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Chobani Challenge 5k Run and Walk

Norwich, NY, September 15, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Jill Eddy, Race Director. Timing by

Chobani Chamber Challenge 5k Run and Walk.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 September 15.......
Inc. Results By Race Management Systems.......
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Wayne Allen IIBainbridge NY17937 1 Top Fin18:22.65:55/M
2Shane HarringtonMount Vision NY6216 2 Top Fin19:06.66:10/M
3Trish HoranNorwich NY17627 1 Top Fin19:10.86:11/M
4Matthew WilsonNorwich NY14525 3 Top Fin20:07.66:29/M
5Connor NicholsNorwich NY10514 1 M 12-1520:11.36:31/M
6Steve HornungBainbridge NY6757 1 M 50-5920:19.16:33/M
7Andre BryantNorwich NY2127 1 M 20-2920:35.26:38/M
8Jill HennessySyracuse NY6435 2 Top Fin20:46.86:42/M
9Michael WilliamsNorwich NY14448 1 M 40-4921:08.66:49/M
10Dondon CurrieNorwich NY16338 1 M 30-3921:18.36:52/M
11Diane DistefanoNorwich NY15841 3 Top Fin21:21.16:53/M
12Steve PalmerBainbridge NY11155 2 M 50-5921:24.36:54/M
13Ashley BartleMount Pleasant SC727 1 F 20-2921:39.16:59/M
14Bob NeulandNorwich NY10466 1 M 60-6922:51.37:22/M
15Daniel TorresNorwich NY16933 2 M 30-3922:52.67:23/M
16James MorenSherburne NY9215 2 M 12-1522:56.67:24/M
17Ashley HouckSidney NY15719 1 F 16-1923:15.37:30/M
18Colin BurlisonNorwich NY28416 1 M 16-1923:22.17:32/M
19Marcus CashmanNorwich NY18511 1 M 1-1123:22.17:32/M
20Samantha MoleskiOneonta NY8921 2 F 20-2923:25.67:33/M
21John FordSouth New Berlin NY15959 3 M 50-5923:27.67:34/M
22William WorsnoppSidney NY15232 3 M 30-3923:28.87:34/M
23Bob LungerNorwich NY19252 4 M 50-5923:29.17:35/M
24David CerasaniPlymouth NY3121 2 M 20-2923:36.87:37/M
25Angela RossOneonta NY11728 3 F 20-2923:41.47:38/M
26Chris BrantleyEarlville NY1533 4 M 30-3924:28.17:54/M
27Kerrie JohnstonEarlville NY7236 1 F 30-3924:28.37:54/M
28Michael BagnallSherburne NY425 3 M 20-2924:40.17:57/M
29Jeffrey BeaverSherburne NY1250 5 M 50-5924:43.67:58/M
30Terri SeagerSmyrna NY11854 1 F 50-5924:55.68:02/M
31Gabe SuttonNorwich NY1278 2 M 1-1125:08.68:06/M
32Steve PelosiNorwich NY11334 5 M 30-3925:10.68:07/M
33Scott FisherSidney NY5047 2 M 40-4925:15.88:09/M
34Katherine WolfordNorwich NY14634 2 F 30-3925:25.98:12/M
35Andrew WolfordNorwich NY14733 6 M 30-3925:50.68:20/M
36Aryn RulisonCortland NY19923 4 F 20-2925:51.38:20/M
37Joe GonzalezSouth New Berlin NY5649 3 M 40-4925:56.68:22/M
38Luman CraverMt. Upton NY4025 4 M 20-2925:57.88:22/M
39Dan LeclercBinghamton NY8038 7 M 30-3926:00.38:23/M
40Ann CoeNorwich NY18750 2 F 50-5926:06.18:25/M
41Dan ZienoNorwich NY15414 3 M 12-1526:16.68:28/M
42Vincent ColomboDeposit NY3759 6 M 50-5926:21.68:30/M
43Lindsay NashLiverpool NY10027 5 F 20-2926:30.88:33/M
44Doug BennettNorwich NY19757 7 M 50-5926:34.88:34/M
45Emily ShattuckNorwich NY12012 1 F 12-1526:43.88:37/M
46Emily WorsnoppSidney NY15131 3 F 30-3926:54.98:41/M
47Kate PerryVoorheesville NY20034 4 F 30-3927:00.68:43/M
48Janet LaythamUnadilla NY7946 1 F 40-4927:14.38:47/M
49Tommy HartStaten Island NY17166 2 M 60-6927:51.88:59/M
50Elizabeth EddyNorwich NY4713 2 F 12-1527:55.19:00/M
51Gregory MuehlSchenevus NY19452 8 M 50-5928:09.19:05/M
52Sophie LiberatoreNorwich NY8162 1 F 60-6928:14.19:06/M
53Rebecca HargraveNorwich NY23034 5 F 30-3928:18.69:08/M
54Elise KiddVerona NY7425 6 F 20-2928:28.69:11/M
55Lana PalmerVerona NY10928 7 F 20-2928:28.69:11/M
56Brittany ColeOxford NY3627 8 F 20-2928:36.19:14/M
57Tracy ChawgoNorwich NY3248 4 M 40-4928:44.19:16/M
58Freddie SchwarzhamsMorris NY18614 4 M 12-1528:44.69:16/M
59Betsey BaioNew Berlin NY548 2 F 40-4928:53.89:19/M
60Donna GeetterEndwell NY5328 9 F 20-2928:57.29:20/M
61Wendy ConwayBainbridge NY3843 3 F 40-4929:48.89:37/M
62Katherine WansorNorwich NY13922 10 F 20-2929:51.19:38/M
63Robert WansorNorwich NY13853 9 M 50-5929:51.89:38/M
64Danielle CamadineOxford NY2915 3 F 12-1529:52.69:38/M
65Michael MorenSherburne NY9148 5 M 40-4929:53.39:38/M
66Penelope HarperBinghamton NY6147 4 F 40-4930:20.19:47/M
67Sarah PalmerOxford NY11030 6 F 30-3930:32.19:51/M
68Gordon ShieldsGuilford NY12319 2 M 16-1930:33.39:51/M
69Theresa WoodfordOxford NY14848 5 F 40-4930:40.39:54/M
70Miles NicholsMc Donough NY17237 8 M 30-3930:44.19:55/M
71Lori DrzazgowskiBainbridge NY4435 7 F 30-3930:50.49:57/M
72Christine BarnesNorwich NY18331 8 F 30-3930:50.69:57/M
73Michael McFeeOxford NY8658 10 M 50-5930:50.69:57/M
74Cherokee BournNorwich NY19852 3 F 50-5930:53.19:58/M
75Susan KulisSherburne NY35751 4 F 50-5931:00.610:00/M
76Kate BurkeBinghamton NY2636 9 F 30-3931:01.610:00/M
77Shawn MunsonNorwich NY9541 6 M 40-4931:06.610:02/M
78Donald BrownWaterville NY1939 9 M 30-3931:09.610:03/M
79Kelly HoytBinghamton NY6935 10 F 30-3931:12.110:04/M
80Beth GonzalezSouth New Berlin NY5551 5 F 50-5931:24.310:08/M
81Taylor MunsonNorwich NY9614 4 F 12-1531:25.610:08/M
82Elley BrownManlius NY2026 11 F 20-2931:31.610:10/M
83Brian LoprestiNorwich NY8251 11 M 50-5931:49.310:16/M
84Steve CraigNorwich NY3958 12 M 50-5931:49.810:16/M
85Pegi LoprestiNorwich NY8350 6 F 50-5931:50.110:16/M
86Susan GranquistNorwich NY5742 6 F 40-4932:39.310:32/M
87Richard BreslinGreene NY1662 3 M 60-6932:39.610:32/M
88Warren NashNorwich NY9956 13 M 50-5932:40.910:32/M
89Jaci AhernSidney Center NY240 7 F 40-4932:44.310:34/M
90Linda CalleaNorwich NY2855 7 F 50-5932:46.410:34/M
91Melissa KrivitNorwich NY35630 11 F 30-3932:51.110:36/M
92Dave KrivitNorwich NY35532 10 M 30-3932:52.310:36/M
93Claudia JenkinsUnadilla NY18256 8 F 50-5932:56.810:37/M
94Rebecca SandsNorwich NY16629 12 F 20-2933:00.910:39/M
95Francis ToolanChilds PA13254 14 M 50-5933:02.910:39/M
96Aisling ToolanBinghamton NY13327 13 F 20-2933:03.610:40/M
97Lisa RedenbackNorwich NY11543 8 F 40-4933:08.610:41/M
98Barbara MayhoodOxford NY18853 9 F 50-5933:14.610:43/M
99Danielle MurphyOxford NY9721 14 F 20-2933:18.610:45/M
100Katherine HinrichsenNorwich NY6650 10 F 50-5933:26.110:47/M
101Jennifer ClarkOxford NY3427 15 F 20-2933:26.810:47/M
102Benjamin NashNorwich NY10124 5 M 20-2933:31.310:49/M
103Pietra BaioNew Hartford NY28227 16 F 20-2933:58.610:57/M
104Joanne KishbaughUnadilla NY19654 11 F 50-5934:41.111:11/M
105Joseph BazarnikNorwich NY920 6 M 20-2934:49.311:14/M
106Troy FlemingSmyrna NY18910 3 M 1-1135:06.911:19/M
107Ann WheelerNorwich NY14152 12 F 50-5935:10.811:21/M
108Kim MackNorwich NY18445 9 F 40-4935:21.811:24/M
109Elizabeth Barber-BreeseNorwich NY639 12 F 30-3935:59.611:36/M
110Scott SuttonNorwich NY12943 7 M 40-4936:02.311:37/M
111Nicole FranklinSherburne NY5127 17 F 20-2936:24.111:45/M
112Pamela NicholsNorwich NY10641 10 F 40-4936:31.111:47/M
113Francine NashNorwich NY9856 13 F 50-5936:33.311:47/M
114Sarah LappinCannastota NY7732 13 F 30-3936:34.811:48/M
115William LappinRome NY7857 15 M 50-5936:34.911:48/M
116Sophie BunceNorwich NY2310 1 F 1-1136:42.111:50/M
117Joann WormuthBainbridge NY15060 2 F 60-6936:49.111:53/M
118Larisa WaghornGilbertsville NY18145 11 F 40-4936:49.611:53/M
119Rece CamadineOxford NY3013 5 M 12-1536:50.411:53/M
120Olivia GranquistNorwich NY5810 2 F 1-1137:01.911:56/M
121Penny Lynn SudaNorwich NY18039 14 F 30-3937:46.612:11/M
122Ryan ChronisterEndicott NY3324 7 M 20-2937:47.112:11/M
123Hank ReedBarnevelle NY17572 1 M 70-7938:05.812:17/M
124Daniel WoodfordOxford NY14913 6 M 12-1538:15.112:20/M
125Alyssa MilanoNorwich NY8823 18 F 20-2938:20.612:22/M
126Jadyn MunsonNorwich NY9411 3 F 1-1138:20.912:22/M
127Jessie SuttonNorwich NY1289 4 F 1-1138:21.112:22/M
128Colby BagnallSherburne NY325 19 F 20-2938:39.612:28/M
129Megan BurkeNorwich NY2712 5 F 12-1538:52.912:32/M
130Mary Catherine KingNorwich NY7520 20 F 20-2938:54.812:33/M
131Betty BronsonBainbridge NY1831 15 F 30-3939:01.112:35/M
132Tammy HillmanMt. Upton NY6541 12 F 40-4939:03.312:36/M
133Jonathan BurkeNorwich NY2544 8 M 40-4939:08.612:37/M
134Stephanie St. DennyNorwich NY19527 21 F 20-2939:15.612:40/M
135Linda BartleOxford NY864 3 F 60-6939:42.112:48/M
136Jeff St. JohnNorwich NY12526 8 M 20-2939:52.812:52/M
137Sara RifanburgNorwich NY11619 2 F 16-1941:32.613:24/M
138Anita WilliamsNorwich NY14348 13 F 40-4941:54.813:31/M
139Jennifer FlemingSmyrna NY19038 16 F 30-3942:02.313:34/M
140Jennifer GregoryBinghamton NY6031 17 F 30-3943:11.313:56/M
141Tara WheelerPlymouth NY14223 22 F 20-2944:49.114:27/M
142Kate MindeBainbridge NY17823 23 F 20-2948:24.115:37/M
143Karia DrorakOriskany Falls NY1779 5 F 1-1148:25.315:37/M
144Jennifer DvorakOriskany Falls NY4531 18 F 30-3948:25.615:37/M
145Joshua WebbNorwich NY15637 11 M 30-3949:25.615:56/M
146Denise CatueNorwich NY17049 14 F 40-4953:48.817:21/M
5k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Debra BonneyNorwich NY1449 1 Top Fin41:38.613:26/M
2Bruce BonneyNorwich NY1364 1 Top Fin41:38.813:26/M
3Linda JewellGuilford NY7160 2 Top Fin44:37.614:24/M
4Melissa StagnaroGreene NY28337 3 Top Fin44:38.114:24/M
5Melissa TworkowskyNorwich NY13645 1 F 0-9944:47.114:27/M
6Pam ZienoNorwich NY15550 2 F 0-9944:47.114:27/M
7Mallow Olsen-NicholsMc Donough NY1748 3 F 0-9945:08.114:34/M
8Mariah SewardGuilford NY16116 4 F 0-9945:38.114:43/M
9Lynndon HuyckTreadwell NY16416 2 Top Fin45:38.614:43/M
10Emily SnowBrookfield NY12424 5 F 0-9946:41.815:04/M
11Nicole KnappSmyrna NY7638 6 F 0-9946:41.915:04/M
12Skye IngrahamNorwich NY7020 7 F 0-9946:49.615:06/M
13Sandy StenmanNorwich NY12656 8 F 0-9946:49.915:06/M
14Chelsea EstelowOxford NY4921 9 F 0-9947:00.115:10/M
15Haley ShattuckNorwich NY12110 10 F 0-9947:37.615:22/M
16Karen ShattuckNorwich NY12237 11 F 0-9947:39.115:22/M
17Ashley ParsonsSherburne NY11225 12 F 0-9949:26.615:57/M
18Danielle BeachSouth New Berlin NY1027 13 F 0-9949:27.115:57/M
19Shealyn WebbNorwich NY14029 14 F 0-9949:27.615:57/M
20Stephanie GewerthNorwich NY5427 15 F 0-9950:18.616:14/M
21Maria BurcroffNorwich NY19357 16 F 0-9951:31.116:37/M
22Lori OlsenMc Donough NY17344 17 F 0-9951:33.816:38/M
23Elizabeth BunceNorwich NY2238 18 F 0-9951:34.316:38/M
24Brandon SewardGuilford NY16219 3 Top Fin52:13.116:51/M
25Taylor StrohNorwich NY19115 19 F 0-9953:20.817:12/M
26Danika TworkowskyNorwich NY13713 20 F 0-9953:23.317:13/M
27Collin TottenNorwich NY13518 1 M 0-9953:31.617:16/M
28Jordan OsterhoutNorwich NY10818 2 M 0-9953:33.117:16/M
29Lori ManwarrenSouth Plymouth NY8450 21 F 0-9953:48.817:21/M
30Brittany EdmondsSherburne NY4821 22 F 0-9954:49.417:41/M
31Deborah HendeeUnadilla NY6342 23 F 0-9954:49.417:41/M
32Mindy ColeNorwich NY3531 24 F 0-9954:53.817:42/M
33Shaylee HortonNorwich NY688 25 F 0-9954:54.117:43/M
34Amber JonesNorwich NY16728 26 F 0-9955:16.417:50/M
35Pam YoungSouth Plymouth NY15328 27 F 0-9955:16.817:50/M
36Kelli JonesNorth Norwich NY16848 28 F 0-9955:17.317:50/M
37Jennifer MorrisNorwich NY9335 29 F 0-9955:41.817:58/M
38Kimberly ReedNorwich NY16030 30 F 0-9955:42.817:58/M
39Tammy SewardGuilford NY11939 31 F 0-9958:19.118:49/M
40Chelsea SewardGuilford NY16511 32 F 0-9958:19.618:49/M
41Nicole BeaudoinSmyrna NY1140 33 F 0-9959:12.319:06/M
42Wendy BrewerNorwich NY1735 34 F 0-9959:13.119:06/M
43Jessica MooreNorwich NY9026 35 F 0-9959:13.319:06/M
44Danette NilesNorwich NY10746 36 F 0-9959:22.119:09/M

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