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12th Annual Falling Colors 8k Run and 5k Walk

Rock Hill, NY, November 17, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Kim Klemen, Race Director. Timing by

12th Annual Falling Colors 8k Run and 5k Walk........
Overall Finish List........
2012 November 17........
Results By
8k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1David McCareyCircleville NY21322***** M 20-2926:58.526:58.55:26/M
2Raymond RevellWurtsboro NY23539***** M 30-3929:17.529:17.55:54/M
3Jim PlelanMontgomery NY22548***** M 40-4929:28.529:28.55:56/M
4Tyler FoxwellRock Hill NY26616 1 M 15-1929:41.029:41.05:58/M
5Mac ThurstonPine Bush NY25746 1 M 40-4931:08.331:08.36:16/M
6John SellstromLiberty NY23840 2 M 40-4931:26.531:26.56:19/M
7Frank ColellaCampbell Hall NY14554 1 M 50-5931:32.831:32.86:21/M
8Erik SellstromLiberty NY23742 3 M 40-4931:47.031:47.06:24/M
9Ken RaapMiddletown NY23141 4 M 40-4931:52.831:52.86:25/M
10Ian KurzrockWoodbourne NY13214 1 M 13-1431:54.531:54.56:25/M
11Katy SchlichtmanRock Hill NY12927***** F 20-2932:13.032:13.06:29/M
12Ken De VriesHopewell Junction NY10761 1 M 60-6932:36.832:36.86:34/M
13Erik CollierBloomingburg NY12332 1 M 30-3933:15.533:15.56:41/M
14Kieran CavanaughRock Hill NY13514 2 M 13-1434:43.034:43.06:59/M
15Courtney LoertscherWallkill NY10324***** F 20-2935:10.835:10.87:05/M
16Pastor RamosMonticello NY23350 2 M 50-5935:19.335:19.37:06/M
17Patty InsignaresGoshen NY13951***** F 50-5935:33.235:33.27:09/M
18Bob McPhillipsMontgomery NY26456 3 M 50-5935:57.035:57.07:14/M
19Tom AndryshakFlorida NY17046 5 M 40-4936:04.036:04.07:15/M
20Erika EmighWallkill NY12150 1 F 50-5936:15.836:15.87:18/M
21George AckermannKenoza Lake NY26554 4 M 50-5936:44.536:44.57:23/M
22Daria PetragliaPhiladelphia PA22145 1 F 40-4936:45.036:45.07:24/M
23Bob WatermanMiddletown NY24945 6 M 40-4936:48.536:48.57:24/M
24Michael SaroskyWalden NY10148 7 M 40-4936:50.336:50.37:25/M
25Chris ScaliRock Hill NY11937 2 M 30-3937:05.837:05.87:28/M
26Jill CroucherWashingtonville NY13446 2 F 40-4937:08.337:08.37:28/M
27Jean BeattieFlorida NY17443 3 F 40-4937:09.537:09.57:28/M
28Eliz BassettRock Hill NY17236 1 F 30-3937:20.037:20.07:31/M
29Jerry QuigleyMiddletown NY12753 5 M 50-5937:31.037:31.07:33/M
30John DowneyKingston NY18561 2 M 60-6937:37.837:37.87:34/M
31Marco PabonMiddletown NY13651 6 M 50-5938:12.538:12.57:41/M
32 Jr Martin NowakMiddletown NY21950 7 M 50-5938:17.738:17.77:42/M
33Andy KalterSouth Fallsburgh NY20542 8 M 40-4938:32.538:32.57:45/M
34Carl ZuidemaWarwick NY13064 3 M 60-6938:45.338:45.37:48/M
35Lorne MacDonaldSussex NJ21267 4 M 60-6938:52.338:52.37:49/M
36Bill RosenbergWalkill NY10471 1 M 70-9939:07.539:07.57:52/M
37Susan SheeleyClaryville NY23953 2 F 50-5939:37.539:37.57:58/M
38Kelly IrvingCocheton NY25930 2 F 30-3939:40.339:40.37:59/M
39John MonchakTafton PA21561 5 M 60-6939:45.539:45.58:00/M
40Karen PorzeltMiddletown NY22652 3 F 50-5939:48.039:48.08:00/M
41John SingerSuffern NY24272 2 M 70-9939:54.839:54.88:02/M
42David VazquezWurtsboro NY11662 6 M 60-6939:59.539:59.58:03/M
43Joann AndryshakFlorida NY16942 4 F 40-4940:21.840:21.88:07/M
44Joseph CasilloMiddletown NY17960 7 M 60-6940:59.840:59.88:15/M
45Dennis ToscanoLiberty NY10251 8 M 50-5941:19.841:19.88:19/M
46Joe LoughlinRock Hill NY11752 9 M 50-5941:27.541:27.58:20/M
47Andrew DowneyKingston NY18625 1 M 20-2941:31.341:31.38:21/M
48Alex SmithMiddletown NY12260 8 M 60-6941:40.041:40.08:23/M
49Sharon PhillipsMiddletown NY22250 4 F 50-5941:41.841:41.88:23/M
50Tyler KilcoinMiddletown NY12523 1 F 20-2941:48.841:48.88:25/M
51Harry OwensBeacon NY22054 10 M 50-5941:54.041:54.08:26/M
52Robert DossCampbell Hall NY10939 3 M 30-3942:19.342:19.38:31/M
53John IhloBarryville NY20248 9 M 40-4942:31.042:31.08:33/M
54Jenny FosterMountaindale NY19333 3 F 30-3942:54.342:54.38:38/M
55Hannah PlelanMontgomery NY22414 1 F 13-1442:58.342:58.38:39/M
56Todd GrodinWurtsboro NY13742 10 M 40-4943:51.543:51.58:49/M
57Nancy FigueroaGrahamsville NY25844 5 F 40-4944:01.844:01.88:51/M
58Tammy BoscoOtisville NY17649 6 F 40-4944:16.044:16.08:54/M
59Abby BilliasPine Bush NY17551 5 F 50-5945:25.045:25.09:08/M
60Charles BowenChesterq NY17755 11 M 50-5945:27.345:27.39:09/M
61Liam EvansRock Hill NY18811 1 M 11-1246:03.846:03.89:16/M
62Enide MitchellHarriman NY21449 7 F 40-4946:22.546:22.59:20/M
63Marjorie LawtonBloomingburg NY20947 8 F 40-4946:27.346:27.39:21/M
64Kyle EvansRock Hill NY1897 1 M 1-1046:29.046:29.09:21/M
65Amanda EvansRock Hill NY18737 4 F 30-3946:29.346:29.39:21/M
66Patrick JenkinsHighland Mills NY20349 11 M 40-4947:18.047:18.09:31/M
67Carolyn NegryczMonroe NY21757 6 F 50-5947:31.347:31.39:34/M
68George RealmutoMiddletown NY23471 3 M 70-9947:41.347:41.39:36/M
69Joseph MarchesanoHarriman NY10861 9 M 60-6947:48.347:48.39:37/M
70Melissa HarjesPine Bush NY19820 2 F 20-2947:50.347:50.39:37/M
71Eileen WohltjenHurleyville NY25259 7 F 50-5948:25.048:25.09:45/M
72Gladys NievesRock Hill NY21858 8 F 50-5948:32.348:32.39:46/M
73Marc LefflerPomona NY21055 12 M 50-5948:41.548:41.59:48/M
74John LacenereMiddletown NY2629 2 M 1-1049:57.049:57.010:03/M
75Christine YanyMonroe NY26714 2 F 13-1449:57.149:57.110:03/M
76Connor HoffmanHowells NY20111 2 M 11-1250:03.350:03.310:04/M
77Roger FilanninoMontgomery NY19255 13 M 50-5950:46.250:46.210:13/M
78Joe WalshLake Ariel PA26158 14 M 50-5950:46.550:46.510:13/M
79Janet LeeRock Tavern NY13130 5 F 30-3951:19.051:19.010:20/M
80Mike QuinnGoshen NY13351 15 M 50-5952:08.352:08.310:29/M
81Andrea PlelanMontgomery NY22345 9 F 40-4952:11.352:11.310:30/M
82Sheila PlvanMiddletown NY11449 10 F 40-4952:36.352:36.310:35/M
83Kyle ShiversMonticello NY24027 2 M 20-2952:44.352:44.310:37/M
84Mary HarjesPine Bush NY19949 11 F 40-4954:31.354:31.310:58/M
85Don WellsMiddletown NY25064 10 M 60-6954:31.554:31.510:58/M
86Jim WilliamsSchuylerville NY11254 16 M 50-5957:47.557:47.511:38/M
87Beverley GarzonParksville NY19462 1 F 60-6958:07.858:07.811:42/M
88Rebecca WithersWallkill NY10564 2 F 60-691:00:08.61:00:08.612:06/M
89Daniel SturmMongaup Valley N12449 12 M 40-491:00:15.91:00:15.912:07/M
90Jennifer JessupEllenville NY20433 6 F 30-391:01:18.61:01:18.612:20/M
91Heather FassellWurtsboro NY19133 7 F 30-391:01:19.11:01:19.112:20/M
92Ann SingerSuffern NY24169 3 F 60-691:02:47.61:02:47.612:38/M
93Jennifer BeasleyKiamesha Lake NY14036 8 F 30-391:05:05.31:05:05.313:06/M
94Mary HeinleWhite Sulphur Springs NY20078 1 F 70-991:07:02.61:07:02.613:29/M
95Rose VolaskiGoshen NY24660 4 F 60-691:07:50.91:07:50.913:39/M
96Marion SchneiderPine Bush NY11371 2 F 70-991:42:58.91:42:58.920:43/M
5k Walk........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Bob HarjesPine Bush NY19750***** M 20-9930:29.830:29.89:50/M
2Kim FlynnWurtsboro NY25558***** F 20-9931:10.831:10.810:03/M
3James GoldfarbHarris NY19554***** M 20-9934:58.334:58.311:17/M
4Helen RadosHarris NY23261***** F 20-9936:25.536:25.511:45/M
5Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY23659***** F 20-9942:28.342:28.313:42/M
6Myrna RiveraMiddletown NY12854***** F 20-9945:33.045:33.014:42/M
7Barbara VazquezWurtsboro NY11565***** F 20-9946:20.346:20.314:57/M
8Owen BassettRock Hill NY1738***** M 1-1947:25.347:25.315:18/M
9Jennifer JenkinsHighland Mills NY11046 1 F 20-9947:30.347:30.315:19/M
10Piper JenkinsHighland Mills NY1118 1 F 1-1947:30.847:30.815:19/M
11Michael BassettRock Hill NY25636***** M 20-9947:32.047:32.015:20/M
12Eileen KalterSouth Fallsburgh NY20669 2 F 20-9947:48.547:48.515:25/M
13Kelly DesmondClaryville NY18487 3 F 20-9957:16.357:16.318:28/M

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