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Nissequogue 5k Turkey Trot

Kings Park , NY, November 22, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Mike Rosato, Race Director. Timing by

394 693
Nissequogue Turkey Trot 5k for the Park.........
Overall Finish List.........
2012 November 22.........
Results By
5k Run.........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTime BackTotal Pace
1Bobby FilacchioneFullerton CA32217***** M 15-1916:13.016:13.0.5:14/M
2Alan WellsOrlando FLORIDA115249***** M 45-4916:23.916:23.90:10.95:17/M
3Gavin ShulockNesconset NEW YORK103018***** M 15-1916:53.916:53.90:40.95:27/M
4Timoithy OdinEast Northport NY147119 1 M 15-1916:59.816:59.80:46.75:29/M
5Ben HoganBay Shore NEW YORK47820 1 M 20-2417:21.917:21.91:08.95:36/M
6Chris BadolatoFredericksburg VA140227 1 M 25-2917:24.417:24.41:11.45:37/M
7Jennifer LindstadtSaint James NEW YORK61837***** F 35-3917:25.317:25.3.5:37/M
8Laura CummingsBay Shore NY147225***** F 25-2917:35.817:35.80:10.55:40/M
9Kyle KellyWest Islip NEW YORK54014 1 M 1-1417:44.417:44.41:31.35:43/M
10Gareth SchaeferEast Northport NEW YORK99616 2 M 15-1917:44.517:44.51:31.45:43/M
11Nolan HayesNorthport NEW YORK45417 3 M 15-1917:45.317:45.31:32.25:44/M
12Callie HoganBay Shore NEW YORK47923***** F 20-2417:52.217:52.20:26.95:46/M
13Francesco MartinezJackson Heights NY143642***** M 40-4417:52.517:52.51:39.55:46/M
14Gerard ConnellyNesconset NY143415 4 M 15-1917:55.317:55.31:42.25:47/M
15Patrick McGuireSmithtown NY146817 5 M 15-1918:06.218:06.41:53.25:50/M
16Seamus MaloneyEast Northport NEW YORK65417 6 M 15-1918:09.118:09.11:56.05:51/M
17Matthew WhalenSaint James NEW YORK115615 7 M 15-1918:11.918:11.91:58.85:52/M
18tony santosusFederal Way WA142726 2 M 25-2918:19.518:19.52:06.45:55/M
19Alex RussoSmithtown NEW YORK96516 8 M 15-1918:26.518:26.52:13.55:57/M
20Michael RicciardelliCommack NY145515 9 M 15-1918:35.018:40.12:21.96:01/M
21Joe FlynnKings Park NEW YORK34121 2 M 20-2418:44.018:46.22:31.06:03/M
22Christopher WeiderSmithtown NEW YORK114415 10 M 15-1918:48.918:48.92:35.86:04/M
23Michael RoblesSmithtown NY139554 1 M 50-5418:51.318:51.32:38.26:05/M
24John Beyzoze.229814 2 M 1-1418:58.218:58.22:45.16:07/M
25Clay HowlandProvidence RHODE ISLA48946 1 M 45-4919:01.819:01.82:48.76:08/M
26Patrick JacobsenNorthport NEW YORK51216 11 M 15-1919:02.719:02.72:49.66:08/M
27Barney Fortunato IIIKings Park NEW YORK34425 3 M 25-2919:04.119:04.12:51.06:09/M
28Pamela O'SullivanBay Shore NEW YORK79625 1 F 25-2919:06.519:06.51:41.26:10/M
29Joseph MeringoloSt James NY73526 4 M 25-2919:11.819:13.02:58.86:12/M
30Michael PersichilliKings Park NEW YORK83524 3 M 20-2419:15.719:23.03:02.66:15/M
31Thomas De MartinoCommack NY124817 12 M 15-1919:20.319:20.33:07.26:14/M
32Corman McGuireSmithtown NY146753 2 M 50-5419:23.919:26.23:10.96:16/M
33Una BroderickWantagh NY133446***** F 45-4919:27.719:27.72:02.46:16/M
34Nick LeporePort Jefferson Station NEW YORK60915 13 M 15-1919:31.619:33.63:18.56:18/M
35Jon SiegNew York NEW YORK103127 5 M 25-2919:36.419:36.43:23.36:19/M
36John DavignonKings Park NY123014 3 M 1-1419:47.119:59.43:34.16:27/M
37Daniel CamardaNesconset NEW YORK11819 14 M 15-1919:52.819:52.83:39.76:25/M
38Hugh McNeillCommack NEW YORK71717 15 M 15-1919:53.319:58.73:40.36:26/M
39Peter J. CarlsonHauppauge NY12935 1 F 35-3919:53.719:53.72:28.46:25/M
40Benjamin McNeillCommack NY71614 4 M 1-1419:54.119:59.33:41.06:27/M
41Matthew BohenekPort Jefferson Station NEW YORK8015 16 M 15-1919:54.119:54.13:41.06:25/M
42Amanda PisanoNew York NEW YORK85728 2 F 25-2919:54.419:54.42:29.16:25/M
43Matthew HealySmithtown NY129214 5 M 1-1420:05.320:05.93:52.26:29/M
44Kenneth DemulderBayport NEW YORK22050 3 M 50-5420:06.420:06.43:53.46:29/M
45Glenn NetuschilLake Ronkonkoma NEW YORK78146 2 M 45-4920:11.920:12.13:58.96:31/M
46Thomas D HarringtonSmithtown NY44916 17 M 15-1920:12.820:13.93:59.86:31/M
47Sarah HardieEast Northport NY44516 1 F 15-1920:13.420:13.42:48.16:31/M
48Michael BradyKings Park NEW YORK9544 1 M 40-4420:13.620:14.14:00.56:32/M
49Matthew PisanoCommack NY85812 6 M 1-1420:13.720:13.74:00.76:31/M
50Ellie Gregory.41713 1 F 1-1420:14.020:14.02:48.76:32/M
51Michael FeeNorthport NEW YORK31548 3 M 45-4920:17.320:17.34:04.36:33/M
52Paul BonanniSelden NEW YORK8352 4 M 50-5420:18.220:18.24:05.26:33/M
53Corey Cuse.158714 7 M 1-1420:20.420:20.44:07.36:34/M
54Matt RoseCommack NY143212 8 M 1-1420:20.920:20.94:07.96:34/M
55Chris Von BevernKings Park NEW YORK112418 18 M 15-1920:22.420:22.44:09.36:34/M
56Charles RegulinskiSetauket NEW YORK91033 1 M 30-3420:25.120:27.94:12.06:36/M
57Michael DelaneyNesconset NEW YORK21848 4 M 45-4920:28.120:28.14:15.16:36/M
58Colleen SampsonLeominister MA97226 3 F 25-2920:32.620:32.63:07.36:37/M
59Tommy KowalskiCommack NEW YORK56216 19 M 15-1920:43.420:49.34:30.46:43/M
60Greg HansenStony Brook NEW YORK44036 1 M 35-3920:43.920:43.94:30.86:41/M
61Paul BodeSmithtown NY121547 5 M 45-4920:46.220:46.24:33.16:42/M
62Sean McSweeneyNesconset NY149315 20 M 15-1920:49.920:50.54:36.86:43/M
63Susann CucciaSaint James NEW YORK19245 1 F 45-4920:50.220:50.23:24.96:43/M
64Eduardo RazoNew York NEW YORK90338 2 M 35-3920:51.620:51.64:38.56:44/M
65Brian O'ConnorBronx NY78826 6 M 25-2920:52.020:55.64:38.96:45/M
66Colin MortimerSmithtown NEW YORK76115 21 M 15-1920:53.821:01.34:40.86:47/M
67Samantha Gesuele.54532 1 F 30-3420:57.120:59.93:31.86:46/M
68Gerard ReillySmithtown NY155354 5 M 50-5420:57.320:57.34:44.26:45/M
69Thomas DuffyWest Sayville NY145634 2 M 30-3420:59.120:59.14:46.16:46/M
70James RemienMedford NY143334 3 M 30-3421:06.721:06.74:53.76:48/M
71Steven WrinkleNewtown CONNECTICU117127 7 M 25-2921:06.821:06.84:53.86:48/M
72Isabella KuzmaNorth Royalton OHIO57514 2 F 1-1421:09.721:10.03:44.46:50/M
73Christopher GregoryKings Park NEW YORK41518 22 M 15-1921:10.021:10.34:56.96:50/M
74Ryan JohnsonNew York NEW YORK52128 8 M 25-2921:10.921:10.94:57.86:50/M
75Bruce CarlsonVerona NEW JERSEY12738 3 M 35-3921:12.221:12.24:59.16:50/M
76John MurrayNew York NEW YORK77137 4 M 35-3921:12.921:20.94:59.86:53/M
77Jim Sanderson.155246 6 M 45-4921:16.321:16.35:03.26:52/M
78Jennifer PlaceNy NEW YORK85938 2 F 35-3921:17.521:19.93:52.26:53/M
79Alia CrumNew York NEW YORK19129 4 F 25-2921:20.121:20.13:54.86:53/M
80Ryan CopertinoKings Park NY120116 23 M 15-1921:21.721:21.75:08.66:53/M
81Araceli GarciaWoodside NY143531 2 F 30-3421:22.921:22.93:57.66:54/M
82Jamie GuzmanmCommack NY151735 3 F 35-3921:25.321:25.34:00.06:55/M
83Jordan RothsteinLake Ronkonkoma NEW YORK95513 9 M 1-1421:26.021:26.05:12.96:55/M
84Brendan McGuireKings Park NEW YORK69117 24 M 15-1921:27.821:27.85:14.86:55/M
85Unknown Partic. 26351.26351. 1 M 0- 021:30.621:30.65:17.66:56/M
86Kathleen CervoSmithtown NEW YORK14223 1 F 20-2421:30.621:30.64:05.36:56/M
87Alex NarvaezCoram NEW YORK77236 5 M 35-3921:31.321:31.35:18.26:56/M
88Eddie Von BevernKings Park NEW YORK112621 4 M 20-2421:34.021:34.05:20.96:57/M
89Jack ConroyCommack NY17513 10 M 1-1421:38.521:38.55:25.46:59/M
90Nicolas PersichilliKings Park NEW YORK83628 9 M 25-2921:39.821:47.85:26.87:02/M
91Tod FichtelbergKings Park NEW YORK32154 6 M 50-5421:41.021:41.05:28.07:00/M
92Peter MartinBellmore NY138062 1 M 60-6421:41.921:41.95:28.87:00/M
93Christopher FisherLevittown NEW YORK32733 4 M 30-3421:42.722:01.05:29.77:06/M
94Colleen EkertSmithtown NEW YORK29019 2 F 15-1921:43.421:50.24:18.17:03/M
95John OBrienStony Brook NY144439 6 M 35-3921:43.621:58.35:30.67:05/M
96Keith Pecora.83214 11 M 1-1421:44.121:44.15:31.17:01/M
97Michael PontCommack NEW YORK86213 12 M 1-1421:45.821:49.35:32.77:02/M
98Mary RamirezNesconset NEW YORK89947 2 F 45-4921:46.422:02.44:21.17:06/M
99Donald RepoleKings Park NY91555 1 M 55-5921:47.822:07.25:34.87:08/M
100John LanzaPort Jefferson NY145451 7 M 50-5421:47.921:47.95:34.87:02/M
101Jordan BloomCommack NEW YORK7214 13 M 1-1421:48.321:53.45:35.27:04/M
102Robert BrugnaDix Hills NEW YORK10650 8 M 50-5421:48.621:50.45:35.57:03/M
103Robert FilacchioneFullerton CALIFORNIA32447 7 M 45-4921:52.221:52.25:39.17:03/M
104Corrie KavanaughNorthport NEW YORK53017 3 F 15-1921:53.321:53.34:28.07:04/M
105Chris Cipparelli.153932 5 M 30-3421:53.721:53.75:40.67:04/M
106Matthew HallSaint James NEW YORK43826 10 M 25-2922:01.422:09.65:48.37:09/M
107Keith DowneyKings Park NEW YORK26722 5 M 20-2422:02.122:09.65:49.17:09/M
108Unknown Partic. 2292.22920 2 M 0- 022:06.522:06.55:53.47:08/M
109Daniel CostelloStony Brook NEW YORK18338 7 M 35-3922:09.722:09.75:56.67:09/M
110Eliza Nichols.157014 3 F 1-1422:10.622:10.64:45.37:09/M
111John Spiezio IVSaint James NY122617 25 M 15-1922:12.322:27.05:59.37:15/M
112Danielle PierceNew York NEW MEXICO84923 2 F 20-2422:12.622:12.64:47.37:10/M
113Troy OdinEast Northport NY79812 14 M 1-1422:13.622:13.66:00.67:10/M
114Chris HomesSaint James NEW YORK48252 9 M 50-5422:15.122:15.16:02.17:11/M
115Karl Fassberger.156652 10 M 50-5422:15.622:15.66:02.57:11/M
116Bob Gaeta NEW YORK Deer Park36249 8 M 45-4922:15.922:15.96:02.97:11/M
117Luke NeilsonKings Park NEW YORK78010 15 M 1-1422:16.022:16.06:03.07:11/M
118David FlynnKings Park NEW YORK34056 2 M 55-5922:16.322:16.36:03.27:11/M
119Andrew MarulisSmithtown NY124936 8 M 35-3922:17.422:17.46:04.47:11/M
120Beverly GuiryAndover MASSACHUSE42950 1 F 50-5422:18.122:18.14:52.87:12/M
121Tim DiblasiStratham NEW HAMPSH23317 26 M 15-1922:19.622:19.66:06.57:12/M
122William WrinkleMedford NEW YORK117233 6 M 30-3422:22.422:22.46:09.37:13/M
123Kevin MeehanBayside NEW YORK72134 7 M 30-3422:24.422:24.46:11.37:14/M
124Tracey EpsteinSmithtown NY135552 2 F 50-5422:25.422:25.45:00.17:14/M
125Nicholas SpiezioSaint James NY122717 27 M 15-1922:27.022:27.06:13.97:15/M
126James Sanderson.155016 28 M 15-1922:27.622:27.66:14.57:15/M
127Kimberly TuckerSound Beach NY123123 3 F 20-2422:28.222:28.25:02.97:15/M
128John CliffordSeaford NY134751 11 M 50-5422:29.722:33.16:16.77:16/M
129Robert ConroyCommack NY17743 2 M 40-4422:30.022:30.06:17.07:15/M
130Sean McGuireDartmouth MA69818 29 M 15-1922:30.722:46.56:17.67:21/M
131Connor HullKings Park NEW YORK49613 16 M 1-1422:32.322:40.56:19.37:19/M
132John NeverkaBellmore NEW YORK78262 2 M 60-6422:36.122:44.56:23.07:20/M
133Gianna TintoKings Park NY142515 4 F 15-1922:37.222:37.25:11.97:18/M
134Julia GilliardKings Park NEW YORK38614 4 F 1-1422:37.622:50.25:12.37:22/M
135Robert MoranFort Salonga NEW YORK75847 9 M 45-4922:38.722:38.76:25.67:18/M
136Steve GilliardKings Park NEW YORK38747 10 M 45-4922:40.322:53.86:27.27:23/M
137Forting VazquezRego Park NY144140 3 M 40-4422:40.822:44.16:27.77:20/M
138Ted MakarickSaint James NY65244 4 M 40-4422:40.922:41.46:27.97:19/M
139Jonas FerroSaint James NY14940 3 M 0- 022:41.822:41.86:28.77:19/M
140Mike PiroLindenhurst NY85433 8 M 30-3422:45.222:52.26:32.27:23/M
141Jillian MontvydasNesconset NEW YORK75116 5 F 15-1922:48.022:59.75:22.77:25/M
142Daniel LetkiNew York NEW YORK61134 9 M 30-3422:49.122:49.16:36.07:22/M
143Michael AllenSelden NEW YORK1634 10 M 30-3422:51.822:51.86:38.87:22/M
144Julie FischerSmithtown NY148131 3 F 30-3422:53.023:03.65:27.77:26/M
145Kristen RomanelliSmithtown NY93824 4 F 20-2422:54.722:54.75:29.47:23/M
146John NewhoffIslip Terrace NY148349 11 M 45-4922:57.022:57.06:43.97:24/M
147John CooneyNorthport NY17812 17 M 1-1422:57.322:57.36:44.27:24/M
148Lumi Ortega.81049 3 F 45-4922:57.522:57.55:32.27:24/M
149Carl PaparellaSt. James NEW YORK82334 11 M 30-3422:58.122:58.16:45.17:25/M
150Eugene LingerNew York NY147442 5 M 40-4422:58.822:58.86:45.77:25/M
151Frank BorgiNorth Massapequa NEW YORK8550 12 M 50-5422:59.822:59.86:46.87:25/M
152John CooneyNorthport NEW YORK17945 12 M 45-4923:01.923:01.96:48.97:25/M
153Kristen HomeyerKings Oark NEW YORK48416 6 F 15-1923:02.223:15.05:36.97:30/M
154Alexandra KuzmaNorth Royalton OHIO57212 5 F 1-1423:02.523:02.75:37.27:26/M
155Nicholas OstroyWashington DISTRICT O81325 11 M 25-2923:02.823:46.66:49.77:40/M
156Kelly SampsonFort Collins CO97519 7 F 15-1923:02.923:02.95:37.67:26/M
157Lisa BonanniSelden NEW YORK8225 5 F 25-2923:03.023:05.25:37.77:27/M
158Todd OConnellHauppauge NY144244 6 M 40-4423:03.223:03.26:50.17:26/M
159Jeff LoveBoston MASSACHUSE62724 6 M 20-2423:04.323:04.36:51.27:26/M
160Gary FreitagRonkonkoma NEW YORK35548 13 M 45-4923:06.023:08.66:53.07:28/M
161Meghan SheaNesconset NY149823 5 F 20-2423:06.323:06.35:41.07:27/M
162Thomas G HarringtonSmithtown NEW YORK45048 14 M 45-4923:09.423:16.66:56.47:30/M
163Ryan MontvydasNesconset NEW YORK75220 7 M 20-2423:11.923:24.46:58.87:33/M
164James BrittanNorthport NY133116 30 M 15-1923:14.523:16.07:01.57:30/M
165Tori SilversKings Park NY103516 8 F 15-1923:14.923:14.95:49.67:30/M
166Mike VulpisIslip Terrace NY144345 15 M 45-4923:15.623:15.67:02.57:30/M
167Michael DewittRonkonkoma NEW YORK23223 8 M 20-2423:16.423:16.47:03.47:30/M
168Ken BaronianBay Shore NEW YORK5641 7 M 40-4423:17.423:19.37:04.37:31/M
169Greg ShavzinEast Northport NEW YORK102545 16 M 45-4923:18.223:19.97:05.17:31/M
170Amy PierceSmithtown NEW YORK84841 1 F 40-4423:18.923:18.95:53.67:31/M
171Christopher MartinezSelden NEW YORK66213 18 M 1-1423:20.023:20.07:07.07:32/M
172Leo ChenSelden NEW YORK14413 19 M 1-1423:20.223:20.27:07.27:32/M
173Andrew MullenKings Park NY76612 20 M 1-1423:23.623:23.67:10.67:33/M
174Michael GrabowskiKings Park NY41113 21 M 1-1423:23.923:23.97:10.87:33/M
175Sara WallaceSmithtown NY113512 6 F 1-1423:26.523:26.56:01.27:34/M
176Sean Brady.9719 31 M 15-1923:27.823:27.87:14.87:34/M
177Matthew Baudier.157232 12 M 30-3423:27.923:27.97:14.87:34/M
178Derek DrotmanCommack NY26914 22 M 1-1423:29.723:29.77:16.67:35/M
179Luke PiotrowskiNorthport NY151815 32 M 15-1923:30.123:30.17:17.07:35/M
180Tyler AnconaEast Setauket NY2512 23 M 1-1423:32.623:32.67:19.67:35/M
181Bille PaparellaSt James NEW YORK82240 8 M 40-4423:33.523:33.57:20.47:36/M
182Patrick Lanigan.153423 9 M 20-2423:33.823:33.87:20.77:36/M
183Kevin BowkerRonkonkoma NEW YORK9426 12 M 25-2923:34.923:34.97:21.97:36/M
184Ryan Brady.9616 33 M 15-1923:35.523:36.17:22.47:37/M
185Caleb DeboieEnterprise OR130421 10 M 20-2423:37.823:37.87:24.77:37/M
186Kevin MadeirasSetauket NEW YORK64640 9 M 40-4423:38.824:13.67:25.87:49/M
187Stephanie SchmittStony Brook NY157417 9 F 15-1923:40.423:40.46:15.17:38/M
188Dave Bowker.9329 13 M 25-2923:40.923:40.97:27.87:38/M
189Andrew GregoryCommack NEW YORK41441 10 M 40-4423:41.923:43.37:28.97:39/M
190Dylan GruderSmithtown NY119017 34 M 15-1923:42.223:42.27:29.17:39/M
191Alison BriggsCommack NEW YORK9915 10 F 15-1923:42.823:42.86:17.57:39/M
192Joseph ErcoleRonkonkoma NY128047 17 M 45-4923:43.223:46.07:30.17:40/M
193sarah wilsonSmithtown NY142815 11 F 15-1923:44.623:44.66:19.37:39/M
194Michael NigroSmithtown NEW YORK78318 35 M 15-1923:46.623:51.57:33.67:42/M
195Kevin Fitzgerald.146655 3 M 55-5923:47.123:52.97:34.17:42/M
196Rob LusakSmithtown NEW YORK51147 18 M 45-4923:48.323:48.37:35.27:41/M
197James McDougallRonkonkoma NY138357 4 M 55-5923:49.223:51.67:36.17:42/M
198Shannon GillenFredonia NEW YORK38521 6 F 20-2423:49.423:49.46:24.17:41/M
199Joseph KlemballaKings Park NEW YORK55643 11 M 40-4423:49.923:55.57:36.97:43/M
200Kevin CaseBayport NY158817 36 M 15-1923:50.223:50.27:37.17:41/M
201Matthew HudzikSouth Setauket NY49313 24 M 1-1423:52.823:57.17:39.87:44/M
202Jeffrey HarrisSaint James NEW YORK45140 12 M 40-4423:54.023:54.07:40.97:43/M
203Daniel MeloreSaint James NEW YORK72944 13 M 40-4423:56.723:56.77:43.77:43/M
204Jenn Flatley-GrahamSaint James NEW YORK33738 4 F 35-3923:58.124:01.76:32.87:45/M
205Eoghan McGovern.68912 25 M 1-1424:01.124:21.07:48.07:51/M
206Matthew NocerinoNescoset NEW YORK78444 14 M 40-4424:03.524:03.57:50.47:45/M
207Robert LoeweBethesda MD62139 9 M 35-3924:04.124:04.17:51.07:46/M
208Kristen PappacenaMarlborough MASSACHUSE82531 4 F 30-3424:04.424:04.46:39.17:46/M
209Peter FarrellSmithtown NY123445 19 M 45-4924:05.224:05.27:52.17:46/M
210Brennan Fee.31413 26 M 1-1424:06.124:06.17:53.17:46/M
211Maureen HarrisNashua NEW HAMPSH45227 6 F 25-2924:10.424:12.56:45.17:48/M
212Kevin A. VirgilioKew Gardens NEW YORK111828 14 M 25-2924:13.424:13.48:00.37:49/M
213Dale Jr. GrudierRocky Point NY144847 20 M 45-4924:15.024:15.08:02.07:49/M
214Samantha SavaryCommack NY150014 7 F 1-1424:16.224:17.66:50.97:50/M
215Quyen RovnerDix Hills NEW YORK95740 2 F 40-4424:16.324:16.36:51.07:50/M
216Wilfredo AcobaKings Park NEW YORK944 15 M 40-4424:16.724:16.78:03.67:50/M
217Paul TodaroKings Park NY144064 3 M 60-6424:17.524:17.58:04.47:50/M
218Jason CalzadillaWest Babylon NEW YORK11735 10 M 35-3924:19.324:19.38:06.27:51/M
219Gerard BirminghamGreenlawn NY6932 13 M 30-3424:21.124:21.18:08.17:51/M
220Stephanie GalteriSmithtown NY119150 3 F 50-5424:22.324:25.36:57.07:53/M
221Dan WoernerSmithtown NEW YORK116819 37 M 15-1924:23.124:23.18:10.17:52/M
222Dean CooperNorthport NEW YORK18113 27 M 1-1424:23.724:32.18:10.77:55/M
223Thomas PersichilliKings Park NEW YORK83759 5 M 55-5924:25.524:33.98:12.47:55/M
224Justin DonovanHolbrook NY26223 11 M 20-2424:26.724:26.78:13.77:53/M
225Nicholas GenoveseDix Hills NEW YORK37713 28 M 1-1424:27.124:41.68:14.17:58/M
226Luke CopertinoKings Park NY119911 29 M 1-1424:27.324:27.38:14.27:53/M
227Thomas HudzikSouth Setauket NEW YORK49413 30 M 1-1424:27.624:31.68:14.57:55/M
228Gabriella MottRonkonkoma NEW YORK76212 8 F 1-1424:28.024:28.07:02.77:54/M
229Shannon McMaughKings Park NEW YORK71113 9 F 1-1424:28.124:28.17:02.87:54/M
230Randi BloomCommack NY7519 12 F 15-1924:28.224:28.27:02.97:54/M
231Rachel BloomCommack NY7419 13 F 15-1924:28.624:28.67:03.37:54/M
232Joe Williams.116423 12 M 20-2424:30.424:30.48:17.37:54/M
233Douglas VerityCommack NY140613 31 M 1-1424:30.824:30.88:17.77:54/M
234Douglas MullenKings Park NEW YORK76713 32 M 1-1424:31.724:31.78:18.67:55/M
235Matthew McGuireSouth Setauket NY69633 14 M 30-3424:31.925:06.58:18.88:06/M
236Cayla FaverioSmithtown NY31016 14 F 15-1924:34.625:03.87:09.38:05/M
237Christy BaarsSaint James NEW YORK4616 15 F 15-1924:34.624:34.67:09.37:55/M
238Michael RussellNesconset NY144746 21 M 45-4924:34.924:34.98:21.97:55/M
239Natalia LeakosSt. James NY60516 16 F 15-1924:35.024:35.07:09.77:56/M
240Karen SchacknerDix Hills NEW YORK99550 4 F 50-5424:35.724:38.57:10.47:57/M
241John Spiezio IIISaint James NY122546 22 M 45-4924:37.124:51.68:24.08:01/M
242Matt CukroWhittier CALIFORNIA19729 15 M 25-2924:38.425:01.18:25.48:04/M
243Amanda HazellStony Brook NY128219 17 F 15-1924:43.624:53.67:18.38:02/M
244Heather CarrettaCoram NY133827 7 F 25-2924:44.224:44.27:18.97:59/M
245Unknown Partic. 850.850. 4 M 0- 024:44.424:44.48:31.37:59/M
246Conor PickfordKings Park NEW YORK84713 33 M 1-1424:44.424:44.48:31.47:59/M
247Benjamin NicholsSmithtown NY15739 34 M 1-1424:44.624:44.68:31.57:59/M
248Danielle PikulikSmithtown NEW YORK85111 10 F 1-1424:45.024:45.07:19.77:59/M
249Richard RossellKings Park NY95334 15 M 30-3424:46.524:47.88:33.58:00/M
250John SaponaraRingoes NEW JERSEY98250 13 M 50-5424:48.724:48.78:35.78:00/M
251Alan NemethHuntington Station NY141847 23 M 45-4924:50.324:50.38:37.28:01/M
252Perry ZeichnerBrightwaters NEW YORK117664 4 M 60-6424:50.724:58.78:37.78:03/M
253Joe CorderoCentral Islip NY134974 1 M 70-7424:52.824:52.88:39.88:01/M
254Richard PulaskiNesconset NEW YORK88354 14 M 50-5424:52.924:52.98:39.88:01/M
255Christina Santa MariaCommack NY98037 5 F 35-3924:54.224:54.27:28.98:02/M
256Bridget KrumholzSmithtown NY137018 18 F 15-1924:56.124:56.17:30.88:03/M
257Chris TrimbleKings Park NEW YORK110412 35 M 1-1424:56.224:56.28:43.28:03/M
258katie woodSmithtown NY131014 11 F 1-1424:57.325:04.97:32.08:05/M
259Robert CronheimWatchung NEW JERSEY19024 13 M 20-2424:57.724:57.78:44.68:03/M
260Julia RomanelliSmithtown NY93713 12 F 1-1424:58.124:58.17:32.88:03/M
261Liam McGuireDartmouth MASSACHUSE69414 36 M 1-1425:00.225:07.48:47.18:06/M
262Alex LusakE. Northport NEW YORK51614 37 M 1-1425:01.625:01.68:48.58:04/M
263Ann SemanCharlestown MASSACHUSE102131 5 F 30-3425:02.525:12.27:37.28:08/M
264Alan JacobySmithtown NEW YORK136854 15 M 50-5425:03.425:03.48:50.48:05/M
265Jim DipelesiKings Park NY146461 5 M 60-6425:05.125:13.88:52.08:08/M
266Paul MartinRonkonkoma NEW YORK66039 11 M 35-3925:05.625:16.08:52.58:09/M
267Steven LindquistCommack NY142016 38 M 15-1925:06.225:06.28:53.18:06/M
268Keiffer AcobaKings Park NEW YORK812 38 M 1-1425:06.525:06.58:53.48:06/M
269Jim KnottKings Park NEW YORK55942 16 M 40-4425:07.025:07.08:53.98:06/M
270Steven LavertySmithtown NY125952 16 M 50-5425:08.225:08.28:55.18:06/M
271James LamantiaNorthport NEW YORK58449 24 M 45-4925:10.125:19.78:57.08:10/M
272Kathleen ThomasSmithtown NEW YORK107422 7 F 20-2425:11.025:11.07:45.78:07/M
273James ScanlanNorthport NY99033 16 M 30-3425:11.525:18.28:58.48:10/M
274Shane Fuller.36123 14 M 20-2425:15.425:15.49:02.38:09/M
275Joseph ColontonioEast Northport NY118537 12 M 35-3925:15.925:35.59:02.88:15/M
276Stephen McNamaraNew York NEW YORK71539 13 M 35-3925:16.225:16.29:03.18:09/M
277Stephanie SurruscoCoram NY149114 13 F 1-1425:19.225:19.27:53.98:10/M
278Brian PiccolaCommack NEW YORK84314 39 M 1-1425:20.925:26.79:07.88:12/M
279Elizabeth PagetSmithtown NY152037 6 F 35-3925:21.525:21.57:56.28:11/M
280Brian HoltjeSmithtown NEW YORK48043 17 M 40-4425:22.326:03.99:09.38:24/M
281Thomas CudahyFort Salonga NEW YORK19646 25 M 45-4925:23.525:23.59:10.58:11/M
282Dan McDonaghNorthport NEW YORK68147 26 M 45-4925:27.825:29.49:14.88:13/M
283Brian McDonaghNorthport NEW YORK68012 40 M 1-1425:29.025:29.09:15.98:13/M
284Kayla SurruscoCoram NY149018 19 F 15-1925:29.925:29.98:04.68:13/M
285Peter MowdyEast Patchogue NEW YORK76441 18 M 40-4425:30.525:30.59:17.48:14/M
286Keri ColontonioEast Northport NY118638 7 F 35-3925:33.425:51.38:08.18:20/M
287thomas callahanCommack NY131416 39 M 15-1925:33.825:33.89:20.78:15/M
288Maggie ScavellaHauppauge NEW YORK99413 14 F 1-1425:34.325:34.38:09.08:15/M
289Peter RepoleKings Park NEW YORK91749 27 M 45-4925:35.325:53.99:22.38:21/M
290Aidan GiannattasioCommack NEW YORK38012 41 M 1-1425:36.125:36.19:23.18:15/M
291Justin HlenskiNorthport NEW YORK47334 17 M 30-3425:36.926:49.49:23.88:39/M
292Tricia GoughSmithtown NEW YORK40939 8 F 35-3925:37.825:37.88:12.58:16/M
293Megan HansenStony Brook NEW YORK44134 6 F 30-3425:38.425:38.48:13.18:16/M
294Stephanie DefazioSaint James NEW YORK21518 20 F 15-1925:39.125:53.28:13.88:21/M
295Emily SheaNesconset NY149718 21 F 15-1925:39.325:53.58:14.08:21/M
296Connor FallonSmithtown NEW YORK30112 42 M 1-1425:40.126:24.99:27.18:31/M
297Jillian ViupSmithtown NY112023 8 F 20-2425:41.925:41.98:16.68:17/M
298Maureen Stammers-JanzenHuntington Station NY140747 4 F 45-4925:42.325:51.68:17.08:20/M
299Christopher RepoleKings Park NY91411 43 M 1-1425:45.225:45.29:32.18:18/M
300Steven McGuireKings Park NEW YORK70014 44 M 1-1425:45.225:53.39:32.18:21/M
301Gus SawickiNorthport NEW YORK5440 5 M 0- 025:45.426:19.59:32.38:29/M
302Annmarie HickeyNesconset NEW YORK46647 5 F 45-4925:45.925:45.98:20.68:18/M
303Rebecca SavordAndover MA98615 22 F 15-1925:49.425:49.48:24.18:20/M
304Dennis McGovernKings Park NEW YORK68845 28 M 45-4925:49.525:49.59:36.58:20/M
305Conor McGovern.68710 45 M 1-1425:49.725:49.79:36.68:20/M
306Paul PriebeSmithtown NEW YORK87946 29 M 45-4925:50.725:54.89:37.68:21/M
307Ryan LowthNorthport NY62915 40 M 15-1925:51.925:51.99:38.98:20/M
308William PriebeSmithtown NY88010 46 M 1-1425:52.825:56.39:39.78:22/M
309Shanon BentzDix Hills NY132745 6 F 45-4925:52.825:52.88:27.58:21/M
310Madison SavaryCommack NY149912 15 F 1-1425:53.525:54.48:28.28:21/M
311Patrick FallonMelville NY121043 19 M 40-4425:54.526:03.89:41.58:24/M
312Robert MoranFort Salonga NY75714 47 M 1-1425:55.325:55.39:42.28:22/M
313James PetersCommack NNEW YORK83843 20 M 40-4425:55.426:31.49:42.48:33/M
314Jake CopertinoKings Park NY120013 48 M 1-1425:55.825:55.89:42.78:22/M
315Rafe Carner.22950 6 M 0- 025:58.525:58.59:45.48:23/M
316Janice TaboneKings Park NY139832 7 F 30-3425:59.525:59.58:34.28:23/M
317Diane LaudaniSmithtown NEW YORK58949 7 F 45-4926:00.626:00.68:35.38:23/M
318Raymond MoranFort Salonga NY75611 49 M 1-1426:00.926:00.99:47.98:23/M
319Jack De MartinoCommack NY124714 50 M 1-1426:01.226:30.49:48.18:33/M
320Bill ClaiborneCoram NY134428 16 M 25-2926:02.026:02.09:48.98:24/M
321Sarah HarringtonSmithtown NY44713 16 F 1-1426:02.026:37.08:36.78:35/M
322John AlbrightEast Northport NEW YORK1445 30 M 45-4926:02.326:48.29:49.28:39/M
323Jessica DurantKings Park NY121325 8 F 25-2926:02.726:07.88:37.48:25/M
324Michela GarrisonAustin TX126421 9 F 20-2426:02.926:31.48:37.68:33/M
325John McDonaldKings Park NEW YORK68441 21 M 40-4426:04.326:05.39:51.28:25/M
326Julian RossellKings Park NY95264 6 M 60-6426:04.626:04.69:51.58:25/M
327Paul CopertinoKings Park NY120247 31 M 45-4926:05.026:05.09:51.98:25/M
328Aimee SumereauNorthport NY139753 5 F 50-5426:06.026:27.78:40.78:32/M
329Justin SchumacherSmithtown NEW YORK101223 15 M 20-2426:06.126:06.19:53.18:25/M
330Lisa Rossell-WarnerSmithtown NEW YORK95431 8 F 30-3426:06.626:06.68:41.38:25/M
331Stephen RussoHuntington NEW YORK96957 6 M 55-5926:07.526:07.59:54.48:25/M
332Corinne BlumHuntington Station NEW YORK7823 10 F 20-2426:08.626:21.68:43.38:30/M
333Kaitlin ReillyEast Setauket NEW YORK91325 9 F 25-2926:08.726:08.78:43.48:26/M
334David IrwinPhiladelphia PENNSYLVAN50633 18 M 30-3426:13.326:13.310:00.38:27/M
335Nolan NocholsSmithtown NY157711 51 M 1-1426:14.526:14.510:01.48:28/M
336Jacqueline PiccianoKings Park NEW YORK84241 3 F 40-4426:15.526:15.78:50.28:28/M
337Emily BenzNesconset NY143019 23 F 15-1926:16.426:19.18:51.18:29/M
338James McNamaraArlington VIRGINIA71231 19 M 30-3426:16.826:16.810:03.78:28/M
339Bridget RoellKings Park NEW YORK93410 17 F 1-1426:17.226:17.28:51.98:29/M
340Anthony CritelliHuntington Station NY135047 32 M 45-4926:19.426:46.110:06.38:38/M
341Matthew OstroySmithtown NY81215 41 M 15-1926:20.627:04.210:07.58:44/M
342Lauren GonserKings Park NEW YORK39929 10 F 25-2926:21.226:21.28:55.98:30/M
343Chris PowerPort Jefferson Station NEW YORK87156 7 M 55-5926:22.627:10.910:09.68:46/M
344Amanda ScanlanNorthport NEW YORK98933 9 F 30-3426:22.926:29.38:57.68:33/M
345Horacio RuidiazCoram NY96132 20 M 30-3426:23.826:23.810:10.78:31/M
346Salvatore LarosaDix Hills NEW YORK58722 16 M 20-2426:24.426:24.410:11.38:31/M
347Paul MasonCentereach NEW YORK66645 33 M 45-4926:25.426:43.110:12.38:37/M
348Mary WagnerSmithtown NEW YORK113062 1 F 60-6426:25.626:25.69:00.38:31/M
349Laura ConroyCommack NEW YORK17643 4 F 40-4426:26.626:26.69:01.38:32/M
350Cathryn BrucculeriKings Park NEW YORK10534 10 F 30-3426:26.726:26.79:01.48:32/M
351Kevin AmbrosaLake Grove NY154915 42 M 15-1926:28.526:28.510:15.48:32/M
352Dave RosenbergKings Park NY94528 17 M 25-2926:28.926:28.910:15.98:32/M
353Matthew AndererKings Park NEW YORK2812 52 M 1-1426:29.126:39.710:16.08:36/M
354William BowmanPort Jefferson NY146037 14 M 35-3926:29.226:54.810:16.18:41/M
355Michelle ByrneSmithtown NEW YORK11333 11 F 30-3426:29.726:29.79:04.48:33/M
356Charles H TekverkKings Park NEW YORK106816 43 M 15-1926:30.526:44.210:17.48:37/M
357James LondonEast Northport NY62210 53 M 1-1426:31.726:34.610:18.68:34/M
358Richard CampbellEast Northport NY12155 8 M 55-5926:32.126:35.010:19.08:35/M
359Unknown Partic. 1576.15760 7 M 0- 026:33.726:33.710:20.68:34/M
360Michael HalperinHuntington NY131640 22 M 40-4426:34.127:28.310:21.08:52/M
361Charles TekverkKings Park NEW YORK106747 34 M 45-4926:34.126:45.310:21.18:38/M
362Michael LavinSelden NY59325 18 M 25-2926:37.126:37.110:24.08:35/M
363Michael WarnerSmithtown NY114234 21 M 30-3426:37.726:37.710:24.78:35/M
364Debbie AllerStony Brook NEW YORK1723 11 F 20-2426:39.026:39.09:13.78:36/M
365Michael BentzDix Hills NY132613 54 M 1-1426:39.626:39.610:26.68:36/M
366Doreen McDougallRonkonkoma NY138248 8 F 45-4926:40.026:42.69:14.78:37/M
367Sarah PiroLindenhurst NEW YORK85533 12 F 30-3426:40.726:46.99:15.48:38/M
368Robin ClementeHauppauge NEW YORK16127 11 F 25-2926:43.827:06.19:18.58:45/M
369Michael BarbaroSmithtown NEW YORK5148 35 M 45-4926:44.526:44.510:31.58:37/M
370Jacob ShavzinEast Northport NY102612 55 M 1-1426:44.926:44.910:31.88:37/M
371Thomas DarmodyKings Park NEW YORK20545 36 M 45-4926:44.927:16.010:31.98:48/M
372Courtney SingleNorthport NEW YORK103731 13 F 30-3426:45.526:45.59:20.28:38/M
373Patrick QuinnOradell NEW JERSEY88947 37 M 45-4926:46.526:46.510:33.48:38/M
374Michael Adamo SrCentral Islip NEW YORK1040 23 M 40-4426:46.627:51.810:33.58:59/M
375Megan CaseyWest Babylon NY13414 18 F 1-1426:46.826:57.49:21.58:42/M
376James PellegrinoBay Shore NEW YORK83453 17 M 50-5426:47.426:47.410:34.38:38/M
377Meg HunterAlexandria VA147729 12 F 25-2926:47.727:05.89:22.48:44/M
378Kerianne MeehanKings Park NY125616 24 F 15-1926:48.226:48.29:22.98:39/M
379Marty SchmittStony Brook NY157549 38 M 45-4926:48.526:48.510:35.48:39/M
380May NolanE. Northport NY5170 1 F 0- 026:50.027:12.29:24.78:46/M
381Terence QuinnSmithtown NEW YORK89156 9 M 55-5926:50.826:50.810:37.88:39/M
382Michael McCartyCommack NEW YORK67841 24 M 40-4426:52.326:52.310:39.28:40/M
383Aidan McCartyCommack NEW YORK67711 56 M 1-1426:52.826:52.810:39.88:40/M
384richard callahanCommack NY131554 18 M 50-5426:53.126:53.110:40.18:40/M
385Michael ToturaGreenlawn NY139949 39 M 45-4926:53.626:53.610:40.68:40/M
386Sara FolksE. Patchogue NY135723 12 F 20-2426:54.627:16.49:29.38:48/M
387Christopher ThideNew York NEW YORK107233 22 M 30-3426:56.726:56.710:43.68:41/M
388James PickHuntington Station NEW YORK84630 23 M 30-3426:59.427:18.310:46.38:48/M
389Matthew FimbelCold Spring Harbor NY149628 19 M 25-2926:59.927:36.910:46.88:54/M
390Michelle FlahertyPort Jeff Station NEW YORK33347 9 F 45-4927:00.227:00.29:34.98:43/M
391Donovan OlsenDanville NEW HAMPSH80816 44 M 15-1927:00.727:00.710:47.68:43/M
392Gary RosenSaint James NEW YORK94450 19 M 50-5427:01.227:47.610:48.18:58/M
393George VanthalamisNew York NY145735 15 M 35-3927:01.727:18.410:48.78:48/M
Melissa DevitoWest Islip NEW YORK23134 14 F 30-3427:03.127:03.19:37.88:44/M
395Michael KearneyNorth Babylon NEW YORK53530 24 M 30-3427:03.627:03.610:50.58:44/M
396Jeffrey TobiasEast Northport NEW YORK109339 16 M 35-3927:03.727:03.710:50.78:44/M
397Max TibettSmithtown NEW YORK108723 17 M 20-2427:04.127:04.110:51.08:44/M
398Olivia TockarshewskiSmithtown NY145314 19 F 1-1427:04.927:10.79:39.68:46/M
399Heather HoeffnerHauppauge NY47516 25 F 15-1927:05.227:05.29:39.98:44/M
400Nancy KavanaughNorthport NEW YORK53350 6 F 50-5427:05.327:16.99:40.08:48/M
401Maureen SticcoKings Park NEW YORK105245 10 F 45-4927:05.527:05.59:40.28:44/M
402Beth Kabaservice PirozziWest Babylon NEW YORK52334 15 F 30-3427:05.727:05.79:40.48:44/M
403joseph OneilKings Park NY130838 17 M 35-3927:09.427:13.010:56.38:47/M
404Kerry LowthNorthport NEW YORK62820 13 F 20-2427:09.727:09.79:44.48:45/M
405Victoria GrecoNorthport NY147521 14 F 20-2427:09.727:09.79:44.48:45/M
406Unknown Partic. 1525.15250 8 M 0- 027:10.827:10.810:57.78:46/M
407Maureen RepoleKings Park NY91655 1 F 55-5927:10.927:31.29:45.68:53/M
408Julia BourguignonRonkonkoma NEW YORK8919 26 F 15-1927:12.527:16.19:47.28:48/M
409Unknown Partic. 1557.15570 9 M 0- 027:12.927:12.910:59.88:46/M
410Lisa Carner.22960 2 F 0- 027:13.527:13.59:48.28:47/M
411Michael CameraSaint James NEW YORK12017 45 M 15-1927:14.228:03.311:01.19:03/M
412Kathryn CardinalSmithtown NEW YORK12420 15 F 20-2427:14.628:14.29:49.39:06/M
413Hannah StackmanNorthport NY140111 20 F 1-1427:14.827:18.59:49.58:48/M
414Kelly DarienzoEast Northport NEW YORK20442 5 F 40-4427:14.927:14.99:49.68:47/M
415Steven GrudmanKings Park NY42316 46 M 15-1927:14.928:03.711:01.89:03/M
416Robert Aller.1962 7 M 60-6427:15.327:15.311:02.38:47/M
417Tom LambersonWest Islip NY154448 40 M 45-4927:15.627:15.611:02.58:47/M
418Jennifer GarsideKings Park NEW YORK36838 9 F 35-3927:15.927:15.99:50.68:47/M
419Luke FrederickKings Park NEW YORK35017 47 M 15-1927:15.928:05.811:02.99:04/M
420Bradley AuletaRonkonkoma NEW YORK4438 18 M 35-3927:16.327:16.311:03.28:48/M
421Jason FlugerDix Hills NEW YORK33928 20 M 25-2927:16.527:16.511:03.48:48/M
422Dan GillenWebster NEW YORK38351 20 M 50-5427:17.027:17.011:04.08:48/M
423Jacqueline AlongiNorthport NY2012 21 F 1-1427:17.327:17.39:52.08:48/M
424Nadia SaponaraRingoes NJ98314 22 F 1-1427:18.527:18.59:53.28:48/M
425Aidan Fee.31310 57 M 1-1427:19.027:19.011:06.08:49/M
426Meghan ZipinPortsmouth NEW HAMPSH118030 16 F 30-3427:20.027:20.09:54.78:49/M
427Karen Wontrobski-RicciardiSaint James NEW YORK117043 6 F 40-4427:20.227:20.29:54.98:49/M
428Daniel ZipinPortsmouth NEW HAMPSH117936 19 M 35-3927:20.227:20.211:07.28:49/M
429Maria TroisiEast Northport NEW YORK110518 27 F 15-1927:20.427:20.49:55.18:49/M
430Alanna PowellSetauket NY86710 23 F 1-1427:20.727:22.59:55.48:50/M
431Sean OldhamCommack NY80511 58 M 1-1427:22.627:24.211:09.68:50/M
432Brian CooperNorthport NEW YORK18015 48 M 15-1927:22.727:22.711:09.68:50/M
433Dennis LestrangeSt.james NEW YORK61052 21 M 50-5427:23.227:23.211:10.18:50/M
434Michael KennedyBrentwood NEW YORK54639 20 M 35-3927:24.627:24.611:11.58:50/M
435Matthew CalimanKings Park NEW YORK11539 21 M 35-3927:26.227:26.211:13.18:51/M
436Danielle CaseyWest Babylon NEW YORK13318 28 F 15-1927:26.627:37.510:01.38:55/M
437Elizabeth UlatowskiEast Northport NEW YORK110931 17 F 30-3427:26.627:48.310:01.38:58/M
438Eric HomeyerKings Park NEW YORK48314 59 M 1-1427:27.227:27.211:14.18:51/M
439Oliver WagnerWaldorf MARYLAND113132 25 M 30-3427:27.727:27.711:14.78:51/M
440Colleen LambersonWest Islip NY154519 29 F 15-1927:27.927:27.910:02.68:51/M
441Anthony FiorentinoDeer Park NEW YORK32516 49 M 15-1927:28.627:28.611:15.68:52/M
442Cameron ThackerSmithtown NY107121 18 M 20-2427:28.727:57.211:15.69:01/M
443Christine HickmanKings Park NEW YORK46740 7 F 40-4427:28.927:34.810:03.68:54/M
444Steven McCaffreyHuntington NEW YORK67447 41 M 45-4927:29.527:29.511:16.48:52/M
445Tyler ChipetineCommack NY15010 60 M 1-1427:30.027:30.011:17.08:52/M
446Alessia FaverioSmithtown NY30920 16 F 20-2427:30.227:56.410:04.99:01/M
447Brendan O'DonnellE. Northport NY139110 61 M 1-1427:30.828:01.811:17.79:02/M
448Julie OkwitKings Park NEW YORK80153 7 F 50-5427:31.027:51.610:05.78:59/M
449Katie MitchellBohemia NEW YORK74633 18 F 30-3427:31.727:59.510:06.49:02/M
450Michelle CopertinoKings Park NY120341 8 F 40-4427:33.327:33.310:08.08:53/M
451Alex SpencerCommack NY148539 22 M 35-3927:33.727:33.711:20.78:53/M
452Jessica BendettiWest Islip NY5814 24 F 1-1427:35.827:35.810:10.58:54/M
453Claire OldhamCommack NY8039 25 F 1-1427:35.927:40.710:10.68:55/M
454Bill ClearyEast Setauket NY148653 22 M 50-5427:37.027:49.611:24.08:58/M
455Christopher AnconaEast Setauket NY2210 62 M 1-1427:38.027:38.611:25.08:55/M
456Andrew McHughPort Jefferson Station NY70116 50 M 15-1927:38.427:38.411:25.48:55/M
457Brittany CollinsBohemia NY16618 30 F 15-1927:39.127:50.010:13.88:59/M
458Tiffany HoltjeSmithtown NEW YORK48114 26 F 1-1427:39.127:52.610:13.88:59/M
459Jennifer AnconaEast Setauket NEW YORK2340 9 F 40-4427:39.727:40.610:14.48:55/M
460Brian HazellStony Brook NY128316 51 M 15-1927:40.127:49.111:27.08:58/M
461Keith AnconaEast Setauket NY2439 23 M 35-3927:40.628:17.411:27.59:07/M
462Vincenzo MerollaBronx N.Y.74122 19 M 20-2427:42.327:57.711:29.39:01/M
463Floyd ThorntonLake Ronkonkoma NEW YORK108373 2 M 70-7427:42.728:04.511:29.69:03/M
464Gary CastaldoClark NEW JERSEY13629 21 M 25-2927:42.827:42.811:29.78:56/M
465Luke NorrisBethpage NY78518 52 M 15-1927:43.127:43.111:30.08:56/M
466Christina MennutiSound Beach NEW YORK73222 17 F 20-2427:43.227:57.810:17.99:01/M
467Christina MenchiniSaint James NY147022 18 F 20-2427:43.527:43.510:18.28:56/M
468Thomas EilersMastic NY28922 20 M 20-2427:44.027:44.011:30.98:57/M
469Eddie AllerStony Brook NEW YORK1826 22 M 25-2927:44.027:44.011:31.08:57/M
470Colby Lytle.63512 63 M 1-1427:44.927:46.111:31.88:57/M
471Jerry Ricciardi.92244 25 M 40-4427:45.927:45.911:32.88:57/M
472Kyle DeceglieKings Park NEW YORK21318 53 M 15-1927:45.927:45.911:32.88:57/M
473Corinne ThorneNorthport NY107916 31 F 15-1927:46.827:46.810:21.58:57/M
474Rachel QuinnOradell NEW JERSEY89043 10 F 40-4427:47.927:47.910:22.68:58/M
475Erin FlanaganBabylon NEW YORK33452 8 F 50-5427:47.928:12.910:22.69:06/M
476Becky PriceStony Brook NEW YORK87735 10 F 35-3927:51.227:51.210:25.98:59/M
477Kevin SampsonHuntington NY97656 10 M 55-5927:53.727:53.711:40.69:00/M
478Joe SampsonMountain Lakes NJ97354 23 M 50-5427:53.727:53.711:40.79:00/M
479James GuiryNew York NEW YORK43048 42 M 45-4927:54.627:54.611:41.59:00/M
480Tom KavanaughNorthport NEW YORK53451 24 M 50-5427:54.928:08.111:41.89:05/M
481Bob BrinkerhoffLake Grove NEW YORK10054 25 M 50-5427:55.427:59.511:42.39:02/M
482Peter KennedyNesconset NY128941 26 M 40-4427:56.227:56.211:43.29:01/M
483Diana HeidenreichHauppauge NEW YORK45939 11 F 35-3927:58.728:14.710:33.49:06/M
484Samantha ThomasSmithtown NY107618 32 F 15-1927:59.227:59.210:33.99:02/M
485Tanya MatteraFort Salonga N.Y.67143 11 F 40-4427:59.927:59.910:34.69:02/M
486Michael KrapfSt. James NEW YORK56555 11 M 55-5928:00.128:32.511:47.19:12/M
487Mary DentroneHauppauge NEW YORK22146 11 F 45-4928:00.328:23.510:35.09:09/M
488Natalie SilversKings Park NY103418 33 F 15-1928:00.728:00.710:35.49:02/M
489Rich DefazioSaint James NY21451 26 M 50-5428:03.028:16.311:49.99:07/M
490Thomas ManganelloCommack NEW YORK137737 24 M 35-3928:03.228:03.211:50.29:03/M
491Rachel CoopermanNorwalk CT142433 19 F 30-3428:03.528:03.510:38.29:03/M
492Lauren AntonucciNew York NEW YORK2938 12 F 35-3928:03.728:03.710:38.49:03/M
493Daniel HeimanEndicott NEW YORK46030 26 M 30-3428:03.928:29.011:50.99:11/M
494Maryanne HeimanRochester NEW YORK46128 13 F 25-2928:05.928:30.510:40.69:12/M
495Frank CervoSmithtown NEW YORK14156 12 M 55-5928:06.428:06.411:53.49:04/M
496Amy FarabaughNorthport NEW YORK30421 19 F 20-2428:06.728:06.710:41.49:04/M
497Thomas CostelloSmithtown NEW YORK18657 13 M 55-5928:07.028:07.011:53.99:04/M
498Whitney PortnoyMelville NEW YORK86625 14 F 25-2928:09.328:25.510:44.09:10/M
499Daniel SavickisKings Park NY145010 64 M 1-1428:09.728:21.411:56.79:09/M
500Brendan PadillaHollywood CA81938 25 M 35-3928:09.729:19.411:56.79:27/M
501Sarah BuffolinoFt. Salonga NY127832 20 F 30-3428:10.728:10.710:45.49:05/M
502Patrick O'NealHollywood CALIFORNIA79340 27 M 40-4428:10.729:20.111:57.69:28/M
503Adam SperegenE. Northport NY126648 43 M 45-4928:11.328:11.311:58.39:05/M
504Nicole BendettiWest Islip NY5913 27 F 1-1428:11.928:11.910:46.69:05/M
505Mona RechnerSaint James NEW YORK90759 2 F 55-5928:12.728:21.510:47.49:09/M
506James OldhamCommack NY80413 65 M 1-1428:12.828:14.811:59.79:06/M
507Dylan ConroyCommack NY17416 54 M 15-1928:12.928:12.911:59.99:06/M
508Unknown Partic. 1580.15800 10 M 0- 028:13.528:13.512:00.49:06/M
509Terry FleetAvon Lake OH125355 14 M 55-5928:14.428:14.412:01.39:06/M
510kevin callahanCommack NY142618 55 M 15-1928:15.028:15.012:02.09:07/M
511Jim YoungHauppauge NEW YORK117535 26 M 35-3928:15.729:13.512:02.69:25/M
512Kathleen BaierEast Islip NEW YORK4848 12 F 45-4928:16.228:37.010:50.99:14/M
513Kerry DenninNorthport NY146110 28 F 1-1428:16.428:16.410:51.19:07/M
514Elise RamirezNesconset NY89615 34 F 15-1928:16.528:36.510:51.29:14/M
515Claire RamirezNesconset NY89513 29 F 1-1428:16.828:36.710:51.59:14/M
516Joe DesimoneSaint James 1178023043 28 M 40-4428:16.928:16.912:03.99:07/M
517John PalagyeLindenhurst NEW YORK82044 29 M 40-4428:17.828:17.812:04.89:07/M
518Jerry PaceCommack NY81840 30 M 40-4428:18.928:18.912:05.99:08/M
519Meghan CaulfieldSt James NY13923 20 F 20-2428:19.528:44.810:54.29:16/M
520Molly RamirezNesconset NY90010 30 F 1-1428:19.628:36.410:54.39:14/M
521Jennifer CrupnickHuntington Station NY129523 21 F 20-2428:20.628:20.610:55.39:08/M
522Brian SavickisKings Park NY145244 31 M 40-4428:21.628:21.612:08.69:09/M
523Lauren MontesCommack NEW YORK74933 21 F 30-3428:22.528:46.310:57.29:17/M
524Eric KunzEast Northport NEW YORK56925 23 M 25-2928:24.628:24.612:11.59:10/M
525Thomas MairSunnyside NEW YORK65136 27 M 35-3928:24.828:24.812:11.79:10/M
526Michael D'AmelioKings Park NEW YORK20143 32 M 40-4428:26.328:26.312:13.29:10/M
527James PowellSetauket NY86912 66 M 1-1428:27.428:27.412:14.39:11/M
528Dan O'DonnellE. Northport NY139244 33 M 40-4428:27.728:59.312:14.69:21/M
529Allison BerggrenPatchogue NY152940 12 F 40-4428:28.428:28.411:03.19:11/M
530Mark EicherFort Salonga NEW YORK28629 24 M 25-2928:28.728:56.612:15.69:20/M
531Gabi BestereyKings Park NY121418 35 F 15-1928:29.329:21.211:04.09:28/M
532James HarrisKings Park NY124130 27 M 30-3428:29.628:33.712:16.69:13/M
533Stephen EicherFort Salonga NEW YORK28721 21 M 20-2428:29.828:56.012:16.79:20/M
534Elizabeth O'DonnellE. Northport NY139312 31 F 1-1428:29.828:59.711:04.59:21/M
535Kerry HicksSmithtown NEW YORK46841 13 F 40-4428:31.329:33.611:06.09:32/M
536Keith BoehmCentral Islip NEW YORK7952 27 M 50-5428:33.828:33.812:20.79:13/M
537Bob OldhamCommack NEW YORK80250 28 M 50-5428:34.328:39.812:21.29:15/M
538Pete RiveraCommack NEW YORK92639 28 M 35-3928:35.528:35.512:22.59:13/M
539Niki ThorneNorthport NEW YORK108047 13 F 45-4928:36.828:36.811:11.59:14/M
540Michael BloomCommack NEW YORK7347 44 M 45-4928:37.928:37.912:24.99:14/M
541Dayna McCauleySaint James NY67950 9 F 50-5428:39.128:39.111:13.89:15/M
542Heather ThorntonKings Park NEW YORK108440 14 F 40-4428:40.329:01.011:15.09:22/M
543Victoria VissicchioE. Northport NY127218 36 F 15-1928:41.228:41.211:15.99:15/M
544Krissy LonettoRonkonkoma NEW YORK62433 22 F 30-3428:41.228:54.411:15.99:19/M
545Joseph DzenawagerCommack NEW YORK27442 34 M 40-4428:41.628:48.312:28.69:17/M
546Kevin HusseyNesconset NY136550 29 M 50-5428:42.028:42.012:28.99:15/M
547Katie KavanaughNorthport NEW YORK53117 37 F 15-1928:42.428:55.011:17.19:20/M
548Alex LaudaniSmithtown NEW YORK58820 22 M 20-2428:43.128:43.112:30.19:16/M
549Julia BrittanNorthport NY133213 32 F 1-1428:43.828:43.811:18.59:16/M
550Larry BrittanNorthport NY133348 45 M 45-4928:44.028:44.012:30.99:16/M
551Domonique IsnardiBethpage NY50919 38 F 15-1928:44.228:44.211:18.99:16/M
552Doug DrotmanCommack NEW YORK27048 46 M 45-4928:45.028:45.012:32.09:16/M
553Philip GrabowskiKings Park NEW YORK41252 30 M 50-5428:45.328:45.312:32.29:16/M
554Kim RoffmanSmithtown NEW YORK93642 15 F 40-4428:47.028:47.011:21.79:17/M
555Declan LavinSelden NY59113 67 M 1-1428:49.528:55.612:36.59:20/M
556Aneta KuzmaNorth Royalton OHIO57340 16 F 40-4428:50.329:28.711:25.09:30/M
557Tom GreenfieldKings Park NEW YORK41344 35 M 40-4428:51.728:57.412:38.69:20/M
558Livi TantE. Setauket NY106619 39 F 15-1928:52.028:57.911:26.79:20/M
559Ralph JanzenHuntington Station NY140841 36 M 40-4428:52.929:01.012:39.89:22/M
560John FarrellSt James NEW YORK30853 31 M 50-5428:54.229:19.812:41.29:27/M
561David PowerSmithtown NEW YORK87341 37 M 40-4428:54.328:54.312:41.29:19/M
562Deborah PirklWest Islip NY300055 3 F 55-5928:54.828:54.811:29.59:19/M
563Justin CudahyFort Salonga NEW YORK19314 68 M 1-1428:55.728:55.712:42.69:20/M
564Kate Modica.158311 33 F 1-1428:55.828:55.811:30.59:20/M
565Jen Modica.158439 13 F 35-3928:55.928:55.911:30.69:20/M
566Dean Gregory.41611 69 M 1-1428:57.428:57.412:44.49:20/M
567James WellerDix Hills NEW YORK115150 32 M 50-5428:57.629:21.512:44.59:28/M
568Gina Gregory.41842 17 F 40-4428:57.829:02.511:32.59:22/M
569Cathy ReidEast Northport NEW YORK91135 14 F 35-3928:59.829:58.211:34.59:40/M
570Sarah ThomasRockville MARYLAND107734 23 F 30-3429:01.129:01.111:35.89:22/M
571Mary MeehanBayside NY72234 24 F 30-3429:01.429:28.011:36.19:30/M
572Andrew SaponaraRingoes NJ981** 11 M 0- 029:01.429:01.412:48.39:22/M
573David FaverioSmithtown NEW YORK31148 47 M 45-4929:02.129:32.512:49.09:32/M
574Bruce MalingsCommack NEW YORK65352 33 M 50-5429:02.229:02.212:49.29:22/M
575Steven BloomCommack NY7743 38 M 40-4429:03.629:08.312:50.59:24/M
576Laura RitterSaint James NEW YORK92435 15 F 35-3929:04.529:04.511:39.29:23/M
577John MontaltoSaint James NY147958 15 M 55-5929:04.629:17.312:51.69:27/M
578Joellen ThiviergeLevittown NY130646 14 F 45-4929:04.929:14.311:39.69:26/M
579Jaclyn WalshSelden NEW YORK113814 34 F 1-1429:05.029:05.011:39.79:23/M
580Marjori DavisRidge NEW YORK21028 15 F 25-2929:05.829:22.111:40.59:28/M
581David WeissmanEast Northport NEW YORK114837 29 M 35-3929:05.830:00.312:52.79:41/M
582Jen WeissmanSalem MA114934 25 F 30-3429:05.830:00.411:40.59:41/M
583Jessica AlongiNorthport NEW YORK2115 40 F 15-1929:06.829:06.811:41.59:23/M
584Jordan SperegenE. Northport NY126719 56 M 15-1929:08.229:08.212:55.19:24/M
585Matthew MartinsonNorthport NY151915 57 M 15-1929:08.729:08.712:55.69:24/M
586Jessica FabrizioCommack NEW YORK29819 41 F 15-1929:08.729:18.611:43.49:27/M
587Allison NigroMarvin NC138912 35 F 1-1429:09.030:07.811:43.79:43/M
588Robert LiizieSmithtown NY145953 34 M 50-5429:10.929:32.812:57.99:32/M
589Russell FallonSmithtown NEW YORK30315 58 M 15-1929:11.029:52.912:58.09:38/M
590Emily WicksEast Setauket NEW YORK115713 36 F 1-1429:11.129:18.711:45.89:27/M
591James WicksEast Setauket NEW YORK115851 35 M 50-5429:11.229:19.312:58.29:27/M
592Matthew MeehanKings Park NY125714 70 M 1-1429:11.329:11.312:58.29:25/M
593Alyssa FreitagBallston Spa NEW YORK35223 22 F 20-2429:13.329:58.511:48.09:40/M
594Renee NigroMarvin NC139044 18 F 40-4429:13.430:13.311:48.19:45/M
595Gianna MottRonkonkoma NEW YORK76311 37 F 1-1429:13.429:13.411:48.19:25/M
596Todd WeissmanSalem MASSACHUSE115033 28 M 30-3429:13.630:07.913:00.69:43/M
597Lucy HowlandProvidence RHODE ISLA49011 38 F 1-1429:14.829:14.811:49.59:26/M
598Ann MacDougallFort Salonga NEW YORK63948 15 F 45-4929:15.429:27.011:50.19:30/M
599Sean ConnollyWashington DC17339 30 M 35-3929:16.130:13.913:03.09:45/M
600Thomas MacGilvraySetauket NY64566 1 M 65-6929:16.130:14.913:03.19:45/M
601Madeline ConnollyWashington DC17010 39 F 1-1429:16.430:14.211:51.19:45/M
602Francis TittmannMedford NEW YORK109212 71 M 1-1429:17.430:35.313:04.39:52/M
603Christopher BaarsSaint James NEW YORK4548 48 M 45-4929:19.629:56.313:06.59:39/M
604Zachary FriedmanNorthport NY130214 72 M 1-1429:22.229:22.213:09.19:28/M
605William CaulfieldSt James NEW YORK14053 36 M 50-5429:23.129:23.113:10.09:29/M
606Lina SabinoKings Park NEW YORK97133 26 F 30-3429:26.129:44.012:00.89:35/M
607Glenn ChiuchioloKings Park NY134249 49 M 45-4929:26.529:26.513:13.49:30/M
608Louden MeringoloWest Islip NY73613 73 M 1-1429:27.129:27.113:14.09:30/M
609Lawrence MiglioreMassapequa NY138629 25 M 25-2929:27.729:36.513:14.69:33/M
610Donna RobertoWest Islip NEW YORK92952 10 F 50-5429:28.429:53.912:03.19:38/M
611Renee McLoughlinKingspark NEW YORK71044 19 F 40-4429:28.529:42.212:03.29:35/M
612Jamie FreitagRonkonkoma NEW YORK35613 40 F 1-1429:28.830:16.112:03.59:46/M
613Christina HernandezHuntington Station NEW YORK46418 42 F 15-1929:28.829:28.812:03.59:30/M
614Joseph LalorSmithtown NEW YORK58310 74 M 1-1429:29.129:29.113:16.19:31/M
615Kevin MeeDeer Park NEW YORK72039 31 M 35-3929:29.629:29.613:16.69:31/M
616Mary RobbinsKings Park NY122145 16 F 45-4929:29.829:29.812:04.59:31/M
617James RussoHuntington NY96613 75 M 1-1429:29.829:29.813:16.79:31/M
618Keith RobertsDeer Park NEW YORK93022 23 M 20-2429:32.229:32.213:19.19:32/M
619Jennifer GanciHolbrook NEW YORK36626 16 F 25-2929:32.530:01.712:07.29:41/M
620Eliza PaulSomerville MASSACHUSE82726 17 F 25-2929:34.530:37.912:09.29:53/M
621Lindsay MiglioreMassapequa NY138728 18 F 25-2929:34.829:43.312:09.59:35/M
622Gwen BonnSmithtown NEW YORK8432 27 F 30-3429:35.930:51.212:10.69:57/M
623Matthew Hackerson.155949 50 M 45-4929:38.729:38.713:25.69:34/M
624Timothy PanellioBay Shore NY152615 59 M 15-1929:40.229:40.213:27.19:34/M
625John De MartinoCommack NY124449 51 M 45-4929:41.230:10.713:28.19:44/M
626Brian McCarthyKings Park NEW YORK67552 37 M 50-5429:42.729:57.613:29.69:40/M
627Bryan McCarthyKings Park NEW YORK67623 24 M 20-2429:42.729:57.713:29.79:40/M
628Chris CostelloSmithtown NY18224 25 M 20-2429:42.829:42.813:29.79:35/M
629Laura Valentino.131323 23 F 20-2429:42.929:42.912:17.69:35/M
630Linda KaelinRonkonkoma NEW YORK52644 20 F 40-4429:44.129:44.112:18.89:35/M
631William ShalewitzHoboken NJ102439 32 M 35-3929:44.730:28.413:31.69:50/M
632Jim BraunsteinCentral Islip NY133046 52 M 45-4929:44.829:44.813:31.79:35/M
633Maureen McLoughlinEast Patchogue NEW YORK70838 16 F 35-3929:45.229:45.212:19.99:36/M
634Kristen SmallSmithtown NEW YORK104026 19 F 25-2929:45.629:45.612:20.39:36/M
635Matthew MadySmithtown NY64831 29 M 30-3429:47.129:47.113:34.09:36/M
636Ron KoflerCommack NEW YORK56037 33 M 35-3929:49.329:49.313:36.29:37/M
637Robert HardieEast Northport NEW YORK44448 53 M 45-4929:50.230:05.713:37.19:42/M
638Jean ScavellaHauppauge NEW YORK99344 21 F 40-4429:51.729:51.712:26.49:38/M
639Brian RhatiganGreenlawn NY142938 34 M 35-3929:51.930:28.013:38.89:50/M
640Samantha AbbottCommack NY215 43 F 15-1929:53.930:21.412:28.69:47/M
641Kyle BeterBabylon NY147824 26 M 20-2429:55.729:55.713:42.69:39/M
642Kyle FarabaughNorthport NY30716 60 M 15-1929:56.729:56.713:43.69:39/M
643Monica Nealis.77846 17 F 45-4929:58.429:58.412:33.19:40/M
644Desiree IsnardiBethpage NY50724 24 F 20-2429:58.829:58.812:33.59:40/M
645Alicia SchellbergEast Northport NEW YORK99732 28 F 30-3429:59.429:59.412:34.19:40/M
646Tom KennyCommack NY54947 54 M 45-4930:01.030:38.013:47.99:53/M
647Nick DirestaKings Park NY25016 61 M 15-1930:01.530:01.513:48.59:41/M
648Kelsey RoachKings Park NEW YORK92820 25 F 20-2430:02.631:03.012:37.310:01/M
649Dyann PaceCommack NEW YORK81739 17 F 35-3930:04.030:04.012:38.79:42/M
650Philip MeringoloSt. James NEW YORK73918 62 M 15-1930:04.331:01.213:51.310:00/M
651Ryan CudahyFort Salonga NEW YORK19512 76 M 1-1430:05.830:05.813:52.79:42/M
652Louis NataleSmithtown NEW YORK77450 38 M 50-5430:05.830:47.313:52.79:56/M
653Thomas AbbottCommack NY310 77 M 1-1430:05.830:29.013:52.89:50/M
654Dawn FallonSmithtown NEW YORK30217 44 F 15-1930:05.930:44.012:40.69:55/M
655Patricia CarrollWest Islip NEW YORK13261 2 F 60-6430:07.030:11.612:41.79:44/M
656Dana PowellSetauket NEW YORK86841 22 F 40-4430:08.030:28.012:42.79:50/M
657Maria DoughertyKings Park NEW YORK26613 41 F 1-1430:08.330:08.812:43.09:43/M
658Marcia AttridgeRonkonkoma NEW YORK4358 4 F 55-5930:09.230:12.812:43.99:45/M
659Heather JensenSt. James NY51831 29 F 30-3430:09.430:09.412:44.19:44/M
660Beth BleiPhiladelphia PA120936 18 F 35-3930:09.930:48.512:44.69:56/M
661Ben BleiPhiladelphia PA120836 35 M 35-3930:10.630:48.713:57.69:56/M
662Jennifer RethKings Park NY91836 19 F 35-3930:11.630:11.612:46.39:44/M
663Katie DenninNorthport NY146211 42 F 1-1430:13.130:13.112:47.89:45/M
664Sharon WeiderSmithtown NEW YORK114542 23 F 40-4430:13.330:35.712:48.09:52/M
665Courtney PowerPort Jefferson Station NEW YORK87225 20 F 25-2930:13.531:00.412:48.210:00/M
666Charlie MacGilvrayRidgefield CT6407 78 M 1-1430:13.630:13.614:00.69:45/M
667Courtney BurnsNew York NY11128 21 F 25-2930:13.930:13.912:48.69:45/M
668Emily SchumacherSmithtown NEW YORK101120 26 F 20-2430:14.930:14.912:49.69:45/M
669Christopher ChiuchioloKings Park NY134013 79 M 1-1430:15.230:15.214:02.29:45/M
670John EspeySt James NY29627 26 M 25-2930:16.331:10.414:03.210:03/M
671Joseph FiorentinoDeer Park NEW YORK32654 39 M 50-5430:18.130:18.114:05.09:46/M
672Kristin WistBohemia NY116642 24 F 40-4430:19.230:19.212:53.99:47/M
673Erica AshkenasEast North Port NEW YORK3940 25 F 40-4430:20.430:20.412:55.19:47/M
674Peter HildenbrandNew York NEW YORK46934 30 M 30-3430:22.530:22.514:09.49:48/M
675James ShinDeer Park NEW YORK102939 36 M 35-3930:22.630:22.614:09.59:48/M
676Daniel ClearySt James NEW YORK15846 55 M 45-4930:22.630:22.614:09.69:48/M
677Elizabeth VickersSmithtown NEW YORK111740 26 F 40-4430:23.030:23.012:57.79:48/M
678Jennifer DegaetanoSmithtown NY140415 45 F 15-1930:23.230:23.212:57.99:48/M
679Sheilah SchumannCommack NEW YORK101353 11 F 50-5430:23.930:23.912:58.69:48/M
680Ruth FalcoEast Northport NEW YORK30045 18 F 45-4930:24.930:24.912:59.69:48/M
681Katie MeehanCambridge MA145830 30 F 30-3430:25.330:57.713:00.09:59/M
682Tyra PorinchakKings Park NEW YORK86314 43 F 1-1430:25.531:00.113:00.210:00/M
683Courtney RoyBronx NY95827 22 F 25-2930:26.431:14.113:01.110:05/M
684Linda SyrbeNesconset NEW YORK106244 27 F 40-4430:26.930:45.213:01.69:55/M
685Lisa Nealis.77715 46 F 15-1930:29.630:29.613:04.39:50/M
686Amy LustigCommack NY152138 20 F 35-3930:30.630:30.613:05.39:50/M
687Charles GusmanCommack NY43166 2 M 65-6930:32.930:32.914:19.89:51/M
688Audrey TinsdaleEast Setauket NEW YORK108925 23 F 25-2930:33.030:58.313:07.79:59/M
689Frank BurgertPort Jefferson NEW YORK11055 16 M 55-5930:34.230:39.914:21.19:53/M
690Dave WaltersLake Grove NY114036 37 M 35-3930:35.931:40.314:22.810:13/M
691Jessica Gaeta NY Deer Park36323 27 F 20-2430:37.130:37.113:11.89:53/M
692Jim HaggertyNorthport NY118445 56 M 45-4930:37.731:12.814:24.710:04/M
Katie McGuireDartmouth MA69314 44 F 1-1430:40.130:50.113:14.89:57/M
694Karen NigroSmithtown NEW YORK138849 19 F 45-4930:40.131:38.313:14.810:12/M
695Evan PortnoyMelville NEW YORK86553 40 M 50-5430:41.530:58.214:28.49:59/M
696Victoria FabrizioCommack NEW YORK29915 47 F 15-1930:42.030:52.313:16.79:57/M
697Nicole BresnahanKings Park NEW YORK9828 24 F 25-2930:42.430:42.413:17.19:54/M
698Jennifer SchemppKings Park NEW YORK99939 21 F 35-3930:42.730:42.713:17.49:54/M
699Paola MartinezCoram NY66329 25 F 25-2930:43.930:43.913:18.69:55/M
700Noah NeedlemanCommack NY143812 80 M 1-1430:49.630:49.614:36.59:56/M
701Karen FormanCommack NEW YORK34348 20 F 45-4930:49.730:59.813:24.410:00/M
702Brian KlimekKings Park NY55733 31 M 30-3430:49.931:29.014:36.810:09/M
703Nancy KorolCommack NEW YORK56146 21 F 45-4930:50.031:16.013:24.710:05/M
704Howard NeedlemanCommack NY143744 39 M 40-4430:50.130:50.114:37.09:57/M
705Mimi McGuireNew York NEW YORK69756 5 F 55-5930:50.131:00.113:24.810:00/M
706Lauren RakitaLake Grove NEW YORK89426 26 F 25-2930:50.931:18.613:25.610:06/M
707Taylor HusseyNesconset NY136716 48 F 15-1930:52.630:52.613:27.39:57/M
708Kevin HusseyNesconset NY136612 81 M 1-1430:52.830:52.814:39.79:57/M
709Chelsea PortnoyMelville NEW YORK86423 28 F 20-2430:54.031:09.413:28.710:03/M
710Kelly MainaBrooklyn NEW YORK64935 22 F 35-3930:56.530:56.513:31.29:59/M
711Brendan KupkaSmithtown NY57011 82 M 1-1430:56.731:24.714:43.610:08/M
712Clare MoranNew York NEW YORK75536 23 F 35-3930:56.830:56.813:31.59:59/M
713Philip GusmanCommack NY43234 32 M 30-3430:56.930:56.914:43.89:59/M
714Kenneth CaputoRockville MD - MARYL12337 38 M 35-3930:56.930:56.914:43.99:59/M
715Lela MooreBrooklyn NEW YORK75436 24 F 35-3930:57.230:57.213:31.99:59/M
716Alison TinsdaleEast Setauket NEW YORK108825 27 F 25-2930:58.430:58.413:33.19:59/M
717Dean KaramanWest Islip NEW YORK52859 17 M 55-5930:59.031:31.714:45.910:10/M
718Randy KayCommack NY123959 18 M 55-5930:59.330:59.314:46.210:00/M
719Claire DrotmanCommack NY26815 49 F 15-1931:00.731:59.413:35.410:19/M
720Greg ScottPlainview NY145157 19 M 55-5931:01.131:21.114:48.010:07/M
721Jane KayCommack NY124058 6 F 55-5931:01.331:01.313:36.010:00/M
722Angela LalorSmithtown NEW YORK58246 22 F 45-4931:04.231:04.213:38.910:01/M
723Frank FilacchioneKings Park NEW YORK32350 41 M 50-5431:05.131:05.114:52.010:02/M
724Andrew HugginsCommack NY148810 83 M 1-1431:05.631:05.614:52.510:02/M
725Ric DiVeglioN. Babylon NY135466 3 M 65-6931:06.831:06.814:53.810:02/M
726Frank BoveWest Islip NEW YORK9152 42 M 50-5431:07.231:36.114:54.110:12/M
727Anthony ScaliaFarmingville NEW YORK9877 84 M 1-1431:08.331:08.314:55.210:03/M
728Allison DigregorioKings Park NY23918 50 F 15-1931:08.531:32.613:43.210:10/M
729Kathryn De MartinoCommack NY124620 29 F 20-2431:09.131:09.113:43.810:03/M
730Patricia De MartinoCommack NY124549 23 F 45-4931:09.831:09.813:44.510:03/M
731Concetta Van WinckelFort Salonga NEW YORK111035 25 F 35-3931:11.731:50.913:46.410:16/M
732Tommy Howe.4889 85 M 1-1431:13.031:38.215:00.010:12/M
733Elena FaverioSmithtown NY31219 51 F 15-1931:13.131:44.513:47.810:14/M
734Shannon MeehanMiller Place NEW YORK72330 31 F 30-3431:13.231:47.113:47.910:15/M
735Serena BoveWest Islip NEW YORK9220 30 F 20-2431:14.631:43.313:49.310:14/M
736Krista HawkinsLindenhurst NEW YORK45338 26 F 35-3931:14.731:14.713:49.410:05/M
737Andrea DohnSmithtown NEW YORK25430 32 F 30-3431:15.331:15.313:50.010:05/M
738Edward WilliamsNesconset NEW YORK116348 57 M 45-4931:16.632:20.915:03.610:26/M
739Bill FreitagBallston Spa NEW YORK35353 43 M 50-5431:17.332:02.115:04.210:20/M
740Charlene RossbackCommack NEW YORK94940 28 F 40-4431:17.831:17.813:52.510:05/M
741Kathleen MacGilvrayRidgefield CT64437 27 F 35-3931:17.831:17.813:52.510:05/M
742Christopher SciortinoSaint James NEW YORK101845 58 M 45-4931:18.331:20.015:05.210:06/M
743Emily WheelanSmithtown NY158921 31 F 20-2431:18.931:18.913:53.610:06/M
744Connor Ricciardi.92111 86 M 1-1431:19.031:19.015:06.010:06/M
745Cory SmithLarchmont NY104133 33 M 30-3431:19.431:19.415:06.410:06/M
746Brooke LickerLake Ronkonkoma NEW YORK61331 33 F 30-3431:19.531:19.513:54.210:06/M
747Katherine DillonLarchmont NEW YORK24330 34 F 30-3431:19.931:19.913:54.610:06/M
748Ed HoweDeer Park NEW YORK48743 40 M 40-4431:20.931:46.015:07.910:15/M
749Ann SchumacherSmithtown NEW YORK101053 12 F 50-5431:21.631:21.613:56.310:07/M
750Robin StevensPort Jefferson NEW YORK105154 13 F 50-5431:22.431:56.213:57.110:18/M
751Megan LukasNorthport NY126927 28 F 25-2931:25.531:25.514:00.210:08/M
752Heather WestPort Jefferson NY154232 35 F 30-3431:25.631:25.614:00.310:08/M
753Meryl MastrocinqueKings Park NEW YORK66854 14 F 50-5431:26.631:26.614:01.310:08/M
754Donna DonovanHolbrook NY26049 24 F 45-4931:26.931:26.914:01.610:08/M
755Monika GoedelCommack NEW YORK39441 29 F 40-4431:28.431:59.014:03.110:19/M
756Patrick BreigKings Park NY119734 34 M 30-3431:28.832:25.815:15.710:27/M
757Austin ThorntonKing Park NY10818 87 M 1-1431:30.231:49.015:17.110:16/M
758cindy woodSmithtown NY130945 25 F 45-4931:31.332:06.814:06.010:21/M
759Marlise TroyNesconset NEW YORK110646 26 F 45-4931:31.532:35.514:06.210:31/M
760rebecca woodSmithtown NY131110 45 F 1-1431:32.132:07.214:06.810:22/M
761Erin WuestmanSelden NY126526 29 F 25-2931:32.532:36.114:07.210:31/M
762Michael DerarioKings Park NY22455 20 M 55-5931:33.031:33.015:19.910:11/M
763Lawrence TantE. Setauket NEW YORK106562 8 M 60-6431:34.431:41.415:21.310:13/M
764Robert CreightonSmithtown NEW YORK18913 88 M 1-1431:34.731:34.715:21.610:11/M
765Laura DigregorioKings Park NEW YORK24254 15 F 50-5431:37.732:04.414:12.410:21/M
766Joseph MurthaStony Brook NY14118 89 M 1-1431:39.031:39.015:25.910:13/M
767Emily DurcanNesconset NY126215 52 F 15-1931:39.031:39.014:13.710:13/M
768Brittany GuardinoSound Beach NEW YORK42528 30 F 25-2931:39.432:41.114:14.110:33/M
769Debbieanne Baione-DodaSmithtown NEW YORK4934 36 F 30-3431:39.932:41.314:14.610:33/M
770Kim BronzinoStony Brook NEW YORK10240 30 F 40-4431:42.231:42.214:16.910:14/M
771Craig WennetClifton VIRGINIA115343 41 M 40-4431:43.531:43.515:30.510:14/M
772Carly ViupSmithtown NY111923 32 F 20-2431:43.631:43.614:18.310:14/M
773Jen EganKings Park NEW YORK28240 31 F 40-4431:44.832:50.914:19.510:35/M
774Laura ChengCommack NY148742 32 F 40-4431:45.531:45.514:20.210:15/M
775Mckenna DerricoKings Park NY22813 46 F 1-1431:45.731:45.714:20.410:15/M
776Andrea Agnes.156140 33 F 40-4431:46.731:46.714:21.410:15/M
777Kyle GruderSmithtown NY118919 63 M 15-1931:47.032:21.215:33.910:26/M
778Jennifer Nealis.77614 47 F 1-1431:48.631:48.614:23.310:15/M
779Erik BuckholzEast Northport NEW YORK10843 42 M 40-4431:49.232:29.815:36.210:29/M
780Danny McCabeCentereach NEW YORK6739 90 M 1-1431:49.932:56.315:36.910:37/M
781Francis ToriagaBallston Spa NEW YORK109425 27 M 25-2931:51.432:35.915:38.310:31/M
782Alex Gonzales-MugaburuSmithtown NY40022 27 M 20-2431:51.932:34.815:38.810:30/M
783Jessica DerarioKings Park NY22220 33 F 20-2431:52.532:25.014:27.210:27/M
784Lindsay DavisYaphank NEW YORK20927 31 F 25-2931:53.432:10.114:28.110:23/M
785Andrea DigregorioKings Park NY24119 53 F 15-1931:53.831:53.814:28.510:17/M
786David WilliamsMelville NEW YORK116250 44 M 50-5431:53.831:53.815:40.810:17/M
787Nancy KellyNorthport NEW YORK54151 16 F 50-5431:54.131:54.114:28.810:17/M
788Kathleen CarlsonVerona NEW JERSEY12836 28 F 35-3931:55.631:55.614:30.310:18/M
789Mary FleetAvon Lake OH125253 17 F 50-5431:59.131:59.114:33.810:19/M
790D. Morgan WalkerSaint James NEW YORK113232 37 F 30-3431:59.731:59.714:34.410:19/M
791Michael KavanaughNorthport NEW YORK53217 64 M 15-1932:00.032:11.815:47.010:23/M
792Sharon BolaDix Hills NEW YORK8134 38 F 30-3432:00.532:00.514:35.210:19/M
793Tory GuardinoSmithtown NY42717 65 M 15-1932:00.832:08.415:47.810:22/M
794Kate SchreckCenterport NY123275 1 F 75-7932:01.432:06.014:36.110:21/M
795Margarita VerdejoDeer Park NEW YORK111533 39 F 30-3432:02.632:02.614:37.310:20/M
796Nicole EhlingerHauppauge NEW YORK28419 54 F 15-1932:03.132:03.114:37.810:20/M
797Josephine EhlingerHauppauge NEW YORK28347 27 F 45-4932:03.432:03.414:38.110:20/M
798Rebecca CypherHoltsville NEW YORK20021 34 F 20-2432:04.432:04.414:39.110:21/M
799Michael MandoleseBethpage NEW YORK65643 43 M 40-4432:04.732:04.715:51.610:21/M
800Tara PutnamOyster Bay NEW YORK88439 29 F 35-3932:07.832:07.814:42.510:22/M
801Michael LaforgiaSmithtown NEW YORK58047 59 M 45-4932:08.432:57.215:55.410:38/M
802Vin DirestaKings Park NEW YORK25148 60 M 45-4932:08.732:08.715:55.710:22/M
803Charles RuvolaLake Ronkonkoms NEW YORK97040 44 M 40-4432:09.332:34.215:56.310:30/M
804Mario FerrentinoSmithtown NEW YORK31931 35 M 30-3432:11.932:11.915:58.910:23/M
805Corinne ShalewitzHoboken NEW JERSEY102334 40 F 30-3432:11.932:52.514:46.610:36/M
806Aldo RovereNorthport NEW YORK95664 9 M 60-6432:12.632:12.615:59.510:23/M
807Unknown Partic. 1598.15980 12 M 0- 032:13.232:13.216:00.110:24/M
808Michael Jr. CinqueEast Northport NY12298 91 M 1-1432:13.533:16.316:00.510:44/M
809Michael CinqueEast Northport NY122840 45 M 40-4432:13.633:16.016:00.510:44/M
810Beth GrudmanKings Park NEW YORK42245 28 F 45-4932:15.133:04.814:49.810:40/M
811Evan ClarkEast Setauket NEW YORK15553 45 M 50-5432:15.632:15.616:02.610:24/M
812Patricia ClarkEast Setauket NEW YORK15755 7 F 55-5932:15.932:15.914:50.610:24/M
813Beth BodeSmithtown NY121646 29 F 45-4932:16.232:33.014:50.910:30/M
814Michele DobieckiWoodbridge VIRGINIA25228 32 F 25-2932:17.932:17.914:52.610:25/M
815Ryan HorosdeuskiSmithtown NY143113 92 M 1-1432:20.132:51.816:07.110:36/M
816Steven MartinezSelden NY66454 46 M 50-5432:20.232:20.216:07.110:26/M
817Roberta CukroWhittier CALIFORNIA19827 33 F 25-2932:21.332:45.314:56.010:34/M
818Tom McGrannKings Park NY138432 36 M 30-3432:23.132:23.116:10.010:27/M
819Douglas MancusoNorthport NY130017 66 M 15-1932:23.832:23.816:10.810:27/M
820Kim Lytle.63640 34 F 40-4432:24.533:00.714:59.210:39/M
821Kyle JamesSaint James NY51437 30 F 35-3932:25.333:25.515:00.010:47/M
822Maggie HankinsBelvedere CA126321 35 F 20-2432:26.732:56.215:01.410:37/M
823Morgan RubinApartment 3D NEW YORK96028 34 F 25-2932:27.433:04.215:02.110:40/M
824Christine EicherFort Salonga NEW YORK28521 36 F 20-2432:27.632:57.215:02.310:38/M
825Lindsay HaggertyFt. Salonga NY126121 37 F 20-2432:28.332:57.415:03.010:38/M
826Kevin P. SlatterySmithtown NEW YORK103950 47 M 50-5432:28.432:28.416:15.310:28/M
827Kathleen LavertySmithtown NY126049 30 F 45-4932:28.433:11.415:03.110:42/M
828Ricky HutterSmithtown NY50311 93 M 1-1432:31.232:31.216:18.110:29/M
829Connor HaggertyNorthport NY118714 94 M 1-1432:31.533:07.316:18.410:41/M
830Daniel LangNorthport NY146525 28 M 25-2932:33.632:33.616:20.510:30/M
831Marni WeinbaumCortlant Manor NEW YORK114637 31 F 35-3932:34.132:34.115:08.810:30/M
832Amanda PickHuntington Station NEW YORK84526 35 F 25-2932:34.732:53.915:09.410:36/M
833Michael CassaraKings Park NEW YORK13542 46 M 40-4432:35.132:35.116:22.010:31/M
834Chris VanderbrinkSmithtown NEW YORK111113 95 M 1-1432:36.832:36.816:23.710:31/M
835Leah StoltzSmithtown NEW YORK105320 38 F 20-2432:36.933:36.915:11.610:50/M
836Tara VanderbrinkSmithtown NEW YORK111243 35 F 40-4432:37.132:37.115:11.810:31/M
837Matthew ArpinoCommack NEW YORK3820 28 M 20-2432:38.532:38.516:25.510:32/M
838Joseph FolksE. Patchogue NY135659 21 M 55-5932:38.932:59.416:25.910:38/M
839Rafael SupaSmithtown NEW YORK105938 39 M 35-3932:39.432:39.416:26.410:32/M
840Eileen Duswalt-AgostinoSouth Setauket NEW YORK27146 31 F 45-4932:39.633:01.715:14.310:39/M
841Camryn AgostinoSouth Setauket NEW YORK1113 48 F 1-1432:39.933:02.215:14.610:39/M
842Unknown Partic. 2273.22730 13 M 0- 032:40.632:40.616:27.510:32/M
843Deborah GelbergEast Meadow NY141950 18 F 50-5432:40.932:40.915:15.610:32/M
844Kevin ClearyKings Park NEW YORK16054 48 M 50-5432:41.632:54.216:28.610:37/M
845Kathleen HudzikSouth Setauket NEW YORK49243 36 F 40-4432:42.233:03.815:16.910:40/M
846Christine EmmonsCoram NY120739 32 F 35-3932:42.733:20.615:17.410:45/M
847Mark KupkaSmithtown NEW YORK57139 40 M 35-3932:43.532:43.516:30.410:33/M
848Sydney Sugrue.105711 49 F 1-1432:43.933:26.215:18.610:47/M
849Tabitha BrauerKings Park NY132939 33 F 35-3932:44.933:43.115:19.610:53/M
850Diane IsnardiBethpage NEW YORK50848 32 F 45-4932:46.432:46.415:21.110:34/M
851Donna SquiresNorth Babylon NEW YORK104845 33 F 45-4932:46.933:17.015:21.610:44/M
852Kyle JenulisSmithtown NY51912 96 M 1-1432:46.933:48.316:33.810:54/M
853Tony CipollaEast Rockaway NEW YORK15433 37 M 30-3432:47.132:47.116:34.110:35/M
854Stephen JenulisSmithtown NEW YORK52039 41 M 35-3932:47.333:49.416:34.310:55/M
855Ken FreemanChevy Chase MARYLAND35143 47 M 40-4432:48.333:56.816:35.210:57/M
856Alyssa DigregorioArlington VIRGINIA24023 39 F 20-2432:48.333:12.215:23.010:43/M
857Kaitlyn AlbertKings Park NEW YORK1222 40 F 20-2432:51.132:51.115:25.810:36/M
858Logan ThorntonKings Park NY108610 97 M 1-1432:51.133:08.616:38.010:41/M
859Mark AlbertKings Park NEW YORK1348 61 M 45-4932:51.932:51.916:38.810:36/M
860Colleen O'NealChevy Chase MARYLAND79244 37 F 40-4432:52.033:59.315:26.710:58/M
861Jennifer PinolaEast Northport NEW YORK85336 34 F 35-3932:52.333:14.315:27.010:43/M
862Travis LytleWest Hartford CONNECTICU63740 48 M 40-4432:52.733:27.416:39.610:47/M
863Jillian GartlandWest Nyack NEW YORK37032 41 F 30-3432:53.032:53.015:27.710:36/M
864Kathy KrumholzSmithtown NY137122 41 F 20-2432:53.232:53.215:27.910:36/M
865Dana FarrellSmithtown NY123545 34 F 45-4932:54.133:29.515:28.810:48/M
866Lisa RepperPatchogue NY144936 35 F 35-3932:54.332:54.315:29.010:37/M
867Margaret ClarkKings Park NY15644 38 F 40-4432:55.033:54.015:29.710:56/M
868William LeakosSt. James NY60656 22 M 55-5932:55.432:55.416:42.310:37/M
869Jodi Pim.148041 39 F 40-4432:56.733:38.315:31.410:51/M
870Arielle MeringoloSt James NY73323 42 F 20-2432:58.033:52.315:32.710:55/M
871Peter VissicchioE. Northport NY127147 62 M 45-4932:58.432:58.416:45.310:38/M
872Anna VissicchioE. Northport NY127013 50 F 1-1432:58.832:58.815:33.510:38/M
873Erin HlenskiNorthport NEW YORK47232 42 F 30-3432:59.334:12.015:34.011:02/M
874Luke PontCommack NY86110 98 M 1-1433:01.533:31.216:48.410:49/M
875Brandon FriedKings Park NEW YORK3599 99 M 1-1433:01.533:21.416:48.410:45/M
876Jason FriedKings Park NEW YORK36038 42 M 35-3933:02.233:21.916:49.110:45/M
877Craig RobillardSaint James NEW YORK93138 43 M 35-3933:02.633:19.416:49.510:45/M
878Jennifer ZeidnerStony Brook NEW YORK117732 43 F 30-3433:03.233:17.315:37.910:44/M
879Elizabeth RobillardSaint James NEW YORK93232 44 F 30-3433:03.233:20.015:37.910:45/M
880Kathleen MayerNorthport NY122318 55 F 15-1933:06.933:53.315:41.610:56/M
881William MayerNorthport NY122412 100 M 1-1433:07.933:53.216:54.910:56/M
882Todd MayerNorthport NY122252 49 M 50-5433:08.133:53.316:55.110:56/M
883Gina SingRocky Point NEW YORK103627 36 F 25-2933:08.433:08.415:43.110:41/M
884Lori CourtneyKings Park NEW YORK18749 35 F 45-4933:09.433:09.415:44.110:42/M
885Brian McSweeneyNesconset NY151653 50 M 50-5433:09.833:09.816:56.710:42/M
886Griffin FerroSaint James NY149511 101 M 1-1433:10.233:10.216:57.210:42/M
887Jesse FreitagRonkonkoma NEW YORK35711 102 M 1-1433:11.634:05.116:58.511:00/M
888Ingrid BuffolinoKings Park NY127735 36 F 35-3933:11.933:11.915:46.610:42/M
889Michael HonanNesconset NEW YORK48643 49 M 40-4433:12.433:12.416:59.310:43/M
890Richard RussellNesconset NEW YORK96441 50 M 40-4433:12.733:12.716:59.710:43/M
891Lisa RussellNesconset NEW YORK96342 40 F 40-4433:12.833:12.815:47.510:43/M
892Lisa HonanNesconset NY48541 41 F 40-4433:12.933:12.915:47.610:43/M
893Susan SchoenKings Park NEW YORK100638 37 F 35-3933:13.933:13.915:48.610:43/M
894Ilse HoytFort Salonga NEW YORK49145 36 F 45-4933:14.033:14.015:48.710:43/M
895Steven FuchsStony Brook NY144676 1 M 75-7933:14.434:02.617:01.310:59/M
896Thomas QuinnOradell NEW JERSEY89212 103 M 1-1433:14.633:14.617:01.510:43/M
897Sandy KriegerSmithtown NEW YORK56663 10 M 60-6433:15.834:21.717:02.811:05/M
898Lori WaltersLake Grove NEW YORK114137 38 F 35-3933:17.434:21.815:52.111:05/M
899Kevin G. SlatterySmithtown NEW YORK103813 104 M 1-1433:17.733:17.717:04.610:44/M
900Liz YingstNew York NEW YORK117328 37 F 25-2933:19.033:19.015:53.710:45/M
901Stuart YingstNew York NEW YORK117431 38 M 30-3433:19.633:19.617:06.510:45/M
902Darren GoughSmithtown NEW YORK40841 51 M 40-4433:19.934:33.217:06.911:09/M
903Hannah HoeffnerHauppauge NY47412 51 F 1-1433:20.233:20.215:54.910:45/M
904Holly HoeffnerHauppauge NY47712 52 F 1-1433:20.633:20.615:55.310:45/M
905Henry HoeffnerHauppauge NEW YORK47650 51 M 50-5433:20.633:20.617:07.510:45/M
906Ali RosenfeldBoston MA94625 38 F 25-2933:21.533:43.615:56.210:53/M
907Peter ThiesKings Park NY107338 44 M 35-3933:22.033:22.017:08.910:46/M
908Rachael GoedelCommack NY39510 53 F 1-1433:22.333:52.315:57.010:55/M
909Tim HaggertyNorthport NY118816 67 M 15-1933:22.633:57.617:09.510:57/M
910Monica HinczewskiWestbury NEW YORK47127 39 F 25-2933:23.433:23.415:58.110:46/M
911Ed Von BevernKingd Park NEW YORK112555 23 M 55-5933:24.533:24.517:11.510:46/M
912Nancy MurphyKingspark NEW YORK76942 42 F 40-4433:25.334:42.016:00.011:12/M
913Beth Ann TramaSmithtown NEW YORK109539 39 F 35-3933:26.333:26.316:01.010:47/M
914Amanda DipietroCommack NEW YORK24930 45 F 30-3433:27.633:27.616:02.310:47/M
915Ashley PattersonHolbrook NEW YORK82629 40 F 25-2933:28.134:34.416:02.811:09/M
916Matthew KilkellyWest Islip NEW YORK55144 52 M 40-4433:28.334:01.817:15.210:58/M
917Sara DiMaggioSmithtown NY146310 54 F 1-1433:30.733:30.716:05.410:48/M
918Marie SugrueKings Park NEW YORK105641 43 F 40-4433:32.933:32.916:07.610:49/M
919Marianne KrapfSt. James NY56454 19 F 50-5433:33.734:05.716:08.411:00/M
920Anne LotierzoStuart FLORIDA62546 37 F 45-4933:33.933:44.616:08.610:53/M
921Louise ValentinoSmithtown NY131252 20 F 50-5433:35.133:35.116:09.810:50/M
922Andrea CameraSt. James NEW YORK11955 8 F 55-5933:36.033:36.016:10.710:50/M
923Julie FrederickKings Park NEW YORK34945 38 F 45-4933:36.133:36.116:10.810:50/M
924Maria OneilKings Park NY130738 40 F 35-3933:36.333:36.316:11.010:50/M
925Heather SoftyBethpage NEW YORK104530 46 F 30-3433:37.333:55.116:12.010:56/M
926Sheila ScaliaNorthport NEW YORK98853 21 F 50-5433:39.034:44.716:13.711:12/M
927Alison CarlsonHauppauge NEW YORK12634 47 F 30-3433:39.433:39.416:14.110:51/M
928Debbie PriebeSmithtown NY87848 39 F 45-4933:40.333:40.316:15.010:52/M
929Megan WalshSelden NEW YORK113914 55 F 1-1433:42.233:42.216:16.910:52/M
930Robin ResnickNorthport NY118350 22 F 50-5433:42.833:42.816:17.510:52/M
931Joseph McHughPort Jefferson Station NEW YORK70351 52 M 50-5433:43.933:43.917:30.810:53/M
932Erin GarlandSmithtown NEW YORK36734 48 F 30-3433:44.834:31.416:19.511:08/M
933Dick BerubeNorthport NEW YORK6379 2 M 75-7933:47.533:47.517:34.410:54/M
934Luca TramaSmithtown NY10969 105 M 1-1433:48.933:48.917:35.810:54/M
935Vincent TramaSmithtown NY109739 45 M 35-3933:48.933:48.917:35.810:54/M
936Karen Von BevernKings Park NEW YORK112817 56 F 15-1933:49.633:49.616:24.310:55/M
937Christopher NealisKings Park NEW YORK77547 63 M 45-4933:51.033:51.017:38.010:55/M
938Nick AbbottCommack NY114 106 M 1-1433:51.734:15.517:38.611:03/M
939Paul MeringoloSt James NEW YORK73754 53 M 50-5433:51.933:51.917:38.810:55/M
940Bryant TittmannMedford NEW YORK109136 46 M 35-3933:53.335:11.217:40.311:21/M
941Andrew BiancoNorthport NY6711 107 M 1-1433:55.433:55.417:42.410:56/M
942Dan CrowleyKings Park NY157928 29 M 25-2933:55.833:55.817:42.710:56/M
943Schuyler Dineen.24714 108 M 1-1433:56.033:56.017:42.910:57/M
944Adam GrudmanKings Park NEW YORK42118 68 M 15-1933:56.034:45.117:43.011:13/M
945Lizzie ColonnaCommack NY16713 56 F 1-1433:56.634:27.616:31.311:07/M
946Kelly FleetAvon Lake OH125125 41 F 25-2933:56.633:56.616:31.310:57/M
947Amanda GoedelCommack NY39314 57 F 1-1433:56.734:27.816:31.411:07/M
948Elizabeth EilersMastic NY28819 57 F 15-1933:57.833:57.816:32.510:57/M
949Jenessa DonovanHolbrook NEW YORK26122 43 F 20-2433:57.933:57.916:32.610:57/M
950Jennifer AzzaraHolbrook NY132339 41 F 35-3933:59.033:59.016:33.710:58/M
951Tom LowenbergKings Park NY141354 54 M 50-5433:59.133:59.117:46.010:58/M
952Jackie SilversKings Park NEW YORK103345 40 F 45-4933:59.634:11.316:34.311:02/M
953Emma RamirezNesconset NY89711 58 F 1-1434:01.234:18.016:35.911:04/M
954Dena GiacobbeMedford NEW YORK37935 42 F 35-3934:02.434:57.516:37.111:16/M
955Christine KlimekKings Park NEW YORK55828 42 F 25-2934:03.034:44.016:37.711:12/M
956Douglas SoftyBethpage NEW YORK104455 24 M 55-5934:06.234:25.817:53.211:06/M
957Maria DaumeSelden NY20614 59 F 1-1434:06.834:06.816:41.511:00/M
958Josephine MontvidasNesconset NEW YORK75059 9 F 55-5934:13.534:25.216:48.211:06/M
959John OttavianoKings Park NEW YORK81552 55 M 50-5434:13.534:44.618:00.511:12/M
960Richard HussWest Islip NEW YORK50158 25 M 55-5934:17.935:20.118:04.811:24/M
961Megan ConnollyWashington DISTRICT O17139 43 F 35-3934:18.435:16.516:53.111:23/M
962Leigh BernsteinNew York NEW YORK6229 43 F 25-2934:18.435:22.616:53.111:25/M
963Wayne DonovanHolbrook NY26351 56 M 50-5434:19.334:19.318:06.211:04/M
964Dana BernsteinArlington VIRGINIA6126 44 F 25-2934:19.635:22.916:54.311:25/M
965Jessica BlackNew York NEW YORK7027 45 F 25-2934:19.735:23.716:54.411:25/M
966Eliza ZipperHauppauge NEW YORK118130 49 F 30-3434:19.834:19.816:54.511:04/M
967Elliot OlshanskyHauppauge NY80930 39 M 30-3434:20.334:20.318:07.311:05/M
968Barbara Lettenberger.159757 10 F 55-5934:20.834:20.816:55.511:05/M
969Barbara RonzettiEast Northport NEW YORK93955 11 F 55-5934:22.834:22.816:57.511:05/M
970Robert PrebleBellport NEW YORK87661 11 M 60-6434:25.235:34.118:12.111:28/M
971Amanda MoodyHicksville NEW YORK75312 60 F 1-1434:27.035:29.317:01.711:27/M
972Christine TangelNew York NY106432 50 F 30-3434:27.234:27.217:01.911:07/M
973Rebecca DiersBethpage NY23612 61 F 1-1434:27.235:29.317:01.911:27/M
974Christy CaulfieldSt James NY13822 44 F 20-2434:28.234:28.217:02.911:07/M
975Michael TaddeiMedford NY106325 30 M 25-2934:28.535:21.218:15.411:24/M
976Kathleen WozniakKings Park NY119436 44 F 35-3934:28.535:15.517:03.211:22/M
977David TuttleCommack NEW YORK110733 40 M 30-3434:29.134:29.118:16.011:07/M
978Maccary KelschCenter Conway NEW HAMPSH5437 109 M 1-1434:30.535:48.718:17.411:33/M
979Brian KelschCenter Conway NEW HAMPSH54236 47 M 35-3934:30.635:49.818:17.611:33/M
980Abagail PopickSaint James NY159210 62 F 1-1434:31.534:31.517:06.211:08/M
981Katherine WiwczarKings Park NEW YORK116742 44 F 40-4434:32.734:32.717:07.411:08/M
982Ann Marie McDonnellMiddle Island NEW YORK68540 45 F 40-4434:37.334:37.317:12.011:10/M
983Peter GiorgioMonroe NEW YORK39128 31 M 25-2934:38.135:31.018:25.111:27/M
984Keith HaftCommack NY142146 64 M 45-4934:39.234:39.218:26.111:11/M
985Samantha GiorgioEast Northport NY128718 58 F 15-1934:41.035:31.117:15.711:27/M
986Deanna WolfHolbrook NY147619 59 F 15-1934:41.235:23.517:15.911:25/M
987Kim DoerrbeckerIslip NEW YORK25342 46 F 40-4434:41.834:58.617:16.511:17/M
988Caryn FreitagBallston Spa NEW YORK35425 46 F 25-2934:42.035:27.417:16.711:26/M
989Nancy BlackSound Beach NEW YORK7144 47 F 40-4434:42.734:42.717:17.411:12/M
990James KellySt James NEW YORK53841 53 M 40-4434:43.535:43.018:30.411:31/M
991Ishmeal FelicanoBay Shore NY31631 41 M 30-3434:44.434:44.418:31.311:12/M
992Julianne KellySaint James NEW YORK53942 48 F 40-4434:45.335:43.417:20.011:31/M
993Anne GiorgioEast Northport NY128652 23 F 50-5434:45.635:38.217:20.311:30/M
994Robert CoburnKings Park NEW YORK16350 57 M 50-5434:45.934:45.918:32.811:13/M
995Laura GiorgioMonroe NY39029 47 F 25-2934:46.935:38.217:21.611:30/M
996David SchiffmanRonkonkoma NEW YORK100248 65 M 45-4934:50.936:19.818:37.911:43/M
997Meghan GillenWebster NEW YORK38420 45 F 20-2434:51.134:51.117:25.811:15/M
998Brian FarabaughNorthport NY30520 29 M 20-2434:51.334:51.318:38.211:15/M
999Claudine KrishnanCommack NEW YORK56745 41 F 45-4934:52.535:25.317:27.211:25/M
1000Frank ToomeyStony Brook NY148446 66 M 45-4934:52.934:52.918:39.911:15/M
1001Liz DanielsenSt James NEW YORK20351 24 F 50-5434:53.335:36.317:28.011:29/M
1002Nalini KrishnanCommack NEW YORK56810 63 F 1-1434:53.635:25.417:28.311:25/M
1003Martin McDonaghNirthport NEW YORK68272 3 M 70-7434:55.334:55.318:42.211:16/M
1004Anthony GuardinoSmithtown NEW YORK42452 58 M 50-5434:57.235:05.018:44.111:19/M
1005Matthew MandoleseBethpage NEW YORK65511 110 M 1-1435:03.835:03.818:50.711:18/M
1006James IsnardiBethpage NY51052 59 M 50-5435:04.135:04.118:51.011:19/M
1007Arlene Malave-VasquezRego Park NY143951 25 F 50-5435:05.035:52.217:39.711:34/M
1008Peter MeringoloWest Islip NY73845 67 M 45-4935:05.035:05.018:52.011:19/M
1009Phoebe MeringoloWest Islip NY74015 60 F 15-1935:05.635:05.617:40.311:19/M
1010Eric MeringoloWest Islip NY73410 111 M 1-1435:05.935:05.918:52.911:19/M
1011Melissa DiersBethpage NY23510 64 F 1-1435:07.336:08.617:42.011:39/M
1012Rolf SternglanzStony Brook NY130573 4 M 70-7435:07.335:07.318:54.311:20/M
1013Ann DiersBethpage NEW YORK23444 49 F 40-4435:08.036:08.817:42.711:39/M
1014Jeanine FosterMiddle Island NY135841 50 F 40-4435:08.435:08.417:43.111:20/M
1015Meghan SweeneyBraintree MA106126 48 F 25-2935:08.435:08.417:43.111:20/M
1016Ryan ThomasBraintree MASSACHUSE107527 32 M 25-2935:09.035:09.018:55.911:20/M
1017Erica CarhartKings Park NEW YORK12519 61 F 15-1935:09.235:09.217:43.911:20/M
1018Emma BodeSmithtown NY121716 62 F 15-1935:10.735:28.217:45.411:26/M
1019Michael RhoadsLake Grove NY119236 48 M 35-3935:12.036:04.518:58.911:38/M
1020Eric StepniewskiMelville NY104924 30 M 20-2435:12.935:46.318:59.811:32/M
1021Matthew GribbinKings Park NY137434 42 M 30-3435:13.636:17.819:00.511:42/M
1022Steve SchoenfeldYorktown Heights NEW YORK100854 60 M 50-5435:14.135:14.119:01.111:22/M
1023Chris LukasKings Park NEW YORK126857 26 M 55-5935:16.935:16.919:03.811:23/M
1024Erin BarronGlen Rock NEW JERSEY5733 51 F 30-3435:17.836:15.117:52.511:42/M
1025Jenna GartlandBrooklyn NY36928 49 F 25-2935:19.135:19.117:53.811:24/M
1026William CrovattCentral Islip NY135212 112 M 1-1435:19.336:21.219:06.211:44/M
1027Michael PearsonRonkonkoma NY83012 113 M 1-1435:21.935:21.919:08.811:24/M
1028Ruth AronoffSt. James NEW YORK3625 50 F 25-2935:22.235:22.217:56.911:25/M
1029Ellen ClearyKings Park N.Y.15950 26 F 50-5435:24.535:36.417:59.211:29/M
1030Alexandra DolceWest Islip NEW YORK25531 52 F 30-3435:28.535:28.518:03.211:26/M
1031Patricia Bosh.153557 12 F 55-5935:28.935:28.918:03.611:26/M
1032Paul BassettCopiague NY132440 54 M 40-4435:29.235:29.219:16.111:27/M
1033George EmmonsCoram NY120638 49 M 35-3935:31.835:31.819:18.811:27/M
1034Dom MancusoNorthport NY129916 69 M 15-1935:32.235:32.219:19.111:28/M
1035Michael WestphaleGreenlawn NEW YORK115531 43 M 30-3435:33.635:33.619:20.611:28/M
1036Susan McIntyreHauppauge NEW YORK70542 51 F 40-4435:36.535:53.918:11.211:35/M
1037Alexa PisanoCommack NEW YORK85615 63 F 15-1935:39.336:10.018:14.011:40/M
1038Joseph RobbinsKings Park NY121814 114 M 1-1435:40.436:56.219:27.311:55/M
1039Zachary CopertinoKings Park NY11989 115 M 1-1435:40.935:51.419:27.811:34/M
1040Andrew LangFt Salonga NY58556 27 M 55-5935:41.335:41.319:28.311:31/M
1041Sean DonnellyEast Setauket NY25939 50 M 35-3935:41.436:28.819:28.311:46/M
1042Jeannine HughesCentral Islip NEW YORK49557 13 F 55-5935:43.235:43.218:17.911:31/M
1043Chris KozlowskySetauket NEW YORK56336 51 M 35-3935:43.335:43.319:30.311:31/M
1044Charles FriedmanNorthport NY13037 116 M 1-1435:43.536:31.119:30.511:47/M
1045Jeanne ReganHauppauge NEW YORK90935 45 F 35-3935:43.835:43.818:18.511:31/M
1046Jeffrey FriedmanNorthport NY130140 55 M 40-4435:43.936:31.419:30.811:47/M
1047Connor DerricoKings Park NY22711 117 M 1-1435:45.035:45.019:32.011:32/M
1048Gina LucaniaGreenlawn NEW YORK63227 51 F 25-2935:49.035:49.018:23.711:33/M
1049Christopher AndererKings Park NEW YORK279 118 M 1-1435:50.835:50.819:37.711:34/M
1050Kate FerrentinoSmithtown NEW YORK31830 53 F 30-3435:51.435:51.418:26.111:34/M
1051Kelsey BurnsCommack NEW YORK11210 65 F 1-1435:52.036:02.518:26.711:37/M
1052Kristen HagensonE Northport NEW YORK43741 52 F 40-4435:52.336:43.018:27.011:51/M
1053Judy FarabaughNorthport NY30653 27 F 50-5435:52.936:43.318:27.611:51/M
1054Bob FoleyNorthport NY34253 61 M 50-5435:53.536:43.319:40.511:51/M
1055Marybeth Donovan OlsenDanville NEW HAMPSH26450 28 F 50-5435:57.235:57.218:31.911:36/M
1056Lauren Huss.50027 52 F 25-2935:57.537:00.718:32.211:56/M
1057Rick ChoinskiSaint James NY149246 68 M 45-4936:00.136:00.119:47.111:37/M
1058Denise CavalieriNesconset NY148945 42 F 45-4936:00.536:00.518:35.211:37/M
1059Erin O'MahoneyNorthport NY79021 46 F 20-2436:00.536:34.818:35.211:48/M
1060Brian SmithWarwick NY22789 119 M 1-1436:01.936:01.919:48.811:37/M
1061Andrea CannizzaroPort Jefferson Station NY133726 53 F 25-2936:02.036:19.018:36.711:43/M
1062Barbara LeeSmithtown NEW YORK60853 29 F 50-5436:03.736:03.718:38.411:38/M
1063James RhoadsLake Grove NY119365 4 M 65-6936:04.136:04.119:51.111:38/M
1064Lillian ErcoleRonkonkoma NY128143 53 F 40-4436:09.436:37.918:44.111:49/M
1065Christopher GenoveseDix Hills NY37647 69 M 45-4936:10.836:10.819:57.711:40/M
1066Michael PearlSaint James NEW YORK82852 62 M 50-5436:11.736:11.719:58.611:40/M
1067Alexandra ZukMyrtle Beach SOUTH CARO118227 54 F 25-2936:13.736:35.218:48.411:48/M
1068Sharon GribbinKings Park NY137336 46 F 35-3936:18.636:18.618:53.311:43/M
1069Hilary GomesKings Park NEW YORK39850 30 F 50-5436:19.236:24.718:53.911:45/M
1070Michael Schiffman.100315 70 M 15-1936:19.436:19.420:06.311:43/M
1071Blakeley Schiffman.100017 64 F 15-1936:19.436:19.418:54.111:43/M
1072Daphne Schiffman.100112 66 F 1-1436:19.836:19.818:54.511:43/M
1073Courtney AbbrianoSmithtown NY413 67 F 1-1436:22.036:22.018:56.711:44/M
1074Salvatore AbbrianoSmithtown NEW YORK545 70 M 45-4936:22.536:22.520:09.411:44/M
1075Anthhony VeraDeer Park NEW YORK111316 71 M 15-1936:23.336:23.320:10.211:44/M
1076James RovereNorthport NY129323 31 M 20-2436:25.436:25.420:12.411:45/M
1077Danny ChipetineCommack NY1488 120 M 1-1436:27.336:27.320:14.211:45/M
1078Anthony JamesSaint James NEW YORK51337 52 M 35-3936:30.536:30.520:17.411:46/M
1079Nancy BudkaSmithtown NEW YORK10956 14 F 55-5936:31.836:31.819:06.511:47/M
1080Justin HoldenbrandtSmithtown NY152311 121 M 1-1436:33.836:33.820:20.711:47/M
1081Charles DerricoKings Park NY22650 63 M 50-5436:39.037:28.020:26.012:05/M
1082Kenneth RamirezNescsonset NEW YORK89848 71 M 45-4936:44.336:44.320:31.211:51/M
1083Marie TravisHoltsville NEW YORK110325 55 F 25-2936:45.336:45.319:20.011:51/M
1084Joseph SanderCentral Islip NY97925 33 M 25-2936:45.936:45.920:32.811:51/M
1085Aaron MendelsohnNew York NEW YORK73038 53 M 35-3936:48.237:55.520:35.212:14/M
1086Mary Beth O'MahoneyNorthport NEW YORK79149 43 F 45-4936:50.336:50.319:25.011:53/M
1087Ashley Kraf.153827 56 F 25-2936:50.736:50.719:25.411:53/M
1088Kimberly GarraLake Grove NY136040 54 F 40-4436:54.736:54.719:29.411:54/M
1089Stephanie ChipetineCommack NEW YORK14939 47 F 35-3936:55.837:55.319:30.512:14/M
1090Clive LiBrooklyn NEW YORK61234 44 M 30-3436:57.036:57.020:43.911:55/M
1091Jacqueline O'ReganKings Park NEW YORK79423 47 F 20-2436:58.636:58.619:33.311:55/M
1092Karina HunsteinSmithtown NY49715 65 F 15-1936:58.636:58.619:33.311:55/M
1093Alex VolpiSmithtown NY112118 72 M 15-1937:00.037:00.020:46.911:56/M
1094Laurie HammondCommack NEW YORK43941 55 F 40-4437:02.737:36.019:37.412:08/M
1095Dorel KuzmaNorth Royalton OHIO57444 56 M 40-4437:02.937:41.520:49.912:09/M
1096Susan Lang-SaponaraRingoes NJ58644 56 F 40-4437:07.237:07.219:41.911:58/M
1097Jim PowellSetauket NY87042 57 M 40-4437:08.637:52.020:55.512:13/M
1098Brendan LavinSelden NY59022 32 M 20-2437:12.237:36.920:59.212:08/M
1099Peggy CoburnCommack NEW YORK16252 31 F 50-5437:14.537:21.519:49.212:03/M
1100Janet GioeSmithtown NEW YORK38939 48 F 35-3937:19.337:19.319:54.012:02/M
1101Lynne JankowskiKings Park NEW YORK51549 44 F 45-4937:23.637:23.619:58.312:04/M
1102Rhonda LebitNesonset NEW YORK60746 45 F 45-4937:27.237:42.920:01.912:10/M
1103Casey FleetAvon Lake OH125017 66 F 15-1937:27.337:27.320:02.012:05/M
1104Unknown Partic. 2274.22740 14 M 0- 037:27.737:27.721:14.612:05/M
1105Christine LeakosSt. James NEW YORK60442 57 F 40-4437:28.937:28.920:03.612:05/M
1106Thomas MenchiniSaint James NY146953 64 M 50-5437:30.337:30.321:17.312:06/M
1107Erica JohnstonKings Park NEW YORK52222 48 F 20-2437:31.337:31.320:06.012:06/M
1108Paula CrovattCentral Islip NEW YORK135136 49 F 35-3937:34.337:34.320:09.012:07/M
1109Lee PierceSmithtown NEW YORK78752 65 M 50-5437:38.138:27.521:25.112:24/M
1110Lytdia BuckleyPrinceton NJ148214 68 F 1-1437:40.337:40.320:15.012:09/M
1111Viorel KuzmaEast Setauket NEW YORK57646 72 M 45-4937:42.437:42.421:29.312:10/M
1112Matthew OlenickCommack NEW YORK80613 122 M 1-1437:42.537:45.321:29.412:11/M
1113Frank FittsSmithtown NEW YORK32856 28 M 55-5937:42.638:22.021:29.612:23/M
1114Michael PiccolaCommack NY84417 73 M 15-1937:47.937:47.921:34.912:11/M
1115Frank Francisica.85253 66 M 50-5437:51.539:16.421:38.412:40/M
1116Thomas HarringtonSmithtown NY44810 123 M 1-1437:56.237:56.221:43.212:14/M
1117Jim CalderoneSmithtown NEW YORK11456 29 M 55-5937:58.438:44.021:45.412:30/M
1118Kristen DorseyCommack NEW YORK26516 67 F 15-1938:02.838:34.120:37.512:26/M
1119Mary DonnellyBabylon NEW YORK25833 54 F 30-3438:06.739:02.820:41.412:35/M
1120Colleen LigondeBrigtwaters NEW YORK61633 55 F 30-3438:07.639:03.320:42.312:36/M
1121Ana BrionesSmithtown NEW YORK10133 56 F 30-3438:09.738:32.220:44.412:26/M
1122Darren ThorntonKing Park NY108240 58 M 40-4438:15.238:37.422:02.212:27/M
1123Caroline VolpiSmithtown NY112215 68 F 15-1938:16.038:16.020:50.712:21/M
1124Gina RosenbergLindenhurst NY141057 15 F 55-5938:26.638:26.621:01.312:24/M
1125Frank MartinW. Bayshore NY137977 3 M 75-7938:26.838:26.822:13.712:24/M
1126Megan CrowleySan Diego CA157832 57 F 30-3438:27.938:27.921:02.612:24/M
1127Elizabeth EydelmanSmithtown NEW YORK29720 49 F 20-2438:31.339:32.221:06.012:45/M
1128William McFaddenLake Grove NEW YORK68655 30 M 55-5938:33.238:33.222:20.212:26/M
1129Gary RoffmanSmithtown NY93551 67 M 50-5438:33.638:33.622:20.612:26/M
1130Lauren FitzgeraldKings Park NEW YORK33032 58 F 30-3438:39.239:53.721:13.912:52/M
1131John FitzgeraldKings Park NEW YORK32931 45 M 30-3438:40.439:55.022:27.412:53/M
1132Joann BrophyHockessin DELAWARE10346 46 F 45-4938:42.638:42.621:17.312:29/M
1133Katy AronoffSt. James NEW YORK3530 59 F 30-3438:44.038:44.021:18.712:30/M
1134Danielle BirminghamGreenlawn NEW YORK6832 60 F 30-3438:46.340:15.421:21.012:59/M
1135Virginia DambrosiDeer Park NEW YORK20247 47 F 45-4938:51.138:51.121:25.812:32/M
1136Kimberly MadySt. James NEW YORK64729 57 F 25-2938:52.038:52.021:26.712:32/M
1137Laura MulstaySmithtown NEW YORK76831 61 F 30-3438:52.438:52.421:27.112:32/M
1138Taylor DerricoKings Park NY22915 69 F 15-1938:52.838:52.821:27.512:32/M
1139Debbie GambinStony Brook NEW YORK36549 48 F 45-4938:55.638:55.621:30.312:33/M
1140Amy KaufmanHuntington NEW YORK52937 50 F 35-3938:57.139:43.721:31.812:49/M
1141Jack McGovern.69071 5 M 70-7439:03.239:37.422:50.212:47/M
1142Sean Dineen.24814 124 M 1-1439:07.339:22.122:54.212:42/M
1143Geneva OttavianoKings Park NEW YORK81415 70 F 15-1939:10.139:10.121:44.812:38/M
1144Jackie DeitchCommack NY142340 58 F 40-4439:11.439:44.121:46.112:49/M
1145Cheryl DonnellyEast Setauket NEW YORK25739 51 F 35-3939:13.739:57.121:48.412:53/M
1146Susan HilmanSmithtown NEW YORK47038 52 F 35-3939:17.840:00.621:52.512:54/M
1147Rebecca FarrellSmithtown NY123711 69 F 1-1439:18.840:02.121:53.512:55/M
1148Deborah SnyderUpton NEW YORK104228 58 F 25-2939:20.439:20.421:55.112:41/M
1149Olivia NowakSmithtown NY123811 70 F 1-1439:21.640:00.321:56.312:54/M
1150Susan EcksteinMedford NEW YORK28044 59 F 40-4439:24.740:16.821:59.412:59/M
1151Michael EcksteinMedford NEW YORK2788 125 M 1-1439:24.840:16.123:11.712:59/M
1152Joseph EcksteinMedford NEW YORK27747 73 M 45-4939:24.940:16.723:11.812:59/M
1153Elizabeth RitnamLong Beach NY150432 62 F 30-3439:31.139:31.122:05.812:45/M
1154Peter Von BevernCohoes NY112913 126 M 1-1439:32.840:52.123:19.813:11/M
1155Luke VerityCommack NY140311 127 M 1-1439:33.539:33.523:20.512:45/M
1156James Von BevernCohoes NEW YORK112749 74 M 45-4939:37.040:56.323:23.913:12/M
1157Melissa MejiaKings Park NEW YORK72834 63 F 30-3439:50.839:50.822:25.512:51/M
1158John PearsonRonkonkoma NEW YORK82944 59 M 40-4439:51.839:51.823:38.812:51/M
1159Claire HourihaneFranklin Square NY136214 71 F 1-1439:52.039:52.022:26.712:52/M
1160Michael HourihaneFranklin Square NY136454 68 M 50-5439:52.739:52.723:39.712:52/M
1161Lois SchlusslerBabylon NEW YORK100448 49 F 45-4939:53.641:07.122:28.313:16/M
1162Patrick RussoHuntington NY96810 128 M 1-1439:55.939:55.923:42.812:53/M
1163Victor RosadoPhiladelphia PENNSYLVAN94035 54 M 35-3940:13.340:13.324:00.312:58/M
1164Megan MeahanMedford NEW YORK71926 59 F 25-2940:13.541:18.422:48.213:19/M
1165Kate MeahanCommack NEW YORK71829 60 F 25-2940:13.841:18.622:48.513:19/M
1166Eileen HazellStony Brook NY128550 32 F 50-5440:19.040:47.222:53.713:09/M
1167Bruce RebeckHuntington Station NEW YORK90460 12 M 60-6440:19.440:29.424:06.413:04/M
1168Carol RebeckHuntington Station NEW YORK90560 3 F 60-6440:19.840:29.522:54.513:04/M
1169Andria McHughPort Jefferson Station NY70243 60 F 40-4440:21.140:21.122:55.813:01/M
1170Matthew CudahyFort Salonga NEW YORK19416 74 M 15-1940:27.040:27.024:13.913:03/M
1171Jessica MedvedeffFranklin Square NY138521 50 F 20-2440:31.140:31.123:05.813:04/M
1172Denis KellyGreenlawn NEW YORK53750 69 M 50-5440:41.440:41.424:28.313:07/M
1173Ya Ling ChangNew York NEW YORK14334 64 F 30-3440:41.640:41.623:16.313:07/M
1174Ann JoyceDeer Park NY132046 50 F 45-4940:41.941:05.623:16.613:15/M
1175Dawn FerruggiariWest Islip NEW YORK32047 51 F 45-4940:45.341:16.623:20.013:19/M
1176Annemarie CibelliKings Park NEW YORK15247 52 F 45-4940:46.641:14.623:21.313:18/M
1177Christine Brzeski.156443 61 F 40-4440:47.840:47.823:22.513:09/M
1178Judy EmilianiSmithtown NEW YORK29252 33 F 50-5440:52.540:52.523:27.213:11/M
1179Christopher EmilianiSmithtown NY29122 33 M 20-2440:52.840:52.824:39.713:11/M
1180Dolores MonserratMedford NEW YORK74770 1 F 70-7440:53.940:53.923:28.613:11/M
1181Suzanne CarminoKings Park NEW YORK13044 62 F 40-4440:56.340:56.323:31.013:12/M
1182Kerri WoernerRonkonkoma NEW YORK116944 63 F 40-4441:03.941:03.923:38.613:15/M
1183Tara DietzSmithtown NEW YORK23837 53 F 35-3941:04.141:04.123:38.813:15/M
1184Julia Rossback.9509 72 F 1-1441:05.141:05.123:39.813:15/M
1185Kaelyn LaforgiaSmithtown NY57919 71 F 15-1941:11.941:11.923:46.613:17/M
1186Lisamarie CatapanoStony Brook NY133930 65 F 30-3441:15.741:15.723:50.413:18/M
1187Ethan ClossonSt. James NY134830 46 M 30-3441:16.541:16.525:03.513:19/M
1188Ron Grabowski.155528 34 M 25-2941:20.741:20.725:07.613:20/M
1189Rebecca Olenick.80710 73 F 1-1441:22.541:52.923:57.213:30/M
1190Kimberly McLoughlinGibsonia PENNSYLVAN70744 64 F 40-4441:32.941:32.924:07.613:24/M
1191Meghan McLoughlin.70911 74 F 1-1441:32.941:32.924:07.613:24/M
1192Amee CallahanRonkonkoma NEW YORK11631 66 F 30-3441:34.242:02.124:08.913:34/M
1193Jennifer CrawfordEast Norwich NEW YORK18840 65 F 40-4441:38.942:03.824:13.613:34/M
1194Susan FlanaganEast Northport NEW YORK33658 16 F 55-5941:46.442:54.824:21.113:50/M
1195Kelly SclafaniIslip NEW YORK102028 61 F 25-2941:46.841:46.824:21.513:28/M
1196George FlanaganEast Northport NEW YORK33566 5 M 65-6941:48.442:55.125:35.413:51/M
1197Karen SchugKings Park NEW YORK100954 34 F 50-5441:51.541:51.524:26.213:30/M
1198Barbara DonnellanHauppauge NEW YORK25659 17 F 55-5941:52.941:52.924:27.613:30/M
1199Elizabeth LotierzoBohemia NEW YORK62643 66 F 40-4442:03.742:14.824:38.413:37/M
1200Laura SoftyBethpage NY104628 62 F 25-2942:08.342:27.124:43.013:42/M
1201Richard HutterSmithtown NEW YORK50243 60 M 40-4442:11.542:11.525:58.413:36/M
1202Marjorie OttavianoKings Park NEW YORK81646 53 F 45-4942:14.342:47.424:49.013:48/M
1203Matt BestercyKings Park NEW YORK6550 70 M 50-5442:14.943:08.826:01.813:55/M
1204John BestercyKings Park NY6411 129 M 1-1442:15.043:08.826:01.913:55/M
1205Rosie FreitagRonkonkoma NEW YORK35848 54 F 45-4942:16.442:16.424:51.113:38/M
1206Annmarie Degincio.155429 63 F 25-2942:19.242:19.224:53.913:39/M
1207Paul PepeCold Spring Harbor NY155153 71 M 50-5442:25.442:25.426:12.313:41/M
1208Stefanie Martinez.155631 67 F 30-3442:30.642:30.625:05.313:43/M
1209Jorge VeraDeer Park NEW YORK111415 75 M 15-1942:30.942:30.926:17.813:43/M
1210Allison BarbaroSmithtown NEW YORK5016 72 F 15-1942:34.442:34.425:09.113:44/M
1211Emily WallaceSmithtown NY113310 75 F 1-1442:40.843:46.525:15.514:07/M
1212Erin ArkNesconset NEW YORK3443 67 F 40-4442:44.642:44.625:19.313:47/M
1213Kenneth BrownRocky Point NEW YORK10445 75 M 45-4942:44.742:44.726:31.713:47/M
1214Rosie SpringerNorthport NY11950 3 F 0- 042:47.442:47.425:22.113:48/M
1215Mary Beth HourihaneFranklin Square NY136316 73 F 15-1942:49.242:49.225:23.913:49/M
1216Matthew DiblasioSmithtown NY141511 130 M 1-1443:24.543:24.527:11.514:00/M
1217Stephen DiblasioSmithtown NY141447 76 M 45-4943:25.043:25.027:11.914:00/M
1218Skylar KaelinRonkonkoma NEW YORK52713 76 F 1-1443:26.643:26.626:01.314:01/M
1219Patricia LangoneCommack NY137249 55 F 45-4943:30.143:30.126:04.814:02/M
1220Steve GiorgioEast Northport NY128854 72 M 50-5443:30.544:24.227:17.414:19/M
1221Kevin KaelinRonkonkoma NEW YORK52446 77 M 45-4943:37.943:37.927:24.914:04/M
1222Kory KaelinRonkonkoma NEW YORK52511 131 M 1-1443:38.143:38.127:25.114:05/M
1223Jovina RicciardiRonkonkoma NEW YORK92326 64 F 25-2943:38.243:38.226:12.914:05/M
1224Allison MillerBohemia NY74525 65 F 25-2943:39.743:39.726:14.414:05/M
1225Sierra HealyNorthport NY4576 77 F 1-1443:43.744:45.526:18.414:26/M
1226William Murphy.77045 78 M 45-4943:44.545:01.227:31.414:31/M
1227Laurie WallaceSmithtown NY113444 68 F 40-4443:47.143:47.126:21.814:07/M
1228Scott WallaceLake Grove NEW YORK113649 79 M 45-4943:47.643:47.627:34.614:07/M
1229April ChungNorthport NEW YORK15146 56 F 45-4943:51.144:53.526:25.814:29/M
1230Joanne DelaneyFfarmingville NEW YORK21758 18 F 55-5943:58.143:58.126:32.814:11/M
1231Bill Rhame.91938 55 M 35-3944:02.945:25.127:49.914:39/M
1232Mary LavinSelden NEW YORK59250 35 F 50-5444:08.844:35.026:43.514:23/M
1233Pamela MassaEast Islip NY125837 54 F 35-3944:09.444:36.226:44.114:23/M
1234Jacqueline GilmartinKings Park NEW YORK38840 69 F 40-4444:10.044:37.026:44.714:24/M
1235Cynthia WallingKings Park NY113746 80 M 45-4944:16.345:15.928:03.214:36/M
1236Ronald HunsteinSmithtown NEW YORK49846 81 M 45-4944:21.744:21.728:08.714:18/M
1237John VolpiSmithtown NEW YORK112351 73 M 50-5444:22.244:22.228:09.114:19/M
1238Felicia MairSunny Side NY65030 68 F 30-3444:30.944:30.927:05.614:21/M
1239Bridget GiannettaEast Northport NEW YORK38133 69 F 30-3444:31.544:31.527:06.214:22/M
1240Shannon O'BrienHuntington NEW YORK80027 66 F 25-2944:31.744:31.727:06.414:22/M
1241Kerry WennetClifton VA115443 70 F 40-4444:32.545:11.927:07.214:35/M
1242Diane Van BremmerGlen Cove NY140949 57 F 45-4944:33.844:43.527:08.514:25/M
1243Jody RebhunBranford CONNECTICU90630 70 F 30-3444:36.445:57.027:11.114:49/M
1244Carl SukowskiEast Northport NEW YORK105870 6 M 70-7444:37.245:57.728:24.114:49/M
1245Abby Meirs.72414 78 F 1-1444:38.344:38.327:13.014:24/M
1246Frank GressSmithtown NEW YORK42050 74 M 50-5444:41.644:41.628:28.514:25/M
1247Erin GressSmithtown NY41922 51 F 20-2444:41.844:41.827:16.514:25/M
1248Kerri WienerNorthport NEW YORK115943 71 F 40-4444:55.844:55.827:30.514:29/M
1249Lauren WienerNorthport NY116014 79 F 1-1444:55.844:55.827:30.514:29/M
1250Matthew FlahertyPort Jeff Station NY33220 34 M 20-2444:56.544:56.528:43.414:30/M
1251Veronica CutinellaLake Ronkonkoma NEW YORK19920 52 F 20-2445:00.545:24.127:35.214:39/M
1252Nancy GuardinoSmithtown NY42654 36 F 50-5445:02.046:10.127:36.714:54/M
1253Jenna LaforgiaSmithtown NY57814 80 F 1-1445:03.745:03.727:38.414:32/M
1254Keith ChernowSmithtown NEW YORK14529 35 M 25-2945:13.645:13.629:00.614:35/M
1255Michelle ChernowSmithtown NEW YORK14635 55 F 35-3945:13.745:13.727:48.414:35/M
1256Calvin HazellStony Brook NY128453 75 M 50-5445:15.645:44.229:02.614:45/M
1257Monica BoulterWashington D.c. DISTRICT O8626 67 F 25-2945:21.946:06.327:56.614:52/M
1258Cassandra OstroySmithtown NEW YORK81118 74 F 15-1945:22.046:06.227:56.714:52/M
1259Brittany HibonHolbrook NY151318 75 F 15-1945:23.245:23.227:57.914:38/M
1260Megan DimiceliEast Northport NEW YORK24430 71 F 30-3445:37.746:44.428:12.415:05/M
1261Don MunsonKings Park NY12110 15 M 0- 045:41.945:41.929:28.914:44/M
1262Kevin HaganBellport NEW YORK43538 56 M 35-3945:45.445:45.429:32.314:45/M
1263Kevin Hagan SrBellport NY43661 13 M 60-6445:45.945:45.929:32.814:45/M
1264Suzanne MartinSaint James NY138147 58 F 45-4945:50.246:04.728:24.914:52/M
1265Jackie PontCommack NY86042 72 F 40-4445:52.946:23.328:27.614:58/M
1266Tara O'Rourke.79546 59 F 45-4945:53.946:24.628:28.614:58/M
1267Dawn ChiuchioloKings Park NY134147 60 F 45-4945:57.945:57.928:32.614:49/M
1268Nancy VarthalamisCommack NY151558 19 F 55-5946:11.846:11.828:46.514:54/M
1269Sarah Wagner.156214 81 F 1-1446:15.246:15.228:49.914:55/M
1270Unknown Partic. 2133.21330 16 M 0- 046:17.346:17.330:04.214:56/M
1271Christine OconnorKings Park NEW YORK79746 61 F 45-4946:22.946:22.928:57.614:57/M
1272Dave GersteinSmithtown NY125453 76 M 50-5446:24.446:59.330:11.315:09/M
1273Mario CibelliKings Park NY15353 77 M 50-5446:25.646:52.630:12.615:07/M
1274Leonard Pecora.83351 78 M 50-5446:47.946:47.930:34.915:05/M
1275Jacqueline PecoraEast Northport NEW YORK83150 37 F 50-5446:48.346:48.329:23.015:06/M
1276Elizabeth McGuireHuntington Station NEW YORK69230 72 F 30-3446:50.546:50.529:25.215:06/M
1277Yvonne OdinEast Northport NEW YORK79948 62 F 45-4946:54.746:54.729:29.415:08/M
1278Kara GersteinSmithtown NY125514 82 F 1-1446:58.246:58.229:32.915:09/M
1279Allison McIntyreHauppauge NEW YORK70414 83 F 1-1447:00.447:18.129:35.115:15/M
1280Mark RobbinsKings Park NY122045 82 M 45-4947:01.248:15.730:48.215:34/M
1281Cady RobbinsKings Park NY12198 84 F 1-1447:01.448:15.529:36.115:34/M
1282Sheila MuldoonSmithtown NY76556 20 F 55-5947:04.247:04.229:38.915:11/M
1283Nicole CostelloClark NEW JERSEY18529 68 F 25-2947:17.047:17.029:51.715:15/M
1284Robert AboulafiaBrooklyn NEW YORK732 47 M 30-3447:17.447:17.431:04.415:15/M
1285Elizabeth AboulafiaBrooklyn NEW YORK629 69 F 25-2947:17.647:17.629:52.315:15/M
1286Gregory TuttleCommack NY110865 6 M 65-6947:20.048:20.531:07.015:35/M
1287Theresa MorrisHuntington Station NEW YORK76046 63 F 45-4947:21.248:06.929:55.915:31/M
1288Jessica MorrisHuntington Station NY75921 53 F 20-2447:21.348:06.429:56.015:31/M
1289Jennifer MarinoKings Park NEW YORK65936 56 F 35-3947:21.447:21.429:56.115:16/M
1290Nancy RockerNew York NEW YORK93357 21 F 55-5947:21.748:06.929:56.415:31/M
1291Greg MarinoKings Park NY65837 57 M 35-3947:22.447:22.431:09.315:17/M
1292Tori CappuccioNew York NEW YORK12223 54 F 20-2447:25.548:00.630:00.215:29/M
1293Abigail SchwartzNesconset NEW YORK10149 85 F 1-1447:28.448:01.130:03.115:29/M
1294Kathryn RussoHuntington NEW YORK96751 38 F 50-5447:29.348:19.630:04.015:35/M
1295Amy PrzybyszewskiLake Grove NEW YORK88225 71 F 25-2947:53.747:53.730:28.415:27/M
1296Antoinette DegruccioSmithtown NY21626 70 F 25-2947:53.747:53.730:28.415:27/M
1297Adam PrzybyszewskiLake Grove NEW YORK88128 36 M 25-2947:53.847:53.831:40.715:27/M
1298Emily AstrofNew York NEW YORK4038 57 F 35-3947:55.347:55.330:30.015:27/M
1299Mary ColonnaCommack NEW YORK16853 39 F 50-5447:58.248:30.330:32.915:39/M
1300Jacqueline Astrof-BennettNew York NY4238 58 F 35-3947:58.247:58.230:32.915:28/M
1301Carolyn MazzengaFt Salonga NY67255 22 F 55-5948:09.248:49.230:43.915:45/M
1302Marianne DerarioKings Park NEW YORK22353 40 F 50-5448:09.748:49.330:44.415:45/M
1303Michelle DerarioKings Park NY225** 4 F 0- 048:09.748:50.230:44.415:45/M
1304Bernadette LeaheyKings Park NEW YORK60154 41 F 50-5448:10.448:10.430:45.115:32/M
1305Julianna LeaheyKings Park NEW YORK60213 86 F 1-1448:10.448:10.430:45.115:32/M
1306Kimberly LeaheyHoltsville NEW YORK60328 72 F 25-2948:10.548:10.530:45.215:32/M
1307Unknown Partic. 2284.22840 17 M 0- 048:10.848:10.831:57.715:32/M
1308Unknown Partic. 2289.22890 18 M 0- 048:10.948:10.931:57.815:32/M
1309Rebecca HardieEast Northport NY44310 87 F 1-1448:12.248:12.230:46.915:33/M
1310Sharon SobralNorth Babylon NEW YORK104340 73 F 40-4448:27.248:27.231:01.915:38/M
1311Stephanie MontecalvoNorth Babylon NY137541 74 F 40-4448:27.948:27.931:02.615:38/M
1312Christene AndererKings Park NEW YORK2640 75 F 40-4448:27.948:39.431:02.615:42/M
1313Marianne DaytonKings Park NEW YORK21146 64 F 45-4948:31.648:31.631:06.315:39/M
1314Paul PanebiancoKings Park NEW YORK82148 83 M 45-4948:31.848:31.832:18.815:39/M
1315Madeline HurleyBrentwood NEW YORK49924 55 F 20-2448:41.148:46.831:15.815:44/M
1316Phil DineenIslip NEW YORK24648 84 M 45-4948:57.648:57.632:44.615:47/M
1317Monica PapasideroMelville NEW YORK82453 42 F 50-5448:58.749:34.531:33.415:59/M
1318Philip TrapaniKings Park NEW YORK110147 85 M 45-4949:15.650:30.633:02.516:17/M
1319Brianna Rossback.94811 88 F 1-1449:25.249:25.231:59.915:56/M
1320Jason DemetresSelden NY21931 48 M 30-3449:29.249:29.233:16.115:58/M
1321Lindsey HeckmannSelden NEW YORK45826 73 F 25-2949:29.649:29.632:04.315:58/M
1322Collin ChipetineCommack NY14715 76 M 15-1949:30.149:30.133:17.015:58/M
1323Anna MunsonKings Park NY12120 5 F 0- 049:30.149:30.132:04.815:58/M
1324Tommy KennyCommack NY55016 77 M 15-1949:30.749:30.733:17.615:58/M
1325Michaela DeitchCommack NY142210 89 F 1-1449:35.049:35.032:09.716:00/M
1326Krystal GrotePort Jefferson Station NEW MEXICO136126 74 F 25-2949:36.149:54.332:10.816:06/M
1327Daniel MancusoNorthport NY12989 132 M 1-1449:40.650:26.633:27.516:16/M
1328Elizabeth FjellstadSmithtown NY33117 76 F 15-1949:41.250:29.132:15.916:17/M
1329Stacey MancusoNorthport NY129748 65 F 45-4949:41.650:27.732:16.316:16/M
1330Mike Jr LaforgiaSmithtown NY58117 78 M 15-1949:41.750:29.233:28.716:17/M
1331Robert MatarazzoMelville NY67056 31 M 55-5949:43.149:43.133:30.016:02/M
1332Lynn MatarazzoMelville NEW YORK66956 23 F 55-5949:43.549:43.532:18.216:02/M
1333Martin AstrofNesconset NEW YORK4169 7 M 65-6949:44.649:44.633:31.516:03/M
1334Tom NorrisSmithtown NY78653 79 M 50-5449:51.351:06.133:38.216:29/M
1335Lauren MeirsSyosseet NEW YORK72645 66 F 45-4949:53.249:53.232:27.916:05/M
1336Eric Meirs.72513 133 M 1-1449:53.349:53.333:40.316:05/M
1337Kristin HeimbachKings Park NEW YORK46225 75 F 25-2949:57.250:42.932:31.916:21/M
1338Maryanne HickeyKings Park NY141747 67 F 45-4949:57.549:57.532:32.216:07/M
1339Susan HickeyKings Park NY14168 90 F 1-1449:57.749:57.732:32.416:07/M
1340Bernard Fortunato JrStony Brook NEW YORK34558 32 M 55-5949:57.950:42.633:44.816:21/M
1341Neil MurthaStony Brook NY141240 61 M 40-4450:00.450:00.433:47.316:08/M
1342Dorothy Callahan-HarrisKings Park NY124363 4 F 60-6450:02.451:42.932:37.116:41/M
1343Susan HayesFort Salonga NEW YORK45558 24 F 55-5950:05.850:05.832:40.516:09/M
1344Andrew McLaughlinHolbrook NEW YORK70637 58 M 35-3950:16.550:16.534:03.516:13/M
1345Emily FarrellSmithtown NY123614 91 F 1-1450:17.352:51.032:52.017:03/M
1346Irene SheridanCommack NY102767 1 F 65-6950:17.550:17.532:52.216:13/M
1347Elisabeth ArenaMiddle Island NEW YORK3228 76 F 25-2950:18.951:11.632:53.616:31/M
1348Cecelia QuinnSmithtown NEW YORK88854 43 F 50-5450:25.350:25.333:00.016:16/M
1349Regina RuoffSaint James NY96251 44 F 50-5450:26.250:26.233:00.916:16/M
1350David ArpinoCommack NEW YORK3726 37 M 25-2950:30.850:30.834:17.716:17/M
1351Gabby FrankelCommack NEW YORK34817 77 F 15-1950:32.950:32.933:07.616:18/M
1352Lauren VerderosaRocky Point NEW YORK111631 73 F 30-3450:43.650:43.633:18.316:22/M
1353Carol O'ConnorGreenlawn NEW YORK78955 25 F 55-5950:50.350:50.333:25.016:24/M
1354Rosemarie QuickSmithtown NEW YORK88743 76 F 40-4450:59.453:31.633:34.117:16/M
1355Diane CostelloSmithtown NY18456 26 F 55-5951:06.651:06.633:41.316:29/M
1356Rebecca RhamePort Jefferson Station NEW YORK92039 59 F 35-3951:07.152:37.433:41.816:58/M
1357Kevin ArenaMiddle Island NY3336 59 M 35-3951:12.051:12.034:58.916:31/M
1358Tara HayesFort Salonga NEW YORK45622 56 F 20-2451:20.851:20.833:55.516:34/M
1359Olivia ConnollyWashington DC1728 92 F 1-1451:40.751:40.734:15.416:40/M
1360Russ CrupnickHuntington Station NY129455 33 M 55-5951:47.251:47.235:34.116:42/M
1361Jodie CrupnickHuntington Station NY129654 45 F 50-5451:47.551:48.434:22.216:43/M
1362Ian MacGilvrayRidgefield CT64236 60 M 35-3951:51.051:51.035:37.916:44/M
1363John MacGilvrayRidgefield CT6435 134 M 1-1451:55.051:55.035:41.916:45/M
1364Terrence MartinNorthport NEW YORK66131 49 M 30-3451:56.751:56.735:43.616:45/M
1365Denise DzenawagerCommack NY27343 77 F 40-4452:03.252:03.234:37.916:47/M
1366Ann DavisKings Park NY20847 68 F 45-4952:03.652:03.634:38.316:47/M
1367Robin BloomCommack NY7648 69 F 45-4952:15.252:15.234:49.916:51/M
1368Michele SchoenfeldYorktown Heights NY100752 46 F 50-5452:16.552:16.534:51.216:52/M
1369Meredith McNamara.71328 77 F 25-2952:40.452:40.435:15.116:59/M
1370Peter McNamaraNew York NEW YORK71431 50 M 30-3452:40.452:40.436:27.416:59/M
1371Elizabeth MacGilvraySetauket NY64165 2 F 65-6952:48.052:48.035:22.717:02/M
1372Vincent GiovannettoneKings Park NY39257 34 M 55-5952:49.452:49.436:36.417:02/M
1373Richard SheridanCommack NY102869 8 M 65-6952:49.852:49.836:36.817:02/M
1374Ray Fassberger.156782 1 M 80-9952:55.552:55.536:42.417:04/M
1375Jennifer HerrmannBay Shore NY46531 74 F 30-3453:01.853:01.835:36.517:06/M
1376Jake ThorntonKings Park NY10856 135 M 1-1453:46.554:12.437:33.417:29/M
1377Michele ColaceDeer Park NEW YORK16441 78 F 40-4453:46.854:10.636:21.517:28/M
1378Joseph LazarNorthport NEW YORK59663 14 M 60-6453:50.955:20.337:37.817:51/M
1379Deborah LazarNorthport NEW YORK59460 5 F 60-6453:54.455:24.036:29.117:52/M
1380Sammy LazarNorthport NY60028 38 M 25-2953:54.655:24.237:41.617:52/M
1381Christine FlemingCommack NEW YORK33842 79 F 40-4454:02.655:10.836:37.317:48/M
1382Mary J GonzalezBay Shore NEW YORK40651 47 F 50-5454:15.854:15.836:50.517:30/M
1383Lisa DineenIslip NEW YORK24549 70 F 45-4954:19.954:19.936:54.617:31/M
1384Katie TrapaniKings Park NEW YORK110019 78 F 15-1954:25.355:43.537:00.017:58/M
1385Sandra RamalhoKings Park NY120429 78 F 25-2954:34.655:30.037:09.317:54/M
1386Sheila SampsonNorthport NY97718 79 F 15-1954:34.855:51.837:09.518:01/M
1387Andre RamalhoKings Park NY120528 39 M 25-2954:36.155:29.738:23.017:54/M
1388Catherine E TrapaniKings Park NEW YORK109847 71 F 45-4954:36.355:53.637:11.018:02/M
1389Erin TrapaniKings Park NEW YORK109921 57 F 20-2454:37.355:54.437:12.018:02/M
1390John SampsonNorthport NEW YORK97451 80 M 50-5454:38.655:55.038:25.518:02/M
1391Tara TrapaniKings Park NEW YORK110217 80 F 15-1954:39.355:57.137:14.018:03/M
1392Jacquelyn SchwartzNesconset NEW YORK10166 93 F 1-1454:57.055:30.637:31.717:54/M
1393Maria SavordAndover MA98518 81 F 15-1954:57.555:31.037:32.217:55/M
1394Suzanne SchwartzNesconset NEW YORK101744 80 F 40-4455:00.055:33.937:34.717:55/M
1395Craig SchwartzNesconset NEW YORK101545 86 M 45-4955:01.455:34.138:48.417:55/M
1396Bernie SavordAndover MA98454 81 M 50-5455:02.155:36.438:49.017:56/M
1397Christopher PflugDeer Park NEW YORK84136 61 M 35-3955:06.255:59.538:53.218:04/M
1398Laura ClaiborneDeer Park NY134653 48 F 50-5455:08.055:08.037:42.717:47/M
1399Jessica ClaiborneDeer Park NY134525 79 F 25-2955:08.555:08.537:43.217:47/M
1400Mary BonamoFt. Salonga NY132843 81 F 40-4455:18.456:14.437:53.118:08/M
1401Cindy MihaleySmithtown NEW YORK74238 60 F 35-3955:49.755:49.738:24.418:00/M
1402Heidi MendelsohnKings Park NY73131 75 F 30-3455:50.056:58.138:24.718:23/M
1403Nancy GiegerichKings Park NY38229 80 F 25-2955:51.356:58.438:26.018:23/M
1404Kerry KildaleHauppauge NY147338 61 F 35-3955:53.955:53.938:28.618:02/M
1405Michele BarciaBethpage NEW YORK5548 72 F 45-4955:58.255:58.238:32.918:03/M
1406Ashley RubinPort Jefferson NEW YORK95923 58 F 20-2455:59.555:59.538:34.218:04/M
1407Daisy ConnollyHauppauge NEW YORK16928 81 F 25-2956:01.056:01.038:35.718:04/M
1408Jack KerryKings Park NY150765 9 M 65-6956:01.556:01.539:48.418:04/M
1409Shari McGuireDartmouth MA69955 27 F 55-5956:06.457:02.938:41.118:24/M
1410Margaret McGuireKings Park NEW YORK69552 49 F 50-5456:07.857:03.338:42.518:24/M
1411Alan McKeeven.15060 19 M 0- 056:08.256:08.239:55.118:06/M
1412Lark Mac DonaldSmithtown NEW YORK63859 28 F 55-5957:01.057:26.839:35.718:32/M
1413Christopher StoryKings Park NY105464 15 M 60-6457:01.457:27.140:48.318:32/M
1414Laura PetersRonkonkoma NEW YORK83947 73 F 45-4957:11.057:11.039:45.718:27/M
1415Kerm McKeevenKings Point NY15050 20 M 0- 057:16.357:16.341:03.218:28/M
1416Sabrina GonzalezBay Shore NY40729 82 F 25-2958:06.358:06.340:41.018:45/M
1417Angela GonzalezBay Shore NEW YORK40329 83 F 25-2958:06.458:06.440:41.118:45/M
1418Justine RiveraBay Shore NEW YORK92529 84 F 25-2958:08.258:08.240:42.918:45/M
1419Adriane GellerMelville NEW YORK37466 3 F 65-6958:23.559:00.940:58.219:02/M
1420Thomas BourguignonRonkonkoma NEW YORK9052 82 M 50-5458:36.358:36.342:23.318:54/M
1421Jamie BourguignonRonkonkoma NEW YORK8816 82 F 15-1958:36.958:36.941:11.618:54/M
1422Evelyn BourguignonRonkonkoma NEW YORK8752 50 F 50-5458:47.958:47.941:22.618:58/M
1423Skylar VerityCommack NY14059 94 F 1-1458:53.659:54.141:28.319:19/M
1424Kimberlee MonteauxBurlington VERMONT74833 76 F 30-3459:18.959:18.941:53.619:08/M
1425Paul De FreitasBurlington VT21232 51 M 30-3459:19.259:19.243:06.119:08/M
1426Bill PrebleKings Park NEW YORK87467 10 M 65-6959:21.01:00:30.043:07.919:31/M
1427Karin PrebleKings Park NEW YORK87535 62 F 35-3959:25.11:00:32.941:59.819:32/M
1428Sean KennyCommack NY54814 136 M 1-1459:32.259:32.243:19.219:12/M
1429Lawrence HellerChicago ILLINOIS46341 62 M 40-4459:45.21:00:59.843:32.119:40/M
1430Mary Fournier.34636 63 F 35-3959:45.41:00:58.642:20.119:40/M
1431Maryellen PetersCommack NEW YORK84045 74 F 45-491:00:29.21:01:32.643:03.919:51/M
1432Sandra KennyCommack NEW YORK54751 51 F 50-541:00:31.91:01:32.143:06.619:51/M
1433Adrienne RossellKings Park NY95164 6 F 60-641:01:01.81:02:09.343:36.520:03/M
1434Marylou GartlandWest Nyack NEW YORK37156 29 F 55-591:01:39.81:01:39.844:14.519:53/M
1435Valerie AleseKings Park NEW YORK1551 52 F 50-541:01:39.81:01:39.844:14.519:53/M
1436Michelle LazarSmithtown NY59720 59 F 20-241:01:52.11:03:59.944:26.820:38/M
1437Robert LazarSmithtown NY59857 35 M 55-591:01:56.31:03:56.845:43.320:37/M
1438Janine LazarSmithtown NEW YORK59553 53 F 50-541:02:11.31:04:19.444:46.020:45/M
1439Samantha LazarSmithtown NY59925 85 F 25-291:02:15.51:04:18.844:50.220:45/M

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