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5k for Rockaway

Yonkers, NY, December 8, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Casey O'Connor, Race Director. Timing by

5k For Rockaway........
Overall Finish List........
2012 December 08........
Results By
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeGun TimeTotal Pace
1Rudy QuinnYonkers NY4823***** M 0-9918:19.218:19.25:55/M
2Chris EllisYonkers NY1231***** M 0-9920:02.520:02.56:28/M
3John BonannoYonkers NY9044***** M 0-9920:07.520:07.56:29/M
4Martin HemsleyWhite Plains NY15350 1 M 0-9921:52.021:52.07:03/M
5Ernie DonnellyNew York NY10529 2 M 0-9922:00.222:00.27:06/M
6Michael FazioYonkers NY8528 3 M 0-9922:24.722:24.77:14/M
7Jeff BrennanYonkers NY12029 4 M 0-9922:55.722:55.77:24/M
8Glenn SadowskiCrestwood NY11145 5 M 0-9923:26.023:26.07:34/M
9Mary LeahyCrestwood NY3148***** F 0-9923:45.523:45.57:40/M
10Todd GeremiaCrestwood NY10942 6 M 0-9923:55.023:55.07:43/M
11Aisling DesolaNew Rochelle NY831***** F 0-9924:00.524:00.57:45/M
12Robert TreacyYonkers NY5635 7 M 0-9924:01.224:01.27:45/M
13Sheila PhelanCos Cob14256***** F 0-9924:04.724:04.77:46/M
14Jim LundyYonkers NY9356 8 M 0-9924:41.724:41.77:58/M
15Patrick HendersonWhite Plains NY9523 9 M 0-9924:49.724:49.78:00/M
16Michael DunnNew York NY12923 10 M 0-9924:50.024:50.08:01/M
17Shane QueenanYonkers NY7113 11 M 0-9925:01.525:01.58:04/M
18Ryan TannianYonkers NY11511 12 M 0-9925:01.825:01.88:04/M
19Brianne DonnellyNew York NY11929 1 F 0-9925:09.025:09.08:07/M
20Keira TobiaTuckahoe NY8913 2 F 0-9925:11.225:11.28:07/M
21Andrew McLaughlinNew York NY6927 13 M 0-9925:16.025:16.08:09/M
22Maura FinnertyYonkers NY1822 3 F 0-9925:16.525:16.58:09/M
23Sophia GuerrinoYonkers NY2522 4 F 0-9925:21.725:21.78:11/M
24Gaetana CapozzoYonkers NY540 5 F 0-9925:44.725:44.78:18/M
25Brian DoohanYonkers NY935 14 M 0-9926:05.026:05.08:25/M
26Jennifer RoseCrestwood NY13341 6 F 0-9926:13.026:13.08:27/M
27Michael EttlemyerPort Chester NY1341 15 M 0-9926:20.726:20.78:30/M
28Kieran Kulduff.10744 16 M 0-9926:31.726:31.78:33/M
29Nick NaclerioWhite Plains NY4026 17 M 0-9926:44.026:44.08:37/M
30Mary O'TooleCrestwood NY13161 7 F 0-9926:59.526:59.58:42/M
31Kevin DuffyCrestwood NY1131 18 M 0-9927:04.027:04.08:44/M
32Kristyn WalshTuckahoe NY5931 8 F 0-9927:06.527:06.58:45/M
33Lindsay WillsTuckahoe NY6130 9 F 0-9927:07.027:07.08:45/M
34Tim SullivanCrestwood NY5446 19 M 0-9927:07.527:07.58:45/M
35Roger StattelBrooklyn NY13837 20 M 0-9927:25.027:25.08:51/M
36Christopher MilazzoTuckahoe NY9745 21 M 0-9927:27.027:27.08:51/M
37Joe GangemiBronxville NY12127 22 M 0-9927:32.727:32.78:53/M
38Valentina SalkowNew York NY5127 10 F 0-9927:44.527:44.58:57/M
39Brian McCarthyTuckahoe NY13949 23 M 0-9927:45.227:45.28:57/M
40Tommy GleasonTuckahoe NY2342 24 M 0-9927:46.527:46.58:57/M
41Richard OchmanTuckahoe NY4133 25 M 0-9928:27.728:27.79:11/M
42Trish TobinCrestwood NY5544 11 F 0-9928:37.028:37.09:14/M
43Eileen O'RourkeBronxville NY8250 12 F 0-9929:06.729:06.79:23/M
44John ConlonYonkers NY11649 26 M 0-9929:09.729:09.79:24/M
45John McCombeCrestwood NY3552 27 M 0-9929:09.729:09.79:24/M
46Luke DoughertyYonkers NY13651 28 M 0-9929:10.029:10.09:25/M
47Brendan Moyna.8743 29 M 0-9929:10.229:10.29:25/M
48Matthew ScottiTuckahoe NY8830 30 M 0-9929:11.729:11.79:25/M
49Liam BaveWhite Plains NY15220 31 M 0-9929:23.029:23.09:29/M
50Mick BreenScarsdale NY1559 32 M 0-9929:52.729:52.79:38/M
51Bill DoughertyTuckahoe NY1045 33 M 0-9929:54.529:54.59:39/M
52Nicole UllrichYonkers NY5728 13 F 0-9929:57.529:57.59:40/M
53Robert LevineCrestwood NY3353 34 M 0-9930:05.030:05.09:42/M
54Frankie PastirchakYonkers NY4716 35 M 0-9930:07.230:07.29:43/M
55Kathleen McElroyMineola NY3846 14 F 0-9930:09.030:09.09:44/M
56Margaret McCarthyCrestwood NY14050 15 F 0-9930:11.230:11.29:44/M
57Nicole PlayerNew York NY8627 16 F 0-9930:17.730:17.79:46/M
58Mariellen RyanYonkers NY15844 17 F 0-9930:46.730:46.79:55/M
59James McPhersonYonkers NY11746 36 M 0-9930:46.730:46.79:55/M
60Mary Ann OconnorYonkers NY4456 18 F 0-9930:49.530:49.59:56/M
61Chris SorgieTuckahoe NY12545 37 M 0-9930:54.030:54.09:58/M
62Cynthis HowardRye NY11243 19 F 0-9930:54.230:54.29:58/M
63Delia MinsonTuckahoe NY9433 20 F 0-9930:55.530:55.59:58/M
64Maryann ClowHarrison NY11346 21 F 0-9931:04.231:04.210:01/M
65Richard MillerYonkers NY11456 38 M 0-9931:09.031:09.010:03/M
66Candace KlapmutsPine Brook NJ12240 22 F 0-9931:45.531:45.510:15/M
67Brenda FaganYonkers NY14442 23 F 0-9931:47.031:47.010:15/M
68Debra DunckerYonkers NY14151 24 F 0-9931:47.231:47.210:15/M
69John MearaYonkers NY16023 39 M 0-9931:50.531:50.510:16/M
70Sarah HaleYonkers NY2634 25 F 0-9932:06.732:06.710:21/M
71Debbie CroninYonkers NY10839 26 F 0-9932:34.732:34.710:30/M
72Michael LeydenYonkers NY8023 40 M 0-9932:42.232:42.210:33/M
73Frank MeadeYonkers NY9229 41 M 0-9932:50.232:50.210:35/M
74Kyle LeahyCrestwood NY3016 27 F 0-9932:52.732:52.710:36/M
75Catie FugazyLarchmont NY2127 28 F 0-9933:12.033:12.010:43/M
76Katy FetzerMamaroneck NY1426 29 F 0-9933:20.233:20.210:45/M
77Patricia RutledgeTuckahoe NY10046 30 F 0-9933:23.233:23.210:46/M
78Vincent LevaCrestwood NY3248 42 M 0-9933:32.733:32.710:49/M
79Antoinette D'AgostinoYonkers NY6352 31 F 0-9933:46.533:46.510:54/M
80Jerry AndrewsYonkers NY6838 43 M 0-9933:50.733:50.710:55/M
81John GrimpelNew York NY6738 44 M 0-9933:51.233:51.210:55/M
82Catherine AlvinoYonkers NY12323 32 F 0-9935:02.035:02.011:18/M
83Christopher AlvinoYonkers NY12425 45 M 0-9935:03.235:03.211:18/M
84Juliana LambiasiWhite Plains NY2927 33 F 0-9935:16.535:16.511:23/M
85Margaret VelezYonkers NY9129 34 F 0-9935:21.035:21.011:24/M
86Jennifer BreenScarsdale NY15740 35 F 0-9935:36.235:36.211:29/M
87Stephen BreenScarsdale NY14644 46 M 0-9935:36.535:36.511:29/M
88Leoya DolanYonkers NY13561 47 M 0-9935:49.235:49.211:33/M
89Adele BrennanEastchester NY449 36 F 0-9935:55.035:55.011:35/M
90Clare HickeyCrestwood NY7348 37 F 0-9936:37.036:37.011:49/M
91Sean BaveLarchmont NY126 48 M 0-9936:55.536:55.511:55/M
92Liam SullivanCrestwood NY14312 49 M 0-9937:02.237:02.211:57/M
93Brian GreenYonkers NY2431 50 M 0-9937:10.237:10.211:59/M
94Cora WirchanskyCrestwood NY7214 38 F 0-9937:39.537:39.512:09/M
95Bridget WalshTuckahoe NY5826 39 F 0-9938:11.738:11.712:19/M
96Siobhan WalshYonkers NY6022 40 F 0-9938:12.038:12.012:19/M
97Anthony FinnertyYonkers NY1551 51 M 0-9938:23.238:23.212:23/M
98Claire QueenaneCrestwood NY10411 41 F 0-9938:53.738:53.712:33/M
99Edward CurryYonkers NY614 42 F 0-9938:56.038:56.012:34/M
100Lisa AnncenziataYonkers NY7849 43 F 0-9940:49.240:49.213:10/M
101Nancy GallinCrestwood NY6550 44 F 0-9942:08.242:08.213:35/M
102Briana McElroyTuckahoe NE3649 45 F 0-9942:15.242:15.213:38/M
103Elizabeth Van BramerScarsdale NY7516 46 F 0-9942:15.542:15.513:38/M
104Maria AmbroselliNew Rochelle NY12824 47 F 0-9943:36.743:36.714:04/M
105Thomas PelissonScarsdale NY6630 52 M 0-9943:37.043:37.014:04/M
106Mike AmbroselliYonkers NY10326 53 M 0-9943:37.543:37.514:04/M
107Lindsay CarrBronx NY9627 48 F 0-9943:53.043:53.014:09/M
108Brian FarleyYonkers NY7728 54 M 0-9943:53.243:53.214:09/M
109M FlaterySleep Hollow NY11032 49 F 0-9943:53.743:53.714:09/M
110Siobhan DooleyScarsdale NY14532 50 F 0-9943:54.043:54.014:10/M
111John FinnertyYonkers NY1749 55 M 0-9948:42.748:42.715:43/M
112Maggie LeydenNew York NY7928 51 F 0-9952:25.752:25.716:55/M
113Donald O'TooleYonkers NY13261 56 M 0-9955:59.055:59.018:04/M
114Connor McElroyTuckahoe NE3720 57 M 0-9957:53.057:53.018:40/M
115Mara O'TooleNew York NY13027 52 F 0-9959:45.859:45.819:16/M
116Pat LeydenYonkers NY8161 53 F 0-9959:45.959:45.919:16/M
117Regina RockerBronxville NY8459 54 F 0-9959:46.059:46.019:17/M
118Katie McEvilyNew Rochelle NY9931 55 F 0-991:01:27.81:01:27.819:49/M
119Katie Kelly-MorandNew Rochelle NY9830 56 F 0-991:01:27.91:01:27.919:49/M
120Sarah SwanbergNew Rochelle NY10130 57 F 0-991:01:28.01:01:28.019:50/M

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