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Washingtonville Scholarship 5k Run and Walk

Washingtonville, NY, April 21, 2012

[Age Group Results ]

Overall Results

Neil Grencer and Laura Mohl, Race Directors. Timing by

Washingtonville Scholarship 5k Run.......
Overall Finish List.......
2012 April 21.......
Results By
5k Run.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Raymond RevellWurtsboro NY27639***** M 35-3917:31.45:39/M
2Bret HaburaCampbell Hall NY15518***** M 16-1917:42.95:43/M
3Nick CruzWashingtonville NY36115***** M 13-1517:46.45:44/M
4Lukas VasadiCampbell Hall NY33718 1 M 16-1917:49.15:45/M
5Michael McDuffieMonroe NY22828 1 M 25-2918:37.66:00/M
6Daniel CocchiaraWashingtonville NY5617 2 M 16-1918:47.96:04/M
7John TrottaBaltimore MD33628 2 M 25-2918:53.16:05/M
8Ryan NguyenMonroe NY37216 3 M 16-1919:03.46:09/M
9Connor QuinnWashingtonville NY39517 4 M 16-1919:03.46:09/M
10Geremy WhiteWashingtonville NY42716 5 M 16-1919:03.96:09/M
11Frank CoellaCampbell Hall NY45154 1 M 50-5419:13.16:12/M
12Steven PaulusWashingtonville NY37016 6 M 16-1919:26.96:16/M
13Tj SantiagoWashingtonville NY30116 7 M 16-1919:29.26:17/M
14Jeff SladewskiNew Windsor NY31015 1 M 13-1519:29.96:17/M
15Sean WarrenWashingtonville NY34714 2 M 13-1519:38.46:20/M
16Michael WilliamsWashingtonville NY35141 1 M 40-4419:50.46:24/M
17Ryan FlorioSalisbury Mills NY12616 8 M 16-1919:51.66:24/M
18Lauren HehirWashingtonville NY16418***** F 16-1920:01.46:27/M
19Andrew JezikWashingtonville NY17627 3 M 25-2920:04.96:28/M
20Doug CarterChester NY43758 1 M 55-5920:06.66:29/M
21Ken DevriesHopewell Jct NY8960 1 M 60-6420:10.46:30/M
22Michael RacanelloCortlandt Manor NY43244 2 M 40-4420:19.96:33/M
23Erik Collier Ny 12721 NY Bloomingburg43832 1 M 30-3420:31.46:37/M
24Travis SpauldingSalisbury Mills NY39916 9 M 16-1920:39.16:40/M
25Reginold MillerNew Windsor NY23428 4 M 25-2920:55.16:45/M
26Danny HehirWashingtonville NY16215 3 M 13-1521:00.16:46/M
27Jack JenningsWashingtonville NY17414 4 M 13-1521:00.16:46/M
28Matthew BarbooklesSalisbury Mills NY37512 1 M 10-1221:12.96:50/M
29Sebastian LemosSalisbury Mills NY20326 5 M 25-2921:26.76:55/M
30Quinn DoelgerMonroe NY9410 2 M 10-1221:28.16:55/M
31Ira FleischerMonroe NY12250 2 M 50-5421:30.96:56/M
32Jay NiedzielskiFishkill NY25237 1 M 35-3921:38.96:59/M
33Zachary CreedenCampbell Hall NY6814 5 M 13-1521:42.97:00/M
34Jerry QuigleyMiddletown NY27455 2 M 55-5921:51.97:03/M
35Thomas AndryshakFlorida NY546 1 M 45-4921:55.97:04/M
36Eric OssentjukWashingtonville NY46448 2 M 45-4922:07.17:08/M
37Conor JenningsWashingtonville NY47514 6 M 13-1522:07.77:08/M
38Stephen TelloneWashingtonville NY33313 7 M 13-1522:07.77:08/M
39Nicholas NegersmithWashingtonville NY24813 8 M 13-1522:07.97:08/M
40Steven PruschkiWalden NY45554 3 M 50-5422:16.47:11/M
41Debbo SpannagelNew Hampton NY32218***** F 16-1922:20.27:12/M
42Bill SchneiderBarryville NY30254 4 M 50-5422:24.47:14/M
43Mckenna LakeCampbell Hall NY115***** F 13-1522:24.97:14/M
44Jaden LakeCampbell Hall NY19717 10 M 16-1922:26.47:14/M
45Michael CavaluzziWashingtonville NY38614 9 M 13-1522:26.67:14/M
46Russell RiceHighland Mills NY27734 2 M 30-3422:29.97:15/M
47Patrick McCormichWashingtonville NY22616 11 M 16-1922:33.27:16/M
48Mike MoranMonroe NY24447 3 M 45-4922:38.47:18/M
49Brian SkurlaChester NY37831 3 M 30-3422:48.97:21/M
50Glenn BotbylChester NY40656 3 M 55-5922:50.47:22/M
51Richard CobbinahEast Orange NJ5535 2 M 35-3922:53.97:23/M
52Brian WaltersLewes DE34254 5 M 50-5422:54.17:23/M
53Michael BruscinoWashingtonville NY3356 4 M 55-5922:55.17:24/M
54Evelia HehirWashingtonville NY16318 1 F 16-1922:55.67:24/M
55Mark PietrzakChester NY26814 10 M 13-1522:55.97:24/M
56Alex PearsonMontgomery NY25828 6 M 25-2922:59.27:25/M
57Victor SolisMiddletown NY42547 4 M 45-4923:05.17:27/M
58Greg NacerinoPatterson NY24728 7 M 25-2923:06.27:27/M
59Ken LohmeyerMongaup Valley NY20860 2 M 60-6423:08.17:28/M
60Quinn FowlerChester NY12912 1 F 10-1223:17.27:31/M
61Fred GalbraithNew Windsor NY13538 3 M 35-3923:23.17:33/M
62Abby RoeWashingtonville NY43015 1 F 13-1523:27.67:34/M
63Friedrich BuileyMonroe NY37639 4 M 35-3923:31.67:35/M
64Theresa PearsonMontgomery NY25927 1 F 25-2923:43.97:39/M
65Bob WatermanMiddletown NY34945 5 M 45-4923:47.77:40/M
66Ron WolfenhautMiddletown NY41351 6 M 50-5423:49.47:41/M
67Joe CoffeyWarwick NY41263 3 M 60-6423:58.97:44/M
68Jim OlearyCampbell Hall NY46348 6 M 45-4924:01.17:45/M
69Matthew KellyMiddletown NY18933 4 M 30-3424:03.97:45/M
70Patrick BrownCentral Valley NY38358 5 M 55-5924:06.67:46/M
71Drita FitzferaldMilford PA40938 1 F 35-3924:11.27:48/M
72Connor FrisbeeCampbell Hall NY13314 11 M 13-1524:12.47:48/M
73Jack ClarkWashingtonville NY5011 3 M 10-1224:18.27:50/M
74Rob MitchellCampbell Hall NY24046 7 M 45-4924:21.67:51/M
75Sean QuinnWashingtonville NY39410 4 M 10-1224:28.77:54/M
76Michael BarnittCampbell Hall NY1625 8 M 25-2924:31.47:55/M
77Kyle SzelestekySalisbury Mills NY42420 1 M 20-2424:32.27:55/M
78Coleson LakeCampbell Hall NY19611 5 M 10-1224:41.97:58/M
79Peggy McMahonHarriman NY23049 1 F 45-4924:43.27:58/M
80Thomas ForresterWurtsboro NY12841 3 M 40-4424:43.67:58/M
81Christopher DestefanoRock Tavern NY8724 2 M 20-2424:47.18:00/M
82Mike CerarChester NY4827 9 M 25-2924:48.48:00/M
83Benjamin LemosSalisbury Mills NY20260 4 M 60-6424:49.98:00/M
84Cary AbbottMonroe NY44247 8 M 45-4924:52.98:01/M
85John ShepherdWashingtonville NY30658 6 M 55-5924:54.68:02/M
86Ron FlorioNewburgh NY12545 9 M 45-4924:56.98:03/M
87Shannon WunderlichSalisbury Mills NY35424 1 F 20-2424:59.68:04/M
88Sean FolklMonroe NY12723 3 M 20-2424:59.98:04/M
89Russell LindbergWashingtonville NY20751 7 M 50-5425:01.78:04/M
90Cory FergusonMonroe NY45024 4 M 20-2425:05.18:05/M
91Tommy QuinnWashingtonville NY39312 6 M 10-1225:05.78:05/M
92Bryan NienstadtWashingtonville NY25312 7 M 10-1225:07.48:06/M
93Andy RuebenstahlWashingtonville NY37914 12 M 13-1525:09.18:07/M
94John MonchakTafton PA40861 5 M 60-6425:10.98:07/M
95Nayely TellezMonroe NY42225 2 F 25-2925:16.78:09/M
96Rebecca RoeWashingtonville NY42914 2 F 13-1525:19.98:10/M
97Lara KochNew City NY44926 3 F 25-2925:20.98:10/M
98Owen RowlandsCampbell Hall NY28611 8 M 10-1225:25.68:12/M
99Joann AndryshakFlorida NY441 1 F 40-4425:30.78:14/M
100Kane SpearWashingtonville NY32411 9 M 10-1225:33.98:15/M
101Katarina CarleoRock Tavern NY4017 2 F 16-1925:34.68:15/M
102Michael A. DestefanoRock Tavern NY8653 8 M 50-5425:36.18:15/M
103Angela ArpaWashingtonville NY36012 2 F 10-1225:39.98:16/M
104Cathryn EvansWashingtonville NY11315 3 F 13-1525:39.98:16/M
105Lance YerkesCampbell Hall NY36738 5 M 35-3925:42.78:17/M
106Will DonlonWashingtonville NY9910 10 M 10-1225:42.98:17/M
107Jay MemmelPatterson NY23327 10 M 25-2925:44.68:18/M
108Mason PetersonWashingtonville NY26310 11 M 10-1225:47.78:19/M
109Cathaleen DonnellyCampbell Hall NY10052 1 F 50-5425:48.28:19/M
110Christopher JappWashingtonville NY41411 12 M 10-1225:49.68:20/M
111Butch ConklinWashingtonville NY5948 10 M 45-4925:56.18:22/M
112Adrian Lobato Ny Highland43327 11 M 25-2926:03.18:24/M
113Al BartonWashingtonville NY1856 7 M 55-5926:08.18:26/M
114Erin FreyGreenwood Lake NY13239 2 F 35-3926:08.68:26/M
115Jay MagnelliWashingtonville NY21053 9 M 50-5426:12.48:27/M
116Christine DevriesHopewell Jct NY8859 1 F 55-5926:13.78:27/M
117Jamie Marie HarrisonPatterson NY15924 2 F 20-2426:14.48:28/M
118Ryan JenningsWashingtonville NY1759 1 M 1- 926:15.48:28/M
119Liz Bierling-PowersPine Bush NY41134 1 F 30-3426:15.98:28/M
120Kollin SchindlerCampbell Hall NY38811 13 M 10-1226:19.48:29/M
121Bob MalitzCampbell Hall NY40249 11 M 45-4926:21.48:30/M
122Kathleen SchindlerCampbell Hall NY38740 2 F 40-4426:21.48:30/M
123Nancy ShepherdWashingtonville NY30752 2 F 50-5426:21.78:30/M
124Kimberly MurphySalisbury Mills NY24623 3 F 20-2426:22.68:30/M
125Joseph FerraroWashingtonville NY12046 12 M 45-4926:23.48:31/M
126Deanna ZawistowskiOtisville NY35756 2 F 55-5926:26.48:32/M
127Dennis PetersonMonroe NY26162 6 M 60-6426:27.68:32/M
128Dan KasetaChester NY18235 6 M 35-3926:30.48:33/M
129Abigail AngelilloWashingtonville NY619 3 F 16-1926:30.98:33/M
130Kevin JowersHighland Mills NY17810 14 M 10-1226:32.78:34/M
131Paul NienstadtWashingtonville NY25548 13 M 45-4926:33.68:34/M
132Brian EvansWashingtonville NY11252 10 M 50-5426:34.68:34/M
133Kathleen HowellWashingtonville NY17014 4 F 13-1526:34.98:34/M
134Brandon CassidyNY36815 13 M 13-1526:35.18:35/M
135Hannah SheboyWashingtonville NY37414 5 F 13-1526:40.28:36/M
136Martin NowakMiddletown NY43149 14 M 45-4926:40.98:36/M
137William DaliousDanville PA7567 1 M 65-6926:46.48:38/M
138Christopher SantiagoWashingtonville NY29812 15 M 10-1226:47.48:38/M
139Julie MarroniManhattan NY21826 4 F 25-2926:48.48:39/M
140Keri MurphyWashingtonville NY45323 4 F 20-2426:49.98:39/M
141Nicholas CataniaNew Windsor NY4612 16 M 10-1226:52.48:40/M
142Nicholas NeporannyWashingtonville NY25113 14 M 13-1526:52.48:40/M
143Tom RoeChester NY28149 15 M 45-4926:54.98:41/M
144Sara CamilloMontgomery NY3852 3 F 50-5426:55.18:41/M
145Jack BaumkirchnerRock Tavern NY219 2 M 1- 926:56.68:41/M
146Shelly BaumkirchnerRock Tavern NY2042 3 F 40-4426:56.98:41/M
147Liam GildeaWashingtonville NY14310 17 M 10-1226:58.48:42/M
148Michelle GildeaWashingtonville NY14514 6 F 13-1527:01.98:43/M
149Emily KerleyWashingtonville NY43420 5 F 20-2427:10.48:46/M
150Michelle HennPort Jervis NY16537 3 F 35-3927:10.98:46/M
151Shannon HallNew Windsor NY42116 4 F 16-1927:21.48:49/M
152Juan MojicaPlattekill NY38249 16 M 45-4927:25.78:51/M
153Hector OrtizNew Windsor NY39867 2 M 65-6927:26.68:51/M
154Margaret DepaoloWashingtonville NY8447 2 F 45-4927:27.98:51/M
155Susan SadlerPort Jervis NY29047 3 F 45-4927:32.28:53/M
156Giuliana SadlerPort Jervis NY28910 3 F 10-1227:32.48:53/M
157Kelli NienstadtWashingtonville NY25414 7 F 13-1527:33.68:53/M
158Haley GriffinCampbell Hall NY38115 8 F 13-1527:34.68:54/M
159Phyllis KellmanWashingtonville NY18745 4 F 45-4927:36.78:54/M
160Grace GerdinCampbell Hall NY14144 4 F 40-4427:36.98:54/M
161Emily GerdinCampbell Hall NY14010 4 F 10-1227:38.98:55/M
162Kelly PetersonMonroe NY26239 4 F 35-3927:40.18:55/M
163Tammy BoscoOtisville NY2849 5 F 45-4927:46.78:57/M
164Tom GildeaWashingtonville NY14454 11 M 50-5427:52.28:59/M
165Caroline HortCampbell Hall NY41611 5 F 10-1227:52.48:59/M
166Dean PurdyMonroe NY27146 17 M 45-4927:54.49:00/M
167Peter WarrenWashingtonville NY34648 18 M 45-4927:57.69:01/M
168Taylor CaseyRock Tavern NY36614 9 F 13-1527:57.99:01/M
169Caeley WarrenWashingtonville NY34315 10 F 13-1527:59.49:02/M
170Patrick ColaciccoRock Tavern NY5827 12 M 25-2928:00.49:02/M
171Sandra CrapanzanoWashingtonville NY6447 6 F 45-4928:03.49:03/M
172Charles BowenChester NY2955 8 M 55-5928:05.69:04/M
173Douglas LindbergWashingtonville NY20546 19 M 45-4928:07.99:04/M
174Jack DonlonWashingtonville NY977 3 M 1- 928:11.99:05/M
175Bob BarlowMonroe NY1255 9 M 55-5928:13.69:06/M
176Maanusa HanubalWashingtonville NY15810 6 F 10-1228:15.29:07/M
177Paige Mei BacigalCampbell Hall NY1011 7 F 10-1228:17.29:07/M
178Julia BarlowMonroe NY1322 6 F 20-2428:24.79:10/M
179Tom KerriganGoshen NY19150 12 M 50-5428:25.49:10/M
180Morgan CreedenRock Tavern NY6712 8 F 10-1228:26.19:10/M
181Jessica MartimerMonroe NY21932 2 F 30-3428:36.79:14/M
182Tim MartimerMonroe NY22034 5 M 30-3428:36.99:14/M
183Lauren GreggWashingtonville NY42611 9 F 10-1228:37.49:14/M
184Megan GearyCampbell Hall NY13812 10 F 10-1228:52.49:19/M
185Kerry DempseyCornwall NY8148 7 F 45-4928:53.19:19/M
186Raey WebsterWarwick NY46071 1 M 70-9928:55.69:20/M
187Megan DroskySaratoga Springs NY45431 3 F 30-3428:56.29:20/M
188Angela SladewskiNew Windsor NY31211 11 F 10-1228:57.69:20/M
189Terry RogozinskiChester NY28241 5 F 40-4428:59.19:21/M
190Ira DorfmanNew York NY45945 20 M 45-4929:00.99:21/M
191Anastasia DepaoloWashingtonville NY8210 12 F 10-1229:05.99:23/M
192Ronald SperberMaybrook NY32558 10 M 55-5929:06.19:23/M
193Daniel EicheleCampbell Hall NY11027 13 M 25-2929:07.29:24/M
194Tara BobinskiNew Windsor NY2734 4 F 30-3429:10.49:25/M
195Michael QuinnGoshen NY46250 13 M 50-5429:12.69:25/M
196Kristen LeareyWashingtonville NY20131 5 F 30-3429:15.69:26/M
197Mason RowlandsCampbell Hall NY2858 4 M 1- 929:18.49:27/M
198Kate MeissnerWashingtonville NY44022 7 F 20-2429:23.19:29/M
199Chuck Fox Ny Wallkill40547 21 M 45-4929:23.49:29/M
200Jim SpannagelNew Hampton NY32369 3 M 65-6929:24.79:29/M
201Cody EdwardsChester NY1068 5 M 1- 929:25.99:29/M
202Matthew WarrenWashingtonville NY34411 18 M 10-1229:27.19:30/M
203Tara BendsakWashingtonville NY45210 13 F 10-1229:34.69:32/M
204Carly GrossNew York NY15424 8 F 20-2429:35.99:33/M
205James SutterCampbell Hall NY32844 4 M 40-4429:41.69:35/M
206Bekka SpannagelNew Hampton NY32118 5 F 16-1929:48.79:37/M
207Steven AndersenWashingtonville NY351 14 M 50-5429:49.99:37/M
208Melissa NacerinoBronxville NY44335 5 F 35-3929:51.99:38/M
209Mike McPheeLagrangeville NY23222 5 M 20-2429:58.49:40/M
210Phil BrennenMilford PA40780 2 M 70-9929:59.99:40/M
211Christine ShepherdWashingtonville NY30522 9 F 20-2430:00.49:41/M
212Carin FosterNewburgh NY38432 6 F 30-3430:01.69:41/M
213Steve CurcioWashingtonville NY6956 11 M 55-5930:05.49:42/M
214Matthew SheehasWashingtonville NY39611 19 M 10-1230:06.99:43/M
215Andrea SladewskiNew Windsor NY3118 1 F 1- 930:10.29:44/M
216Leo SladewskiNew Windsor NY31447 22 M 45-4930:10.49:44/M
217Colin McCormickWashingtonville NY22714 15 M 13-1530:14.49:45/M
218Allison HederHighland Mills NY16144 6 F 40-4430:16.49:46/M
219Lauren XeinWarwick NY41024 10 F 20-2430:16.69:46/M
220Brian FerryNew Windsor NY36931 6 M 30-3430:21.69:47/M
221Joseph AckerWashingtonville NY45655 12 M 55-5930:24.69:48/M
222Laura CerarChester NY4728 5 F 25-2930:27.49:49/M
223Jim KiernanWashingtonville NY43557 13 M 55-5930:33.99:51/M
224Ashley DunnSalisbury Mills NY10313 11 F 13-1530:37.19:53/M
225Brandon SmithNew Windsor NY39112 20 M 10-1230:39.79:53/M
226Maura CreedenRock Tavern NY6641 7 F 40-4430:41.69:54/M
227Michael DepaoloWashingtonville NY8511 21 M 10-1230:44.29:55/M
228Tj McNultyWhite Plains NY43627 14 M 25-2930:44.49:55/M
229Lacy McDermottMontgomery NY41912 14 F 10-1230:45.69:55/M
230Dot MagnelliWashingtonville NY20953 4 F 50-5430:47.49:56/M
231Eugene SostreWashingtonville NY41850 15 M 50-5430:48.69:56/M
232Mitch SmithWashingtonville NY31951 16 M 50-5430:52.49:57/M
233Victoria YerkesCampbell Hall NY35635 6 F 35-3930:54.19:58/M
234Janna ChapmanWashingtonville NY4669 2 F 1- 930:54.99:58/M
235Walter JohnstonHillburn NY17764 7 M 60-6431:04.910:01/M
236Kim KellyPine Bush NY63638 7 F 35-3931:05.110:02/M
237Jill ExarchakisMonroe NY11435 8 F 35-3931:05.610:02/M
238Tracie RieckerNew Windsor NY27852 5 F 50-5431:06.110:02/M
239Edward SchurichNewburgh NY30369 4 M 65-6931:06.610:02/M
240Susanne KasetaRock Tavern NY18342 8 F 40-4431:08.910:03/M
241Stacey GonzalesMonroe NY14638 9 F 35-3931:10.410:03/M
242Mary HayesChester NY37752 6 F 50-5431:16.210:05/M
243Tara JowersHighland Mills NY17933 7 F 30-3431:17.410:05/M
244Amber SantiagoCampbell Hall NY29718 6 F 16-1931:21.210:07/M
245Susan GrencerWashingtonville NY15138 10 F 35-3931:23.410:07/M
246Jane ClarkSalisbury Mills NY510 1 F 0- 031:23.610:07/M
247Janine TaraceCampbell Hall NY33238 11 F 35-3931:24.610:08/M
248Tara MarcheseWashingtonville NY21436 12 F 35-3931:25.410:08/M
249Dave BadolatoOtisville NY1148 23 M 45-4931:37.910:12/M
250Steve AseltaWashingtonville NY843 5 M 40-4431:39.910:13/M
251Tom McCarthyRidgewood NY22557 14 M 55-5931:41.410:13/M
252Jonathan ChinBlooming Grove NY4943 6 M 40-4431:42.410:14/M
253Laura MurphyMassapequa NY47211 15 F 10-1231:43.210:14/M
254Charley IacovellaMonroe NY17163 8 M 60-6431:49.910:16/M
255Kaitliyn MilmoreWashingtonville NY23714 12 F 13-1531:52.410:17/M
256Sara KellyBlooming Grove NY19032 8 F 30-3431:53.210:17/M
257Diane GentileHighland Mills NY13944 9 F 40-4431:53.410:17/M
258Matthew KellyBlooming Grove NY18842 7 M 40-4431:53.410:17/M
259John BasillioFlorida NY37337 7 M 35-3931:53.610:17/M
260Henry HoneymanMonroe NY16861 9 M 60-6431:57.610:18/M
261Alexa KraziaWashingtonville NY19511 16 F 10-1231:58.910:19/M
262Elise CassidyWashingtonville NY4311 17 F 10-1232:00.410:19/M
263Vicki BasilioFlorida NY1947 8 F 45-4932:02.410:20/M
264Michael BuzzellWashingtonville NY3613 16 M 13-1532:04.410:21/M
265Ronald BuzzellWashingtonville NY3538 8 M 35-3932:04.410:21/M
266David DunnSalisbury Mills NY10449 24 M 45-4932:07.910:22/M
267Jillian CassidyWashingtonville NY449 3 F 1- 932:16.910:25/M
268Monica MoraisWashingtonville NY24346 9 F 45-4932:19.610:25/M
269John WynneNewburgh NY35544 8 M 40-4432:29.210:29/M
270Janis MurphyMassapequa NY47347 10 F 45-4932:30.910:29/M
271Ken HagelmannNewburgh NY36465 5 M 65-6932:43.410:33/M
272Jena GiannottiNew Windsor NY14224 11 F 20-2432:44.410:34/M
273Bill QuinnWashingtonville NY39244 9 M 40-4432:49.410:35/M
274Isabella ZeoliWashingtonville NY35810 18 F 10-1232:53.910:36/M
275Maria ZeoliWashingtonville NY35940 10 F 40-4432:56.210:37/M
276Jesse BlaineWashingtonville NY2412 22 M 10-1232:57.210:38/M
277Pamela LarsenHighland Mills NY19931 9 F 30-3432:58.410:38/M
278Meredith KornPeekskill NY19331 10 F 30-3432:58.410:38/M
279Emily GorczynskiWashingtonville NY14810 19 F 10-1233:00.410:39/M
280Connor GreeneCampbell Hall NY4448 6 M 1- 933:00.410:39/M
281Amara MayoWashingtonville NY41710 20 F 10-1233:02.910:39/M
282Stacy CorneliusRock Tavern NY61243 11 F 40-4433:06.110:41/M
283Ava GalbraithNew Windsor NY13412 21 F 10-1233:09.210:42/M
284Damian CavaluzziWashingtonville NY38510 23 M 10-1233:09.610:42/M
285Samuel RilemRock Tavern NY48013 17 M 13-1533:14.910:43/M
286Sean CurryChester NY7212 24 M 10-1233:15.910:44/M
287Shannon CurryChester NY739 4 F 1- 933:16.110:44/M
288Sara AseltaWashingtonville NY712 22 F 10-1233:16.910:44/M
289Chris CurryChester NY7042 10 M 40-4433:18.910:45/M
290Andrea NeporannyWashingtonville NY24910 23 F 10-1233:18.910:45/M
291Dylan FaithSalisbury Mills NY11610 25 M 10-1233:22.910:46/M
292Tyler Madison JurainWashingtonville NY1819 5 F 1- 933:26.210:47/M
293Christina MilmoreWashingtonville NY2359 6 F 1- 933:26.210:47/M
294Kate JurainWashingtonville NY18033 11 F 30-3433:26.910:47/M
295Christian HinceCampbell Hall NY16710 26 M 10-1233:27.410:47/M
296Craig SzelesteySalisbury Mills NY33053 17 M 50-5433:27.910:47/M
297Kathryn DuffyMonroe NY10252 7 F 50-5433:32.210:49/M
298Katie LazzaroMilford PA40136 13 F 35-3933:34.610:50/M
299Bill DonlonWashingtonville NY9550 18 M 50-5433:36.610:50/M
300Zoe FaithSalisbury Mills NY11813 13 F 13-1533:36.910:50/M
301Path SpauldingSalisbury Mills NY40445 11 F 45-4933:40.910:52/M
302Laura BlaineWashingtonville NY2616 7 F 16-1933:54.910:56/M
303Sheila PlvanMiddletown NY46148 12 F 45-4933:56.910:57/M
304Fallon ColaciccoRock Tavern NY5729 6 F 25-2934:00.210:58/M
305Alba GriesbackerMonroe NY15245 13 F 45-4934:03.710:59/M
306Michele RomanoMonroe NY28334 12 F 30-3434:03.910:59/M
307Ken GaiggeNew Hampton NY42346 25 M 45-4934:07.411:00/M
308Kristen SandmeierSalisbury Mills NY29615 14 F 13-1534:08.411:01/M
309Dyana BudakowskiWashingtonville NY3411 24 F 10-1234:09.911:01/M
310April BlaineWashingtonville NY2338 14 F 35-3934:11.911:02/M
311Kevin BlaineWashingtonville NY2539 9 M 35-3934:12.911:02/M
312Shannon FaberSalisbury Mills NY11541 12 F 40-4434:13.411:02/M
313Michael HeaneyNewburgh NY16063 10 M 60-6434:14.111:03/M
314Jeffrey CurtisChester NY740 1 M 0- 034:15.211:03/M
315Michael LindbergWashingtonville NY20611 27 M 10-1234:15.911:03/M
316Joe CarleoRock Tavern NY3948 26 M 45-4934:34.611:09/M
317Joseph DepaoloWashingtonville NY8314 18 M 13-1534:44.211:12/M
318Amy Prisco-RiyNew Windsor NY44743 13 F 40-4434:59.211:17/M
319Dan KingWashingtonville NY48149 27 M 45-4935:03.411:18/M
320Jennifer GutzeitPort Jervis NY40334 13 F 30-3435:05.411:19/M
321Laura PechfelderRamsey NJ26034 14 F 30-3435:05.911:19/M
322Meg WarrenWashingtonville NY34546 14 F 45-4935:17.111:23/M
323Kyle McDonaghMassapequa NY47111 28 M 10-1235:19.611:24/M
324Judy CassidyWashingtonville NY4543 14 F 40-4435:33.411:28/M
325Dan SmithHopewell Junction NY38938 10 M 35-3935:51.611:34/M
326Kaitlin SmithNew Windsor NY3909 7 F 1- 935:51.711:34/M
327Emily PentzWashingtonville NY46913 15 F 13-1535:52.411:34/M
328Diane RowlandsCampbell Hall NY28444 15 F 40-4435:53.911:35/M
329Monica ClarkWashingtonville NY5341 16 F 40-4435:56.411:35/M
330Mchale ClarkWashingtonville NY528 7 M 1- 935:56.411:35/M
331Donna SantiagoWashingtonville NY29948 15 F 45-4935:57.411:36/M
332Brogan DillonChester NY908 8 M 1- 935:59.411:36/M
333Ashli CorneliusRock Tavern NY6218 8 F 16-1936:06.911:39/M
334Jack FarleyCampbell Hall NY3628 9 M 1- 936:11.911:40/M
335Laura FarleyCampbell Hall NY36340 17 F 40-4436:12.411:41/M
336Barbara Prince-MeissnerWashingtonville NY44156 3 F 55-5936:12.911:41/M
337Kyra SullivanChester NY32711 25 F 10-1236:17.411:42/M
338Mary Jane PeyssonRock Tavern NY26510 26 F 10-1236:17.411:42/M
339Kayla HoulihanRock Tavern NY16925 7 F 25-2936:19.611:43/M
340Heather RaleighWashingtonville NY37113 16 F 13-1536:21.711:44/M
341Jordan MitchellCampbell Hall NY23913 17 F 13-1536:22.211:44/M
342Ryann MitchellCampbell Hall NY24113 18 F 13-1536:22.411:44/M
343Kate LernerRock Tavern NY64113 19 F 13-1536:22.411:44/M
344Jessica EdwardsBlooming Grove NY10830 15 F 30-3436:23.111:44/M
345Angela PungelloWashingtonville NY26946 16 F 45-4936:23.411:44/M
346Joseph MurphyMassapequa NY47449 28 M 45-4936:25.411:45/M
347Sheila McGroddyCampbell Hall NY22947 17 F 45-4936:27.411:45/M
348Charles CotterPine Bush NY6359 15 M 55-5936:31.611:47/M
349Kelly BarnittCampbell Hall NY1522 12 F 20-2436:32.911:47/M
350Janine DunnCampbell Hall NY10550 8 F 50-5436:32.911:47/M
351Tim SantiagoWashingtonville NY30046 29 M 45-4936:37.911:49/M
352Karen EdwardsChester NY10946 18 F 45-4936:39.411:49/M
353Kristen PurdyMonroe NY27247 19 F 45-4936:39.611:49/M
354Erin MartinRock Tavern NY38014 20 F 13-1536:48.111:52/M
355Keith SaltzWashingtonville NY29356 16 M 55-5937:01.111:56/M
356Taylor ConningtonWashingtonville NY6110 27 F 10-1237:17.912:02/M
357Andrea ConningtonWashingtonville NY6037 15 F 35-3937:17.912:02/M
358Kristen VillaniWashingtonville NY33918 9 F 16-1937:35.412:07/M
359Tatiana CarleoRock Tavern NY4115 21 F 13-1537:42.612:10/M
360Kelly DillonChester NY9243 18 F 40-4437:56.712:14/M
361Keira DillonChester NY919 8 F 1- 937:56.712:14/M
362Karen Degraw Ny 10924 NY Goshen44838 16 F 35-3937:58.612:15/M
363Hayley RobertsChester NY27910 28 F 10-1237:59.912:15/M
364Sheri MayWashingtonville NY22336 17 F 35-3938:20.912:22/M
365Jayden MayWashingtonville NY2228 9 F 1- 938:21.412:22/M
366Bryan MayWashingtonville NY22137 11 M 35-3938:21.712:22/M
367Jordan VinarubRock Tavern NY34138 12 M 35-3938:25.412:24/M
368Jackson VinarubRock Tavern NY3407 10 M 1- 938:25.412:24/M
369Tiffany FowlerChester NY13014 22 F 13-1538:29.412:25/M
370Laura EismontSalisbury Mills NY11116 10 F 16-1938:29.612:25/M
371John SheehanWashingtonville NY39742 11 M 40-4438:38.212:28/M
372Esau FigeroaWashingtonville NY48245 30 M 45-4938:59.112:35/M
373Amy CarolaRock Tavern NY4237 18 F 35-3939:01.612:35/M
374Barbara QuinnWashingtonville NY40043 19 F 40-4439:02.112:35/M
375Tina HaganCampbell Hall NY15740 20 F 40-4439:02.112:35/M
376Vicki GilleoPort Jervis NY44541 21 F 40-4439:07.612:37/M
377Tom BarnittCampbell Hall NY1755 17 M 55-5939:13.412:39/M
378Andrew SaltzWashingtonville NY29115 19 M 13-1539:18.912:41/M
379Gail BrassuWashingtonville NY47648 20 F 45-4939:22.212:42/M
380Tara AdkinsMontgomery NY36538 19 F 35-3939:23.412:42/M
381Vincent GennaroWest Point NY4789 11 M 1- 939:33.912:45/M
382Sally BehrensNew Windsor NY2250 9 F 50-5439:34.212:46/M
383Tammy ClineNew Windsor NY5440 22 F 40-4439:34.712:46/M
384Jackie BoyleSalisbury Mills NY319 10 F 1- 939:47.412:50/M
385Carol BoyleSalisbury Mills NY3041 23 F 40-4439:49.912:51/M
386Tristan ChopmaWashingtonville NY46711 29 M 10-1239:56.112:53/M
387Wendy ChepinaWashingtonville NY46538 20 F 35-3940:02.112:55/M
388Kathleen DaviesHillburn NY7766 1 F 65-6940:07.412:56/M
389Celine LewandowskiWashingtonville NY20410 29 F 10-1240:08.412:57/M
390Jennifer ShuteCampbell Hall NY41510 30 F 10-1240:09.212:57/M
391Stella LemmonGoshen NY46854 10 F 50-5440:10.912:57/M
392Tara SkinnerCampbell Hall NY30934 16 F 30-3440:34.413:05/M
393Joann CurryChester NY7151 11 F 50-5440:40.613:07/M
394Sharon RobertsChester NY28044 24 F 40-4440:55.613:12/M
395Betty Ann BarnittCampbell Hall NY1454 12 F 50-5441:00.413:14/M
396Alisa MinerSalisbury Mills NY23829 8 F 25-2941:02.413:14/M
397Isabel WitteChester NY48312 31 F 10-1241:10.613:17/M
398Karina CamachoNewburgh NY3737 21 F 35-3941:13.713:18/M
399Dominic GennaroWashingtonville NY4777 12 M 1- 942:27.113:42/M
400Kathy GennaroWashingtonville NY47932 17 F 30-3442:30.213:43/M
401Joely PolokoffWashingtonville NY44641 25 F 40-4442:31.913:43/M
402Caitlin SliwinskiMonroe NY31512 32 F 10-1242:34.713:44/M
403Dale FaviaWashingtonville NY11910 30 M 10-1242:55.913:51/M
404Rhiannon GreeneMonroe NY14916 11 F 16-1943:02.413:53/M
405Cheyenne MallardWashingtonville NY2129 11 F 1- 943:15.113:57/M
406Evelyn MallardWashingtonville NY21347 21 F 45-4943:15.713:57/M
407Alexa MarquezWesttown NY2158 12 F 1- 943:15.713:57/M
408Anthony MarquezWesttown NY21610 31 M 10-1243:16.213:57/M
409Selena MarquezWesttown NY21733 18 F 30-3443:18.413:58/M
410Nancy WarthWurtsboro NY34861 1 F 60-6443:18.413:58/M
411Melissa HernandezPort Jervis NY16638 22 F 35-3943:18.913:58/M
412Colleen EdwardsChester NY10710 33 F 10-1243:22.413:59/M
413Kathryn PalmerWashingtonville NY25710 34 F 10-1243:23.714:00/M
414Denise DonlonWashingtonville NY9647 22 F 45-4943:30.614:02/M
415Lyzz GalbraithNew Windsor NY13636 23 F 35-3943:31.114:02/M
416Elyse McNeillyCampbell Hall NY23151 13 F 50-5443:47.214:07/M
417Jeanne TompkinsRock Tavern NY33450 14 F 50-5443:47.414:07/M
418Sarah BenoistMaybrook NY42012 35 F 10-1248:06.915:31/M
419Breyten SchaperMontgomery NY4587 13 M 1- 948:08.215:32/M
420Karen ShaperMontgomery NY45741 26 F 40-4448:08.715:32/M
421Christine SliwinskiMonroe NY31643 27 F 40-4450:30.916:17/M
422Ed SliwinskiMonroe NY31742 12 M 40-4450:30.916:17/M
423Brittany KraizaWashingtonville NY19420 13 F 20-2450:33.916:18/M
424Gillian RuizMonroe NY28812 36 F 10-1250:37.216:20/M
425Joanna WilliamsWesttown NY35038 24 F 35-3950:58.916:26/M
426Richard WilliamsWesttown NY35241 13 M 40-4450:59.716:27/M
427Mary-Beth DoelgerMonroe NY9346 23 F 45-4951:29.916:36/M
428Barbara GannonWashingtonville NY13750 15 F 50-5451:35.916:38/M
429Lourdes GonzalezMonroe NY14743 28 F 40-4452:23.616:54/M
430Myrna VeraWashingtonville NY33852 16 F 50-5452:23.916:54/M
431Terry MorettoWashingtonville NY24559 4 F 55-5954:39.717:38/M
432Eugene McDonaghMassapequa NY47015 20 M 13-1556:02.418:05/M
5k Walk.......
PlaceNameCityBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceChip TimeTotal Pace
1Pete WellsUlster Park NY66064 1 M 50-9935:10.611:21/M
2Austin FoleySalisbury Mills NY62113 1 M 1-2938:30.412:25/M
3Barbara FowlerWashingtonville NY62550 1 F 50-5938:53.712:33/M
4Maureen CarterChester NY67355 2 F 50-5939:00.412:35/M
5Suellen ConklinWashingtonville NY66661 1 F 60-9940:46.413:09/M
6John SestanovichCampbell Hall NY67158 2 M 50-9940:47.413:09/M
7Debbie PyzzaCampbell Hall NY65154 3 F 50-5941:58.613:32/M
8Christine PearsonCampbell Hall NY66848 1 F 40-4942:16.613:38/M
9Christine RudyGoshen NY66945 2 F 40-4942:24.413:41/M
10Wanda LamponWashingtonville NY63755 4 F 50-5942:27.113:42/M
11Pat BartonWashingtonville NY60552 5 F 50-5942:31.113:43/M
12Raymond BeginWashingtonville NY60672 3 M 50-9942:33.413:44/M
13Cindy BacigalCampbell Hall NY60352 6 F 50-5945:27.214:40/M
14Joanna ConwayWashingtonville NY61152 7 F 50-5945:36.914:43/M
15Sophia FoleySalisbury Mills NY6249 1 F 1-2946:08.414:53/M
16Julia FoleySalisbury Mills NY62311 2 F 1-2946:08.614:53/M
17Mia FaviaWashingtonville NY61948 3 F 40-4946:20.914:57/M
18Angela LindbergWashingtonville NY64346 4 F 40-4946:36.915:02/M
19Marybeth LindbergWashingtonville NY64443 5 F 40-4946:37.215:02/M
20Donna FoleySalisbury Mills NY62244 6 F 40-4947:01.715:10/M
21Linda SchulttCampbell Hall NY6720 1 F 0- 047:01.915:10/M
22Robin GreeneCampbell Hall NY67452 8 F 50-5947:02.115:10/M
23Jimmy FaviaWashingtonville NY61747 1 M 30-4947:28.915:19/M
24Kelly FoxWallkill NY62647 7 F 40-4947:37.115:22/M
25Lenore SweeneyChester NY66237 1 F 30-3947:37.615:22/M
26Silburn JacobsWashingtonville NY63566 4 M 50-9948:15.615:34/M
27Rita DumserWashingtonville NY61457 9 F 50-5948:18.215:35/M
28Bernie MulladyRock Tavern NY65063 2 F 60-9949:36.416:00/M
29Lucille GoodrichSalisbury Mills NY67060 3 F 60-9949:36.416:00/M
30Maaike LeareyWashingtonville NY63932 2 F 30-3950:01.416:08/M
31Joseph FaviaWashingtonville NY61813 2 M 1-2950:04.416:09/M
32Kayla SzykownyWashingtonville NY67624 3 F 1-2950:12.416:12/M
33Janine KrenakiWashingtonville NY67826 4 F 1-2950:12.616:12/M
34Pam IacovellaMonroe NY63458 10 F 50-5950:23.416:15/M
35Rebecca RayGlenham NY65238 3 F 30-3950:24.416:15/M
36Dorene LernerWashingtonville NY64258 11 F 50-5950:43.216:22/M
37Michelle MillerWashingtonville NY64956 12 F 50-5950:44.416:22/M
38Juanita SchmidtWashingtonville NY65559 13 F 50-5950:44.916:22/M
39Shannon FitzpatrickMontgomery NY12125 5 F 1-2951:19.916:33/M
40Onda CiaramellaMaybrook NY61051 14 F 50-5951:19.916:33/M
41Wilma BuzzellWashingtonville NY60938 4 F 30-3951:32.116:37/M
42Nagesh HanubalWashingtonville NY63044 2 M 30-4951:54.616:45/M
43Surabhi HanubalWashingtonville NY63138 5 F 30-3951:54.916:45/M
44Nancy ComerfordWashingtonville NY66555 15 F 50-5952:07.416:49/M
45Robert NobleWashingtonville NY66448 3 M 30-4952:11.416:50/M
46Ed BorromeoNew Windsor NY65654 5 M 50-9952:19.716:53/M
47Elizabeth KrenskiWashingtonville NY67731 6 F 30-3952:24.616:54/M
48Joan HemmingCampbell Hall NY63360 4 F 60-9952:41.417:00/M
49Patricia ShillingNew Windsor NY65754 16 F 50-5952:47.717:02/M
50Melissa MeehanNewburgh NY64845 8 F 40-4952:47.917:02/M
51Kristin BrunniNew Windsor NY60845 9 F 40-4952:47.917:02/M
52Lynn EismontSalisbury Mills NY61546 10 F 40-4953:54.117:23/M
53Maryann MongelliWashingtonville NY24269 5 F 60-991:01:34.919:52/M
55Amelia GeneseWashingtonville NY62760 6 F 60-991:01:3519:54/M
56Camille BamontiWashingtonville NY60461 7 F 60-991:01:41.719:54/M
54Vikki GrencerHopewell Junction NY66741 11 F 40-491:01:4219:54/M

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