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Run for the Animals 7k

Washingtonville, NY, October 6, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Carol, Race Director. Timing by

Run for the Animals 7k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 October 06.......
Results By
7K run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Michael WilliamsWashingtonville NY41741***** M 40-4929:02.06:43/M
2Jill PostMonroe NY40535***** F 30-3931:07.77:12/M
3Kas KawasakiWashington T'Wp NJ38141 1 M 40-4931:24.27:16/M
4Ira Fleischer Ny 10950 NY Monroe45951 1 M 50-5931:33.57:18/M
5Malik Hale.49116 1 M 16-1932:18.57:29/M
6Mike BrockwayMonroe NY36343 2 M 40-4932:20.77:29/M
7Scot Earr.47241 3 M 40-4932:35.07:33/M
8Michael OriordanMonroe NY47151 2 M 50-5933:22.07:43/M
9lauren mayerHuletts Landing NY44622 1 F 20-2933:44.57:49/M
10Emily Brooks.46415 1 F 1-1535:04.08:07/M
11Andrea St LouisWashingtonville NY49015 1 M 1-1535:14.28:09/M
12Martin NowakMiddletown NY49549 4 M 40-4935:19.08:11/M
13Sarah KernMonroe NY38311 2 F 1-1535:38.28:15/M
14Tara KernMonroe NY38245 1 F 40-4935:41.08:16/M
15Robert BoyleOwings Mills MD36137 1 M 30-3936:05.78:21/M
16Michae BrooksWashingtonville NY47345 5 M 40-4936:40.58:29/M
17Cathaleen DonnellyCampbell Hall NY37253 1 F 50-5936:49.58:31/M
18Owen RowlandsCampbell Hall NY42411 2 M 1-1538:08.78:50/M
19Danny YoungPleasantville NY41849 6 M 40-4938:29.28:54/M
20Lauren AllenSalsbury Mills NY46114 3 F 1-1538:34.78:56/M
21Alexander TushinskyMiddletown NY41641 7 M 40-4939:45.79:12/M
22Kacey Capen Ny 10987 NY Tuxedo Park43032 1 F 30-3939:46.59:12/M
23Ann Wanderling Ny 10918 NY Chester45542 2 F 40-4940:03.79:16/M
24lee nilsestevenLake George NY44450 2 F 50-5940:10.29:18/M
25eric lilsestuenLake George NY44563 1 M 60-6940:34.29:23/M
26Tom KerriganGoshen NY43450 3 M 50-5941:51.59:41/M
27Elinor AxtonBlooming Grove NY35311 4 F 1-1541:58.79:43/M
28Jennifer BucklyMontgomery NY46935 2 F 30-3942:10.09:46/M
29John SigonaParamus NJ41239 2 M 30-3942:31.09:51/M
30Mike QuinnGoshen NY48650 4 M 50-5942:39.29:52/M
31Charles Bowen Ny 10918 NY Chester44055 5 M 50-5942:51.59:55/M
32Dennis GorskiAllendale NJ37460 2 M 60-6943:36.510:06/M
33Jonathan ChinBlooming Grove NY36744 8 M 40-4944:12.710:14/M
34Keith SullivanMonroe NY41425 1 M 20-2944:15.210:15/M
35Maureen OriordanMonroe NY47052 3 F 50-5944:30.510:18/M
36Javier BajanaHighland Mills NY35534 3 M 30-3944:43.010:21/M
37Deanna BoblettWashingtonville NY36053 4 F 50-5945:02.210:25/M
38Matthew Hagan Ny 10918 NY Chester4538 3 M 1-1545:14.510:28/M
39Dominic CiprianiChester NY4207 4 M 1-1545:16.010:29/M
40Kevin ClardyWashingtonville NY4380 1 M 0- 045:16.510:29/M
41Bradley ClardyWashingtonville NY4859 5 M 1-1545:16.710:29/M
42Kate OmearaWashingtonville NY46614 5 F 1-1545:53.510:37/M
43Kevin SchwartzMonroe NY41012 6 M 1-1547:15.510:56/M
44Reagan BrockwayMonroe NY3648 6 F 1-1547:25.210:59/M
45Christopher SheboyWashingtonville NY41110 7 M 1-1547:28.510:59/M
46Michael Brockway JrMonroe NY36510 8 M 1-1547:34.011:01/M
47Gabriella CiprianiChester NY4219 7 F 1-1548:31.011:14/M
48Betty Ann BarnittCampbell Hall NY46854 5 F 50-5948:37.211:15/M
49Carolyn BrockwayMonroe NY36241 3 F 40-4949:20.711:25/M
50Lisa DeneauCampbell Hall NY36949 4 F 40-4949:34.511:28/M
51Donna LattanzioMonroe NY38946 5 F 40-4949:47.011:31/M
52Janice VecchiarelloMonroe NY42935 3 F 30-3949:59.211:34/M
53Jay ApapMonroe NY42735 4 M 30-3949:59.511:34/M
54Maribel MurilloWoodside NY39736 4 F 30-3950:14.011:38/M
55Mason RowlandsCampbell Hall NY4239 9 M 1-1550:28.011:41/M
56Tara SkinnerCampbell Hall NY41335 5 F 30-3950:35.511:43/M
57Toni DolcemascoloFishkill NY47525 2 F 20-2950:50.511:46/M
58Diane RowlandsCampbell Hall NY42245 6 F 40-4951:18.511:53/M
59Keelley GilhoolyWashingtonville NY48915 8 F 1-1551:32.011:56/M
60Dean GilhoolyWashingtonville NY48851 6 M 50-5951:32.511:56/M
61Kayla KimeMonroe NY38415 9 F 1-1551:37.011:57/M
62Lisamarie Sapp.40942 7 F 40-4952:12.512:05/M
63Amanda Marie ImhofGaithersburg MD37833 6 F 30-3952:28.512:09/M
64Kaitlyn MilmoreWashingtonville NY46515 10 F 1-1553:16.212:20/M
65Emily PoppeMonroe NY40313 11 F 1-1553:18.712:20/M
66Haley GriffinCampbell Hall NY46215 12 F 1-1553:20.012:21/M
67Madison Garcia`Monroe NY49410 13 F 1-1553:41.012:26/M
68Ken DeneauHampton Bays NY37052 7 M 50-5953:42.512:26/M
69Matthew DonaldsonMiddletown NY37132 5 M 30-3954:28.012:36/M
70Tony Mantali.4989 10 M 1-1554:51.512:42/M
71David LyonsBlooming Grove NY4638 11 M 1-1554:54.012:43/M
72angela alveloCampbell Hall NY44857 6 F 50-5956:45.713:08/M
73Gerry GarciaMonroe NY49348 9 M 40-4957:46.713:22/M
74Catherine GreulichCampbell Hall NY37657 7 F 50-5957:48.013:23/M
75Andrew CiprianiChester NY41940 10 M 40-4959:29.213:46/M
76Kathy LandroCornwall On Hudson NY38849 8 F 40-4959:59.213:53/M
77Cameron LegaceWashingtonville NY39010 14 F 1-151:02:13.214:24/M
78Jim LegaceWashingtonville NY3910 2 M 0- 01:02:13.714:24/M
79Erin MartinBETHLEHEM PA44715 15 F 1-151:04:25.514:55/M
80Breanna FlynnMonroe NY46015 16 F 1-151:04:26.514:55/M
81jacquline haganChester NY45112 17 F 1-151:05:26.515:09/M
82Christine AseltaWashingtonville NY35244 9 F 40-491:08:11.015:47/M
83Carmen Alvarado.35165 1 F 60-691:09:03.515:59/M
84Lucia Paglino.40161 2 F 60-691:09:03.715:59/M
85nicholas russoMonroe NY4499 12 M 1-151:10:46.016:23/M
86Catherine Fan.4968 18 F 1-151:11:06.816:28/M
87Taina DiazWashingtonville NY46714 19 F 1-151:11:15.216:30/M
88Emily DejesusBlooming Grove NY47613 20 F 1-151:11:19.716:31/M
89Anna Lindner-AxtonBlooming Grove NY39245 10 F 40-491:13:24.716:59/M
90neil frishbergGoshen NY44353 8 M 50-591:16:07.717:37/M
91Meghan RyanWashingtonville NY40621 3 F 20-291:16:32.017:43/M
92Elizabeth RyanWashingtonville NY40753 8 F 50-591:16:32.017:43/M
93Jennifer Cornellis.49710 21 F 1-151:18:36.518:12/M
94Emma GreenChester NY43510 22 F 1-151:18:56.718:16/M
95Gayle GreenChester NY4390 1 F 0- 01:20:07.718:33/M
7K Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1Dylan FuentesMonroe NY4337***** M 0-9950:05.211:36/M
2Tyler FuentesMonroe NY43110***** M 0-9950:09.011:37/M
3Anthony VecchiarelloMonroe NY4289***** M 0-9951:16.511:52/M
4Lucy PoppeMonroe NY40438***** F 0-9953:35.212:24/M
5Cynthia DansbyCampbell Hall NY3680***** F 0-9953:46.212:27/M
6Jacob PoppeMonroe NY4028 1 M 0-9954:35.012:38/M
7Laura FuentesMonroe NY43240***** F 0-9955:31.212:51/M
8Carol MerlinnoWallkill47447 1 F 0-9957:02.013:12/M
9Denise Hagan Ny 10918 NY Chester45243 2 F 0-991:06:12.715:19/M
10Leyse McNeillyCampbell Hall NY45651 3 F 0-991:07:43.515:41/M
11Geanne TompkinRock Tavern NY45750 4 F 0-991:07:43.715:41/M
12Sophia Kapushski-RussoMonroe NY38010 5 F 0-991:08:22.715:50/M
13Madisonn FeeneyWashingtonville NY4379 6 F 0-991:10:57.016:25/M
14Lori FeenyWashingtonville NY43644 7 F 0-991:11:00.716:26/M
15Christina KingSalisbury Mills NY38634 8 F 0-991:14:15.217:11/M
16Christopher KingSalisbury Mills NY38534 2 M 0-991:14:15.517:11/M
17Marianne McCormackWashingtonville NY39462 9 F 0-991:16:33.717:43/M
18Rita DrewryChester NY37371 10 F 0-991:17:03.717:50/M
19Maddison LaresMonroe NY4548 11 F 0-991:17:16.717:53/M
20Michele HallCornwall NY47729 12 F 0-991:17:17.217:53/M
21Megan EarlGreenville NY48728 13 F 0-991:17:17.717:53/M
22Varge SnyderWashingtonville NY47833 14 F 0-991:19:33.718:25/M
23Kerry Maniazza.48115 15 F 0-991:20:54.218:44/M
24Samantha Tornillo.48015 16 F 0-991:20:54.218:44/M
25Emily Sunbon.49215 17 F 0-991:21:26.018:51/M
26Victoria Cudmore.48415 18 F 0-991:21:26.018:51/M
27Kevin BasseyChester NY35610 3 M 0-991:21:27.518:51/M
28Peter BasseyChester NY35846 4 M 0-991:21:28.718:51/M
29Eric FrishbergGoshen NY44218 5 M 0-991:22:17.719:03/M
30Bob Green Ny 10918 NY Chester45859 6 M 0-991:23:27.519:19/M
31Joliet McGregorChester NY39510 19 F 0-991:25:10.719:43/M
32dutch mcgregorChester NY4507 7 M 0-991:25:13.719:44/M
33Lucia Dugan.48215 20 F 0-991:25:54.019:53/M
34Brittney Ann Gentilcore.47915 21 F 0-991:25:54.019:53/M
35Samantha MauroWashingtonville NY48315 22 F 0-991:25:54.119:53/M
36faith frishbvergGoshen NY44152 23 F 0-991:26:17.219:58/M

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