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12th Annual Matthew Dudgeon Memorial 7k Run and Walk

Chester, NY, May 12, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Gina Dudgeon, Race Director. Timing by

12th Annual Matthew Dudgeon 7k Memorial Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 May 12.......
Results By Fast Fi nishes Inc.......
7k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Raymond RevellWurtsboro NY79239***** M 30-3924:51.45:43/M
2Frank ColellaCampbell Hall NY41454 1 M 50-5927:17.66:16/M
3Stephen SussmannMonroe NY31617 1 M 13-1927:37.36:21/M
4Doug CarterChester NY27758 2 M 50-5928:50.86:38/M
5Scot BennNewburgh NY75448 1 M 40-4928:52.06:38/M
6Paul KreischerChester NY29944 2 M 40-4929:03.06:41/M
7Jill PostMonroe NY79035***** F 30-3929:37.06:49/M
8Nicholas Gurda.40519 2 M 13-1929:56.16:53/M
9Peter KleinNew York NY26965 1 M 60-6930:23.86:59/M
10Jay NiedzielskiWappingers Falls NY26237 1 M 30-3930:35.57:02/M
11Eugene Weisbeck.25932 2 M 30-3931:10.07:10/M
12Victor SolisMiddletown NY26047 3 M 40-4931:10.07:10/M
13Marty FredericksMonroe NY26549 4 M 40-4931:31.87:15/M
14Christine CouvutsakisBuffalo NY29832 1 F 30-3931:34.07:15/M
15Courtney LoertscherWallkill NY35324 1 F 20-2931:57.37:21/M
16Jodi BarangaccioNewburgh NY42739 2 F 30-3932:07.67:23/M
17Joseph CutroMiddletown NY76731 3 M 30-3932:36.87:30/M
18Travis MannChester NY78419 3 M 13-1932:54.37:34/M
19Charlie MarronWarwick NY78556 3 M 50-5933:18.17:39/M
20Bob WatermanMiddletown NY80645 5 M 40-4933:28.57:42/M
21Daria PetragliaGoshen NY25844 1 F 40-4933:30.87:42/M
22Jim OlearyCampbell Hall NY28148 6 M 40-4934:09.77:51/M
23Rachele QuinnGoshen NY29219 1 F 13-1934:19.97:53/M
24Paul GurdaWarwick NY77646 7 M 40-4934:20.27:54/M
25Frieorich BaileyMonroe NY28739 4 M 30-3934:37.87:57/M
26Michael SinghMiddletown NY40125 1 M 20-2934:39.07:58/M
27Ryan UnickWarwick NY80523 2 M 20-2934:51.88:01/M
28Elizabeth AllenMonroe NY36610 1 F 1-1235:07.88:04/M
29John ShephardWashingtonville NY28858 4 M 50-5935:12.88:06/M
30Joanne CreggWarwick NY76447 2 F 40-4935:21.38:08/M
31Kelly KaneCornwall on Hudson NY35643 3 F 40-4935:23.98:08/M
32Miriam PogulisMonroe NY78948 4 F 40-4935:44.38:13/M
33Jill LeggHarriman NY78352 1 F 50-5935:45.98:13/M
34Brendan MallonSugar Loaf NY27116 4 M 13-1935:48.48:14/M
35Stephen CrawfordChester NY76322 3 M 20-2935:56.48:16/M
36Richard QuatrocchiChester NY79165 2 M 60-6936:05.48:18/M
37Brian SmithWarwick NY79538 5 M 30-3936:08.28:18/M
38Vincent AloiChester NY75215 5 M 13-1936:14.08:20/M
39Benjamin LemosSalisbury Mills NY26361 3 M 60-6936:32.18:24/M
40Brianna BurkeMiddletown NY75929 2 F 20-2936:37.38:25/M
41Peter SnyderWalden NY33530 6 M 30-3936:38.88:25/M
42Martinjr NowakMiddletown NY33149 8 M 40-4937:06.78:32/M
43Lois Ann HayesMonroe NY77853 2 F 50-5938:31.18:51/M
44Dane GrpszekMiddletown NY26658 5 M 50-5938:32.58:51/M
45Thomas KeeganMonroe NY28441 9 M 40-4938:40.38:53/M
46William Strack.26443 10 M 40-4938:48.88:55/M
47Kelly PetersonMonroe NY26139 3 F 30-3939:00.88:58/M
48Joseph MarchesanoHarriman NY27560 4 M 60-6939:06.28:59/M
49Charles BowenChester NY75655 6 M 50-5939:07.09:00/M
50Stephen Oshea.39216 6 M 13-1939:13.89:01/M
51Karen SmithWarwick NY79638 4 F 30-3939:20.89:03/M
52Deanna ZawistowskiOtisville NY80756 3 F 50-5939:23.49:03/M
53Jennifer PestaWarwick NY27232 5 F 30-3939:23.99:03/M
54Evelyn RoddCornwall NY41650 4 F 50-5939:37.29:06/M
55Patricia DonnellyGoshen NY28957 5 F 50-5939:45.49:08/M
56Eddie RoddCornwalll NY41712 1 M 1-1239:53.59:10/M
57Tammy BoscoMonroe NY75549 5 F 40-4940:02.99:12/M
58John MonchakTafton PA30061 5 M 60-6940:07.29:13/M
59Jennifer EchevarriaWarwick NY76929 3 F 20-2940:16.79:15/M
60Simone Celio JrChester NY29432 7 M 30-3940:43.99:22/M
61Michael DigeronimoChester NY29334 8 M 30-3940:47.49:23/M
62Favia Feranda.25736 6 F 30-3940:47.49:23/M
63Doreen KimeMonroe NY78140 6 F 40-4940:54.09:24/M
64Keith AllenMonroe NY3598 2 M 1-1240:54.19:24/M
65Keith AllensrMonroe NY36540 11 M 40-4940:54.59:24/M
66Erin DunnChester NY32615 2 F 13-1940:54.89:24/M
67Stephen ElterChester NY34843 12 M 40-4941:05.09:27/M
68Michele DunneTuxedo Park NY26750 6 F 50-5941:25.89:31/M
69Judith GaebeNew Hampton NY27855 7 F 50-5941:26.09:31/M
70Michael QuinnGoshen NY29150 7 M 50-5941:28.39:32/M
71Christine CunniffeWashingtonville NY32142 7 F 40-4941:28.49:32/M
72Debbo SpannagelNew Hampton NY79818 3 F 13-1941:38.09:34/M
73Angel SpannagelNew Hampton NY80010 3 M 1-1241:38.19:34/M
74Michael PezzaWutsboro NY26859 8 M 50-5941:44.49:36/M
75Giulletta FiniCampbell Hall NY37134 7 F 30-3941:46.19:36/M
76Enide MitchellChester NY24940 8 F 40-4942:07.99:41/M
77Philip BrennanMilford PA75880 1 M 70-9942:16.99:43/M
78Dante GiordanoHarriman NY27641 13 M 40-4942:25.29:45/M
79John LeahyCampbell Hall NY78245 14 M 40-4942:41.59:49/M
80Laura HealeyGoshen NY30747 9 F 40-4942:58.79:53/M
81Sarah CrawfordChester NY76231 8 F 30-3943:07.39:55/M
82Michele RomanoMonroe NY79434 9 F 30-3943:20.39:58/M
83Rachel SpannagelNew Hampton NY80114 4 F 13-1943:54.110:06/M
84Rebekah SpannagelNew Hampton NY79918 5 F 13-1943:54.810:06/M
85Jennifer ThompsonHarriman NY80343 10 F 40-4943:56.910:06/M
86Michael FinneganChester NY77255 9 M 50-5944:10.410:09/M
87John Connell.41046 15 M 40-4944:10.710:09/M
88Mary HayesChester NY77952 8 F 50-5944:30.810:14/M
89Jack EllisWarwick NY77063 6 M 60-6944:47.710:18/M
90Dawn GiambroneWarwick NY77541 11 F 40-4944:48.310:18/M
91James FiniCampbell Hall NY37238 9 M 30-3945:13.310:24/M
92Sheila PlvanMiddletown NY27948 12 F 40-4945:24.510:26/M
93Linda TrapaniMonroe NY80450 9 F 50-5945:30.710:28/M
94Amy MillerChester NY27338 10 F 30-3945:46.410:31/M
95Daniel SpannagelNew Hampton NY8024 4 M 1-1245:57.010:34/M
96Jim SpannagelNew Hampton NY79769 7 M 60-6945:57.010:34/M
97Bob MalitzCampbell Hall NY29549 16 M 40-4946:00.210:34/M
98Christy MalitzCampbell Hall NY28317 6 F 13-1946:00.410:34/M
99Jack CreggWarwick NY7669 5 M 1-1246:57.110:48/M
100John CreggWarwick NY76558 10 M 50-5946:57.310:48/M
101Celena MarquezWesttown NY37933 11 F 30-3947:28.310:55/M
102Michele Cassino-CotterMonroe NY30941 13 F 40-4948:06.111:03/M
103Greg KrizanWarwick NY27452 11 M 50-5948:13.111:05/M
104Patty SussmannMonroe NY31348 14 F 40-4948:37.311:11/M
105Claire Riley Ny Monroe35251 10 F 50-5949:18.611:20/M
106Erika AbrahamCornwall NY75173 1 F 70-9949:29.311:23/M
107Roxanne McGuiganMiddletown NY78729 4 F 20-2950:31.211:37/M
108Clare FinneganChester NY77115 7 F 13-1951:12.811:46/M
109Gerry Fuentes.27049 17 M 40-4951:29.011:50/M
110Kathy NemethGoshen NY28053 11 F 50-5951:31.211:51/M
111Kiernan 0SHEA.38426 4 M 20-2951:44.511:54/M
112Laura CurtisHighland Mills NY28242 15 F 40-4952:43.312:07/M
113Kari CallWarwick NY76045 18 M 40-4955:37.212:47/M
114Unknown Partic. 296.2960 1 M 0- 055:40.112:48/M
115Kathleen DaviesHillburn NY76866 1 F 60-6956:48.113:03/M
116Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY79359 12 F 50-5957:03.213:07/M
Wheelchair Race.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Freddy TiburcioGoshen NY40744 1 M 0-9919:31.04:29/M
2Joseph ArchiereMiddletown NY42823 2 M 0-9919:31.24:29/M

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