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Orange County Choppers 5k Run and Walk

Newburgh, NY, March 31, 2012

[Age Group Run Results ]

Overall Run and Walk Results

Michele Paolella, Race Director. Timing by

Orange County Choppers 5k Run/Walk........
Overall Finish List........
2012 March 31........
Results By
5k Walk........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Frank Bonilla Ny Newburgh74338***** M 0-9920:59.521:24.46:54/M
2Christopher Schultz Ny West Point71612***** M 0-9928:37.528:51.29:18/M
3Julia Duff Ny 12211 Loundonville11019***** F 0-9930:06.730:25.79:49/M
4Brian Alnwick Ny 12538 Hyde Park742***** M 0-9930:35.231:09.510:03/M
5Allie Torres Ct 06478 Oxford43715***** F 0-9931:25.232:03.010:20/M
6Krystle Flores Ny Wappingers Falls52125***** F 0-9932:03.232:11.210:23/M
7Carrie Masini Ny West Point70832 1 F 0-9932:23.533:52.910:55/M
8Trent BakerWest Point52610 1 M 0-9932:21.733:53.210:56/M
9Jon BakerWest Point52336 2 M 0-9933:53.733:53.710:56/M
10Nicola Dicara Ny Stony Point72752 3 M 0-9934:13.534:50.911:14/M
11Jacob Brinckerhoff Ct 06795 Watertown5112 4 M 0-9934:07.435:14.511:22/M
12Riley Alnwick Ny 12538 Hyde Park1012 2 F 0-9934:48.235:21.211:24/M
13Irma Rucker Ny Walden58840 3 F 0-9935:20.035:51.711:34/M
14Steven Breault Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls4632 5 M 0-9934:49.536:23.711:44/M
15Jacob Koppen Ny 10916 Campbell Hall50213 6 M 0-9935:08.736:33.211:47/M
16Jennifer Koppen Ny 10916 Campbell Hall50038 4 F 0-9935:29.736:52.911:54/M
17Brianna Masini Ny West Point71016 5 F 0-9936:09.437:37.212:08/M
18Maria Masini Ny West Point71111 6 F 0-9936:08.737:37.412:08/M
19Zachary Kuka Ny 12550 Newburgh22010 7 M 0-9936:37.037:48.912:12/M
20Jess BakerWest Point52434 7 F 0-9936:18.737:49.212:12/M
21Sydney BakerWest Point52512 8 F 0-9936:18.537:49.212:12/M
22Amy Cruz Ny 12553 New Windsor8635 9 F 0-9936:39.237:50.212:12/M
23Julian Harper Ny 10941 Middletown16548 8 M 0-9937:10.237:58.712:15/M
24Susan Giordano Ny 10924 Goshen14236 10 F 0-9937:55.738:34.512:26/M
25Matthew Brinckerhoff Ct 06795 Watertown4853 9 M 0-9937:29.538:37.212:27/M
26Dolly McGuigan Ny 10941 Middletown26855 11 F 0-9938:09.038:48.212:31/M
27Thomas Lamendola Ny Wurtsboro66246 10 M 0-9939:31.039:58.212:54/M
28Kayla Beck Ny New Windsor70213 12 F 0-9939:36.240:07.712:56/M
29Ryan Terwilliger Ny New Windsor7038 11 M 0-9939:37.940:09.212:57/M
30Anthony Nappi.56553 12 M 0-9938:43.240:10.412:57/M
31Diane Kruse.56647 13 F 0-9938:43.040:11.712:58/M
32Kathy BeckermitCornwall On Hudson NY80345 14 F 0-9939:59.540:30.413:04/M
33Jennifer Alnwick Ny 12538 Hyde Park837 15 F 0-9939:45.940:48.913:10/M
34Marian GravelNewburgh NJ77949 16 F 0-9939:47.340:50.913:10/M
35Gina Masini Ny West Point70948 17 F 0-9940:12.741:42.513:27/M
36Beth Teutul Ny 12549 Montgomery43054 18 F 0-9941:28.741:59.213:33/M
37Rebecca Kurman Ny 12549 Montgomery22427 19 F 0-9941:28.841:59.413:33/M
38Patricia Duff Ny 12211 Loundonville10952 20 F 0-9941:42.742:03.413:34/M
39Michelle Rost Ny Amsterdam54646 21 F 0-9940:33.742:06.213:35/M
40Gayle Sudder Ny Fleetwood67636 22 F 0-9941:16.542:32.913:43/M
41Mary Rusik Ny 10992 Washingtonville36960 23 F 0-9941:37.242:43.413:47/M
42Carolee Rodriguez Ny 12527 Glenham36444 24 F 0-9942:36.242:44.713:47/M
43Sharon Lamendola Ny Wurtsboro66151 25 F 0-9942:29.842:54.713:50/M
44Kylie Ressler Nj 07462 Vernon35610 26 F 0-9942:08.243:20.713:59/M
45Jason Ressler Nj 07462 Vernon35539 13 M 0-9941:38.743:21.213:59/M
46Kathleen Milano Ny 12549 Montgomery29241 27 F 0-9942:44.744:15.214:16/M
47Carolyn Larsen Ny Voorheesville23660 28 F 0-9943:27.444:28.214:21/M
48Donna Jean Neill Nj 07480 West Milford31448 29 F 0-9943:07.744:28.414:21/M
49Marcie Sherilla Ny 12601 Poughkeepsie38839 30 F 0-9943:56.044:58.414:30/M
50Lara Ressler Nj 07462 Vernon35710 31 F 0-9943:33.045:15.014:36/M
51Kelly Ressler Nj 07462 Vernon35437 32 F 0-9944:05.745:17.514:36/M
52Kelly Larsen Ny Voorheesville23723 33 F 0-9944:34.545:36.914:43/M
53Kathleen MacKey Ny 12553 New Windsor25047 34 F 0-9945:10.245:38.914:43/M
54Jagger Koppen Ny 10916 Campbell Hall50311 14 M 0-9944:34.045:58.014:50/M
55Tom Koppen Ny 10916 Campbell Hall50138 15 M 0-9944:36.245:58.414:50/M
56Catherine Spann Ny 10941 Middletown40647 35 F 0-9945:15.046:00.214:50/M
57Niki Tracy Ny 125 Hopewell Junction43942 36 F 0-9945:07.446:26.914:59/M
58Daniel HoranGoshen NY77340 16 M 0-9946:34.047:16.715:15/M
59Jason SilverMarlboro NY76633 17 M 0-9947:08.947:31.215:20/M
60Di Butkus Nj Haworth73940 37 F 0-9947:08.048:23.415:36/M
61Tierney Bilyou Ny Beacon3617 38 F 0-9946:57.548:23.515:36/M
62Alana Matson Ny Beacon3723 39 F 0-9946:57.548:23.715:36/M
63Amalee Rush Ny West Point7329 40 F 0-9948:12.248:26.215:37/M
64Katharina Rush Ny West Point73035 41 F 0-9947:23.248:26.715:37/M
65Clifton Rush Ny West Point73134 18 M 0-9947:23.048:26.715:37/M
66Stephen Celestino Ny 12211 Loundonville6915 19 M 0-9948:19.548:38.915:41/M
67Christine Celestino Ny 12211 Loundonville6847 42 F 0-9948:23.048:44.215:43/M
68Leslie Stong Ny Cornwall61756 43 F 0-9947:32.549:07.415:51/M
69David Brzywczy Ny NY New Windsor5663 20 M 0-9947:50.549:11.015:52/M
70Samantha Stillman Ny 12550 Newburgh42117 44 F 0-9948:55.449:39.416:01/M
71Ilona Stewart Ny NY Washingtonville62447 45 F 0-9948:48.750:00.216:08/M
72Alison DemarestMontgomery Ny 1254940441 46 F 0-9948:35.750:04.516:09/M
73Christine Bilyou Ny Beacon3542 47 F 0-9948:39.250:09.016:11/M
74Karen Platt Ny Peekskill68853 48 F 0-9949:52.050:10.016:11/M
75Douglas Larsen Ny Voorheesville23867 21 M 0-9949:04.850:10.716:11/M
76Gail Brassil Ny Washingtonville62348 49 F 0-9949:08.050:19.716:14/M
77Deanna O'Donnell Ct 06851 Norwalk31942 50 F 0-9949:59.250:26.716:16/M
78Sarah Labar Ny 12550 Newburgh22539 51 F 0-9949:36.250:32.716:18/M
79Cynthia Nokland Ny 12550 Newburgh31740 52 F 0-9949:36.050:33.016:18/M
80Shannon SansoneChester NY76219 53 F 0-9949:42.250:34.416:19/M
81Cheryl Matuszewski Ny Goshen59754 54 F 0-9949:21.750:50.916:24/M
82Michele Predmore Ny 10941 Middletown35259 55 F 0-9949:21.350:51.016:24/M
83Chase Williams Ny 12550 Newburgh4755 22 M 0-9950:52.750:52.716:25/M
84Jennifer Trissel Ny 10996 West Point44626 56 F 0-9949:03.250:52.716:25/M
85Mike Williams Ny 12550 Newburgh47637 23 M 0-9949:29.750:53.016:25/M
86Logan Trissel Ny 10996 West Point4481 24 M 0-9949:03.250:53.516:25/M
87Aidan Trissel Ny 10996 West Point4473 25 M 0-9949:04.750:53.916:25/M
88Kathy Whalen Ny 12306 Schenectady47150 57 F 0-9949:41.551:06.716:29/M
89Diane Quinn Ny New Windsor64153 58 F 0-9950:08.051:08.216:30/M
90Ronnie Honigsbaum Ny New Windsor64067 59 F 0-9950:07.551:08.216:30/M
91Duane Jr McLaughlin Nj 08879 Laurence Harbor27210 26 M 0-9949:31.751:16.516:32/M
92Linda Berkovitch Ny 10987 Tuxedo Park3333 60 F 0-9951:00.251:23.916:35/M
93Erin Miller Ny 10940 Middletown29326 61 F 0-9950:34.051:56.416:45/M
94Kevin Williams Ny 12550 Newburgh47414 27 M 0-9951:05.952:48.917:02/M
95Suzanne Desimone Ny 12553 New Windsor9541 62 F 0-9951:58.752:53.417:04/M
96Debra Stillman Ny 12550 Newburgh42055 63 F 0-9952:13.552:57.717:05/M
97Susan Rohl Ny Walden60644 64 F 0-9952:36.853:30.717:15/M
98Sharon Adamec Ny 12553 New Windsor445 65 F 0-9952:37.753:31.717:16/M
99Jerry Williams Ny Newburgh8169 28 M 0-9952:29.454:00.217:25/M
100Leonard Gomberg Ny West Point65162 29 M 0-9953:32.954:18.217:31/M
101Caitlyn Speier Ny 10996 West Point41112 66 F 0-9953:36.554:51.517:42/M
102Leah Collier Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls19731 67 F 0-9955:13.055:27.417:53/M
103Cindy Floor Ri Portsmouth69449 68 F 0-9954:32.355:29.717:54/M
104Kimberly Russell Ri Portsmouth69341 69 F 0-9954:49.555:47.418:00/M
105Carey Breault Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls4530 70 F 0-9954:46.256:19.418:10/M
106Dave Cote Ct Litchfield58528 30 M 0-9956:21.756:21.718:11/M
107Bronwyn McCarthy Ct Litchfield58625 71 F 0-9956:28.256:28.218:13/M
108Kyleigh Speier Ny 10996 West Point4129 72 F 0-9955:39.256:53.518:21/M
109Lisa Welch Ny 12870 Schroon Lake46450 73 F 0-9955:42.557:07.218:25/M
110Lori Shufelt Ny 12870 Schroon Lake39350 74 F 0-9955:43.757:07.418:25/M
111Cindy Anderson Ny 12518 Cornwall1455 75 F 0-9956:15.557:09.518:26/M
112Janice Shufelt Ny 12538 NY Hyde Park39268 76 F 0-9955:44.557:09.718:26/M
113April Anderson Ny 12518 Cornwall1228 77 F 0-9956:14.457:10.418:26/M
114Margaret Alber Ny 10940 Middletown651 78 F 0-9956:33.957:40.418:36/M
115Jay Jaffee Ny Cornwall57143 31 M 0-9958:00.458:00.418:43/M
116Mike Elgee Ny 12550 Newburgh11440 32 M 0-9958:01.558:01.518:43/M
117Matthew Mimura Ny Delmar59233 33 M 0-9956:35.258:02.518:43/M
118Brianne Ptak Ny Albany51030 79 F 0-9956:35.958:02.718:43/M
119Erin Ptak Ny 10940 Middletown49054 80 F 0-9956:38.558:03.418:44/M
120David VoceraBloomingburg NY77122 34 M 0-9957:21.958:11.018:46/M
121Brittany CalimanoPine Bush NY76921 81 F 0-9957:20.958:11.218:46/M
122Daniel RarteisPine Bush NY77023 35 M 0-9957:21.558:11.718:46/M
123Anna Fortini Ny 12553 New Windsor12927 82 F 0-9957:22.758:12.218:46/M
124Victoria Hammond Ny 10932 Howells16411 83 F 0-9957:21.558:14.518:47/M
125Joshua Brinckerhoff Ct 06795 Watertown4918 36 M 0-9958:18.758:18.718:48/M
126Michael Brinckerhoff Ct 06795 Watertown5216 37 M 0-9957:04.258:18.918:48/M
127Evonne McLaughlin Nj 08879 Laurence Harbor27037 84 F 0-9957:31.759:16.219:07/M
128Amanda McLaughlin Nj 08879 Laurence Harbor27115 85 F 0-9957:32.759:17.219:07/M
129Dorothy Torres Ct 06478 Oxford43642 86 F 0-9958:29.159:21.519:09/M
130Tyler Torres Ct 06478 Oxford43812 38 M 0-9958:31.059:21.719:09/M
131Laura Stark Ny New Windsor41954 87 F 0-9958:45.759:37.419:14/M
132Pamela Hammond Ny 10932 Howells16338 88 F 0-9958:45.859:38.219:14/M
133Cordelia Perry Ny New Windsor5516 89 F 0-9959:06.71:00:18.419:27/M
134Charlotte Perry Ny New Windsor5524 90 F 0-9959:19.81:00:31.219:31/M
135Eagan Breault Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls474 39 M 0-9959:19.01:00:59.719:40/M
136Mike Perry Ny New Windsor54934 40 M 0-9959:51.41:01:05.419:42/M
137Eric Arginsky Ny Ellenville48933 41 M 0-991:00:27.01:01:18.019:46/M
138Richard Arginksky Ny Ellenville2162 42 M 0-991:00:26.31:01:19.519:47/M
139Judith Arginsky Ny Ellenville49762 91 F 0-991:00:27.81:01:19.519:47/M
140Maren Morange Ny 12550 Newburgh2975 92 F 0-991:02:04.71:03:09.520:22/M
5k Run........
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Chris OttNewburgh NY76118***** M 18-2415:51.815:52.25:07/M
2Brendan Wortner Ny Dobbs Ferry48417***** M 1-1716:03.416:03.45:11/M
3Patrick Cullen Ny Albany66026***** M 25-2916:42.216:43.25:24/M
4Garrett Armbruster Ny Bedford71224 1 M 18-2416:55.217:06.95:31/M
5Jacob LaroeSugar Loaf NY78125 1 M 25-2917:20.717:23.25:36/M
6Brandon Ginsburg Ny 12508 Beacon14132 1 M 30-3917:53.817:55.25:47/M
7Liza GrudzinskiNewburgh NJ77832***** F 30-3918:13.218:14.95:53/M
8Brian Grodin Ny NY Wurtsboro67039 2 M 30-3918:31.018:32.45:59/M
9Camryn Johnson Ny 12775 NY Rock Hill19513***** F 1-1719:07.519:10.06:11/M
10David Osterhoudt Ny Hyde Park61934 3 M 30-3919:09.719:10.06:11/M
11Frank ColellaCampbell Hall NY79353 1 M 50-5919:21.819:24.46:15/M
12Dennis Frey Ny 10950 Monroe13128 2 M 25-2919:43.519:44.96:22/M
13Chelsea Delsalvatore Ny Tarrytown68226***** F 25-2919:35.419:45.96:22/M
14Julie Gillis Bengyak Ny Stony Point58229 1 F 25-2919:49.719:52.26:25/M
15Bob McPhillips Ny NY Montgomery56155 2 M 50-5920:07.020:10.26:30/M
16Marc Gershel Ny 10065 New York13940 1 M 40-4920:05.220:11.46:31/M
17Sydney Johnson Ny 12775 NY Rock Hill19613 1 F 1-1720:19.020:21.76:34/M
18Erik Collier Ny 12721 NY Bloomingburg7831 4 M 30-3920:21.220:24.56:35/M
19John Stowell Ny Cold Spring42245 2 M 40-4920:30.720:40.96:40/M
20Jake Flory Pa 1830 East Stroudsburg12419 2 M 18-2420:45.420:50.96:43/M
21Trevor Branch Ny Mount Kisco7440 1 M 0- 020:39.520:52.06:44/M
22Heather Anderson Ny 10601 NY White Plains1334 1 F 30-3920:52.020:55.96:45/M
23Steve Wagner Ny 12550 NY Newburgh45745 3 M 40-4921:18.721:20.46:53/M
24Ira Fleischer Ny 10950 NY Monroe12150 3 M 50-5921:23.721:25.46:55/M
25Mike LindseyPoughkeepsie Ny50838 5 M 30-3921:24.821:27.86:55/M
26Lauren Valentino Ny Fleetwood67534 2 F 30-3921:25.821:27.86:55/M
27Lynh FielitzWalden NY76352 4 M 50-5921:16.421:28.96:55/M
28Scott EarlHighland Mills NY80140 4 M 40-4921:27.721:30.46:56/M
29Frederic Moretto Ny 10990 Warwick30149 5 M 40-4921:35.721:38.06:59/M
30Christopher Regan Ny Wappingers Falls52732 6 M 30-3921:24.221:52.77:03/M
31Adam Moyer Ny Chappaqa69942 6 M 40-4921:48.221:52.97:03/M
32Joe McCormackHighland NY78839 7 M 30-3921:55.921:59.07:05/M
33Steve HolmbrakerMiddletown NY74952 5 M 50-5922:06.722:09.27:09/M
34Mario MansuetoMiddletown NY76824 3 M 18-2421:20.022:10.47:09/M
35Goncalo Pinheiro Ny 12550 Newburgh34738 8 M 30-3922:13.722:15.77:11/M
36Walt JamrosWaldwick NJ77756 6 M 50-5922:09.522:16.47:11/M
37Sebastian LemosSalisbury Mills NY74828 3 M 25-2922:17.522:21.77:13/M
38Kevin DavisCircleville NY80255 7 M 50-5922:20.522:29.27:15/M
39Jason Anson Ny 12524 Fishkill1537 9 M 30-3922:25.422:29.77:15/M
40Maureen Carson Ny Dobbs Ferry6651 1 F 50-5922:16.422:34.27:17/M
41Aidan Alnwick Ny 12538 Hyde Park913 1 M 1-1722:02.322:35.47:17/M
42Russell Rice Ny 10930 Highland Mills35834 10 M 30-3922:38.522:40.77:19/M
43Eric Hubert Ma 02780 Taunton18039 11 M 30-3922:41.822:43.27:20/M
44Gary Chatel Ma Holyoke65041 7 M 40-4922:35.522:47.07:21/M
45Phil Dinonno Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls9932 12 M 30-3922:22.722:56.27:24/M
46Courtney Loertscher Ny 12589 Wallkill49923 1 F 18-2422:53.523:05.27:27/M
47Mike Moran Ny 10950 NY Monroe29546 8 M 40-4922:37.723:05.77:27/M
48Joseph CrammerGardiner NY78415 2 M 1-1723:05.423:08.97:28/M
49Eamann SullivanWhite Plains NY7828 3 M 1-1723:10.023:13.27:29/M
50Gerry SullivanWp NY77637 13 M 30-3923:10.723:13.97:29/M
51Kelly Gregus Ny 10990 NY Warwick15329 2 F 25-2923:13.023:19.27:31/M
52Michael Speier Ny 10996 West Point41013 4 M 1-1723:08.723:23.27:33/M
53Scott Bachmann Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie2338 14 M 30-3923:06.523:23.77:33/M
54William Hiemcke Ny Poughkeepsie72642 9 M 40-4923:09.423:25.97:33/M
55John Thomson Ny Warwick59443 10 M 40-4923:15.723:32.97:35/M
56Joe Orecchio Ny West Point7450 2 M 0- 023:00.423:34.57:36/M
57Gemma Ebeling Ny 125 NY Hopewell Junction11239 3 F 30-3923:03.023:37.97:37/M
58James Roundtree Ny Beacon56940 11 M 40-4923:38.723:46.97:40/M
59Evan West Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie46814 5 M 1-1723:38.523:47.77:40/M
60Henry Heller Nj 07430 Mahwah17114 6 M 1-1723:19.723:49.27:41/M
61Nathan Treadwell Ny 10530 Hartsdale44446 12 M 40-4923:45.723:50.97:41/M
62Brian Kaplan Nj 07430 Mahwah20240 13 M 40-4923:45.023:51.57:42/M
63Daniel FishmanNewburgh NY7940 3 M 0- 023:27.723:52.27:42/M
64Jewel Pignetti Ny 12553 New Windsor34612 2 F 1-1723:49.223:53.77:42/M
65alana Davis Ny 10919 Circleville8922 2 F 18-2423:47.523:56.77:43/M
66Laura Baird Ny 10933 NY Johnson2554 2 F 50-5923:42.523:56.77:43/M
67Brian Mautin Ny 12518 Cornwall26237 15 M 30-3923:41.924:04.47:46/M
68Lawrence Gregorek Ny 12553 New Windsor15223 4 M 18-2424:06.924:06.97:46/M
69Domenic Baiocco Ny 12518 NY Cornwall2441 14 M 40-4923:55.524:08.57:47/M
70Anthony Chiafari Ny 10996 West Point7432 16 M 30-3923:59.024:12.07:48/M
71Jeff Voorhees Ny Walden45650 8 M 50-5924:00.024:12.07:48/M
72Laura Scuro Nj Haworth73841 1 F 40-4923:56.424:13.27:49/M
73Richard Westrick Ny West Point62038 17 M 30-3923:07.524:14.47:49/M
74Nina Haase Ny 12 NY Cornwall On Hudson15836 4 F 30-3923:54.224:16.27:50/M
75Lexi Secor Ny Albany54116 3 F 1-1723:50.424:18.47:50/M
76Dan Olsen Ny 12553 New Windsor32037 18 M 30-3923:59.724:18.57:50/M
77Raymond Cannata Ny Carmel68938 19 M 30-3924:16.524:20.77:51/M
78Steve Moreau Ny 12553 NY New Windsor141 15 M 40-4923:50.224:22.27:52/M
79John Matrician Ny 10512 Carmel25850 9 M 50-5923:57.724:24.27:52/M
80Christopher Rost Ny Amsterdam54717 7 M 1-1724:21.724:28.47:54/M
81Michael GillespieHopewell Junction NY79243 16 M 40-4924:17.024:28.77:54/M
82Juan Scali Ny 12550 Newburgh38027 4 M 25-2924:26.624:29.67:54/M
83Pasquale MansuetoMiddletown NY76722 5 M 18-2423:41.024:31.47:55/M
84Christopher Thomas Ny 12580 CT Staatsburg43152 10 M 50-5924:14.724:36.97:56/M
85Tim Donaghy Ny NY Mahopac10139 20 M 30-3924:16.324:37.47:56/M
86Timothy Sullivan Ny 12589 Wallkill63042 17 M 40-4924:13.924:39.47:57/M
87Duane McLaughlin Nj 08879 Laurence Harbor26940 18 M 40-4924:30.424:40.27:57/M
88Michael Torres Ct 06478 Oxford43545 19 M 40-4924:08.024:40.47:57/M
89Jan PesanteMiddletown NY79919 6 M 18-2424:38.424:41.97:58/M
90Jennifer Lang Ny NY Pine Bush53345 2 F 40-4924:09.924:42.97:58/M
91Gary St. Onge Ny 12569 NY Pleasant Valley41554 11 M 50-5924:39.924:45.77:59/M
92Eben York Ny Newburgh56744 20 M 40-4924:40.224:45.97:59/M
93Tony Caldiero Ny 1259 NY Wappingers Falls5942 21 M 40-4924:30.524:49.58:00/M
94Eric VolpeSalisbury Mills NY74728 5 M 25-2924:22.424:50.78:01/M
95Victor BurgosSalisbury Mills NY75144 22 M 40-4924:25.524:54.28:02/M
96Ksenya Floor Ri Portsmouth69517 4 F 1-1724:28.524:55.48:02/M
97Ilians BermudezNew Windsor NY78621 3 F 18-2424:51.224:56.98:03/M
98Star Walters Ny 12577 NY Salisbury46060 1 F 60-6924:47.524:58.28:03/M
99John Lombardo Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie24444 23 M 40-4924:38.824:59.98:04/M
100Paul Mongelli Jr Ny Beacon63227 6 M 25-2925:00.725:04.78:05/M
101Tom Lorino Ny 10941 Middletown24755 12 M 50-5924:57.225:04.78:05/M
102Holly Fitzgerald Ny Middletown50925 3 F 25-2924:07.225:05.98:05/M
103Chris Doran Nj 07430 Mahwah10343 3 F 40-4924:48.225:06.28:06/M
104Thomas Heller Nj 07430 Mahwah17247 24 M 40-4924:36.425:08.58:06/M
105Dave Marino Ny 12550 Newburgh25637 21 M 30-3925:03.225:14.28:08/M
106Noreen Campbell Ny Newburgh65949 4 F 40-4925:05.225:16.48:09/M
107Fred Galbraith Ny 12553 New Windsor13438 22 M 30-3924:15.725:17.48:09/M
108Lorena Zapalac Ca 92883 Corona48636 5 F 30-3925:15.525:20.28:10/M
109Dave Hines Ny 12401 Kingston17839 23 M 30-3924:01.425:22.48:11/M
110Kelly Kane Ny 12 NY Cornwall On Hudson20043 5 F 40-4924:44.525:24.28:12/M
111Ron WohenhautMiddletown NY75751 13 M 50-5924:43.225:24.98:12/M
112John MonchakTafton PA75560 1 M 60-6925:18.225:27.98:13/M
113Amanda Forrester Ny 12790 Wurtsboro12715 5 F 1-1724:37.025:29.08:13/M
114Jacqueline Sciortino Ny 12580 Staatsburg38744 6 F 40-4925:19.925:29.48:13/M
115kathy Davis Ny 10919 NY Circleville9053 3 F 50-5925:32.925:32.98:14/M
116Patrick McCabe Ny 10027 New York26336 24 M 30-3924:19.725:35.98:15/M
117Bill Rosenberg Ny NY Wallkill66371 1 M 70-9925:31.725:36.78:15/M
118Thomas Forrester Ny 12790 Wurtsboro12541 25 M 40-4924:46.725:38.98:16/M
119Mary Ewanich Ny Cornwall62727 4 F 25-2924:34.225:41.48:17/M
120Joseph Dallvechia Ny Marlboro60429 7 M 25-2925:21.725:45.28:18/M
121Keith Omalley Ny 12589 NY Wallkill32250 14 M 50-5924:26.725:45.48:18/M
122Jessica Rypkema Nj 07463 Waldwick37137 6 F 30-3925:28.925:47.78:19/M
123Blake Haase Ny 12 Cornwall On Hudson15733 25 M 30-3925:27.025:50.28:20/M
124Paul Haibon Ny 12553 NY New Windsor16151 15 M 50-5925:36.225:53.78:21/M
125Anthony Trimarchi Ny Mineola57432 26 M 30-3925:46.025:59.28:23/M
126Meg Heller Nj 07430 Mahwah17016 6 F 1-1725:34.226:04.28:25/M
127Paula West Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie46742 7 F 40-4925:55.726:04.98:25/M
128Kristen Kane Ny New Windsor58723 4 F 18-2426:01.226:05.78:25/M
129Nelson Aaron Ny NY Newburgh72353 16 M 50-5924:51.026:08.98:26/M
130Rachel Johnson Ny 11756 Levittown19221 5 F 18-2425:14.426:10.48:26/M
131Jeffrey Lacroix Ny Marlboro63846 26 M 40-4924:34.726:11.98:27/M
132Otto PinellliMahwah NJ75867 2 M 60-6926:07.026:12.28:27/M
133Joseph PeraccioloGarrison NY75228 8 M 25-2925:25.026:13.98:27/M
134Nancy Heller Nj 07430 Mahwah16948 8 F 40-4925:47.526:18.08:29/M
135Brian HagartyHopewell Junction NY7950 4 M 0- 025:55.226:21.28:30/M
136Colleen Shea Ny Newburgh68619 6 F 18-2425:58.026:22.78:30/M
137Jacklyn Blakley Ny Sound Beach60321 7 F 18-2425:57.826:22.78:30/M
138Antoinette King Ny 12721 NY Bloomingburg20535 7 F 30-3926:16.526:25.28:31/M
139James Wisnewski Ny 10950 Monroe48248 27 M 40-4926:12.426:26.48:32/M
140Matthew LaheyCold Spring NY75437 27 M 30-3925:36.426:30.08:33/M
141Charles Bowen Ny 10918 NY Chester4354 17 M 50-5926:23.426:31.48:33/M
142Amy Krakowka Ny 12518 Cornwall21434 8 F 30-3926:15.026:37.98:35/M
143Michael Maguire Ny Tarrytown68356 18 M 50-5925:41.526:42.78:37/M
144Daniel Bengyak Ny NY Stony Point58130 28 M 30-3926:07.726:42.78:37/M
145Cynthia Khoury Ny Scotchtown63133 9 F 30-3926:33.526:43.28:37/M
146William Russell Ri Portsmouth69244 28 M 40-4926:18.726:46.28:38/M
147Meghan Lafronzemberger Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie22628 5 F 25-2925:32.926:46.78:38/M
148Abel Rodriguez Ny 12527 Glenham36346 29 M 40-4926:40.726:47.78:38/M
149Dean Jaeger Ny 10922 Fort Montgomery18743 30 M 40-4926:47.926:47.98:38/M
150Abbey Stowell Ny Cold Spring42511 7 F 1-1726:44.826:49.78:39/M
151Heather Winne Ny 10516 Cold Spring48111 8 F 1-1726:46.526:51.28:40/M
152Ronald Littlejohn Ny Newburgh61146 31 M 40-4925:37.226:57.78:42/M
153Anthony Palmiotti Ny Monroe55655 19 M 50-5926:35.227:01.08:43/M
154David Mikula Ny 10996 West Point29134 29 M 30-3926:50.027:01.78:43/M
155Jen Bonelli Ny 12538 Hyde Park4134 10 F 30-3926:53.427:02.48:43/M
156Andrew Forrester Ny 12790 Wurtsboro12813 8 M 1-1726:10.827:03.98:44/M
157Mark Mercado Ny Newburgh63631 30 M 30-3926:25.927:04.28:44/M
158Alex Bauer Ny Newburgh2839 31 M 30-3926:41.027:05.78:44/M
159Deanna Zawistowski Ny 10963 NY Otisville48756 4 F 50-5927:00.327:07.58:45/M
160Ryan Pfingst Ny 10990 Warwick34212 9 M 1-1726:09.227:08.28:45/M
161Justin GidaNew Windsor NY78526 9 M 25-2927:02.927:08.78:45/M
162Heather Freilich Ny 12550 NY Newburgh13046 9 F 40-4927:01.027:08.78:45/M
163Marc Pfingst Ny 10990 Warwick34147 32 M 40-4926:10.227:09.28:45/M
164Dennis Peterson Ny 10950 NY Monroe33962 3 M 60-6926:34.727:11.28:46/M
165Sandy Adamson Pa 18235 Lehighton539 11 F 30-3926:34.027:11.28:46/M
166Sarah Grodin Ny NY Wurtsboro67311 9 F 1-1726:43.427:13.28:47/M
167Charles Emberger Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie11566 4 M 60-6927:14.427:14.48:47/M
168Giuliana Sadler Ny 12771 NY Port Jervis37310 10 F 1-1726:47.027:16.78:48/M
169Eric GrossHyde Park NY77254 20 M 50-5927:07.727:19.28:49/M
170Jim Kelly SmittKingston NY78746 33 M 40-4926:57.227:19.48:49/M
171David Joseph Sousa Nj 08848 Milford40519 7 M 18-2426:58.727:19.78:49/M
172Jessica Countryman Ny 10926 Harriman50530 12 F 30-3926:44.227:20.28:49/M
173Cynthia Dejong Nj 07481 Wyckoff9352 5 F 50-5927:02.527:21.48:49/M
174Mandy Booth Ny Montgomery52231 13 F 30-3926:59.727:29.78:52/M
175Mary Boyer Ny NY Newburgh61839 14 F 30-3927:04.027:32.28:53/M
176Lynn Warren Ny NY Newburgh40345 34 M 40-4927:03.827:32.48:53/M
177Zachary Klie Ny 10918 Chester20816 10 M 1-1726:36.027:33.48:53/M
178Lisa Flory Pa 1830 East Stroudsburg12347 10 F 40-4926:58.027:35.78:54/M
179Malinda Treglia Ny New Paltz63431 15 F 30-3926:59.027:38.28:55/M
180Mairead Mulvihill Ny 10918 Chester30711 11 F 1-1726:55.727:39.28:55/M
181Michael Mulvihill Ny 10918 Chester30646 35 M 40-4926:22.527:39.48:55/M
182Peter Trimarchi Ny Mineola53434 32 M 30-3927:33.827:48.58:58/M
183Joshua Salisbury Ny 10992 Washingtonville37629 10 M 25-2926:43.227:48.98:58/M
184Nicky Federici Ny 12508 Beacon11732 16 F 30-3927:37.027:49.08:58/M
185Albert Mikail Ny 10992 Washingtonville29028 11 M 25-2927:25.727:49.48:58/M
186Chris Fladd Ny 12508 Beacon11949 36 M 40-4927:09.927:53.49:00/M
187Joseph Gall Ny Pomona51247 37 M 40-4926:42.527:55.59:00/M
188Caprice Rossignol Ny Albany53946 38 M 40-4927:26.727:55.79:00/M
189Alicia Olmoz Ny NY Gardiner56238 17 F 30-3926:41.427:59.99:02/M
190Christopher Ragusa Ny Wappingers Falls52025 12 M 25-2927:53.928:00.99:02/M
191Anthony Ragusa Ny 12553 New Windsor50629 13 M 25-2927:55.028:01.59:02/M
192Kenny Dubetsky Ny 125 Hopewell Junction10840 39 M 40-4926:48.728:07.79:04/M
193Jaimie Murray Ny NY Maybrook70731 18 F 30-3927:35.828:08.49:05/M
194Julie Magnelli Ny Washingtonville55526 6 F 25-2928:01.728:10.29:05/M
195Paul Nussbickel Ny 12508 NY Beacon31862 5 M 60-6927:50.928:10.79:05/M
196Carrie Caldiero Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls5837 19 F 30-3927:53.028:14.79:06/M
197Renae Bray Ny Bloomingburg54429 7 F 25-2927:17.728:19.59:08/M
198Joe Hughes Ny Newburgh71331 33 M 30-3927:47.728:20.99:08/M
199Dakota Pepper Ny NY Maybrook51125 8 F 25-2927:34.728:25.99:10/M
200Christopher Drummond Ny 11360 Bayside10734 34 M 30-3928:13.328:28.29:11/M
201Peter SadlerPort Jervis Ny 127713748 11 M 1-1727:58.828:29.29:11/M
202Adrian Lobato Ny Highland64326 14 M 25-2927:33.928:29.79:11/M
203Susan Sadler Ny 12771 NY Port Jervis37247 11 F 40-4927:59.228:30.29:12/M
204Rachel Weidkam Ny 12550 NY Newburgh46332 20 F 30-3928:08.228:31.79:12/M
205Amy Thomas Ny 12580 NY Staatsburg43222 8 F 18-2428:10.728:33.09:13/M
206Tammy Bosco Ny 10963 NY Otisville4249 12 F 40-4927:51.528:35.59:13/M
207Diana Cohen Ny Staatsburg51838 21 F 30-3928:16.528:36.09:14/M
208John McNamee Ny Walden51926 15 M 25-2927:39.428:36.29:14/M
209Michael QuinnGoshen NY80450 21 M 50-5928:31.028:38.79:14/M
210Nidia Santana Ny Newburgh51751 6 F 50-5928:38.228:41.79:15/M
211Giannina Ortiz Ny Wappingers Falls51532 22 F 30-3928:32.328:42.29:15/M
212Ismael Hernandez Ny 12586 NY Walden17352 22 M 50-5928:31.728:44.49:16/M
213Erin Goldsmith Ny Newburgh61322 9 F 18-2428:24.528:46.49:17/M
214Rebecca Hane Ny West Point62129 9 F 25-2927:42.028:49.29:18/M
215Timothy Mulligan Ny 12065 Clifton Park30438 35 M 30-3928:16.228:50.99:18/M
216Kenneth Hagelmann Ny 12550 NY Newburgh15965 6 M 60-6928:15.228:51.09:18/M
217Richard Picciano Ny 10704 Yonkers34365 7 M 60-6928:16.528:52.79:19/M
218Renee Seisler Pa Robesonia54836 23 F 30-3928:48.529:01.29:22/M
219Michelle Hall Ny 12553 New Windsor16228 10 F 25-2928:37.529:03.09:22/M
220Roger Filannino Ny NY Montgomery66955 23 M 50-5928:28.229:03.49:22/M
221Hannah Park Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie33236 24 F 30-3928:31.329:04.79:23/M
222Janine Bennett Ny 12550 NY Newburgh3029 11 F 25-2928:42.029:07.29:24/M
223Jay Webster Ny 12571 NY Red Hook46254 24 M 50-5928:41.029:07.99:24/M
224Megan Geary Ny Campbell Hall55812 12 F 1-1728:53.729:11.49:25/M
225Kevin Jowers Ny Highland Mills73710 12 M 1-1728:57.029:11.99:25/M
226Alex Sansiviero Nj 07945 Mendham37741 40 M 40-4928:26.429:13.99:25/M
227Larry Gregorek Ny 12553 New Windsor15156 25 M 50-5928:29.229:15.99:26/M
228Irene HughesNewburgh NY75031 25 F 30-3928:46.329:19.79:27/M
229Steve Stuhmer Ny Pine Bush62252 26 M 50-5928:11.829:22.59:28/M
230Christopher Platt Ny Peekskill68754 27 M 50-5929:05.429:22.79:28/M
231Scott Ewing Pa 18360 Stroudsburg11661 8 M 60-6928:45.529:23.29:29/M
232Laura Wolyn Ny 10950 Monroe48344 13 F 40-4929:08.729:24.79:29/M
233David Feibusch Ny NY White Plains53746 41 M 40-4929:16.029:26.59:30/M
234Charles VetterPoughkeepsie NY79637 36 M 30-3929:22.029:27.49:30/M
235Janine Thomson Ny NY White Plains53845 14 F 40-4929:16.829:27.59:30/M
236Phil BrennanMilford PA75680 2 M 70-9929:21.529:32.09:32/M
237Colin McCabe Ny Middletown51428 16 M 25-2929:32.429:32.49:32/M
238Kelly Stahl Pa Reading69621 10 F 18-2429:29.029:33.09:32/M
239Carmella Mantello Ny 12180 Troy25540 15 F 40-4928:53.029:33.59:32/M
240Susan Gehris Pa East Stroudsburg63747 16 F 40-4928:55.229:33.79:32/M
241Michael Grogan Ny 12553 New Windsor15440 42 M 40-4928:34.729:33.79:32/M
242Shannon Appelquist Ny 10990 Warwick1912 13 F 1-1729:20.529:37.29:33/M
243Gregg Spinelli Ny Marlboro41427 17 M 25-2928:59.929:39.79:34/M
244Ashley Hebert Ny 12542 Marlboro16825 12 F 25-2928:59.729:39.79:34/M
245Nancy Appelquist Ny 10990 NY Warwick1744 17 F 40-4929:25.029:41.29:35/M
246Mayra Colon Ny Middletown65832 26 F 30-3929:30.829:42.79:35/M
247Erin PeraccioloGarrison NY75318 11 F 18-2428:51.729:42.79:35/M
248Malena Roosa Ny 12401 NY Kingston36639 27 F 30-3929:03.029:42.99:35/M
249Jodie Rocchio Ny 12746 NY Huguenot36143 18 F 40-4928:59.029:43.99:35/M
250Sean Rayball Ct Cheshire61237 37 M 30-3929:34.729:47.79:36/M
251Joan Haibon Ny 12553 New Windsor16054 7 F 50-5929:21.229:47.99:36/M
252Albert Herter Ny Newburgh61462 9 M 60-6928:48.429:48.59:37/M
253Kris Perry Ny New Windsor55035 28 F 30-3929:21.729:49.09:37/M
254Lynna Speier Ny 10996 West Point40939 29 F 30-3929:23.529:50.49:37/M
255Slawomir Kapusniak Ny Maspeth54345 43 M 40-4929:45.729:51.49:38/M
256Gladys Spaulding Pa 1830 East Stroudsburg40742 19 F 40-4929:14.729:51.99:38/M
257Shaun Waiteny New Windsor64921 8 M 18-2428:44.429:52.79:38/M
258Melissa Stacy Ny 12553 New Windsor41632 30 F 30-3929:23.029:53.09:38/M
259Donald Jackson Ny 12553 NY New Windsor18645 44 M 40-4929:24.529:53.29:38/M
260Lynn Byrne Pa 18326 Cresco5755 8 F 50-5929:10.929:53.49:38/M
261Giussepie Cucuzza Ny 12553 New Windsor8728 18 M 25-2929:27.729:53.79:38/M
262Edward Khuns Ny Poughquaq63950 28 M 50-5928:07.729:57.49:40/M
263Robert Skarka Ny 11426 Bellerose39747 45 M 40-4929:23.530:01.29:41/M
264Tracie Riecker Ny 12553 NY New Windsor35952 9 F 50-5929:29.730:01.49:41/M
265Fiona Mulvihill Ny 10918 Chester3099 14 F 1-1729:20.030:01.99:41/M
266Rebecca Withers Ny NY Wallkill66464 2 F 60-6929:52.430:02.99:41/M
267Geraldine Lagasse Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie22749 20 F 40-4929:45.130:03.29:42/M
268Joanne Schaffer Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie38149 21 F 40-4929:45.030:03.49:42/M
269David West Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie46649 46 M 40-4929:26.230:06.99:43/M
270Renee Pfeiffer Ny 10940 NY Middletown34042 22 F 40-4929:30.030:08.99:43/M
271Susan Krummack Ny 10950 Monroe21540 23 F 40-4928:52.830:13.59:45/M
272James Bennett Ny 12582 Stormville3115 13 M 1-1728:56.530:16.99:46/M
273John Speranza Ny Newtonville65543 47 M 40-4929:54.830:17.99:46/M
274Tara Bobinski Ny New Windsor66834 31 F 30-3929:25.530:17.99:46/M
275Kerry Dempsey Ny 12518 Cornwall9448 24 F 40-4929:00.230:19.49:47/M
276Kacey Capen Ny 10987 NY Tuxedo Park6332 32 F 30-3929:57.530:19.59:47/M
277Tara Bach Ny 10930 Highland Mills2233 33 F 30-3930:07.530:22.29:48/M
278Michael Schmidt Ny Washingtonville55428 19 M 25-2930:15.230:23.49:48/M
279Kim Bartholomew Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls2745 25 F 40-4929:41.230:25.49:49/M
280Cormey LynchAlbany NY76024 12 F 18-2429:50.030:27.29:49/M
281Jen Roe Ny Highland69841 26 F 40-4929:48.230:27.49:49/M
282Martin Klie Ny 10918 Chester20644 48 M 40-4929:36.530:34.09:52/M
283Chole Morange Ny 12550 Newburgh30010 15 F 1-1729:47.530:35.79:52/M
284Stacy Elgee Ny 12550 NY Newburgh11333 34 F 30-3929:48.430:36.79:52/M
285Melissa Tuohey Ny 13212 North Syracuse45043 27 F 40-4930:19.830:39.09:53/M
286Maria Little Ny 10940 NY Middletown24343 28 F 40-4929:53.830:39.79:53/M
287Karen Stafford Ny 125 Hopewell Junction41740 29 F 40-4930:24.230:41.59:54/M
288Kathleen Tersigni Ny Ballston Spa72541 30 F 40-4930:01.530:43.59:55/M
289Samantha Kelly Ny 12569 PA Pleasant Valley20423 13 F 18-2430:08.530:44.29:55/M
290Stephen Obermayer Ny Ballston Spa72450 29 M 50-5930:06.230:49.79:56/M
291Thomas Stacklum Ny Bloomingburg63340 49 M 40-4929:14.030:50.79:57/M
292Robert Williams Ny 12508 Beacon47257 30 M 50-5930:09.530:51.79:57/M
293Megan McElhaney Pa 18458 Shohola26633 35 F 30-3930:27.530:54.79:58/M
294Sherrie Lombardo Ny 12603 NY Poughkeepsie24534 36 F 30-3930:37.230:55.79:58/M
295Kenny Volz Ny Newburgh63535 38 M 30-3930:24.031:01.210:00/M
296Tisha Schaub Ny 12518 Cornwall38240 31 F 40-4930:29.031:02.910:01/M
297Jason Pohl Ny 12550 Newburgh49130 39 M 30-3930:46.531:09.210:03/M
298Krystle Pohl Ny 12550 Newburgh49230 37 F 30-3930:46.331:09.210:03/M
299Anthony Pozza Ny 12589 Wallkill3509 14 M 1-1730:58.731:15.210:05/M
300Chuck Fox Ny Wallkill57347 50 M 40-4930:17.231:16.510:05/M
301Teresa Busweiler Ny New Windsor54527 13 F 25-2930:06.531:16.710:05/M
302Sharon Bell Nj Wayne67834 38 F 30-3931:15.731:25.410:08/M
303Carly Barnes Ct New Haven55334 39 F 30-3931:00.231:28.210:09/M
304Trudy Giampaolo Ny 12550 Newburgh14049 32 F 40-4930:23.431:31.710:10/M
305Alice Nash Ny Pine Bush59050 10 F 50-5930:14.431:32.910:10/M
306Christine Matthews Ny Beacon53642 33 F 40-4930:35.531:35.510:11/M
307Bernie Lenez Ny 12721 Bloomingburg24048 51 M 40-4930:07.031:35.710:11/M
308Scott Buchalter Ny Wallkill5448 52 M 40-4931:26.531:37.410:12/M
309Michael Mulvihill Ny 10918 Chester3089 15 M 1-1730:55.231:37.710:12/M
310Heather Gutierrez Ny 12518 Cornwall15636 40 F 30-3931:32.431:45.410:15/M
311Kelly Thompson Ny Highland Falls73428 14 F 25-2930:08.731:48.210:15/M
312Dean McManus Ny 10918 Chester27447 53 M 40-4931:09.331:55.710:18/M
313Ken McKnight Ny Monroe64245 54 M 40-4931:29.531:58.710:19/M
314Kendyll Gaster Ny 12508 Beacon13714 16 F 1-1731:28.031:58.710:19/M
315Jenna Kuka Ny 12550 Newburgh22113 17 F 1-1731:30.432:01.410:20/M
316Joe Lawson Ct Litchfield58428 20 M 25-2931:20.832:02.510:20/M
317Rebecca Fosterfaith Ny New Windsor68437 41 F 30-3931:26.232:03.210:20/M
318Ramon Antonio Ny 10470 Bronx1620 9 M 18-2432:09.732:09.710:22/M
319Holly Horan-Visser Ny 10128 New York17925 15 F 25-2931:32.832:14.510:24/M
320Antonia Kannengiesser Ny 12571 Red Hook20132 42 F 30-3931:56.832:17.910:25/M
321Helene Tuite Nj 07463 Waldwick44947 34 F 40-4932:00.732:19.510:25/M
322Derek Kisslinger Ny Cold Spring52941 55 M 40-4931:18.732:22.210:26/M
323Tracy NautaMontgomery Ny 1254931230 43 F 30-3932:10.532:35.210:31/M
324Kai Oxford Ny Wallkill32830 40 M 30-3931:35.032:51.710:36/M
325Steve Magargle Ny Endicott25154 31 M 50-5932:40.332:52.210:36/M
326Brian Klimek Ny 10950 Monroe21038 41 M 30-3931:27.732:53.010:36/M
327Liza Munson Ny 12586 Walden31141 35 F 40-4932:10.332:56.210:37/M
328Linda Engwall Nj Columbia72249 36 F 40-4932:12.932:56.410:37/M
329Helene Gomez Ny Sleepy Hollow67750 11 F 50-5932:40.932:56.910:37/M
330Laura CarraroSleepy Hollow NY79152 12 F 50-5932:42.032:57.210:38/M
331Susan Farley Ny Otisville59351 13 F 50-5932:17.533:00.910:39/M
332Jennie Schleimer Ny 12169 Stephentown38445 37 F 40-4932:55.033:00.910:39/M
333Kathleen Sampson Ny Warwick6520 1 F 0- 032:45.833:01.510:39/M
334Christine Krahulik Ny 10990 Warwick21346 38 F 40-4932:46.033:01.710:39/M
335Teresa Oxford Ny Wallkill32929 16 F 25-2931:48.433:02.910:39/M
336Ashley Bauer Ct Litchfield58325 17 F 25-2932:27.533:07.910:41/M
337Kim Stacklum Ny Bloomingburg69140 39 F 40-4932:22.733:12.010:43/M
338Charles Mack Ny 12601 Poughkeepsie24928 21 M 25-2932:26.333:20.210:45/M
339Soshana Mack Ny 12601 Poughkeepsie24828 18 F 25-2932:26.333:20.210:45/M
340Kevin Wurster Ny Newburgh44245 56 M 40-4932:19.933:25.010:47/M
341Len Matysczak Pa 18644 Wyoming26061 10 M 60-6932:10.733:27.710:47/M
342Sydney JohnsonNewburgh NY79013 18 F 1-1732:24.233:27.710:47/M
343Marianne Matysczak Pa 18644 Wyoming26162 3 F 60-6932:09.733:27.710:47/M
344Tiffany Charles Ny Brewter60527 19 F 25-2932:46.233:33.210:49/M
345Denise Brightbill Ny Bloomingburg56336 44 F 30-3932:40.433:35.710:50/M
346Anthony Curraro Ny 11804 Old Bethpage8832 42 M 30-3933:26.233:40.410:52/M
347Chris ManzaCornwall NY80024 10 M 18-2432:12.233:43.710:53/M
348Madeleine Gawronski Ny Chester5789 19 F 1-1733:02.533:44.710:53/M
349Sonia Gawronski Ny Chester57539 45 F 30-3933:01.433:45.710:53/M
350Joseph Krummack III Ny Monroe60245 57 M 40-4932:26.033:47.410:54/M
351Colleen Sullivan Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls42759 14 F 50-5932:31.733:51.710:55/M
352Greg Sullivan Ny Wappingers Falls61558 32 M 50-5932:14.033:51.710:55/M
353Jake WhitesideWest Point52831 43 M 30-3932:20.733:53.910:56/M
354Georgianna Grogan Ny 12553 NY New Windsor15537 46 F 30-3932:54.933:54.410:56/M
355Jennifer Everdyke Ny Mount Morris62532 47 F 30-3933:27.834:00.510:58/M
356Frank Hoens.56863 11 M 60-6932:49.134:05.611:00/M
357Dori Buchalter Ny Wallkill5536 48 F 30-3934:03.534:14.211:03/M
358Trish Rollo Ny Albany54041 58 M 40-4933:49.234:18.411:04/M
359Ken Gaige Ny New Hampton60746 59 M 40-4934:12.434:29.711:07/M
360Robert Tormo Nj New Milford60845 60 M 40-4934:14.534:29.711:07/M
361Erika Abraham Ny 12518 NY Cornwall273 1 F 70-9934:07.534:31.511:08/M
362April Blaine Ny Washingtonville64438 49 F 30-3933:38.534:36.211:10/M
363Laura Pechfelder Nj Ramsey56034 50 F 30-3933:56.934:37.211:10/M
364John Wynne Ny 12550 Newburgh48544 61 M 40-4933:30.634:39.711:11/M
365Monika Kapusniak Ny 12553 New Windsor50729 20 F 25-2934:41.734:49.711:14/M
366Kathleen Skarka Ny 11426 Bellerose39645 40 F 40-4934:15.434:53.711:15/M
367Amber Comiskey Ny 12306 Schenectady7932 51 F 30-3934:41.534:57.211:16/M
368Robert Churchill Ny 12508 Beacon7745 62 M 40-4933:46.035:04.211:19/M
369Erick Jaworowski Ny 12553 New Windsor18937 44 M 30-3933:46.235:04.911:19/M
370Wanda Melendez Ny 12542 Marlboro28243 41 F 40-4934:15.435:09.911:20/M
371Daniel Cantor Ny 12550 Newburgh6125 22 M 25-2935:11.435:11.411:21/M
372Breanne Fleming Ny 11106 Astoria12224 14 F 18-2435:11.735:11.711:21/M
373Colleen Terwilliger Ny New Windsor70039 52 F 30-3934:57.235:17.911:23/M
374Rebecca Wakefield Nj 07430 Mahwah45857 15 F 50-5935:01.735:21.211:24/M
375Tommy Donahue Ny 10021 New York10233 45 M 30-3935:00.235:21.211:24/M
376Debbie Wilson Ny 10926 Harriman47741 42 F 40-4935:15.435:31.511:27/M
377Gerard Visser Ny 10128 New York45429 23 M 25-2934:57.835:39.911:30/M
378Claire Riley Ny Monroe55951 16 F 50-5935:22.735:40.911:30/M
379Kenneth FultonNewburgh NY76552 33 M 50-5935:31.935:52.411:34/M
380Michael Heaney Ny Newburgh59162 12 M 60-6934:59.935:56.211:35/M
381Blanca Downs Ny 125 Hopewell Junction10643 43 F 40-4935:54.536:01.711:37/M
382Kerry Krumpholc Ny New Windsor70134 53 F 30-3935:48.236:08.711:39/M
383Carol Mahoney Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls25439 54 F 30-3935:01.936:10.211:40/M
384Joseph Dicara Ny Stony Point72826 24 M 25-2934:55.736:13.411:41/M
385Karen Degraw Ny 10924 NY Goshen9238 55 F 30-3935:55.536:15.711:42/M
386Laura Gaster Ny 12508 Beacon13647 44 F 40-4935:45.336:17.211:42/M
387Jessica Keating Ny 10579 Putnam Valley20326 21 F 25-2935:41.036:17.511:42/M
388Terry Caffery Ny Bloomingburg56455 17 F 50-5935:24.036:19.211:43/M
389Amy Manifold Ny Walden72938 56 F 30-3935:57.236:29.411:46/M
390Jen Olsen Ny 12553 New Windsor32130 57 F 30-3936:23.236:42.911:50/M
391Jennifer Melnik Ny 12589 NY Wallkill28324 15 F 18-2436:09.236:45.711:51/M
392Ryan Grodin Ny NY Wurtsboro67211 16 M 1-1736:17.336:49.211:53/M
393Elisa Piscitelli Ny 10924 NY Goshen34933 58 F 30-3935:37.536:49.411:53/M
394Heather Grodin Ny NY Wurtsboro67139 59 F 30-3936:20.036:51.711:53/M
395Alison Nichols Ny NY New Windsor31639 60 F 30-3935:42.436:59.411:56/M
396Kristina Capuzzi Ny New Windsor73620 16 F 18-2435:53.537:02.211:57/M
397Margaret Gaydos Ny 12550 Newburgh13852 18 F 50-5935:53.537:03.411:57/M
398Andrew Collier Ny 1259 Wappingers Falls19833 46 M 30-3936:49.537:03.711:57/M
399Leah Horn Ny New Windsor7190 2 F 0- 037:04.037:14.912:01/M
400David Slater Ny 12306 Schenectady39832 47 M 30-3936:59.737:15.412:01/M
401Emily Johnson Ny 1286 NJ Saratoga Springs19328 22 F 25-2936:23.437:24.212:04/M
402Surya Saripalli Ny 12019 Ballston Lake37925 23 F 25-2936:23.037:24.212:04/M
403Anna Picciano Ny 10704 Yonkers34433 61 F 30-3936:52.937:29.212:05/M
404Addison Larose Ny 12 Cornwall On Hudson2348 17 M 1-1736:19.237:34.012:07/M
405Julia Jaworowski Ny 12553 New Windsor1907 20 F 1-1736:26.737:36.212:08/M
406Crystal Grafer Ny 12 Cornwall On Hudson14730 62 F 30-3936:21.737:36.712:08/M
407Sam Kuka Ny 12550 Newburgh21844 63 M 40-4936:36.937:49.512:12/M
408Thomas Lainis Ny 12518 Cornwall23162 13 M 60-6936:20.237:51.712:13/M
409Mary Mulvihill Ny 10918 Chester30542 45 F 40-4937:11.037:54.712:14/M
410Cait Mulvihill Ny 10918 Chester3107 21 F 1-1737:11.437:54.912:14/M
411Christian Deas Ny 10941 Middletown9111 18 M 1-1737:10.537:58.712:15/M
412Laura Blaine Ny 10992 Washingtonville3915 22 F 1-1737:18.738:12.712:19/M
413Kevin Blaine Ny 10992 Washingtonville3839 48 M 30-3937:18.038:14.712:20/M
414Jesse Blaine Ny 10992 Washingtonville4012 19 M 1-1737:16.938:14.912:20/M
415Robert Kuhn Ny Wallkill73511 20 M 1-1738:02.938:18.912:21/M
416Bonnie Pozza Ny 12589 Wallkill35112 23 F 1-1737:48.438:19.712:22/M
417Ken Sherman Ny 12306 Schenectady39044 64 M 40-4938:16.238:31.212:25/M
418Heather Maher Ny Cold Spring25346 46 F 40-4937:58.738:33.212:26/M
419Justine Peters Ny 10992 NY Washingtonville33841 47 F 40-4937:48.838:33.712:26/M
420Jason Shields Ny 12550 Newburgh29834 49 M 30-3937:30.438:34.912:26/M
421Eric Vonbartheld Ny 12553 New Windsor45534 50 M 30-3938:23.038:36.212:27/M
422Mark Matthews Ny Beacon53546 65 M 40-4937:35.738:37.512:27/M
423Nicole Timmons Ny 10950 Monroe43440 48 F 40-4938:35.539:00.012:35/M
424carmen caldern-peterny72145 49 F 40-4938:27.739:02.912:35/M
425Kaylee LaguardoNew Windsor NY79712 24 F 1-1737:47.239:04.712:36/M
426Susan LaguardoNew Windsor NY79845 50 F 40-4937:46.939:05.212:36/M
427Kathy Corke Ny 12553 New Windsor8555 19 F 50-5938:21.039:07.012:37/M
428Charmaine JohnsonNewburgh NY78945 51 F 40-4938:09.739:13.212:39/M
429Tammy Pacenza Ny 12550 Newburgh33040 52 F 40-4938:21.939:13.412:39/M
430David Winne Ny 10516 Cold Spring47847 66 M 40-4938:59.739:13.712:39/M
431Michael Jr Gawronski Ny Chester57643 67 M 40-4938:35.039:19.712:41/M
432Michael III Gawronski Ny Chester57710 21 M 1-1738:37.439:20.012:41/M
433Amy Rodick Ny 11968 Southampton36231 63 F 30-3938:09.039:21.712:42/M
434Edith Cordoba Ny 12553 New Windsor8431 64 F 30-3939:14.439:23.412:42/M
435Kathleen Neilis Ny 10470 Bronx31320 17 F 18-2438:36.739:35.412:46/M
436Carrie Miller Ny NY Campbell Hall69032 65 F 30-3938:32.239:45.012:49/M
437Tamara Osborn Ny Newburgh69733 66 F 30-3938:32.239:45.212:49/M
438Lauren McElhaney Pa 18458 Shohola26511 25 F 1-1740:02.940:31.413:04/M
439Joseph Smith Pa 18458 NY Shohola40054 34 M 50-5940:02.940:31.413:04/M
440Michael LansperyNewburgh NJ78333 51 M 30-3941:04.741:10.913:17/M
441Melinda Martinez Ny Staatsburgh25732 67 F 30-3940:39.941:16.713:19/M
442Savanna Larose Ny 12 Cornwall On Hudson2357 26 F 1-1740:55.842:04.913:34/M
443Kevin Grafer Ny 12 Cornwall On Hudson14830 52 M 30-3940:55.842:05.713:35/M
444Julie OrtizHopewell Junction Ny 12532322 18 F 18-2442:23.042:31.013:43/M
445Karina Camacho Ny 12550 NY Newburgh6037 68 F 30-3942:13.443:12.713:56/M
446Claudio Gomez Ny Beacon65643 68 M 40-4942:31.543:31.414:02/M
447Tony ZolnashMiddletown NY76457 35 M 50-5944:06.444:10.214:15/M
448Lyzz Galbraith Ny 12553 New Windsor13535 69 F 30-3943:17.744:20.214:18/M
449Cassanddra RosinaGoshen NY8060 3 F 0- 043:43.244:53.514:29/M
450Gery RosinaGoshen NY80552 20 F 50-5943:43.744:53.514:29/M
451Hailey Egan Ny Albany54213 27 F 1-1744:26.245:14.214:35/M
452Greg Lawrence Ny 12508 Beacon38318 11 M 18-2444:36.745:18.014:37/M
453Andrea Karsh Ny 12508 Beacon31518 19 F 18-2444:36.945:18.214:37/M
454Kathleen Palmiotti Ny Monroe55751 21 F 50-5944:56.445:23.414:38/M
455Justin Harper Ny 10941 Middletown16610 22 M 1-1745:09.045:57.514:49/M
456Colleen McCabe Ny Middletown51328 24 F 25-2945:14.746:24.014:58/M
457Bob Warnke Ny Cold Spring46156 36 M 50-5945:55.246:30.015:00/M
458Jaynelle Rodriguez Ny 12527 Glenham36521 20 F 18-2446:42.246:49.415:06/M
459Jacob West Ny 12603 Poughkeepsie46910 23 M 1-1747:13.247:54.215:27/M
460Nancy Fauchon Ny Pine Bush60056 22 F 50-5946:51.748:24.915:37/M
461Catriona Paterson Ny 10950 Monroe33341 53 F 40-4950:00.050:27.216:16/M
462Christopher Boydston Ny 12550 Newburgh4423 12 M 18-2449:43.750:33.016:18/M
463Michael McCarron Ny 10930 Highland Mills26422 13 M 18-2449:43.450:36.416:19/M
464Kate Kuhfahl Ny 12550 Newburgh21723 21 F 18-2449:48.750:37.916:20/M
465Jennifer Jaworowski Ny 12553 New Windsor18839 70 F 30-3949:30.050:40.216:21/M
466Benjamin Trissel Ny 10996 West Point44526 25 M 25-2949:02.750:53.516:25/M
467Diane Ferrara Ny 12053 Delanson11853 23 F 50-5949:44.051:08.716:30/M
468Tara Sobel Ny 10941 Middletown40128 25 F 25-2951:56.951:56.916:45/M
469Mike Stevens Ny Pine Bush60158 37 M 50-5952:32.954:06.417:27/M
470Yvonne IvannWest Point NY75950 24 F 50-5953:34.254:18.417:31/M
471Avery LeiderNew York NY78054 25 F 50-5953:33.254:19.917:31/M
472Courtney Chidgey Ny 12 Cornwall On Hudson7529 26 F 25-2956:14.057:10.518:26/M
473Kim Morange Ny 12550 Newburgh29943 54 F 40-491:02:04.51:03:09.220:22/M

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