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Chenango Arts Council Allegro 5k

Norwich, NY, May 5, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Joyce Zummo, Race Director. Timing by

Allegro Run for the Arts 5k.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 May 05.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Shaun Horan.40930***** M 30-3916:55.35:27/M
2Jamie ZienoNorwich NY38017 1 M 15-1917:33.05:40/M
3Scott HornungBainbridge NY31928 1 M 20-2918:33.35:59/M
4Adam FrenchNorwich NY30732 1 M 30-3919:06.56:10/M
5Steve Alemar.41820 2 M 20-2919:29.26:17/M
6Trish Horan.40826***** F 20-2919:40.56:21/M
7Ashley CollierNorwich NY29721 1 F 20-2920:27.56:36/M
8Connor NicholsNorwich NY34013 1 M 1-1420:28.06:36/M
9Diane DistefanoNorwich NY30441 1 F 40-4920:55.26:45/M
10Faith Marie PikeNorwich NY34617 1 F 15-1921:13.06:51/M
11Dondon Currie.39638 2 M 30-3921:27.56:55/M
12Chris Grantz.40435 3 M 30-3921:47.07:02/M
13Colin BurlisonNorwich NY28816 2 M 15-1921:49.57:02/M
14Herbert VasquezNorwich NY37426 3 M 20-2922:25.07:14/M
15Steve PelosiNorwich NY39133 4 M 30-3922:37.87:18/M
16Chad RobinsonNorwich NY38533 5 M 30-3922:56.87:24/M
17Martha ClemensPlymouth NY29614 1 F 1-1423:04.27:26/M
18Tom AckermanNew Berlin NY28144 1 M 40-4923:09.87:28/M
19Danielle SlatePlymouth NY36216 2 F 15-1923:10.37:28/M
20John MorrisSherburne NY39226 4 M 20-2923:22.87:32/M
21Kodie TannerNorwich NY36827 2 F 20-2923:23.57:33/M
22Harold GardnerNorwich NY31160 1 M 60-9923:28.87:34/M
23Parker DeanNorwich NY30011 2 M 1-1423:33.37:36/M
24Emily BentivegnaNorwich NY38326 3 F 20-2923:44.87:39/M
25Darian Grippaldi.40216 3 M 15-1923:45.87:40/M
26Robert LungerNorwich NY32651 1 M 50-5924:01.57:45/M
27Amy SpittlerNorwich NY36749 2 F 40-4924:04.57:46/M
28Katie Gawronski.4039 2 F 1-1424:07.87:47/M
29Bryan FrenchMorris NY30812 3 M 1-1424:13.57:49/M
30Arthur Fleming.42435 6 M 30-3924:14.07:49/M
31Julian Roque.4129 4 M 1-1424:37.57:56/M
32Steve TworkowskyNorwich NY37351 2 M 50-5924:45.57:59/M
33Glenn Rigerman.41437 7 M 30-3924:53.88:02/M
34John DersS. Otselic NY30262 2 M 60-9924:56.88:03/M
35Branden Davis.41318 4 M 15-1925:02.38:05/M
36Mary Houck.42350 1 F 50-5925:07.58:06/M
37Katie Monser.41617 3 F 15-1925:15.08:09/M
38Rush FrenchMorris NY38643 2 M 40-4925:18.58:10/M
39Terri SeagerSmyrna NY35953 2 F 50-5925:19.58:10/M
40Amy KorverNorwich NY32227 4 F 20-2925:21.88:11/M
41Lance ThorneOxford NY37237 8 M 30-3925:25.08:12/M
42Ethan FrenchNew Berlin NY39314 5 M 1-1425:25.08:12/M
43Christine OliverOxford NY34243 3 F 40-4925:27.58:13/M
44Jack RoqueNorwich NY41145 3 M 40-4925:34.08:15/M
45Linda SlatePlymouth NY36341 4 F 40-4925:42.38:17/M
46Jeff Rudy.42041 4 M 40-4926:08.08:26/M
47Amy ThorneOxford NY37132 1 F 30-3926:08.88:26/M
48John PlaceDeposit NY34750 3 M 50-5926:14.38:28/M
49Brad HallNorwich NY38452 4 M 50-5926:25.38:31/M
50Kelly LutherPittsford NY32742 5 F 40-4926:46.38:38/M
51Rebecca HargraveNorwich NY31534 2 F 30-3927:07.28:45/M
52Jennifer Atler.41042 6 F 40-4927:08.08:45/M
53Corinne SheaNorwich NY36015 4 F 15-1927:11.58:46/M
54Kristen SlatePlymouth NY36114 3 F 1-1427:11.88:46/M
55Micheal Greenhouse.40127 5 M 20-2927:20.08:49/M
56Sophie LiberatoreNorwich NY32561 1 F 60-9927:25.58:51/M
57Misty Cloyd.42532 3 F 30-3927:26.78:51/M
58Alicia BurrellNorwich NY28931 4 F 30-3927:46.58:57/M
59Jennifer PetersonNorwich NY34335 5 F 30-3927:55.09:00/M
60Carissa NicholsNorwich NY33910 4 F 1-1427:55.59:00/M
61Sonya HoustonNorwich NY32030 6 F 30-3927:55.89:00/M
62Joann CerasaniPlymouth NY29247 7 F 40-4928:06.79:04/M
63Ronald PikeNorwich NY34456 5 M 50-5928:23.89:09/M
64Hannah CollierNorwich NY29818 5 F 15-1928:31.39:12/M
65Nicole MealeyNorwich NY33214 5 F 1-1429:05.59:23/M
66Joann LuysterOxford NY32831 7 F 30-3929:13.59:25/M
67Dave Frivit.42232 9 M 30-3929:28.09:30/M
68Terry ConantNorwich NY38858 6 M 50-5929:30.09:31/M
69Maya BlaisureNorwich NY28411 6 F 1-1429:40.59:34/M
70Tenley Golden.41918 6 F 15-1929:40.89:34/M
71Katelynn Davis.41514 7 F 1-1429:41.89:35/M
72Triniti MyersNorwich NY33810 8 F 1-1429:42.09:35/M
73Nichole SmithClinton NY36422 5 F 20-2929:48.59:37/M
74Amanda GageMt. Upton NY31028 6 F 20-2929:48.59:37/M
75Jared PruskowskiGuilford NY34911 6 M 1-1429:50.09:37/M
76Anne GearyEarlville NY31251 3 F 50-5929:50.59:37/M
77John PruskowskiGuilford NY34839 10 M 30-3929:51.09:38/M
78Kelly RyanBayville NY35637 8 F 30-3930:00.89:41/M
79Claire DersS. Otselic NY30162 2 F 60-9930:05.89:42/M
80Walter DersS. Otselic NY30311 7 M 1-1430:06.09:43/M
81Cherokee BournNorwich NY28652 4 F 50-5930:12.09:45/M
82Gina RappEarlville NY35039 9 F 30-3930:17.09:46/M
83Rich BreslinGreene NY28762 3 M 60-9930:24.59:48/M
84Susan GranquistNorwich NY31342 8 F 40-4930:24.59:48/M
85Maureen Bartlett.41746 9 F 40-4930:26.59:49/M
86Kevin CampbellOxford NY29138 11 M 30-3930:47.39:56/M
87Joanne Stafford.40536 10 F 30-3930:50.09:57/M
88Marna DunhamS. New Berlin NY30550 5 F 50-5930:53.59:58/M
89Cindy Benner.40655 6 F 50-5930:54.59:58/M
90Adam PikeNorwich NY34515 5 M 15-1931:16.810:05/M
91Linda CalleaNorwich NY29055 7 F 50-5931:19.810:06/M
92Diana SchafferNorwich NY35853 8 F 50-5931:28.810:09/M
93Rick SchafferNorwich NY35753 7 M 50-5931:29.510:09/M
94Colleen AckermanNew Berlin NY28046 10 F 40-4931:42.510:14/M
95Caitlin LawrenceSherburne NY38713 9 F 1-1432:01.510:20/M
96Claudia JenkinsUnadilla NY32155 9 F 50-5932:31.810:29/M
97Lynnea BendixenNorwich NY28356 10 F 50-5932:38.510:32/M
98Melissa Krivit.42130 11 F 30-3932:38.810:32/M
99Pamela NicholsNorwich NY34141 5 M 40-4932:45.010:34/M
100Olivia ClarkSherburne NY29513 10 F 1-1433:34.510:50/M
101Heather MyersNorwich NY33735 12 F 30-3933:37.010:51/M
102Landon HamiltonNorwich NY3147 8 M 1-1433:50.510:55/M
103Nicole HooperNorwich NY31826 7 F 20-2933:50.810:55/M
104Patty RomaNorwich NY35455 11 F 50-5934:56.811:16/M
105Michael WatersWatertown NY37758 8 M 50-5934:58.311:17/M
106James TerryNorwich NY37038 12 M 30-3935:24.811:25/M
107Kelly TaylorNorwich NY36936 13 F 30-3935:25.011:25/M
108Skip LeibundgutNorwich NY32452 9 M 50-5935:35.511:29/M
109Elizabeth Barber-BreeseNorwich NY28239 14 F 30-3936:25.811:45/M
110Pam MealeyNorwich NY33144 11 F 40-4936:49.311:53/M
111Isaac McKown.40033 13 M 30-3938:13.312:20/M
112Tara WheelerNorwich NY37822 8 F 20-2938:29.512:25/M
113Isabelle Briggs.3986 11 F 1-1438:32.812:26/M
114Kjersh Van Slyke Briggs.39935 15 F 30-3938:33.012:26/M
115Virgil Briggs.39735 14 M 30-3938:34.012:26/M
116Donna DavisNorwich NY38157 12 F 50-5939:01.312:35/M
117Deanna RickardBainbridge NY38240 12 F 40-4939:01.712:35/M
118Patrick PhelanEarlville NY39044 6 M 40-4939:08.312:37/M
119Margaret FetzkoEarlville NY38939 16 F 30-3939:09.012:38/M
120Ryan ChronisterEndicott NY29323 6 M 20-2939:19.012:41/M
121Karen RamirezNorwich NY39446 13 F 40-4939:54.512:52/M
122Carol Hart.40767 3 F 60-9940:25.513:02/M
123Bertha KasmarcikMcdonough NY39556 13 F 50-5940:41.513:07/M
124June Vyse-GravenerMt. Upton NY37580 4 F 60-9941:50.313:30/M
125Shannon HarrellNorwich NY31639 17 F 30-3941:50.313:30/M
126Kiana HarrellNorwich NY31716 7 F 15-1941:51.013:30/M
127Mary WatersWatertown NY37650 14 F 50-5944:11.314:15/M
128Jillia Ferrarese.4266 12 F 1-1445:18.514:37/M
129Linda McNeilNorwich NY33055 15 F 50-5950:36.816:19/M
130Donna LeeNorwich NY32364 5 F 60-9950:37.316:20/M

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