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Run for the Animals 4 Mile Race

New Windsor, NY, October 28, 2012

[Age Group Run | Overall Walk ]

Overall Run

Emil Barbosa, Race Director. Timing by

Run for the Animals 7k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 October 28.......
Inc. Results By Race Management Systems.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Thomas ZarnochHighland Mills NY20222 1 Top Fin25:13.76:18/M
2Michael KresgeMontgomery NY8742 2 Top Fin25:35.76:24/M
3Gianna FronteraNewburgh NY5316 1 Top Fin27:03.96:46/M
4Dan HehirWashingtonville NY6815 3 Top Fin27:08.26:47/M
5Michael WilliamsWashingtonville NY17640 1 M 40-4927:41.96:55/M
6Jeff StarkWesttown NY20054 1 M 50-5927:43.76:56/M
7fernanda fariagoshen NY19537 2 Top Fin27:44.26:56/M
8Jennifer CostaWallkill NY3634 3 Top Fin28:50.97:13/M
9BEN DREWbeacon NY21536 1 M 30-3929:14.97:19/M
10Dean QuickHigh Falls NY12841 2 M 40-4929:17.97:19/M
11val milanhopewell junction NY22736 2 M 30-3929:30.47:23/M
12thomas kavaivahrock tavern NY20846 3 M 40-4929:50.77:28/M
13Christopher ReganWappingers Falls NY13333 3 M 30-3930:02.47:31/M
14Stephanie Vazques AdamesMonroe NY16726 1 F 20-2930:07.97:32/M
15George VasquesMonroe NY19053 2 M 50-5930:08.27:32/M
16William SchngioenBarryville NY14354 3 M 50-5930:38.47:40/M
17jason fostercormwall NY20933 4 M 30-3931:04.27:46/M
18Matthew ZarnockHighlamd Mills NY20119 1 M 16-1931:35.97:54/M
19Vicki HuberTivoli NY7045 1 F 40-4932:11.98:03/M
20jim drewsugar hill NY21462 1 M 60-6932:16.98:04/M
21kristi gerbernewburgh NY21739 1 F 30-3932:32.78:08/M
22james p kanecornwall on hudson NY22547 4 M 40-4932:35.78:09/M
23Martin Nowak JrMiddletown NY11550 4 M 50-5932:54.48:14/M
24Gil AndersonHyde Park NY657 5 M 50-5932:55.98:14/M
25Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ9567 2 M 60-6933:01.78:15/M
26steven bouttandwallkill NY19343 5 M 40-4933:26.78:22/M
27Gary St. OngePleasant Valley NY15354 6 M 50-5933:35.28:24/M
28Chelsea BrauningerHighland Falls NY2324 2 F 20-2933:46.28:27/M
29kelly kanecornwall on hudson NY22643 2 F 40-4933:48.48:27/M
30Nils KasparsonsMonroe NY8135 5 M 30-3934:02.28:31/M
31liam jablesnikwallkill NY21936 6 M 30-3934:12.78:33/M
32Antal HalaszNew Windsor NY23037 7 M 30-3934:14.48:34/M
33Eric CzarneckiNew Windsor NY3833 8 M 30-3934:17.48:34/M
34Thomas BerhmanHuguenot NY1446 6 M 40-4934:17.78:34/M
35Matthew Razat France Paris13216 2 M 16-1934:21.48:35/M
36Richard CoppingerMilton NY3360 3 M 60-6934:28.48:37/M
37dane groszekmiddletown NY21058 7 M 50-5934:30.98:38/M
38Danny BerryWarwick NY1557 8 M 50-5934:42.48:41/M
39Star WaltersSalisbury Mills NY16960 1 F 60-6934:43.48:41/M
40harry owensbeacon NY19754 9 M 50-5934:45.78:41/M
41Ian MorrowCornwall NY10759 10 M 50-5934:46.28:42/M
42John MonchakTafton PA10661 4 M 60-6934:48.78:42/M
43Lauren WeinsteinGoshen NY17144 3 F 40-4934:59.48:45/M
44Magdalena BarosaNy NY1233 3 F 30-3935:19.28:50/M
45pat deckercornwall on Hudson NY21151 11 M 50-5935:27.28:52/M
46Angelo EvangelistaNew Windsor NY4634 9 M 30-3935:32.48:53/M
47Mary BoyerNewburgh NY21839 4 F 30-3936:12.79:03/M
48Bruno GaitaNewburgh NY5642 7 M 40-4936:13.99:03/M
49eben yorknewburgh NY21645 8 M 40-4936:50.29:13/M
50Kimberly ManiscalchiNewburgh NY9939 5 F 30-3937:14.49:19/M
51jessica szeliwalkill NY19439 6 F 30-3937:20.99:20/M
52evelyn radocornwall NY21350 1 F 50-5937:26.49:22/M
53kathryn bufalomontgomery NY20648 4 F 40-4937:36.49:24/M
54Thomas ZawistowskiOtisville NY18348 9 M 40-4937:55.79:29/M
55Darleen SeymoorHighland NY14554 2 F 50-5938:01.49:30/M
56eugene wiesceckmiddletown NY19633 10 M 30-3938:15.99:34/M
57carin fosternewburgh NTY20732 7 F 30-3939:07.29:47/M
58Aydan McCayNewburgh NY10115 1 M 1-1539:10.29:48/M
59Marcia PazMontgomery NY12152 3 F 50-5939:11.49:48/M
60Dakota PepperMaybrook NY23225 2 F 20-2939:12.29:48/M
61Brandon GaitaNewburgh NY5414 2 M 1-1539:13.49:48/M
62Tracy NautaMontgomery NY11031 8 F 30-3939:14.29:49/M
63tracililyn vaticanonewburgh NY21240 5 F 40-4939:15.29:49/M
64erich steffensonmillbrook NY22239 11 M 30-3939:15.29:49/M
65Alexader TushinskyMiddletown NY16541 10 M 40-4939:17.79:49/M
66Unknown Partic. 17.17. 1 M 0- 039:21.49:50/M
67Alina KasparsonsMonroe NY8013 1 F 1-1539:52.29:58/M
68Joseph MarchesanoHarriman NY18861 5 M 60-6939:56.49:59/M
69Kathleen KiernanCornwall NY8326 3 F 20-2940:04.410:01/M
70Michelle BakerAstoria NY1126 4 F 20-2940:05.910:01/M
71Sarah QuinnBrooklyn NY12929 5 F 20-2940:06.910:02/M
72Anne-Laure Razat France Paris13113 2 F 1-1540:07.210:02/M
73Julia SteeseMarlboro NY15726 6 F 20-2940:08.910:02/M
74sybil coopermonroe NY22945 6 F 40-4940:08.910:02/M
75Deanna ZawistowskiOtisville NY18256 4 F 50-5940:25.210:06/M
76josh farrellfishkill NY23355 12 M 50-5940:47.410:12/M
77Melissa StewartWallkill NY15925 7 F 20-2940:48.910:12/M
78Janet LamyMiddletown NY9254 5 F 50-5941:12.910:18/M
79Deanne IllebergerNew Windsor NY7146 7 F 40-4941:16.210:19/M
80Jennifer MurphyNew Windsor NY10932 9 F 30-3941:39.910:25/M
81Megan HarrisWappingers Falls NY6642 8 F 40-4941:39.910:25/M
82Colleen TronconeMaybrook NY16437 10 F 30-3941:40.410:25/M
83Kristoffer SwartKingston NY16034 12 M 30-3941:48.210:27/M
84Amy Stach-AllenMiddletown NY20552 6 F 50-5942:03.210:31/M
85Tiffany FolsterMilton NY5228 8 F 20-2942:09.410:32/M
86Maria AzzoneCornwall NY100 1 F 0- 042:10.210:33/M
87Antonella AvenaNew Windsor NY948 9 F 40-4942:47.210:42/M
88Terrance WilliamsYonkers NY17536 13 M 30-3943:05.410:46/M
89elizabeth cappellowalden NY23142 10 F 40-4943:10.910:48/M
90Mackenzie CollardWalden NY3236 11 F 30-3943:18.910:50/M
91Lisa BozydajMilton NY1825 9 F 20-2943:31.910:53/M
92Claudine CordoHyde Park NY3441 11 F 40-4943:39.410:55/M
93Patricia TerryWarwick NY16149 12 F 40-4944:16.211:04/M
94James DuganCornwall NY4379 1 M 70-9944:30.211:08/M
95Michael GaitaNewburgh NY5510 3 M 1-1545:06.711:17/M
96Erika AbrahamCornwall NY274 1 F 70-9945:19.211:20/M
97kimberly arnoldbardonia NY18647 13 F 40-4945:34.411:24/M
98Alfred GreyhoundLatham NY6252 13 M 50-5945:36.211:24/M
99Rich SoltysMonroe NY15247 11 M 40-4945:38.911:25/M
100Deborah KarlichEast Greenbush NY7743 14 F 40-4945:47.211:27/M
101Jack EllisWarwick NY4463 6 M 60-6946:27.211:37/M
102Carly StudtNew Windsor NY20314 3 F 1-1546:41.411:40/M
103Naeron RubioHighland Mills NY14142 15 F 40-4946:50.711:43/M
104Sean NorthrupWashingtonville NY11432 14 M 30-3946:53.411:43/M
105Katrina NorthrupWashingtonville NY11332 15 M 30-3946:53.711:43/M
106Leslie D'OnofrioHighland Falls NY4147 16 F 40-4947:04.211:46/M
107Erin ReillyHighland Falls NY13437 12 F 30-3947:04.211:46/M
108Christina RosadoNew Windsor NY14039 13 F 30-3947:05.711:46/M
109Amy Prisco-RingNew Windsor NY20444 17 F 40-4949:23.912:21/M
110John GallagnerWashingtonville NY5917 3 M 16-1949:40.912:25/M
111Emily OnvferWashingtonville NY11717 1 F 16-1949:41.212:25/M
112Michael FerraraNewburgh NY4960 7 M 60-6950:00.712:30/M
113Cindy ChesserNewburgh NY2859 7 F 50-5950:06.912:32/M
114kristen purdymonroe NY22847 18 F 40-4950:31.212:38/M
115Katie McKnightMiddletown NY10432 14 F 30-3951:06.412:47/M
116Laura StensgardMaybrook NY15841 19 F 40-4951:10.712:48/M
117Carolyn NegryczHarriman NY18756 8 F 50-5957:06.214:17/M
118Sue KaneMiddletown NY7655 9 F 50-5958:30.714:38/M
119Amanda DunadoSuffren NY19932 15 F 30-3959:53.214:58/M
120dina lernerspring valley NY19831 16 F 30-3959:54.214:59/M
121valentina quinncornwall NY22459 10 F 50-591:05:02.916:16/M
122Robert CollardWalden NY3141 12 M 40-491:05:07.216:17/M
123margret depusnewburgh NY22050 11 F 50-591:11:45.917:56/M
124Donna PesoliBoonton NJ12358 12 F 50-591:24:40.421:10/M

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