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4th Annual 5k For Caitlin Run and Walk

Westtown, NY, May 26, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Chris Hammaren, Race Director. Timing by

Fifth Annual 5k For Caitlin.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 May 26.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Jason KennedyHonesdale PA86431***** M 30-3418:10.25:52/M
2Liam WelshWesttown NY38626 1 M 25-2918:29.55:58/M
3James VanderwieleWesttown NY1380 1 M 0- 019:13.06:12/M
4Allison DavisWesttown NY29715***** F 14-1719:29.56:17/M
5Jeff StarkWesttown NY82453 1 M 50-5421:08.76:49/M
6Michael WilliamsWashingtonville NY39941 1 M 40-4421:20.76:53/M
7April AckermannCochecton NY86524 1 F 21-2421:30.56:56/M
8Victoria Scrima.37017 1 F 14-1722:10.57:09/M
9Paul WileyWesttown NY39448 1 M 45-4922:19.77:13/M
10Ira FleisherMonroe NY30750 2 M 50-5422:32.97:17/M
11Scot KurpickMiddletown NY33732 1 M 30-3422:50.57:23/M
12Thomas AndryshakFlordia NY26546 2 M 45-4922:59.07:25/M
13John HarbinArlington VA31624 1 M 21-2422:45.27:28/M
14Debbo SpannagelNew Hampton NY18718 1 F 18-2023:17.57:31/M
15Victor SolisMiddletown NY84447 3 M 45-4923:35.07:37/M
16Matthew Van VorstMiddletown NY8450 2 M 0- 023:38.47:40/M
17Josh ClevengerSleepy Exe MN82321 2 M 21-2424:17.57:50/M
18Nancy TrammellPort Jervis NY37563 1 F 60-6424:15.77:50/M
19William BachelderMilford PA8220 3 M 0- 024:29.07:55/M
20Christian HammarenWesttown NY82645 4 M 45-4924:43.07:59/M
21Michael JabsRichmond VA33124 3 M 21-2424:24.38:00/M
22Erik BrodieMonticello NY43428 2 M 25-2924:59.58:04/M
23John MurranFallsburg NY25530 2 M 30-3425:01.58:04/M
24Lorne Mac DonaldSussex NJ34467 1 M 65-9925:02.78:05/M
25Isabelle Hache-RoseChester NY31531 1 F 30-3424:56.58:07/M
26Shawn ManzieMiddletown NY19026 3 M 25-2925:07.78:10/M
27Bob WatermanMiddletown NY38245 5 M 45-4925:17.78:10/M
28Clarinda LainWesttown NY81321 2 F 21-2425:14.58:10/M
29Phillip MazanyWesttown NY18015 1 M 14-1725:26.08:13/M
30Tom BerhmanHuguenot NY43046 6 M 45-4925:37.08:17/M
31Charles JablonskiMiddletown NY32944 2 M 40-4425:49.58:21/M
32Madeline GoldsmithMiddletown NY31115 2 F 14-1725:51.48:22/M
33Brendan HoolanPort Jervis NY32435 1 M 35-3925:39.58:23/M
34Danielle CliffordWesttown NY29414 3 F 14-1726:00.98:24/M
35Charlie MarronWarwick NY34756 1 M 55-5926:02.98:26/M
36Steven KusiakPompton Plains NJ33927 4 M 25-2926:08.58:28/M
37Roy PittelkoGlenwood NJ22649 7 M 45-4926:20.48:31/M
38Michelle SegerWesttown NY37143 1 F 40-4426:29.08:33/M
39Brendan ConnorMiddletown NY84025 5 M 25-2926:13.08:33/M
40Amanda ConnorMiddletown NY83924 3 F 21-2426:12.78:33/M
41John MonchakTafton PA19861 1 M 60-6426:39.38:37/M
42Brian ReedPort Jervis NY8430 4 M 0- 026:46.28:38/M
43Lauren ProkopchakMiddletown NY36320 2 F 18-2026:53.78:40/M
44Emily CatizoneOtisville NY28914 4 F 14-1726:52.08:41/M
45Erin CliffordWesttown NY29213 1 F 1-1327:10.98:47/M
46Sarah McBridePatterson NY19144 2 F 40-4427:09.78:48/M
47Dane GroszekMiddletown NY84658 2 M 55-5927:17.78:48/M
48Emily BucknerPine Bush NY28122 4 F 21-2427:19.08:52/M
49Joann AndryshakFlordia NY26641 3 F 40-4427:21.28:53/M
50Christopher ForinoWesttown NY30839 2 M 35-3927:03.58:56/M
51Joseph CartisanoBurlingham NY28750 3 M 50-5427:38.48:56/M
52Michael McKeonNew Hampton NY86212 1 M 1-1327:43.58:56/M
53Casey WindmullerGlen Allen VA40324 5 F 21-2427:17.78:56/M
54Tyler RobertsonWesttown NY81417 2 M 14-1727:49.49:01/M
55Amanda LynchMiddletown NY83218 3 F 18-2027:55.79:03/M
56Karen PorzeltMiddletown NY25252 1 F 50-5427:53.29:03/M
57Vincent UseoPort Jervis NY37725 6 M 25-2928:27.59:11/M
58Martin Nowak JrMiddletown NY81649 8 M 45-4928:25.79:12/M
59Terri KeatingChester NY81855 1 F 55-5928:22.99:13/M
60Rick SanchezMiddletown NY85818 1 M 18-2028:50.79:18/M
61Emily GardnerHuguenot NY30915 5 F 14-1728:39.99:18/M
62Lee GuagentiPort Jervis NY31335 3 M 35-3928:30.89:18/M
63Elizabeth BraunscheidelNY28026 1 F 25-2928:57.09:20/M
64Rebekah SpannagelNew Hampton NY18518 4 F 18-2028:57.29:22/M
65Suzanne RossiSlate Hill NY36433 2 F 30-3429:11.79:25/M
66Maureen MichulskiMiddletown NY35341 4 F 40-4429:14.09:26/M
67Deanna ZawistowskOtisville NY40756 2 F 55-5929:12.09:26/M
68Karen De MaioMilford PA29833 3 F 30-3429:21.29:32/M
69Richard WilliamsWesttown NY40042 3 M 40-4429:44.79:37/M
70Thomas UhrigWesttown NY37627 7 M 25-2929:49.59:42/M
71Kat HernandezWesttown NY32122 6 F 21-2429:50.09:42/M
72Mike QuinonGoshen NY81750 4 M 50-5430:04.29:44/M
73Yvonne PalloweOtisville NY36016 6 F 14-1730:06.09:44/M
74Tammy Merritt-BoscoOtisville NY35249 1 F 45-4930:09.39:45/M
75David MedinaOtisville NY18117 3 M 14-1730:16.59:46/M
76Jim SpanagelNew Hampton NY18469 2 M 65-9930:13.09:47/M
77Al SwanClifton NJ37271 3 M 65-9930:26.09:49/M
78Casey SnyderAlbany NY83824 7 F 21-2430:18.09:52/M
79Kimberly JablonskiMiddletown NY33044 5 F 40-4430:22.99:53/M
80Regine FontaineMiddletown NY82848 2 F 45-4930:32.29:55/M
81David CatizoneOtisville NY29051 5 M 50-5430:36.49:55/M
82Dana BeaversSpring Brook Township PA27631 4 F 30-3430:49.29:57/M
83Jason BeaversSpring Brook Township PA27531 3 M 30-3430:49.29:57/M
84Emily BerezowskiMiddletown NY27717 7 F 14-1730:48.49:59/M
85Barbara SchaferWesttown NY36749 3 F 45-4930:56.510:00/M
86Brian CavanaghRock Hill NY25355 3 M 55-5931:03.510:01/M
87Kathryn HoolanPort Jervis NY32532 5 F 30-3430:46.910:02/M
88Carly GuagentiPort Jervis NY31432 6 F 30-3430:49.410:04/M
89Stacie BurakFort Rucker AL28222 8 F 21-2431:11.510:04/M
90Debra Van SickleMiddletown NY81545 4 F 45-4931:12.010:08/M
91James MaesanoPine Bush NY34624 4 M 21-2431:16.510:08/M
92Michael MaesanoCambell Hall NY34528 8 M 25-2931:16.710:09/M
93Curt Natalizio.35525 9 M 25-2931:20.210:09/M
94Erin BeamMiddletown NY27129 2 F 25-2931:20.710:09/M
95Lucie GrecoMiddletown NY82539 1 F 35-3931:37.210:12/M
96Vanessa SantosMiddletown NY36615 8 F 14-1731:37.710:14/M
97Claudia WallaceOtisville NY83635 2 F 35-3932:31.710:32/M
98Ken WallaceOtisville NY83737 4 M 35-3932:31.810:32/M
99Michelle BucknerPb NY84215 9 F 14-1732:36.410:34/M
100Fran SchlottWarwick NY41956 3 F 55-5932:56.910:40/M
101Zachary DitrocchioWesttown NY17418 2 M 18-2033:13.410:45/M
102Daniel ButterfieldPort Jervis NY28325 10 M 25-2933:15.910:46/M
103Eve McClanahanPine Island NY34949 5 F 45-4933:15.910:51/M
104Karri HewlettMiddletown NY42936 3 F 35-3933:19.710:54/M
105Kelby BucknerPine Bush NY84120 5 F 18-2033:42.510:55/M
106Elizabeth MazanyWesttown NY17912 2 F 1-1333:50.810:55/M
107Gabriella RiobruWesttown NY19713 3 F 1-1333:52.810:55/M
108Lisa AlbornotWesttown NY26337 4 F 35-3933:58.210:57/M
109Kelsey LainWesttown NY81224 9 F 21-2433:53.210:58/M
110Rebecca BachelderMilford PA82035 5 F 35-3934:12.511:02/M
111Sheila PlvanMiddletown NY81948 6 F 45-4934:31.011:08/M
112Barbara CliffordWesttown NY29350 2 F 50-5434:32.411:10/M
113Jessica DeckerSlate Hill NY29930 7 F 30-3435:13.511:24/M
114Nicole ConklinWesttown NY81117 10 F 14-1735:46.911:35/M
115Brittany SchaferWesttown NY36917 11 F 14-1736:14.011:42/M
116Brendan HigginWesttown NY86715 4 M 14-1736:51.711:54/M
117James SheehanShohola PA43135 5 M 35-3937:20.212:05/M
118Joshua WhitbeckJohnson NY3935 2 M 1-1337:56.212:14/M
119Anthony McKeonNew Hampton NY83044 4 M 40-4437:59.212:15/M
120Olivia HeghmannWesttown NY32014 12 F 14-1737:59.512:18/M
121Shannon MolanderWesttown NY83314 13 F 14-1738:00.212:18/M
122Patricia IrwinHuguenot NY32643 6 F 40-4438:21.912:26/M
123Matthew ZackonMidlothian VA40625 11 M 25-2938:17.712:29/M
124Tom BarnettCampbell Hall NY22156 4 M 55-5938:55.512:37/M
125Allio MaesanoPine Bush NY82758 5 M 55-5938:56.412:37/M
126Jennifer JablonskiMiddletown NY32813 4 F 1-1339:11.512:38/M
127Jaqulynn AroosianNY20313 5 F 1-1339:11.512:38/M
128Samantha EvansMiddletown NY80912 6 F 1-1339:44.812:51/M
129Melissa NorwoodMilford PA35738 6 F 35-3939:50.712:59/M
130Betty Ann BarnittCampbell Hall NY21954 3 F 50-5440:52.213:14/M
131Ronald AilletWesttown NY26268 4 M 65-9941:32.513:24/M
132Stephen KatzPine Island NY33554 6 M 50-5442:40.213:55/M
133Myke NardoneSandyston NJ8600 5 M 0- 043:24.214:07/M
134Rebecca MowerMilford PA35424 10 F 21-2444:08.714:14/M
135John WhitbeckJohnson NY8217 3 M 1-1343:58.514:15/M
136Charlotte EvansMiddletown NY4337 7 F 1-1344:21.714:21/M
137Stacey EvansMiddletown NY43736 7 F 35-3944:22.514:22/M
138Mary Lynn BeamMiddletown NY27258 4 F 55-5945:03.714:42/M
139John WhitbeckJohnson NY3917 4 M 1-1349:20.716:00/M
140Johanna WileyWesttown NY39517 14 F 14-1749:35.516:03/M
141Tony GrecoWesttown NY31272 5 M 65-9950:14.416:13/M
142Meagan MullmanMountain Dale NY41036 8 F 35-3950:43.516:28/M
143Steven JamesSlate Hill NY86153 7 M 50-5452:29.217:02/M
144Maureen DaucherWesttown NY17851 4 F 50-5456:40.018:17/M
145Sara LemieuxMiddletown NY34317 15 F 14-1757:19.018:29/M
146Susan ManzieWesttown NY19657 5 F 55-591:01:38.719:53/M
147Emily HeghmannWesttown NY31915 16 F 14-171:01:58.720:05/M
148John R. Vander WielePompton Plains NJ37927 12 M 25-291:03:33.020:34/M
149John KusiakPompton Plains NJ33852 8 M 50-541:03:43.420:38/M
5k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Kathy WileyWesttown NY3960 1 F 0-9934:52.511:15/M
2Greg Bartholdi.27029 1 M 0-9934:54.511:24/M
3Kyle BairdJohnson NY26818 2 M 0-9936:56.511:55/M
4Laura BairdJohnson NY26954 2 F 0-9936:39.911:55/M
5Lilly WeilacherNew Hampton NY38512 3 F 0-9937:30.512:06/M
6Phil WhitbeckJohnson NY39032 3 M 0-9937:57.512:15/M
7Elliott ColonMiddletown NY29541 4 M 0-9938:18.712:28/M
8Sophia EinhornMiddletown NY30311 4 F 0-9940:01.212:56/M
9Beth McKeonNew Hampton NY82910 5 F 0-9940:20.713:01/M
10Lisa CartisanoBurlingham NY28840 6 F 0-9944:29.514:23/M
11Deena WhitbeckWest Seneca NY39224 7 F 0-9944:23.714:24/M
12Don KochWest Seneca NY3360 5 M 0-9944:38.314:24/M
13Kara AtlasJohnson NY26725 8 F 0-9946:04.214:52/M
14Bryan WelshWesttown NY81026 6 M 0-9946:04.214:52/M
15Katelyn McKeonNew Hampton NY83116 9 F 0-9946:08.915:00/M
16Lynda McKeonNew Hampton NY85943 10 F 0-9946:32.515:01/M
17Katie SciaabbaWesttown NY10111 11 F 0-9947:53.215:35/M
18Lana JaycoxMiddletown NY33234 12 F 0-9948:07.215:40/M
19Peggy AndersenWesttown NY26460 13 F 0-9948:48.515:49/M
20Laura WelshWesttown NY38755 14 F 0-9948:50.015:49/M
21Joanne ScialabbaWesttown NY10242 15 F 0-9949:04.215:59/M
22Terry MalonePort Jervis NY16946 16 F 0-9949:43.516:02/M
23Margaret O'NeillMamaroneck NY17341 17 F 0-9949:30.216:03/M
24Kathy HigginsWesttown NY8680 18 F 0-9949:45.216:03/M
25Karen KrawczykChester NY1750 19 F 0-9949:29.716:03/M
26Craig WhitbeckWesttown NY38855 7 M 0-9950:17.316:13/M
27Sue FitzpatrickPort Jervis NY30642 20 F 0-9950:52.016:25/M
28Joseph OkkenWayne NJ21127 8 M 0-9950:59.516:27/M
29Doreen OlverSparrow Bush NY35842 21 F 0-9951:03.516:28/M
30Jan HinckWesttown NY32268 22 F 0-9951:08.216:30/M
31Joanna WilliamsWesttown NY39838 23 F 0-9951:19.916:42/M
32Wendy StilwellSlate Hill NY86342 24 F 0-9952:28.217:02/M
33Eugene HeghmannWesttown NY31746 9 M 0-9952:51.217:09/M
34Dawn HeghmannWesttown NY31848 25 F 0-9952:54.217:10/M
35Joshua MarcolinaMiddletown NY15918 10 M 0-9953:24.517:14/M
36Morgan DeckerWesttown NY16517 26 F 0-9953:25.017:14/M
37Jon LemieuxMiddletown NY86659 11 M 0-9953:27.517:15/M
38Linda LemieuxMiddletown NY34157 27 F 0-9953:02.217:15/M
39Alyssa ButterfieldPort Jervis NY28427 28 F 0-9953:49.717:31/M
40Meghan McDowell.35022 29 F 0-9953:52.517:32/M
41Caitlyn McDowellNew York NY35126 30 F 0-9953:58.217:34/M
42Diane Hoch SankeySlate Hill NY32358 31 F 0-9955:57.718:03/M
43Nancy MazanyWesttown NY18345 32 F 0-9956:36.418:16/M
44Josephine LabellaOtisville NY86924 33 F 0-9956:49.218:27/M
45Karen WeilacherNew Hampton NY38442 34 F 0-9957:19.518:29/M
46Nancy FisherSlate Hill NY30553 35 F 0-9959:16.919:15/M
47 Jr. Douglas WilsonMiddletown NY40260 12 M 0-9959:16.719:15/M
48Teresa WilsonMiddletown NY40158 36 F 0-9959:17.519:15/M
49James Tarr.37325 13 M 0-9959:18.719:19/M
50Adrienne ButvinikOtisville NY28560 37 F 0-9959:36.419:21/M
51Katherine Tarr.37426 38 F 0-9959:24.519:21/M
52Nicole ManzieMiddletown NY19526 39 F 0-991:01:38.019:53/M
53Jeanine Vander WielePompton Plains NJ38025 40 F 0-991:01:56.720:04/M
54Christine GuerrierPine Bush NY43633 41 F 0-991:02:08.220:13/M
55Kristen BownasMontgomery NY27937 42 F 0-991:02:09.020:13/M
56Anita PladdetBiervliet SLUIS36150 43 F 0-991:03:34.720:35/M
57Debbie KusiakPompton Plains NJ34059 44 F 0-991:03:48.220:35/M
58Evan BeatonSlate Hill NY27325 14 M 0-991:06:36.021:36/M
59Gabriel BeatonSlate Hill NY2743 15 M 0-991:06:35.421:37/M
60Tara Van HornPort Jervis NY37837 45 F 0-991:07:24.721:52/M

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