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Safe Harbors Off Broadway 5k

Newburgh, NY, May 20, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

June Henley, Race Director. Timing by

Safe Harbors 5k Off Broadway Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 May 20.......
Results By
5k Run and Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Mike SlinskiyHopewell Junction NY53242***** M 40-4916:27.45:18/M
2Rufus WarehamRifton NY36017***** M 15-1916:55.95:27/M
3Rob BriwaPine Bush NY84121***** M 20-2916:58.15:28/M
4Leroy MeierUlster Park NY33516 1 M 15-1917:04.15:30/M
5Zachary KudlakNewburgh NY42829 1 M 20-2917:06.45:31/M
6Jennifer DeregoHighland Falls NY44432***** F 30-3918:04.55:50/M
7Keith BairdPlatte Clove NY314 1 M 10-1418:06.65:50/M
8Liza GredzinskiNewburgh NY59432***** F 30-3918:28.75:57/M
9Henry BowmanFarmington PA3016 2 M 15-1918:41.26:02/M
10James BloughRifton NY1114 2 M 10-1418:43.26:02/M
11Derek MeierFarmington PA33414 3 M 10-1418:46.26:03/M
12Wesley WiserUlster Park NY36515 3 M 15-1918:59.26:07/M
13Glen RaffertyNewburgh NY59917 4 M 15-1919:00.26:08/M
14Damien RimesRifton NY34715 5 M 15-1919:05.16:09/M
15Jeremy KipphutFarmington PA20913 4 M 10-1419:13.26:12/M
16Donald BollerUlster Park NY1915 6 M 15-1919:15.96:13/M
17Kyle AndrewsNewburgh NY55821 2 M 20-2919:16.76:13/M
18Conrad BloughRifton NY1016 7 M 15-1919:28.26:17/M
19Brian BarthUlster Park NY414 5 M 10-1419:28.86:17/M
20Alex MathisPlatte Clove NY32916 8 M 15-1919:39.76:20/M
21Travis MaendelUlster Park NY30214 6 M 10-1419:50.46:24/M
22Randy MowRifton NY33615 9 M 15-1919:51.16:24/M
23Chris RimesRifton NY34939 1 M 30-3919:51.86:24/M
24Kevin WilkensNew Windsor NY45424 3 M 20-2920:03.76:28/M
25Roman VidalsNewburgh NY54039 2 M 30-3920:11.46:31/M
26Scott BennNewburgh NY41948 1 M 40-4920:13.46:31/M
27Kevin PortilloNewburgh NY46121 4 M 20-2920:46.96:42/M
28Lloyd KeiderlingRifton NY9516 10 M 15-1920:48.56:43/M
29Kenneth ZimmermanUlster Park NY37023 5 M 20-2920:51.76:44/M
30Scott SilverstoneCornwall On Hudson NY42048 2 M 40-4920:53.46:44/M
31Benjamin DeckerUlster Park NY5815 11 M 15-1921:36.46:58/M
32Jeff NeroHopewell Junction NY19162 1 M 60-6921:52.77:03/M
33Inoel GuzmanNew Windsor NY45730 3 M 30-3922:18.47:12/M
34Steve WagnerNewburgh NY44745 3 M 40-4922:35.07:17/M
35Manuel FloresCornwall On Hudson NY44849 4 M 40-4922:40.87:19/M
36Fred GalbraithNew Windsor NY7438 4 M 30-3923:07.27:27/M
37Genalee ObrienWallkill NY34348***** F 40-4923:10.17:28/M
38Joseph CramerGardiner NY5415 12 M 15-1923:19.97:31/M
39Pablo CruzNewburgh NY46961 2 M 60-6923:21.47:32/M
40Craig StokesNewburgh NY52545 5 M 40-4923:43.77:39/M
41Clark NewmanNewburgh NY54445 6 M 40-4923:49.97:41/M
42Johnathan FloresCornwall On Hudson NY45117 13 M 15-1923:54.27:43/M
43Timothy KeeganRock Tavern NY8636 5 M 30-3923:56.37:43/M
44Jeff VooriteesWalden NY47350 1 M 50-5924:10.77:48/M
45Kristi GerbesNewburgh NY15939 1 F 30-3924:29.17:54/M
46Tim SullivanWallkill NY30443 7 M 40-4924:30.07:54/M
47Steve LarkinCornwall On Hudson NY30544 8 M 40-4924:30.87:54/M
48Andrew BergNewburgh NY721 6 M 20-2924:41.07:58/M
49Ralph DiazNewburgh NY52746 9 M 40-4924:42.47:58/M
50A IlyasCornwall On Hudson NY44918 14 M 15-1924:47.88:00/M
51Chris AllenNewburgh NY42929 7 M 20-2924:49.28:00/M
52Jesse RyderNewburgh NY48435 6 M 30-3924:56.58:03/M
53Terrence ThomasNewburgh NY48235 7 M 30-3924:57.58:03/M
54Jaime EstradaNew Windsor NY45618 15 M 15-1924:59.88:04/M
55Desiree KavanaghNewburgh NY37533 2 F 30-3925:17.98:09/M
56Leon WilliamsNewburgh NY36337 8 M 30-3925:26.88:12/M
57Patrick KavanaghNewburgh NY38430 9 M 30-3925:39.38:16/M
58Janalee WedenkoWashingtonville NY41028 1 F 20-2925:39.98:16/M
59Kristen KolinowskiHarriman NY40526 2 F 20-2925:42.98:17/M
60Emil BrownNewburgh NY48151 2 M 50-5925:44.48:18/M
61Jill LeggHarriman NY42552 1 F 50-5925:46.98:19/M
62Iliana BermudezNew Windsor NY52921 3 F 20-2925:47.68:19/M
63Dave ColandreaNewburgh NY4632 10 M 30-3925:48.38:19/M
64Joseph GannonRock Tavern NY7536 11 M 30-3925:53.48:21/M
65Ulises LiceagaNew York NY23937 12 M 30-3926:07.28:25/M
66Heather FrerilichNewburgh NY44646 1 F 40-4926:21.38:30/M
67Eddie RoddCornwall NY53912 7 M 10-1426:27.18:32/M
68Tom RobertsNewburgh NY35259 3 M 50-5926:29.48:33/M
69Gary BergNewburgh NY956 4 M 50-5926:32.48:34/M
70Rachel CollinsCornwall On Hudson NY36120 4 F 20-2926:35.48:35/M
71Melanie LarkinCornwall On Hudson NY21235 3 F 30-3926:36.58:35/M
72Dean JohnsonNewburgh NY47447 10 M 40-4926:57.28:42/M
73Deanna ZawistowskiOtisville NY36656 2 F 50-5926:57.68:42/M
74Jane BriefWarwick NY58648 2 F 40-4927:00.58:43/M
75Rick ColandreaNewburgh NY5134 13 M 30-3927:07.18:45/M
76Mary BoyerNewburgh NY34139 4 F 30-3927:24.78:50/M
77Canian BoseChester NY5812 1 F 1- 927:28.48:52/M
78Romel GalindoNewburgh NY54236 14 M 30-3927:36.98:54/M
79Mark VidiNewburgh NY46428 8 M 20-2927:48.88:58/M
80Unknown Partic. 517.517. 1 M 0- 027:48.98:58/M
81Carolyn HallNewburgh NY54641 3 F 40-4927:55.29:00/M
82Rachel WeidkamNewburgh NY36232 5 F 30-3927:56.09:01/M
83 Md Dr. Frank LancellottiAccord NY21058 5 M 50-5928:18.09:08/M
84Paul NussbickelBeacon NY34063 3 M 60-6928:26.39:10/M
85Alicia FelicianoKingston NY6324 5 F 20-2928:51.99:18/M
86Huong MelkonWest Point NY3140 4 F 40-4928:57.99:20/M
87John MelkonWest Point NY3443 11 M 40-4929:01.09:22/M
88Joan HaibonNew Windsor NY8055 3 F 50-5929:05.89:23/M
89John LauNewburgh NY56341 12 M 40-4929:20.19:28/M
90Matt WeinerNellis Afb NV40635 15 M 30-3929:20.69:28/M
91Addie BurnsNewburgh NY89834 6 F 30-3929:25.89:29/M
92Lauren FelkerMarlboro NY59534 7 F 30-3929:27.49:30/M
93Christina LiceagaNew York NY24438 8 F 30-3929:37.89:33/M
94Ashley ScottMiddletown NY54123 6 F 20-2929:47.79:36/M
95Natrhaniel CasharaCornwall On Hudson NY8129 1 M 1- 929:53.59:38/M
96Logan HaleyWestown NY41511 8 M 10-1429:59.79:40/M
97Meighan FogartyCornwall On Hudson NY6435 9 F 30-3930:11.59:44/M
98Kathleen RobertsNewburgh NY35658 4 F 50-5930:14.69:45/M
99Kate DabroskiNewburgh NY43527 7 F 20-2930:21.89:47/M
100Deanne IllenbergerNew Windsor NY8345 5 F 40-4931:07.210:02/M
101Joseph Stack.35952 6 M 50-5931:36.710:12/M
102Ken HagelmannNewburgh NY87165 4 M 60-6931:51.810:16/M
103Shannon ClarkNewburgh NY44345 6 F 40-4932:03.410:20/M
104Mary ClarkNewburgh NY4225 8 F 20-2932:08.810:22/M
105Amanda ClarkeWallkill NY45534 2 F 30-3932:13.710:24/M
106Elizabeth DrackettWallkill NY46045 7 F 40-4932:15.610:24/M
107Erica DahlChester NY43626 9 F 20-2932:21.410:26/M
108Kimberely RickardBrewster NY19243 8 F 40-4932:32.110:30/M
109Kathy BobellWallkill NY55033 10 F 30-3932:37.010:31/M
110Robert RickardBrewster NY19743 13 M 40-4932:39.110:32/M
111Rochelle MarshallMonroe NY30371 1 F 70-9932:51.010:36/M
112Margaret GaydosNewburgh NY7852 5 F 50-5933:45.310:53/M
113Michael HeaneyNewburgh NY8263 5 M 60-6933:57.910:57/M
114Quinn RatynskiNewburgh NY4808 2 F 1- 934:03.810:59/M
115Kiana WarrenNewburgh NY50017 1 F 15-1934:41.011:11/M
116Elizabeth WarrenNewburgh NY48642 9 F 40-4934:41.111:11/M
117Lynn WarrenNewburgh NY48545 14 M 40-4934:41.811:11/M
118Thomas ClarkWallkill NY44111 9 M 10-1434:46.111:13/M
119Triaa Hagerty WenzWest Hartford CT9743 10 F 40-4934:51.611:15/M
120Linda WinchellNew Windsor NY43349 11 F 40-4934:55.211:16/M
121Melissa DickeWappingers Falls NY6028 10 F 20-2934:55.311:16/M
122Tiffany ReisNew Windsor NY34538 11 F 30-3935:16.111:23/M
123Kenneth McKnightHighland Mills NY33345 15 M 40-4935:16.211:23/M
124Ashley ReschNew Windsor NY47227 11 F 20-2935:56.911:35/M
125Sidney JohnsonNewburgh NY47913 1 F 10-1436:44.211:51/M
126Karen PowlesNew Windsor NY41347 12 F 40-4936:52.311:54/M
127Hilda VasquezMiddletown NY54337 12 F 30-3937:04.011:57/M
128Patricia QuinonezNewburgh NY34438 13 F 30-3937:07.111:58/M
129Melinda MartinezStaatsburg NY32132 14 F 30-3938:48.512:31/M
130Charmaine JohnsonNewburgh NY47545 13 F 40-4938:49.312:31/M
131Marian GravelNewburgh NY56149 14 F 40-4939:03.712:36/M
132 Jr. Baubles RaymondNewburgh NY571 1 M 70-9939:11.112:38/M
133Jackie SkrzynskiCornwall On Hudson NY42147 15 F 40-4940:10.012:57/M
134Ruth BrandweneLong Branch NJ52054 6 F 50-5940:22.313:01/M
135Lyzz GalbraithNew Windsor NY6636 15 F 30-3941:55.513:31/M
136Karina CamachoNewburgh NY3937 16 F 30-3941:56.813:32/M
137Glen DatresPleasant Valley NY40352 7 M 50-5941:57.213:32/M
138Theresa BrownNewburgh NY40048 16 F 40-4941:57.813:32/M
139Kim FuchsHillsdale NJ53456 7 F 50-5947:23.115:17/M
140Eileen MacAvery KaneCampbell Hall NY55652 8 F 50-5947:23.615:17/M
141Unknown Partic. 519.519. 3 M 0- 047:23.815:17/M

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