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Fighting Fires 5k Run and Walk

Smallwood, NY, July 1, 2012

[Age Group Run and Walk Results ]

Overall Run and Walk Results

Matt Burns, Race Director. Timing by

Fighting Fires 5k Run and Walk.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 July 01.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Andrew CapizziParamus NJ13123***** M 20-2916:32.15:20/M
2Jason KennedyHonesdale PA8531 1 M 30-3917:35.65:40/M
3Jacob LaroeSugar Loaf NY9625 1 M 20-2918:19.85:55/M
4Tom StrattonParksville NY13741 1 M 40-4918:38.66:01/M
5Joseph KleinForestburgh NY3216 1 M 13-1918:48.66:04/M
6Calvin WatertonKiamesha Lake NY8934 2 M 30-3918:53.86:05/M
7Tom ManzaMonticello NY4456 1 M 50-5921:01.86:47/M
8Sandra DallesAurora CO1010***** F 0- 021:04.86:48/M
9Garett LevyPomona NY11623 2 M 20-2921:56.67:05/M
10Rachel QuinnGoshen NY14319 1 F 13-1922:23.37:13/M
11Evan WatertonKiamesha NY668 1 M 1-1222:27.17:15/M
12Bill SchneiderBarryville NY11754 2 M 50-5922:32.17:16/M
13Mark LatoeSugar Loaf NY9554 3 M 50-5922:43.67:20/M
14Boris BorodaMassapequa NY746 2 M 40-4922:57.67:24/M
15Bryan LevyNew York NY4230 3 M 30-3923:11.87:29/M
16Brittany RuppForestburgh NY8617 2 F 13-1923:41.17:38/M
17Ryan LevySuffern NY4024 3 M 20-2923:44.37:39/M
18James BardenSmallwood NY212 2 M 1-1224:00.37:45/M
19George AckermannKenoza Lake NY8453 4 M 50-5924:07.67:47/M
20Brian BurnsSouth Fallsburg NY7231 4 M 30-3924:17.17:50/M
21Kayla SchrammGoshen NY937 1 F 1-1224:19.67:51/M
22Lara RothschildNew York NY6032 1 F 30-3924:24.17:52/M
23David ZalkaCoral Springs FL11326 4 M 20-2925:06.38:06/M
24Joseph BorodaMassapequa NY814 2 M 13-1925:07.88:06/M
25William WatertonKiamesha NY6712 3 M 1-1225:10.38:07/M
26Angela ReinMongaup Valley NY14230 2 F 30-3925:17.18:09/M
27Gabriella MottRonkonkoma NY13311 2 F 1-1225:19.88:10/M
28Tracy SchrammGoshen NY9235 3 F 30-3925:38.18:16/M
29Robert SchroederWoodmere NY14048 3 M 40-4925:48.68:19/M
30Neil PickettMt Airy MD1389 4 M 1-1225:50.38:20/M
31Jennifer BeasleyKiamesha Lake NY13935 4 F 30-3925:50.38:20/M
32John MonchakTafton PA7161 1 M 60-6925:58.88:23/M
33Nicole JonesWhite Lake NY3134 5 F 30-3926:27.18:32/M
34Martin Nowak JrMiddletown NY14549 4 M 40-4926:30.88:33/M
35Jason LevySuffern NY3927 5 M 20-2926:42.38:37/M
36Jonathan LevySuffern NY3829 6 M 20-2926:45.68:38/M
37Scott GoodmanCochecton NY2944 5 M 40-4926:53.38:40/M
38Joseph BuckshawBriarwood NY1014 3 M 13-1926:57.88:42/M
39Alan BoardmanSunnyside NY11922 7 M 20-2927:00.68:43/M
40Jeffrey LevySuffern NY3759 5 M 50-5927:02.68:43/M
41Gil ShatsSmallwood NY6358 6 M 50-5927:35.38:54/M
42Lorraine NilsenNeversink NY9447 1 F 40-4928:04.69:03/M
43Vincent ColomboDeposit NY1459 7 M 50-5928:05.89:04/M
44Charles BowenChester NY655 8 M 50-5928:41.39:15/M
45Mike QuinnGoshen NY14450 9 M 50-5928:44.19:16/M
46Elizabeth BoardmanSunnyside NY12049 2 F 40-4928:54.39:19/M
47Thomas McGrattonHurleyville NY7945 6 M 40-4928:57.69:20/M
48Andrew PachtAccord NY5916 4 M 13-1929:00.19:21/M
49Ken BenjaminGlen Wild NY10849 7 M 40-4929:07.69:24/M
50Brian CavanaughRock Hill NY12955 10 M 50-5929:10.19:25/M
51Julie DreherRoscoe NY2150 1 F 50-5929:13.19:25/M
52Emily DevizzioBallston Spa NY12614 3 F 13-1929:20.69:28/M
53Jan BennettSmallwood NY457 2 F 50-5929:22.69:28/M
54Katarina ManziLiberty NY4615 4 F 13-1929:48.89:37/M
55Leonid VaynerBrooklyn NY10338 5 M 30-3929:55.19:39/M
56Judy LohmeyerAlbany NY4360 1 F 60-6929:56.39:39/M
57Jordan FredellWurtsboro NY12716 5 M 13-1930:00.89:41/M
58Sean KanePalm Harbor FL9745 8 M 40-4930:13.39:45/M
59Aimee PittalugaWoodridge NY9136 6 F 30-3930:57.89:59/M
60Allison KurthyRock Hill NY7613 5 F 13-1931:00.310:00/M
61Franklin BidwellKennesaw GA540 9 M 40-4931:06.310:02/M
62Tara BidwellKennesaw GA941 3 F 40-4931:13.310:04/M
63Alec WoodNY8215 6 M 13-1932:08.610:22/M
64Gabriel VaynerBrooklyn NY10410 5 M 1-1232:10.310:23/M
65Susan Brown OttoJeffersonville NY9055 3 F 50-5932:26.110:28/M
66Art NelsonWestbrookville NY5446 10 M 40-4932:32.310:30/M
67George GlantzisFresh Meadows NY2763 2 M 60-6932:46.810:34/M
68Jodi NelsonWestbrookville NY5343 4 F 40-4932:50.610:35/M
69Chris CavelloForestburgh NY1144 11 M 40-4932:58.810:38/M
70Adam CavelloForestburgh NY138 6 M 1-1233:06.110:41/M
71Ida OestrichSmallwood NY708 3 F 1-1233:16.110:44/M
72Riley BruningFallston MD1487 4 F 1-1233:18.110:45/M
73Jessica SimpsonSmallwood NY14922 1 F 20-2933:18.810:45/M
74Kim JonesFallston MD14740 5 F 40-4933:31.610:49/M
75Hanna OestrichSmallwood NY6910 5 F 1-1234:19.611:04/M
76Irvin OestrichSmallwood NY1007 7 M 1-1234:20.111:05/M
77Evelin MillmanCochecton NY518 6 F 1-1234:20.611:05/M
78Stacey MillmanCochecton NY5045 6 F 40-4934:20.811:05/M
79Mayo BoardmanSunnyside NY11854 11 M 50-5934:26.111:06/M
80Peter SteinRockville Center NY11264 3 M 60-6935:40.611:30/M
81John LaubeValley Stream NY1460 1 M 0- 035:56.611:35/M
82Louise BenjaminGlen Wild NY11450 4 F 50-5936:09.611:40/M
83Ann Marie KurthyRock Hill NY7744 7 F 40-4936:18.611:43/M
84Jamie MeyerCochecton NY4936 7 F 30-3936:28.811:46/M
85Erika CrocittoNarrowsburg NY1640 8 F 40-4937:00.811:56/M
86Daniel StormMongaup Valley NY12148 12 M 40-4937:11.812:00/M
87Claire TaggartLivingston Manor NY12545 9 F 40-4937:26.312:05/M
88Gianna MottRonkonkoma NY13410 7 F 1-1237:50.312:12/M
89Dominique MottRonkonkoma NY1328 8 F 1-1238:06.312:17/M
90Robert MottRonkonkoma NY13540 13 M 40-4938:38.112:28/M
91Collin StantonSmallwood NY1500 2 M 0- 038:47.112:31/M
92Natalie BardenSmallwood NY311 9 F 1-1238:55.112:33/M
93Daniel BardenSmallwood NY16 8 M 1-1238:55.312:33/M
94Terri DevizzioBallston Spa NY13641 10 F 40-4939:08.612:37/M
95Dana FuscoWoodside NY11045 11 F 40-4939:09.312:38/M
96Mary HeinleWhite Sulphur Springs NY3077 1 F 70-9939:12.112:39/M
97Jamie GiblinYorktown Heights NY2615 6 F 13-1939:45.812:49/M
98Catherine GiblinYorktown Heights NY2511 10 F 1-1239:48.112:50/M
99Bruce LevyPomona NY11556 12 M 50-5939:52.312:52/M
100Burton LedinaMonticello NY3672 1 M 70-9940:08.112:57/M
101Melinda CormierJeffersonville NEW YORK9854 5 F 50-5940:28.813:03/M
102Julia KurthyRock Hill NY747 11 F 1-1241:12.813:17/M
103Kevin KurthyRock Hill NY7843 14 M 40-4941:12.813:17/M
104Gary CormierJeffersonville NEW YORK9957 13 M 50-5941:39.313:26/M
105Nancy WarthWurtsboro NY6462 2 F 60-6942:42.313:46/M
106Lisa PachtAccord NY5840 12 F 40-4947:47.315:25/M
107Daniel RizovBrooklyn NY10512 9 M 1-1248:22.315:36/M
108Philip SchroederMonticello NY14179 2 M 70-9956:54.318:21/M
109Steven GoranPoughkeepsie NY7354 14 M 50-5957:54.818:41/M
5k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Billie WatertonKiamesha NY6529***** F 0-9938:26.612:24/M
2Janet O'HaraBriarwood NY5749 1 F 0-9938:54.112:33/M
3Kenneth BraumanW. Bridgewater UT12461***** M 0-9941:39.813:26/M
4Marie DietrichSmallwood NY2054 2 F 0-9942:09.813:36/M
5Analey DietrichParksville NY10229 3 F 0-9942:10.613:36/M
6Ellenmarie VasientoIndianapolis IN8063 4 F 0-9943:10.613:55/M
7Arvee SaulogSuffern NY6228 5 F 0-9943:19.613:58/M
8Evelyn LevySuffern NY4164 6 F 0-9943:33.114:03/M
9Brian KowalczykWestlake OH3427 1 M 0-9944:25.814:20/M
10Andrew VasientoIndianapolis IN8167 2 M 0-9946:44.115:05/M
11Dennis RundleMonticello NY8743 3 M 0-9947:43.615:24/M
12Ed ConeyMonticello NY1845 4 M 0-9948:07.615:31/M
13Peter KowalczykFerndale NY3360 5 M 0-9948:36.115:41/M
14Yna ManziLiberty NY4750 6 M 0-9949:53.316:05/M
15Richard ManziLiberty NY4561 7 M 0-9950:48.116:23/M
16Jean GoldmanRockaway NY2875 7 F 0-9951:20.816:34/M
17Sandy TaggartLivingston Manor NY12345 8 F 0-9953:19.317:12/M
18Shannon MastersMonticello NY4827 9 F 0-9953:22.817:13/M
19Jessica AshcraftMonticello NY8829 10 F 0-9954:11.617:29/M
20Dina O'ConnorMonticello NY5543 11 F 0-9954:12.117:29/M
21Sadie GarrettMongaup Valley NY2427 12 F 0-9954:12.317:29/M
22Jamie FicoSmallwood NY2327 13 F 0-9954:38.317:37/M
23Kaitlin WingertNarrowsburg NY6823 14 F 0-9954:38.617:37/M
24Cynthia HallerYonkers NY11155 15 F 0-9958:29.818:52/M
25Christine CavelloForestburgh NY1240 16 F 0-9959:04.619:03/M
26Dana KurthyRock Hill NY7510 17 F 0-991:00:55.819:39/M
27Detra ConeyMonticello NY1742 18 F 0-991:00:56.119:39/M
28Kimberly OgormanSmallwood NY5640 19 F 0-991:02:33.820:11/M
29Karen TaylorGlen Oaks NY10753 20 F 0-991:02:39.620:13/M
30Caralee LeitenbergerRvc NY10654 21 F 0-991:02:40.120:13/M
31Deborah KuchlerFreeport NY3557 22 F 0-991:02:40.120:13/M
32Judith ColomboDeposit NY1562 23 F 0-991:04:04.320:40/M
33Emily MoreySmallwood NY8318 24 F 0-991:10:49.322:51/M
34Kassie ThelmanCochecton NY12218 25 F 0-991:10:49.322:51/M
35James O'CallahanNY12869 8 M 0-991:42:14.832:59/M

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