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Florida Fun Fest 5k and 10k Races

Florida, NY, August 12, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall 5k, 10k and Walk Results

Joanne and Tom Andryshak, Race Directors. Timing by

Florida Fun Fest 5k and 10k Races.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 August 12.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Daniel PetersonWarwick NY46315***** M 15-1817:10.95:32/M
2Juan SorianoMiddletown NY42820***** M 19-2917:17.75:35/M
3Bret HaburaCampbell Hall NY46918***** M 15-1817:20.95:35/M
4Tanner Senius.65615 1 M 15-1818:33.45:59/M
5Kevin OneilFlorida NY29117 2 M 15-1818:52.46:05/M
6Peter HelsethNy NY22931 1 M 30-3919:17.46:13/M
7Matthew CodiWarwick NY16318 3 M 15-1819:29.26:17/M
8Ryan KarchnerHarriman NY69329 1 M 19-2919:42.26:21/M
9Kevin SmithFlorida NY42217 4 M 15-1820:02.96:28/M
10Bryan KellyWarwick NY67320 2 M 19-2920:14.26:32/M
11Marcus BrevikChester NY13732 2 M 30-3920:16.96:32/M
12Tom MayesPort Jervis NY26649 1 M 40-4920:33.46:38/M
13Sean PetersGoshen NY30616 5 M 15-1821:04.06:48/M
14Michael RacanelloCortlandt Manor NY45844 2 M 40-4921:36.26:58/M
15Charlton MacHadoHighland Mills NY65037 3 M 30-3921:40.96:59/M
16Anthony PascarelliFlorida NY30119 3 M 19-2921:49.27:02/M
17Jonathan CodiWarwick NY16115 6 M 15-1821:51.27:03/M
18Alex GotsisGoshen NY21515 7 M 15-1822:06.47:08/M
19Jacob KuhnFlorida NY25520 4 M 19-2922:35.27:17/M
20Brian SkurlaChester NY66631 4 M 30-3922:54.77:23/M
21Zachary BakkerFlorida NY12216 8 M 15-1822:55.27:24/M
22Larry SavitchFlorida NY41447 3 M 40-4923:03.77:26/M
23Caleb PawelskiGoshen NY30315 9 M 15-1823:14.97:30/M
24Andrew FraserFlorida NY20117 10 M 15-1823:36.97:37/M
25Brandon CodiWarwick NY16216 11 M 15-1823:38.97:37/M
26Jeffrey WimetteFairfax VT68144 4 M 40-4923:51.27:42/M
27John ShaughnessyFlorida NY41612 1 M 11-1423:54.27:43/M
28Zachary AdamsFlorida NY49116 12 M 15-1824:04.97:46/M
29Marylynn McMahonHarriman NY27420***** F 19-2924:12.27:48/M
30Nicholas CodiWarwick NY16012 2 M 11-1424:15.97:49/M
31Julie AllenFlorida NY11317***** F 15-1824:18.47:50/M
32Tom SmythFlorida NY42450 1 M 50-5924:27.27:53/M
33Kelly GregusWarwick NY22030***** F 30-3924:28.57:54/M
34Zackery CuzoFlorida NY46516 13 M 15-1824:29.47:54/M
35Craig OlejniczakFlorida NY29039 5 M 30-3924:30.07:54/M
36Kathleen RifkinMiddletown NY47948 1 F 40-4924:31.97:55/M
37Gregory SiricoWarwick NY67545 5 M 40-4924:39.57:57/M
38Shawn HowellFlorida NY23318 14 M 15-1824:42.57:58/M
39Charles MarronWarwick NY26056 2 M 50-5924:44.47:59/M
40Roscoe PaftinWalkill NY64023 5 M 19-2924:48.48:00/M
41Mikaella VerbaauwWarwick NY67913 1 F 11-1424:51.98:01/M
42John MonchakTafton PA28061 1 M 60-6924:54.78:02/M
43Gerard RossCarmel NY31660 2 M 60-6924:55.78:02/M
44James Kozala Jr.Goshen NY25325 6 M 19-2924:56.98:03/M
45Gary St. OngePleasant Valley NY42954 3 M 50-5925:09.78:07/M
46Julia RyanChester NY31712 2 F 11-1425:19.98:10/M
47Kyle SalteNew Hampton NY41314 3 M 11-1425:27.48:13/M
48Kerry FilanciaPort Jervis NY66336 1 F 30-3925:29.78:13/M
49Ronald RyanChester NY31844 6 M 40-4925:32.78:14/M
50Christopher EllisWarwick NY18730 6 M 30-3925:35.48:15/M
51Daniel Lejovitzky-ReichMonroe NY67737 7 M 30-3925:40.48:17/M
52Ron WolfenhautMiddletown NY45951 4 M 50-5925:42.28:17/M
53Sinead BrosnanFlorida NY14015 1 F 15-1825:46.28:19/M
54Kara ShaughnessyFlorida NY41714 3 F 11-1425:46.58:19/M
55Zack EwanciwPort Jervis NY19021 7 M 19-2925:47.28:19/M
56Andrew MeierFlorida NY27614 4 M 11-1425:49.28:20/M
57David DacostaCentral Valley NY49562 3 M 60-6925:58.78:23/M
58Peggy McMahonHarriman NY27349 2 F 40-4926:09.58:26/M
59Kyle StraubFlorida NY65513 5 M 11-1426:13.58:27/M
60Louis BalascioFlorida NY65114 6 M 11-1426:13.78:27/M
61Philip MelilloWarwick NY27764 4 M 60-6926:18.48:29/M
62Chris CurryChester NY17443 7 M 40-4926:25.78:31/M
63Beth DibattistaAlbany NY47535 2 F 30-3926:31.28:33/M
64John ThompsonWallkill NY43522 8 M 19-2926:31.78:33/M
65Frank GannonBlooming Grove NY65951 5 M 50-5926:35.48:35/M
66Sam BonderWarwick NY66114 7 M 11-1426:37.08:35/M
67Michael CampbellFlorida NY15211 8 M 11-1426:38.28:35/M
68Tom Smyth JrFlorida NY42616 15 M 15-1826:39.28:36/M
69John Barczak Jr..12338 8 M 30-3926:39.78:36/M
70Erin FreyGreenwood Lake NY47240 3 F 40-4926:50.58:39/M
71Nicholas BaileyFlorida NY12115 16 M 15-1826:55.98:41/M
72Dominick CraigFlorida NY17036 9 M 30-3927:00.28:43/M
73Harvey CastroWallkill NY15636 10 M 30-3927:11.58:46/M
74David CardonaWallkill NY15424 9 M 19-2927:11.58:46/M
75Peter SadlerPort Jervis NY4129 1 M 1-1027:28.78:52/M
76Giuliana SadlerPort Jervis NY41010 1 F 1-1027:28.98:52/M
77William LeslieFlorida NY25925 10 M 19-2927:36.28:54/M
78Brian BarnhartSussex NJ12541 8 M 40-4927:52.58:59/M
79Amy WapshareGoshen NY47746 4 F 40-4927:57.79:01/M
80Michael KamrowskiWarwick NY67818 17 M 15-1828:05.29:04/M
81Kyle LewisMonroe NY46832 11 M 30-3928:08.79:05/M
82Jim CelizicWarwick NY15729 11 M 19-2928:21.29:09/M
83Jack GardinerFlorida NY20412 9 M 11-1428:26.49:10/M
84Elwira MacHadoHighland Mills NY64933 3 F 30-3928:55.59:20/M
85Damian RyanSussex NJ64841 9 M 40-4929:06.79:23/M
86Keith ParsonsSugar Loaf NY30036 12 M 30-3929:11.59:25/M
87Tom KerriganGoshen NY24650 6 M 50-5929:20.29:28/M
88Samantha LeonardFlorida NY25819 1 F 19-2929:21.59:28/M
89Kathryn WarrenWarwick NY68814 4 F 11-1429:22.59:28/M
90Caitlin GannonBlooming Grove NY66021 2 F 19-2929:23.09:29/M
91Jennifer BuckleyMontgomery NY67133 4 F 30-3929:36.49:33/M
92Theresa BaileyFlorida NY12012 5 F 11-1429:38.49:34/M
93Andrew HallockFlorida NY22419 12 M 19-2929:41.29:35/M
94Joe WargoBlairstown NJ63446 10 M 40-4929:41.99:35/M
95Lynn McKelveyThompson Ridge NY27257 1 F 50-5929:42.99:35/M
96James SmythFlorida NY42512 10 M 11-1429:43.99:35/M
97George WeinerFlorida NY44467 5 M 60-6929:48.29:37/M
98Christian StangebyWarwick NY63511 11 M 11-1429:52.29:38/M
99Joshua ReyesFlorida NY31414 12 M 11-1429:54.29:39/M
100Lea WimetteFairfax VT68044 5 F 40-4929:55.79:39/M
101Andem SarkiFlorida NY64215 18 M 15-1830:10.49:44/M
102Susan SadlerPort Jervis NY41147 6 F 40-4930:14.59:45/M
103Michelle MorrisBloomingburg NY28455 2 F 50-5930:20.09:47/M
104Stacy GrayMonroe NY67438 5 F 30-3930:21.79:47/M
105Dena FeneckWarwick NY19340 7 F 40-4930:28.49:50/M
106Juliana GoldsmithMiddletown NY21113 6 F 11-1430:30.99:50/M
107Magadelena YasionHighland Mills NY44734 6 F 30-3930:36.79:52/M
108Crystal YoungMonroe NY44815 2 F 15-1830:38.29:53/M
109Eliza FilipowskiChester NY65235 7 F 30-3930:44.59:55/M
110Sean GundackerFlorida NY49711 13 M 11-1431:01.210:00/M
111Suzanne ArringtonMilford PA11838 8 F 30-3931:09.510:03/M
112Dennis Van DunkWarwick NY43913 14 M 11-1431:10.910:03/M
113Lisa AlbornozWesttown NY11037 9 F 30-3931:17.710:05/M
114Timothy KeneallyWarwick NY24544 11 M 40-4931:19.510:06/M
115Charles BowenChester NY13555 7 M 50-5931:32.210:10/M
116Edda AgostoFlorida NY10848 8 F 40-4931:33.510:11/M
117Amy YoungMonroe NY44917 3 F 15-1831:44.210:14/M
118Lauren WapshareGoshen NY47614 7 F 11-1431:50.710:16/M
119Danny PalajFlorida NY47014 15 M 11-1432:02.210:20/M
120Mary AllenFlorida NY11212 8 F 11-1432:06.710:21/M
121Jennifer PfeisterRock Hill NY30749 9 F 40-4932:18.010:25/M
122Sandra SacksMiddletown NY48850 3 F 50-5932:18.210:25/M
123Nick EwanciwPort Jervis NY18918 19 M 15-1832:19.710:25/M
124Heather FraserFlorida NY20016 4 F 15-1832:24.210:27/M
125Marissa WarrenGoshen NY46231 10 F 30-3932:31.710:29/M
126Terry CafferyMontgomery NY14956 4 F 50-5932:34.410:30/M
127George PinkhamPine Island NY30947 12 M 40-4933:06.910:41/M
128Emily BurkeGoshen NY69817 5 F 15-1833:08.410:41/M
129Sarah RobinsonFlorida NY69417 6 F 15-1833:08.710:41/M
130Sheila McGroddyCampbell Hall NY27147 10 F 40-4933:14.510:43/M
131Kimberly ParasGoshen NY29946 11 F 40-4933:28.210:48/M
132Addelis AgostoFlorida NY10712 9 F 11-1433:37.210:51/M
133Danielle NiemannFlorida NY49440 12 F 40-4933:42.710:52/M
134Ken Gaigz.63246 13 M 40-4933:43.210:53/M
135John GraltonSugar Loaf NY21740 14 M 40-4933:47.410:54/M
136Michael LewisBellvale NY67251 8 M 50-5933:50.710:55/M
137Rochelle MarshallMonroe NY26171 1 F 70-7933:55.210:56/M
138John EllisWarwick NY18863 6 M 60-6933:56.510:57/M
139William GoldsmithMiddletown NY21010 2 M 1-1033:57.210:57/M
140John GoldsmithMiddletown NY21249 15 M 40-4933:57.910:57/M
141Kelly OwenCirclevile NY67035 11 F 30-3934:03.210:59/M
142Eric SwansonWarwick NY43210 3 M 1-1034:04.510:59/M
143Mark CamilloMiddletown NY45550 9 M 50-5934:08.211:01/M
144Bruce SwansonWarwick NY46649 16 M 40-4934:12.911:02/M
145John SullivanGoshen NY69029 13 M 19-2934:20.711:05/M
146Katie Nielsen.45713 10 F 11-1434:28.411:07/M
147Laura ZangrilliSuffern NJ45344 13 F 40-4934:31.211:08/M
148Trucy DolanFlorida NY63938 12 F 30-3934:32.911:08/M
149Constantino MartinezFlorida NY26244 17 M 40-4934:49.711:14/M
150Daniella GilliganCampbell Hall NY20815 7 F 15-1834:53.711:15/M
151Brittany FullerNew Hampton NY20214 11 F 11-1434:53.911:15/M
152Mary Ellen CitelliGoshen NY15953 5 F 50-5934:57.011:16/M
153Lori PriceNew Windsor NY31234 13 F 30-3934:57.411:16/M
154Marian PetersGoshen NY30514 12 F 11-1434:59.411:17/M
155Maria GraltonSugar Loaf NY21811 13 F 11-1435:00.011:17/M
156Joe StangebyWarwick NY63611 16 M 11-1435:11.411:21/M
157Holly FitzgeraldMiddletwon NY19525 3 F 19-2935:11.711:21/M
158Maureen FitzgeraldMiddletown NY19452 6 F 50-5935:12.211:21/M
159Erin FleuryFlorida NY19832 14 F 30-3935:16.011:23/M
160Frank HoensGoshen NY68663 7 M 60-6935:17.711:23/M
161Heather YoungMonroe NY45019 4 F 19-2935:20.211:24/M
162James DuganCornwall NY18378 1 M 70-7935:23.711:25/M
163Patricia DuranteFlorida NY18447 14 F 40-4935:43.211:31/M
164Cheryl BakkerMonroe NY47435 15 F 30-3935:47.711:33/M
165Erin CrossMdtn NY17235 16 F 30-3935:51.711:34/M
166Bridget KingChester NY24714 14 F 11-1435:54.711:35/M
167Brandon HaockFlorida NY68711 17 M 11-1435:57.711:36/M
168Teresa CroninFlorida NY17140 15 F 40-4935:58.011:36/M
169Luke CroninFlorida NY1118 4 M 1-1035:58.211:36/M
170Emily CadyFlorida NY14814 15 F 11-1436:07.211:39/M
171Bianca WargoBlairstown NJ63312 16 F 11-1436:09.711:40/M
172Kathleen DonojoeHarriman NY47330 17 F 30-3936:13.011:41/M
173William CoutureMiddletown NY46029 14 M 19-2936:18.911:43/M
174Shawn CadyFlorida NY14739 13 M 30-3936:23.211:44/M
175Kelly McCulloughMonroe NY26924 5 F 19-2936:27.711:45/M
176Gillian GraltonSugar Loaf NY2199 2 F 1-1036:33.711:47/M
177Megan KellyFlorida NY24113 17 F 11-1436:36.711:48/M
178Karen DeaneHighland Mills NY17942 16 F 40-4936:47.211:52/M
179Christopher MorrisBloomingburg NY28354 10 M 50-5936:47.911:52/M
180Jessica PawelczakFlorida NY66222 6 F 19-2937:09.711:59/M
181Jessica BridgeGreenwood Lake NY13828 7 F 19-2937:10.211:59/M
182William GotsisGoshen NY21649 18 M 40-4937:22.412:03/M
183Louis IoppoloWarwick NY23678 2 M 70-7937:41.212:09/M
184Kaylei Unknown.63711 18 F 11-1437:47.412:11/M
185James MezzettiFlorida NY63844 19 M 40-4937:48.712:12/M
186Charles BakleyPompano Beach FL49274 3 M 70-7938:23.712:23/M
187Summer TylerWarwick NY4387 3 F 1-1038:45.912:30/M
188Patrick TylerWarwick NY43733 14 M 30-3938:46.412:30/M
189Mike SarkiFlorida NY64145 20 M 40-4939:00.712:35/M
190Michael PankoMiddletown NY29524 15 M 19-2939:05.912:36/M
191Pamela KuhensOtisville NY25440 17 F 40-4939:09.512:38/M
192Eileen McCulloughChester NY27043 18 F 40-4939:27.712:44/M
193Heather BirchFlorida NY66944 19 F 40-4939:30.912:45/M
194Rachel AmabileWarwick NY11429 8 F 19-2939:43.412:49/M
195Jessica SankeySlate Hill NY46426 9 F 19-2939:48.712:50/M
196Dave BechtleMiddletown NY12674 4 M 70-7939:49.212:51/M
197Christopher BeattieFlorida NY5009 5 M 1-1039:55.512:53/M
198Kaiden WarnerFlorida NY64610 4 F 1-1039:55.712:53/M
199Declan MurphyGoshen NY2869 6 M 1-1040:22.913:01/M
200Maeve GeerRhinebeck NY20530 18 F 30-3940:30.513:04/M
201Kari CallWarwick NY15045 20 F 40-4940:30.513:04/M
202Orla BrosnanFlorida NY13912 19 F 11-1440:53.013:11/M
203Bill ConklinMontgomery NY16566 8 M 60-6940:53.213:11/M
204Morgan KellyFlorida NY2428 5 F 1-1041:16.413:19/M
205George PattonShohola PA30266 9 M 60-6941:32.013:24/M
206Melissa HernandezPort Jervis NY23038 19 F 30-3941:55.513:31/M
207Amy HallockFlorida NY22545 21 F 40-4942:00.213:33/M
208Nancy WarthWurtsboro NY44262 1 F 60-6942:00.413:33/M
209Stephanie MeeuwesMonroe NY27526 10 F 19-2942:09.213:36/M
210Sean CurryChester NY17313 18 M 11-1442:36.913:45/M
211Shannon CurryChester NY1769 6 F 1-1042:58.513:52/M
212Melissa BarnettHowells NY12436 20 F 30-3943:17.713:58/M
213Kathleen DaviesHillburn NY17766 2 F 60-6943:44.014:06/M
214Evan Jansen.49014 19 M 11-1443:49.714:08/M
215Athena MoustasFlorida NY64311 20 F 11-1443:54.214:10/M
216Tina MoserFlorida NY64450 7 F 50-5943:55.514:10/M
217Joann CurryChester NY17552 8 F 50-5944:12.014:15/M
218Donna BuckleyCentral Valley NY14442 22 F 40-4944:47.414:27/M
219Melissa KeneallyWarwick NY24441 23 F 40-4944:47.914:27/M
220Marisa ConnellyWarwick NY16733 21 F 30-3949:57.916:07/M
221Ray SimoraSussex NJ64758 11 M 50-5950:47.216:23/M
222Amy MurphyGoshen NY67641 24 F 40-4951:47.216:42/M
223Rita MudrickFlorida NY28584 1 F 80-991:07:56.721:55/M
DQPriscilla CaskeyWarwick NY15552 DQ F 50-59---7:14/M
10k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1David BloomDove Creek CO13330***** M 30-3943:09.26:58/M
2James SanchezMarlton NJ48142***** M 40-4944:37.97:12/M
3Fernanda FariaGoshen NY69737***** F 30-3944:48.47:14/M
4Doug CarterChester NY69258***** M 50-5945:11.77:17/M
5Steve HolmbrakerMiddletown NY48053 1 M 50-5945:21.27:19/M
6Kristin MatsonMiddletown NY26331***** F 30-3945:22.27:19/M
7Drew PriestMiddletown NY49650 2 M 50-5945:44.47:23/M
8Peter KleinStuttgart GERMANY25165 1 M 60-6946:23.07:29/M
9Jennifer NeenanHighland Mills NY28727***** F 19-2947:13.27:37/M
10Jill PostMonroe NY31135 1 F 30-3947:37.27:41/M
11Ed O'ConnellMiddletown NY28858 3 M 50-5948:04.97:45/M
12Bill SchneiderBarryville NY47154 4 M 50-5948:33.57:50/M
13Rachel QuinnGoshen NY65420 1 F 19-2948:58.47:54/M
14Jamie InsignaresGoshen NY23558 5 M 50-5949:18.27:57/M
15Alistar FraserFlorida NY19946 1 M 40-4949:21.77:58/M
16Brian BirchFlorida NY66841 2 M 40-4949:55.28:03/M
17Annette BurkeGoshen NY69953 1 F 50-5950:01.78:04/M
18Jean BeattieFlorida NY49942 1 F 40-4950:17.78:07/M
19Raymond CannataCarmel NY15339 1 M 30-3950:22.48:07/M
20Bob WatermanMiddletown NY44345 3 M 40-4950:40.48:10/M
21Eliza OdomWarwick NY28940 2 F 40-4952:12.78:25/M
22Patty InsignaresGoshen NY23451 2 F 50-5952:30.78:28/M
23William AgostoFlorida NY10649 4 M 40-4952:38.28:29/M
24Cyndi FelchBloomingburg NY49350 3 F 50-5952:55.48:32/M
25Donna HoulihanSugarloaf NY66546 3 F 40-4953:12.28:35/M
26Brian GoodrichFlorida NY21423 1 M 19-2953:12.78:35/M
27Denise KunischWarwick NY48542 4 F 40-4953:29.28:38/M
28Melanie BeattieWarwick NY49838 2 F 30-3953:37.48:39/M
29John LosardoMiddletown NY68455 6 M 50-5953:51.28:41/M
30Dave HallHarrington Park NJ22255 7 M 50-5954:13.28:45/M
31Jessica StevensWarwick NY43019 2 F 19-2954:40.28:49/M
32Dane GroszekMiddletown NY22158 8 M 50-5954:49.58:50/M
33Karen CabanWalden NY14640 5 F 40-4954:58.08:52/M
34Madeline GoldsmithMiddletown NY20915 1 F 15-1855:07.28:53/M
35Michael WilliamsWashingtonville NY47841 5 M 40-4955:14.28:55/M
36Jerry PuchtingerHewitt NJ69526 2 M 19-2955:31.28:57/M
37Joe CoffeyWarwick NY48263 2 M 60-6955:34.28:58/M
38Sean MayerLafayette NJ26443 6 M 40-4955:41.48:59/M
39Suzanne MayerLafayette NJ26544 6 F 40-4955:51.99:00/M
40Thomas BerhmanHuguenot NY13046 7 M 40-4956:03.49:02/M
41Kim OtrubaChester NY46737 3 F 30-3956:56.79:11/M
42Martin Nowak JrMiddletown NY66449 8 M 40-4957:09.99:13/M
43Mike QuinnGoshen NY65350 9 M 50-5957:13.99:14/M
44Tara DdirksNew Windsor NY17835 4 F 30-3957:31.79:17/M
45Jane BriefWarwick NY65848 7 F 40-4957:56.99:21/M
46Robert McCaffreyMiddletown NY26737 2 M 30-3958:25.29:25/M
47Jennifer YounghansFlorida NY45128 3 F 19-2958:27.79:26/M
48Aaron BabcockMiddletown NY11932 3 M 30-3958:39.99:28/M
49Dan CorbalisWarwick NY48338 4 M 30-3959:55.29:40/M
50Ray YounghansFlorida NY45231 5 M 30-391:00:30.09:45/M
51Karen PinkhamPine Island NY30846 8 F 40-491:02:11.910:02/M
52Eugene WiesbeckMiddletown NY69633 6 M 30-391:02:16.410:03/M
53Valerie DonnellyDover NJ18241 9 F 40-491:03:50.210:18/M
54Nicole BrennieWarwick NY13631 5 F 30-391:04:28.910:24/M
55Mary HarjesPine Bush NY22749 10 F 40-491:05:47.710:37/M
56Kerri FoleyWarwick NY48436 6 F 30-391:06:08.710:40/M
57Danielle SullivanFlorida NY43124 4 F 19-291:06:37.210:45/M
58Katharine TerryChester NY43325 5 F 19-291:06:42.510:45/M
59Kaoru ShodaiMiddletown NY41841 11 F 40-491:07:25.710:52/M
60Claudine CordaHyde Park NY16840 12 F 40-491:07:32.210:54/M
61Jennifer EchevarriaWarwick NY18529 6 F 19-291:07:57.310:58/M
62Erica BrylowskiMiddletown NY14336 7 M 30-391:08:04.210:59/M
63Cardichon JadeMiddletown NY23915 2 F 15-181:08:04.910:59/M
64Janet LeeRock Tavern NY25729 7 F 19-291:08:17.711:01/M
65Jacquelyn ReidWest Milford NJ31349 13 F 40-491:08:39.211:04/M
66John BrownMiddletown NY14142 9 M 40-491:08:40.711:05/M
67Brian ThompsonFlorida NY43428 3 M 19-291:09:01.411:08/M
68Susan MollerWarwick NY46144 14 F 40-491:09:15.511:10/M
69Danielle SeidlerWarwick NY41528 8 F 19-291:09:47.411:15/M
70Richard CitelliGoshen NY15854 10 M 50-591:10:42.711:24/M
71Serena SzeMiddletown NY69141 15 F 40-491:13:09.511:48/M
72Julie SekelskyOgdensburg NJ65742 16 F 40-491:13:09.511:48/M
73Sophia GeorgesWarwick NY20734 7 F 30-391:17:35.912:31/M
74Brenda WaardenburgHewitt NJ44141 17 F 40-491:20:58.013:04/M
75Rose VolaskiGoshen NY44060 1 F 60-691:27:18.014:05/M
76Jessica MillerGoshen NY68313 1 F 11-141:32:03.914:51/M
5k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Bob HarjesPine Bush NY22850***** M 0-9931:01.210:00/M
2Carlotta RyanChester NY31944***** F 0-9940:20.913:01/M
3Cam PanuskaFlorida NY2989***** M 0-9940:59.913:13/M
4Carmen RiveraMiddletown NY31559***** F 0-9943:14.413:57/M
5Lara KellyFlorida NY24340***** F 0-9944:38.714:24/M
6Howard CohenFlorida NY16459***** M 0-9944:45.214:26/M
7Nate PanuskaFlorida NY2977 1 M 0-9945:05.214:33/M
8Lynne MilesBangor ME27951 1 F 0-9947:09.015:13/M
9Mark SlesinskiWarwick NY42154 2 M 0-9947:10.915:13/M
10James PiscitelliFlorida NY4879 3 M 0-9947:17.715:15/M
11Matthew PanuskaFlorida NY29635 4 M 0-9947:30.915:19/M
12Alisha FullerFlorida NY66738 2 F 0-9947:59.915:29/M
13Melissa AndryshakGoshen NY11739 3 F 0-9948:00.515:29/M
14Kenneth RysingerGoshen NY40966 5 M 0-9948:01.915:29/M
15Deborah SlesinskiWarwick NY42049 4 F 0-9949:35.416:00/M
16Andrea GoldsmithMiddletown NY21347 5 F 0-9950:25.216:16/M
17Barbara ConklinMonroe NY16650 6 F 0-9950:33.216:18/M
18Kristine HoodimanWest Milford NJ23263 7 F 0-9950:36.216:19/M
19Jane HeilweilFlorida NY45650 8 F 0-9950:37.016:20/M
20Kim RayFlorida NY70050 9 F 0-9950:38.216:20/M
21Eileen PiscitelliFlorida NY48940 10 F 0-9951:48.716:43/M
22Joan KissingerFlorida NY25060 11 F 0-9952:01.516:47/M
23Susan WhiteBangor ME44665 12 F 0-9952:02.416:47/M
24Louis CordaHyde Park NY16972 6 M 0-9952:56.717:05/M
25Eve PawelskiGoshen NY30446 13 F 0-9953:25.717:14/M
26Angela OneilFlorida NY29244 14 F 0-9953:47.417:21/M
27David OneilFlorida NY29345 7 M 0-9953:47.517:21/M
28Louanne RysingerGoshen NY40862 15 F 0-9954:13.017:29/M
29Sara MilerGoshen NY68212 16 F 0-9954:25.217:33/M
30Sandy MehlingGoshen NY68553 17 F 0-9954:29.717:35/M
31Edith Rose DellatoFlorida NY18014 18 F 0-9955:09.517:47/M
32Tom WhiteBangor ME44561 8 M 0-9955:54.218:02/M
33Darrell Mies.64559 9 M 0-9955:54.718:02/M
34Steve BonifaceWhite Lake NY13459 10 M 0-991:01:41.719:54/M
35Kathy TrojahnPine Bush NY43637 19 F 0-991:01:41.719:54/M
36Deborah GeoghanWarwick NY20656 20 F 0-991:02:33.520:11/M
37Frances WarrenGoshen NY68978 21 F 0-991:02:33.720:11/M
38Donna-Keppler DellatoFlorida NY18153 22 F 0-991:07:56.021:55/M

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