:34.214:23/M
487Travis Gerhardt.45112 32 M 10-1244:49.545:16.014:36/M
488Frank VignolaWarwick NY27946 21 M 45-4945:05.645:29.714:40/M
489Sarah McGuire.50016 28 F 15-1645:07.145:16.714:36/M
490Taylor Kleeschulte.49816 29 F 15-1645:07.145:16.514:36/M
491Charles Neusch-Senior.56046 22 M 45-4945:15.745:15.714:36/M
492Leo VignolaWarwick NY2756 15 M 1- 945:24.145:47.814:46/M
493Megan EarlPort Jervis NY8328 14 F 20-2945:40.346:11.514:54/M
494Ava Desideno.59411 19 F 10-1245:44.446:17.714:56/M
495Unknown Partic. 366.366. 6 M 0- 046:40.047:13.715:14/M
496Carolyn MarionWarwick NY14852 16 F 50-5446:52.147:37.815:22/M
497Joann Desena.59138 16 F 35-3946:56.047:04.215:11/M
498John SpencerWarwick NY52235 10 M 35-3947:54.748:38.015:41/M
499Jeryl SpencerWarwick NY52148 21 F 45-4947:56.548:39.715:42/M
500Elysia JacksonMiddletown NY5834 14 F 1- 948:02.748:18.015:35/M
501Earl JacksonMiddletown NY58237 11 M 35-3948:03.948:19.015:35/M
502Justin Velordo.37718 10 M 17-1948:28.948:38.715:41/M
503Ray EarlPort Jervis NY47857 17 M 55-5949:46.650:17.016:13/M
504Matthew Bellantone.38523 16 M 20-2949:51.150:02.016:08/M
505Veronica WilliamsWarwick NY41339 17 F 35-3950:41.051:05.016:29/M
506Marc Zeepvat.55243 32 M 40-4453:29.653:56.017:24/M
507Holly LutzHamburg NJ14417 9 F 17-1953:59.154:08.217:28/M
508Cait MulvihillChester NY1858 15 F 1- 955:53.556:31.518:14/M
509Unknown Partic. 363.363. 7 M 0- 056:16.256:56.718:22/M
510James McCulloughChester NY1558 16 M 1- 956:28.557:05.218:25/M
511Unknown Partic. 361.361. 8 M 0- 057:43.358:20.818:49/M
512Unknown Partic. 362.362. 9 M 0- 057:44.158:21.518:49/M
513Unknown Partic. 784.784. 10 M 0- 058:30.958:38.718:55/M
514Unknown Partic. 18214.18214. 11 M 0- 01:05:16.81:05:56.521:16/M
515Sarah SteinWarwick NY25926 15 F 20-292:54:05.22:54:05.256:09/M
5 Mile Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Zack PriceGlenwood NJ73723***** M 20-2927:57.327:57.35:35/M
2Jeremy NeilWarwick NY73538***** M 35-3930:21.230:25.06:05/M
3Chris MacFarlaneWarwick NY72730***** M 30-3430:24.830:28.26:06/M
4Dan MillerWarwick NY73259 1 M 55-5934:15.434:25.76:53/M
5Suzanne La BurtGreenwood Lake NY36749***** F 45-4934:35.434:40.06:56/M
6Douglas CarterChester NY76658 2 M 55-5934:48.734:52.76:58/M
7Dave GetzWarwick NY71955 3 M 55-5934:52.634:57.56:59/M
8Jac Gnirrep IIIWest Haverstraw NY72024 1 M 20-2935:05.735:10.27:02/M
9Christopher ReganWappingers Falls NY73832 1 M 30-3435:53.836:20.77:16/M
10Enrique Murillo.78353 1 M 50-5435:59.336:10.57:14/M
11Philip JulianoWarwick NY75217 1 M 0-1936:14.236:24.77:17/M
12Dan DoyleWarwick NY71256 4 M 55-5936:21.136:26.07:17/M
13Pasqual ZottolaGoshen NY79242 1 M 40-4437:02.137:08.07:26/M
14Brian BirchFlorida NY77241 2 M 40-4437:13.137:14.57:27/M
15George AckermannKenoza Lake NY76253 2 M 50-5437:22.537:26.77:29/M
16Isabelle Hache-RoseChester NY72131***** F 30-3437:27.737:32.07:30/M
17Jodi BolsenbroekMonroe NY75730***** F 30-3437:32.037:43.57:33/M
18Frank Zottola.77747 1 M 45-4938:03.138:07.57:37/M
19Bob WatermanMiddletown NY74845 2 M 45-4938:08.138:13.07:39/M
20Rachel QuinnGoshen NY78720 1 F 20-2938:38.838:44.07:45/M
21Larry SavitchFlorida NY76447 3 M 45-4939:02.839:11.07:50/M
22Robert PierceWarwick NY76349 4 M 45-4939:22.739:32.57:54/M
23Barbara Tafuto.78144 1 F 40-4439:30.739:35.57:55/M
24Roy PittelkcGlenwood NJ75049 1 F 45-4939:38.239:46.27:57/M
25Jennifer CaffreyWest Milford NJ77142 2 F 40-4439:48.640:15.08:03/M
26Ashlee Davis.77923 2 F 20-2939:49.639:56.77:59/M
27Michael SzorentiniAirmont NY54352 3 M 50-5439:59.740:16.78:03/M
28Donna HoulihanSugarloaf NY78546 2 F 45-4940:24.640:35.08:07/M
29Gerard RossCarmel NY74061 1 M 60-6440:25.240:27.88:05/M
30Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ72867 1 M 65-6940:30.340:36.58:07/M
31Denise KunischWarwick NY78042 3 F 40-4440:43.840:49.58:10/M
32Colleen SchillyWarwick NY74329 3 F 20-2941:09.541:25.78:17/M
33Phillip WilkenHighland Mills NY77644 3 M 40-4441:49.242:04.38:25/M
34Monica ZottolaPine Island NY74945 3 F 45-4941:54.141:58.78:24/M
35John MonchakTafton PA75161 2 M 60-6442:06.142:12.58:26/M
36Brian Mskenna.79150 4 M 50-5442:15.642:38.58:32/M
37Tom MarionNetcong NJ72943 4 M 40-4442:29.242:40.88:32/M
38David FeibuschWhite Plains NY71746 5 M 45-4942:45.142:56.28:35/M
39Steven ScheiderNewton NJ74257 5 M 55-5942:49.742:58.58:36/M
40Suzanne MayerLafayette NJ73044 4 F 40-4442:56.343:09.08:38/M
41Les LafranceMonroe NY72654 5 M 50-5443:11.043:30.78:42/M
42Sean MayerLafayette NJ73144 5 M 40-4443:18.143:30.58:42/M
43Maureen BradyWarwick NY77052 1 F 50-5443:19.443:42.58:44/M
44Danny Bery Berry.77457 6 M 55-5943:25.043:48.28:46/M
45Greg SpencerChester NY74557 7 M 55-5943:30.343:56.58:47/M
46Martin NowakMiddletown NY78649 6 M 45-4943:37.543:53.88:47/M
47Sherry Wishnia.75440 5 F 40-4443:39.043:51.28:46/M
48Heather Thompson.75538 1 F 35-3943:39.743:52.08:46/M
49Jeanne RippWarwick NY73951 2 F 50-5443:42.643:57.08:47/M
50Kathy JaneczkoWarwick NY72444 6 F 40-4444:03.444:17.78:51/M
51Doug JaneczkoWarwick NY72544 6 M 40-4444:03.944:18.38:52/M
52Eric Weissman.75349 7 M 45-4944:07.844:24.58:53/M
53Michael QuinnGoshen NY78850 6 M 50-5444:14.444:20.78:52/M
54Denise BisacciaCortlandt Manor NY70344 7 F 40-4445:06.645:19.59:04/M
55Michael EschWarwick NY71649 8 M 45-4945:16.145:39.79:08/M
56Micheal CallaghanMiddletown NY70715 2 M 0-1945:21.245:50.09:10/M
57Michael SkafidasWarwick NY77344 7 M 40-4445:26.345:56.29:11/M
58Emil BarbosaWallkill NY70164 3 M 60-6445:35.945:44.29:09/M
59Renee DesratsWarwick NY75631 1 F 30-3445:57.946:18.29:16/M
60Julie DesratsWarwick NY75840 8 F 40-4445:59.846:20.29:16/M
61Amy MicallefWarwick NY76139 2 F 35-3946:03.146:23.59:17/M
62Dennis PetersonMonroe NY76562 4 M 60-6446:10.246:30.39:18/M
63Charles Neushc-Junior.78916 3 M 0-1946:36.147:04.79:25/M
64T F Daley.76760 5 M 60-6446:58.247:03.09:25/M
65Janine ThomsonWhite Plains NY74745 4 F 45-4947:01.747:13.59:27/M
66Daniel CarvillCarlsbadt NY76956 8 M 55-5947:10.847:24.29:29/M
67Suzanne RossiSlate Hill NY74134 2 F 30-3447:15.547:15.59:27/M
68Jane NaplesWarwick NY73348 5 F 45-4947:39.947:59.59:36/M
69Tammy BoscoOtisville NY77549 6 F 45-4947:45.648:06.79:37/M
70Jim SpannagelNew Hampton NY74469 2 M 65-6948:11.748:32.29:42/M
71Peter BrownWarwick NY70546 9 M 45-4948:33.149:00.29:48/M
72Elisabeth Tischler.76041 9 F 40-4449:02.149:25.59:53/M
73Valerie DonnellyDover NJ71141 10 F 40-4449:11.749:19.29:52/M
74Allison MallozziCortland Manor NY75941 11 F 40-4449:23.649:35.79:55/M
75Laurie Studley.78238 3 F 35-3949:55.650:19.210:04/M
76Murray Coon.79040 8 M 40-4450:16.650:44.310:09/M
77Will Burrell.79353 7 M 50-5450:58.151:15.010:15/M
78Jennifer WilkenHighland Mills NY77841 12 F 40-4451:13.751:35.010:19/M
79Andrea SteindorfNew Windsor NY74642 13 F 40-4451:24.651:54.310:23/M
80Jamie Bruesehoff.76830 3 F 30-3452:28.352:41.010:32/M
81Maria BuonoNorwalk CT70645 7 F 45-4952:51.053:26.710:41/M
82Jennifer EchevarriaWarwick NY71429 4 F 20-2953:10.553:43.010:45/M
83Kathleen HewinsHewitt NJ72255 1 F 55-5953:46.354:10.210:50/M
84Jack EllisWarwick NY71563 6 M 60-6454:50.355:06.511:01/M
85Sophia GeorgesWarwick NY71834 4 F 30-3455:12.155:35.211:07/M
86James DuganCornwall NY71378 1 M 70-9956:48.857:04.511:25/M
87Maryellen Citelli.38153 3 F 50-5457:02.257:24.511:29/M
88Rich Citelli.38254 8 M 50-5457:03.957:25.511:29/M
89John CapenStone Ridge NY70875 2 M 70-991:05:16.31:05:55.513:11/M

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